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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 4, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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with us. >> i'm laura garcia, clear right now. kerry is checking that for us. >> for the first part, it will only be light rain, a few sprinkles here and there, as you get ready to head out the door, you are headed to the bart station, a light jacket needed early, mostly cloudy skies, you can leave the sun glasses at home. i'm tracking that next storm, we will talk about the time line, that's a live look at storm ranger right now. mike, you are looking for something at the san mateo bridge. >> they showed a lot of slowing near the toll plaza, we saw traffic moving smoothly, a burst of traffic, i think there may have been a quick traffic break, a quick change for the cash takers. that's all i can think of, there is nothing going on, on the stand now. those sensors are approaching the toll plazas, they remain green on this particular map the
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entire time. i will continue to follow that. so far, no surprises for the rest of the bay. back over to you? thank you very much. my 5:00 right now, new this morning, a new legal battle is brewing over u.s. immigration agents quickly releasing families after they crossed the border, in many cases, families say they're not given enough time for them to make travel arrangements, san diego county, which is near the border is now suing president trump's administration, trying to stop the practice. as that legal debate plays out, president trump is preparing the head to the border which he is threatening to close off, however, many republicans don't think it's a good idea. tracie potts joins us to urge the president to back off. good morning. >> reporter: they are, good morning, everyone, he is focused on immigration. they are focused on trade. what happens if you shut down a border where millions, in fact, hundreds of millions of dollars go back and forth every single
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day. at the southern border with mexico, migrants are racing against the clock, rushing into the u.s. in full view of officers, to request asylum before president trump closes the boarder. >> it's just very much overwhelming the system. >> reporter: at legal ports of entry, there the a 12-hour backup for delivery trucks coming in from mexico after border agents were sent off to deal with immigration. at stake, in these trucks, goods worth $1.7 billion a day. >> closing down the border would have potentially catastrophic economic impact on our country. >> reporter: that's mitch mcconnell, one of the president's closest allies on the other side of this fence with other republicans concerned if the border shuts down, the economy may take a hit. >> he ought to take into consideration the extent of closing to border would do i. >> reporter: president trump is seeing both sides. >> sure it will have a negative
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impact on the country. if you stop the border, you will stop a lot of drugs from coming in. >> reporter: he heads to california, to view new fencing. kirstjen neilsen joins him after a trip to yuma, arizona today, one of the busiest sites for migrant entering the u.s. the white house top economic adviser is saying they might look at a plan where they close the board tore cars and pedestrians, but leave the truck lanes opened for commerce. >> you know, earlier in this news kax, we were talking about the approaching tax day for most americans, democrats, meantime, trying to get ahold of trump's taxes. >> reporter: right. the official request is now. we heard them talking about this for a long time. they have now officially requested six years of president trump's personal and business tax returns. the president says he's not inclined to give them up. but he doesn't get the request. the treasury secretary who
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oversees the irs does, secretary steve mnuchin says he's already talked to the lawyers, they'll follow the law and review the request. if he denies this democrats with this particular committee ways and means may have to go around him to try to find another legal option, maybe try to subpoena those returns, but if he approves it and givers those returns to the committee, then they'll vote whether to make them public. >> yeah. which will be interesting. they have been wanting those for quite some time, tracie potts, live from washington, thank you. a violent attack caught on camera. an elderly man carjacked right in his own driveway. this was in san jose, today the bay chris sanchez is joining us live. the first question this morning, that man okay? >> reporter: he is going to be okay, but we know that the suspect was caught on camera and the victim said that when he told the suspect that, the suspect said he didn't really care. now, in the under surveillance video, you can see 72-year-old
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hector estrada struggling against that other man trying to steal his car in the driveway. this is in east san jose, the younger man punches estrada in the face and in the body and estrada says also flashed a gun before he then took off in the car. this video is from a under surveillance camera estrada installed a week ago. >> i told him he was on camera. he says i don't care. my other pair of glasses, he broke the other pair, the frame of the glasses did all the cutting. >> now, this was all in broad daylight. it was about 9:45 in the morning as estrada was unloading groceries from his car. the 72-year-old will be okay, his car, though, was totaled. officers found it with no driver in sight. i want to show you crime statistics for jan and february. this year the latest numbers available. there were more than 1,000 seeks stolen, which is the same drop compared to last year, there
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were 357ing a dpra rate issed assaults, which is a 12% increase year over year, 207 robberies, another 20% lower year over year, there is no category specifically for violent carjacking. back to this case, who is the suspect? we don't know at this point and if the san jose police know, they are not telling us. chris sanchez, today in the bay. >> people should be able to live in their own yard without something like this happening, safely. thank you. a uc berkeley engineer accused of poisoning his co-worker, a plea hearing is scheduled for saved xu. he is accused of putting the toxic cadmium into his co-worker's food and water. police obtained video showing him adding substances to the victim's water bottle.
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he faces attempted murder charge. it is 5:06. the aclu is throwing its report behind a complaint filed basilly convalley executive who says sfo customs agents threatened him after he returned from overseas. the passenger says agents tried to intimidate him because he refused to unlock his computer and iphone. a worker for apple says agents flagged him for an interview while moving through customs and asked to him show his flight itinerary on his iphone. he refused citing a non-disclosure agreement with apple and asked to see a lawyer before opening the phone. that's when he says the situation got tense. >> he started ged getting very angry and saying they don't have no right to see my phone. >> the idea if someone is going to search your person or your belongings, they have to have reasonable suspicion to base the search on. as you know, your telephone and
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computer contains your digital life. >> reporter: the aclu says the incident raises constitutional questions about unreasonable search and seizure. a customs spokesperson refused to comment on the specific case, did say in general, keeping america safe depends on being able to examine any material entering the u.s. agents eventually let him leave, but did revoke his global enty card. a sign of more identification in the city. more condos are coming to the mission district in san francisco, according to examiner, the city's planning commission expected to hear about a 20 million project today f. approved a seven-story building will be built along 14th street, transforming it from a parking lot. it includes plans for an ad jace ent -- adjacent three-story building. saying it provides on a bare minimum of housing.
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the. the jack rose libation house closed, the well known cocktail bar and restaurant is shut down. it opened up four years ago next to saratoga on highway 9 formerly hacienda, the address was bought back. the community recently approved 36 single family homes in a hymnside preserve at that location. well, superstar steph curry is working to help younger players, many they per share under looked. >> it's a part of the under rated tour. once in their sneakers, curvy hoping to inspire these kids to keep going and never give up on their dreams. >> everybody sees the finished product of nba players. they don't get to see or hear about or understand the journey. >> as a teen, he was ignored, a as recruit, he was given three stars on a scale of five.
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curry kept pushing to be a two time mvp and toledo the golden state warriors to three titles there. now through these camps there he is actually leading other young players. >> isn't that cool? all the kids have to be like the three stars or under just like he was and it's giving them an opportunity. >> i would have been able to go to that camp. >> i would have too. i think you would have been a little better than me. >> very little. all right. right now we want to get a look at the forecast for us, kari has been looking at that rain. >> today it's mostly cloudy, staying fairly dry. this is a live look outside in dublin as you get ready to head out the doors and the commuters are making it look okay from that spot. as you get ready to head out to the dublin bart station, our temperatures will be in the lower 50s and gradually warming today under all of that cloud cover. we'll talk about the time line and the rain, that's coming up in a few minutes.
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mike, there is a little build for the morning commute. >> a little build at the bay bridge. fast track is starting to slow a bit as the volume increases, no problems through or oust of the maze, no problems to the maze either. look at that bay point, brentwood, all moving smoothly, getting out of the area. the south bay, no major delays. i will point out a service issue coming out, the freeways are moving nicely, we have a little slowing, 25 minutes here grant line road to the dublin interchange. back to you. >> thanks, mike. a teenager coming forward and claiming he is the boy who disappeared from wisconsin several years ago. still ahead at 5:25. where the teenager says he's been. elon musk is back in court. meanwhile, tesla is facing real trouble markets. britney spears reportedly checks into a mental health
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facility. coming up, the reason she says she needs help. you are watching today on the bay. ♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. mike traffic tease right now, it's time to get you to head to sierra for the weekend. there is a new winter advisory in effect if you will be traveling there today or tomorrow. light snow coming down and our temperatures in squaw valley reaching 37 degrees and we're double the normal amount for early april, 240 inches of snow
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on the ground and we'll talk about what's ahead for bay area rain, heading into the weekend. that's in less than five minutes. that will affect your roadways, right now, no advisories to sierra. 80 right here at the bay bridge. there is a little build here. you knew that would happen, we talk about that saturday coming up. a very happy thursday to you. boeing doing surprisingly well considering the very serious allegations. the pilots in the ethiopian crash were doing exactly what boeing told them to do in that plrnlgs but crashed anyway. in that emergency but crashed anyway elon musk is back with a battle well securities & exchange commission. he didn't check with company lawyers first and violateed that agreement with more tweets. meanwhile, tesla says, it will fall short on car deliveries, delivering 50,900 cars in the
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first quarter, far short of expectations and short of what it's been able to do in the past. now, some analysts blame the fact you get a much smaller tax break for buying a tesla than you used to. we've gotten word president trump will meet with chinese vice premier in the white house no finalize a trade deal. here we see him with our treasury secretary last week. we are waiting on details of that deal. about an hour from now, an israeli spacecraft will try to enter lunar orbit, a first for that country. it's an unmanned probe which means genesis in the beginning in hebrew. they say the burn will take place 6:30 our time, 6:30 a.m., a little more than an hour is the most difficult thing of the maneuver, short of the landing, obviously. this started out as a google x prize, you get $30 million if
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you land on the moon. the prize ran out. they kept going. they are not in orbit yet. they will be and land next thursday. >> a very first, a cool first i should say. >> it really is, it's really cool. >> good for them, all right. this morning, we are talking about superstar britney spears. >> it looks like she is waking up in a mental health facility. sources say it's all due to her father's illness, last year her father suffered a life-threatening colon rupture. since then, he's had several surgeries, in january, spears announcing she is putting her planned los vegas residency on hold this is for the sake of her father. music legend celine dion ending her long residency if los vegas. she won't be folding her heels for too long. she plans to embark on a world tour and plans to release a new album this year. if you couldn't go to vegas, that's a good ends, you should end the show like that every
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day. >> stick around and see what happens. >> emote more. >> it's all for you. it's all for you. >> yeah. well, if you can't see her in vegas, now you can see her on the road. >> come to florida. >> consolation prize. >> let's watch kari right now. >> let's talk about the weather. that's what everyone is talking about as you head out. yeah, we have rain headed our way. these are mostly cloudy skies over san jose and you do want to make sure as you head out, have you some rain gear somewhere close by. we're not going to see it raining all day, in fact in evergreen, it stays mostly cloudy, our temperatures very slow to warm up, as you are getting up and out the door, heading to school in martinez, it will be 54 degrees, on the way to school and only some low 60s for today as we go into the afternoon. so we're tracking these storm systems moving in. and the one today will bring us just some isolated rain here and
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there mostly for the north bay and skies staying mostly cloudy. as with ego into tonight, we see little more activity here on the radar, early tomorrow morning at 6:00, we see some rain moving into the peninsula, parts of the north bay and it does become more widespread between late morning and early afternoon as we see some quick moving rain moving through. it looks like it starts to clear out by tomorrow night into early saturday morning, just a few lingering showers. and our rainfall totals fought looking as heavy as originally thought. about a half inch for parts of the north bay, elsewhere for areas south and east, a tenth to quarter inch of rain for most of us across the bay area. as our weather clears out, our temperatures warm up. look at sunday's forecast, partly sunny skies, highs in the low 70s, even mid-70s early next week. we will have a nice little stretch of some dry weather going into at least next wednesday. mike, you were seeing a little slowing in palo alto. >> very quickly, it's right
5:20 am
there on 101 at willow. i think they are moving crews around, right on schedule. the south bay, the freeway is okay down here. but it is the surface streed madera fear 10th and heady -- street madera near 10th and heady. we have a live shot of crews on scene. they got there quickly to cap that water. >> that water causing the need for this roadway repair. they will continue to work so you can use 11 to get around, 10th again is hopped at heady. there is no surface street problems as far as accessing the freeways, throughout the south bay. just fine. a live look, the dublin approach, no problems out of the altamonte, back to you. >> thanks, mike. kudos to you in the bay, a teenager is coming forth saying he is the missing boy wisconsin
5:21 am
authorities have been searching for for years, up next, what investigators are doing to determine he is who he says he is. but first, here's a look at what we are sharing on social media. check out this photoi, the play station from palo alto, to see more unique sites follow us on instagram.
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well, this morning, we are following a dramatic escape and possible ending to an eight-year long kidnapping mystery. >> this boy says he is timothy pitston, he disappeared when he was 6-years-old and was found in kentucky. his mother checked him out of school early and taken him on a road trip, three days later, she killed herself at a motel. the note she left behind said her boy was safe, but he would
5:24 am
never be found. earlier this week the boy said he escaped two kidnappers, pitson's aunt says all the family can do is pray until a dna test confirms the boy's identity. >> we always felt very strongly that tim was alive, regardless of what anybody said, i knew he was alive. where he was or who he was with, was just too difficult to think about or imagine or try and figure out. >> test results should come out this week. well, it's the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men and women. new for you this morning, doctors say that colon cancer among young people is on the rise, doctors have been seeing more people diagnosed in their 20s. younger colon cancer patients tend to feel extremely fatigue or pale and experience ab dom
5:25 am
fal pain and they recommend regular colonoscopys at the age of 45. paying healthcare is a big impact on american's bottom line. a new survey finds they borrowed $88 million to pay for expenses, additionally, the report finds one in four adults say they skipped treatment due to cause. well, today is april 4th. which is you may recall marks the assassination of civil rights icon martin luther king, junior, he was shot in memphis 51 years ago. a ceremony will be held toot in atlanta as it always is. he served as the pastor. 5:25 right now, well, in just a little more than 24 hours, a broadcast legend will take one final bow. >> i know, one of your favorites, tomorrow, kathie lee
5:26 am
gifford will end her 11-year appointment with america. while we are saving a look at hoda's emotional tribute, "today show" africaor savannah guthrie about the lasting advice. >> i see how someone can have so success and kind and faithful and totally true to themselves. >> make sure to tune in to watch today. give a farewell to a legend. that's coming up, on the "today" show right after "today in the bay." >> oh my kathie lee. she's not out there yet. >> one more day. >> coming up, the top stories we are following this morning, including a possible conclusion to a crash on the mendocino coast that killed an entire family. the rare actions to bring that case to a close. it's all coming up in a live report. >> brand-new details about the ethiopian airline crash.
5:27 am
what officials are saying this morning about the investigation. take a look outside, my keeping tabs on your morning commute. a lot more ahead. 5:26. why are all these business owners so excited? we're going to comcast.
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ad lib live picture of the s and a good thursday morning to you. april 4th. taking a like look at the san mateo bridge. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia, a storm coming tomorrow, so let's enjoy today, kari. >> that's right. the rain for the most part will be holding off. we can see all the clouds overhead. we take a like look outside in
5:30 am
san jose our temperatures hold steady, most of us into the low 50, upper 50 in the afternoon if you plan on going to the a's game, it will be 59 degrees, mostly cloudy. you may need a little rain gear, like you were checking out, the metering lights on the bay bridge. >> they were on, at 5:15, so that's a few minutes earlier. we haven't seen a major backup. there may have been a burst down the freeway or the shore, perhaps something along the span alerted them to turn them on five minutes early. you see the fast track lanes moving. a smooth ride in and the oakland routes for 3580 and 880. no major problems throughout the bay. the south bay shows one typical at this time.
5:31 am
back to you. >> all right. thanks, mike. 5:30 right now. just in out of east contra costa county. i you want you to take -- i want you to take a look at this video. it ended with one person at the scene, it happened at oak and lot east of downtown brentwood. police could be seen with what appears to be a gun found near that crash site along with a crown mask inside the car. it's not clear what led to this incident. just yesterday there was a home invasion a few blocks away in the garden ranch neighborhood. police tell us someone jumped on to the roof of a home just after 1:00 afternoon and smashed through an upstairs window before getting away. it's unclear if the person got away. now to a tragedy along the northern california coast. new details emerging after two
5:32 am
mothers and six children were killed last year after their car plunged into the pacific ocean. >> pete is here with new answers to some very important questions. pete. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you guys. as a part of a two-day's coroner's inquest into this whole thing, the purpose is to hopefully bring closure to this tragic incident. i will show you guys a picture of the family there, you see jennifer and sarah hart. jennifer was behind the wheel in march of 2018 when it careened over a cliffside, that story catching national attention after the entire family disappeared from washington state only to be found in this tragic car wreck. now, after reports came out of prior incidents involving child protective services, an investigation was launched to determine if this crash was intention am or purely accidental. speaking to jurors yesterday, jennifer hart, the driver, had a
5:33 am
blood limit 1 upon 0, sarah hart had a toxic level of antihistamine in her system. the pathologist said three of the children had high levels of antihistamine in their system, considered to be well above the therapeutic level. the chp officer said he was puzzled over the absence of tires or skid marks at the site of the crash. he called it unusual to explain why the car went down the cliff. we expect to have more findings, they will be presented to jurors and it will be up to those jurors to make a final decision. reporting live for today in the bay? such a tragedy there. thank you very much. new overnight, investigators talking about the cause of last month's ethiopian crash. they say everything was normal.
5:34 am
they held a news conference a short time ago, talking about the politicmr. -- the preliminak box findings. they recommend boeing control the availability of now grounded 737 max planes for the full review, outside review, in fact, of the flight control system before those jets resume flying. this woman died in that crash. she was the knees of consumer activist ralph nader. now a high law firm is representing her in that crash. the they are planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit today if chicago against boeing, ethiopian airlines and a company that manufactured an allegedly defective part. the lawsuit will argue boeing rushed the max 8 jetliner to
5:35 am
market. it's 5:34 right now. emotions heated last night in a battle to assist homeless in san francisco. >> so do you want know talk or not? >> that is player london bree doing a little to convince opponents of the plan of a so-called navigation center there along the water front. leaders want to build a 200 bed center along the embarcadero to help transition the homeless, some neighbors want to be open minded. others became so frustrated, they actually walked out. >> my frustration is, today was a sales pitch. it was not a community meeting. there is evidence of them focusing on colors, lighting and heavy exterior look and feel of the facility and not about what's happening to the people on the other side. >> police are trying to assure neighbors there will be added patrols. opponents filed a go fund me
5:36 am
page to challenge that plan. >> it's la ready to tackle homelessness, the battle over hope village in san jose. crews recently cleared the tent city even though homeless advocates believed it was working. in this case, the faa red flagged it because it was too close to sjc. city and county leaders still hope to come one a solution, but at this point, hopes are fading for many. 5:36 right now. the as bitten by a wobbly pull pen last night. >> the as have led boston 3-0 before they muntd rally. the game tied in the 9th inning, mooky best off the 3rd base bat. it popped up into left field. two runs scored. the red sox won the game 6-3. today's series finale gets under way a little after noon. and in a little more than 24 hours, giants fans will celebrate the team's home opener
5:37 am
at oracle park. between now and then they have to contemplate what might have been. last night, the giants had the lead in the 7th inning, but the dodgers david frees hit a two-run double. the bats went silent after that giants fans, we want you to wake up with us today and tomorrow morning, we have live coverage from the stadium starting at 4:30 for you. >> it should be a lot of fun. the rain is factor there. we were going to go like for our mid-day show. it could probably be not a rainout for the game. >> kari has been following all of that for us. kari, so what are we expecting? oh, mike. >> we're expecting kari to have a lower voice right now. i am doing a little kari duty. i show you the mist and the drizzle at the bay bridge, what
5:38 am
may be the case tomorrow. kari's forecast coming up shortly. i did want to show you this. it could affect your traction, the light volume is approaching all the ones except the one i want to talk about, the golden gate. the fast track lanes are slow. no major problems through the area. in fact, the rest of the bay as we zoom out shows you a nice smooth flow to traffic. it benefits a lot of folks. do be careful out there. >> all right. well, here we go, headed into the weekend. before we get there tomorrow. >> yes, that's the big question is will they delay the game if we have heavy rain moving through? it looks like there will be a round of rain moving through just in time for first pitch. so you want to make sure you are prepared for that possibility. also, if the game continues to go on, bring the rain gear, your uponchos, all of that stuff. on saturday the rain moves out.
5:39 am
we will still be left with clouds, temperatures are warming up. the highs reach into the low 60. the bay up to about 66 degrees and 68 degrees inland on saturday, sunday, slightly warmer. check out the valley forecast, reaching up to 75 degrees, lower 60s for some of the coastal areas. if you will be traveling, going up to lake shasta, off and on rain there, temperatures reach into the low- to mid-50. for napa valley, we will get sunshine for mostly friday afternoon into early saturday or rather i should say saturday afternoon and highs reaching into the low 70s. for monterey, we are still going to see the showers for tomorrow and on saturday it's going to be mostly cloudy, also a lot of cloud on sunday as our highs start to warm up into the mid-60s there. let me know what you are doing this weekend. i am@karihallweather and on facebook and instagram.
5:40 am
we will talk about that as you head out the door. >> thanks, looking forward to that. 5:39, coming up next, california is dealing with billions of dollars in wildfire damage, this morning, law makers are looking for some help paying for it. where they might get that money from. we may finally get to see trump's taxes, but he's not the only one hiding the numbers, we'll take a look coming up. "snl" pumped for the "game of thrones." >> kids on "snl." ♪ this week. >> and a preview of what you can expect with kit harrington hosting when we come back in the bay 5:44 right now. ♪ be your best self... .
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our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. . right now at 5:43 in fremont it's a mostly cloudy start. a few spotty showers, mostly light here and there around the bay area. as you get a look at what to expect throughout the day. we start out at 55 degrees, head up to only about 60 at noon. we will get a look at when that rain araves, the time line in less than five minutes. >> the lub lynn approach. we have a smooth drive here, a nice drive there, coming over the santa cruz mountains, we'll show you what's going on. right now, crews in san jose are dealing with this, a big
5:44 am
water pain break that could have an impact on your commute this morning, there is video along madera avenue not far from the city's airport and close to the busy intersection of east hedding and north 10th street. crews appear to have shut off the water at this point. well, horse racing is set to resume despite pressure from senator diane fine stain to suspend racing at the facility. the most recent death happening on sunday. the senator september out a letter this week to california horse racing board requesting it suspend all racing at the track until the cause of death is investigated. 5:44, new details, california is struggling with the recent wildfires. they say one option is to tip into a state rainy day fund. the massive wildfires prompted
5:45 am
the creation of a five-member board working to decide who should handle those. >> this time, pressure from congress, scott mcgrew. >> good morning, from the democratic house and the one person that has the authority to demand them. u.s. house and ways and means committee chairman richard neil requested six years of trump's tax returns. republicans say the move could set a dangerous precedent of using returns of a u.s. citizen for political gain. president trump says he can't release his tax returns because they're under audit. the irs says it would be perfectly fine for someone to release details of their taxes even under audit. we should know, we have fought seen bernie sander's taxes either. he says he and his wife do their taxes at home. it's a matter of making photo
5:46 am
copies. he promised in february we would see them quote soon, but he never released them. he didn't release them the last time he ran for president. both the "new york times" and "the washington post" report the mueller report was for more troubling for president trump tan mr. barr indicated. there is a bat until congress to see that whole report. it looks like a deal with china is very close over trade. we will talk more about that as we talk business at 6:15. it's been a weird week in healthcare. we will talk more about that tomorrow. the president promised the healthcare will be front and center. that's an issue democrats want to run on. the president said the republican's plan, which does not yet exist will be on display as a much lesser expensive alternative to obamacare.
5:47 am
we will be watching for his taxes and healthcare, you can watch me at twitter. shane, shane. >> my name is kit. >> no it's not, not today it ain't. >> sfl this weekend, kit harrington, better known as gone snow is hosting. >> i assume my lord are you here to bend the knee? >> i am not. >> well, that's unfortunate. >> leslie, what are we actually doing here? i have been here for four hours. >> it's returning this month for the final season, hopefully no spoilers in this weekend's saturday fignight live. i bet the writers had funnel coming up with those skits. >> i think leslie jones had fun.
5:48 am
>> i wonder if are you not into "game of thrones." will you understand it? >> i was like, why is he wearing oven mitts? >> i think that's accurate. >> all right. >> it was fun nonetheless. >> all right. as we start out this morning, getting ready to head out the door, we had a lot of cloud. we have been talking about the rain off and on. it will still be spotty today. we are going to be tracking those showers moving in as we go especially into this evening into tomorrow, a live look outside in san jose, a mostly cloudy start, if are you on the way out the door, it will be in about 55 degrees. it's a mild start and it stays that way as our temperatures are going to be very slow to warm up for this afternoon, here is a look at the seven-day forecast, it's up at the bottom of the screen. we are looking at that forecast for the red sox versus the as game at the coliseum, early afternoon first pitch and we'll be at about 59 degrees.
5:49 am
you can see those clouds overhead. there may be mist and drizzle. nothing to keep you inside, it really doesn't help out that much with the pollen, usually a good rain can wash out some of those allergens in the air, it's still high as we take a look at our tree and grass pollen. that's really been affecting us, all of us allergy sufferers. if you are getting ready to head out the door, this is storm ranger, it is showing light rain off the coast. as far as the inland areas, we are seeing low cloud and drizzle may make the roads wet, the next storm gets here light tonight into early tomorrow. we time it out and see spotty rain throughout the day, as we go through tonight, with see the heavier rain picking up for parts of the north bay, going into time for our first pitch tomorrow and our live show at today in the bay out there at oracle park, it's going to be raining off and on and getting heavier as we go into late morning into early afternoon. after that quick moving wave
5:50 am
moves through, we'll be left with some lingering spotty showers into saturday morning. but our rainfall totals at this point are fought looking as heavy as we originally expected. it looks like we will get about a half inch or rain for parts of the forth bay, a about tenth, a quarter of an inch of rain across the rest of the bay area, heading into saturday, our rain chances go down, our temperatures start to go up. look at the big difference from friday to sunday. with ego from 49 degrees to highs in the mid-70s, that will continue into the start of next week. mike, you were seeing some slowing down in the south bay. >> that's right. we start with a shot you expect to see slowing north 101. north of 280. we see the first start, the first burst of traffic right there. no surprises right by our camera. the rest of the day, as far as silicon valley goes, coming into the area, we do have a crash north 17th heading up toward summit road is where i have a crash on the right shoulder, not
5:51 am
much of a shoulder, narrow roadways, so your left lane you want to drive north through the area, using a left lane, there may be a crash coming up, i'll track that. so far the southbound side getting out of our area over towards santa cruz, that is moving smoothly. there may be a mist and drizzle in a few spots, look at that, the tri-valley, hayward, that's right, great on south 880 out of oakland, getting over on to 880 north. no delay there or for the rest across contra costa county. there was a crash reported. it's not here in these lanes that i have moved to just path the toll plaza, back to you. >> thanks, mike. hang now, the singer, the weekend, accused of stealing songs, three songwriters claim they stole "the lonely night." no word on how much money they are asking for. "a lonely night" appears on the
5:52 am
weekend's album star board. next the wife of an nfl star shares a devastating discovery about her health. the concern she has that all moms can relate to. plus, bad example. the video sparking a lot of talk online today. a young porch pilot in the making. what could happen to that woman haved? this morning, there )s lo
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
fresh snow in the sierra! check out this photo kari well, take a look at this, this morning, a lot of fresh snow there in the sierra. check out this photo. we are back with more snow in the forecast. if you are headed to tahoe, be sure to follow her, for all of the updates. >> new video to show you, hot spots with eye popping injury numbers. a six alarm plays in an apartment if brooklyn, luckily, everyone will live. the building's you've totally gave way. hundreds of firefighters doused the building with water. severe flooding in the mid-west. this could affect all of us. this is when it comes to the affectings, three of the hardest
5:56 am
hit states are talking about the effects to come. >> we want to make sure our farmers have confidence in staying there. we have cities and towns still under water. >> and that flooding did billions of dollars of damage, do iing crops as well as tearing up land and killing livestock. the governors say they're waiting for congress to give them anxiouss for river management and to pass disaster funding. new this morning, the wife of an nfl quarter back revealing she has a brain tumor, she is married to detroit lion's quarterback matt stafford. she is asking for prayers. it is benign but sitting on nerves in her brain. she talked about how guilty she feels if recovery takes long,
5:57 am
she is worried she will be away from her kids for too long. it's the second leading cause of cancer death in men and women. >> yeah, this morning doctors are saying colon cancer among young people are doing diagnosed in their 20s, oncologists say the symptoms are different. >> if you feel extremely fatigue or miami and you do check your blood count to see if are you anemic, the blood is losing somewhere, causing anemic. and also have often with co constipation and diarrhea can be a sign of colorectal cancer. >> they recommend regular colonoscopys starting at the age of 45. new details, the fda is looking into whether ecigarettes are related to seizures, the "today" show gadi schwartz is
5:58 am
looking into a possibility of a connection this morning. >> reporter: good morning, a new investigation into ecigarettes. this one from the fda who says they are looking into whether they may cause seizures. they brought this to law maker's attention after 35 cases after using ecigarettes in the last ten years. they're not saying there is a direct correlation only they are beginning to investigate. they are also asking people that smoke ecigarettes that have seizures to contact them, let them know about their cases, all of this as we talk to one 15-year-old who said le had a seizure after a heavy night of vaping. you will hear his story on the "today" show. back to you guys. now to a conversation online. >> it shows a woman encourageing a child to steal a package from someone's doorstep this happened in albuquerque. footage from the victim's home security camera. the woman and child actually live in the neighborhood. the victim says he plans to file
5:59 am
a police report. if you wander, an adult in that state can face a felony charge for making a child commit a crime. i just can't believe it. all right. right now at 6:00, we'll be investigating the crisis. that's what the trump administration says about the border. the update we expect today from the homeland security secretary, plus a new lawsuit here in california aimed at helping migrant families. and caught on camera. a violent car jacking in san jose. what the elderly victim is exclusively telling nbc bay area and later. >> did you wish we were doing it for a real thing? >> yep. >> and meet the california family helping their autistic kids get comfortable on an airplane before tear first big day in the skies. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning. thank you for starting your morning with us. >> let's take that forecast
6:00 am
right now. we will get to that commute. >> i will get to it. >> kari is here. >> we start out with clouds around the bay area. we will see our rain chances going up over the next 24 hours. we want to make sure you are prepared for just about anything. it's looking real dry outside. palo alto at highway 101. it will start out at 53 degrees. it will be slow to warm up, reaching the upper 50s for early afternoon, eventually hitting 64 degrees today. 58 in san francisco and the high in livermore will be 62 degrees, but we'll talk about the next storm coming in, in just a few minutes. mike, it's a relatively light commute. >> it is. you'd expect to show a little more orange and red. not here in san jose, it's holding steady, north of 680. slowing through pleasanton, hayward, past that san mateo bridge. bay point, no surprises there, but a nice drive through the


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