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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 2, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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"today in the bay" continues right now. we have been on hair since 4:30. bright and early. good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we want to get a look at the forecast for you. we're expecting rain to come in but not a lot. >> light to moderate. spotty in spots. temperatures into the 60s. like we said at the top of the show, not a complete washout. doppler showcasing a couple of areas of spotty rain pushing through san jose right now. i want to turn your attention toward the sierra. a combination of rain and snow. if you're getting up early right now and you plan on heading to tahoe on a tuesday, well, you and then again we'll keep the res right now at 55 degrees. cloudy skies and chance of rain all dayod tomorrow. when we might see heavier rain coming up. how are the roads? >> looking really good.
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elementary and primary schools starting the next week. a lighter volume overall. damp roadways may be the case for some of your drives. be careful out there. light rain reported earlier today. northbound 680. overnight construction crew and a fender-bender. and a motorcycle involved. north 680 approaching mission north causing the slowdown. the rest of the commute looks great. back to you. thanks, mike. developing for you right now on capitol hill, president trump is threatening to shut down the border in just a week. democrats are opposing the plan. but people on both sides of the southern border, including many in california, are bracing for the possibility. the president is also ordering another 750 border agents to the region. a record number of families and unaccompanied children are trying to enter the u.s. but closing the board would also shut down trade. tracie potts is live in washington this morning. tracie, this could ultimately cost all of us.
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>> reporter: well, it certainly could, marcus. two words, fruits and vegetables. we get a lot of them from mexico. and if the border is closed, trade is going to be affected. ag is going to be affected. if we are in short supply, what we have here is going to cost more. that's what the experts are telling us. it's not just fruits and vegetables. nearly half of our imports of those come from mexico. but also things like beer and wine and snacks. avocados could go out of stocks in three weeks. it will take a month to make up the difference for california. if you think that would have a huge impact on your grocery store bill, listen to what expects are saying about the larger effect on the economy. >> something off the border, i frankly predict carries with it the peril of a recession.
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>> so the side effect of shutting down the border may have nothing to do with people approaching the border. people here trying to buy groceries. it's not just food. we also import auto parts, plastics, other things that could be stopped at the border if it's shut down and trade is affected by that as well. marcus. >> all right, tracie, something we will all be paying attention to. thank you. . soon you will have a chance to help bring in thousands of dollars to your community. l bob redell joins us live in walnut creek where in contra costa county is kicking off an awareness campaign a few hours from now. bob? >> reporter: even though we're about a year out from this, in one year, laura, the federal government will conduct census that take place once every 10 years. sit used to figure out how many represents each state has in congress and how over $675 billion in federal funds are
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distributed. george washington university estimates for every person who is not counted, california and local governments lose an estimated $2,000 per year per individual. that's why contra costa is holding a kickoff event later this afternoon. santa clara county doing something similarity this morning. now, you have probably read or heard about the census in the news lately. the trump administration wants to include the citizenship question in the 2020 census. are you a u.s. citizen or from somewhere else? it will be under counted especially in places like california, which has a large hispanic population. the scream court is expected to ru contra costa county again having the complete count census kickoff holding the event at ca costa and solana in concord. in south bay, countdown to census 2020, santa clara county
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hosting at at the mexican heritage plaza in san jose. incidentally, our sister station, telemundo 48 launched a new initiative called make yourself count. it is to impact the latino community will have in the upcoming election.redell, "toda new details. a search unit recovers a man's body from coyote creek. last night after 7:30, someone walking nearby the trail spotted and called police. the body was found near los gatos golf course. it has not been identified. investigators tell us there is no indication that the death is a homicide. and a sad story in solano county. two teenage boys electrocuted
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trying to rescue a dog. this happened yesterday afternoon near dixon west north of vacaville. they somehow touched an electrified gate in the water. the dog was later rescued. the names and ages of the boys have not yet been released. people in one peninsula neighborhood are saying they are losing sleep over a noisy new neighbor that causes disruptions night in and night out. that hum is what is bothering them. it's a large generator powering the new mid-peninsula animal hospital on el camino real in redwood city. neighbors say they can smell diesel fumes as well. >> when things are quiet, it gets louder at night. so i try to be here at 8:00. you know, i try to see if it goes off. and i'll just leave. because it's still on. >> the animal hospital owner says she's had to run the generator because pg&e crews
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have not repaired a transformer broken since she opened her facility in december. pg&e has yet to get back to us about her claim. well, campbell is the latest bay area city considering making a switch to district-based elections. if passed, it would affect voters electing city council members. in recent years, several cities have gone to district-based elections including santa clara. new for you this morning, one less place that you can get fresh produce. in 2016, tiburon farmers market is no more. well, it is being canceled due to lack of visitors. the farmers market launched in 2016 as a way to stimulate the downtown area. happening today, state workers will be back in the sierra measuring the snowpack.
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the snow is coming down tkpwefpblt off to a so so start. levels at on or below normal. since then, there's been so many storms moving through add to go that snowpack. the state is officially out of the drought. a lot more snow coming this weekend, i understand. >> that's right. we are seeing snow showers right now. 161%. that was the latest. so we will see what happens once the next storm moves in into frid and saturday. we're tracking possible an additional 10 to upwards of 18, maybe 20 inches for the higher elevation areas. we will be monitoring that very closely. as far as here, microclimate highs in the mid-60s. 64 san jose. remember, we will keep the chance of rain on and off throughout the entire day. even into wednesday morning as well. spotty rain chances for tomorrow morning. walnut creek, 64. peninsula, 50s. low 60s heading into the city. 61 for mission. overall, on and off again rain
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with temperatures that will be muggy once again for today. mike, how are the roads? on again. look at the rain, vianey. rain drop lets on the lens the last couple of minutes. this is 101. you can make out the headlights, slowing, stopping, starting back here as the volume builds. just north of 680. 87 shows a build as well. green sensors build in with the rooted way conditions. red is northbound 680 continuing to mission north. looks like they cleared. the crash blocking two left lanes. so that is a problem. unusual counter commute in sunol, free mont. the rest relatively smooth. back to you. thanks, mike. . i don't want to go. the reason more and more people are actually choosing not to go to weddings for family and friends. the stock market has a nice rally. a big discount at whole foods. i'll walk you through.
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. and later big news overnight about mick jagger about the rolling stones. this after they canceled a tour stop right here in the bay area. 6:25. the procedure he's set to undergo. 6:10. you're watching "today in the bay". [ loud traffic sounds ]
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it is 6:12. as you head out the door, we
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have light to moderate rain through the south bay right now in san jose. also the santa cruz mountains. traveling up the sierra, a combination of rain and snow. always check the travel conditions before hitting the mountains. you don't want to get stuck out there. misty here on the san mateo. slow for the tail lights. good morning. happy tuesday. the stock market roared ahead after encouraging news about manufacturing. boeing says it will be a couple weeks before it has a fix for its 737 max 8 software. list saw its stock price fall below its ipo price yesterday after an 11% plunge. in other words, this morning you can buy a share of list for less
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money than the fat cat bankers did last week at the initial public offering. you know future uber investors are looking at this one carefully because uber has yet google employees are angry the company named a prominent conservative to its advisory board. james runs the heritage foundation and has a history of opposing gay rights. the white house says it still backs this man, stephen moore, to join the federal reserve board of governors. guardian reports moore owes back taxes and was held in contempt for failing to pay alimony and child support. he supports the idea that the fed should not raise interest rates further. the white house supports it but has not forwarded his name to the senate for confirmation. and whole foods will cut the price on lots of different items starting tomorrow. meat and produce in particular. down as much as 20%. prices are good for all shoppers, not just the amazon prme
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you may remember that amazon bought whole foods a while back. give that a try. prices go into effect tomorrow. . so who is getting married around here? nothing soon? a lot of crickets. when it comes to weddings, especially the destination ones, sometimes the invited guests have to say i do as in i do plan to go even though it will cost me a lot of money. found it costs more than $600 on average to attend a close friend or relative's wedding. with wedding season upon us, believe it or not, finds one in five americans have turned down a wedding invitation for financial reasons. most experts agree it is okay to do so. they recommend sending a gift one way or the other. >> it depends on the destination.
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affordable ones to mexico, i have gone to a couple of those. but a friend in the bahamas or jamaica, $3500 for two nights. >> jamaican be crazy. >> if the destination is good, i'll go. >> they do say you can turn it into a vacation. i love you all. when you plan your wedding, congratulations to you guys. th invitations roll around. we have showers pushing through. and we do have light rain moving to the south bay right now. but mainly i want to point your attention to the sierra. look at that. heavier pockets in the red and yellow that you see there. along with snow. your commute will be a rough one. get ready for expected delays. check the road conditions. he we have temperatures in the
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50s. san francisco, 54 right now. oakland, 56. 55 in san jose. once again, we will get the muggy feel as temperatures climb into the 60s. san jose, expect a high of 64. morgan hill, 63. in through the east bay. 63 in oakland. 65 in concord. danville, 62. redwood city, 62. in the city, upper 60s as well. the continues will be very similar. point reyes, 55. light to moderate chance of a little bit more of an organized round of showers pushing throu3:00, in the norths w nesday goes, th majority of the rain will taper by afternoon, which means most of you to no rain activity. thursday and friday, that's what we are expect to go see our next round of heavy rain with our heaviest rain expected right now on friday, which is the san
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francisco giants home opener. one thing we will monitor is the timing of the storm. they range anywhere from a quarter inch to just over an inch and a half for the north bay. that will play a big role. we will have a better idea of the timing. now a check of the roads with mike. we are looking over here and seeing the roadways and the volume of traffic getting tougher in fremont. rain sprinkles on thelens. a little blur of traffic southbound. a big look at the bay, as well as the peninsula and the tri-valley. this is still slow northbound 680 approaching mission north. a crash we told you involving a motorcycle and truck. no injuries are reported. but that motorcycle was a fully dressed touring bike.
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no major injuries. two lanes blocked for a period of time towards sunol. 242, concord avenue, a crash on the shoulder. that's the only thing on the grid for contra costa county. bay bridge toll plaza has the backup. the roads in towards the bay bridge are not showing a problem. lighter volume of traffic will drop. you see that at the bay bridge toll plaza as well. mist and drizzle. back to you. take it easy out there. thanks, mike. . a cat food recall to tell you about. the type of food you don't want to feed your feline friend this morning. scammers are targeting you use your caller i.d. and our identity. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. a warning next. >> here's what we're sharing on social media.
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kris sanchez sharing this. not just an extraordinary reporter, she is quite the seam stress as well. these are dresses she made for her daughter's school play, little mermaid. the whole cast it looks like. you can follow her on instagram. >> ♪ under the sea
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this week, rolling stones frontman mick jagger is set to undergo surgery. it is rolling stones front man mick jagger is set to undergo surgery. >> doctorsfr areay.
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you may recall the band recently announced they are postponing upcoming tour dates across the country. the no filter tour was expected to start later this month in miami. they were supposed to take stage at levi's stadium in may. hold onto your tickets. they say they will be valid for the rescheduled dates. . 6:23. very important heads-up before you feed your cat this morning. purina is recalling a type of cat food. it is mousse chicken with gravy. it may continue yellow and blue pieces of could cause your cat to choke. you should throw it out. purina will replace it. another robocall to about. >> chris chmura joins phone number.
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>> a san francisco man alerted us that he got a phone call from nbc bay area. peter smith snapped a photo of the caller i.d. right here. it said kntv and ksts. but the phone call was not from us. he said the other person claimed to be from medicare and asked for his social security number to get him a new medicare number. that's a known scam. preying on the fact that new medicare cards are going out in the mail right now. the feds have warned us about this fraud. we have talked about it right here. i can assure you that we did no. these robocallert igs d re it. you can report it to the federa. our real number is 888-996-tips or nbcbay
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back to you. thanks, chris. okay. these students broke the guinness world record of making the most sandwiches in three minutes. they managed 868 sandwiches, beating the previous record of 490. it wasn't just for the record books but also helping people in their community. >> i think it's very special since we're donating it to homeless people. y sad and i to help them. >> and helping they are. a local nonprofit making sure the sandwiches are given to the homeless in their community. nice to see. 6:25 right now. april is autism awareness month. and sesame street is taking the opportunity to educate kids impacted by the neurological disorder. >> the show has introduced
6:26 am
viewers to julia. she is the 4-year-old who has autism. soon you can meet her parents, brother, and companion dog in a series of new videos on the show's website. she will be the focus of an episode in which other phup ets help her overcome her fear of getting a haircut. another delay for boeing. the reason a software update for the max jets is being pushed back. we'll tell you about the timeline that we're getting. and the trial begins in the ghost ship warehouse fire case. how we got to this point and analysis about what could happen to the men charged. but first. . chaos overnight at a vigil for l.a. rapper nipsey hussle. details we're getting about a
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suspect. you're watching "today in the ba bay". we )re tracking more rain g
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for the bay area this tuesday morning. april 2nd. hope you survived april fools' day yesterday. more rain heading for the bay area this morning. the wet start along the san mateo bridge this morning. crowded out there as well. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus warblgt. now to vianey arana. what you can expect with that weather. >> a couple showers moving through.
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we had a couple cells push through. notice we will keep the cloudiness with on and off rain. temperatures will climb into the 50s and 60s. it will be muggy once again. if you're taking public transportation, keep the umbrella handy. this will continue on and off all day long. periods where it will be light. it will pick up in the afternoon becoming more moderate. let's get a check of the roads with mike. >> you are going to get wet in this part of the bay. san jose, water, mist just dropped off from the lens. you see a little bit of a blur. the roadway picking up behind. you will have to use the windshield wipers even if it's not portions of the east bay, tri-valley. big deal, northbound 680, slow from mission south to mission north. the crash we're told only has your far right lane blocked
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traveling north towards sunol. very unexpected. that crash should clear soon. moving nicely for the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. . 6:31 for you right now. chaos where there was supposed to be mourning. kris sanchez joining us live with what happened and what's next. >> reporter: hi,u kn the l.a.p. chief is going to update the search for a suspect. they have a suspect in the death of nipsey hussle. but we also know that officers are trying to track down people who were at that memorial last night before it just completely turned into chaos. new video into the newsroom of when that memorial went from peaceful remembrance to what police call complete chaos. you can hear glass breaking, camera shifts and people start to scream. from the sky you can see what
6:32 am
people were up against. they were trying the get themselves to safety. and what police were up against in trying to gain control of the situation. people were trampled. one person was stabbed. another person was hit by a car. officers were position said on the perimeter of the crowd before that. this is what they told the detective they saw. >> didn't hear any gunshots. didn't see them coming until they saw a wave of people rushing towards them. and then we're told there were people hurt. as i'm sure footage shows. officers carrying injured people out. >> reporter: happening today in the case, the l.a.p.d. chief will talk about that murder suspect, eric holder, and the two other people wanted in connection with his shooting death. we also expect an update on the condition of the person stabbed at that memorial last night. and the other people who were hurt. along with the person detained for disorderly conduct. though a lot of friends ands and even l.a. police enforcement have talked about nipsey hussle's effort to end gang
6:33 am
violence, at this point all signs point to the fact that this was a gang-related homicide. all right. kris, a lot going on with this investigation. thank you. it is 6:33 right now. in just a few hours, the ghost ship trial will start. let's check in with pete suratos. he's been following this. 36 people died in that tragedy back in 2016. and a half years after thatst ship just a few short cat up our vie the timeline how we got to this point. the warehouse fire at the ghost ship location taking place back in december 2016. 36 people dieing as a result of that warehouse fire. and then it was june of 2017 that derrick almena, the warehouse ten ant and max harris, the correct creative
6:34 am
director, were both arrested and charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. a lot of things happening in between there. last year a plea deal was reached for the two men, giving almena a nine-year prison sentence and harris a six-year term. another judge rejected that plea deal saying almena didn't accept full responsibility or remorse for the deadly fire. lawyers tried to get the case dismissed altogether claiming potentially exonerating evidence was destroyed, lost, or altered under the watch of prosecutors the judge denied that motion. new this morning on "today in the bay" we spoke with bay area legal expert steven clark about the the case that could be made by the defense team. >> the key to this case for the defense is going to be jury selection. everyone in alameda county has heard of the "ghost ship" fire. and almost everyone also knows that these two defendants already pled guilty in search of a plea deal.
6:35 am
and that fell apart. so how did the two defendants come now and get a clean slate in front of the jury after they made a very public pronouncement of their guilt? >> this could be a lengthy trial with attorneys on both sides saying this could be anywhere from 12 to 18 weeks. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay". >> thank you, pete. 6:35. a fix to boeing planes following two deadly crashes is being delayed. a software update for the boeing 737 max jet liners -- all right. that's not the video that we are actually talking about here. we want to talk to you about the boeing jet liners. the most recent crash involving ethiopia airlines killing all 157 people on board. and last year a lion airlines crash involving a boeing 737 max 8 killed 189 people.
6:36 am
well, happening today for you, a berkeley engineer accused of poisoning a co-worker is scheduled to make his first appearance in court. authorities last week arrested david chu. he works at berkeley engineering and research. according to court documents, he is accused of putting a toxic substance, cadmium, into his co-workers food and drink several times for more than a year. she reported experiencing health problems after drinking what she believed was tainted water. people who live near him in lafayette are stunned. >> it's unbelievable. this is lafayette. i would never expect that to happen, ever here. >> and according to documents, police obtained video showing him adding substances to the victim's water bottle on two separate occasions earlier in year. he is charged with attempted murder. this morning morgan hill police are searching for a woman who tried to rob a starbucks drive-thru at gunpoint. yeah. investigators say this happened at a shopping center along
6:37 am
concord road. the cashier was able to quickly back away from the window. no one was hurt. and the woman drove away in a silver or gold suv. anyone with information on who she may be is asked to call police. 6:37 right now. a live look at oakland coliseum. bay area sports fans have some options tonight. the world champion warriors take on denver as both teams battle for a top spot in the western conference. right next door you can see the a's take on the world champion boston red sox. the problem is both events happen basically at the same time. we're talking around 7:00 tonight. and parking will be packed out there. the home teamubc transit inouyea few suggestions for people just trying to make it there or around that area. >> first, don't go to that place we just showed you over by the shark tank. 880 will be jammed solid through the area. even if you're not lucky enough, especially if you're not lucky
6:38 am
enough to go to the game, prepare for slowing. southbound toward the coliseum, northbound toward 66, it will be packed through the area with all the spectators and the lights. over here, these lights are slowing southbound coming through fremont. we just saw a band of rain travel thraoufplt our security head phillip came into the office, pulls off his hood and said it's really pouring in san jose trite now. the rain just came through. meanwhile, the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive. looking at northbound 680, toward mission. we have that crash blocking the right lane. san jose, 87 showing the build. anywhere north of the san mateo, it is actually great. a treat. >> well, the rain is a treat. >> it helped us get out of a drought. we have the snowpack up there. we have a lot of good stuff going i know it's a little muggy. a lot of people don't like that. since we are talking about the weekend, let's talk about what's going to happen in terms of our
6:39 am
heavier rain. as you heard, mike, it is coming down moderatel san jose. it is heavier. we will see that that you know. today temperatures in the 60s. friday, a stronger storm will take the showers and carry them over into saturday's forecast. on and off rain expected for the coast, bay, and inland. temperatures in the 60s. and what that means for your sunday is we could still carry a chance of seeing spotty showers in through the morning hours. the coast, bay, inland areas as well. temperatures in the upper '60s and 70s. so it could be one of those weekends where it's cloudy, at times rainy. at least it won't be too cold out there. i'll send it back to you. a new house for you? try mars. americans's possible future in space. tense moments caught on camera. see the moment a california man wrestles a rifle away from a would be robber. . plus, check the latest going
6:40 am
on in washington, including an about-face by the president. out to the big board, a bit of an about-face there as well after a huge rally yesterday. dow industrial is losing 90 points. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more.
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alwould you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. it is 6:42. pockets of rain in the south bay. but also a combination of rain and snow for the sierra. make sure to check the travel conditions as you head out the door. we had moderate to heavy rain push through san jose right now. expect another round of showers in the next 20 minutes. we're tracking rain all day long. i'll give you the timeline, plus a look at your daytime highs coming up. . still looking at the slow drive northbound 680 mission south to mission north.
6:43 am
a tough drive. the green, the highlight shows wet roads. more on that coming up. all right. check back with you. thank you very much. 6:43. two bay area counties are census. today marks one year until the survey will be conducted. it needs to figure out how many representatives each state in congress and how over $675 billion in federal funds are distributed. george washington university estimates for every person who is not counted, california's local governments would estimate $2,000 per individual. that is why contra costa holding a kickoff. santa clara county later this morning. happening indeed today in the north bay, a master plan to rebuild the coffey park neighborhood. two years ago flames from the tubbs fire left behind mass
6:44 am
destruction. a public meeting held at 4:00 to talk about zoning codes and other issues. in that wildfire, more than 1,400 homes were destroyed according to the press democrat and as we reported yesterday morning. 70% of the burned properties are under construction or already being built. also, 700 rebuilt homes are expected to be occupied by mid-summer. police say during an argument, a male family member stand a woman several times. she was taken to the hospital and died. the man was arrested. so far no word on any charges. well, a would be thief gets more than he bargained for. >> that's right. a store clerk managed to wrestle a shotgun away from the suspect's hands. it didn't happen right away. it all happened on friday night. deputies in tulare county say
6:45 am
the masked man ran to the mini-mart and demanded money. but look at the clerk. he got a hold of that shotgun and yanked it from the suspect and chased the man out. luckily, no one was hurt. police always warn the clerk just handed over the money. a push to bring attention to the pay gap. a new study says california women take 89 cents for every dollar men make. today is equal payday. many will be rallying for change. the american association of university women will gather outside the roth ridge bart station. it comes one day after jennifer siegel newsom started a close on the pay gap. she started an education campaign on the gender pay back. 13 corporations have promised to conduct an annual gender pay analysis and review policies. that includes big names like airbnb, apple and at&t.
6:46 am
6:46. about-face on health care this morning. >> president trump now says that he will wait until after the 2020 election. good morning. promising, marcus, something better after the election, better than obama. cheaper, more effective, for pre-existing conditions, just like obamacare. he said he would delay promising vote will be taken right after the election. after republicans win the senate and win back the house, he says. despite that promise, there is no plan. we have seen so far. and you will remember house republicans or republicans did hold the house and the senate. they had no plan to replace back then either. there is a court case against the affordable care act that still goes forward. no matter what the president tweets. whole show americans, democrats, republicans, support the affordable care act. in fact, the majority want to
6:47 am
see it expanded. even some republicans questioning the wisdom of attacking obamacare before the next election. it handed the democrats an issue they had widespread support for. you may remember shortly before the last election, the midterms, mr. trump promised a middleclass tax cut in the days following the election despite there was no bill before congress to that effect. none had been written. none came to be. deaine for the mueller report. unlikely that is going to happen. we continue to watch the president's idea that he will close the border with mexico. the u.s. will run out of avocados if that happens. but it is far more serious than that. economists with the u.s. chamber of commerce said if it shuts down it would be the equivalent of a major natural disaster. we're watching what's happening in washington every day. i'm tweeting bit. i'm@scottmccrew. >> all right. thank you, scott. new details. gnaws is taking another step
6:48 am
towards making living in space a reality. the agency is naming the top three finalists for its yon going 3d habitat challenge. it started back in 2015. the teens have been competing to design shelters suitable for moon and mars. the winners are splitting a prize of $100,000. the three teams move on to the next round, which starts in may. the finalists will 3d print scale models of their designs. >> that moom house. >> it looks like it. i may be more economical than the bay area houses. all right. rain we're dealing with this week? >> yeah. a couple of systems moving through. it is enough to bring light to moderate rain throughout your day. even with spotty showers wednesday. here's a look at what doppler radar is doing right now. rain pushing into the south bay. it just got a good seeing soaking there. turning your attention to the
6:49 am
sierra. heavier pockets of rain with the oranges and the yellows, that is pretty heavy rain paired with snow. that is the whites and pinks. it is a wintry mix. showers pushing through into morgan hill. we will see periods of rain in the afternoon. notice your temperatures. we are talking 50s. so it's not very cold. it is not a cold system. just a weak cold front which will make for another muggy afternoon. microclimate highs in the mid to upper 60s. 64, san jose. gilroy, 62. in through the east bay, 65 for concord. 63 for oakland along the peninsula. mid-'60s palo alto. low 60s for the city. it's going to be a cloudy day. not the sunniest day we have ever seen. we will get periods where it will feel like it is about to dry out. rain once again picking up into the afternoon. hour by hour outlook.
6:50 am
spotty chance. on and off through 3:00. another round of showers push through. this is more organized. we will keep the light to moderate showers. notice the timeline through wednesday. on and off again into the majority of the wednesday morning. it will taper wednesday evening. heading into thursday and friday, another chance of seeing rain. the next 24 hours, not a big rain maker. quarter of an inch. flood risk not expected. looking later into friday, we expect a bigger storm. quarter to an inch and a half. friday, that one seems to be more of a rain maker, more widespread. the heaviest rain showing it picking up into the evening, which means we will monitor the timing of that considering the fact that it is a san francisco giants opener. i'll always keep you updated on that. over to you. >> we know that. take a look here. folks, where you see the san mateo bridge, that mist causing an issue for folks to slow down a bit.
6:51 am
and you should. that means slicker roadways. westbound, commute volumes. and the mist combining to slow things across 92 westbound. dumbarton, a smooth drive. fender-bender toward the toll plaza. south bay will build as well. this is the big problem. out of the south bay into sunol, fremont, northbound 680 continues to be jammed from tchsion south to mission north. that surface street traffic. folks, be careful. this is a continued problem with sll going on a nice flow of traffic. no major traffic jam toward the bay bridge. the metering lights are on. there is a crash near the richmond san rafael bridge. slowing on the approach. it is not visible on this camera. it looks like the lanes off to the right. there may be something going on.
6:52 am
folks will be shifting. back to you. thank you very much, mike. 6:52. happening now, change is coming for deployment and homecomings for the u.s. navy due to, quote, operational security reasons. the defense department will no longer announce when they return or deploy for a tour of duty. it i a part of a strategy calling for the military to be less predictable. many military families say they don't like it while others say they understand the change. . next oy inhe bay", a top stories, including a tolano county. two boys are dead after being electric cuted. who they were trying to save and what they touched. a big milestone for the oroville spillway. 6:53. you're watching "today in the bay". bay". each morning,
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comcast business. beyond fast. welcome back. before you head out the door, it is 6:55. here are the top stories on "today in the bay". a few hours, the trial for the two men charged in oakland's deadly ghost ship warehouse fire is set to start. each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deaths in the december 2016 fire. based on estimates by the attorneys in the case, it appears that there will be 12 to 18 weeks of testimony. according to the alameda county prosecutor, the prosecution has given the defense more than 12,000 pages of documents, as well as hundreds of hours of video and audio recordings. a memorial for murdered rapper nipsey hussle turns violent during last night's
6:56 am
vigil in los angeles. l.a.p.d. chief is expected to speak today about this man, eric holder. he is a suspect in the rapper's murder. two other people are also currently wanted in connection with his death. today is the day the newly reconstructed oroville dam spillway will get put to the test. it is a story we have been covering for months on "today in the bay". later today they will release. both main and emergency spillways were damaged in february of 2017. more than 180,000 people downstream were forced to evacuate ahead of the danger. . and a sad story developing. two teenage boys are electrocuted trying to rescue a die. it happened near dixon avenue west. the boys touched an electrified gate in the water. the dog was later rescued. the names and ages of the boys has not been rereleased. . so sad.
6:57 am
a grisly discovery in san jose. a dive team recovered a man's body from coyote creek last night. someone was walking on a nearby trail spotted it and called police. the body was found near los lagos golf course. it has not been identified. investigators say there is no indication the death is a homicide. people in one peninsula neighborhood are losing sleep over what they say is a noisy new neighborhood. they say it causes disruptions night in and night out. that noisy hum is what they're complaining about. a large generator powering the new mid-peninsula animal hospital on el camino real. it sits close enough to a group of homes and apartments. and they want it muzzled. neighbors say they can also smell the diesel fumes. >> when things are quiet, it gets louder at night. so i try to be here at 8:00, i try to see if it goes off. i'll just leave because it's still on.
6:58 am
>> the animal hospital owner says she has had to run the generator because pg&e have not repaired a transformer broken since she opened in december. pg&e did not get back to us about her claim. it is one less place you can get fresh produce. the tiburon farmers market no more. it's been canceled due to lack of visitors. it launched in 2016 as a way to stimulate the downtown area. san jose giants are holding their fan fest today. it includes an autographed session. gates open at 4:00 this afternoon at the municipal stadium in san jose. the giants home opener is next thursday. they are taking on the rawhide. fun games to go to. big family fest. >> a lot of people out there. having to deal with rain. >> we will keep this on and off all day. not a complete washout, just enough to where it will pop up.
6:59 am
keep a chance of spotty rain the next three days. on friday, the san francisco giants opener. we're tracking the arrival of our next bigger system. it is more of a widespread impact with more rain totals. we will have to monitor closely. >> yeah that would be a bummer to have a washout on the home opener. . fremont is jammed. everything else is operating pretty smoothly considering the slick conditions. be careful. northbound 680, we may recovery. a tow truck just arrived to clear the slow lane. >> okay. that's what's happening on "today in the bay". back at 7:25. >> thank you for starting your morning with us. good morning. breaking overnight, flight delay. boeing says it needs more time for that fix to the 737 max jetliners. those planes still grounded
7:00 am
possibly for another few weeks. we're live with the latest. security scandal. president trump's n-in-law, jared kushner, speaks out after reports the president personally overruled the decision to deny kushner's security clearance. >> i've been accused of all different types of things,ndallt to be false. >> this morning, is it enough to put an end to the questions? chaos at the vigil. a memorial for slain rapper


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