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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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stop, stop, stop. stop. >> right now at 11:00, did he go too far? the arrest that's raising questions tonight. >> it's scary. >> a woman attacked while she slept. tonight, the man under arrest and the south bay community rattled. do it now. why some diners are being urged to call the health department. the news starts right now. good evening, everyone.
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i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. tonight, possible measles exposure at a superpopular barbecue restaurant in the east bay. if you ate at the livermore eatery sauce and at risk of infection, health officials need to hear from you, asap. >> jean elle is live with more. jean? >> reporter: public health officials say that measles exposure happened here at sauced barbecue. they say the restaurant is p perfectly safe now. but people here saturday night need to be on the look out for symptoms of measles. >> it's concerning. you're out here trying to enjoy yourself at dinner. and you hear something that makes you think twice. i don't think they should be out, if they did know they had measles. >> reporter: who were eating at sauced are talking about the
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measles. the alameda county health department has issued an exposure warning. someone came here and exposed people to the contagious virus. the health department wants to hear from people that were there between 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. on saturday, as soon as possible. >> we want to see if we can give them a medication that would be effective with measles vaccine. sauced barbecue posted about the measles exposure on their facebook page. anyone there should look for flu-like symptoms and a rash for 17 days. this morning, along with the measles outbreak in new york has them thinking about vaccinations. >> i had to make sure thimy kid
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vaccinations were up to date. make sure my vaccinations were up to date. >> saucedpacced on a saturday night. >> reporter: they want to hear from someone who has symptoms of measles. and they're concerned about certain groups of people. babies under a year old. women who are pregnant, people with compromised immune systems and people who have not been immunized for measles. we're not through with the rain yet. jeff ranieri joining us. some people seeing downpours. >> that's right. a small area of instability over the peninsula. valley, hitting into stanford at
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11:16. mountain view, 11:34. and holding up in sunnyvale through 11:42 tonight. tracking all of this and the change in the weather as we head through the next couple days. details at 11:19 tonight. just in, they're okay and they've been found. a mother and daughter reported missing are found. jessica tucker and her daughter, 2-year-old rosylrosyln, are in n antig antigua. now, tucker, the mom, she suffers from a medical condition. it's unclear where or how they were located. the vallejo police possibly in hot water again. this is showing a police officer arresting an 18-year-old. police are not responding to our request tonight. but the teenager you see in this video, is speaking out. cheryl hurd, live at police headquarters with what he had to say.
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>> reporter: to this day, carlos has no idea why he was arrested. he and his mom are speaking out tonight because they say they want to see change. >> stop, stop, stop. >> trying to take off the seat belt and i'm about to get my arm broken. he takes me to the ground. his knee is right there, just pressing on my back. >> reporter: carlos' 12-year-old brother used his cell phone to record what looks like a violent arrest in front of a neighborhood market in vallejo. >> the first thing he said was you know you [ bleep ] up. >> reporter: he was not wearing a uniform and in an unmarked car. >> i don't know who this man is. he went back and forth. he starts asking for my license and my i.d. >> reporter: he admits he was driving a new car with paper plates. he has a learner's permit but not a license yet. the vallejo police department has been under scrutiny for
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alleged expressive morse. a man was shot and killed by officers. and a u.s. marine claims he was assaulted by a vallejo cop for videotaping a traffic stop in front of his home. >> what did i do to you? >> it is sad. i'm glad he's here with us. >> a new way to train people. a new way to run it. >> reporter: civil rights attorney, john burris, is taking on this case. burris says he has seven cases against the vallejo police department. four for excessive force. i reached out to the vallejo police department. the watch commander says he knows nothing about this case. an update from the family of
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a 4-year-old shot in the head. juan jackson has undergone surgery. and that little boy is in critical condition. he found an unlocked gun under a bed and accidentally shot himself in the head. >> we do not know at this time if he will be comatose. we know he is critical. we are asking everybody to please keep my family and grandson in your prayers. >> that's his family right there. the family tells us that the gun belonged to terence wilson. that's the boyfriend of the boy's mom. police arrested wilson today. a frightening scenario in a southbound neighborhood. early this morning, a woman found a man had broken into her home. and police say this man, richard hernandez, sexually assaulted her. roz plater has the story. roz? >> reporter: that suspect is behind bars tonight. the way police describe this, it seems like it was a random attack and a crime of
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opportunity. neighbors in the 900 block of ironwood drive are on-edge. and here's why. san jose police say a 28-year-old woman was attacked by a stranger in her own bedroom. >> it's scary. i'm a woman here. it's scary. >> reporter: police say just after 4:00 in the morning, the suspect was trying to open door after door in an apartment complex, until he finally found one unlocked. he got in and akccosted the woman. inside her home, police arrested this man, richard hernandez, assault with intention to commit rape and burglary. >> i'm glad they bought him. keep catching them and it discourages the next guy. >> reporter: one month ago, another san jose woman was murdered in her home, police say by an undocumented immigrant
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that broke in. that terrifying crime happened not far from this neighborhood. >> we've increased security measures and some of the neighbors have, too. >> reporter: what have you done? >> well, we've gotten braces on the front door and the side door and the patio door and we're not done. >> reporter: neighbors say they don't know anything more about this man. we don't know much more about him, either. but they have complained recently to police about homeless people wandering into anywhere neighborhood. they are hoping, continue, police will step up patrols in this area. i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. a popular mma fighter is recovering in the hospital tonight. sam romero had a fight on saturday. then, on sunday, he met friends for dinner.
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monday morning, a jogger found him unconscious. investigators believe he fell or was thrown from highway 87 from the overpass. that's more than 50 feet. his family spoke exclusively to nbc bay area. >> he's a fighter. he won't give up. he won't give up. >> the family is hoping that someone will come forward to shed light on exactly what happened to him. it's time to face a judge. tomorrow, several parents will have their first day in court over the college admission scandal. a total of 50 people indicted by the fbi. the case dubbed "operation varsity blues", today, a tennis coach at the university of texas and a former soccer coach at yale appeared in court. we have learned how much shares will go for when lyft
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makes its debut tomorrow morning. the company is pricing it at $72 each. the shares will sell between $62 and $68. uber plans to go public later this year. our mobile doppler radar shows rain on the way to hillsborough, as we hit 11:15 tonight. how much sunshine before what could be several more storms on the way. details in eight minutes. i thought that was very bizarre. i think they definitely did racially profile me. >> she says she is shaken by what happened. a frustrating flight home for one bay area family. plus, it's difficult to do. but climbing half dome just got a little easier. the change yosemite made.
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only on nbc, a routine flight home turned into painful ordeal for a bay area woman last year. she says flight attendants accused her of human trafficking when she was flying with family members. now, she is asking american airlines to apologize for ruining her flight. she spoke to nbc bay area's cot budman. >> reporter: the east bay area says she was racially profiled. the flight attendants say they were doing their jobs. it started at l.a.x., where mina corasani, boarded a flight to sacramento with her neat and two dozens. >> i see that they take my youngest cousin to the front of the plane. >> reporter: mina, who had taken her relatives to universal studios, followed. >> she goes. and i go to follow her. and the american airline agent blocks me in the aisle and doesn't let me go. >> reporter: the airline contends mina was violent with the flight attendants who were
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helping out. soon, mina and her relatives were escorted off of the plane and said they called the police. >> they are accusing you of human trafficking because you don't resemble your family. >> reporter: police intervened and quickly determined they were all related and reunited the family. later, mina asked american for an apology. >> human trafficking is an important concern. we train our staff and they followed procedures. >> reporter: american booked them on another flight and comped their hotel room. but months later, she is still shaken by what happened, and has filed a complaint with the department of transportation. >> that's very bizarre. i think they did racially profile me. >> reporter: she's not looking for money in this case, just an apolo apology.
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>> thank you, scott. safely back home, a north bay couple sharing their nightmare at sea. susan and allen were on a cause and the ship's engines failed. the nevada couple says they t y stayed in their rooms and then were air-lifted off of the ship by hospital. >> people in chairs are sliding across. it was evident that something major was going on. >> can you imagine? the couple says they we refunded the cost of the cruise and are offered another trip. they said they will go ahead. they will take the cruise. pg&e are accused of putting profits ahead to public safety. the letter dated today, slams the utility, accusing it of planning to pack its board of directors with hedge fund ng
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mean ins. wildfires are what forced pg&e to declare bankruptcy and get a new board of directors anyway. an east bay community coming together, rallying behind a long-time business owner and father. they own a gas station in brent wood. he immigrated to the u.s. illegally. seven weeks ago, he was called in for an interview by immigration and customs enforcement. he's been detained since. now, he's facing deportation back to pakistan and his family is devastated. >> it was the day before my birthday that he got taken to the detention center. i didn't see him on my 13th bart birthday. we reached out to i.c.e. to see
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if from was another reason to detain him. i.c.e. stresses that if someone has a pending deportation order, that's h enoumuch. president trump does not intend to slash the budget of special publics. betty devos defended cuts to funding. she said she was not personally involved in singling out the special olympics. as the backlash grew on social media, president trump made a big announcement. >> i have overridden my people. we're funding the special olympics. >> the special olympics released a statement thanking president dump. the first presidential debate will happen in june in nbc. more than a dozen candidates could be on stage.
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the debate will be june 26th and june 27th. it will be in miami, and broadcast live on nbc, msnbc and te telemun telemundo. the ceo of wells fargo is leaving the company. the san francisco-based bank announced that tim sloan will retire. that comes amid calls from lawmakers to step down. he was taking over the company in the wake of the sales scandal. wells fargo employees opened up 2 million accounts. climbing half dome and yosemite, a little easier now. park rangers want it to be more fair to get the permits to climb it. savvy computer users were gaming a system to get the advantage. now, you can apply for a permit until sunday night at nine. in june, an additional 50 permits will be allowed via
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lottery. that means 300 people a day can go on half dome. they can have my spot. >> is it good climbing weather coming this way? >> saturday. if you're into it. >> change your mind saturday. >> you have to have the permit. >> we're going to get sunshine in here, as we head to the upcoming weekend. right now, we are tracking instability. we'll take you to that. it's over the peninsula. you'll see some of the heavy downpours and could hold up for los altos until just after midnight. we see the bulk of this moving out by tomorrow morning, just a spotty chance up into the north bay. we'll have clouds early on. once we hit about 10:00 in the morning, we'll see the sun breaking on out. tomorrow will be a dry day in the forecast. the only thing you have to worry about is the cold temperatures. i think we'll be able to handle
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it just fine. nothing below the freezing mark. it will be chilly here. 40 in the trivalley. and the south bay at 44. more 40s from the east bay to san francisco and the north bay. we start off this cold. by the afternoon, numbers are warming up. that will make it feel nice in the south bay. 66 in east san jose. and 64 in for los gatos. 67 in pittsburg. oakland, cooler by the bay and 63 degrees. redwood city, 64. in san francisco, the low 60s, from the marina down to the mission. going to napa or sonoma, mid-60s and light wind and cloud cover. the sunshine returning. we think we're going to hold on to this trend. the next three days, looking good here. high pressure will help keep
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that storm track to the north. also, bringing us milder weather. not only good for the bay area. our snow report shows dry weather for the next three days. grooming runs. 200 trails and 32 runs. an upper snow base of 239 inches. going to be a blast if you're headed up there. right back here, next three days, once again, dry weather. temperatures in the mid-60s in san francisco. monday, clouds return. i know you don't want to hear this, but maybe by next thursday, the storm door could open back up and we could see several storms lining up. we'll have more details as we get closer. 73 degree s once we hit friday' forecast. >> the giants don't like it because they will have their home opener. >> it could impact that.
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it's too early to say. might be wet. >> jeff, thanks a lot. coming up next, confusion, frustration and ruined plans. the airline that went bankrupt, leaving passengers stranded.
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man? campbell police say they need your help identifying this bicycle thief. the surveillance footage shows the bandit nabbing a black check it out. campbell police say they need your help identifying him. he's a bicycle thief. surveillance footage shows him taking that black specialized road bike. he was wheeled away from the center two weeks ago. if you know the guy, you are urged to contact police.
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wow air, abruptly shuts down and leaving passengers to fend for themselves. wow air, a budget airline, canceled all of its flights today. it used to offer $99 flights to iceland before scrapping that flight last year. the company tells its passengers to find your own way to your destination. today, opening day for major league baseball. one team saw much more action than the other. paleontologist have unearthed the remains of the largest t-rocks. 42 feet and weighs 19,000 pounds. it was discovered in canada in 1991 and it's taken two decades to dig the bones out and reassemble them. we're back with more in a moment.
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okay. it is just 1 of 62 games but opening the bay feels like more. >> it does feel like more. unfortunate for the giants
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because they are starting their 2019 season in san diego. bruce bochy's final opening day, where his managerial career began. madison bumgarner, good enough to win. but he didn't. he was cruising. will myers gets up and hits a long home run. 450, 460 feet, huge. that's enough. giants lose, 2-0. we are, once again, your broadcast home for the giants. our first regular season game tomorrow is. first pitch at 7:00, right here on nbc bay area. the a's played their home opener against oakland. hosting the l.a. angels. khris davis, doing what he does best his home run helped lead the a's to a 4-0 win. for t sharks make it seven losses in a row.
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still managed to beat the sharks, 5-4. we're back in a moment. ♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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bay area parents and coaches charged in the college admissions scheme face a federal judge tomorrow mor fallout following operation varsity blues. >> we'll bring you the bay area colleges and coaches that were part of the scheme. fans of the show "full
11:34 pm
house," in for a treat. the home featured in the series, up for sale. neighbors they site's a big tourist attraction. be aware of that. the creator of the show, jeff franklin, currently owns it. he brought it in 2016 for million. he has not said what the new price will be. but with that price, comes people sitting on your front porch. >> the house next door has a big tree. >> blocking people. >> it's so busy out there. sun coming tomorrow. >> fantastic. wee need it. >> no wet commute. >> no. we're done for now. >> we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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