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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 30, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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a puddle of blood outside a bay area roller rink. right now at 11:00, a puddle of blood outside a bay area roller rink. the man who may be responsible left that red maga hat behind and is out there tonight armed with a sword. the news at 11:00 starts right now. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. police say the man used that sword to attack a customer outside a roller rink in san francisco. interestingly, it's not far from
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last week's shooting involving six victims. tonight, community concern is growing. >> reporter: it may be one of the most unique entertainment options in san francisco's western edition neighborhood. a historic catholic church converted into a roller rink. >> this is a fun, cool place for everybody. >> reporter: but the rink's owner says what happened to a man leaving his business friday night has him shaken. >> he was just bleeding like a hose. >> reporter: david miles says a man dressed as a pirate and wearing a red maga hat began threatening people coming and going from the rink. >> he was on an anti-gay rhetoric, calling people [ bleep ] and stuff like that. >> reporter: he said as one of his customers left the rink, he flipped off the harasser, who promptly pulled out a long blade and slashed at the man's finger,
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cutting him. >> it was a sword, two feet long. and so the guy that got cut, i don't think he realized how bad he was cut, because he chased this guy almost a full block. >> reporter: miles says he thinks of his rink as a oasis in a crime ridden community. last saturday, a gunman opened fire on a crowded street, just a block away, killing one man and wouldi i wounding five more people. >> that's not been the first time. there's been violence that happens a rnld the neighborhood. >> reporter: police are still looking for shooter. the victim in this latest attack will survive, but the attacker still has not been arrested. tom jenson, nbc bay area news. also new at 11:00, a new idea in the south bay to stop gun violence. dave corteti says the county will roll out a 24/7 gun surrender program.
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he says people who own guns don't know how to get rid of them properly. 4-hour availability to turn in weapons could make a big difference. >> people don't understand the rules, and they're scared to travel. they don't know if they can put the gun in their car and bring it to the sheriff. they don't know if it's registered properly. >> the announcement comes one day after a judge blocked a california ban on high capacity magazines. president trump moved to cut direct aid to el salvador, guatemala, saying their citizens are overwhelming our southern border. marianne favro now has reaction. >> reporter: things are moving quickly. the state department has already notified congress that it will suspend payments to the trio of central american nations. with growing frustration over the number of families arriving
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at the southern border, today president trump is talking tough. >> i've ended payments to guatemala, honduras and el salvador. no money goes there any more. >> reporter: the state temperature said, we are carrying out the president's direction. while democrats on capitol hill criticized the proposed cuts, calling them entirely counterproductive. daisy romero igrated to the u.s. from el salvador and now owns a restaurant in san francisco. she says cutting money will only hurt people struggling to survive. she says the countries in central america are very poor countries, and they need all the help they can get. and this country represents hope. she also says despite the president's plan, central american immigrants will still head to the u.s. in this new video today, people in el salvador are shown joining a new migrant caravan.
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some saying the poverty in their country is forcing them north. governor newsom issued a statement saying in part, the united states should be organizing the world communities to help families feel safer and have economic opportunities in the northern triangle country. instead, the president is demonizing legal asylum seekers fleeing violence. the president's ire is also aimed at mexico. with a renewed threat to lock down the southern border. >> there's a very good likelihood i'll be closing the border next week. that will be just fine for me. >> reporter: so how much money are we talking about? the trump administration notified congress it will divert $450 million in aid that was supposed to go to guatemala, honduras and el salvador. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. a loss for the trump administration, but a win for polar bears. a judge from alaska has thrown
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out president trump's executive order that would lift an on shore drilling ban. president obama had previously banned offshore drilling in the arct arctic, intended to protect native animals. the judge, who was nominated by obama, ruled that trump exceeded his authority when he reversed the orders. she says the restrictions can only be reversed by congress. it has been a jam packed week politically. tomorrow morning on "meet the press," chuck todd will discuss fallout from the release of the mueller report. a desperate plea by the family of 4-year-old navon jackson, who shot himself accidently. the boy's father is in prison but asking the governor to visit his son at the hospital. he accidently shot himself in the head wednesday after finding a loaded gun at a friend's home. he remains on life support with no brain activity. today, his great aunt said the governor granted the father the
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opportunity to skype with the son, but the aunt made another plea. >> i am asking, as a father, as a man, as a human, that you grant him this exception, and allow him to be transported to the hospital where he can sit by his son's bedside. >> we have not yet confirmed with the governor's office that offer of a skype. police say deputies were trying to pull a man over because he was driving with what they believe a stolen car. he wouldn't pull over and sped away. on i-880, police say he made a sharp u-turn and drove the wrong way right into two patrol cars head-on. police arrested him there. nobody seriously hurt. a napa valley wine empire is feeling the impact of the college admissions schedule.
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this is augustine aneos, in court in boston yesterday. he handed over his wine business to his father, who will now serve as ceo. another bay area parent caught up will need to change vacation plans. a judge in boston told him he cannot take his family to mexico. this is a mill valley investor, accused of paying $50,000 to get his child into usc. he owns homes in montana and northern california and the judge said to vacation there. a fight over a pump in redwood city ended with a man seriously hurt and one arrested. jose martinez attacked a victim, who suffered serious injuries. the man is expected to be okay.
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martinez is facing several charges. we don't know what they were fighting for. still recovering from a mudslide last month. monday, the city plans to reopen a section of the boulevard that's been closed since february 14th. engineers gave the all-clear. expect to see all the barriers gone by monday evening. after a warm start to the weekend, right now temperatures in the 50s. one change in your sunday forecast will involve a few more clouds and eventually rain chances back in the seven-day forecast, a look at that coming up. a backlash against joe biden. he may be gearing up to announce, but some democrats want him to address something else first. harassment allegations. also, a beast of burden for rolling ro ining stone fans. nick is sick. so what does that mean? we'll have the details. and a guardian of the galaxy
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visits the bay area, but it was chris pratt's brother stealing the spotlight this weekend. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile.
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a tornado tossed these trailers around... you can scarey moments captured on video in colorado. look at this. a tornado tossing these trailers around. you can see them being thrown around and see how they landed far away. it happened in a storage yard yesterday afternoon. tornados in colorado springs are rare. people who saw it coming thought it was a dust devil and didn't pay much attention until it demanded their attention. a former nevada lawmaker accusing former vice president joe biden of kissing and touching her inappropriately.
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lucy flores says it happened at a campaign event in 2014. her story was published in "new york" magazine. she says biden came up behind her, touched her shoulders and kissed the back of her head. she says she's now speaking out as biden is a possible presidential contender for 2020. flores claims she told several staff members about the encounter, but nbc news has not verified those allegations. a spokesperson says biden does not recall the encounter. another democratic candidate made it official today. beto o'rourke kicked off his campaign in el paso, texas. more than a thousand people came out to support him. he said he wants acceptance of immigrants to be a model for the nation. he referenced immigrants at the border to make his point. >> if we truly believe that we are a country of immigrants and
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asylum seekers and refugees, and they are the very premise of our strength, of our success, and yes, our security, then let us free every single dreamer from any fear of deportation. >> he's one of 13 democrats who have entered the 2020 campaign. more expected to enter. the first primary debates just three months away. ♪ rolling stones. if you were playing on seeing them may 18th at levi stadium, you're going the miss them. the next leg of their tour is postponed. mick jagger's doctor says he can't continue because he needs medical treatment. they're not going into detail, just leaving it to your imagination. with the rolling stones, that's a lot of possibilities.
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fans are being told to hold on to the tickets. the tour day will be rescheduled. he says he's looking forward to getting back on stage as soon as possible. chris pratt plays a hero in the marvel movies, but his brother is being honored as a hero in real life. daniel pratt, better nope as cully, is a veteran and a sheriff's deputy and boasts the title of hometown hero. he received that honor yesterday in fairfield. and his a-list brother was there to watch. and like straight out of a hollywood film, daniel got to fly in an f-16 fighter jet with the thunder birds. when you've got it, you've got it. and he's obviously got it. weather wise, we got a nice finish to the weekend. >> yes. one more warm day tomorrow and rain chances making a comeback. so we'll be talking about april
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showers as we start off a new month with a familiar pattern. outside right now, mostly cloud free around san francisco. 54 degrees, highs earlier today, mid 60s. should be a little bit warmer tomorrow before those changes arrive for your monday. right now, dublin 52 degrees. 40s tomorrow morning. san jose right now, 56. close to 70 today. i think we'll be slightly warmer tomorrow. and, again, the issue with the weather this weekend, all the sunshine and warm temperatures, pollen count still off the charts here for oak and pine. at least cedar has come off the board. not much other good news there. very high if you have aler lerg. morning temperatures in the 40s. areas of high clouds, one of the differences with tomorrow's forecast, probably a little more in the way of the high level clouds. so filtered sun at times. temperatures, mid 70s here.
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upper 60s near san francisco. and 70s to the north bay, arosa rosa. here's the three-day trend around santa cruz. looks great tomorrow. probably will see a few showers monday into tuesday. for the sierra, travel mans still looking good sunday. monday, probably more in the way of rain showers. snow levels closer to 7,000 feet. and then cooler temperatures, so snow back in the picture for the workweek. rain makes a comeback monday and tuesday. as we went hour by hour, just bands of showers going on through. not a big deal in terms of how much rain is going to fall. it's just enough to get the windshield wipers going at times. most of the bay area sees less than a quarter of inch of rain spread out over two days. it's the weather pattern towards the end of the week that has the potential maybe for more significant rain. first system comes in here on
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thursday. might be up to a half inch of rain. and keep an eye on late friday and saturday. that's a good-looking store, which may impact the start of next weekend before skies clear and trend a bit warmer approaching next sunday. so seven of day forecast. looks pleasant for any of your outdoor plans tomorrow. and you've got showers. monday and tuesday, not a big rain event. but i think the bigger story might be that rain that comes in and friday, where that would be more than an inch of rain in spots. so watch that closely as we head towards next weekend. in the meantime, enjoy this one. >> rob, thanks a lot. when the lights go down in the city, a new video out of san francisco. they turned down the lights on the golden gate bridge tonight. not all of them, but just the noncompany stuf
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noncompa n nonessential stuff. the eiffel tower and a number of other very well known monuments, there it goes. they did the whole thing. they weren't kidding around. they all dimmed their non-essential lighting or sometiming all their lighting to raise awareness for nature and the environment. the san jose sharks out tonight to light up the night, and snap a seven-game losing streak. highlights coming up. hi, everyone. i'm hosting "saturday night live" with musical guests. and we're on next.
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here at the xfinty sports desk. the sharks looking to end a seven-game losing streak and secure home ice for the first round of the playoffs. sharks hosted the golden knights. third period, game tied at 2-2. off the face-off, vlasic rips
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this slapper and the sharkses lead 3-2. moments later, vegas answers to tie it back up. this would go to overtime. in the o.t., sharks on the power play. couture finds burns who gets the game winner. sharks win 4-3. giants looking for their first win in san diego. 6th inning, joe panik to right. longoria scores. buster posey tries to score but tho thrown ut out at the plate. in the 9th, will smith gets his man swinging. giants 3-2. over at the coliseum, a's and angels. fourth inning, a's in front, 2-0. this is belted deep to left. a no-doubt two-run blast. a's win 4-2. that's all for sports. more news after the break.
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hosted her annual "when i grow up" conference in san mateo today. hundreds of ele >> r congresswoman jackie speier was in san mateo tuesday. hundreds came out to hear about accomplished women speak about their careers. perhaps most inspiring was open water long distance swimmer kim chambers. she swam 30 miles from the golden gate bridge. >> i craved the sense of freedom, both mentally and physically. when you are in those moments,
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when you don't see a way out, you really learn what you're made of. so i discovered open water swimming. >> the president and general manager of nbc bay area and telemundo 48 right now, stacey owen was there sharing the highlights of her career in journalism. the congresswoman says it's her way of celebrating women's history month. a situation for a skunk that frankly stinks. this may look uncomfortable for him, but the picture is going viral. the skunk got his head stuck in a beer can. >> apparently he has an appetite for beer. >> a really tricky situation for animal control. if you're scare the skunk or mange him angry, you'll get sprayed. so they sedated him before removing the can.
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in a few mdays he'll be release back in the wild. "saturday night live" is up next. hope to see you tomorrow night. take care. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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