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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 2, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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keep that umbrella handy, right? >> yeah. it will be just enough to mess up your hair and get your car a little dirty. the pavement is wet. still slowing down. it doesn't seem like it is pouring out there. it will be enough to create slick roadways. we have a line of light showers from santa cruz, san jose. the same line of showers will continue to be spotty on and off through the afternoon. as far as your daytime highs. another muggy day. mid-60s. i'll talk about the timeline in just a bit. a check of the roads with mike. boy, a muggy day. this is what vianey is talking about. the highlighting in the south bay, moving to the east bay and tri-valley. slick in many spots. it wasn't a major issue. just enough to smear that window as vianey was talking b. contra
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costa county. marsh road, reports of debris in the roadway. back to you. thanks, mike. well, developing for you now on capitol hill. president trump is threatening to shut down the border in just a week. democrats are opposing the plan. but people on both sides of the southern border, including many in california, are bracing for the possibility. the president is ordering another 750 border agents to the region. a record number of families and unaccompanied children will enter the u.s. but closing the border would shut down trade. tracie potts with what this could cost all of us. tracie? >> reporter: it could really impact your grocery bill if, in act, the president shuts down the border, marcus, and if it's sustained. economists are concerned built impact, especially on fruits and vegetables. we get nearly half of our
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vegetable imports from mexico. about 40% of our fruit. this is our third largest trading partner. there have been a lot more demands for fresh food in the united states. a lot of that is coming over the border from mexico. avocados, a big deal. we could see them disappear or largely disappear in the united states within three weeks. and it would take california a month to try to pick up that slack. this could have an impact on the grocery store. economists are concerned about what that is going to look like across america. >> americans could see this play out on the shelves of their grocery store. >> now, not only are we talking about food but plastics, auto parts also imported from mexico if this goes into effect. not just an impact on immigration and the people trying to get into this country but the goods. in some cases services that we
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have from mexico as well. marcus. >> tracie potts reporting from washington. thank you, tracie. 5:02 right now. soon you will have a chance to help bring in thousands of dollars to your community. but you have to participate in the national consensus. contra costa county will kick off an awareness campaign in just a couple of hours from now. bob? >> reporter: good morning, laura. i know we're a ways out. in one year, the federal government will conduct the 2020 census. it happens once every 10 years. the census is basically a head count. it needs to figure out how many representatives each state in congress and how over $675 billion in federal funds are distributed. george washington university estimates for every person who is not counted, california's local governments would estimate $2,000 per individual.
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that is why contra costa holding a kickoff. santa clara county later this morning. the trump administration wants to include the citizenship question in the 2020 census. basically are you a u.s. citizen or from somewhere else. critics fear immigrants will not want to participate and it will be undercounted, especially in plates like california, which has a large hispanic population. the supreme court is expected to rule later this year in june. take a look at your tv screen. in cocoa county, kickoff at 12:30. food bank of contra costa in solano, concord. down in the south bay, santa clara county will host a countdown to census 2020. and the mexican heritage in san jose.
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telemundo 48 has launched a new one called make yourself out, the impact in the latino community will have on the upcoming presidential election and the need for community civic engagement. bob redell, "today in the bay". . thanks so much, bob. 5:05. a grisly discovery in san jose. a dive team recovered a man's body from coyote creek last night. someone was walking on a nearby trail spotted it and called police. the body was found near los lagos golf course. we are reaching out to police for more details. a sad story in solano county. two teenage boys are electrocuted while trying to rescue a dog. this happened yesterday afternoon near vacaville. the boys touched an electrified gate in the water.
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the dog was later rescued. names and ages of the boys have not yet been released. . people in one peninsula neighborhood losing sleep over what they say a noisy new neighbor causing disruptions night in, tphout onight out. did you hear that hum there? that's the noisy new neighbor. a large generator powering the new mid-peninsula animal hospital on el camino real. it sits close enough to a group of homes and apartments. and they want it muzzled. neighbors say they can also smell the diesel fumes >> when things are quiet, it gets louder at night. so i try to be here at 8:00, i try to see if it goes off. i'll just leave because it's still on. >> the animal hospital owner says she has had to run the generator because pg&e have not repaired a transformer broken since she opened in december. 5:06 right now.
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new for you this morning, one less place you can get fresh produce. the 2016 farmers market is now no more. it's been canceled due to lack of visitors. it launched in 2016 as a way to stimulate the downtown area. campbell is the latest bay area city making a swift to district-based elections. if passed, it would only impact voters selecting city council members. you can weigh in at city hall in a public meeting. santa lara sued over the at-large elections and actually won. happening today, state lotto workers will be back in the sierra measuring the snowpack. we got off to a so so start when the first measurements were taken. levels were below normal. since then, a lot of storms have been moving through adding to
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the snowpack. and the state, well, officially out of that drought. so a good thing there, vianey, for skiers as well. >> it was. fantastic to hear. officially drought free as of march. that is the first time since december of 2011. we continue to celebrate. storms pushing through. it helps with our water. so right now just looking ahead. we have a couple of snow showers right now and some rain. as we head to friday and saturday, we're tracking a bigger storm. this is a cold storm expect to go bring an additional amount of snow sunday anywhere from 7:00 to 12:00, maybe even 18 inches for the higher elevations of snow on friday and saturday. that's just looking ahead, which means start prepping your travel so you don't get caught on the roads. bringing you back a little bit here to the south. we have mid-60s in through the tri-valley as well. light to moderate rain through
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the afternoon. it will remain spotty into the overnight hours. wednesday it will taper just a bit. again, we see our next chance of rain move in thursday and friday. we have a lot going on in the forecast. today will be an overall pleasant day. over to mike. . let's focus on today. and the now. the traffic front, still wet. slippery throughout the south bay, moving to the tri-valley. where actually we just saw improvement. 680 north to sun oel. a couple lanes, the freeway itself, 60 is on open. 84 shows more slowly. we see the sensors going from red to orange. that's better news there. no problem, no delays getting through the east bay. approach to the bay bridge, 580 and 880. there's the north bay, no delays. looking good to 101 and the golden gate. thank you, mike.
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a popular cat food being recalled because it may contain pieces of rubber. what you need to look out for before you feed your pets. whole foods may not cost a whole paycheck with price discounts. and viral verdict. reaction to a decision in a closely watched case catches the judge and bailiffs off guard. the case and the verdict handed down.
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good morning. it is 5:12 right now. current temperatures in the 50s. take a look at your temperature trends. spotty showers not only for san jose but the entire bay area. we'll be expect to go climb into the mid-60s. our next chance of seeing heavy rain throughout the bay area and how this may impact weekend plans coming up. this commute went from something to nothing, back to nothing. we'll show you what's going on with the bay bridge. good morning. happy tuesday. the stock market roaring ahead monday. encouraging news about manufacturing. boeing says it will be weeks before it has a fix for the 737 max software. list saw stock prices fall below its ipo price after an 11% plunge. this morning you can buy a share of list for less than the fancy
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fat cat bankers did last week at the initial public offering. future ubers are looking at this carefully. uber has yet to go public. tkpwaolg employees are angry after it named a prominent conserve teufr on its a.i. advisory board. james runs the heritage foundation and has a history of opposing gay rights. the white house says it still backs this man, stephen moore, to join the federal reserve board of governors. guardian reports more, owes back taxes and was held in contempt for fail to go pay alimony and child support. he supports the idea that the fed should not raise interest rates further. the white house supports it but has not forwarded his name to the senate for confirmation. and whole foods will cut the price on lots of different items starting tomorrow. meat and produce in particular. down as much as 20%.
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prices are good for all shoppers, not just the amazon prime members. i was in whole foods for the first time a couple years ago. when you use your amazon prime app, you get 10 bucks off the first time. just the first time. purina recalls muse natural chicken recipe. look for a best by date april 2020. it may contain yellow and blue rubber which could cause your pet to choke. you should throw it out. purina will replace it. . many of your friends may be getting married this time of the
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year. while your invite might be in the mail, you could be worried how much it will cost you. according to, one in five americans say they have said no to a wedding due to financial reasons. seven out of nine experts say that's a legitimate excuse. but they say whether or not you can make it in person, you should always send a gift to the couple. >> yes, you should. >> let's talk about one productive way to celebrate april fools' day. the most sandwiches in three minutes. they managed to complete 868 beating the previous record. it wasn't just the record books they were after but helping people in their community. >> i think it's very special since we're donating it to
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homeless people. when i see they are sad i just want to hug them. >> they are making sure they were given to the homeless in the community. look at them cheer. >> they looked tasty. >> lots of parents making breakfast this morning. >> rain jackets. it will be spot y. it might seem like the sun will break through. so keep that in mind. 55 in san jose. the wind speeds are calm. light rain pushed through this isn't a strong system. it is a weaker cold front. santa cruz, highway 17 slowing down. even if it doesn't feel like it is pouring rain, the roadways creating slick hazards. microclimate highs for today, if
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you're worrying about your temperatures, still going to be in the 60s. it will still feel muggy. humidity high. gilroy, 62. your temperatures in through the east bay, 65, concord. 63 for oakland. we will stay on trend with the 50s and the '60s the remainder of the week. 70s this past weekend. as we see approaching systems, we will see the daytime highs a little lower. 58 for the marina. outer sunset, 59. hour by hour outlook, it seems to pick up around 2:00, 3:00. becoming a little bit more organized. this is when we could see moderate pockets of rain in the north bay, south bay. around 3:00, 4:00, you might be driving back from work. it could be a time when you see heavier rain. spotty chances will carry over into wednesday. the stronger storm is possible into thursday night and friday.
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friday is the san francisco giants opener. the thing we're looking out for here is the timing of this storm. it looks like rainfall totals from a quarter inch to an inch and a half. higher totals seem to be sticking to the north bay. it could mean light rain into friday. heavier by the evening, into saturday morning. the heaviest of the rain friday night into saturday. however, as we get a little bit closer, we will have a better idea how that will impact the opener. a check of the roads with mike. things are looking pretty good. damp roadways. that's one note. talking about the rain traveling through the area. maybe drizzle. make sure the windshield wipers and you have fluid. southbound 880 around davis. a large piece of rubber.
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sounds like a piece of tire is in the roadway. a possible traffic break. we'll keep tracking that report. most of the commute is pushing this way west and towards the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup is starting to form. metering lights should be turned on any second. those are the ones that are still the last to build. so a smooth flow of traffic. bart will take you under the transit, back up to the toll plaza. no delays, including the ferry systems. back to you. . thanks, mike. . an update on rolling stones mick jagger's condition. when he is expected to undergo heart surgery. unexpected reaction in the courtroom. up next, the verdict that caused that reaction in a murder trial of a new york man charged with killing a jogger. 5:20 right now. you're watching "today in the
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bay". a decision in a brutal mur
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trial triggers a big reaction in a new york city courtroom. a decision in a brutal murder trial triggers a big reaction in a new york city courtroom. >> we, the jury, find the defendant guilty. [ applause ]. >> the suspect found guilty yesterday accused of brutally strangling and sexually assaulting karina verano in august 2016. the first case ended in a hung jury. sentencing is scheduled for later this month. he faces life without parole. in the wake of the deadly shootings at two mosques in new zealand, lawmakers are vote anything favor of new gun restrictions. the bill would ban the types of weapons a gunman used to kill 50 people at two christchurch mosques last month. it was backed by liberals and conservatives with only one
5:24 am
single law lawmaker voting against it. . 5:23. mick jagger set to undergo surgery. doctors expected to replace valves in his heart. they recently announced they are postponing their upcoming dates. they were supposed to start later this month in miami. the ban was supposed to take the stage in santa clara in may. hold on to your tickets. they will be valid for rescheduled dates. . april is autism awareness month. sesame street taking the opportunity to educate those. >> they have introduced viewers to julia, a 4-year-old with autism. soon you can meet her parents, brother, and companion dog in a series of new videos on the show's website.
5:25 am
she will be the focus of an episode on her being afraid of getting a haircut. emotionally charged season of "this is us" comes to a close tonight. >> an argument between randall and beth has it in a precarious place. it could be pivotal for kevin, whose new love zoe doesn't share his love for a family. amend moore who plays the matriarch promises a major revelation today. >> i didn't know when or how it was necessarily going to be revealed. so i was not expecting it in this finale episode. and i was very surprised. >> tune in 9:00 don't here on nbc bay area. it is actually a really great show.
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all right. stanford women's basketball playing for a berth in the ncaa final four. but they came up empty when it mattered against the top seed the cardinals looked did in the first three quarters, but notre dame was strong down to the stretch, winning by 16. 84-68. >> a tough one. 5:26. top stories we're following will on this tuesday morning. including violence breaking out overnight in l.a. at the vigil for a grammy-nominated rapper. up next we'll have more on the chaos that ensued. plus the search for the man accused of shooting and killing nipsey hussle. the software fix for boeing 737 max jet liners will take longer than expected. the new timeline coming up. . guess what, more rain in the forecast today. when will it get to you? vianey checking the latest for
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see what you might save at cvs pharmacy.
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for the bay area this morning. good tuesday morning to you. right now we are tracking more rain heading to the bay area. take a look at our radar. you can see the storm off the coast but moving in quickly. good morning to you. thanks so much for starting your morning with us. . let's go straight to the forecast. vianey in for kari. >> we are seeing light showers move through. that's what we will continue to see all day. a quick check of your
5:30 am
temperature trend. willow glen in the 50s. if you don't live in willow glen, you will climb into the 50s by mid-afternoon. everywhere else, we will top out in the mid-60s. notice the icons. light moderate rain through the afternoon. which means if you take any public transportation, keep an umbrella handy. it will be just enough to the point where we might get you a little wet. it will definitely mess up your hair. it's one of those. all right, ladies. into the 12:00 hour, we will remain in the 60s. eventually climbing into the mid-60s. light rain on and off throughout the afternoon. mike, how are the roads? >> vianey, the roads are damp in many parts. bay bridge toll plaza only now, the last minute or so, had all the lanes fill in at the toll plaza. metering lights late in the day especially for a tuesday. lighter traffic through this area, as well as the rest of the bay. we had last week and this week,
5:31 am
spring break. watch out for that. damp roadways. san jose shows a little slowing. that's not unusual. we'll accepted it right back to you. >> thanks, mike. chaos where there was supposed to be mourning. a memorial where nipsey hussle ended and los angeles police in a city why tactical alert. . officers are working to try to find folks in that memorial to figure out what happened. we have new video this morning of the moment where the crowd seemed to turn from peaceful remembrance to what police call complete chaos. a woman saying in that video that nipsey hussle should not die in vain. then you hear glass breaking and people starting to scream. from sky view, you can see what people were up against as they were trying to get themselves to
5:32 am
safety and what police were up against as they were trying to gain control of the situation. folks were trampled. one person was stabbed. another person hit by a car. officers who were positioned on the perimeter of the crowd told detectives this is what they saw. >> we didn't see it coming until they saw a wave of people rushing towards them. people were hurt. as i'm sure it shows. officers carrying injured people out. >> happening today in the case, l.a.p.d. will talk about the murder suspect, eric holder, and the two other people wanted in connection with nipsey hussle's shooting death. we expect an update on the position who was stabbed at the memorial and other people who were hurt, along with a person who was detained for disorderly conduct. a lot of fans and law enforcement in l.a., were praising nipsey hussle for his work to end gain violence. it does appear his murder might have been gang related.
5:33 am
. the ghost ship trial starts. two men charged in connection with the deadly fire say they're innocent. 36 people died back in 2016. "today in the bay" pete suratos joins us with details on how we got up to this point. long time coming for some of the victims's families. >> reporter: it's hard to believe it's been nearly two years since the deadly ghost ship lives taking the lives of 36 people back in december of 2016. we will give you a timeline of events that is leading up to the beginning of today's trial. as i mentioned, the ghost ship warehouse fire taking place back in december of 2016. 36 people died in that warehouse during a party that was being held at the venue. now, it was on june of 2017 that derrick almena, the warehouse tenant, and max harris, the creative director of the ghost ship warehouse, they were both arrested and charged with 36
5:34 am
were counts of involuntary man absoluter. last year a plea deal was reached giving al men that a nine-year prison sentence and harris a six-year sentence. in a surprising move last year, another judge rejected that plea deal saying almena didn't accept full responsibility or remorse for the deadly fire. lawyers tried to get the case dismissed altogether claiming potentially exonerating evidence was destroyed, lost, or altered under the watch of prosecutors in the case. the judge in this denied that motion. new "today in the bay" spoke with bay area legal expert steven classic clark about the upcoming trial taking place this morning. specifically the case that could be made by the defense team. >> translator: key to this case for the defense is going to be jury selection. everyone in alameda county has heard of the "ghost ship" fire. and almost everyone knows the
5:35 am
two pled guilty in search of a plea deal, and that fell apart. how did the two defendants come forward now and get a clean slate in front of this jury after they made a public pronouncement of their guilt? >> reporter: this could be a lengthy trial ahead, guys. attorneys on both sides saying it could lost from 12 to 18 weeks. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay". . we'll continue to follow that as well. thank you, pete. . a fix for two deadly crashes is on the way. it will take two more weeks. planes are still grouped. the company says it needs more time to complete the fix before it is submitted to the faa. the first crash happened last month. it killed all 157 people on board. last year, lion airlines crash involving a boeing 737 max 8 killed 189 people. . well, happening today for you, a berkeley engineer accused
5:36 am
of poisoning a co-worker is scheduled to make his first appearance in court. authorities last week arrested david chu. he works at berkeley engineering and research. he is accused of putting a toxic substance, cadmium, into his co-workers food and drink several times during the year. she experienced health problems after what she believed was water. people who live near him in lafayette are stunned. >> it's unbelievable. this is lafayette. i would never expect that to happen, ever here. >> and according to documents, police obtained video showing him atting substances to the victim's water bottle on two separate occasions earlier this year. he is charged with attempted murder. . this afternoon, an oakland priest accused of sexually abusing a child will face a judge. father hector david mendoza vela is accused of repeated sexual
5:37 am
abuse while working at saint john the baptist in san lorenzo. he has been serving at corpus christi in fremont. he has not been linked to any crimes there. he is the 46th priest to face credible abuse accusations. . 5:37. new for you this morning, morgan hill police searching for a woman who tried to rob a starbucks drive-thru cashier at gunpoint. this happened at the shopping center along cochran road. the cash here was able to back away from the window. the woman drove away in a silver or gold suv. anyone with information on who it may be is asked to call police. >> taking a live look at the oakland coliseum. bay area sports fans might have options don't. warriors taking on denver. both teams battle for the top spot in the western conference. and right next door, a's take on the world champion boston red sox. problem is both events happen
5:38 am
basically at the same time. so you know what that means, parking will be packed. a lot of cars. they repeated taking public transit instead. of course, mike inouye, you probably have suggestions. >> i suggest that you plan ahead. if you aren't fortunate enough to go to either of the games, you will have drama right up there by where the debris is reported in davis. it will be jammed intoed coliseum area. watch the nimitz and the streets. right now the roadways are moving smoothly. this pops up. northbound 680 through fremont passing by mission north. the construction crew from overnight blocked a few lanes. now they are slowing the lanes because they are clearing. that's good news if they are clear without any incident. watch out when you see the flashing lights. the tri-valley and across the bay area, san mateo very smooth. so no problems. >> nice.
5:39 am
now to the weekend. >> showers along the way. >> uh-huh. it is starting today already seeing showers out there. you saw the roadways, mike. it's not pouring rain. not a complete washout. but a round of rain thursday and friday. what does that mean pore your saturday? the friday storm is going to carry over into saturday's forecast. bringing showers on and off again for the coast, bay, and inland areas. which means, yeah, it might be a little will cloudy out there. i think for the most part it's not going to be heavy downpours, which will be great. you can still go outside and enjoy the fantastic weather. 67 bay inland. coast, 69 degrees. we're still pretty far out from the timing wise. but right now it looks like this may even carry over with a spotty chance into sunday's forecast. mainly for the morning hours, though. it will be very spotty. temperatures will begin to climb back into the upper 60s. we might even get 70s for inland areas.
5:40 am
the mugginess we have been feeling will carry over into the weekend forecast. at least not thundering downpours. let's keep you updated. another forecast coming up in a bit. thanks, vianey. . coming up next on "today in the bay", california's new first lady taking on her very first social cause in an official capacity. the new campaign she's kick off. what it means for all women in the golden state. and the president making a big reversal from the white house. we'll tell you all about it when "today in the bay" continues. ♪ [ crying ] ♪
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it is 5:42. you may encounter light rain on your morning commute. again, we will see the period of on and off rain all day long into tomorrow. the temperatures are right now in the 50s. not too cold out there. climbing into the 60s throughout the entire bay area. not just for antioch. into the afternoon. how long will this rain affect your morning commute? it is not heavy right now. >> well, they're not heavy yet in san rafael. but the volume is just picking up. south bay, we'll check on that. >> thanks so much. . 5:43 right now. a would be thief gets a bit more than he bargained for. >> a store clerk managing to wrestle a shotgun away from the suspect's hands. watch it closely there.
5:44 am
it all happened friday night. deputies say the masked man ran into a mini-mart, demanded money. once the clerk got a hold of the shotgun, look at him pull it there. he managed to chase the man out. quite dangerous. luckily, no one was hurt. they warn the clerk probably just should have handed over the money. but he's like not on my watch. . scary. santa rosa leaders will discuss a master plan to rebuild the coffey park neighborhood. two years ago, flames from the tubbs fire left behind mass destruction. a public meeting will be held at 4:00 to talk about zoning codes and other issues. more than 1,400 homes were destroyed. as we reported yesterday morning, 70% of those properties are under construction or already rebuilt. 700 rebuilt homes are expected to be rebuilt by summer.
5:45 am
a push to bring attention to the bay gap. california women make 89 cents for every dollar men make. today is the equal payday. across the state, many will be rallying for change. the american association of university of women will gather outside rock bridge bart station. it comes one day after california's first pattern, jennifer siegel nuwsom pushed for equal pay. she started a campaign on the gender pay cap. 14 corporations promised to conduct an annual analysis and review promotion policies including airbnb, apple and at&t. another blow for former vice president joe biden. a second woman is accusing him of touching her inappropriately. she claims it happened during a 2009 political fund-raiser. she was working as an. >> adrian: to a democratic representative at the time.
5:46 am
lapos says she wishes he would he would run behind a woman. >> he rubbed noses with me for like 10 seconds, 15 seconds. he was saying something to me. i don't remember what. and, yeah, it was uncomfortable. it was a little weird. >> another is accusing him of inappropriate behavior in 2014 saying he kissed her on the top of her head. the vice president released a statement in part saying not once, never did i believe i acted inappropriately. if it is suggested i did so, i will listen respectfully. but it was never my intention. . about-face on health care this morning. >> president trump says he will
5:47 am
wait until after the 2020 election. >> promising something better, marcus, after the election. chief resets. more effective with protection for pre-existing conditions. hraouft like obamacare. in a very long tweet, the president said he would delay replacing obamacare promising a vote will be taken right after the election. after republicans win the senate, he says, and win back the house. now, despite that promise, there is no plan that we have seen so far. and you'll remember republicans did hold the house and the senate and had no plan back then either. there is a court case against the affordable care act that goes forward no matter what the president tweets. polls show democrats and republicans support the affordable care act. the majority of americans want to see it expanded. to attack obamacare right before the election was seen as unwise tactically by the president.
5:48 am
handing the democrats an issue they had support for. the midterms mr. trump promised a middleclass tax cut in the days following the election. none had been written. and the tax cut never came to be. today is the day the house set as the deadline for the mueller report. unlikely that is going to happen. we continue to watch the president's claim that he will close the border with mexico this week. the u.s. has a three-week supply of avocados. interesting bit of data. but it is so much more serious with that. the commerce with the u.s. chamber of commerce saying if the border shuts down, jobs will be lost, medicines and other critical supplies will not get through to mexico, and the damage done to our economy would be equivalent of a major natural disaster. we are watching everything happening in washington. i'm@scottmcgrew. >> 5:48. the best places when it comes to man's best friend. or make that the friendliest
5:49 am
places, according to the trust for public land. they looked at the growing number of dog parks in the top 100 u.s. cities. you can go ahead and give boise, i.d.ed a bone. it's the top dog when it comes to dog parks. pooch-friendly portland is in second. henderson, nevada howling about third place. s.f. is fifth best, averaging four dog parks for each 100,000 residents. >> there you have it. >> i vice president been to the dog park. >> you vice president? >> yeah. he's old enough. he has all of his shots. you have to socialize him. >> we socialize, just not the dog park. >> all right. well, the weather might be a little gloomy. i think your dogs will be okay outside. he's okay with light rain. that is my rescue, by the way.
5:50 am
san francisco, a live view. it is beautiful. despite the fact that we are tracking light rain. i like the view. i think it will be one of those afternoons where the clouds will take over. but the light rain will be spotty on and off throughout the evening hours as well. a little bit heavier by late afternoon. a couple showers pushing through santa cruz, san jose. microclimate highs will be in the 60s for east san jose, the east bay. also expect low to mid-60s. concord, 65. danville, 65. 65 for palo alto. the winds will be picking up this afternoon. up through the north bay, upper 50s, low 60s. your how are by how are outlook. it picks up 2:00, 3:00. even then it will still be fairly light. couple pockets of moderate rain. spotty showers will continue until wednesday. very light rain in spots. less than a tenth of an inch.
5:51 am
not a huge storm. not expecting flood risk at all. by later this week, thursday night into friday, that's when we will see a greater chance of widespread rain. scattered thunder. flood risks localized. and the snow between 6,000 and 7,000 feet. 10 to 20 inches possible. if you have plans to head to the sierra, check the road conditions. here's a look at what we can expect. rain moves back thursday into friday, which happens to be the giants opener. we will monitor the timing on that to see if it affects the game. i'll keep a close eye. now a check of the roads with mike. . take a look over here, guys. the bridge toll plaza at the richmond-san rafael bridge. it is getting more popular. notice the one little puddle. that's not a big deal. but the rain a little more significant to the south. we see it touching over here off
5:52 am
to the right-hand side. vasco road, the bay, resuming over here. not to this portion of fremont. mission does touch that. northbound 680 coming up towards mission. we still see a slower drive. there is a construction crew blocking a few lanes overnight. it looks like that is causing a delay. a crash on the shoulder. not a major problem. the green highlighting showing slick roadways through the south bay. 101. picking up the volume a little bit for san jose. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, change is coming for deployment and home comings for the u.s. navy due to, quote, operational security reasons. the defense department will no longer announce when naval forces deploy or return from a tour of duty. they are calling for the military to be less predictable. many say they don't like it. others say that they understand the change. . 5:52 right now.
5:53 am
still ahead at 6:00 a.m., a shocking incident in solana county. two teen boys after being electrocute indeed a canal. who they were trying to save and what they touched. a big milestone for the oroville dam spillway. what we are expecting to happen.
5:54 am
5:55 am
posting on social media this morning. today in the bay )s mie
5:56 am
inouye shared these photos of "yosh here's a look at what some of us are posting on social media today. a legendary status in the san jose state hall of fame. the coach developed the scoring today that brought judo to the olympic games. follow mike on facebook. . congratulations to him. . today is the day the newly reconstructed oroville spillway will be put to the test. later today, official will release water over the rebuilt spillway and into the river. you may river the main and emergency spill will ways were damaged back in february 2017. we are hearing from one of the doctors who developed a treatment for postpartum depression. the fda approval of the drug last month. women will get the drug through
5:57 am
an i.v. for 16 hours. it works as a hormone. experts say it opens the door to a new line of research focused on new mothers. >> it is ground breaking treatment. it opens up whole new lines of research for us to better understand postpartum depression and perhaps stepped the treatments to other areas of medicine. the treatment is not widely available just yet. it could cost $35,000 just to start stkphraofplt 5:57 right now. pulling over on on the side of a busy road is normal. >> vicky wynn is asking can these kind of situations be avoided? >> we looked into that question after seeing so many crashes like these. drivers plowing into police cars
5:58 am
and motorcycles parked on the side of the road. you don't always hear about them. our investigation found they are happening nearly every day in california. so when a liver moore police officer tried to stop crosby, he wanted to find a safer spot. it almost cost his life. >> the officer had his gun started yelling telling me to keep my hands up. but i was trying to keep myself under control because i didn't want to get shot. >> what are you supposed to do, stop on the side of the road or take the nearest exit and hope the police don't punish you because they think you're trying to get away? tonight at 11:00 we asked if these traffic stops are putting drivers in danger. we'll show you what to do so you don't end up in one of these crashes. we investigate tonight at 11:00. >> thanks, vicky. 5:58. calling all baseball fans. fan fest is today.
5:59 am
it includes an autographed session with the players and a scrimmage. san jose giants home opener is next thursday. they take on the rawhide. "game of thrones" fans getting excited. maybe you saw this trending online. the fountains at bellagio in vegas will focus on "game of thrones". including the famous dragons. . 6:00 right now. battle at the border may impact your next trip to the grocery store. the warning for shoppers and families. . raising awareness. the controversial 2020 census is less than a year away. a fight over a controversial citizenship question continues. but first we're tracking more rain. not a washout. but you may hit wet weather on your morning drive. vianey is in for kari.
6:00 am
mike sorting it out. "today in the bay" continues right now. we have been on hair since 4:30. bright and early. good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we want to get a look at the forecast for you. we're expecting rain to come in but not a lot. >> light to moderate. spotty in spots. temperatures into the 60s. like we said at the top of the show, not a complete washout. doppler showcasing a couple of areas of spotty rain pushing through san jose right now. i want to turn your attention toward the sierra. a combination of rain and snow. if you're getting up early right now and you plan on heading to tahoe on a tuesday, well, you may hit rain and snow on the way. prepare for that. as far as your daytime high temperatures, our temperatures right now at 55 degrees. and then again we'll keep the cloudy skies and chance of rain all


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