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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 31, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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san jose guadalupe river good sunday morning. it is 7:00 on the dot. here's a live look outside in san jose at the guadalupe river. a beautiful sunrise ahead of another beautiful day. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. boy, we were spoiled yesterday. you say it will be even better today. >> warmer in some spots. it will be another one of those gorgeous days to go out and enjoy it. definitely. we have changing weather ahead. meanwhile, right now as you head out the door, or maybe you're enjoying a cup of coffee with us, 45 degrees in the south bay. chilly in some spots. some areas, including san
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francisco, are running a few degrees warmer because we are seeing an increase in high clouds. morning lows aren't as chilly as yesterday. 41 in the north bay. 47 in the east bay. take a look at your daytime highs. warm. increase in cloud cover for the coast as you saw in san francisco as well. look at our temperatures. mid to even upper 70s into the tri-valley. santa row sarbrosa, 75. this is what i mean about enjoying today's weather. a system just off the coast. that will bring in showers as early as tomorrow. i will break down the timing for your morning commute coming up in 15 minutes. >> i guess it is inevitable. so we will enjoy today while we have it. vianey, thanks. a puddle of blood left outside a popular bay area roller rink. the man who may be responsible left behind this red make america great again hat. and the hunt for him is still on this morning.
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. police say the man with a sword attacked someone outside church of eight wheels. that's not far from san francisco's alamo square park. it's also not far from last week's shooting that had six victims. as today in the bay tom jenson tells us, concerning is growing. >>reporter: it may be one of the most unique additions in the neighborhood. historic catholic church converted into a roller rink. >> this is a fun, cool place for everybody. >>reporter: but the rink's owner said what happened to a man leaving his business friday night has him shaken. >> he was just bleeding like a hose. >>reporter: david miles said a man dressed as a pirate and wearing a red maga hat began threatening people coming and going from the rink before 10:00 friday night. miles told nbc bay area as one of his customers left the rink,
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he flipped off the harasser, who promptly pulled out a long blade and slashed at the man's finger, cutting him across his wrist and hand. >> it was a sword. it was two feet long. so the guy that got caught, i don't think he realized how bad he was cut because he chased this guy almost a full block down the street. >>reporter: miles said he thinks of his rink as an oasis in a crime-ridden community. last saturday a gunman opened fire on a crowded street just a block away, killing one man and wounding five more people. >> down the street. that's not the first time. there's been violence and stuff that happens in and around the neighborhood. >>reporter: san francisco police are still looking for the shooter. fortunately the victim is in this latest attack will survive. but his attacker still has not been arrested. in san francisco, tom jenson, nbc bay area news. . new this morning, a body discovered in a residential area in contra costa county. the victim was found after
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midnight early this morning in the unincorporated area called bay point. a woman out for a walk came upon the pwoetd at sa soon and north broadway avenues. investigators are working through the morning to determine the cause of death. they expect to have an update later today. . here's a new idea to stop gun violence in one south bay community. dave cortezy is planning to roll out a 24/7 gun surrender program. he said people who own guns often don't know,000 properly get rid of them. having 24-hour availability for people to turn in their weapons. >> they don't know if they can travel, bring it to the sheriff. they don't know if it's registered properly. >> cortese adds it could help prevent suicide. his announcement comes one day
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after a judge blocked a california ban on high-past magazines. to a desperate plea by the family of the 4-year-old oakland boy who accidentally shot himself. the boy's father is in prison and is asking governor gavin new some for permission to visit his son. he accidentally shot himself wednesday after finding a loaded gun. his mother's boyfriend has been charged. he remains on life support with no brain activity. his great aunt tells us, he has been granted the opportunity to skype with his son. his family says that's not enough and they are making another plea to the governor. >> i am asking as a father, as a man, as a human that you grant him this exception and allow him to be transported to the hospital where he can sit by his son's bedside. >> we have not yet confirmed that the governor did indeed offer a skype visit for the father and son.
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we have no word on the governor's response to this new plea. a driver almost seriously injures police deputies to avoid being arrested in alameda county. the deputies were trying to pull the man over because he was driving a possibly stolen car. this is in san leandro. he wouldn't pull over. he sped away from officers. that's when police say he made a sharp u turn and drove the wrong way into two patrol cars. police ended up arresting him there. luckily, nobody was seriously hurt. drastic objection over illegal immigration. president trump moved to cut direct aid to tkpwaut mall la, h guatemala and el salvador. some say it will only make the problem worse. we have local reaction from central american immigrants. >>reporter: with growing frustration over the number of families arriving at the southern border, president trump
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is talking tough. >> i've ended payments to guatemala, honduras, and to el salvador. no money goes there anymore. >>reporter: the state department said we are carrying out the president's direction. democrats on capitol hill called them entirely counterproductive. daisy romero emigrated from el sal va door and now owns a restaurant in san francisco. she says cutting money to the three central american countries will only hurt people struggling to survive. she said the countries in central america are poor countries and they need all the help they can get. this country represents hope. she said despite the president's plan, central american immigrants will still head to the u.s. in this new to people in el salvador. some saying the poverty in their
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country is forcing them north. governor newsom issued a statement saying in part, the united states should be organizing the world communities to help families feel safer and have economic opportunities in the northern triangle countries. instead, the president is demonizing legal asylum seekers fleeing violence. the president's ire is also aimed at mexico. with a renewed threat to lockdown the southern border. >> there is a very good likelihood that i will be closing the border next week. and that will be just fine with me. a napa valley wine empire is feeling the impact of a college admissions scandal. he is accused of helping his daughter cheat on her s.a.t.s and donating $50,000 to a fake charity to get his daughter into usc. while he handed over his wine business to his father who will
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now serve as ceo as he faces these charges. another bay area parent will need to change his vacation plans. a judge in boston said he cannot take his family to mexico as planned. the mill valley investor is accused of paying $50,000 to get his child into usc. the judge reminded him that he owns homes in montana and northern california and that he should be thinking about vacationing at one of those instead. a fight over a gas pump in redwood city ending with one man getting seriously hurt and the other getting arrested. the victim was getting gas at quick stop. deputies that's what's when martinez, shown here, attacked the victim, who suffered serious injuries. the man we're told is expected to be okay. but castro martinez is facing several charges. sausalito still recovering from that powerful mudslide last month. well, tomorrow the city plans finally to reopen a section of
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sausalito boulevard. it has been closed since valentine's day. engineers checked the conditions and gave the all clear. so expect to see all the barriers gone by tomorrow evening. it's just about 7:10. coming up, live to washington, d.c. for our weekly interview with chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press". and you know him as a guardian of the galaxy. but it is not actor chris pratt being honored in the bay area this weekend. it's his brother. the story behind the family reunion next. gerston joins me n
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and we bring in "chuck todd" ... nbc news political welcome back. our political analyst larry joins me now. as we do at this time on sundays, we bring in chuck todd, nbc news political director and moderator of "meet the press". chuck, always great to see you. >> happy sunday. >> happy sunday. attorney general bill barr said a portion of the mueller report will be released mid-april.
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but you actually have a new poll out this morning. can you share with us how the public opinion as shifted on this probe? >> well, carol, it's amazing how it hasn't shifted about it that in some ways it -- there is a bunch of partisans that are in their corners. and folks believe there was wrongdoi wrongdoing. they don't believe the mueller report exonerates the president. 31% of people who just didn't really have an opinion about this. they weren't sure the impact of the mueller report. that is a gigantic number when you ask opinions on stories you thought had penetrated everybody's psyche. that tells you there's a big chunk in the middle. we looked at it demographically. of independents and also the middle of the country gee tkpraf geographically. they haven't been paying attention. perhaps they're more focused on bread and butter issues. maybe it's health care, maybe it's economy.
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but they are not tuning in to the mueller report. that is a message to both parties and how aggressively they should continue to talk about it. >> maybe they're focused on the bread and butter. maybe they're just sick of it. we don't really know, do we. >> no. >> i will hand it over to larry to ask you a different question here. >> good morning, chuck. >> good morning. >> the president is taking another shot at obamacare despite the miss givings of many key republicans. given they failed to end obamacare in 2017 when they had control of both chambers. >> you know, larry, today i have senator number three in leadership in the senate, who himself, by the way, is a medical doctor. and he is somebody that the president name checked saying he is touted with writing this. will we see a republican plan? it's been 10 years now. do you know the debate began in '09. sit now 2019.
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ten years we have been waiting for the alternative plan that covers pre-existing conditions. and the senator rightly noted how high the cost is now. but he couldn't say that it had a plan to lower costs and cover pre-existing conditions, which has been the problem the republicans have. what this has done is put the burden back on the republicans. if you don't like obamacare, then what's your alternative? and they don't have one yet. >> it is hard to believe it's been a decade of all of this. >> decade! i know >> wow. >> wait 10 more years and we will be discussing the redactions in the mueller report. >> yeah. oh, gosh, please no. chuck todd, as always, thank you. we look forward to that interview on this morning's "meet the press". following the release of the mueller report. and sphraousive interviews with republican senator john brasso.
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and dick durbin. "meet the press" at 8:00 right after this newscast. so just stay right here. speaking of staying right here, larry will stay here next to me while -- well, i guess you will get up from the chair. >> i'll disappear. >> you'll be back in 40 minutes for our weekly political segment. we will look into the call to repeal the affordable care act and how it might impact the 20/20 election. we look forward to that as always and we'll see you then. a story of life imitating art. chris plat plays a hero in the marvel movies, as you likely know. but his brother is being honored as a real-life hero. so that is daniel pratt. he is better known as cully. he is a sheriff's deputy. he boasts the title of hometown hero. pratt received this honor at travis air force base in
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fairfield for his overall help in the community. his a-list brother was right there to watch. like straight out of a hollywood film, daniel got to fly in an f-16 fighter jet with the thund thunderbirds. wow. that is cool. couldn't have been more gorgeous skies to head out in the area yesterday. let's check in with vianey arana. yesterday was a stunner. >> it will be another gorgeous day. i was going to say about that shot. it was so beautiful. did you see the clouds? it was just amazing. we'll enjoy another warm day. as you head out the door, 43 degrees. the tri-valley is 40 degrees. a little chillier there. south bay at 45. into san francisco, 50 degrees. north bay, still a little chill y. we're expecting to see a very good warmup into the afternoon. so what am i talking about in terms of your microclimate highs for today. look at some of those highs. upper 70s into gilroy.
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78 degrees. morgan hill 76. los gatos, 75. east bay, 71 degrees for oakland. but mid to upper 70s into the tri-valley. concord, 75. pleasanton, 76. peninsula, upper 60s. one thing you will notice, we're seeing more high clouds out there. what that means is it's a little bit warmer this morning than yesterday. the morning lows aren't as cold. but still a little chilly. 69 in mission. 68 embarcadero. 75, ukiah and santa rosa. 72 for novato. a beautiful day in the north bay. but we are tracking changing weather. today we will remain dry. north bay, get ready. you will be first to see rain out of the first system of a couple we're tracking this week. this is what i'm talking about. doppler radar just off the coast. this will make its move as early as overnight into monday morning, which means if you live
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far off areas like ukiah, santa rosa, napa, you night get showers for the morning commute. in terms of timeline, look at that. the majority of the rain stays off to the north the early morning commute. the rest of the area not expecting much heavy rain from this. it will begin to spread southward. it will carry showers over to tuesday. it is expected to arrive monday light to moderate showers at times. not a huge rain maker. we're not expecting widespread, you know, heavy rain all day long into tomorrow. typical showers that will carry into tuesday. however, there is a stronger storm possible next friday. take a look at the long-range outlook so i can show you what we're talking about. light to moderate rain will return. so we will catch a break monday into tuesday. catch a break on wednesday. then into thursday and friday, we're talking anywhere from just under half an inch. so we will get that good amount. then on friday, into saturday, breezy conditions with a
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stronger storm possible. and then as we head towards sunday, high pressure building back in. and that's going to bring back the return of rain. let me explain the next seven days. again, the showers move in mainly in the north pwhabay, th morning commute. spreading southward in the form of showers. we'll keep the showers on and off through tuesday. wednesday, a little bit of break. we dry out. on thursday, rain returns. and right now it looks like our heavier storm is expected to make its move in on friday with early morning rain carrying over into saturday. so it's going to be a pretty busy week. i'll accepted it back to you. >> vianey, thanks. we have much more ahead on today in the bay coming up. >> and then she said my daughter has your son's heart. >> this is an incredible story. the sudden death of a young boy brings together two families in an unexpected way. now they are coming together again to help save a young
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woman's life. we want to introdu
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a bay area couple... who already saved a little girl )s life... welcome back. we want to introduce you to a bay area couple who already saved a little girl's life. and now they're working to do it again now that she is a grown woman. it all started after their young son's unexpected death. it's an amazing story of sacrifice and citizgenerosity. we have the story this this morning's bay area proud. >> jennifer fuller said she was convinced in the awful case of losing a child she couldn't go through with organ donation. jennifer surprised herself when she insisted on it. it was literally a gift that keeps on giving. have you seen the one where we have five generations? blended families come together in all sorts of ways. most often of course through divorce and marriage.
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but for jennifer and rick fuller and jewelry logan-brooks, their two families are forever joined through death and life. the death coming 21 years ago when jennifer's son dion died suddenly from meningitis at the age of just 4. >> i remember it was a fema doctor. and she said i'm so sorry. there's nothing that we can do. your son is brain dead. >> dion's heart, though, went on to save the life of a 2-year-old girl in modesto, melissa logan, julie's daughter. and though identities in such cases are often kept confidential, at a donor and recipient celebration one year later, julie put two and two together and approached jennifer. >> i remember just grabbing a hold of her and saying can i talk to you for a minute. and i said my daughter has your
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son's heart. >> and she said the most amazing words. would you like to meet her? she's in the lobby. >> this is one of my favorites. >> oh, yeah, i love that one. >> it was the beginning of a 20-year love story is. the fuller's being there for every one of melissa's birthdays, graduations and transplant anniversaries, reveling in the fact that dion's heart made it all possible. but dion's heart can do it no more. it is failing. and melissa has been told she will soon need another transplant >> i really don't know how long it will be until that call is made. >> and when it is, melissa has insurance to cover the medical costs. but her family estimates they will need $100,000 for after-care expenses. money julie says they just don't have. >> we were told right away that we needed to fund raise. >> but julie won't have to take
7:26 am
that on. because once again, in melissa's time of need, the fuller's are there. >> so we called julie, melissa's mom and said would you be okay if we spearheaded this project. >> just because they saved melissa's life once, the fullers believe is no reason not to do it again. >> i can't even imagine life without them. they're absolutely amazing. >> i think it's just pure unconditional love. >> when all is said and done, the biological link between these two families will be gone, but their bond will be stronger than ever. the good news is that the fullers say they are about halfway to reaching that $100,000 goal already. if you would like to check out the fund-raising effort go to my facebook page, garvin thomas, nbc bay area. >> real-life angels. we have much more ahead on today
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in the bay. backlash against joe biden. the former vice president may be gearing up to announce his presidential run. but some of his own party want him to address something else first. . plus, a rally for change organized by local youth. we'll tell you about the local issue they want addressed. take
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bridge from emeryville good sunday morning. 7:29 on this march 31st. can you believe the month is over? a live look outside as the sun shines over the bay bridge. we look from emeryville. thanks so much for joining us. vianey has a look at our microclimate forecast. it was a gorgeous day yesterday. it will be another gorgeous day to close out the month. >> close out the month. yesterday i saw so many smiling faces tkpwregrilling. i saw a lot of happy pups, including mine. they like to find that one sunny spot and just lay out.
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>> just stay there. right now dublin, 40 degrees. you will notice we have an increase in clouds already. but don't worry. even though we'll be seeing high clouds, it is still going to be very beautiful. we're going to get plenty of sunshine accompanying those temperatures. all right. doppler radar, the reason i'm showing you this is because right now it is quiet over the bay area. look what's off to the shore. an approaching system. this is going to bring rain pretty much early on into the north bay initially. you could see showers for the morning commute. the rest of the bay area will see rain down south on your monday. today we are talking some 70s. >> 70s, glorious. we will enjoy it while we have it. vianey, thanks. shifting gears, a puddle of blood is all that's left outside a popular bay area roller rink. police say the man who may be
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responsible for the crime left behind this red make america great again hat. he's still on the run this morning. san francisco police say the man with a sword attacked someone outside church of eight wheels. it is not far from last weekend's shooting that had six victims. community concern is now growing as today in the bay tom jenson shows us. >> reporter: it may be one of the unique entertainment options in the western addition neighborhood. a historic catholic church converted spwaoeu rointo a roll. >>reporter: but the rink's owner said what happened to a man leaving his business friday night has him shaken. >> he was just bleeding like a hose. >> reporter: david miles said a man dressed as a pirate and wearing a red maga hat began threatening people coming and going from the rink before 10:00
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friday night. miles told nbc bay area as one of his customers left the rink, he flipped off the harasser, who promptly pulled out a long blade and slashed at the man's finger, cutting him across his wrist and hand. >> it was a sword. it was two feet long. so the guy that got cut, i don't think he realized how bad he was cut because he chased this guy almost a full block down the street. >> reporter: miles said he thinks of his rink as an oasis in a crime-ridden community. last saturday a gunman opened fire on a crowded street just a block away, killing one man and wounding five more people. >> down the street. that's not the first time. there's been violence and stuff that happens in and around the neighborhood. >>reporter: san francisco police are still looking for the shooter. fortunately the victim is in this latest attack will survive. but his attacker still has not been arrested. in san francisco, tom jenson, nbc bay area news. new this morning, a body
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discovered in a residential area in contra costa county. the victim was found after midnight early this morning in the unincorporated area called bay point. a woman out for a walk came upon the body at sassoon and north broadway avenues. investigators are working through the morning to determine the victim's identity and cause of death. they expect to have an update later today. dozens of young people in the south day pushing for an end to gun violence. the "march for our lives" rally was timely. it came one day after a federal judge blocked california's ban on high-capacity magazines. today in the bay christie smith was there and has more. ♪ >> reporter: they gathered in san jose with the goal of cushing gun violence. >> we're just tired of gun shootings, especially at schools. >>reporter: "march for our lives" was led by teenagers who
7:34 am
want to keep the activism going that was built after the parkland school shooting. >> we want common sense gun laws. and mental health is such a big part of this and overlooked. >> reporter: this coming after a tightening on the ban of high-capacity magazines. speakers and politicians weighed in. >> the notion in the state of california that anyone would need these high-capacity magazines and ammunition is ridiculous. we need to take further action to protect people. >> i don't know exactly how the legislation was drawn up. so that has to be combed through. >>reporter: the nra released a statement saying the decision was a huge win for gun owners and a landmark recognition of what courts have too often treated as a disfavored ride. young people say they plan to stand firm. >> i know a lot of people who have been affected by this. and it really affects me. >> it isn't a partisan issue. it is decreasing gun violence.
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>> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. . we are following a developing story out of washington, d.c. regarding the crisis at the border. president trump is taking drastic measures he says will curb illegal immigration. but critics say it will only make things worse. the president has moved to cut aid to el salvador, guatemala and honduras, three countries where many have fled because of violence. trump says he's likely to close america's southern border this coming week unless mexico stops the flow of migrants. democrats say that will only increase the flow of immigrants seeking asylum in the u.s. it could severely hurt the economies of both u.s. and mexico. now to decision 20/20, a former nevada lawmaker is accusing former vice president joe biden of kissing and touching her inappropriately. lucy flores said it happened at
7:36 am
a campaign event in 201. her story was publish indeed "new york" magazine. she said biden came up behind her, touched her shoulders and kissed the back of her head. she is speaking out about his six years later as biden is a possible presidential contender for 20/20. flores claims she told several staff members about the encounter. nbc news has not verified those allegations. biden's spokesperson said biden does not recall the encounter. another democratic candidate made it official this weekend. beto o'rourke kicked off his campaign in his hometown in el paso, texas yesterday. more than 1,000 people showed up to support him. the former texas congressman wants unity and acceptance of immigrants to be a model for the country. he spoke out against attempts to divide the american people and referenced people at the american border. >> if we truly believe we are a country of immigrants and asylum
7:37 am
seekers and refugees and they are the very premise of our strength, of our success, and, yes, our security, then let us free every single dreamer of any fear of deportation. >> oh, rourke is one of 13 democrats who already have entered the 20/20 campai20 race. jackie speier hosted her when i grow up conference in san mat mateo. hundreds of girls heard accomplished women speak about their increase. joanne hayes white was there and the college of engineering dean. perhaps most inspiring was open water long-distance swimmer kim chambers, the first fema to swim 30 miles from farralon islands
7:38 am
to the golden gate bridge. >> i craved the sense of freedom both memory simply physically. when you are in those moments where you don't see a way out, you really learn what you're made of. so i discovered open water swimming. >> wow. and, by the way, that lady you see there is the president and general manager of nbc bay area and telemundo 48, stacy owen. she was there sharing the highlights of her long and storied career in journalism. jackie speier said it is her idea of celebrating women's history month veterans of the vietnam war honored those in san jose. it sits steps away from the s.a.p. center. 150 san jose residents died in
7:39 am
the vietnam war. >> especially at a time like this when we're so divided in this country. it is critical we remember what unites us. the service and sacrifice of those who sought to defend our freedoms. >> the ceremony follows friday's national holiday, vietnam war veterans day. volunteers are out in force across the bay to help tax filers meet next month's deadline. it is just about two weeks away now. united way organized volunteer income tax assistance or v.i.t.a. to meet with troubled taxpayers. this event in san jose is free experts and tax help aeupd at senio aimed at seniors and low-income families. >> when i got the book, i decided to get help because it's very confusing some of the things they say. you read it one way and then you go back and read it another way
7:40 am
and it's different. >> v.i.t.a. will hold more in locations all across southern california. you can find the list at n nbcbayarea.c search "free tax help." up close and personal chance to meet first responders. yesterday san francisco firefighters hosted a family health and safety resource fair at station 43. some participants received free smoke alarms and information about fire safety. they also got a chance to get to know their firefighters one on one. firefighters pushing the importance of not only having fire alarms but having a fire safety plan. at 7:40, still ahead on today in the bay, how might president trump's demand to repeal obamacare have an effect on the 2020 election. larry rejoins us live in the studio in just a few minutes. . and it was another full day of bay area sports.
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bonnie jill laughlin will check in. sports is next. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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1:11-1:16 bonnie jill laflin here. sharks hosted the vegas golden knights. third period, game tied at two. off the face swrauf, the slapper past supon. sharks lead 3-2. vegas answers. theodore cranks a slap shot into the net to tie it back up. this would go to over time. in the o.t., sharks on the power play. logan finds byrnes who blasted the game winner. sharks win, 4-3. giants looking for their first win in san diego. six inning, 2-0. giants. bases loaded.
7:44 am
joe flares one to right. buster posey is thrown out at the plate. ninth inning, 3-2. he gets francisco swinging. giants 3-2. over at the coliseum a's and angels. fourth inning. a's in front. 2-0. belts one deep to left. no doubt two-run blast. a's win, 4-2. that's all for sports. more news after the break. and you find... ooh, hello yellow! yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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7:46 am realize you can totally eat out more? that's yes for less. get the latest spring trends for your home at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. announced that he supported a federal district court decision declaring the "affordable care welcome back. president trump announced that he supported a federal district court decision declaring the affordable care act unconstitutional. ultimately that issue will be decided by the u.s. supreme court which, by the way, has upheld the affordable care act previously on two separate occasions. but for now the president has decided that congress must repeal the law and provide its own version of affordable care or aca or obamacare as its
7:47 am
known. nbc bay area larry gurstin joins us now. we talked to chuck todd. i can't even fathom. how important is this issue? it's clearly very important. >> never too far away from us, right? health care is so important. so we have heard a lot. once again, we have heard a lot of noise about things like immigration in the short-term the past couple of years. but really health care was the dominant policy issue in the 2018 midterm elections. check out the findings of an nbc poll of voters taken at the time of the november midterm election. health care, 41% compared with immigration 23%, economy 21%. in other words, health care is mention almost twice as often as the other categories. so that's something really important to consider. which takes us, by the way, to another poll, a poll on the
7:48 am
affordable health care act. 53% of america's favorite. 40% don't favor it. that is according to a poll taken at the time of the 2018 elections. most people here liking the affordable care act. so here is the takeaway. the takeaway, kira, is in the midterm election, health care was cited as the most important issue and most people favored the affordable care act. now, bearing this in mind, democrats ran on health care. they ran like crazy on health care in 2018. they surged back into power in the house. there's the big story. >> yeah. with that blue wave. but now the president has slammed aca and claims republicans should solve the health care problem once and for all, come up with their own solution. do you think in 2020 this could be a campaign issue? >> that's the conondrum.
7:49 am
it's hard to know. republicans failed to act when they had majorities in both chambers. he's taking on an issue that most people feel has been managed better by the democrats than the republicans. and most of all, the president doesn't even have a plan or an outline of a plan, a thought of a plan that he would present to congress. so with these reasons and more, he might be better served to talk about the economy, which is going strong with record low unemployment. but for republicans, here's the niche. with republicans, health care seems to be an issue that has come and gone. the current system is not perfect. most people see the democrats as making a good-faith effort to deal with it. that's why so many people on the republican side are stuck. >> so do you think the republicans will address it in 2020 or, shall i say, how will they address it? >> it is not where republican
7:50 am
candidates want to go. it's not at all. especially in the senate where republicans will defend 22 of the 34 seats that are contested. look, they would much rather discuss almost anything else, like the economy. even immigration. with the president swimming upstream on health care, republican candidates face a real dilemma. either they have to take on a popular issue to be with the president, or suffer the president's wrath by going their own way. either approach presents serious problems for the republican party if it hopes to have the kind of unity they had in 2016. >> okay. so then from the republicans to the democrats. what about the democrats? if they did so well with this topic in the midterm elections, how does this issue continue to fit as they, you know, go on to try to win back the presidency or try to take vol of the
7:51 am
senate? >> good question. given their success promoting health care in 2018, most feel pretty good. they feel like they have been given a present by the president. this represents a major change. democrats paid a price in 2010 elections after they then passed the affordable care act. but, look, things have changed. voters were furious over the legislation. 20 million americans have subsid tkaoeuzed that they didn't have before. courtesy of the affordable care act don't want to lose that health care coverage that they now have. no doubt many will feel loyal to the democrats for their new benefit. president trump may want to consider health care as the republican issue of 2020. until he has a plan embraced by
7:52 am
republicans in congress, the president may find himself in a very unhealthy situation. it's very simple. entitlement programs. we're entitled to social security, medicare. once we get entitlement programs, we don't want to give them back. that's how people feel with pre-existing conditions who are now subsidized aca. >> we'll be right back after this. april fools! how some of silicon valley )s biggest tech companies are embracing the day. plus, as you start your work week monday, we )re tracking yor forecast. join us monday morning from
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sunday at 7:54.
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another beautiful start. this is a live shot of the golden gate bridge. that is stunning. i know a lot of folks will be out and about. i certainly saw that yesterday. incident was great to see folks enjoying the sunshine. you're going to get another chance to see that. the only exception will be an increase in high clouds. overall, we'll stay dry. we're going to continue to see these warm temperatures. we're talking upper '60s for the city of san francisco. 67 degrees. mid-70s to the north bay and interior valley as well. down through the south bay. 75 for san jose. i expect to see a lot of pictures of you outside enjoyinged weather. we love to share those on nbc in the bay area and on today in the bay for tomorrow. let's take a look at your pollen report. this is very important. we're officially in allergy season. trees and grass are moderate. ragweed and mold absent. ash and juniper will be the most prominent. take out the claritin if you're going for a hike. i've been talking about the
7:56 am
incoming changes. this is where they are at right now. doppler radar, you can see the system off the coast. what that is going to do is it will bring in rain to the north bay. let's take a look at the timing. there it is. you see the storm. turns into showers. if you look, the majority of that stays off to the north. it will trend southward. if you noticed it wasn't widespread heavy pockets of rain. just showers will carry over into tuesday. however, a stronger storm possible next friday. look at the timing for that. long range outlook, again, the first system moves in. light to moderate rain. not a huge rain maker. we catch a break wednesday. we dry out just a bit. thursday into friday, we could see a chance of breezy winds, which means the winds will kick up. higher rain totals for coastal mountains. the friday storm is trending a little wetter.
7:57 am
we head towards sunday. longrange outlook, here's a look. let sphe plain this one more time. again, the showers move in north bay for the morning commute, southward into the afternoon. on and off showers carry over into tuesday. by tuesday evening into wednesday, we dry out. then thursday into friday, that's when we get the return of more rain in the bay area. that one seems to be a wetter storm, which means higher rain totals and breezy to windy conditions into thursday night and friday. and then that rain will carry over into saturday. we'll get clearing. next week just a 10-day outlook ahead. we might have a pretty active weather pattern. it remains all week long. today notice i wrote nice on sunday. a chance to go out and make a good impact for the weekend. >> yeah. it's ending march on a high note. this is the last day of the month. and, yeah, april showers bring may flowers.
7:58 am
so it's fitting that it would rain this coming week. we will give you that, vianey. thank you for making us part of your morning. more news at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00 and on we'll see you back here next weekend. ♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home.
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this sunday the fallout. president trump claims victory over the mueller report. >> total exoneration, complete vindication. >> allies line up to defend. >> and what did we hear this week? no collusion. no obstruction. >> a total vindication. >> and the president goes after his opponents. >> little pencil neck adam schiff. >> the democrats push back. >> the president has not been exonerated by the special counsel. >> and condemn mr. trump's conduct. >> i think it is immoral. i think it is unethical. i


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