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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 1, 2019 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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breaking news. gunned down in cold blood. popular nippy hustle -- nipsey hussle killed outside his store. threats of closing down the southern border continue from president trump as poll numbers emerge about his job performance. a vigil is held overnight for a college student who was brutally murdered. police may have mistaken by got into a car she thought was her
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uber ride. a rescue of three men and a 12-year-old clinging to life in the gulf. the body description dating site tinder is cracking down on. "early today" starts right now. >> good morning. i'm marlie hall. >> i'm francis rivera. the shooting in los angeles is sending shock waves through the music industry and beyond as police search for the killer. law enforcement sources confirm that the rapper known as nipsey hussle was shot multiple times outside his clothing store. he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. two other men were shot but survived. a suspect is still at large. a law enforcement source tells the l.a. times the shooting is probably gang related but they haven't confirmed a motive. >> the grammy-nominated rapper is known for more than his music. he's known for giving back to the community. director of her community center called the rapper bright and
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forward thinking. lebron james said he had just spoken to the rapper the other day telling him how proud he was. and john legend said i just spent thursday with him filming a video. he was so gifted. so proud of his home. nipsey hussle has died at the age of 33. the white house doubled down this weekend on the president's threat to shut down the u.s. border to mexico. nbc's tracie potts joins us from d.c. while the republicans are ready to move past the russia investigation, democrats are saying not yet. >> reporter: not yet. it's not clear the public is ready either. a new "wall street journal" shows most people are aware and not so many interested. the poll says less than half say they've been engaged in this.
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our nbc wall street journal poll shows most americans either aren't sure or don't think the russia report clears president trump. as we await the full report, washington is turning its focus to health care. >> the american people should expect to not have to be a burdened with the incredible cost affecting them now. >> republicans have no new plan as the justice department urges a federal appeals court to declare the affordable care act unconstitutional. the trump administration promises preexisting conditions will be covered in any new plan but nothing is in the works. meantime, president trump is threatening to close the border with mexico. >> we need the people from the ports of entry to go out and patrol in the desert where we don't have any wall. >> if he shuts it down long-term like he said he wants to, it can get in the billions of dollars. >> reporter: experts predict closing down the border would slow down trade and raise
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prices. the president announced he's cutting foreign aid to central america to stop migrant caravans heading to the u.s. >> we're on track for close to 100,000. >> the president cutting off aid to these countries will not solve the problem. >> reporter: democrats focus on cybersecurity for the 2020 electio election. the report, according to the attorney general may not be ready by the middle much aprof >> thank you. former vice president, joe biden is apologizing after an allegation emerged that he inappropriately kissed a woman in 2014. lucy florez was the democratic nominee for nevada lieutenant governor. before the event, he placed his hands on her shoulder, smelled her hair and gave her an uncomfortable kiss on the back of her head.
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she spoke about the incident on msnbc with kasie hunt last night. >> i don't believe it was a bad intention. i'm not in any way suggesting i felt sexually assaulted or harassed. i felt invaded. i felt there was a violation of my personal space. there has to be, at least an awareness on his part that said i might not have intended it that way, but i understand because of the power difference there, because of the context and we have no relationship that i shouldn't have kissed you in that way. >> nbc has more on the response from biden. >> good morning, marlie. joe biden hasn't announced his nomination for 2020, but he's on the defensive responding to an inappropriate encounter in 2014. he says in my many years on a campaign trail and life, i have
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offered countless handshakes, hugs, support and comfort and never felt i acted inappropriately. if is suggested i did so, i will listen respectfully. it was never my intention. the vice president is responding to the claims of lucy florez. she says in a campaign event before the election, the vice president approached her from behind, put his hands on her shoulder, kissed the back of her head making her feel embarrassed and confused. saying if biden is to be a candidate, this is an issue that needs to be discussed in a campaign. aides to the vice president are saying this is not affecting his plans. he intends to make an announcement as soon as the next few weeks. marlie? >> mike, thank you. the father of four is fighting for his life after he was attacked in the parking lot of dodgers stadium.
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a male suspect punched rafael, who fell to the ground and suffered a skull fracture. this was friday night after the dodgers played the diamondbacks. she was on the phone with her husband as he was leaving the stadium. a woman and man were arguing with him. police are still looking for the suspect who may have been driving a white suv. for the 23rd time since late december, a horse was euthanized at sane drata anita, california. the horse was injured in a two-horse accident sunday. this is two days after the track reopened after a month long closure. the track responded saying the track has been deemed safe by independent experts and they are investigating the injury. a stunning rescue by the coast guard after the boat capsizes in the gulf. it happened off the coast of bay port, florida. three men and a 12-year-old boy were clinging to their life after their fishing boat sank. the coast guard's infrared video shows them being carried up one
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by one in baskets to a rescue helicopter. no reported injuries. 9-year-old girl was playing in her front yard when she was hit by a car. the video may be tough to watch. she was outside playing when all of a sudden, the car plowed into her. police are searching for the driver who fled the scene. the family came rushing out in a panic. >> the whole emergency room, her head was in my lap. she was still breathing, heart still beating. >> we'll have more later on "today," including the full interview with the family. meanwhile, she is in the hospital recovering as the police investigation heats up. a malaysian court sentenced a woman in the death of kim jong-un's half brother. the vietnam suspect would be sentenced if guilty.
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she plead guilty and has received a sentence of three years and four months. her lawyer is optimistic she will be free by may. she is one of two agents accused of using a nerve agent to kill the half brother of the north korean leader. her codefendant unexpectedly walked free last month. a new era set for japan. it starts in may. at a press conference the chief cabinet secretary announced the new imperial era will be end in april 30th. the new era name is one of the biggest changes psychologically for japan and will be used widely on coins, calendars, newspapers, and official paperwork. now, this is march madness. >> attack. glass. he gives it up. overcome.
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he gets it to barrack. he's in the paint. he shoots. he'll shoot a couple. >> with five seconds on the clock and down two, r.j. misses the first of the two free throws and michigan state rebounds and the ball runs out the clock on the duke devils. the spartans take down zion. 68-78. >> a touch. keep it there. we are tied at 37. steps in. turns around. oh! brown is smoking hot! >> close to minnesota. johnson off the inbounds. >> battle for the midwest final auburn plays kentucky in overtime. auburn makes it to the first ever final four, 77-71. >> the final four match ups will
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begin or will be michigan state against texas tech and virginia taking on auburn. >> here we go. first day of april. how are we doing weather wise? here is bill karens. >> we had a beautiful weekend on the west coast. it's coming to an end. raining in areas from northern california from fort bragg to eureka. it will continue up the coast. it's umbrella day in many areas of oregon. we'll get a little bit of snow at the highest of elevations but shouldn't be too big of a deal. tuesday we watch the storm spreading throughout many areas you go throughout the day many areas of the washington state, too. the rain will stay to the south. a look at the week ahead forecast coming up. there's more than one storm on the map, unfortunately.
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>> i am submitting 380 pages. >> i am writing almost four pages. >> i am reading zero pages. >> in conclusion, it is my hope the report will be made public with a few redactions. >> hello, redactions. >> no collusion. >> a good one. >> i miss robert de niro and mueller. a celebrity is standing up to the most luxurious hotels. sir elton john is backing george clooney's boycott. >> reporter: a boycott of nine luxury hotels including the beverly hills hotel and hotel bel air. >> reporter: george clooney is using his star power to boycott four hotels. they're owned by an agency headed by the -- clooney writes
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are we going to help pay for the human rights violations? are we going to help fund the murder of innocent citizens? there were slr boycott calls five years ago when they first announced it was adopting district s district shira law. it's part of the door chester collection that said inclusion and diversity remain core believes we don't tolerate any form of discrimination. clooney has been photographed at the hotels before and writes full disclosure i've stayed at many of them a couple recently because i hadn't done my homework. a cause for which clooney has no reservations. joe fryer, nbc news. oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel?
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in today's quick hits, the rolling stones latest tour is on hold while mick jagger receives medical treatment. he didn't elaborate on the 75-year-old's condition but he is expected to make a complete recovery. the stones say fans should hold on to their tickets for make-updates. the lakers shut down the superstar forward lebron james for the final six games to recover from a groin injury. he appeared in a career low 55 games and missed the playoffs for the first time since 2005. really laying down the law in virginia.
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the road sign in virginia is going viral this morning. slow down or police will call their mother. they don't want that. a food deal cooked up by bakers. jeff has that and more from london. jeff, good morning. >> good morning, frances. kellogg's, likely then to shed keebler and famous amos and fruit snack brands here. it looks like it could be a 1 to $1.5 million deal. who is hungry and on the acquisition trail? yep, it's ferrarro. having bought out businesses from nestle and other candy companies. they are looking at this team of assets from kelloggs. they want to help exploit under appreciated brands. that's why they are buying them. meanwhile, kelloggs, well, they
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have underperformed in the market. the share prices down 11% this year. they are looking to freshen up the portfolio. one other story worth looking at, 15 years since we all started using that old g-mail app. g-mail freshening up the app with new features here. they are now the biggest inbox americans use. back to you. >> 15 years, that's crazy. jeff, thank you. up next, bill will have the forecast for the week ahead. a tall order, how tinder is taking dating to new heights coming up on "early today."
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if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. caught on camera, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hitting ecuador. this is security footage from the shoreline in santa elena. it showed the moment the quake shook people on the street. you can see one man falling. they reported two aftershocks, no reports of injuries or damage. >>. it's april fool's day. >> syracuse, new york. someone reported 12 inches of snow that morning. that's april fool's for you. we talked about the storm moving through today in the west. wednesday lingering showers. southern california looks good, too, and arizona. by the time we get to the end of the week, still dealing with a new storm. still ahead, harry potter and the sorcerers jackpot.
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a case of mistaken uber ride may have led to the death of a 21-year-old college student. she was found dead after a night out with friends. she called uber after being separated from her roommates. she jumped in the back of a chevy impala thinking it was her ride. her body was found hours later in a field. friends and family gathered for a funeral and vigil. her father wants to warn others. >> i've gone through this and i don't want anybody else to ever go through this again. i can't tell you how painful this is. >> police have arrested this man
3:57 am
nathaniel rowland after finding blood in the car that matched josephson. he will be held for kidnapping and murder. a controversial anti-abortion bill known as the fetal heart beat bill in georgia. it bans abortions after a heart beat is detected. the bill is waiting to be signed by the governor. actress alyssa milano and other hollywood celebs are threatening to pull production if it's signed. she tweeted this letter, urging him to vote against it. it is signed by christina applegate, alec baldwin and ben stiller and almost 50 others. the state brings in billions of revenue each year from film and tv productions. the governor is set to sign the bill on tuesday. check the bookshelves. a rare copy of harry potter sold for almost $100,000. the uncommon book is a first
3:58 am
edition and the auction house said it's only 500 copies exist. it was published in 1997 with a few typos. even the word philosopher is misspelled on the cover. a stunning site in gainesville, florida. a dashcam captured the moment this light streaked through the sky. the national weather service confirmed using their satellite that maps lightening mass lightening storms it was a meteor coming into the earth's atmosphere on saturday night. sightings were reported throughout northern florida. >> how terrifying to be close to that. tinder is taking the dating game to new heights. this is what we are talking about. a height verification tool for men. they said, it's come to our attention most of you 5 '10" are actually 5'6", the which raid must stop. if they put in the right number, they get a height verify badge on their profile users.
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>> who knew it was such a big deal. >> apparently, it is. it's april fools' day. >> i'm marlie hall, thanks for watching "early today."
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breaking news. gunned down in cold blood, popular rapper nipsey hussle killed in a shooting outside his los angeles store. the suspect remains at large. >> former vice-president joe biden responds to allegations of an awkward kiss. this morning we'll hear from the democrat making the claims. >> hurricane flourence may have swept through north carolina six months ago. u.s. marines are still waiting for help to repair their base. >> new polls this morning on the mueller probe and president trump's approval ratings from nbc news and "wall street journal." >> plus miami duke falls as star player zion


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