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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 29, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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dave footage it will answer the night of february 9th taco bell dials 911 to report a man in a car is blocking a draif through lane. >> he's unresponsive. >> reporter: the man is when police approached the car, his lap. in the body camera video released by police today, officer vs thes have their guns as they discuss ways. >> i'm going to bust out the window. i'm going to pull him out. >> reporter: the body cameras are at an angle that does not camera of another h the car police officer you can see him sitting up and moments later guns go off. >> shots fired. >> this young man was shot over 20 times. he was shot to pieces. >> reporter: attorney john burris represents the family and claims the body camera footage
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proves police over reacted and unjustly killed a young man who was not a threat. >> he was not oriented enough so it's like being slot ahot and k in your sleep. >> reporter: the question is why was he asleep at the wheel. his cousin said he was tired. he was sleep deprived and that was it. we'll have more on the story next at 6:00. melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> new at 5:00, a second confirmed case of the measles. we learned the person was affected while traveling internationally. you are urged to make sure your current on vaccinations before you leave the u.s. we know the mueller report
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is nearly 400 pages long and william barr says he will get a redakted version to congress by mid-april. he may issue subpoena if the report isn't delivered by next tuesday. president trump threatening to close the mexican unless mexico helps stop illegal immigration. he pushed for the border wall as illegal crossings have increased. be president says he will halt trade between the two nations unless mexico stops undocumented immigrants from coming into the u.s. sgr if they don't stop them, we'll close the boarder. mexico has to stop it. >> mexico's government says it does not act on the basis of
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threats. another departure day from the trump administration. linda mcmahon is moving to work on president trump's re-election campaign. she's a chief executive of world wrestling entertainment. there are now four vacancies in the trump cabinet. a pittsburgh woman accused of killing her husband appeared in court today. she's charged with murder in the shooting of her husband paul earlier this month. today she pled not guilty. he was a beloved principal at the adult education center. new court documents reveal she said she snapped and shot her husband after he gave her a gun following an argument earlier in the evening. we're learning new details in the deadly shooting just outside the west oakland bart station. police arrested a 16-year-old boy this afternoon. she's accused of shooting and killing a 17-year-old girl around 10:30 last night in the parking lot.
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the two knew each other. still bart riders say incidents like this are why they stay on the alert. >> you have to watch your surroundings. you have to be kind of street smart know the people you're walking by. you have to just observe. >> i normally just make sure i'm awir aware of my surroundings. it's important to pay attention because you never know what's going to happen. >> the station was briefly closed last night while first responders tried to save the victim. bart says the cameras will play a critical role in the suspect's prosecution. it's creepy and weird. watch that. this is out of the peninsula where the man there is caught on camera stealing underwear. yes, underwear during an open house. nbc bay area laura joins us from san mateo. it's so weird. >> reporter: beyond weird.
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the homeowner says he put a camera inside the house just to monitor traffic flow. he says he never expected to see anything like this. watch as the realtor goes outside leaving the potential home buyer alone. the buyer walks out of frame and then comes back stuffing something inside his jacket. he then goes into another area and comes back with an even bigger bulge in his jacket. the homeowner who does not want to be identified believes the man stole his wife's upside garmenerl cost minimal. the invasion of privacy,icels. >> i'm shocked. i know there's people out there like this. >> reporter: the homeowner says he's sharing his story to help other sellers. lesson number one, talk with your realtor about not letting potential buyers roam through your home alone.
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p. >> i think that was a mistake on their part. obviously, and let them know that we have talked to them since then. >> reporter: police are hoping someone will recognize this guy and contact them. >> he is a person of interest in a theft case. we want to get him identified. we want the public's help to get him identified. >> reporter: the realtor declined to talk on camera but says he's been doing this for 32 years and nothing like this has ever happened before. he says he left the guy in the house alone because many times people do not like a realtor hovering over them. reporting live, laura sambol, nbc bay area news. a scary situation on board a flight headed to san francisco. if united airlines flight was bound for sfo when passengers started smelling something odd. it was diverted to virginia dulles airport. they said they were feeling nauseous and having trouble
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breathing. turning out every one is okay. passengers rebooked. still not clear what the smell was but united says the plane does need work on the ventlation system. the airline offered to pay all hospital bills. more teachers in the east bay are fighting for better conditions and higher pay. teachers have been negotiating for a new contract since last april. both sides are at impasse. district is offering a 5.6% raise over three years. teachers are asking for twice that. 11% to keep up with the cost of living here in the bay area. >> as the prices go up, it makes it harder and harder. our commutes get longer. >> an outside arbitrator will examine both sides and come back with a finding. the district released a statement that says the district remains optimistic towards finding solutions in our negotiations with the teachers
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association that will benefit all parties. a big buzz in the city. bees are making a return to san francisco's presidio in numbers not seen for 100 years. tease are not honey bees. it sounds like this is a big surprise to people. >> reporter: we're talking hundreds of bees that vice presidents been around like this for a very long time. a sign that restoration efforts are paying off. >> these are silvery digger bees and solitary native bees. >> reporter: jonathan young is a wildlife ecologist for the presipr presid o presidio trust. >> it's not been documented since the late 1920s.
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>> reporter: he was checking the area for yellow jackets before volunteered continued work on the restoration dune on the western side at the residio. >> i said you have to look a tht. >> reporter: they sent a foe to a bee expert who confirmed it. they are silver digger budunes. >> she will dig down into the sand. one egg in one nest. >> reporter: volunteers remove invasive plants that take over the sand and plant native plants. it's part of an 18-year restoration. >> if you restore the habitat, they will come. these bees weren't here. they were probably down closer to the beach, very rare but in the presidio but not like this. >> it's an i understand indicnd health. this species presence tells us we're doing a good job.
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>> reporter: the area where the bees were found is not accessible to the public but the hope is they will spread to other areas that have also already been restored. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. hitching a ride with lyft. the company made its public debut. this won't impact people's pocketbooks. how going public may impact rider safety. sun shrishine is returned bo the bay area. they )re accused oe
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system, and today, they faced the music. bay area parents involved in that admissions scandal, appearing in a boston they are accused of clehaetg the system and face the music. bay area families are in the courtroom. >> reporter: we have been watching quite a procession here at the news operation center. the parent who is showed up today did not have to enter a plea but they did have to show up before a judge and the tv cameras. as you can imagine, these very high profile parents kept a very low pro fill as they came and went from the boston federal courthouse. bay area people caught in the case included 55-year-old welcome mcglashin, if founder of an investment firm. he got his son in as a football recruit even though he didn't play the sport. and augustine accused of paying $50,000 to get his daughter in
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usc as a water polo recruit. legal analysts say the scandal will only get more heated. >> they may be able to avoid jail sentence and get a fine. >> families are shocked with the whole scandal and rightfully so. in college admissions we're not shocked. we know this is happening. now that everything is out in the open, now we can have the true conversations about college add missions. >> reporter: that will get tested as more as more high powered parents face the job including some hollywood celebrities. coming up at 6:00, the defense strategy some parents may use if they decide to go to court. >> all right. thanks very much. actresses are not scheduled to appear in court until next week.
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they have not publicly addressed the allegations. we'll be posting all the allegations in this case. follow us on twitter. money flowing again in silicon valley and you'll likely use the company opening the flood gates. lyft, founders, employees and some of its drivers kicked it off. day one was a big one. they gained 9% from its opening price. valuing the company at more than $22 billion. among those in silicon valley watching the ipo is z scaler that says it's likely that lyft will spend some of that money on more rider safety. >> systems in place that can more accurately track where users are. where they can provide a one click if users feel unsafe and somehow their system can start doing further tracking. >> now that lyft had a
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successful irkpo, you can be su uber, pinterest and zoom will follow suit. before lyft has a household name the company's co-founder came to the studios and appeared on our tech show, press here. he talked about his gamble. >> i had a mother of a friend of mine telling me i crazy to do a thing like leaving lehmman to start a car start up. >> crazy like a fox. you can read more about him on you can check out the pod cast, sand hill road. where he talks about venture capitalism. in one episode he talks with early investor in lyft. if you wanted to check out the back country trails at yosemite national park, but didn't think you had time, the trails will stay open for another two weeks. they usually close on april 1st.
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thanks to the higher amount of snow, the new date is april 14th. everything is being pushed back. >> could be open until may. >> no kidding. >> sorry. i'm sick again. i'm sorry. >> allergies are so bad. let's move into the flexion cne of days. we are expecting sunshine as we hit the saturday forecast. if you have allergies, like jessica, you're coughing and sneezing, tomorrow will probably not be a great day. there's some more rain in the forecast that will be helping you out. a live look here in san francisco right now. got a lone cumulus dlocloud the. i want to take you to san diego. that game right here on nbc bay area at 7:00. baseball weather, 66 degrees at the ballpark right now. we'll be dropping in the low 60s throughout the game. no rain in the forecast. excellent weather. join us at 7:00 for the live
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coverage right here on nbc bay area. let's go ahead and focus it into the weekend forecast. changing it up for us, big flip here from the rainfall we had this week to now some dry weather. also some sunshine. we've got high pressure building in. this is the number one thing that is switching up our weather for us. it's pushing that storm track just off to the north. we get some mild weather, sun and some clouds. it will leave us with probably the best weather we've had in weeks as we hit tomorrow's forecast. look at how great it starts off. mostly sunny skies. it will be chilly. i think we'll be good to go with this. 44 many the south bay. 42 in the tri-valley. more 40s for the east bay, san francisco and the north bay. while we start off there chilly, it's another day where we see pretty substantial warming by the afternoon. in fact, i bumped up my temperatures. there's a few spots tomorrow that will hit 70 degrees and a little warmer. down in the south bay, it's right here in gilroy at 70.
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over to the the east bay, also looking at more 70s. oh, man. it's going to be a beautiful day. got to get outside. 70 in pittsburgh. 71, concord. 71 in danville. san francisco going up to 64 in the mission and wind out of the west at 15. we'll still make it feel cool in san francisco. right through wine country we're at 70 in sonoma. 72 in napa. i'd love to see the trend for a this point.s but it's not in by sunday we get clouds increasing. more clouds on monday and we have shower chances flexinext tuesday, wednesday and thursday.
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i'll let you know more as we get cloers. we drop along as the rain chances increase next week. going up to tahoe, we have a few more seconds left. sunny skies there weekend. maybe another one to two feet of snow next friday. that's where i was going with yosemite. we could see everything pushed back. skiing into may, june. coming up, look what we have here. just in time for the warmer weather. where tourists are ledding to see the whales. a prom innocent company making a $10 million investment and what is the goal of that donation? a natural delight off
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coast of southern california on this whale, whale, whale. what do we have here? a natural delight off the coast of southern california on this gorgeous spring day. three whales putting on a show in the los angeles harbor. the animals took turns coming to the surface. these are gray whales that migrate north each spring. they go south then north after their have their pups. it's great time of year to head to the beach. it's space walk season as well. check this out in new video of nasa prepping for today's mission. two restauraastronauts suiting head outside. the venture was said to be the all female first space walk. nasa had to cancel it because they didn't have the right size space suit. they didn't have two for women. a male astronaut stepped in.
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the two spent seven hours replacing aging batteries to improve the power system. a warning for bart riders who park at the walnut street station. parking is complicated. they closed it permanently. it's making way for housing, restaurants and shops. drivers can park in the old brick garage or the new private one next door. a lot more monthly permit spots but a fewer daily spots. if you can't snag a $3 spot, you'll be stuck paying up to 18 bucks. >> also complicated there. new at 5:00, yet another silicon valley tech company is putting up more money to build housing. it's part of an effort to address the local housing crisis here. the funds from net app will go
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into affordable housing fund called tech fund. the additional money from net app. it will increase to $62 million. sunny weather and a brand new episodes of snl this weekend. you got to love it. we have a preview. stay right there. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more.
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coming up at 6:00, robbed one day and tied up and held at gun point the next. the scary 24 hours for a woman in the east bay. we'll have her story tonight. a programming night because of tonight's giants game. some of your favorite shows will be seen on cozi instead. you can catch bay area news after the game. first she hosted the golden globes and now she is hosting saturday night live. sandra oh will make her debut tomorrow night. it's been a big year for ol. she won a golden globe and a sag award for the show killing eve. she got advice from adam sandberg. >> andy told me you're hosting snl. it's going to be so easy after the globes.
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it's not, andy. >> she's so funny. >> luckily she is joke about her nerves. the band tame impala is the music this week. a martinez world war ii veteran is going to france. 96-year-old jake harrson reached his go fund me goal. nearly 170 people made sure he got the ten grand to go. he's set to depart in june for 75th anniversary of d day. he said he's the only living one from his unit. the page will stay up another week so any extra can go toward his trip. >> that's great. thanks very much for joining us. nightly news with lester hoelt s coming up. >> see you at 6:00. breaking news tonight. the surprise word from attorney general william barr. new details on the
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mueller report. how and when we'll finally see it. why democrats already pouncing saying, not good enough. what they want instead. critical new clues. a new report detailing a potential connection between those two boeing air disasters. the stunning similarities of what happened onoard moments before both planes went down. two deaths in just one week sending alarms at the grand canyon, including a man who apparently stumbled over the canyon's rim while trying to take a selfie. who's watching you when you're staying in an airbnb? >> i see a smoke detector and i'm like, looks fishy. so i go and i touch it, and it's just dangling right there. >> tonight a couple


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