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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 29, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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more affordable. all new, the multimillion-dollar infusion one local tech firm is pledging and where the new housing will go. plus, the ride share race has a winner. lift s lyft set to go public in a half an hour. at 6:15, new information about how much shares will sell for. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington, on this friday. mike will have a look at the commute coming up. first we want to have issing to smile about, any time of course we see you, kari, we smile but today you bring very good news for us. >> yes, you're happy today when i have sunshine in the forecast. >> yes! >> and it's going to be a nice weekend. next week, i don't know so much. maybe i'll take some days off. all right, so we start out in san jose, with some clear skies, and it's a great start. if you're on your way out the door to the diridon station, it's going to be at about 45 degrees through 7:00. it will be a nice little warmup going throughout the morning
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with mostly sunny skies. we're headed up to 65 degrees. napa reaching 65 and san francisco 61. the weekend forecast and what's coming up ahead in a few minutes. mike, a problem headed to the nimitz. >> the nimitz being 880 and oakland. headed from castro valley over here there is the problem. things jamming up, folks are exiting crow canyon and redwood road getting on to grove or redwood down to "a" street. the crash blocks all but one lane at the castro valley y getting on to northbound 238. a fuel spill is involved taking it big time and the big rig a problem blocking lanes. we'll continue to follow that just out of hayward and castro valley and the rest of the bay shows an easy drive. law camera, back to you. >> laura, back to you. varsity blues s scandal rod
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people in the bay and across the country. they are suspects in the college admissions scandal that are really rocking universities across the country. these are the six bay area parents that are expected to go before a judge in just hours. prosecutors say the scam involved millions of dollars in bribes to athletic coaches and others to get their kids into prestigious schools. the california schools involved, stanford, uc berkeley, usc and ucla. let's go live now to boston, and jeff sapperstone from our sister station there. jeff, parents from across the nation will be in court today. what do you think we can expect? >> reporter: yes, we're about three hours away from the first set of arraignments here. again, more than a dozen parents will be in court today. this is one of the biggest days in this case so far. they'll be appearing here in boston federal court. three sets of arainments, the first here at noon eastern time, then at 2:00 and 4:00. kind of a rolling start here this morning because there are so many people appearing. now we know that the two
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actresses charged in this case, those two parents will not be here today. they'll be here next week, but many other parents, including many as you said from the bay area and the west coast will be here today, again, they've been charged, facing serious counts in this case. >> jeff, let's talk a little bit about boston, so people understand that, why the defendants are out east in this case. >> reporter: this is kind of interesting. the feds were actually conducting another investigation, something very separate from this case, when they came across a defendant in that case, who tipped them off about this, so that led them to a ring leader here in this case. they got to the ring leader and got that ring leader in this case to cooperate, and that created all of these charges, and the arrests in this case. so really interesting. that first case not related to this case in any way, but it was here in boston. >> and speaking of that, relations here like california, massachusetts, and new england area are home to several prestigious schools. any movement that you're noticing out there to stop this
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from happening again or happening there? >> reporter: i think the schools are taking notice here for sure. the schools were not charged in this case. that's an important note here. the message from prosecutors is that this will not be tolerated. they're sending that message to parents, to coaches, teachers, whomever else could be wramd pp up in this case. >> a lot of schools checked their own admissions school standards as well. jeff thanks for joining us. kris sanchez will continue our coverage of the story at 6:30. she'll talk about these people right here, the parents from the bay area who are also due in court in boston today. 6:04. president trump heads to florida today after a victory rally in the midwest. it is his first since attorney general's memo on the mueller report was released. tracie pots is live on capitol hill with more and calls on one of the president's toughest critics to resign. >> exactly, adam schiff.
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we'll talk about in in a sec. marcus. the president in this hour-long speech in michigan at his rally last night, where he focused a lot on the end of the russia investigation and the finding, the key finding that could be a hallmark of his upcoming presidential campaign. >> the collusion delusion is over. >> reporter: president trump rallying in michigan overnight, looking ahead to the 2020 campaign. >> it's going to be so much easier the second time. >> reporter: hammering his opponents. >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous [ bleep ]. >> reporter: and slamming the russia investigation. >> the plan by those who lost the election to try and illegally regain power by framing innocent americans. >> reporter: in washington, one of the president's chief critics is under fire for continuing to suggest that convicted trump
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associates colluded with russia. >> i think it's immoral, i think it's unethical. i think it's unpatriotic and yes, i think it's corrupt. and evidence of collusion. >> reporter: republicans want intelligence committee chair adam schiff to resign. >> adam schiff lied to the american public. >> reporter: special counsel robert mueller found no collusion. democrats want his full report. >> no, thank you, mr. attorney general. we do not need your interpretation. show us the report. and we can draw our own conclusions. >> reporter: the attorney general says that could take weeks. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> 6:06 right now. now taking you to butte county hitting a major milestone in the recovery of the camp fire. paradise is issuing its very first building permit since the wildfire wiped out the community nearly five months ago, destroying 11,000 homes. this morning we're learning there's no word on the
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identities of 11 victims. investigators say due to the state of their remains, they're having a difficult time getting a dna sample. 85 people died in the state's most deadly and destructive wildfire in history. of the thousands of people reported missing in the fire, only two remain unaccounted for. today affordable housing getting a $10 million funding boost from a bay area tech firm, that's how much sunnyville based netapp is investing into silicon valley housing trust tech fund. the fund provides money that fills the gap between market rate prices and what philanthropists, non-profits and other organizations have to build for affordable housing. this site on san jose's lee street is one project. the tech fund provides $2 million towards what will eventually be a 64-unit apartment complex for seniors. the fund says companies also benefit from the program. >> so for the companies, what they get out of it is, they get, make an investment and get that investment to turn in to action.
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we don't sit on the money because the crisis is right now. >> the latest investment brings the housing trust silicon valley tech fund up to $65 million, which has contributed to the funding of more than 2,000 units of housing. >> 6:08 right now. if you like to cross-country ski or snowshoe like me, the back country in yosemite national park is still open. time for a road trip! the trails around glacier point road will remain open for another two weeks, past the usual april 1st closing. that's thanks to higher amounts of snow this year, and new closing date is april 14th. if you can't make it out then, boy, wait until the spring. i bet the water falls will be spectacular! >> it is going to be really nice. law camera, we have to wait and see if they extend that. there may be more snow on the way for the sierra. we are taking a break from all of that wet weather, and we are waking up to some clear skies over the south bay, as you get
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up and get the kids out the door for school this morning. it's going to be cool, with san jose starting out at 46 degrees, and as they head out for recess, sunshine, but it will still be a little cool, and some low 60s going into the afternoon. we're also excited about the a's game later on this evening. our temperatures will be in the low 60s at first pitch, and then cooling off for tonight. headed over to mike, you've been tracking several issues on the roads. >> that's right, kari. the biggest issue is the traffic alert that we have over here, coming in to out of castro valley toward the castro valley "y." there are some cal trans cameras. the one we tried to access is failing at this point. everybody is accessing that camera to see the status on the big rig and the fuel spill. the hazmat situation that continues to have the castro valley "y" jammed up. there is the big rig, only one lane gets by northbound 238. these folks are getting on to westbound 580 which is fine. sorry, control room, we want to
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show folks approaching the area there. it's slow out of castro valley. dublin is just fine and the rest of the bay is fine as well. "a" street is likely flooded with traffic as folks bail out on the grove and redwood grove eventually "a" street to get to the nimitz. >> 6:10. now is the time to shop, online that is. next and new this morning, the money you could save if you buy online this weekend. kira klapper is going to join us with what we're going to be paying more for starting on monday. you know what else you could buy this morning, shares in liflif lyft. the company will start trading in just a few minutes. >> a lot of money, though. and later for you, paid to sleep. sounds like the dream job. at 6:25, the group willing to pay thousands to give you a good night's rest. you don't want to miss this one. wake up! it's 6:10. you're watching "today in the bay."
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why are all these business owners so excited? we're going to comcast. it's ahead of the game, ahead of the curve. it's going to add to the productivity of our business. it's switch and save days at comcast business. right now, get fast, reliable internet for $49.95 a month and save $600 a year. just one more way we take your business beyond. but hurry, switch and save days ends april 7th. internet that's reliable. internet that's fast.
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that's super important. i just want to get it right now. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. right now at 6:13, if you'll be packing up the car soon, getting ready to head to the sierra, the roads are all clear, and we have a fresh coating of snow on the ground. at the base of squaw valley we have 239 inches of snow, with a season total of 654, all of the lifts and runs are open today, and we have a beautiful weekend ahead. we'll talk about what's going on for the bay area, that's coming up in less than five minutes.
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we're looking over here the big problem the one problem is the traffic alert out of castro valley, following the jam blocking most of interstate 238. we'll give you the progress if chp gives us an update in the next few. a very happy friday to you. stocks are on the rise, as we get good news about the trade talks with china. a new study says that netflix is the fastest growing brand in the world. lyft we've got it up on our board because it starts trading today, $72 a share is your opening price. there's been no change yet because it hasn't started trading, but it is at the top end of the trade range we were expecting. look for this to happen around 9:00 a.m. our time. it won't start trading right when the nasdaq opens at 6:30. i'm predicting say about 9:00 a.m., but it's all good news for the san francisco company, as it offers its stock for the first time. and this should kick off a string of ipos, including uber,
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pinterest and others. lyft came a long way starting with an idea is by john zimmer to coordinate rides for college kids, not unlike the bulletin board i used when i was a kid in college. he turned that company as of this morning into something worth more than $20 billion. tim sloan is out as wells fargo ceo. his resignation came very suddenly. wells fargo of course suffered through scandal after scandal leading a member of congress to here's st mu pf testifying. he was there at the time when the bank needed somebody untainted with the problems. the bank will find a new ceo from outside the company. senator elizabeth warren calling for a criminal investigation into sloan and jail time if he's found guilty.
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on a happier note, congratulations to the entrepreneurs and businesspeople in the east bay after last night's east bay innovation awards, which they were kind enough to ask me to emcee at the fabulous fox theater in oakland last night. i don't think there's a pretty theater in all the bay area. >> a prettier. right? >> yes, it's a beautiful one. 6:16. okay, so look, if you're planning to do some online shopping in the coming days, be aware, because the state's new tax law is set to take effect monday. >> so get clickin'. "today in the bay's" kira klapper joins us now a look at what this means for all of us. >> i have a feeling, laura and marcus, there are going to be online shopping while i do this report. >> who told you? >> california will start requiring out of state sellers to collect use taxes on april 1st, as marcus and laura just said, that starts on monday. we have three more days to get tax-free shopping done with out of state companies. to break it down, online
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retailers who make more than 200 transactions or $100,000 will have to meet the new requirements. the state is estimating that nearly 27,000 companies will register, and that means you'll be paying a little bit more for certain items. you'll be paying tax. state lawmakers say the new law is an attempt to even out the playing field. small businesses in california have always had to collect taxes but they've been competing with online retailers that don't. california is the latest state across the country to change the online sales tax laws. 30 other states have already put similar regulations into place. these changes all come after the supreme court made a major ruling last year in a case called south dakota versus wayfair. justices ruled that states could require online retailers to collect sales tax even if they don't have a physical presence in the state. that's the big change. they don't have to have a brick and mortar in california in order to charge sales tax,
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starting monday. good news for our state. it's estimated that california will earn $787 million in additional revenue in just the first two years because of the new online sales tax. >> did they say where the money is going to go? >> no. so that will be interesting. >> right. exactly. >> we hope it will go toward things that our state needs. >> no kidding. >> which is debatable, depending who you ask. >> this is true. >> thanks so much. >> get to shopping. >> thanks, kira. all right, so if shopping makes you happy, so will this weekend's weather. i don't know, the weather is so nice, you might want to be outside instead of shopping online. >> shopping on your phone while enjoying time outside and we're going to see better travel conditions for you this morning, as we get a live look outside, in walnut creek, everyone heading out the door, going to work, or school, and it's going to be a nice one. you do want to grab a jacket, because it starts out with some mid-40s, later on today, we'll be taking the jackets off, as our temperatures warm up into the low 60s by early afternoon, and the pollen count we already
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know this, we've seen it coating the cars, a lot of tree pollen, and grass pollen is high, too. so if you're about to head out, make sure you grab the allergy medication. i kind of made the mistake and left it at home today. so our temperatures will be in the low 60s. a great day to get outside, go for a nice long walk especially by this afternoon, as our temperatures reach into the mid-60s inland and the rain is all out of here. we're still seeing some spotty showers just to our north, if you'll be traveling, you'll encounter some of that rain but it stays mostly out of the bay area, and our high pressure comes in, it brings us some dry conditions, but by sunday, that starts to move on. it opens up the door once again for some more clouds, and some rain to move in by early next week. so we will have a dry weekend, but next week, all bets are off as we start to see the rain returning, and it could bring us quite a bit of rain, as we see several storm systems moving in. some initial estimates on how much rain we could see next week
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over an inch in parts of the north bay, and areas to the south and east could see close to an inch of rain, most of us getting about a half inch or less. and we're looking at more soggy weather for tuesday into thursday, so you do want to make sure you get outside and enjoy saturday and sunday, with our high temperatures reaching into the low 70s in the inland valleys. mike, you've been tracking one still major problem in the east bay. >> that's right, and the rest of the bay looks great. so we'll show everybody their drive. you can see from the south bay all the way up into the city, throughout the east bay, looks just fine, calling out castro valley right there. that's where the jam is, the major problem is on the cast e valley "y" and north 238. the traffic alert continues with the jam from crow canyon to north 238 with one lane open. we have a few photos from the scene. chp has been out there for a while. cal trans department of transportation, they got to clear up this big rig there, the tanker, also there's a fuel spill and some hydraulic fluid on the roadway.
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it's a hazmat situation and that's what's taken a while to clear these lanes. as you see from this picture also, only your far left lane is open so that is the problem, getting through the area above. you see the interchange there, that's again north 238, so big rigs are approved for west 580 but as we get back out to the traffic maps, the jam is before you get there. the big rig is getting to use 580 doesn't help. the folks here getting off at redwood road or drove of grove way, which is the continuation of crow canyon road to get to "a" street flooded with traffic as well, lots of signals and lots of traffic headed through downtown hayward, so be advised if that is your destination, if that's where you work, we have problems for local traffic. meanwhile, the rest of the bay getting through contra costa county, you're looking really good. the bay bridge toll plaza has the metering lights on at the standard time. one of your alternates to get around that big jam in castro valley is to take the b.a.r.t. lines. there are no delays for the 50 trains running throughout the system. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. 6:21 right now. next and new, a big update overnight on this month's plane
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crash in ethiopia, what we just learned. and still ahead, we have breaking news to tell you about involving that violent night outside of an east bay b.a.r.t. station. the woman has died. we have a live report coming up, with those details. new details
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cause of this month )s deadly ethiopian airlines crash. new details at 6:24 on the
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possible cause of this month's deadly ethiopian airlines. the "wall street journal" this morning reports investigators do believe the plane's anti-stall mcas system was activated before the crash. a preliminary report is not officially released but that is the same conclusion investigators reached for the lion air crash in indonesia last fall. the two crashes led to the grounding of 737 max jets. boeing is now working on a software upgrade. there's still no timetable for when the planes will start flying again. two nasa astronauts are out on a spacewalk. has lots of buzz, earlier this week nasa was billing it as the first all-female spacewalk but they realized they didn't have the spacesuits to accommodate both women. now it's one man and one woman astronaut. this is video from a few minutes ago, swapping out lithium batteries outside of the international space station. do you find it hard to get out of bed? we probably all do at some point.
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nasa may have the job for you. you could get paid $19,000 for lying in bed 24 hours a day. but you have to do it nonstop for two months, that's everything, eating, bathing, you maim it. and all 24 participants will be studied in the same room. nasa is doing the research as part of a study on weightlessness. they say that bedrest mimics some weightless conditions. i've been on bedrest and everybody thinks it would be great. it's tough. >> yes. >> it's tough mentally. >> i could imagine. >> got to be strong. >> do everything in the bed, everything. all right, 6:26 right now. still ahead this morning, pay up. all new for you this morning, chicago's message to jussie smo smollett, how much money they want him to pay for the investigation. breaking news the catholic church and the sex abuse scandal. the changes the pope announced overnight. and breaking locally. we just learned in the past few minutes the late night shooting
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outside of an east bay b.a.r.t. station turns deadly. the woman shot has died. next, we're live with what happened, and what police are saying so far about who's responsible. 6:26 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." auto right now at 6:30--
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lyft is ringing the opening bell of the (nasdaq ( . right now, at 6:30, countdown to lyft-off, literally, lyft ringing the opening bell on the nasdaq. the raid shire company going public, beating uber in the race to an ipo. you see the crowd there, the anticipation is priced at $72 a
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share. this could bring in so much money for that bay area company. really a kickoff to the ipo season that we're having here. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to get a look at the forecast before you head out the door. meteorologist kari hall is tracking it all. something to smile about. >> we have a nice week and head but our microclimate is in full effect as we take a live look outside in san francisco, it's misting, drizzling, while it's all clear in the south bay. as we start out in evergreen, our temperatures will be in the mid-40s, going into the low 60s today. that's still a little bit cooler than normal, as we see the high of about 65 degrees. 67 in concord, and 65 today in napa. we'll talk about the weekend forecast and mike, you have a live look at the traffic alert. >> kari, we have the cal trans cameras out there. we're looking at the big rig which continues to block all of one lane of 238, coming off the 580 interchange. out to the maps for the traffic system, we're showing you where that jam s as we get over there,
6:31 am
west 580 is jammed up, crow canyon road. folks are bailing on to "a" street as your alternate to get over there. "a" street connected by redwood or grove. the rest of the bay shows an easier drive. south 880 at tennison the crash is moving to the shoulder. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:31. breaking news just coming in on the story we have been following all morning. we are just learning that the woman who was shot outside of the west oakland b.a.r.t. station has died. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live with new developments that are just coming in to our newsroom this morning. pete? >> reporter: yes, that's right, laura and marcus. we're getting the update from b.a.r.t. in the past 15 minutes, confirming the shooting that we've been talking about all morning long that took place in west oakland last night, that victim has passed away. it has turned into a deadly shooting. here was the scene outside of west oakland last night when the shooting took place. according to b.a.r.t., it happened around 10:30 p.m. you have this adult victim who was shot on the seventh street side of the west oakland
6:32 am
b.a.r.t. station. she was sent to highland hospital and we're learning in the past 15 minutes, that she died from those injuries. the suspect in all of this did get away and they're searching for him at this point. this follows two other incidents at b.a.r.t. stations earlier this the week that i reported on. we show a map of where those took place, on monday there was a robbery incident that took place in orinda around 11:00 p.m., a male suspect eventually arrested at the macarthur station after trying to get away and then in san francisco, another woman s was attacked on train headed toward sfo that happened before 10:00 p.m. police say a man hit the woman in the head with an object and walked away. west oakland it's a deadly shooting. it's unknown if the victim was a rider or just around the station at the time of the shooting, but there's still no definitive suspect description at this time. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> such a tragic story. pete, thank you. >> tragic overnight development there. thank you. it is 6:32. other breaking news this morning.
6:33 am
the pope just issued sweeping new rules for the vatican, this is designed to protect children from sex abuse. those new rules are also meant to serve as a model for churches around the world, it includes new limits on the kinds of relationships clergy members can have with children and this is the first time the church has required its leaders to report sex crime allegations to authorities. the new rules follow a vatican conference last month on the problems of sex abuse in the catholic church. new details and a new twist in the jussie smollett legal case. this has to do with money. earlier this week charges were dropped in connection with what police believe was a faked attack. the mayor of chicago plans to send the actor a bill totalling $130,000 to cover the cost of the investigation. smollett's court records are sealed. police insist they have the evidence to prove his guilt. continuing coverage ever the college admissions cheating
6:34 am
scandal. >> the high-profile and powerful bay area parents are due before a judge in boston. they are accused of paying big money to get their kids into prestigious universities like stanford, usc, ucla and yale, though their children were not qualified. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez following this court hearing for us today and kris, what's happened so far? >> so far, you've heard from our boston nbc station and the first group of parents will face a judge in the boston courtroom at 9:00 our time on charges that could bring them jail time, and pretty hefty fines. it's quiet at the courthouse right now, though. six bay area defendants due in court today. later, parents accused of paying to improve s.a.t. and a.c.t. scores, having other people take tests for their children and allegedly making fake athlete profiles to get their children in as athletic recruits. the parents from the bay area will appear before a judge at 11:00 this morning, and at 1:00 this afternoon. but the two most high-profile
6:35 am
parents, lori loughlin and felecity huffman will not be there as the judge allowed them to reschedule for wednesday because of scheduling conflicts. on monday of this week, dozens of defendants, including athletic directors, coaches, test proctors had their day in court, facing a judge on charges of racketeering, conspiracy. all of them pleaded not guilty and left with no comment. some other ongoing developments now, the u.s. department of education is investigating eight universities, including stanford, to find out whether they violated any laws or regulations related to federal financial programs. several students also filed a class action lawsuit against eight universities in connection with this case. a number of universities are reviewing the admissions of students whose parents are named in that indictment, including usc, and as i mentioned, lori loughlin and felecity huffman will be in court on wednesday. none of the folks who have been in court already have said anything as they were walking out.
6:36 am
they must have good counsel saying keep your mouth shut, at this point. if that changes, we'll let you no we. we have that reporter we're working with in boston staking out at the courthouse so we can get the latest developments. >> thank you, kris. a pittsburg woman accused of killing her husband is expected are to face a judge this afternoon. maria vides is going to court for a plea hearing. paul schatzwell died following last week's shooting. he worked as a principal at a pittsburg adult education center. police say the gun was recovered at the couple's home. happening today in san francisco, neighbors in the filmore district plan to express their outrage following a deadly shooting that killed one person, injuring five others, this happened last saturday. neighbors say that shooting is putting the future of a newly revitalized community center in jeopardy. the filmore heritage center is canceling all events at least through the end of the month, in response to the violence. the group is planning a walk and press conference this afternoon.
6:37 am
>> it is 6:36. it could be a headache if your commute takes you through downtown san francisco. two lanes of eastbound i-80 off-ramp to fourth and bryant streets are closing, starting at 7:00 this morning. that's in about half an hour. that closure is in place until 7:00 in the morning sunday. it's so crews can work on the long-awaited central subway project. plans are for that rail line to go through chinatown. once finished crews plan to repair potholes and perform other maintenance work. consider yourselves warned if you're headed to the city this weekend. find an alternate route. mike? >> or plan on a little delay. overall no major delays on the maps. i'll sneak in and show you the two problems. traffic alert or cast roro vall. we have a jam coming up off the dublin grade and right here at crow canyon road is the focus, a lot of folks are deciding to get off of here, redwood road and
6:38 am
crow canyon road toward "a" street because you're jammed up, only one lane of northbound 238 is open. the big rig and the fuel spill continue there. getting up toward san francisco, this map looks just fine, but as we get to the waze system, we're looking at a slower drive developing from 280 and the split there northbound 1 01 jams up to the bay bridge, there is a crash just before you get to i-80 eastbound and that is an issue. five cars involved. one lane is blocked. what's not blocked is our fast track to the weekend. it is already friday. >> clear that road, get outta the way! >> marcus is pushing. >> we have great weather this weekend. let's kick it off tonight at the a's game, temperatures starting out in the low 60s, if you get there early and just enjoying some time out in the parking lot, before you head in, but it will be cooling off fast. so make sure you have something nice and warm to wear during the game, and then for tomorrow, our temperatures for the coastal areas reach into the mid-60s.
6:39 am
the low 70s in the inland valleys. on sunday, it's even warmer, we'll see a six of sun and clouds. the bay reaching into the upper 60s and the coast at about 68 degrees. a lot of ching ming festivals going on around the bay area. if you'll be there, you'll feel the temperatures in oakland at about 55 degrees at 10:00 in the morning, going throughout the day. mostly sunny skies, and some low 60s. we're also keeping it dry on sunday for the treasurefest, happening in the treasure island, on treasure island, and that's going on both saturday and sunday. on sunday, we'll start out with temperatures at about 58 degrees, reaching the low 60s into the afternoon. in the tri-valley, we'll reach the mid-60s today, but if you wait until sunday, we have some low 70s although we will start to see some more clouds moving in. for russian river valley also going to see some warmer air by the end of the weekend, and a mix of sun and clouds, but it will be all dry. if you're going to carmel valley, a nice weekend there with a high of 63 today.
6:40 am
67 tomorrow and 73 degrees on sunday. let me know what you're doing, where you're headed. i'm @karihallweather and we'll talk about what's going on today, updates on the forecast coming up in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. 6:40. coming up and all new this hour, the hottest airbnb rental in the entire world right here in the bay area. at 6:50, the unique cabin that so many people are clamoring to stay at. but first, teachers, parents and students are planning to protest in fremont. we're live with the plan and where talks and contracts stand with teachers. the president in his first public aexperience since tppear of the mueller investigation. dow industrials up about 96 points. on the nasdaq we expect the first day of trading for lyft. you're watching "today in the bay." [ loud traffic sounds ]
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right now at 6:43, we'll see a dry weekend ahead. lots of sunshine in concord. our temperatures start out with mid-40s and warming up quickly, sunny skies, we'll be at 62 at 1:00 today. we'll take a look at all of our microclimates, and how warm we get, coming up in less than five minutes. right now, we continue to see traffic building from west 580 getting toward the traffic alert on the castro valley "y." another crash through bay point and concord, highway 4 and fog in the north bay, talking about it all.
6:44 am
>> thanks, mike and kari. 6:43 right now. some teachers in the east bay are working out a contract. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live outside irvington high school and what are some of them protesting against? >> reporter: primarily higher pay. the 200-plus teachers who work at irvington high and other schools in fremont they've been without a contract, so in about 30 minutes they along with students and parents will picket outside schools about 30 minutes before the bell rings and all go in to class, the teachers and students, in a walk-in of solidarity. similar to what we saw this past december and this should be noted is not a strike.
6:45 am
classes are going on today here in fremont. the teachers are asking the district for a 4% raise for the 2018-2019 school year, a cost of living adjustment they say they need in order to afford to live in the super expensive bay area. the district has countered with a 0.71% raise, according to "the mercury news." the district tells the newspaper they would have to make draconian cuts of $28 million in order to meet the teacher's demand of 4% and they also blame the state for underfunding schools. since both sides are at an impasse, the contract negotiations move into a fact-finding phase. next week there will be a neutral arbitrator, he'll examine both sides' arguments and report back his findings. fremont teachers aren't the first ones to find themselves at an impasse. a month ago, when teachers in oakland went on strike for about a week in order to get their district to agree to their demands. reporting live here in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we'll be watching for the details, bob, thanks.
6:46 am
another health warning for you this morning, it happened again, officials warning people about a possible measles exposure at a popular east bay restaurant. if you ate at sauced bash key and spirits in livermore, this is for you. someone with me sayles ate there as well. the health department wants to hear from people who were at that restaurant between 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on saturday. they're at high risk of infection. we've been telling you this week about measles exposure after an international traveler with the virus visited the bay area and they stopped at 20 different restaurants and stores in the south bay between the 13th and the 23rd. >> 6:26. a horse track near los angeles resumes racing today. it comes after they were suspended in definitely earlier this month. 22 horses died at the santa anita racetrack. today's races come with a new restriction. one of them approves new rules on certain medications given to
6:47 am
animals. another bans use of whips except during races where safety needs to be ensured. that rule won't take effect immediately. >> it is 6:46 right now. the man spear-heading a probable name change for a north bay school district will reportedly leave his position before any new name takes effect. leaders of the dixie school district in marin will make their final decision on changing the name. according to the "marin ij" the district superintendent yamashiro announced plans to leave june 30th. he gives no reason for why he's stepping down or where he may be going. last night the president made his first major public appearance since the end of the mueller investigation. >> scott mcgrew, the president claims complete vindication. >> this though he is not to our knowledge seen the actual full report, nor have we. what we have seen is a report on the report. a four-page summary by attorney general william barr. here is the president in michigan last night.
6:48 am
>> total exoneration, complete vindication. you know, it's interesting. robert mueller was a god to the democrats, was a god to them, until he said there was no collusion. they don't like him so much right now. >> now there is absolutely no question, the barr report was good news for the president, saying mueller had found no evidence the president colluded with russia. the president when claiming no collusion, was being absolutely honest, but there trump took it too far in that sound bite you just saw when it comes to obstruction. the report does not exonerate him. the report literally says in print, it doesn't exonerate him. we continue to hear good news about the progress with china. video here of the u.s. treasury secretary and the u.s. trade representative meeting with the chinese vice premier in beijing. it appears they're close to an agreement to the point they're
6:49 am
starting to make sure the two texts, one in chinese, the other in english, match up exactly. today was supposed to be the last day great britain belonged to the european union, it's brexit day, but the country has not worked out a trade deal, so the eu granted an extension. we have live pictures in london today, where they are still arguing about what to do. nbc has announced the date of the first democratic presidential debate. it will be june 26th and 27th. let me anticipate your emails. the reason we're not running a republican debate is because as of right now, there's only one republican candidate. we're following everything that's going on, on twitter. follow us, find me @scottmcgrew. would we ever find you here, airbnb at the mushroom dome in aptos. airbnb listed it as the most popular all-time stay with the highest number of reservations.
6:50 am
airbnb celebrating hits 500 millionth booking since launching in 2008. probably not just there, but overall. the mushroom cabin a 1,000 square food geodome. visitors say it feels like a little treehouse in the woods. >> it's pretty cool. >> yes, i've seen it online but never stayed there. maybe a little more room. >> you have to wait a long time to get a booking there. they were saying like maybe it's booked up past september. probably even more so now. >> i guess. a little more popular. >> wherever you are in the bay area it's going to be a nice weekend. >> yes, we'll enjoy the sunshine and highs in the 70s in the inland areas. what are you going to do? we are going to start out though with a mixed bag of weather. that's my live camera in san rafael. you can barely see anything, if you kind of look closely, you can see some headlights. that's highway 101 and those are the drivers headed southbound into san francisco. so really some problems for some drivers.
6:51 am
this is a look now in fremont. we've also seen some patchy fog in parts of the tri-valley. clearing up for the east bay, and then fremont our temperatures start out at about 46 degrees, sunshine, warms us up, everything will clear out, and our highs reach into the 60s today. our seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen, as we check out our high temperatures today. morgan hill expect a high of 65 degrees. 67 in concord, and napa today 65 degrees, and we are all clear in terms of those storm systems. they've moved off toward the east, and we're also seeing some rain through the north. if you'll be traveling across far northern california you will encounter some of that rain. it stays to the north of us, as high pressure moves in, it keeps the rain away from the bay area. sunday the high pressure quickly slides off to the east. it opens up the storm door once again so next week we are going to see more rain moving in, off and on, especially starting on tuesday, continuing through the end of the week.
6:52 am
some initial estimates on how much additional rain we may see, it looks like next week we could get over an inch, possibly close to two inches in parts of the north bay, other areas about a half inch to an inch of rain, so still some pretty good soakings in our forecast going into next week. enjoy the weekend. it's going to be dry and warm, sunny skies inland, reaching into the low 70s. san francisco looking at highs in the mid to upper 60s, and yes, it cools down once again next week, as that rain returns. mike, you're tracking a few things to slow you down. >> most of the bay shows a great drive but we're seeing more spots to watch. south bay not the issue. just a mild build, peninsula clear. over in castro valley where the traffic alert continues to time traffic out of castro valley and coming off of the dublin grade slowing toward northbound 238. now our photographer ethan just got on scene, got live pictures, taking the first look here. he's safely on the shoulder. this is the tanker truck, where there's a fuel spill. hydraulic fluid spilled out and
6:53 am
one lane to get past this scene. that's a big problem, as folks come out of castro valley again, back to our regular maps, you're showing traffic jammed up all the way off of the dublin grade, past crow canyon road, where folks are bailing down toward redwood road and "a" street toward the nimitz freeway. west highway 4 slows through pay point, crash on the shoulder for chicago highway and also fog registering up in the north bay and even though traffic flow is flight, we can't show you anything beyond the trees in front of our camera. we can kind of make out a few headlights that will be an issue as you travel through the north bay. no delays for mass transit and b.a.r.t. will help you out, if you're trying to get from the tri-valley past the scene of that traffic alert again at the castro valley "y." back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:53. happening now, tragedy at the grand canyon. a tourist from hong kong died when he fell a thousand pete into a ravine.
6:54 am
authorities say that he was trying to take photos. he is a second person to die at the grand canyon in a week. last year, more than 6 million people visited the grand canyon. next here on "today in the bay," a quick look at the top stories. he did it. a feel-good story we have been following all week, the happy update we have to share with you about a contra costa world war ii veteran. plus, the ride share race has a winner. lyft is now a public company. how much the shares are going for and it's going to cost investors as well is when uber is set to catch up. it is 6:54 for you right now. we're back in two minutes with much more news for you. you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back.
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before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay-- breaking news on a story welcome back. it is 6:57. breaking news for a story we've been following all morning. a woman shot outside the west oakland b.a.r.t. station has died. it happened about 10:30 last night in the parking lot on the seventh street side of the station. investigators say it's not known if she was a b.a.r.t. rider. police are still looking for a suspect and the motive is unknown. officers are reviewing surveillance footage. to boston, a number of parents tied to the fbi's varsity blues college admissions scandal are due in court. this will be the first time the group of parents to appear before a judge. until now, it's been others tied to the scandal, including
6:58 am
coaches and testing administrators. six parents for the bay area are expected to appear today, actresses flesity huffman and lori loughlin are due in court next week. san francisco-based lyft this morning officially went public. a highly anticipated stock market debut on the nasdaq, as we look there live. just 25 minutes ago, the company exec ran the opening bell, rather excitedly. lyft pricing shares at $72 each, more than the company initially predicted. last week, the company says shares would sell somewhere between $62 and $68. lyft now valued at $24 billion. competitor uber also plans to go public but later this year. quick programming note, catch tonight giants/padres game on nbc bay area at 7:00, right after "nbc bay area news" at 6:00. a follow-up, world war center jet r ii
6:59 am
veteran from martinez will go to france. >> jake larson reached his go fund me goal. nearly 170 people made sure he got the $10,000 he needed to return to normandy for the 75th anniversary of d-day. >> he stormed that beach and hasn't been back since, so it will be great to see. i love how the bay area pulls together. really nice to me. we'll all be outside this weekend because it's going to be nice. >> sunshine, and though we're seeing patchy fog in parts of the bay area, that clears out for highs today inland to reach into the mid-60s and low 70s for tomorrow and sunday. >> all right, and a traffic alert from hayward? >> continuing, since the beginning of our show, we give you a live shot out there, where they have that just the left lane open. there was a quick traffic break and i believe they moved that rig. they still have to clear up the hydraulic fluid and the fuel. the map shows you the jam about four miles of backup coming out of dublin through castro valley. everything else looking good because it's friday lighter.
7:00 am
>> always find the silver lining. >> there you go. 7:00 right now. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> join us for "nbc bay area news" at 11:00. have a great day. it is friday and the weather is going to be nice. . good morning. breaking overnight the missing link a major new clue emerges in the crash of one of those 737 max planes. this morning what the black box data is revealing to investigators about what went wrong and the connection to that first crash in indonesia. barr brawl. democrats stepping up pressure on attorney general bill barr to testify about his take on the mueller report. the president's victory lap goes on and let his critics have it at a late night rally. >> the collusion delusion is over. the credibility of those who pushed this hoax is forever brok


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