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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 3, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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in south county. a crash you see on the map is berkeley. that's coming up. . moving to capitol hill this morning, controversy brewing over how president trump's family and other white house staffers got security clearances. a whistle-blower is speaking out saying the team who did their background checks recommended against it. tracie pots has the answers. >> reporter: exactly. and the whistle-blower on that team that does the background checks for the security clearances, she said the white house has repeatedly been overruling their recommendations. she's concerned national security may be at risk. >> 18-year security veteran, trisha newbold says she's speaking out to protect the country. >> it's important we stand out to do the right thing no matter what. >> reporter: she said the white house overruled her team's
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recommendations 25 times, approving security clearances for the president's son-in-law and adviser, jared kushner. his daughter ivanka trump. and others with what she described as serious disqualifying issues like foreign influence, conflict of interest, financial problems. >> it's very, very concerning. they could be subject to phpgs by the cups, drug abuse, all kinds of things. >> reporter: newbold approached the house oversight committee. >> she was scared death. >> reporter: the white house director explaining how security clearances are approved. >> they are asking for personal, private and confidential information from individuals that they know that they have no right to see. and they're putting the 3 million people that do have a security clearance at risk. >> reporter: we're now learning about a security scare at the president's florida estate. a chinese citizen arrested at the mar-a-lago club after talking her way in.
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authorities say her story didn't add up. her story may not have added up. and neither did the things that she had on her. authorities say is that not only were they the two passports that you just saw, but four cell phones, a laptop, a hard drive, a thumb drive with malicious software. she said she was going there to swim. interestingly, with all that tech, she didn't even have a swimsuit. >> interesting, in fact. so much going on in washington. let's switch gears here while we have you. talk a little bit about the mueller report. the house judiciary committee is taking action today to finally get that report. >> reporter: right. they are going to empower the chair of that committee, jerry nadler, to subpoena the full report. the evidence, nothing blacked out, nothing redacted so they can see what was the evidence that robert mueller looked at and said he couldn't figure out
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whether or not to prosecute on obstruction. but the attorney general looked at the same information and decided there should not be any further prosecution. why that disconnect? today they'll vote to empower nadler to issue a subpoena. they won't actually issue the subpoena. the timing is up to him. >> okay. so we will have to wait a little bit longer. tracie potts, a lot going on. thank you. 5:03. also happening today on capitol hill, nato secretary-general will deliver remarks to the joint meeting of congress. now, this will be the first for a nato chief. his invitation was issued jointly by republicans and democrats and is seen as an effort to counter trump's pushback against the alliance. new details this morning taoeu tied to both deadly max 8 crashes. first, ethiopian airlines crash that happened last month. wall street journal reports that pilots followed protocol and did turn off the autopilot mode
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before the plane crashed. some have been speculating that the pilots may not have known to disable the system. a preliminary report on the crash may be released sometime this week. meanwhile, the new u.s. connection to the faulty sensor tied to lion air crash in indonesia, bloomberg reports that the sensor had recently been repaired at a maintenance facility in florida. investigators are looking into the work done at that repair shop. signals from the sensor are believed to have forced the plane into a nose dive pitch. in a few hours, hundreds of bay area teachers will try to convince the state to give more money for your student's education. bob redell outside headquarters of fremont unified school district. bob, teachers plan to rally? >> reporter: right, laura. about 1,000 teachers from free mont, albany, alameda, dublin, san leandro plan to travel to sacramento to rally on the states of the state capitol to
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pressure lawmakers to spend more money on your students. according to the national education association, nea, california spends about $10,400 per pupil. that is $1,500 less than the national average. teachers say it's not enough, especially when they dig into or own pockets and spend hundreds of dollars on classroom supplies. the east bako litigation blames proposition 13 for lack of funds. that's the 40-year-old voter-approved measure that limits the amount of taxes taken on levy on properties. they want to lifted on large industrial land owners. the california teachers association has endorsed a ballot measure in 2020 that would do just that if voters passed the so-called community funding act. it is estimated school statewide would receive an additional $11 billion a year.
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reporting live here in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay". >> thanks for the latest, bob. one person is critically injured after being hit by a car near golden gate park. it happened 9:00 last night on fulton and 37th in richmond district. police only say the victim had life-threatening injuries. the driver stayed at the scene. so far there's no word this was anything other than a bad accident. 5:06 right now. students may face homelessness may get help from the state. it would allow college students to park in campus parking lots overnight. a recent survey finds one in five california college students faced homelessness in the last year. . one more place for qualified students to grab free food. a new fully staffed spartan food pantry he opens up today. they are offering special hours during spring break. sit part of a special university
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cares program that works with students in economic crisis situations. a monster snowpack in the sierra almost record levels. the crew hiked out to its usual spot in south lake tahoe. the snow is nearly nine feet deep. the water content is up as well. 200% of normal this time of year. speak of all the rain and water coming to the area, this is the main spillway at oroville dam. it is back in action. the water is released there. there has been a big buildup to this moment. we have been talking about this for days. here it is.
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several inches of rain fell in a short amount of time in chico. it keeps coming for most of us. >> it was a storm that blew through. it had a lot of energy and triggered a tornado warning in that area. as we get a look at the loop that happened yesterday afternoon, into the evening hours, we can see that storm, as the it started to move in really developed as it moved closer and dumped a lot of rain. so with that we see these little cells that pop up that everything is nice and quiet now. mostly some light rain as you get ready to head out the door. a live look outside at oakland.
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mike, you have a report. >> we investigated the investigation in and found there is a cloche herb. freeways are open. just off one of your highways. we call it ashby. technically sit a state highway. this is 13. this is adeline between woolsey and martin luther king jr. way. there is a closure because of an overnight crash. take mlk. it should easily get you through. we will continue to track that. if you get through the area, martin luther king and shaddock are your alternates. back to you. >> all right. thanks, mike. coming up on today in the may, avocado prices spike over the fear of closure with the southern border with mexico. google continues its search for diversity ahead in business and tech. >> i was really hoping to pull
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off one last one. >> plus, fans can't wait for avengers end game. the record the move is setting before even hitting the box office. ♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi.
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mike traffic tease good wednesday morning. 5:12 as you head out the door. don't forget the umbrella. we will have a chance of rain throughout the day. clouds over the south bay. as you head on out to santa teresa, we will keep cloudy
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skies and mild temperatures too. a stronger storm system headed our way coming up in less than five minutes. . right now a steady flow of traffic for dublin. a smooth, steady flow out of the altamonte pass. we're looking at a few patches of damp roadways. not a problem for the tri-valley. how things are shaping up and changes at the bay bridge. . and very happy wednesday to you. the mood on wall street still pretty good. there's hope washington can end its trade war with china. remember that whole foods owned by amazon cuts prices starting today. diversity reports showing more women and more asian workers were hired the last year at google. two-thirds men, one-third women.
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if you think your neighbor works for google or he apple, she might not really, rather working for a third party. google is told third-party pwhroeus they have to pay 15 bucks an hour and offer health. tax bill is around $2,000. "the wall street journal" says president trump is complaining about jerome powell fed chair at three meetings in the past week alone and called powell on the phone last month. trump wants powell to resist raising interest rates so stock market performs better. the president in fact, wants to fire powell, according to the journal but said, quote, i guess i'm stuck with you. he was nominated by mr. trump. it is exceedingly rare for a president to comment on fed policy. shares in list fell again tuesday. that would be the company's third day of trading in two of them the stock fell.
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just under $69 a share. the seed investors doing just fine. the first investors in vested 23 cents a share. >> she's on an island. >> ahh. >> doing just fine. >> thanks, scott. 5:15 for you right now. the country is the biggest supplier of food for the u.s. so far prices of avocados are up 34%. new, looking forward to see avengers end game, you're not alone. the move already setting
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records. online tickets says the fourth movie topped u.s. yesterday. fandango didn't have specific wait times but declared the line was paused. it beat the previously beat star wars. it comes out april 26th. >> the records are broken and the movie has yet to come out. i just posted this on social media. my family is so excited. there are marathons. how many are there? >> 22 movies. they are going to show 22 movies. >> going to say i have to get caught up. >> go for it, laura. >> 56-hour binge watch. >> this is the 23rd. they will go for a couple days. they will give you a second to recoup and get more popcorn and a break and then to the end game. >> apparently i already have tickets. >> what? >> my husband called yesterday
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and he got us tickets to go. so we'll be there. >> date night. >> we're not doing the pweupg thing. we have already seen all the other ones. >> nice date night. >> i don't have time to do anythi watch anything. >> some of those date back to 2008 or something like that. so we are seeing light rain. too light and low in the atmosphere to be picked up on storm ranger. this storm system is moving through and another one right behind it. we will have quite a bit of wet weather pattern moving in.
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not expecting any heavy rain to delay the game. if you're going to be out and about once again you probably don't need me to tell you this, the tree and grass pollen is really bad right now. so just that reminder to take your allergy medicine. throughout the day, this may help us out just a little bit. some scattered showers moving through washing some of the pollen out of the air. more widespread rain during the afternoon tomorrow and friday. friday we will get more measurable rain in terms of what we are going to see initially. we are going to see the possibility of getting anywhere from a half to just down to a quarter inch for the south bay. look at how much we can see for the north bay. this is mostly coming in on friday, early saturday morning. after that we dry out. temperatures warm up.
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inland valleys low to mid-60s to the low 70s by the end of the weekend. we will have a stretch of weather into next week. mike, the crews are clear from palo alto. >> let's tack a live look. they were here northbound. flashing lights on the shoulder. southbound, they cleared crews. top end around willow. i'm going to say things are clear. if you see the flashing light as more crews are on the roadway, slow for the cones. be careful. look at all that green on the perimeter, across the bay and the bridges. berkeley, we still follow the closure of adeline, south of ashby. watch that around mlk. mlk is your option to get past that overnight crash scene. it has eased up. all cash lanes are open. it is starting to build in the
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last 60 seconds in the fast track lane. typical pattern. we're looking at no problems for transit. bart will allow you to avoid that completely and take the tube under the bay and avoid the bay bridge toll plaza. looking at the san mateo bridge. clear view. easy ride. >> easy breezy. 5:20 right now. next on "today in the bay", curry off the court. the special project the warriors star is working on and what else he is revealing in an all new interview with nbc. >> she is asking a lot of us what is the favorite thing that your friend makes? mine is reservations. you can follow kris on facebook. >> my friend ali's kale salad. cr
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♪ well, there it is. it's real. celebration in chicago after the city elects its first african-american he female mayor. she served on the city's police board and worked as a federal prosecutor. she will become chicago's first openly gay person. >> together we can and will finally put the interest of your people, all of our people ahead of the interest of a powerful view. >> lightfoot won in a land slide winning about 70% of the vote. a chaotic and deadly shoot-out made headlines back when it happened in 2015. maybe you recall the story. a shoot-out involving a biker gang in waco, texas. nine people died, 20 other
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injured. authorities arrested 177 bikers. prosecutors have dropped the last remaining criminal charges against two dozen defendants. most had already been dropped. only one case ever made it to the courtroom, it ended in a mistrial. a group of suspects just could not shake off the police. they actually wound up at taylor swift's home. this happened in rhode island. officers noticed that car had no license plates and tried to pull over the vehicle. the three men and one juvenile took off, eventually crashing into the gate and damaging it. that's that of the singer's home. they found alcohol and marijuana inside the car. the driver may have bad blood with the legal system after all of this. he faces several charges. this man is in the battle for his life. but this north carolina man just got good news as he deals with stage 4 liver cancer. he won a quarter million dollars
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travel the world with his life. good for him. . a guaranteed slam dunk for warriors fans ahead of the "today" show. >> steph curry sits down to open up about family, faith and basketball. >> i think that part is -- everybody is dealing with something in their own way, shape or form. whether it's in business or life, stresses at work. thriving in chaos is something we try to do. >> that's what you want people to take away from this. >> yeah. theres a balance to everything for sure. >> curry explaining to craig melvin about what motivated him to open up in such a personal way. you can watch the entire interview during the 8:00 a.m. hour of the "today" show following "today in the bay" at 7:00. from court to the track,
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eight-time gold medalist usain bolt competed against a taxi and won. he easily jogged past the vehicle towards the finish line. take a look at this right here. the retired jamaican athlete -- >> man, i could have done that. >> that's true. i thought it was going to be a lot faster than that. he made his signature gesture at the end. you can see he makes that -- i guess we don't see that. here sit. >> and bam! >> there it is. >> we need a move. >> we have many. 5:26 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay", working to help parents across the state. a live report and the crucial vote on a bill aimed at allowing you to be allowed to bring your baby to work. . plus, demolishing apartments. a late night vote in mountain view means the end of affordable living for dozens of people. and take a live look
5:27 am
outside. oh, are the metering lights on perhaps in the bay bridge? the toll plaza getting backed up. 5:26. we've got your commute and forecast coming up. each morning,
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people wake. and smile, when they see the sun.
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not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people have more mornings. good morning and thank you a very good wednesday morning. a peek outside overlooking san francisco. great start to the city by the bay. really the bay area. we'll check the forecast coming up. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. over to kari hall with a look at the rain in the forecast. >> we are seeing light rain. spotty. low clouds and drizzle around the bay area. as you get a live look outside
5:30 am
in dublin, hard to tell but the roads are wet. we are going to see the need for the windshield wipers off and on throughout the day. our forecast keeps it cloudy. temperatures starting with low 50s. low to mid-60s today. more rain ahead in the forecast. you are seeing the mist lights. >> we have mist and metering lights. droplets on the lens show you the rain is falling or at least a drizzle. more than a trickle. that's the concern. looking at a smooth flow contra costa county, upper east shore. watch out for the tri-valley. south bay, we have a couple of minor crashes. i'm checking up. i have one on 880. >> thanks, mike. parents, listen up here. you know just how expensive day care is. happening today, state lawmakers will decide on a bill to law state workers to bring their babies to work.
5:31 am
"today in the bay" pete suratos joining us with details on how this will all work. this sounds very interesting, pete. >> reporter: yeah. very interesting marcus. it is referred to as the bring your baby to work bill. i want to point out this has been applied to the private sector. this would extend some of it to the state level for state workers. there are requirements i want to jump in to. they decide on a vote for this bill later this morning. when it comes to the requirements, the baby needs to be between six weeks to six months or able to work, whichever happens first. as far as costs go, that is a concern. the state lawmakers backing the bill says there would be no cost. so no requirement for state agencies to baby proof anything. and the parent is solely responsible for their infant. the manager in this, this is an important point, the manager gets final approval. this wouldn't be a mandate even if this bill becomes a law. but still there are plenty of pros and cons when it comes to this bill. >> you can never make up for
5:32 am
having it right there with you. just to kind of be able to look over and they are babbling for the first time. or even giggling. she did her babbling and giggling for the first time here. >> i think sit a distraction to the workers. and i don't think the worker with a child would get as much done. >> it was so effective in the private sector. and people were saving $2,000 a month for nanny bills and everything. i figure why not try it at the state level. >> reporter: so every job or environment isn't necessarily safe for babies. there would be approval process before anything is final. there's going to be a committee vote in sacramento taking place later this morning. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay". very interesting. thanks a lot, pete. 5:32 right now. we're getting a look at where fire victims are living after losing their homes in last year's deadly wildfires. they were pinned by county and
5:33 am
state on a google map. isn't that interesting to see? the list is compiled by fema data showing current addresses for people who filed for assistance. about one quarter of the 21,000 people who filed, as you see there, are living out of state. 18,000 are elsewhere in butte county. they are spread across the united states. . and housing crisis playing out on the peninsula for us this morning. a battle brewing in mountain view over the construction of some townhomes that would force low-income residents out of their homes. "today in the bay" kris sanchez joining us live from mountain view with what happens now. kris? >> reporter: hi there, marcus. we're not just talking about low-income residents but also middle-income residents. this is a complex that is home to about 60 different families who say that they can't afford to pay more than what we're
5:34 am
paying. they think they would not be able to do that. they pay $1,000 to $3,000. they have been worried about losing their homes since this other development down the street went up on rock street in mountain view. that was also affordable housing that now would become luxury townhomes. representative for the developer told the council they have helped pay future rent and moving expenses for folks in the past who have qualified and they are willing to do it again. but while the community members rallied before the start of the conversation, the meeting ended with a six council member vote in favor and one abstaining. but the council members are stuck between a rock and a hard place here. because unless the development doesn't conform to the zoning or the building code, then they have to green light it. so their hands are tied at this point. community members say they continue to try to pressure the
5:35 am
city and figure out another way to stop this development. kris sanchez, "today in the bay". >> the representative costs are crazy out there. kris, thank you. . another battle overpay. they are planning a walkout, hoping to draw attention to yon going contract negotiations. medical employees are asking for housing allowances and higher wages. many members of the labor union represents more than 6,000 workers at oakland's highland hospital and half a dozen other hospitals around the state. well, today marks a rough time for youtube. one year ago a woman walked into its headquarters in san bruno and opened fire. she shot three employees before taking her own life. the 39-year-old san diego woman apparently had a long-running grudge against the company. her father reported her missing days before the attack and told police she might be headed towards youtube. the three victims in the
5:36 am
shooting did survive stkpwhraofplt 5:35. solano county authorities are trying to figure out why an electrified bridge had no posted warning signs. grieving students gathered to mourn the loss. both were 17 years old. they jumped into a canal to save a dog and touched the bridge, which electrocuted them. the dog was later rescued. the boys had just started spring break. . a long-term project along the embarcadero is taking a first step forward. mayor london breed announcing an initial bond sale. it will raise $50 million. voters approved a $425 million bond last november. that's just the first phase of the embarcadero seawall project. . you have heard of baby shark. 'tis the season for baby
5:37 am
squirrels. palo alto animal control posting this adorable reminder, when it gets breezy, the animals can fall from their nest. workers found three only a week or two old. keep your eyes peeled when pruning the trees for a couple months if you can. >> that happened to me in fifth grade. baby squirrels. i actually took them to school. my teacher took them to the humane society. a couple months later they were taken to a farm in tennessee and released. >> and lived a happy life? >> yeah. all thanks to me. i mean, yeah, my teacher. just a little story for you, mike. >> that's cool, marcus. i like that. >> i have a friend from high school and she kept one. it's a pet squirrel. that's bizarre. >> cool. we have reports of a spinout, guys. concerned because we talked about the misty roadways.
5:38 am
101 around lawrence expressway. over on the shoulder, no major issues. we have a crash i was concerned about. two lanes blocked southbound 880 mountain view expressway. watch out for that. be careful, folks. roadways are slippery. everything is looking really good. green sensors all around. the mist and the drizzle causes damper roadways. >> you're a good sport. i'm drinking coffee while you're doing your report. it wasn't very elegant. now you know what we do during commercial breaks. today is going to be what? >> kind of wet. on and off rain.
5:39 am
we will see tprauoff and on sho. i know what you're looking at, the friday forecast. the giants home opener. it will be unfortunately raining off and on. just plan to bring the rain gear, the poncho, rain boots and all of that stuff. we will see scattered showers and temperatures only reaching low 60s. if you're heading out of town this weekend, maybe going to heavenly, we have rain in the forecast there. highs reaching into the low to mid-40s. look how much it warms up sunday. 54 degrees. paso robles, rain on friday. and then on saturday, it's partly to mostly cloudy. highs comfortable, 70 degrees. heating up even more sunday with highs in the upper 70s. follow me on social media. @karihallweather.
5:40 am
sounds good. thanks, kari. coming up on "today in the bay". more fallout from the college admissions scandal. two hollywood actress paying to get their kids in prestigious schools are set to appear in court today. in washington, the president appears to be backing off his promise to shut down the southern border this week. plus, do you want to be like jay-z and beyonce? you don't have to go to a recording studio. you could win a night in the museum just like them in the louvre in paris. why are all these business owners so excited? we're going to comcast. it's ahead of the game, ahead of the curve. it's going to add to the productivity of our business. it's switch and save days at comcast business. right now, get fast, reliable internet for $49.95 a month and save $600 a year.
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all right. we're coming up on 5:43. and it is a morning where it's cloudy. at times there's light rain coming through. a live look outside in san jose. we'll head over toward the neighborhood of evergreen. temperatures in the mid-50s as you head out the door. low 60s by noon. we'll talk about some heavier rain in the forecast in less than five minutes. this is enough to blur our view. the mist, drizzle, bay bridge moves smoothly. headlights from san francisco. metering lights on the oakland side. we'll show you the flow across the bridge stkpwhraofplt operational varsity blues. in just a few hours, more parents indicted for the college admissions scandal will go before a judge out east. >> felicity huffman and lori loughlin.
5:44 am
in total, 15 bay area parents are charged in this alleged payoff scam to bribe their way into prestigious schools, including cal, stanford, usc. >> jeff sappsapperstone is live outside the courthouse. >> reporter: there's only two doors. the front door. and the door at the back. we have cameras posted at both. they will walk through the same doors everyone else has walked through. not only are they in court today, but there are a dozen other parents here as well. parents may face a more
5:45 am
tougher punishment when all of this is done. why are we seeing 16 of the 50 we have seen out of the indictments in court today? >> reporter: again, some of the parents are returning to court or coming back into court. we know the two actresses already appeared in california. but this will be the first time they are appearing here in boston. we know there is a couple in the bay area who will face additional charges here today as well. so this is really just a sense of how big this case is. we saw a big group last week. they can't charge them all in one day. that's why we are seeing multiple days in this case. >> have prosecutors provided any indication that they could cut plea deals in some of these cases? >> reporter: well, it's too soon
5:46 am
to tell. the ringleader is cooperating. so he pleaded guilty. a yale coach also pleaded guilty and is now cooperating. other than that, we don't know yet. but that is still a possibility. of course there are so many defendants in this case. >> it will be interesting to catch. jeff, thank you very much. busy day ahead there. >> reporter: sure thing. >> the president is backing off his threat to close the u.s. border with mexico. >> scott mcgrew joins us. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell telling reporters there would be no new health care bill to replace obamacare any time soon. so the president is back off that claim as well. video of the president meeting with the head of nato. he will address a joint session of congress this morning. 8:00 a.m. our time. in this meeting, president trump told stoltenberg his father was
5:47 am
born in germany. he was born in new jersey. a total shutdown of the border which he said would happen this week. he says congress must act to keep it open but didn't set a new timeline. house judiciary committee voting on a subpoena to force the justice department to release the mueller report unredacted. congress's own law protect the special counsel's report. the rules put in place after the starr report investigating president clinton. it is entirely normal to redact private grand jury testimony. president trump once again attacking the leadership in puerto rico saying they took too much money from the usa. his words. puerto rico is part of the usa. the president's spokesman was interviewed on msnbc and called it that country. >> they have had mismanagement of the goods and services we have sent to them. food just rotting in the ports. their governor has done a
5:48 am
horrible job. he's trying to make political year and trying to find someone to take the blame off of him for not having a good grid and good system in that country. >> these are things that are not true. >> again, puerto rico part of the united states. we're following what's happening on twitter and the nato address this morning. @scottmcgrew. new this morning, an unusual airbnb listing. how about spending the night in the middle of paris surrounded by some of the best known artwork. airbnb marketing its 10-year anniversary with a contest in which the winner spends the night at the louvre. you have to answer the question, why would you be the money that lisa's perfect guest? a private concert, a tour from a museum expert. enter by april 12th and airfare is included. >> pretty cool. >> that would be amazing.
5:49 am
some of the world's greatest art. >> who is the judge? who is to say your answer is better than mine. >> the french. >> we have great art here. >> by the weekend, we will have better weather. off and on rain. walnut creek, you can see the low clouds. every now and then the clouds will drop in light showers. as you're getting up and out the door for school this morning in walnut creek, your school day starts out with low if it w50s. mostly light rain. unsettled weather. our temperatures in the south bay head up to about 55 -- 65 degrees in san jose. we'll see some mid-60s also for parts of the east bay. and antioch today, high of 66 degrees. 64 in hayward. and we'll see a high of 58 in
5:50 am
daly city. san francisco, upper 50s, low 60s. as we take a look at storm ranger showing we're not seeing a lot of rain. but a lot of showers we have seen have been very low in the atmosphere. very spotty. we also have a stronger storm system that will be here as we go into friday. that is a look at the satellite imagery. this will bring in rounds of rain between today and tomorrow. as you are getting dressed this morning you need to make sure you keep the umbrella handy. maybe a rain jacket. we won't see rain all day long, maybe light long sleeves. hour by hour, rain moving through. another round of showers by tomorrow afternoon. that gets heavier towards friday. it looks like the rain lingers off and on through saturday morning. when it tpeupfinally moves out, could see over an inch of rain in parts of the north bay.
5:51 am
much less elsewhere across the bay area. our seven-day forecast shows that once the rain tapers on saturday, we'll end up with highs in the mid-60s. 70 on sunday. early next week starts out dry. looks like we will continue that dry weather after that. as we head over to mike, you have been tracking the roads and some of the rain too. >> drizzle there. bay bridge got swept with a little rainfall. first we are showing the green sensors. bay bridge toll plaza has your metering lights on. slick patches. recovery as far as the speed sensors go. south 101 and lawrence expressway, a single-car spin swrout. maybe loss of traction.
5:52 am
watch the slick roadways. a live camera shows the glow for the headlights in fremont. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, georgia will soon become the latest state to allow the sale of medical marijuana. 8,400 registered medical marijuana patients. georgia legalized in 2015 from deadly cancers, seizures and other illnesses but the state did not provide any way for them to purchase it. 30 states have now legalized medical marijuana. . 5:52. coming up next on "today in the bay", golden state workers banned from work-related travels to south carolina. we'll tell you why. senator dianne feinstein sounding off on the horse racing track behind the deaths of two dozen horses. what she is calling for. >> and walt disney company
5:53 am
facing a new lawsuit this morning accused of valuing certain workers over others. more details of that lawsuit just filed in san francisco. all coming up next. a lot more ahead. in. you're watching "today in the bay". senator dianne feinstein i
5:54 am
5:55 am
putting the pressure on southern california )s santa anita race track. it follows the death of a 23rd
5:56 am
horse since december. senator dianne feinstein is putting the focus on the santa anita racetrack. she is requesting it suspend all racing at the track until the cause of death is investigated. santa anita just reopened after being closed for a month. >> it is one less place to travel. banning state travel to south carolina. this is due to policies he considers discriminatory toward lgbt community. a provision in a budget deal passed last year. this allows faith-based child placing agencies to discriminate against those who do not conform to their religious beliefs. south carolina is the 10th state to have a travel ban now that it lie applies to. . 5:56.
5:57 am
the attorney general is expressing concern after a ban of high round ammunition. a federal court this week ruled the ban is unconstitutional. attorney general xavier becerra fears magazines will soon start flowing into the state again. he is asking for the ruling to be delayed. . new rulings surrounding police conduct in california. an appeals court says law enforcement agencies must release misconduct reports even if the behavior even if it happened before the law took place this year. the happiest place on earth isn't that for employees. those are the claims from a san francisco-based law firm seeking to represent women it says were underpaid by walt disney studios in california since 2015. a disney spokesperson denying the allegations.
5:58 am
5:57 right now. stopping on the side of a freeway as cars whiz by is one of the most dangerous drivers can do. >> officers people people to do it all the time during a traffic stop. here's investigative reporter vicky wynn. >> reporter: good morning. one look at these photos and you can see why they are taught to avoid stopping on the shoulder. is it any safer when an officer pulls you over? that's the question we asked police after seeing hundreds of crashes like these. state data shows more than 2,700 crashes including a parked vehicle. state data shows more than 2,700 crashes since 2013 involves a parked law enforcement vehicle including highway patrol and local officers who are helping stranded drivers and directing traffic. we talked to chp how to reduce these dangerous situations and what drivers should do if they don't want to pull over on the shoulder.
5:59 am
they told us slow down, put on your blinker and move to the right. even then drivers say they found themselves in a scary situation when the police thought they were trying to he get away. here why cops drew guns on this man and arrested him even though no charges were ever filed. we have posted our full report, along with an interactive map, plus the law you need to know when it comes to traffic stops. it's on and if you have a story or tip for our investigative unit, give them a call. 888-996-tips. or go to the website. a happy new life. louisville view showing off two of four little penguins that were recently hatched. they are native to australia and the coastline of new zealand. numbers have been declining with only 500,000 remaining in the wild. >> cute. >> very. right now at 6:00, a white house whistle-blower speaking exclusively to nbc news. >> it's important that we stand up to do the right thing no matter what. an 18-year security veteran
6:00 am
naming names saying the trump administration overruled recommendations not to give clearances to multiple staffers including trump family members. live on capitol hill with who is caught in the latest white house scandal. plus, hundreds of bay area teachers rallying, calling for more money for schools. where they are taking their demands today. and awaiting avengers. the latest marvel movie isn't even due for release for weeks. but it is already setting records, breaking fandango. "today in the bay" continues right now. very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. halfway through the workweek. >> almost there. >> i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. first we want to talk about the weather today, kari. more rain? >> more rain. off and on. most of it will be light. it's not a big deal today, but we will have a stronger storm system that moves in on friday. let's get you out the door w


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