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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 2, 2019 11:00am-11:29am PDT

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right now at 11:00, a new chapter after a tragic day in bay area history. just a few hours ago the ghost ship fire -- the fire trial started. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. two men charged with three counts related to the fire of an oakland warehouse in 2016. nbc bay area's pete suratos is live for us at the oakland courthouse. what's happened so far today? >> reporter: mainly procedure so far inside of theakland. we heard the judge discussing subpoenas when i left the courthouse. the two men we're talking about, derrick almena and max harris, are in that courtroom with both of their attorneys. i'll go over a timeline of how we got here.
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the ghost ship warehouse fire taking place in december of 2016. 36 people dying inside that warehouse fire. one of the deadliest fires we've had in recent memory. then it was in june of 2017 that derick almennate warehouse tenant and max harris the creative director were arrested and charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. last year a plea deal or plea agreement was reached for the two men giving almena a nine-year prison sentence and harris a six-year term. but in a surprising move a judge in august of 2018 rejecting the deal saying almena didn't accept full responsibility or remorse for the deadly fire. and then two weeks ago the lawyers for the two men tried to get the case dismissed again claiming potentially exonerating evidence was destroyed lost or altered under the watch of prosecutors. the judge again denied that motion. we did get a chance to speak with nbc bay area legal expert steven clark about this trial that's under way right now here in oakland. made by the defense team. could jury key to this case for the
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selection. everyone in alameda county has almost everyone also knows that these two defendants already pled guilty in search of a plea deal and that fell apart. so how do the two defendants come forward now and get a clean slate in front of this jury after they made a very public pronouncement of their guilt? >> reporter: that's the big question moving forward in what's expected to be a lengthy case with attorneys on both sides saying this could last anywhere from 12 to 18 weeks. we're live here in oakland. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the latest there, pete. of course be sure to stay with nbc bay area as the trial gets under way. you can follow all the latest developments, read about evidence and timeline of the case on our website. it's turning to our microclimate weather forecast for you. april showers certainly bring may flowers. at least we hope. taking a live look at our radar and a live look in san francisco
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right now where you can barely see anything because of the drops there from the rain. certainly the rain is here. >> it's here and it made its move kind of into the early morning hours. we were on initially at 4:30 this morning but we've seen those showers continuationly kind of on and off again throughout the day and that's exactly how we're going to continue to see it this afternoon as well. golden gate shot beautiful there. reminder that there are slick roads out there. so slow it down. i want to show you what doppler radar is showcasing right now where the rain currently is. we're seeing those light showers again. it's not necessarily heavy downpours for us anyway but if you're going to be traveling up to the sierra get ready for a mix of rain and snow. you can actually see some heavier pockets here. the pink and white hues are actually a winter you why mix. donner pass i know it can get definitely dangerous on that pass. do that before you head out the door. as far as's south bay we're seeing a couple pockets move through morgan hill. your 60s. temperature trend for the south
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bay we're going to be talking about the mid sxixz a reminder it will be on and off again so we'll get werds pr we catch a little bit of a break and then it comes back again. but certainly very cloudy. aol have a closer look at our next storm system. this one's expected to be a little stronger. unfortunately it will be on friday just in time for the san francisco home opener. i'll give you a timeline on that and what we're looking at in terms of the model so far back to you. >> thank you very much. billions of dollars of funding at stake. the 2020 census just a year away and santa clara county working with technology to make sure that everyone is counted. the pressure is on because a larger population means more money. nbc bay area's kris sanchez live if san jose with how people will be answering the census a little differently as well this time around. kris? >> reporter: well, hi there, laura. these are some of the community leaders who are running through exercises about the difficulties of outreach and the barriers pon them as we're in the heart of silicon valley and would you believe this is the very first census where people
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will be able to answer the census online, on their phones, on their tablets, on their computers and not just on a paper form. so it is a very different day for the census. now, making people feel comfortable with that technological change and giving their information electronically is just one aspect of santa clara county's outreach. the county is also working with the community groups to ease people's fears about answering the censusasio status. and this is a big one right now. 9 county's census director told me that part of that effort is explaining that the answers that people give on the census are not meant to be tracked back to them individually. >> people's individual answers are kept confidential. they can't be released to different agencies, law enforcement, your landlord, whoever. so we really want to make sure that people understand, that they're not misunderstanding that if i fill this thing out i'm putting myself or my family in danger. >> reporter: i want to show you what's at risk here. with the census information there's $76 billion in federal
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funding for the state of california and that could change based on how many people respond to that census. this is money for things like social services, health care, roads, pell grants. also congressional seats are divvied up based on census status. that is another critical reason why f should answer. and at at this point the census hopes here in santa clara county they've been asking how many people are planning to respond. fewer than 7 in 10 households say they plan to respond to the census. so you might be thinking at this point the sense sus a year away, isn't there time for us to talk about this? well, these folks will tell you that when you're trying to reach every single person in the county that takes time and of course you're also trying to build trust with some of those outlying communities that feel a little nervous about answering the census and trying to make them more comfortable and trust of course takes time to build. kris sanchez, today in the bay. new at 11:00 for you police hope a new clue will help them find a man who fought inside an
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east bay denny's. take a look at the surveillance photo police put out. police say on march the 31st around 2:30 in the morning officers responded to a fight inside the restaurant on mowry avenue. it apparently started wit a argument between that customer. the two stepped outside and got into a fight. for a food delivery business, but that turned out to be unfound. if you have any idea who this man is, you're asked to call fremont police. and this afternoon an oakland previous accused of sexual abusing a child will face a judge. father hector david mendoza villa is due in court for arraignment and bail hearing. he's accused of repeated sexual abuse while working at st. john the baptist church in san lorenzo. most recently he's been serving corpus ctibut he has not been l any crimes there. he is the 46th priest in the
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oakland diocese to face credible abuse accusations. president trump has said he will wait until after the 2020 presidential elections to replace obamacare with another plan. >> yeah. scott mcgrew, democrats are saying what other plan? >> yeah, they're asking to see it, marcus, because they know the republicans don't have it. didn't have one when the gop held the house and the senate, and they don't have a bill ready to go now. in a very long tweet the president said he would delay replacing obamacare, promising "a vote will be taken right after the election after the republicans win the senate and win back the house." here's senate minority leader chuck schumer's reaction. >> last night the president tweeted that they will come up with their plan in 2021. translation. they have no health care plan. it's the same old song they've been singing. they're for repeal. they have no replace. >> now, polls show that americans, democrats and republicans, support the current
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plan, affordable care act, and in factcans want to see moves forward no if the white house wins that co n health care plan right away or risk millions of americans losing their coverage. either way, this promises to be the central issue in the upcoming elections, laura. >> thanks so much, scott. one to watch. let's take a live look at oakland right now. going to be a busy night there tonight. bay area sports fans have some options. world champion warriors take on denver as both teams battle for a top spot in the western conference. right next door the a's take on the world championship boston red sox. the problem is both events happen basically around the same time, around 7:00 tonight. parking no doubt expected to be packed. home teams recommend fans consider taking public transit instead. mike inouye also has some suggestions for us. >> go now. look how clear it is. s the same set e nimi shatz. of parking lots and the same access to and from the freeway.
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now, on the other side from the freeway we o get elevated on the platform getting you right over there to the coliseum and to the arena. those three methods of mass transit are advised because it will be packed through the area. and if you don't go to the game, if you're not fortunate enough, to you can log in online, nbc sports bay area for example has great information. because between hagenberger and 66th the whole approach from downtown oakland or from the south bay will be really crowded. so you know what? 580 is clear, all, this laura. back to you guys. >> coming up here, netflix is raising its prices. by how much you ask? well, we're going to tell you what you may have to pay to see some of your favor e wom to get more. what that gap is. plus kris sanchez always posting on instagram. k morning stories on her feed. follow her @krissanchez. for comfort food at a comfortable price,
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today is "equal pay day" and across the state many will be welcome back, everyone. a push to bring attention to the pay gap. today is equal pay day. and across the state many will be rallying for change. a new study says california women make 89 cents for every dollar men make. in oakland the american association of university women are gathering outsi the after california's first partner jennifer siebel newsom pushed for equal pay. they joined the labor secretary and announced 13 corporations that have promised to conduct an annual gender pay analysis and review promotion policies nap includes big names like airbnb, apple, at&t. it would be nice to see a lot of companies joining that fight. >> speaker of the house nancy
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pelosi is weighing in on accusations about inappropriate conduct by former vice president joe biden. pelosi said that it wasn't disqualifying if he decides to make a 2020 presidential bid. two women accusing biden of touching him them inappropriate. amy lapos claims did happened during a 2009 political fund-raiser. and then a former nevada lieutenant governor candidate says that biden kissed the top of her head back in 2014. during a politico interview pelosi said that it's important for the former vice president to understand one thing. >> i think that it's important for the vice presiden a others to understand is it isn't what you intended, it's how it was communication in general. >> in a response to those claims the former vice president so, i dg iinappropriately. will listen respectfully. but it was never my intention." a developing story here. instead of mourning, l for the
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nipsey hussle in los angeles turned very violent. from the sky you can see what people were up against as they tried to get themselves to safety and what the police were up against in trying to gain control of the situation. people were trampled. one person stabbed. another hit by a car. in the meantime police are looking for this suspect. detectives say eric holder and two other people are wanted in connection with his death. just hours ago leaders in los angeles remembered how hussle helped the community. >> he was a tireless advocate for the young people of this city 1/2 this world, to lift wi not being imprisoned by where you come from or past mistakes our city was deep. >> hussle was just 33 years old. those of us who are on television, ween viewers, sometimes-g sometimes not so much. but the letters and e-mails and tweets we get almost never are
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life-saving. that isn't the case for "inside edition" actor deborah norville. today she's undergoing thyroid cancer surgery after a viewer spotted a lump on her neck and reached out to the tv journalist. nbc's natalie morales reports. >> reporter: "inside edition" host deborah norville is usually the one giving the headlines. >> you know, we live in a world of see something say something. and i'm really glad we do. >> reporter: last night norville revealed that an eagle-eyed fan gave her a tip that likely saved her life. >> and a long time ago an "inside edition" viewer reached out to say she'd seen something on my neck. it was a lump. >> reporter: a lump that at first didn't concern her doctors. >> but i had it checked out and my doctors said it was nothing, a thyroid nodule. >> reporter: but recented tes ae nodule at the base of her neck was no longer benign. >> the doctor says it's a verym. r broadcast before undergoing surgery later today, norville
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tried to reassure her viewers. >> there will be no chemo. i'm told no radiation. but i will have surgery and i'll ab way for a bit. >> reporter: according to the american cancer society, thyroid cancer is the most rapidly increasing cancer in the u.s. and women are three times more likely to develop the disease than men. >> this is "today" on nbc. >> reporter: norville, who is also a former "today" anchor, isn't the only tv personality contacted by a viewer who spotted a life-threatening medical condition. in 2013 a fan of the hgtv show "flip or flop" noticed a lump on tarek el musa's next and reached out to the tv show's producer. a biopsy revealed he had stage 2 thyroid cancer. >> medically i went through a really rough time. >> reporter: by catching t cancer early nhell anchor desk in no time. >> if you believe in prayer please say one for me and for my surgeon. and i thank you very much. >> we wish her wiell.
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she's a nice laid yip p. your netflix bill about to be getting larger. the standard plan is going from $8 to $9. the hd plan raising from $11 to $13. while the premium plan going up to $16 a month. the price increase starts in may. netflix is working making more original se the prices. being pulled over to the side of the road, a busy one in fact, a regular part of policework but certainly can be dangerous for drivers and even officers. >> especially as other drivers speed past. senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen is asking can these situations be avoided? >> reporter: we looked into that question after seeing so manies crashes like these. drivers plowing into police cars and motorcycles parked on the side of the road. you don't always hear about them but our investigation found they're happening nearly every day in california. so when a livermore police officer tried to stop lavance
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crosby jr. on this shoulder on the freeway crosby says he wanted to find a sauve spot away from traffic. a decision that almost cost him his life. >> the officer had his gun pointed at me and he started yelling telling me to keep my hands up but was trying to keep myself under control because i didn't want to get shot. >> reporter: so what are you supposed to do? stop on the side of the road or take the nearest exit and hope the fleepolice don't punish you because they think you're trying to get away? tonight at 11:00 we talk with the head of chp's enforcement division and we ask if these traffic stops are putting drivers in danger and we'll show what you to do so you don't end up in one of these crashes. we investigate tonight at 11:00. happening today in the north bay, santa rosa leaders will discuss a matter, the plan to rebuild the coffey park neighborhood. nearly two years ago flames from the tubbs fire left behind mass destruction. a public meeting will be held this afternoon at 4:00. this is to talk about zoning codes and other issues. that wildfire took out more than 1,400 homes.
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according to the "press democrat" and as we reported yesterday here today on the bay, 70% of those burned properties are under construction or already rebuilt. some 700 built homes are expected to be occupied by midsummer. >> that's good. those people have some nesting to do there. >> oh, yeah. a lot of people you could stay inside and do that. maybe some spring cleaning because it's raining. >> that's a good idea. considering that it's one of those cloudy days where we're not going to get a lot of sunshine but it's not a complete washout. a little give and take in the fact this is sort of a wecr look how beautiful downtown san jose looks. we've certainly seen our fair share of showers pushed through already. look at our temperatures. 60 degrees. wind speeds around 8 miles per hour. let's take a look at doppler radar so we can see wome heavier pockets of rain pushing in through the sierra and we've also got some snow showers out there, which means a wintry mix. fothe sierra but as far as now
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today's storm we've seen less than a tenth of an inch, just a couple hundredths. it's very spotty and light. and that's what we're going to continue to see flout the afternoon. as far as your daytime highs they're going to be in the 60s, mid 60s for the most part in the south bay. 62 for milpitas up through the east bay. along the peninsula upper 50s, low 60s. also in through the city expect some mid 60s as well and up through the north bay. 60 degrees for novato, 60 degrees for santa rosa. kind of scattered all over the place which means you get those periods of dry weather and then it kind of picks up again. very light to moderate showers at times will continue with a spotty chance into wednesday. but the good news it looks like the models are showing a lot of that rain sort of tapering off into wednesday. so most of your wednesday will actually be dry. as far as the storm factors for the next 24 hours not expecting any flood risk. again, we've seen a couple hundredths of an inch as far as snow above 8,000 feet, four to eight inches possible into 3:00 in the afternoon.
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but into thursday and friday when we're tracking our bigger storm we're expecting a couple more feet of snow up for the sierra, anywhere between 12 to 18 inches. especially for the higher elevations. let's talk about the next seven days because a lot ofeople wondering how long this unsettled weather pattern is going to be lingering. well, we do have a series of systems. again, the next three days we're going to keep the chance of spotty rain into thursday and friday. this is the one that's bringing the greatest concern simply because, well, the giants' home opener is on friday. what we're paying attention to is the tiling of this storm. there is no doubt there will be some form of rain early on in the morning friday morning. the question is is how is this going to intensify throughout the afrp? is the rain going to pick up right around the first pitch? that could cause some better for now it's definitely going to understanding of the timing for rain. that about 48 hours before but so regardless we're going to keep monitoring that situation. >> all right. looking forward to that, vianey. coming up, the eagles throwing it back. where you can see the band play their classic album "hotel
11:23 am
california." but first, happeni tesla settling with the epa over hazardous waste violations at its fremont facility. the company will pay $31,000 in penalty fees as part aft greeof agreement tesla will also have to purchase $55,000 worth of emergency response equipment for the fremont fire department. it will help the fire department respond to future instances involving the hazardous materials. we'll be back right after this break. stick around. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer.
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stamp! ad-lib. well, take a look at this. marvin gaye, the legendary singer there, getting a commemorative stamp there. this is on the day that would have been his 80th birthday. that stamp being revealed this afternoon. new at 11:00, eagles set to perform their famous "hotel california" album once again in its entirety. ♪ welcome to the hotel california ♪ what a classic. live nation says it will take place in september at the grand garden arena in las vegas. but if you want to go mark this down on your calendar. tickets will go on sale through ticketma that's next friday. by the way, "hotel california's" the third best-selling u.s. album in history. calling all baseball fans, the san jose giants are actually holding a fan fest today. that event holds an autograph session with the players and a
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scrimmage. gates open at 4:00 this afternoon at municipal stadium in san jose. and by the way, san jose giants' home opener is next thursday. the team takes on the visalia rawhide. could be fun out there for fans. could be a little soggy, though, too. zbluft a couple showers we're going to continue to see on and off throughout the day. it's going to continue to be pretty unsettled and cloudy for the next three days and then we have another system that's going to bring a little more rain. this wasn't a big rainmaker today. less than a hundredth of an inchrks less than a tenth of an inch expected tomorrow. we kind of some showers over into our weekend. >> okay. that's going to do it for us. see you tomorrow morning.
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lance lived it and is sharing it with us. >> i'm cooking with a special teenage chef. >> i was sitting there watching him just falling in love with these cooking, wehall. here you go. plus malou is one on one with a music icon. w


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