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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 1, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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nationwide computer outage. plus, from steph curry to lebron james, tributes are pouring in for nipsey hussle. the mueller report still looms over the president's head. this morning what americans are saying about it all in a new poll. live on capitol hill. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. a look at the commute in just a bit. but first the weather. vianey in for kari this morning. you have beautiful news for us. >> it's actually not bad. the system is disorganized. >> that's good to hear. >> yeah. no widespread rain. the rain is so light. in fact, the majority isn't even touching the ground in the north bay. which is good news. it will be cloudier.
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the rain will eventually move in. 54 in san francisco.. i'll talk about the incoming rain coming up in just a bit. >> good news in the south bay. crash north 101 at lawrence has cleared without any problem, without any additional slowing. in fact, we're struggling to find slowing. there is a little bit at the bay bridge toll plaza. a crowd for the cash lanes growing. slowing through the area has cleared. the construction crew looks like it is completely gone heading through downtown. marcus, back to you. thanks, mike. breaking news for you. it appears all airlines are now back up and running. this is after a brief systemwide computer outage early this morning. briefly slowed flights across the country. bob redell was at oakland airport when southwest told passengers that glitch was fixed. the same issue affected most airlines out there. it was tied to an outside flight planning data provider. anyone flying soon may want to
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brace for possible residual delays throughout the day. it is 5:01 right now. on capitol hill, while waiting for the russia report, two things that could affect your wallet, health care and border security. tracie potts joins us with more on this monday morning. good morning, tracie. >>reporter: hey there, laura. good morning, everyone. the president is pushing for changes on both of those. yes, they could affect your wallet. we begin today with our new nbc/wall street journal poll. most americans, 8 in 10, know about the robert mueller russia investigation but a lot less, less than half, care about it and consider themselves engaged. our new poll shows most americans either aren't sure or don't think the russia report clears president trump. as we await the full report, washington is turning its focus to health care. >> the american people should expect to not have to be
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burdened with the incredible costs affecting them now. >>reporter: the republicans have no new plan as the justice department declares the affordable care act unconstitutional. the trump administration promises pre-existing conditions will be covered in any new plan but nothing is in the works. meantime, president trump is threatening to close the border with mexico. >> we need the people from the ports oven try to go out and patrol in the desert where we don't have any wall. >> if he shuts this down long term like he says he wants to, it can get into the billions of dollars. >> reporter: the president has announced he is cutting foreign aid to central america to stop migrant caravans to the u.s. >> we're on track for close to 100,000. we have never seen a surge like this. >> the president is cutting off aid to these countries will not solve that problem. >>reporter: democrats want to focus on cybersecurity for the
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2020 election, preventing foreign interference like we saw in 2016 detailed in the report that the nation anxiously awaits. the attorney general now says that report should be ready for congress and ready for the public by the middle of this month. back to you. >> thanks for the latest there. it's 5:04 right now. tributes pouring in for rap star nipsey hussle. a huge crowd gathered where a gunman opened fire yesterday afternoon. three were shot, the other two survived. fans calls hussle an inspiration. >> we have lost a legend. we have lost someone who has inspired others, who came from the ground all the way to the top. >> they are not saying what led up to the shooting. he did have ties to one of the larger street gangs.
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in his last tweet he said having strong enemisies is a blessing. . at oracle last night, the warriors paid tribute to the grammy-nominated rapper. steph curry he emotional. >> i got to know him last year and had a great conversation about who he was as a person, what he stood for, what his message was, how he tried to inspire people considering where he grew up and how he turned into something extremely powerful. >> hussle appeared on steph's youtube show. they discussed topics including fatherhood. he tried to stop gang violence stkpwhraofp. >> 5:05. chp is looking for a person who started shooting at a couple on pullout of highway 4, martinez. chp saying two men started tail
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goods da tailgating the victims. the suspect's car pulled in front of them and then someone in the car started shooting. luckily, no one was hurt. this is the fifth shooting on the bay area freeway this month. . it is 5:06. one group of homeless people facing an even more uncertain future this morning. that's because over the weekend, the homeless encampment closed after the lease expired. the faa labeled it unfit for camping. leaders trying to move the tent city but keep running into road blocks. for the time being, hope village dwellers have been given 30-day motel vouchers. some people think the city is coming up short. >> it's sad that they don't have a place to go. this is a simple good idea to get them out of the creek,
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polluting the creek, give them trash services, facilities. it gives people a lot of dignity. >> there is still work to find an alternative site. if not, some believe they will find themselves right back in the same area. . well, in the north bay, recovery efforts are ramping up following the tufs fire. they less behind mass construction in coffey park neighborhood. 70% of those burned properties are under construction or rebuilt. 700 rebuilt homes are expected to be occupied by mid-summer. crews have been working on construction on days when we have been getting a break from all that rain. . this week the oroville spillway is about to face its first test since its reconstruction. it is simply holding too much water. the plan is to release water
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over the spillway and into the feather river tomorrow. both the main and emergency spillways were damaged in 2017 causing more than 180,000 people downstream to quickly evacuate. >> we are checking more rain. adding to our river levels. we're not tracking potential flooding from the initial system. you can see it is far off to the north. we're not getting much rain from this just yet. it will be very slow to move southward. in through the afternoon and tomorrow. very light showers through santa rosa right now. in fact, some areas may not even see any rain. here are the storm factors the next few days. very light rainfall, anywhere from just under a tenth to a quarter for the far northern bay. as far as winds go, winds could pick up later don't. isolated chance for thunderstorms and flood risk is not expected. but we are tracking sierra snow.
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i will go into more detail coming up shortly. let's send things over to mike. smooth traffic all around the bay. a nice drive. green sensors all over indicate that. back here we will call out brentwood, discovery bay, vaas co, 580, slowing out of the altamonte as you would expect for that commute direction. at the bay bridge, it looks bad but this is normal for a monday. we have the slower drive for the cash lanes. if you will notice, all the cash lanes are open. they are ready for the morning commute. things are stacking up, starting to ease over the 880 overcrossing. an early backup here. i'm not sure why. but it is back to about normal, guys. >> no joke about it. tech giants are looking to fool you today. who is up to what, next. . plus, facebook, no joke, is making changes. i'll walk you through coming up in business and tech. and still ahead for you,
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mike traffic tease good morning. it is 5:12. this is a very weak system but still enough to bring light showers. i'll talk about the timing for
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this and your predicted daytime highs in just a bit. and here's 101 in palo al he toe. smooth drive. easy drive right here. no problems here so far on the shot. we'll show you the changes in oakland. list got a nice day of trading on friday. today will be the first full day. a judge says he will decide tuesday whether pg&e can continue to give investors a dividend or whether it should spend the money on safety measures, like trimming trees. today is the first day of april. that marks the first day of the second quarter. only mediocre financial results for the first quarter. it is also april fools' day. a lot of tech companies come out with news. zuckerberg said the government needs to step in and start regulating facebook and other
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companies. he suggested four areas where the feds should set up rules. for instance, define harmful content so facebook feels confident in taking it down. defining what is a political ad. and privacy and data portability. it is this idea that you know what websites like facebook know about you. and you can download that data, take it with you to a different service. of course there is no other service like facebook. the company is adding a new feature called "why am i seeing this." you'll get lots of information about why you are seeing posts from a friend or why i particular company targeted you for an ad as well. facebook trying to the some good as it has been under so much pressure. >> no fooling you right now. i have something to tell you about scott. cheesecake factory welcomes in
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the month with a tasty giveaway 1:00 p.m. our time. the first 10,000 customers using doordash app to claim a reward will receive a $25 gift card. this is to use toward a cheesecake factory order any time this week. the last doordash giveaway in december, you may remember this one, hit crazy there. they offered free cheesecake shraoeut slices. one line of more than 100 doordash drivers outside valley fair mall. do you remember that one? >> uh-huh. hey, it is april fools' day. microsoft took a stand against its own corporate pranks. the marketing chief warning all employees not to participate in any april fools' day stunts. google getting in on that action. a classic version of the game
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snake will be on google ios. [ coughs ]. it sounds like i have been smoking, but i really haven't. >> the articulated transit bus didn't catch on as much as snake. >> they have it. >> all right. a look at the weather for us today. we should expect some showers. >> very light. it will be very light. some of you might not even see the rain. a dry, muggy day. right now the conditions in the 40s and the 50s. it's not very cold. that's because this isn't a cold storm. it is a very weak storm. we're talking insignificant rainfall totals. it will be just enough to wet the pavement out there through the north bay. san jose, 50 degrees right now. here's where the system currently is. you can see it's popping up on doppler radar. i'm going to zoom this in closer so you can see who is seeing light rain. areas in santa rosa, far off
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into ukiah. it is going to move across the bay very, very slowly. however, i'm still going to keep the shower chances on there in case you're outside and it starts lightly raining. it will be muggy because of that reason. temperatures will be fairly warm but a little bit cooler compared to yesterday's temperatures. he yesterday above normal. today more softball. 66 for oakland. 67 for napa. 70, palo alto. 73, san jose. take a look at the hour by hour outlook. i pushed this forward to 7:00 p.m. heavier pockets in through san rafael, san francisco. even then, they are so light. notice how disorganized this is through tuesday morning. additional pop-up showers here and there. continuing tuesday with our stronger storm possible next tuesday. so we will dry out wednesday. thursday into friday, the rain
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is going to pick up. this will bring higher rain totals for the coastal mountains which will carry over into the weekend. take a look at the next seven days. very light showers. i will keep the icons in the forecast. no heavy rain coat needed. how are the roads. >> we're looking at green pretty much all over the bay. notice this sign right there, the yellow sign. we will mark an obstruction in the roadway called out by chp. westbound 84, dumbarton bridge. reports of something in the roadway. no slowing on the sensors for san mateo. folks changing lanes with ease. everything is at the limit towards the peninsula. bay bridge, no problems. a little bit of slowing just started for the upper east shore freeway. volume starting to build. at the toll plaza, we will likely see the metering lights turned on in the next two or
5:19 am
three minutes. bart, trains started on time. no problems for any of the other rail systems coming in on the early trains for the capitol corridor. same with cal train. 5:19. the latest "transformers" movie set in san francisco. mr. bumblebee himself will make an appearance in the bay this week. we'll tell you where up next. take a look at this. my dear alma mater. university of memphis. go, tigers! showing the trees in bloom. oh, how i love the bay area. @marcus. 15 developing in southern
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california - police are looking for the person who attacked a dodgers fan - leaving him near
5:22 am
death. developing in southern california, police looking for the person who attacked a dodgers fan leaving him near death. this is a photo taken by the wife of raphael reina, a father of four. he has a fractured skull and needs help breathing. this happened on friday. she was on facetime when she heard him arguing with another man. she heard a crack, and the screen went black. >> i'm panicked. i'm screaming in the phone. nobody is hearing me. and i can hear my husband moaning. how can you do this and leave him laying on the floor? you leave him laying on the floor like he's a piece of trash? >> witnesses told security another fan attacked him. police are looking for a man in his 20s. for some, this attack reminds them of bryan stow.
5:23 am
he nearly died in the parking lot when two dodgers fans beat him up. he suffered permanent brain damage. his attackers received eight and four years in prison. stow lives with his parents in cap tola. he helps run the bryan stow foundation. a video shows the moment a 6.2 quake hits the coast of ecuador. you can see the shaking clearly there. no one was hurt. and no major damage is being reported. 6:23 right now. city hall and several city offices will be closed in observance of cesar chavez day. it is traditionally held march 31st. many marched to honor the late leader. and the blue card bill would pave the way for farm work
5:24 am
stories become american citizens. many residents say it will provide relief for thousands of farm workers. . and this morning, two women who were set to make history will talk about the plans being scrapped for the first ever all-fema spacewalk. >> gnaws said space suits wouldn't be ready in time. mcclain is scheduled to perform her first spacewalk next monday. both opened up about the experience live on "today" from the international space station. you can expect to watch that at 7:00 a.m. . all right. dumbo is struggling to take flight at the box office. fail to go soar for disney. it did bring in $45 million, the
5:25 am
top spot, but that is less than half the opening weekend for "beauty and the beast" and jungle book remakes. "u.s." in second place, with "captain marvel" rounding out the top three. >> a 12-foot tall statue of bumble beale will be at pier 39. it is a yellow vw bug that turns into a robot. the movie is set in 1987 in san francisco. it currently is 93% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes. check that out. we look like bumblebee today. . happening today, facebook will unveil a preview of stephen versus the game. >> the star posted this trailer on his facebook page. a new series follows curry the past year and shows
5:26 am
behind-the-scenes footage of life off the court. it is set to air this spring on facebook watch. our nbc bay area team is set to talk to curry later today. watch out for that interview on air and online at . well, coming up, the stories we're talking about this monday morning, including a plea to the governor today from the father of an oakland boy who shot himself accidentally. up next in a live report, what that father is asking. . and taking a live look outside on a monday morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks like the metering lights are on. mike inouye helping you get out the door. a look at the changing forecast straight ahead. you're watching "today in the bay". [phone ringing]
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ad lib live picture of the golden gate bridge. well, no fool for you today. but it is april fools' day. a live picture at the golden gate bridge. good morning to you. thanks for joining us here on "today in the bay". >> listen, guy, you don't know that i love it. >> >> do you? >> happy monday to you. marcus is going to go to his desk. >> all right. right now in san francisco, 54 degrees. and notice the skies. it's not too bad out there. good news on that front. a lot will be contained. the system seems to be very
5:30 am
weak. san jose, 50 degrees. let me show you where it currently stands on doppler radar. a lot was offshore. light rain through santa rosa. some of this isn't making it to the ground. which means we will be fairly dry. southward slowly bringing light rain chances late tonight into portions of the bay area in through tomorrow. this is not too bad. just keeping our roads and commute. >> starting the week off a little easier. we have the bay bridge toll plaza filled in as usual. it started to slow down. it is crawling out for the cash lanes. the good news is up until a few minutes ago things were moving. this backup is not packed in solid like it sometimes can be. slowly of course over the incline. the amazing approach contra costa county looks good. 101, caesesar chavez, car on th
5:31 am
shoulder. it should be fine. 101 in san jose, no surprises, guys. we send it right back to you. thank you, mike. begging for mercy. the family of a 4-year-old boy in oakland who accidentally shot himself is asking the governor to let the boy's father leave prison to be by his son's bedside. >> kris sanchez joins us with what the governor is saying this morning. kris, the little boy still fighting for his life. >> still fighting for his life. it is not good. they are putting the pressure on governor gavin newsom. they are pushing hard to get him to consider that request by asking him to behave as a father. the family put out a photo and i have to say it is very hard to see. you can see him as he is hooked up to life support. on the phone there you can see his father, nathan jackson, talking to that little boy. the governor gave the
5:32 am
opportunity to skype with his son as he is in intensive care in oak hraplanoakland. his father is incarcerated. nevon is still on life support and not showing brain activity at this point. if the governor grants the visit, it would likely be to say good-bye. 49-year-old boy accidentally shot himself with a gun he found unsecured under the bed. the mother's boyfriend is charged with child abuse and charges for felony in possession and for not properly storing the gun. the family will speak outside the state capitol. we will track the governor's response. >> thank you very much, kris. it is 5:32. another oakland priest in custody this morning accused of sexually abusing a child. authorities arrested father hector david mendoza vega.
5:33 am
he is accused of repeated sexual abuse at st. john the baptist in san lorenzo. preuarishioners say they are shocked and outraged. >> it's gone on too long. it is going to continue unless stuff changes. like any institution, you want to hurt an institution, hit them in the pocketbook. >>reporter: he has only been in corpus christi a couple of years. he was transferred in 2016 from st. john. baptist in san lorenzo. a local man accused of having sex with children. he's not under arrest here. he's in a colombian jail. investigators say this was his 7th trip to colombia in the past two years. he was there to pay young girls to have sex. the victims are between 13 and
5:34 am
17 years old. he used three facebook profiles to contact the girls while sharing inappropriate photos and offering them up to $100. he is from fairfax in marin county. well, this week marks a grim anniversary for youtube. april 3rd last year, a woman walked into youtube headquarters in san bruno and opened fire. she wounded three employees before taking her own life. the 39-year-old san diego woman apparently had a long-running grudge against the company. her father responded and actually reported her missing days before the attack and told police that she might be headed towards facebook. -- or youtube, i should say, i'm sorry. the three victims in that shooting survived. . 5:34. following several shootings across the bay area. there's a new idea to stop gun violence. santa clara supervisor dave cortese tells nbc bay area that the county plans to roll out a 24/7 gun surrender program.
5:35 am
he made the announcement at a rally against gun violence in san jose over the weekend. cortese says that people who own guns often don't know how to get rid of them properly. the announcement comes one day a judge blocked the ban on high-capacity magazines. this week a public separation of life to honor the pittsburg principal shot and killed earlier this month. shotwell's wife shot him in their home. he leaves behind eight children. the public ceremony will take place friday night at 7:00 at pittsburg high school. >> a new study is raising new questions this morning about compliant california hospitals can be in looming new earthquake standards. they must be earthquake safe by 2030. a study finds only 5% of 23 of the state's 418 hospitals have been able to meet the new safety
5:36 am
seismic standards. many are too financially strapped to afford the upgrade requirements. sausalito recovering from the powerful mudslide last month. today they plan to reopen a portion of sausalito boulevards that has been closed since february 14th. you may recall our breaking news coverage of that mudslide. it destroyed a home. a woman was trapped inside. her rescued played out live. we're happy to say she's okay. how is the morning commute looking? >> that was amazing to see that play out. sausalito, everything is calm today. smooth drive. slower drive across the bay bridge. you notice earlier we saw the inclines slow. everything sorted itself out. chp has not cleared the incident at cesar chavez. the traffic looks like it is flowing smoothly there as well as around the bay. 84, on the right side, slowly
5:37 am
around isabel. so we will track that. i will check to see if there are any problems. so far none reported in the south bay. just a little bit of slowing for 101. no big surprises. >> no biggie. >> no biggie. >> hey, over the weekend did you get out and enjoy the beautiful weather? yeah. did you go surfing? take a look at this. let's take you there now. paddlefest happened in santa cruzment a lot of people hit the waves, taking full advantage of the sunny weekend we had. it was gorgeous. >> vianey does not like that cold weather, i know that. >> no. i said this. you won't catch me swimming in the pacific. maybe because i fell off my paddleboard. that's the only chance i'll get in the water. it is a little muggy. we have a little bit of a system. people are wondering, okay, it's kind of like today. what about the weekend? unfortunately, we have another system. so a series of storms. the next is expected to make its arrival in time for the weekend. actually friday. that rain is going to carry over
5:38 am
right now in the form of showers in saturday's forecast. good news, we are still pretty far out. as far as how heavy the rain will be, the timing of all of that could very well change. so far let's get prepped and ready to go as you plan for your week ahead. so coast, bay, inland. look at the temperatures. mid to upper 60s. and the showers, unfortunately, are expected to carry over into sunday's forecast. as far as your sunday forecast goes, sundays we're expecting things to taper off just a little bit. the temperatures will remain in the upper 60s for the bay and the coast and inland temperatures will be in the 70s. so it's going to be another muggy weekend in terms of the weather. as far as outdoor plans, you may want to hold off just a bit. as we get closer to the weekend, we will have a better idea of the timing of this. i hope it doesn't ruin anybody's outdoor plans. as of right now, plan to have your umbrella. it will rain all week. don't wash your car at all. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, vianey.
5:39 am
5:38. happening again. another horse dies at a southern california racetrack. the 23rd horse to die there. still ahead, new restrictions now in place for that track. and president trump says he is going to close the u.s./mexico border this week. >> adrian aides say he is not kidding.
5:40 am
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it is 5:41. if you're traveling through the
5:42 am
north bay, grab your umbrella. we are tracking showers through the evening hours. right now most areas of dry. 48 in dublin. wind speeds are call. it will be muggy out there. we are talking about 60s and 70s. i'll break down our next bigger rain chance coming up in just a bit. we're probably talking the same numbers as far as the speed. 65 in palo alto. here's 101. we'll show you what things look like on 101 in the city. all new for you this morning, a fire sweeps through a homeless camp last night in los gatos. this is video just into our newsroom showing the flames. i want you to listen closely. you can hear the fire popping. it happened 12:30 on highway 17 at the main street overcross. one lane was shut down while crews worked to put out the fire. it is back open now.
5:43 am
the cause of the fire is under investigation. no one was hurt. as you can see, it destroyed tents and several other items. 5:42. this morning we are learning another race horse died at the santa anita racetrack. it marks the 23rd horse death at the facility since december. the horse injured his right front leg and fell in a race on the turf yet. santa anita just reopened racing this weekend after being closed for nearly a month. the track is putting new restrictions in place. there are new rules on certain medications that can be given to animals. another bans the use of whips, exempt during races where safety needs to be ensured. well, two of the biggest names in the college admissions scandal are due to appear before a judge this week. felicity huffman and lori loughlin. more parents could be charged soon. federal prosecutors are looking to expand the case which features a newport beach college
5:44 am
admissions companies that had more than 700 clients. huffman is accused of disguising a $15,000 payment to doctor her daughter's s.a.t. results. laughlin allegedly paid $500,000 in bribes to have her two daughters designated as recruits to the usc crew team. 5:44. the president said he will close the border with mexico this week. and two of the president's top advisers say he's not bluffing. >> yeah. kellyanne conway and mick mulvaney. what does it mean to close the border? does he mean specific ports oven try, tijuana, or all ports oven try? here's the president on friday. >> i'll just close the border. and with a deficit like we have with mexico and have had for many years, closing the board will be a profit-making operation. >> the president is right. we do have a trade deficit with with mexico in goods. more stuff flows south to mexico than north to the u.s. a lot of things come from china,
5:45 am
through long beach, straight to mexico. so a trade deficit hard to calculate. we have a trade surplus actually. he said our detention are max said out. we will take no more illegals. if you come to the u.s. to ask for an asylum, you are not an illegal. you are not breaking the law. no doubt we have a crisis at the border. more people on the southern border that we can process. congress has taken no action so far. something needs to be done. the border is hard to define. does the president include airports, people and goods coming in on planes. cargo ships, cruise ships, vacationers? the bureau of customs and border has not been given that information. here's dick durbin. >> when the president says he's going to close the border, that is a totally unrealistic boast on his part. what we need to do is focus on
5:46 am
what's happening in central ameri america. >> again, two advisers have said the president's really going to do this this week. we will continue to follow it. @scottmcgrew. >> thanks so much, scott. quarterer to six. hoops fans, how is your bracket doing this morning? we're guessing it was probably busted over the weekend. or if you picked the top seeds, only one number one will be in the final four after michigan state shocked duke. spartans eeked out a one-point win. second seed kentucky went down. they lost to auburn in overtime. this is auburn's first ever final four appearance. so here's the final four now. michigan state takes on texas tech. and auburn faces the only surviving top seed, virginia. did you check the team brackets over the weekend? >> yes, we did.
5:47 am
>> someone is in first place. marcus, you came in second there. >> i guess so. let's take a look at that. that looks horrible. but i did have virginia -- no, i didn't. i was like, oh, i did well in something. oh, well. >> what about you, mike? >> no, no, no. >> a lot of xs there. >> a lot of xs. >> how about kari? >> she got auburn. look at that. >> there you go. there's our scoreboard right there. >> why am i smile something that's ridiculous. it was a nice run. >> 1% of the brackets picked the final four. >> one analyst had three of the four. pretty amazing. >> wow, that's pretty good. >> i was impressed. there was a reason why he's an analyst. >> this is the year we probably
5:48 am
should have bet some money on it. >> you think so. >> i would have lost. >> i know i won't do a good job. >> you have numbers of a different sort for us. >> i do. and i can predict the future in other ways. right? the weather! so much prediction in weather, as you all know, which is why it's constantly changing. a lot of you are like, hey, it's going to rain. i didn't say it was going to pour. i said light showers. that's exactly what we're seeing. a lot of it isn't even touching the ground in north bay, which is fantastic news for us. golden gate bridge, look at that. beautiful shot through there. current temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. so it's not cold. it's actually kind of mild. that's making for a muggy start to our day. where is the rain right now? let's look at doppler radar. zooming in, you can see a lot of moisture offshore. a lot is far off to the north. santa rosa getting very light rain. this is a disorganized weak
5:49 am
system. a lot will stay confined to the north. anything that manages to push farther south, your hour by hour outlook shows it. san rafael, san francisco. light on and off showers continue through tuesday. light to moderate showers possible. it will spread throughout the day into tuesday. again, it's not really heavy. less than a tenth of an inch. stronger storm possible next friday. your storm factor, isolated chance of thunderstorms. this storm is bringing snow to the sierra. already impressive snowpack year, your winter season. two to four inches possible at 7,000 feet. microclimate highs for today, mainly muggy. santa rosa, 66 degrees. napa, 67. oakland, 66.
5:50 am
cop co concord, 69. your pollen report for all the fellow allergy sufferers. i am one of them. trees, high. grass, moderate. rag waoetd and mo ragweed and mold absent. here's what you can expect. mainly keeping these icons of rain in case you spot a light shower or two. but it l very, very light. even through tomorrow. i'm not concerned about tomorrow morning's commute. wednesday, it will dry out. we will catch a little bit of a break from the rain. late wednesday into thursday, another system rolling in. the one that is packing, looking to be a bit of a bigger punch is going to be into friday. that looks like it will bring more rainfall total especially for the coastal mountains. the rain will carry over saturday and sunday. so even though we're not seeing heavy rain, we can't put our guard down just yet. mike, how are the roads? >> doing well.
5:51 am
vianey, if you're not concerned about the rain, i'm not concerned about it. confidence in you. green, green, green for most of the drive. a little build here in san jose, 101. typical there. this obstruction is eastbound as you get toward the dublin grade. no lanes reported blocked. there was tire debris. we will track that. a little bit of slowing on 238 and 880 south through the castro valley. no surprises there. backup at the bay bridge toll plaza is there. standard for this time of morning. no delays for transit agencies. bart's assistance, you can avoid the backup completely. you will go below all of those cars. smooth drive by the oakland bart station. nice, smooth drive. volume picking up a little bit. nothing compared to last night when i left the game. it was crazy. golden gate bridge, smooth drive. no delays all the way into this beautiful drive at the toll
5:52 am
plaza. without any problems. san francisco, disabled vehicle 101 at cesar chavez has cleared. back to you. . thanks, mike. happening now, new york state is joining california on banning single use plastic bags. the ban was passed hours ago. individual counties will have the option of charging 5 cents per paper bag. new york is the third state to ban the bags. the ban has been some place in california since 2016. a data breach. if you ate at a few popular restaurants. what to do if you ate there. plus -- >> you always think you have more time than you do. and you really don't. >> you'll start noticing today featuring a celebrity's family and how effective the cdc says anti-smoking messaging really is. you're watching "today in the bay". this morning, today in thes
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kari hall is on stay-cation! check out this video she shared on instagram of her and her 5:55. kari hall on staycation. her and a friend in front of the golden gate bridge. you can go to@kaer hari hallwea.
5:56 am
>> the online speculation was g mail was a hoax. but now on its 15th birthday, the popular inbox has 1.5 billion users. celebrating the milestone with suggest said subject lines and smart compose, which is that to type next. and you can open links without having to open a new tab. >> a follow-up for you now. there is officially only one blockbuster video store in the entire world. the store in australia closed yesterday. that means the store in bend, oregon is the only one left. its manager says that there are no plans to shut down. locals still rent movies there. and it's also now a tourist hot spot. . well, a consumer alert for you this morning. >> the company that owns planet hollywood, buca di beppo
5:57 am
conforms 2 million credit card numbers were stolen in a data breach. they stole card numbers, expiration dates and customer names from restaurants in 40 states. the breach took place between may of last year and march of this year. the company started a website for customers to check whether the location they visited was impacted. now to a developing story for you. a man accused of killing a young woman who thought he was her uber driver won't appear before a judge today. he waived his right to that appearance. here's what's happening. south carolina student samantha josephson was last seen outside a bar late thursday night. police think they she gshe got card thinking he was her uber driver. >> 5:57 right now. happening today, expect to see and hear new anti-smoking ads.
5:58 am
starting today the cdc is again rolling out hard-hitting tips from former smokers ad campaign. they feature people whose smoking addiction led to disfiguring and fatal diseases. even the family of a hollywood start leonard nimoy are joining in the effort. >> even though it's really hard to quit, you can't give up. you have to keep trying. and if you fall backwards, you start again. >> the cdc credits the ads with prompting 9 million americans to try to quit smoking. . new for you on the "today" show, global warming is the big focus. nbc sent al roker to the arctic circle this morning. he's actually speaking with scientists studying the effects of climate change. al is there as they conduct their experiment on the ice. >> you see stuff, social media and interviews from some
5:59 am
politicians saying, oh, there's always been climate changes, always been variations in weather. what's the big deal? what do you say to those folks? >> it's true that there has always been changes in climate. usually they span thousands of years. what we are seeing now is unprecedented. the changes that are happening in 30, 50 years. >> look for al's story that starts in just one hour. you can find it right after "today in the bay". right now at 6:00, one of the biggest attempts to relieve parking problems. the changes bart riders will face this morning. shocking death. fans mourning nipsey hussle. how friends are remembering a man making a positive impact in the community. interpret regulation. the call from facebook over the weekend what it would mean for all of us. "today in the bay" continues right now.
6:00 am
and a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. april fools' day. i mean, i am marcus washington but today is april fools' day. vianey in for kari to tell us what's going on with the weather. >> it's actually not bad. i know we're tracking changing weather, though. even though today might not be a heavy rain day, we have a lot more to look forward to. as you head out the door, current temperatures, it's not that cold. in fact, it is 52 degrees. wind speeds are calm. microclimate highs as you get ready to head out the door, upper 60s, low 70s for the south bay. i'm keeping showers on the map. that's going to continue to push southward in through tomorrow. you might still get caught up in light rain here and there. keep the umbrella handy. it will not be pouring and washed out completely. let's check in with mike.


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