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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the news at 6:00 starts right now. i i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm terry sweeney from for raj mathai. that's hail in santa rosa and other areas. jeff ranieri joining us now. what is going on here? >> the final storm of our week. we've already had the heavy downpours in the north bay and in san francisco. the strong line of rain is moving towards the east. we want to get a track on this to let you know where it's coming down the heaviest. from concord to walnut creek to san ramon, tough commute right now, pushing off into antioch as we hit 6:05. brentwood 6:22, likely holding up in discovery by for the return of rain by 6:32. hayward, fremont, berkley and oakland hills, that rain continuing to come down, moving into livermore by 6:28 tonight. off to the south, not too much
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in san jose. so far today, this line continues down right now across cupertino and sunnyvale. that's going to be pushing into san jose through the next 15 minutes. likely making it to the east foothills by 6:48 tonight. we're tracking how much longer that's going to linger and the big, big weather change ahead and what it's going to mean for our forecast coming up in 18 minutes. >> jeff, thank you very much. new at 6:00, a mother and daughter are missing and police are frantically trying to find them. this is the alert the chp just sent out. they're looking for jessica tucker and her daughter ross land artiga. they live in richmond. they were last seen leaving a home in hercules. tucker is driving a 2005 block honda crv. it's an suv.
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license number 5 max 512. you're urged to call 911 if you see them. a popular mma fighter from san jose seriously hurt tonight. the question is what happened to him? a jugger found sam romero lying along the guadalupe trail on sunday morning. the family spoke to damon trujillo who joins us from valley med. damian. >> reporter: he remains in critical condition. his family says sam has been a fighter all his life. now he's facing his biggest challenge. he is a master inside the octagon. a fighter with a resistance to pain. tonight the family of some romero was at his bedside at valley medical center. a jogger found him partly submerged in the river unconscious. >> he was brought in, not
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responsive, and i collapsed, because i thought my son was dead. >> reporter: his last fight was on saturday. on sunday the family says sam met friends for dinner at san pedro square. this is now a chp case because it's believed that night sam fell or was tlorn from the highway 87 over dlooes pass, more than 50 feet and he survived. >> the one i'm relying on is god. god is going to get me through this. he's going to get my son through this. >> samuel, samuel is my baby boy. >> reporter: sam's grandfather says he was a football star in high school. he's had three professional mma fights and he teaches jujitsu to kids. he's had multiple surgeries on his back and even his aorta and he faces more procedures. >> the toughest fight of his life. he's a fighter. he won't give up. he won't give up. >> reporter: his family hopes
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someone will shed light to what happened on their son sunday night, a professional fighter who has never walked away from a challenge in or out of the octagon. the family says they want to thank the jogger who found their son. they don't know who he or she is, but they say that person saved sam's life. in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a scary situation out of san jose. police say this man, richard hernandez, broke into a woman's bedroom and tried to rape her. it happened early this morning on ironwood drive at almaden expressway. when officers arrived, they found him inside the home. they arrested him. brisket, cornbread and potentially measles, too. dine nors at a possible lar bark queue restaurant in livermore may have been exposed to the missil measles virus. they're asking people to go see a doctor by tomorrow. there is a preventive treatment
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that can be given within six days of exposure. in santa clara county another possible measles exposure after an international traveler in that case with the virus visited numerous locations throughout the bay area. in fact, 20 different restaurants and stores in the south bay between the 13th and 23rd of march. if you want more of a detailed timeline, check it out at we've posted it for you. a community coming together. rallying behind a long-time brentwood business owner and father after i.c.e. agents took him into custody. there's no dispute he's undocumented and has been fighting a deportation order. nbc's bay area jodi hernandez is live in brentwood. sounds like this is touching a lot of people here. >> reporter: that's right. people are heartbroken. they say ran son chodry are is
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the nicest guy you'll ever meet. tonight his family has been behind the counter while their father is behind bars facing possible deportation. >> i have all as and i can't even focus and i don't want my grades to go down. all i do is think about my dad. i just want him back. >> reporter: 14-year-old kendra and her siblings say they're lost without their father, ramsan who immigrated when he was just 15 was called in for an interview by immigration and customs enforcement seven weeks ago. he's been detained ever since and faces deportation back to pakistan. >> it was the day before my birthday that he got to the detention center. i didn't see him on my 13th birthday. >> chaudhry and his wife own a gas station.
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she's running the business on her own but barely hanging on. she said he's a hard working man who never even had a parking ticket. >> never break any law, never done anything wrong. this is so unfair. >> reporter: the community is rallying behind chaudhry. hundreds have signed a petition. >> there's no reason for them to have gone through this. she's a citizen, the kids were born here and are citizens. >> reporter: they can't imagine life here without him. >> i try and stay strong for him, but it's hard. i just wish he was back. >> always been so supportive and i love him so much. >> reporter: now we did reach out to i.c.e. they said they needed more time to look into this case to get the details. meanwhile, chaudrhy's friends,
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family and customers are hoping and praying he returns soon. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the ceo of wells fargo is leaving the company. the san francisco-based bank announced chief executive tim sloan will retire. that comes amid repeated calls from lawmakers for sloan to step down. he's been chief executive since october of 2016. he took over at the company in the wake of that huge sales scandal. you might remember that's when wells fargo employees opened 2 million unauthorized accounts. the bank's general counsel alan parker will take over as interim ceo. a federal monitor now says san francisco's billion dollar central subway may not be ready until well into 2020 if things don't improve soon. meanwhile the transportation authority says it's committed to finishing the project this year. what's it going to be? nbc bay area's sam brock joins
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us live along the route on 4th. a lot at stake for a lot of local businesses growing impatient with all this. >> reporter: they've been very patient, jessica. in some cases what's at stake is whether or not they can keep the doors open clearly. not everybody is on the same page when it comes to a deadline for completing the subway. it does matter the details, because the construction, fencing and barriers go on for blocks, choking off access to parking and abilities to get to businesses. one owner told me another delay could mean the end of his coffee shop. >> dropped 40% to 50% of business. >> it's 11:30 in the morning. traffic at this shop is light. it sits next to steel traps and platforms that may one day make up the subway extension. when that day will come depends on who you ask. >> we're absolutely committed to achieving this project by
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december 2019. >> reporter: sfmta spokesperson paul rose says crews are working to complete the end-of-the-year deadline to connect mission bay through the heart of soma and chinatown. a federal monitor has doubts about new delays, noting a surge in legal claims and a warning in a report delivered this month. if sfmta does not resolve the challenging relationship issues with the contractor tpc, the start day may go beyond may 26, 2020. >> why are there all the legal claims? >> i can't speak to what they'll bring up as far as legal claims. we're working on scene to get the project done. >> riders and retailers say they're hoping for the best but trying to be realistic. >> are you worried about survival? >> oh, yes, survival and also we thinking about might having to close down the business.
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>> reporter: now, the good news here, stockton street just reopened last month after seven years of closures. by the the middle of the summer, about july, most of the station should be done which means the surface street work is over. then they move on to testing which will be great for businesses, that's if the work proceeds on schedule. live in san francisco this evening, sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> that's a big if. thank you, sam. up next, cracking down after college admissions scandal. the move california lawmakers are making to stop the cheaters. they'll soon be the last team in town. it's opening day for the oakland a's. do fans want them to move into that new stadium? storm ranger shows heavy rain from concord down to san jose. we'll put a track on this and we'll show you the change in weather that might have you feeling a little bit happy tomorrow. that's coming up in seven minutes. outraged by allegationsf
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cheating in the college admissions process, bay area lawmakers are leading the outrage by allegations of all that cheating in the college admissions process. bay area lawmakers are leading the charge for change. those reforms come after families and faculty members were caught in a cheating and bribery scandal involving berkeley usc. robert handa joins us in san jose. robert, what can they do? >> reporter: you go to any high school in the bay area right now and the cheating scandal is a
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hot topic. in essence, if you go to talk to the students themselves, they say the reforms they hope will help them get into the college of their choice. >> the university that i would like to go to is the university of hawaii. >> reporter: there are many students, educators and consultants who say they hope colleges and wealthy parents have learned their lesson. >> you're going to have to push your kids more harder for them to learn instead of spending money for them to get in. >> reporter: today bay area lawmakers introduced half a dozen reforms including licensing of regulated consultants, auditing admissions process, no state tax write-offs set up to funnel bribe money which happened in the scandal. for special admissions, it would require the approval of officials. >> you should have an admissions policy that does not show preference to people who have a
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relationship with donors or alumni. >> reporter: maricella gomez, the founder of inspired education which assists students and schools with college admissions hailed the reforms. >> we can see we can't just trust the system. it takes a team effort. some of the high schools may have one counselor for 500 or 700 students. when you think about that reality, it's not opening doors for average families in california. >> reporter: gomez says candidly regulating consultants, our own industry will go a long way to keeping families, colleges, schools on the right path. robert handa, nbc bay area news. got into my closet again. that one is belted. hey, that baby is gone. >> a party-like atmosphere at the oakland coliseum this afternoon as the a's roll over the angels in the a's home
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opener. after losing two games in japan, the a's won 4-0 today. while the team remains loyal to the town, what's next for the future of the coliseum? that's where we find melissa with more on that. >> reporter: a's fans had luck on their side. it didn't start raining until after the game ended. while the future of the coliseum remains up in the air. a lot of fans i spoke to say they're still loyal to this ball club here in east oakland. if this folksy banjo embodies the oakland coliseum, the a's ball park planned elsewhere might as well be a sleek electric guitar. not all plans are ready to part ways with the 53-year-old coliseum. >> fix this one. you want to make it fancier, do
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everything here. there's a lot of history here. >> they have freeway access, b.a.r.t. access and parking here. it's perfect. >> the team has proposed a two-for-one ball park deal including a water stadium and renovating the coliseum site which will eventually be abandoned by the raiders and warriors into a high-technical pus. >> the oakland city council has pretty much given preliminary approvals to move in that direction. >> reporter: that thumbs up from the oakland city council is not enough. >> there's still some legality issues and environmental issues that we need to get over, and we do have some opponents still from some areas of the port of oakland. >> reporter: in the meantime -- >> the oakland coliseum is one of the greatest places to enjoy a baseball game in america. >> reporter: even though the a's are moving forward with their project, they don't own the
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coliseum. it is jointly owned by the city and alameda county. it's still to be determined who will profit from the redevelopment of this site if, in fact, the a's do leave. melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. the giants open the 2019 season in san diego. final opening day of manager bruce bochy's career. he's retiring after the season. madison bumgarner looked great. a couple of mistakes to will myers, one of the mistakes. i'm not sure it's landed yet. more highlights later in the newscast. we are once again your broadcast home for the giants. our first regular season game of the year, tomorrow night, in san diego for game two. first pitch at 7:00 on nbc bay area. >> how is it going to look in san diego? >> sweeping out the rainfall. that's good news. a mix of sun and clouds. it will be nice for the giants.
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we do have some rainfall coming our way and you can see on our microclimate forecast tonight, it has been coming down heavy and hard right here across the bay area. we'll put a track on this and see where it's headed. you can see the rainfall keeping it wet on 680 moving off to the east, picking up the rainfall in pleasanton by 6:32. off to the south, not much rain so far. this heavy, heavy rain is about to hit over the next 15 to 30 minutes. expect heavy downpours that will limit your disability, even possibly a little small hail. if you get pictures of that, send it in to you can go to the website to share your photos. alum rock is going to start to increase by 6:49 tonight and the eastern foothills by 6:52. as you move through tonight, i see things clearing out by 11:00. a spotty chance of a lit and
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miss shower. it should move through tomorrow morning. we're drying out. that sunshine is going to start to return. it's going to set us up with incredible weather as we move through tomorrow's forecast. temperatures warming by four to seven degrees. that will put us close to 70 degrees in con covered, up to 67 in livermore, san jose 64. low to mid 60s across the north bay. i'll show you how much longer weather like this is going to last and when the next round of storms could arrive. that's at 6:48. we'll see you then. >> always a next round this year. >> yes. >> thanks very much. up next, do you know this woman? she walked off a muni bus holding something that police are trying to track down. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs,
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all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. this surveilance photo can help them. you can see her carrying the violin. the search is on for a lost violin. police believe the woman in this surveillance video can help. a man boarded the 38 muni bus
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and put his black violin case under his seat. but he left it there when he got off the bus. that's when police say the woman picked up the violin. she got off minutes later. now police are searching for the woman because she has not turned in the violin to lost and found. you have any information on the violin or that woman right there, call sfpd tip line. alcatraz island and its famous federal prison could be getting a futuristic new look if voters approve. the island attracts more than a million paying visitors each year. tourists could enjoy peace and the creative arts in a set that looks like the star warz movie set. now the group wants a redo by putting the issue on the november ballot, calling for san francisco to acquire the island from the federal government. raising money and fists, a
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bay area chp officer is heading to the battle of the badges. it puts military and first responders against each other, all for a good cause. sergeant mike hig gan from napa will put his title on the line when he squares off with izzy montez and the department of corrections. money will go to local charities and there's going to be bragging rights. >> very competitive because everyone wants to win. it's for a good cause. we're all public safety employees. everyone has real jobs. have to go to work on monday morning. >> battle of the badges will be held next saturday in hanford. up next at 6:30, telling her side of the story in an nbc exclusive. we talk to the woman accusing the cal football team of sexual harassment. it was a nightmare of a cruise. passengers rescued in the middle of a bad storm. engines went out on the ship. we'll talk to a couple who endured that chaos.
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time. the young woman, accusing former coaches right now at 6:30, speaking publicly for the first time, the young woman accusing former coaches of the cal football team of sexual harassment shares her side of the story on national tv. it is an nbc exclusive. former cal student paige cornelius says she was pressured to have sex and had to fight off constant advances. >> janelle wang joins us with
6:30 pm
more. >> paige cornelius is seeking intensive therapy she says for post-traumatic stress. she went public on our facebook page after e-mails and phone calls to cal went unanswered. >> i don't want money. i just want respect for all women. i want this toxic masculinity culture to end. >> cornelius says this started in 2017 when she worked as a sports medicine intern for the football program. she claims a volunteer assistant coach threatened to have her fired if she didn't have sex with him. she says she was also sexually harassed by another volunteer coach. both of those men no longer look at the university for unknown reasons. she explained why she chose to step forward. >> i want to work in the sports industry, so i'm going to change it before i get there because by the time i graduate, i don't want to have to worry about not getting a promotion because i'm a female because i'm already
6:31 pm
changing that. >> nbc news also spoke to other employees who didn't want to be identified because they say they love parts of their jobs, but say it's a culture ripe with daily harass. uc berkeley says these allegations go against the core of their values. the head coach of the football team has launched an investigation. jessica. thank you very much. a reprieve for the special olympics today as the president backed off plans to slash the budget for the program. before that education secretary betsy devos was back in fronts of the senate appropriations committee for day two of defending those proposed cuts. she insisted she was not personally involved in single out the non-profit for cuts. as the backlash continued growing on social media, but by late today president trump said he had enough. >> i heard about it this morning. i have over written my people. we're funding the special olympics. >> let's not use disabled children in a twisted way for
6:32 pm
your political narrative. >> before the president intervened, devos tried to shame democrats who attacked her budget plan. special olympics released a statement thanking president trump for reauthorizing the program. let's transgender people serve in the military. the house passed a resolution asking the department of defense to reject president trump's ban on transgender service members. that ban was introduced by the president on twitter in july of 2017. the president says transgender military members cause tremendous medical costs. the resolution passed today says the president's claims about medical care are flawed. >> transgender service members have served with honor and distinction in defense of our country for decades. the president's cowardly ban makes it clear that prejudice and patriotism guides his decisions. >> the california national guard said it would keep letting trans
6:33 pm
people serve despite the president's order. california is part of a lawsuit challenging the ban as unconstitutional. a routine flight home turned into a painful ordeal. she said flight attendants accused her of human trafficking while flying with family members t. woman is asking american airlines to apologize. mina core shani boarded the flight with her niece and two cousins. one of the cousins was sick and american airlines was concerned her well-being was at stake. mina claims flight attendants tried to keep her away from her cousin because they expected her of human trafficking. >> i just thought that was very bizarre. i think they definitely did racially profile me. >> american airlines says flight attendants were worried about the girl's welfare because she was sick and appeared to be in distress. the airline insists mina was violent with the flight attendant.
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eventually only mina and her family were escorted off the plane. they later determined that all were related and american booked them on another flight and comped their hotel room. there's been a complaint filed with the department of transportation. a north bay couple is sharing the story of being rescued from this cruise ship in norway. the ship's engines failed in the middle of a strong storm. things were being thrown all over the deck. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us to explain all this. >> reporter: the couple says they have taken many cruises and they were enjoying. when it was all over, they were being rescued by a helicopter. >> we were fortunate to see the northern lights the first evening. >> reporter: susan and alan were off on a 12-day adventure, a cruise in norway. this is cell phone video from the viking cruise ship before it encountered a storm, rough waters and the engines failed.
6:35 pm
>> the rocking got so great, we must have been tipping 45 degrees to one side and then 45 degrees back. >> this video shows moments inside the cruise ship as it was posed around by waves. the novato couple was traveling with four others. they stayed in their rooms until they were told to get to their emergency area. >> crews started passing out life jackets. and in the meantime we're going back and forth and broken glasses and plates are sliding back and forth on the floor. >> reporter: they were among hundreds of passengers hoisted up to a helicopter. >> he had a strap around us, and we were attached to a cable. the two of us went up together. >> they were thankful to all the crews. they said they didn't feel their lives at stake, but seeing people injured was sobering. they say the experience was life changing. >> it just ended a little early.
6:36 pm
let's put it that way, unexpectedly, but we were safe and sound. >> reporter: the couple says they eve already been refunded the cost of that cruise and they expect to be offered another cruise, and they would like to continue taking cruises. in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. state lawmaker demanding answers from the public utilities commission after an investigative unit, ours, exposed a scheme that allows unlicensed drivers and even criminals to drive passengers for uber and lyft. today jordan cunningham called for immediate action to shut down the black market for fraudulent ride share accounts. those accounts allow identity thieves to earn money driving for uber and lift without going through the background checks or getting cars inspected. the scheme has the potential to destroy the trust between passengers and ride share companies. >> it's our job, the legislature
6:37 pm
with oversight to make sure they're doing everything they can that these instances of fraud and abuse are being reported, being investigated. >> a utility spokesperson tells us the commission can find companies who hire drivers without vetting them. both uber and lyft have teams dedicated to catching fraud. the company is working with federal investigators looking into these accounts. mark your calendar. the first democratic presidential debate will happen in june right here on nbc. unlike the race in 2015-2016, more than a dozen candidates could be on stage. the number keeps growing every day. the debate will take place on two successive nights, june 26 and june 27. it will be in miami and broadcast live on nbc, msnbc and telemundo. we will keep you posted. up next, the feds go after
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facebook, and it has to do with the silicon valley giant's targeted ads. blame for an apartn
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the east bay this morning. nbc bay area sky a burning pot on a stove is to blame for an apartment fire in the east bay this morning. nbc bay area sky ranger is overhead there. this is on sem nafr avenue in oakland. the fire started after 6:00 in the morning. one apartment unit damaged. luckily no one was killed. a truck hit and killed a man running naked on the freeway this morning. it happened 8:30 southbound 280 at the mclaughlin exit in san jose. chp says the man ran across the freeway, the driver couldn't stop. driver hit him. the driver swerved into another lane, triggering an accident with two other cars. no one else was hurt. feds are charging facebook with discrimination over targeted housing ads. the civil suit comes from the department of housing and urban development. the charge stems from an investigation the department launched last year. multiple outside investigations say they found facebook's ad
6:41 pm
capabilities allow advertisers to exclude people by race ethnicity when posting real estate ads. that's a violation of the fair housing act. people who live at a san jose homeless camp were busy packing up today because the camp is being evicted. the camp called hope village located on rough drive, the first sanctioned tent encampment for san jose, the city will not renew the lease. homeless advocates say they were never moved. >> they need to find a way to replicate hope village, to put more hope villages in different parts of the community. >> the homeless have until the end of the month to leave the property, being temporarily moved to motels. let's bring in jeff and talk about inching closer to the weekend, getting rid of clouds. he's wearing the sunshine tie. >> that subliminal message.
6:42 pm
sun coming our way. i like this tie. blue sky behind the heavier downpours we had this afternoon. it's on walnut creek. starting to clear for parts of the bay area. still tracking heavy downpours. we'll let you know where it's headed. >> the jeff ranieri tie tracker. i like that idea. one of our viewers ends up with an unwanted user on her mobile phone account and the money that comes with it. she calls to straighten it out but doesn't get anywhere. "nbc bay area responds" to the phone fight next. san jose woman
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
mess. consumer investigator chris chmura is here with a "nbc bay area responds" to a san jose would plan's smart phone mess. >> consumer investigator chris chmura joining us. >> read the bills. that's what ma that coke was
6:45 pm
doing when she discovered she had this dispute with sprint. somehow she wound up with one of her daughter's friends on her sprint account without her knowledge or her permission. that extra phone line racked up charges she said she couldn't afford. martha said she tried to unwind it all but spent seven months getting nowhere with sprint and she was facing collections at that point. our team stepped in and helped sort it all out. sprint gave martha a refund of $437 and said we strive to provide our customers with the best possible products and service. when sprint fails to meet their expectation, it's important for us to know. martha's case races questions we should all ask. do you have a p.i.n. i'm not talking about the pass code on the phone or the log in to look at your bill, i'm talking a p.i.n. specific to account changes. lots of carriers offer them. it's a six to ten-digit number you can set up and lock down
6:46 pm
service modifications like adding users in martha's case. if you find out you do not have a p.i.n., please do consider adding one. you've got to ask, though. if you're hung up on a product you can't solve yourself, please call us 888-966-tips or online at there are lots of bad things happening with phones these days and your accounts. we're looking into it. a lot of hacking going on. in the meantime get that p.i.n. set up. there's new traction coming to disney parks bringing changes with it. star wars galaxy's edge opens at disney world at the end of pay. the marks are rolling out new rules to handle all the extra guests. disney land and disney world are eliminating smoking areas, so no more smoking. disney land will also add around 7,000 new parking spaces.
6:47 pm
>> everywhere you look, houses are going up for sale. this is a little different. it's the one you saw on the show "full house." a victorian in san francisco. neighbors say it's a big tourist attraction. it's up for sale. the creator of the show jeff franklin owns it in 2016. we did a thousand stories on it back then. he bought it for $4 million. sale price this time around has not been set. it will be more. we know somewhere who can afford it. a winner of the $768 million jackpot. two people in the bay area came close, one person in smoe and another in san jose will collect more than a million dollars each because their tickets matched five of the six numbers. the store will get a small percentage of those wings. >> for all our employees that work hard here every single day, it's kind of like their prishment as well. everyone trying to see who will get the biggest bonus.
6:48 pm
they want to see who sold the winning ticket. >> the san jose wink ticket was at -- biggest jackpot for biggest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. $786 million will go a long way in wisconsin. >> oh, yes. >> the $4 million locally, you can still get a little something goi going. >> but they can buy a house here. >> they can buy several. you got me on this. sunshine going building in the forecast eventually. we've got the last of this storm system rolling in right now. it's the final storm of the week. we've started to clear out from the heavy downpours in san francisco and the north bay and for most of the east bay. the part that's getting drilled right now with heavier rainfall is downtown san jose. you can see the yellow and orange indicating the heavier pockets, moving off to the east. we think that will hold up
6:49 pm
through alum rock through 7:00, evergreen through 7:17. this is the last of it as we move through 11:00, 11:30 tonight. we'll be left with a slight chance for a spotty shower in the forecast. as we move into tomorrow morning, here is the big change for us. look at this, sunshine building back in and we're storm free across the bay area. no umbrella needed for tomorrow morning. you will need a jacket if you're up early, getting yourself to work early. that's cold 40s coming in. peninsula 46, the south bay at 44. also a chilly start for the east bay, san francisco and the north bay. while we start off this cold, i'm tracking a warming trend tomorrow. i see numbers warming up by four to seven degrees. noticeable. will give us a perfect day after all the storm systems we had lately. 64 under mostly sunny skies. real nice in downtown san jose. gilroy at 66. slightly warmer for parts of the
6:50 pm
east bay through tomorrow. 67 in pittsburg. over to fremont, 64. palo alto checking in with 66. smoe 63. san francisco 61 along the embarcadero. if you're headed to the city, watch out for the gusty winds. they will be up out of the west at 17 miles per hour. through wine country, napa, sonoma, mill valley 62. chilly weather at the beaches and 55 degrees. if you like this weather, we're confident we'll keep it in the forecast the next couple days. i'm seeing an area of high pressure nosing its way in as we head through the next three days. that's going to push the storm track off to the north, bring us milder weather and dry us out. let's look at the result of that area high pressure. the weekend, no rainfall in the forecast friday, saturday and sunday. we'll see changes by next monday, clouds coming back. a few showers next tuesday and
6:51 pm
wednesday. maybe measurable rainfall once he hit next thursday's forecast. let's focus at least right now on the next couple of days. you'll see it for the inland valleys, going up to 69 degrees on saturday. 73 here on sunday. really, really nice the next couple days moving on in. if you've got problems with your gutters, maybe that's a good thing to get done in the dry weather. a lot of people are saying no, i ain't doing that. i'm going to be outside, enjoy it. get a book, stare at the sun. >> thank you, jeff. we've got highlights from the a's and giants coming up next. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ]
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in baseball, and as the old saying goes, "hope springs eternal". the giants opened the 2019 season in san diego. bruce bochy )s final opening da, is where as the old saying goes, hope springs eternal. >> the giants hoped the 2019 season in san diego, bruce bochy's final opening day is where his managerial career began. madison bumgarner looking good throughout. he was cruising until the third inning. that's when will myers hit a long home run off of him, 450
6:55 pm
feet, something like that. it would be enough as the giants bats were quiet. giants lose 2-0. >> the first regular season tomorrow night, giants and san diego for game two of the series. first pitch is at 7:00 here on nbc bay area. we showed you earlier the a's enjoyed a successful home opener, in the third steven piscotty knocked in a run. the a's went up 2-0. the big slugger got up. there's the big slugger. >> there he is. >> high indeed, chris davis picking up where he left off last season. he hit one out. a's cruise to a 4-0 lead. the truth appears to be coming out as to why the warriors suspended a player last night. it's over a hotel charge. the team suspended jordan bell for last night's game because of conduct detrimental to the team. reportedly charged a $15 candle to an assistant coach's hotel room as a prank.
6:56 pm
it was a joke. players do it. tried to do it with a coach. didn't go over. warriors say it's not the first time bell has charged something to a team member's room. >> you get suspended for that? >> i don't know. that's what we're hearing. i don't know if there's more to it than that or just a little prank. you've done more pranks than that. >> are you calling me a prankster? >> it's possible. >> frank with the weather, you say there's sun on saturday, jeff. >> you can see on storm ranger, weave got rainfall lingering in the south bay hitting san jose the hardest. we're going to clear out from this over the next few hours and there's that sunshine moving in friday, saturday, also into sunday. got rain chances next week. i think everybody is focused in on the next three days. >> we don't want to talk about tuesday, wednesday, thursday. let's talk about -- >> friday, saturday, sunday. >> monday is all right. >> at least it's dry. >> you're here with me tomorrow, right?
6:57 pm
>> i'm here, yeah. >> we'll see you at 11:00. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
6:58 pm
to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair.
6:59 pm
to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
7:00 pm
♪ now on "extra." new video, jussie smollett, back in hollywood, masterminding his come back. why the fbi says not so fast, jussie. and his new message to his fans today. new photo, wendy williams and her husband still together. why she's sticking by him as he is embroiled in a love child scandal. j.lo's new engagement tell all. >> i saw the ring. that's beautiful. >> it is. >> the news ryan broke to her live on air. the real story behind rosie's abrupt exit from the view. >> who reportedly threatened to qu


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