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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 29, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. i think that people want right now in our country, leaders who are going to speak truth. >> right now at 11:00, presidential hopeful, kamala harris, in the bay says w white house. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. >> bk where she started and looking for cash. sh tow to raise moneyr her pres. money, she says she will need to break out in a crowded field. jean elle is live in oakland
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with more. >> reporter: we caught up with the senator in oakland tonight. she says people across the country are concerned about health care and making ends meet. she says she stands out in that crowded field because she has plans to address those concerns. >> she is speaking truth to power. that's what we need to hear in the country right now. she laid out simple truth on education, health care. >> reporter: supporters of kamala harris' run for president, leave a fund-raiser in oakland, calling her 30-minute speech powerful. alice waters says harris gives her hope. >> i know she loves children. she believes in education. and i know she believes in edible education. >> reporter: harris is 1 of 16 candidates seeking the democratic nomination. her challenge now is standing out in a crowded field. a challenge harris says she is ready for. >> i think that people want,
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right now in our country, leaders that will speak truth, no matter how difficult it is to hear. and have some vision of the future. >> reporter: harris supports medicare for all. sher policies sets her apart from the pack. >> she has stated some progressed positions. and the process, she's helped to distinguish herself from several candidates. >> reporter: gersten believes voters will nominate a hinkwo sl the country. i really do. >> reporter: a lot of happy supporters to see her tonight. the senator is attending a fund-raiser in atherton tomorrow. and coming from california, harris has an advantage when it comes to cash for her campaign. reporting live in oakland, jean elle, nbc bay area news. a woman says an east bay hospital prevented her from
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being with her dying father. the hospital said it's because of a safety issue. ian cull is live with that story. >> reporter: is woman says she was delayed in the lobby of the hospital. but administrators say that woman needed an escort because of what happened the day before. her father was hospitalized with fluid in his lungs two years ago. he was in good condition until this morning, when t nurse called. >> he was complaining about chest pain. we were waiting for the cardiologist to address that. >> reporter: she went to the hospital. but when she arrived her name was flagged. she and her uncle were asking when the next operation would take place. the uncle says after a brief argument, he touched the doctor to get his attention. >> he said, two or three times,
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you asked me the same thing. he got agitated, don't touch me. all he did was tap on his hand. >> reporter: the hospital says they behaved in an aggressive and threatening manner that included physical contact to a physician. adding the hold-up this morning in the lobby, was so an advocate could escort her to the room. during that delay, her dad went into cardiac arrest. she was taken up right way way. he would die soon after. >> they prevented me from saying good-bye to him while he was still alive. and that hurt me. >> reporter: she wants answers as to why she would be stopped and doesn't think it was ethi l ethical. >> i don't think any family should have to go through anything like this. >> reporter: the hospital says, while they provide support of family members, it cannot take
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priority over patients and staff at the hospital. i asked administrate administr handled properly? i was told it was. the second confirmed case of measles in santa clara county. the person was traveling internationally. this case, it turns out, is not related to the others we've been telling you about. if you're headed overseas, you should get vaccinated. an east bay shaker. a 2.9 earthquake struck contra costa county. it was the southern tip of mare island. no reports of problems. the body cam video is out and it is graphic. the family of the victim wants you to see it. but so do the cops. what is the family saying tonight, cheryl? >> this is what the family
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wanted, a chance to see what happened to willie mccoy the night he was shot and killed by vallejo police. vallejo police say they are open and transparent. the video is very disturbing. >> i'm glad that the video was relesi released, that everyone can see it. >> reporter: willie mccoy's family have been demanding that vallejo police release the body cam video the night that willie was shot and killed by police officers. >> it's an execution, by firing squad. this is how we're living in america. >> i have a person unresponsive to car horn honks in my drive-through. >> reporter: the video details step-by-step, the night the aspiring rapper was approached by officers when he was asleep in a drive-through at taco bell. >> there's a gun in his lap.
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>> it's 15 minutes, they're walking around the car, in an s nonchalantly talking. >> reporter: police were looking through the window, verbally talking about removing him from the car. >> reporter: as it turns out, the door was locked. >> what we see in the video, at one point, willie looks like he was scratching himself, kind of like we all do when we're asleep. >> he's not up yet. >> reporter: when s >> when he stops that and looks like he moves, he is shot and killed. >> reporter: police say mccoy was reaching for the gun. >> this is what we are up against out here. >> reporter: the mccoy family filed a wrongful death suit against the department. reporting live in vallejo, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news.
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should a father be allowed to see his son on life support. lavon jackson shot himself in the head. his father, who is serving time in salinas, wants to be by his bedside. the gun belonged to the mom's boyfriend. wilson was arrested yesterday. turning to the college admission scandal, high-profile parents were tried at a courthouse today. the parents accused of paying describes to william singer to get their kids in elite colleges. they were in front of the judge and tv cara owner, augustus. steven clarke talks about possible defense strategies. ed like everybody else. and i think they will blame mr. singer, who is the real ring leader here. >> the high-profile nature of
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the case. the next round of parents includes lori loughlin. william barr will sent a redacted version of the mueller report in april. the house judiciary committee expects to see the full report, not a redacted version. he says, he may issue a subpoena if the report isn't delivered by next tuesday. president trump is border with mexico. in florida, the president pushed for his border wa saying le increased. he will halt trade between the two nations unless mexico stops undocumented immigrants from coming into the u.s. the mexican government says it does not act on the bay sills of threats. lyft kicked off trading in los angeles today. gaining 9% from its opening
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price, valuing the company at $22 billion. among those in silicon valley, was zscaler that says lyft will spend some of that money on more rider safety. >> there's systems in place that can actually track where users are, they can provide a one-click thing if users feel unsafe. and somehow, their system can do further tracking. >> several of the bay area tech companies like uber, pinterest and zoom will likely follow suit. a creepy moment caught on camera. what exactly is that guy doing during an open house on the peninsula. and who is watching you when you're staying at an airbnb. the item one couple found above their bed. i'm jeff raineri. we have sunshine coming this
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weekend. we'll let you know when this rainfall is set to return. new ds
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tonight. the serach for a stockton father who disappeared in a river, while attem new developments tonight. the search for a father who disappeared in a river while attempting to save his son, has ended for the night. but the coast guard will continue the search tomorrow. police say the dad was boating with his children today. a 1-year-old, wearing a life jacket, fell off the boat. and the dad jumped in to try to save him. but the dad went missing. rescuers did find the boy in the water. abehind killing another teenager outside of the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. a girl in the parking lot of the b.a.r.t. station. the two knew each other and neither was riding b.a.r.t. before the attack. but incidents like this are why they stay on the alert. >> you have to watch your
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surroundings. you have to be street smart to know the people you're walking by. you have to observe. >> i am aware of my surroundi surroundings, when it's offhours. you have to pay attention because you never know what is going to happen. >> b.a.r.t. says the cameras captured the shooting. this is a weird one. a man caught on camera. you watch him there, apparently stealing bras. bras during an open house. it's a anyone considering selling your home. >> watch, as the real for goes outside, leaving the potential home buyer alone. he walks out of frame, then comes back, stuffing something inside his jacket. he goes to another area and comes back with a bigger bulge in his jacket. the homeowner, who does not want
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to be identify, believe the man stole his wife's undergarments. the overall cost, minimal. but invasion of privacy, priceless. >> i'm shocked. i know there's people out here like this. >> reporter: the homeowner says he is sharing his story to help other sellers. talk with your reality about not letting buyers roam through your home alone. >> we've talked to them since them then. >> reporter: police are hoping someone will recognize this guy and contact them. >> he is a person of interest in a theft case. we want to get him identified. >> reporter: laura samible, nbc bay area news. a piedmont woman robbed on the streets and then robbed again in her own home. the first was a purse snatching
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in chinatown. inside that purse, credit cards and i.d., house keys. the victim says she went home and changed her laocks. that night, a group of men broke in and tied her up and her son, too. >> they kept asking me, where is the money? where is the money? where is the jewelry. he had a gun pointed at my head. you tell me or you'll be dead. >> reporter: police and the victim believe the two crimes are likely connected. not the flight they expected. a flight headed to san francisco had an issue. the flight bound for baltimore, and they noticed fuel, they could smell it. the flight was diverted to dulles airport. several people were taken to the hospital, feeling nauseous and having trouble breathing. tonight, everyone is okay. passengers are rebooked on other nights. united says the plane will have
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work on the ventilation system done. the airline is paying for medical or hospital bills. teachers in the east bay had their picket signs out today fremont teachers have been negotiating for better benefits. teachers picketed outside of their schools, the district offering a 5.6% raise over three years. teachers want 11% to keep up with increasing costs. >> as prices go up and stuff, it makes it harder and harder. our commute gets longer and longer. >> next week, an outsidelxamine sides and come back with a finding most likely by the end of april. parking is complicated at b.a.r.t. in walnut creek. it closed the parking lots forever, to make way for this, housing restaurants and shops. now, the drivers can park in the brick garage or the new garage
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outside. can't nag a $3 more, you might pay 18 bucks for a daily space. >> that's a busy b.a.r.t. station, too. jeff is here for a week he's been touting the sunshine we're going to see tomorrow. now, time to pony up with the sun. >> he's got it. >> it's for one day. you want to get outside, saturday is going to be your day. you hear that, jess? >> uh-huh. >> let's get you into the microclimate forecast tonight. and the main thing that's helped to change up that weather from all of the rainfall we had this week, is high pressure. it's beginning to build in today. we had the blue sky and it will help us for two days. it pushes the storm track off to the north. and pushing in some mild temperatures. for tomorrow morning, it's not going to be mild to start. we'll have mostly clear skies. it's going to be chilly.
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if you're up early, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, you're going to need a jacket. 44 in the south bay. 46 in the peninsula. and the trivalley, 42. more 40s for the east bay, san francisco, and the north bay. we start off chilly in the afternoon, and fantastic weather moving on in. in thewarmed up a few more degrees. 70 in gilroy. 66 in los gatos. in the east bay, maybe you're out in antioch, pittsburpittsbu right through the peninsula, close to 70 degrees. that will feel like it, though, if you're in the sun in pa palo alto. san francisco, still will be cool. an ocean breeze out of the west at 15 miles per hour. 64 in the mission. maybe you're heading up to napa or sonoma.
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low 70s there. also, 70 here in santa rosa. going to the coast, expect our cool weather, point rays at 58. fantastic for the sierra. mostly sunny skies on saturday and sunday. possibly a little bit of rain there returning on monday. but they're open at squaw valley. 200 trails, 32 runs. going toskng, as we head through this upcoming weekend. now, let's get to the extended forecast. the sunshine is not going to last for an extremely long time. once we hit sunday, we'll begin to see some cloud cover increase by the afternoon. we'll keep the clouds on monday. and then, here comes -- yes, more rainfall. it's probably the last thing some of you want. but we have shower chances returning by tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we're not concerned about the rainfall from this. it's next friday we could see heavy rain return, that might push into the following weekend.
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i think we're all good here when it comes to rainfall until next friday's forecast. inland valleys, independentempe going to the low 70s by monday. and we'll see things drop on down. you want to get out in the sun and enjoy it, what day is that going to be? >> tomorrow. >> yes, saturday. >> they're a tag-team on the weather front. >> exy.>> you'll text this week. >> and i will thank you. >> i'll take it. up next, a discovery that is as sweet as honey. why people are buzzing over the return of these bees to one bay area city. and we have jimmy. >> jordan peele is my guest tonight. plus, we have malcolm gladwell. music from sharon vannetten, and a slam dunk with ncaa mascots.
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>> at 11:00, airbnb is back in the spotlight, when another guest found a camera, this time in a bedroom. the listing was a cozy and romantic getaway in garden grove, california. when they found a camera right above the bed, the place found anything but romantic. >> they ruined our entire week. >> reporter: police say the device was off. no crime committed. but the couple did report it to airbnb, which gave them a full refund. cameras are forbidden. cameras have been in lightbulbs to battery chargers.
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bees that have been missing from san francisco's pris sesid are back. the digger bees are an indicator of good health. the years of painstaking restoration is paying off. this is a story that will make you feel good. a world war ii veteran that we've been telling you about is going to get to go to france. jake larsen reached his go fund me goal. set to depart in june for the 75th anniversary for d-day. he is the only living survivor from that unit that stormed omaha beach. the fund-raiser will stay up for a few weeks, with anything extra going toward larsen and spending money for his trip. we'll be right back with sports. after nearly 60 years, a popular bay area speed shop is closing its doors. )gotelli )s ) on el camino in south san francisco is the go-to place happening now. after nearly 60 years, a bay area speed shop is closing its
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doors. gotelli is the go-to place for car parts. tomorrow will be the last day they're open at that location. the owner says the rent is going up and he can't afford to stay. they're going to move to a smaller store at a more affordable building.
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well, the san francisco giants in san diego, tonight, for game two of the season. and it was a lot like game one. >> the pitching was pretty good. the hitting was not, until the ninth giants down evan longori run. this is the giants' first run of the season and still their only run of the season. giants lose 4-1. a's not on the road, at the coliseum. khris davis' third home run of the year. the a's lose, 6-2. warriors in minnesota. warriors down three. seconds to go. kevin durant throws up a three. it goes in and he's fouled. but the ref says the foul was before the shot. steph curry in the morner, throws it up. that goes in. it's incredible.
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warriors tie it with half a second to go. and durant is called for a foul on the inbound pass. karl-anthony towns hits a foul shot. warriors lose, 131-130. a sneak peek at tomorrow's "saturday night live." and you're going to be saying, oh, yes. ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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fools! how some of silicon valley )s biggest tech companies are
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okay. first the golden globes. now, "saturday night live." actress sandra oh will make her hosting debut tomorrow night. >> that andy sandberg told me, oh. you're hosting nl easy after the it's not, andy. >> andy sandberg giving her advice. she won a golden globe and s.a.g. award for the show, "killing eve." i have to say, i don't know who tame impala is. i'm going to watch it. when we come back on monday, i'll tell you who they are. >> i think she will be at her best. >> i loved her on "grey's anatomy." >> a thousand hairstiles, tyleh. sunny skies, 70 degrees.
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clouds increase, up to 73. shower chances next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. but the heavier rain we could get next week, might not arrive until next friday. >> oh. >> here comes the weekend. >> yes. let's celebrate saturday. >> we're living for the weekend. >> thank you, jeff. have a great weekend, everyone. enjoy the sunshine. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jordan peele,


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