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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 30, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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one day after a federal judge blocked california's ban on high-capacity magazines. christie smith joins us live from san jose with more. christie? >> reporter: well, terry, there were conversations today about the judge's decision but also about what is being done at the local level. these young people say they want to reduce gun violence and come up with concrete ways to make it happen. they gathered in san jose this afternoon with the goal of curbing gun violence. >> we're tired of gun violence at schools. >> reporter: march for our lives san jose rally for change was led by teenagers to activism and momentum going that was built after the parkland school shooting. >> if need be, then, yeah, we want common sense gun laws and mental health such a huge part overlooked. >> reporter: after a federal judge blocked a state law on a provision tightening the
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high-capacity magazine and the restriction had not taken effect. today speakers and politicians weighed in. >> the notion in the state of california that anyone would need these high-capacity ga ammunitions is we nd to take to protect people. >> i don't know exactly how the legislation was dawn -- was drawn up so that has to be combed through. >> the nra said the decision was a huge win for gun owners and a landmark recognition of what courts have too offered treated as a disfavored right but young people here plan to stand firm. >> i know people who have been affected by this and it really affects me. >> it is not a partisan issue, it is about decreasing gun violence. >> reporter: now the young people we spoke with today say the movement has evolved to address other types of gun violence not just school oole i the movement are now also involved in other types of issues. reporting live in san jose,
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christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. new at 6:00, a driver goes to dangerous lengths to avoid arrest. police say the alameda county deputies attempted to pull over the driver behind the wheel of a stolen car in san leandro. the driver took off. police followed the car on southbound 880 and then the suspect made an abrupt u-turn and drove head on into patrol cars. in the backseat another suspect was passed out from drugs and we're told nobody was seriously hurt. the fallout over the college admissions scandal is affecting a napa valley wine empire. august augustin huneeus donated money to a fake charity to get her into usc and he handed over the wine business to his father and gave his ceo position to his father days after being charged
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because in the past because he could lose his liquor license. another man is told he cannot take a planned vacation to mexico. he was told he wouldn't take the family trip to mexico. the bay area investor is accused of paying a consulting firm $50,000 to get his son into usc. the judge pointed out he could vacation elsewhere, including the properties he owns in montana and north koreaeand nor california. a boy on life support after seeing himself and the father wants to see his son one last time and the family is going to the governor for help. marianne favro wh new developments. >> reporter: navan jackson's father is serving time at salinas valley state prison con. todais governor newsom to allow him to get out of prison to visit his son in the oakland hospital where he's in critical condition tonight.
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oakland police say navaun accidently shot himself in the head on wednesday after finding a loaded gun that was under a pillow at a friend's home. today the aunt just learned that the governor had granted her nephew nathan jackson the opportunity to skype with his hospitalized son. she said while she appreciates the gesture, she's asking the governor for more. >> him being at his son's bedside very well may make a difference as to whether or not he lives or dies. so i am asking you, from one parent to another, from one human another, please, please grant my nephew relie him be by his son. >> reporter: nav yawn felon and first-degree criminal firearm storage. according to the boy's family, navaun's father lost his brothers ages 16 and 18 to gun
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violence in oakland. no word yet on how the governor is going to respond to this new plea. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. and this just in, a fight over a gas pump in redwood city ended with one man seriously injured and the other arrested. the victim was getting gas at a quick stop. the deputies say that is when jose castro martinez attacked the victim who suffered serious injuries. the man is expected to be okay but castro martinez is now facing several charges. we're not sure what the fight was about in the first place. they're looking for two people who -- or someone who assaulting two officers in the east bay. this happened last night in hayward near alquire and high gate. police sent out a shelter in place while searching for the suspect. the officers will be okay. sausalito is still recovering from the devastating mudslide. on monday they expect to reopen
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the section of sausalito boulevard. they say it is safe to open it back up. all barriers are set to be gone by 5:00 in the evening on monday. still to come, you can't always get what you want. fans of the rolling stones are learning that tonight. why the iconic band is postponing their bay area concert. and you know him as a guardian of the galaxy but it is not actor chris pratt being honored, it is his brother. the story behind the prat pack. and right now temperatures dropping out of the 70 mostly sunny to start weekend but notice off to the west we have clouds and eventually rain making a comeback in the seven-day forecast. will it impact your sunday? i'll look at that when we come right back. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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honored their fallen comrades today. the annual ceremony too veterans of the vietnam war ho fallen comrades today. the annual ceremony took place at the vietnam war memorial in san jose. the memorial is created six years ago and sits just steps away from the sap center. the mayor helped honor the nearly 150 san jose residents who died in the vietnam war. >> especially at a time like this when we're so divided in this country it is critical that we remember what unitesrvice an who sought to defend our freedoms. >> the ceremony follows
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yesterday's national holiday vietnam war veterans day. volunteers are out in force across the bay bridge to help tax filers. united way organized volunteer income tax assistance or vita to meet with troubled taxpayers. the event is in san jose today. the free expert tax help is aimed at seniors and low income families. some needed pointers to navigate the new federal tax law. >> when i got the book, i decided to get help. because it is very confusing, some of the things they say. you read it one way and then you go back and you read it another way and it is different. >> vita will hold more free tax seminars next week in locations all over northern california. if you want to see a list, go to just search "free tax help". a chance to meet first responders. firefighters hosting a family
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resource affair at station 43. some participants received free smoke alarms and information about fire safety. they also got a chance to get to know their firefighters one-on-one. firefighters pushing the importance of having not only fire alarms but also a fire safety plan. the rolling stones are postponing the next leg of the no filter tour. mick jagger's doctors decided he cannot continue this tour. he needs medical treatment. for what? no one is saying. and people are guessing and i don't know. who knows. he's expected to make a full recovery from whatever it is he's getting treated for. tour included a stop at levi stadium on may 18th and that won't happen. the fans are being told to hold on to tickets. tourilbe rescheduled. and jagger said he's disappointed to postpone the tour. he's looking forward to getting back on stage as soon as possible. rob mayeda joining us now. have you ever seen the stone? >> no, that is something i have to see. >> i think you'll get your
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chance if all goes well. >> later this summer when he's feeling better. >> feeling spry again. >> the weather should be fine then, like outside right now. 60 and 70s outside to start the weekend. and you notice in the seven-day forecast in the bottom of the screen, we should see one more summer-like day for the valley before things change heading back to the workweek, a strong sea breeze in san francisco. notice the temperatures have the dropped into about 60 degrees. we're up in the upper 60s a bit earlier today and cooling off. the sea breeze picks up. 65 in dublin. tri-valley into the 70s and sunshine in san jose. 64 degrees. and a breeze at about 16 miles per hour. now for the morning, a few high clouds, maybe some patchy low clouds especially out along the coastline. numbers in the 40s as we start the day. and look at these temperatures for tomorrow. high clouds at times. low to mid-70s around san jose. perfect for outdoor plans. finally another weekend where you don't have to worry about
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rain. mid-70s around the tri-valley toward concord and near 70s in oakland and peninsula temperatures in the upper o60s o 70s and upper 60s around downtown san francisco. the sea temperatures will keep temperatures around 70 but for the north bay, temperatures in low to mid-70s. so a dry finish to the weekend but patches of clouds on the coast hour by hour and notice the increasing high clouds by tomorrow evening. this will lead up to monday's forecast which looks mostly cloudy to start the day. and then notice in the time stamps there, monday through tuesday evening, periods of seeing showers, at times mixed with sun breaks. rain totals by the way will be light. more of an convenience for the morning and afternoon commute dealing with showers but the expectations are that most of the bay area will not see more than a quarter inch of rain spread over two days. so not a big event. wednesday we catch a break. thursday perhaps a bit more rain
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with the second system right there. and then perhaps the strongest in the series may set up as we approach the beginning of next weekend. notice friday into saturday. that is potential for maybe a half inch to an inch of rain. so good system by this time of the year standard. and then through next weekend, saturday into sunday. and you see this ridge of high pressure trying to build in. could see a big warm-up after the end of the seven-day forecast. once we get through the rounds of showers for the workweek. but the good news for your outdoor plans tomorrow, from the coast to the valleys, santa cruz again should see another 70 degree day. san francisco in the upper 60s and dealing with a mix of sun and showers. and wednesday is the driest day of the workweek. if you had to pick the rainiest period is friday afternoon to early saturday. but beyond that, seven to ten-day forecast is trending warmer so we'll see if we could get high pressure to stick around. >> the giants are supposed to open at home on friday. >> we'll see. if it is an afternoon start, it might look better but evening
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the game time that is probably dealing with rain. >> i think they have a day start. that might work. >> it works. >> we'll check. all right. still to come, the president's plan to put a dent in illegal immigration by cutting off aid to three central american countries. some people say it makes no sense. details when we come back. we )rg
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story out of washingto we're following a developing story out of washington regarding the crisis at the border. president trump is taking drastic measures, he said, will curb illegal it will only make things worse. the president has moved to cut humanitarian aid to el salvador and guatemala and honduras and mr. trump is likely to close the southern border next weekend
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unless mexico stops the flow of migrants. democrats call the move to cut the aid counter productive and will only increase the flowsmig the u.s. border. the president is standing firm even though closing the border could hurt the economy of both the u.s. and mexico. he's been on the campaign trail for a couple of weeks now but former texas congressman beto o'rourke made it official today. he kicked off the bid for the presidency in his home town of el paso, texas. the former congressman gained national attention last year when he narrowly lost to ted cruz. as nbc's crist pal own reports, now -- now he's hoping that will propel him to the white house. >> reporter: robert francis beto o'rourke is in. >> i'm so glad to be here with you today in my home town, in my home state to announce i'm running to serve us as the next president of the united states of america. >> reporter: o'rourke took quick
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aim at the nation's powerful, accusing them of dividing the american people and taking their cues from the white house. >> they have used fear and division in the same way that our current president uses fear and division. >> reporter: o'rourke launched his campaign in el paso, blocks from the mexico border. friday president trump threatened to shut the border down. >> this is a very good likelihood i'll be closing the border next week and that is just fin with me. >> reporter: and the night before he mocked asylum-seekers trying toylum >> i'mfr for my life. >> reporter: o'rourke appears poised to make immigration reform a centerpiece of his camp. s country's asylum laws, but make sure that we never take another child from another mother at their most desperate and vulnerable moment. let us -- let us reunite every
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single one of those families still separated today. >> reporter: o'rourke is one of 13 democrats who have already entered the 2020 campaign, the first primary debates are just three months away. crist poll own, nbc news. congresswoman jackie speier hosted her annual when i grow up conference in san mateo today. hundreds of elementary and middle school girls came out to here accomplished women speak about careers. respired san francisco fire chief johan hayes white was there and the uc berkeley college of engineering dean and inspiring was open water long-distance swimmer kim chambers. the first woman to swim from the fara lon islands to the bay bridge. she was in the hospital unsure of whether she would walk again. >> i craved the sense of freedom both mentally and physically.
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when you are in those moments when you don't see a way out, you learn what you're made of so i discovered open water swimming. >> the president and general manager of nbc bay area and telemundo 48 stacy owen was there sharing the highlights of her long career in journalism. spear said the event is her way of celebrating women's history month. now a video sure to make you smile. you probably smiling already. a lake tahoe couple took in two orphans and the new kids are a bit wild. immediate blaze and y. they are now four weeks old but discovered when they were just a week and a half. the youngest ever found by lake tahoe wildlife care. the couple that works at the wildfire life are taking on the role of momma bear. they are eight pounds and adorable but when they grow to be about 100 pounds, they'll be released back to the wild. let's turn it over to
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sports. bonnie jill laughlin has a preview of what is coming up next. >> coming up in sports, cal hires a new basketball coach but it might not be the guy bears fans were hoping for. plus the sharks are back at it tonight. looking to snap a seven-game losing streak. we'll get you ready for tonight's game against vegas. and if you missed last night's warriors game, there was quite a bit to digest. we'll show you what went down in minnesota and what warriors places have to say. that
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke.
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and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit the warriors blew an 18-point lead in minnesota and when you thought the game was slipping away, golden state came back and it looked like it out only to get the rug pulled out from under them by questionable officiating. let's show you exactly what happened. in overtime warriors down three.
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durant pulls up a three-pointer and the foul. but wait, the foul was called before the shot and the basket is ruled no good. then steph in the corner nails the three and pokes fun at the ref and gives him a piece of his mind. moments later t-wolves inbounding and kd called for the foul on touns. he goes to the line and makes one of two free-throws to clinch the game. here is what kd and steph had to say about the controversial finish. >> i have to see the play. i want to keep my money because they already give me two -- [ bleep ] -- i will stop talking but you seen the play. we kind of deserved to play at least five more minutes basketball. >> i've been looking at the calls over and over again and i still don't understand either one of them. kd and four-point play which
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puts pressure on them with four seconds left to have to get a bucket and at the end of the game, nobody wants to see a game end like that with a crazy pass that had no chance of being caught and a soft foul that should have never been called to decide the game like that. guys out there fighting their [ bleep ] off to play and compete and win the game by playi playing basketball so it is a tough way to go out. tca basketball hired a new h on friday but it wasn't the name bears had hoped for. mark fox gets the nod instead of ex-cal star jason kidd who many speculated could be a target for the job. kidd remained adamant he is still interested in coaching in the nba. cal was 8-23 overall and three of 15 in pac-12 so fox will have his hands full turning the program around. and the sharks are back on the ice tonight.
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desperately needing to end a seven-game losing streak. with just five games left in the regular season, san jose has two crucial match-up this is weekend. they're playing right now at the shark tank against vegas and will take on calgary on sunday. tonight we'll have high lites from the sharks game and we'll also check in on the giants in san diego. as well as a's across the bay taking on the angels. that is all for sports. more news after the break. ♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome.
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pratt plays a hero in the popular marvel superhero movies but his brother is being honored as a hero in real life. daniel prat better known as cully as a veteran in the sheriff's deputy and boasted the title of hometown hero and received this honor yesterday at travis air force base in fairfield and his a-list brother was there to check it out. straight out of a hollywood film daniel got to fly in an f-16 fighter jet with a thunderbirds. way to go. over in santa cruz, they were paddling up a storm today and that was the whole point. it is the 33rd annual paddle fest at steamer's lane just off west cliff drive. stand there and watch this great viewing. this is an elite surfing competition. not just a regular surfing, but surf kayaks and standup paddle boards and wave skis, and whatever you got, surf it. the more maneuvers you do, the more points you get. i was there today and the folks
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are entertaining. the finals are tomorrow afternoon to check out tling me darn good weather for surf watching. >> that is great videoth >> best i could do. >> in nice weather. near 70 in santa cruz. another one of those in store tomorrow before showers come back on monday and tuesday. not a complete washout, in and out of sun and friday and saturday rain at times, keeping a close eye on the early afternoon giants home opener right now. >> rob, thanks a lot. we're back tonight at 11:00. have a great night. garvin thomas: good evening, and welcome to this "bay area proud" news special. i'm garvin thomas. for the next 30 minutes, we'veo ya shot at life, about rocks actually lifting spirits at an east bay school, and lifbentfing they have a very generous friend, one whose family is famous for making food and serious about giving back.
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at christopher ranch in gilroy, 200,000 pounds of garlic are processed every single day. that's 73 million pounds a year, all overseen by just one family, of which ken christopher is the third generation. ken christopher: company's been around for 62 years. my grandfather founded it back in 1956. garvin: now, there are downsides to being executive vice president to the family company. the pressure for perfection is high when it's your name on the bag. but then there's the freedom of not having to answer to a board or shareholders, the freedom to make spur ofout different -


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