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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 4, 2019 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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case. breaking right now at 11:00, a major break in a stunning case. we're learning about a new arrest in the beating and carjacking of an elderly man in san jose. that attack caught on camera. good morning to you. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. i want to check in with nbc bay area's kris sanchez. she's been following the story and has the very latest for us. >> reporter: we just got this new information in the last two hours about the suspect, and the information is as shocking as the crime itself. san jose police tell us that that suspect is just 14 years old. and he's accused of carjacking. and that's not the only crime he's accused of. he committed four felonies,
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allegedly at two different crime scenes, within a ten-minute span. this is surveillance video of that first crime. you see the suspect there struggling with 72-year-old, hitting him in the face and the body. the teen also flashed a gun at him. san jose police say the teen took off from estrada's car from coldwater drive in east san jose then crashed with another car in a red light collision about a mile and a half away at the intersection of story and mcguinness avenue where he then allegedly fled on foot. a witness chased him until that teen again allegedly flashed a gun. for the 72-year-old victim it was a wild crime. >> i just couldn't believe what was happening. he grabbed my keys and they came apart and then he got in the car. and i tried to pull him out. i told him that he was on camera, and he said i don't care. >> reporter: police tracked that suspect to a san jose home where he was arrested last night. the 14-year-old suspect is now at santa clara county juvenile hall accused of carjacking,
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robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse. by the way, the 72-year-old carjacking victim is okay. he's a little bruised up. the driver in the hit-and-run crash, though, is in the hospital. marcus? >> sad to hear that. thank you, kris. >> i know. he was so aggressive. so young. >> just 14. >> we'll continue to follow that. we're also tracking the weather. another storm taking aim at the bay area. >> live look for us. the golden gate bridge, beautiful sight there from our sutro tower camera. just a beautiful sight. carrie, you've been tracking the storm, though, that we're all going to have to deal with soon. >> we've seen some off and on rain moving through. in fact, we're seeing it right now in san jose. everything coated with a fresh coating of some wet weather and some rain. and we're going to see some showers moving through but overall just a lot of cloudiness across the bay area. our temperature's not changing much over the next few hours, only reaching the lower 60s. this is a look at storm ranger, where we've seen some of the light rain moving through the peninsula and also down to the south bay where we're seeing that rain on the camera.
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we're also seeing it on our radar. and it's right over downtown san jose, moving over toward the eastern parts of the city. and this is the first of two weather systems headed our way. this next one moving in tomorrow starts to bring us rain in the morning and continuing into early afternoon. but overall we will see some cloudy skies, some scattered showers, and then some heavier rain moving in at about 10:30 tomorrow morning. i'll be tracking this and a closer look at the timeline. that's coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> thank you, carrie. developing story for you. a berkeley engineer appears in court accused of positivoning o poisoning one of his own co-workers. >> pete suratos joins us live at the oakland courthouse with the very latest. pete is it. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and marcus. we're talking about 34-year-old david chu. now, he pled not guilty, or his attorneys pled not guilty for him here at the rene c. davison courthouse in oakland. these are serious charges we're talking about. if convicted he could serve a
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lifetime behind bars. now, our cameras weren't allowed in that courtroom. that's usually the case when it comes to this courthouse. but here's a booking photo. he's a lafayette native and he was arrested last week for these charges. he's facing attempted murder charges for allegedly trying to kill a colleague at his berkeley engineering firm by get this, mixing a toxic substance into her food and water multiple times. now, authorities are even claiming there's surveillance video of at least two of these recent incidents. xu's defense team in court today says he has no criminal history. they're calling this more of an aberration. and as for the bail amount to be set at $200,000. however, prosecutors in that courtroom disagreed, saying this incident alone makes him a danger to the public and bail should be set at $5 million. the judge decided to put bail at $2 million. so xu will remain in custody as we speak. i want to point out in court we learned that if bail is posted xu will still remain under --
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we're live here in oakland, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, pete. neighbors in berkeley warn that a foam used to fight a trash truck fire in berkeley may have killed fish. berkeley side reporting that community members say the foam got into the corvisas creek and may have caused a number of steelhead trout to die. nbc 7 sky ranger got video of firefighters spraying foam on that truck yesterday morning over on rose street. we looked up steelhead trout. the epa lists them as threatened here in northern california. new clues this morning about the cause of last month's deadly ethiopian airlines crash. investigators in ethiopia say that everything about the plane and the protocol was normal until pilots could no longer maintain control. they say that the pilots performed all recommended emergency procedures. samia stumo died in that crash.
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attorneys for burlingame-based cutchette, petri andmark karthy plan to file a wrongful death lawsuit in chicago. there is pressure on attorney general william barr to release the mueller report. >> the pressure coming from several sides as well. from democrats of course but also from the mueller team itself. both the "washington post" and the "new york times" this morning say they've talked to members of the special counsel's team who say barr did not accurately summarize their report. that the report is harder on trump that he let on, that barr let on. that the mueller team's talking at all, leaking after two years of complete silence, is remarkable. here's speaker of the house nancy pelosi. >> there's an easy answer to this. release the mueller report as soon as possible. and let me just say, the mueller report will be released. it's just a question of -- to us it is inevitable.
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to them it is inconceivable. we have to shorten the distance between the inevitable and the inconceivable. >> now, pelosi has not seen the report, nor has fbi director christopher wray, who is in front of a budgetary hearing on capitol hill this morning. >> have you had an occasion to read the mueller report? >> i have not. >> okay. >> now, to be clear, bill barr says he's going to release the report. not the whole report. some of it's going going to be redacted was the law demands that. removing references to ongoing criminal investigations, secret grand jury testimony, that kind of thing. but it would be surprising or wouldn't be surprising particularly marcus if he isn't speeding that process up. the pressure is on. >> yeah. we'll be watching for that one, scott. thank you. well, authorities in the east bay are talking about a bizarre twisted plot they managed to stop before anyone was hurt. walnut creek police recently led the arrest of the suspect matt caruso he of newark. now, he's accused of plotting to
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rape at least half a dozen women. according to court documents he targeted his first victim last tuesday in a parking lot where she lives in walnut creek. he tried to use a stun gun but it didn't work and she ran off. well, he ran off i should say. investigators say that he dropped his phone during the attack which eventually led officers to him. at a walmart where video show him buying items. investigators say were tied to the plot. now, he is now being held on a $1 million bail. and just out of east contra costa county, three people are recovering from this overnight crash. this is near downtown brentwood. we just got off the phone with police. they tell us that they were ponding to reports of shots fired in the downtown area when they stumbled upon this crash scene on oak street. that gun was found. police say that the driver was drunk and just south of there in garn ranch neighborhood police are still searching for the person who broke into a home in
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broad daylight. detectives say that someone jumped onto the roof of a home around 1:00 yesterday afternoon, then smashed through an upstairs window. the suspect took off. police don't think the crime was random. well, new details emerging after the two mothers of section children killed last year. this is after their car plunged from a cliff. and according to a new pathologi pathologist's report alcohol and drugs were found in both jennifer and sara hart's system at the time. jennifer was behind the wheel at the time. three children also had high levels of drugs. now, chp says that no tire marks were found near the scene. more of the investigation findings will be detailed in court today to determine if the crash was intentional or not. new at 11:00, there are new concerns over the use of e-cigarettes. the food and drug administration is announcing they're investigating a possible link between vaping and seizures. this comes after the agency
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revealed since 2010 they have received 35 reports of seizures among teenagers using e-cigarettes. according to the cdc, 3.5 million middle and high school students reported vaping last year. luca kinyard was a 14-year-old freshman when he started using e-cigarettes and says quickly became addicted. for luca and his mother kelly begin-yard the fda's investigation is a welcome development. >> his behavior became explosive. he was very angry. and it just wasn't him. >> reporter: the fda wants to make it clear so far they have not yet made a direct connection between seizures and vaping. the investigation is just beginning. well, coming up, a nearly decade-long mystery solved. a teenager claims that he's the boy missing for eight years. hear from his family that never lost hope. and kidnapped in africa. a woman taken while on safari. b what the kidnappers are demanding. and are you following us on
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>> right tlont paw print. that's where you've got to stand. >> if you want any more info on these stories head over to i'll see you later. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons.
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>> reporter: he was just 6 years old in may 2011 when his mother checked him out of school early, taking him on a road trip, stopping at a ws which is water park where he was last seen. three days later amy frye pitzen was found dead of an apparent suicide at this illinois motel leaving behind a cryptic note. >> the note indicated that timmothy is safe with people that will love him and care for him. >> reporter: the mystery devastating the boy's father, who kept hope alive, praying for his son's safe return. >> put a big hole in my heart just waiting for him to come home. >> reporter: residents who spotted the teen in their neighborhood wednesday said he seemed scared, begging them to call 911. >> he doesn't know who's not going to harm him and who is. and i think that was his biggest fear. he had no trust really for anyone. >> reporter: according to the police report the boy told investigators he had just escaped two kidnappers that have been holding him for years.
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>> we were much shocked and overjoyed. but scared at the same time. >> perhaps the end to one family's nightmare as investigators work to identify the teen who could finally solve a mystery years in the making. >> that was ron mott reporting. dna tests are under way. officials say the results could be ready as early as today. developing now, rescuers are ultimately really trying to find an american woman and her driver. both were kidnapped at gunpoint in uganda's most popular wildlife park. queen elizabeth park, one of the most famous in africa, runs
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along the border with conflict-plagued regions of the democratic republic of the congo. those kidnappers used the woman's own cell phone to make their $500,000 ransom demand. it's unclear who's behind this kidnapping. a number of militias are in that region, and experts say that there's been an increase in kidnappings. >> there's one pretty straightforward reason why we're seeing a growth in kidnapping. and that is that it pays to do it. financially it pays to do it. >> u.s. government policy is never to pay ransom. secretary of state mike pompeo is now defending the no-pay policy. opening bell there at the new york stock exchange. that was way up this morning. it rises 100 points. led by boeing as street awaits trade deal news. jack rose libation house closed. this is video showing a sign that was out there saying good-bye, thanks for all the
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memories and support. the well-known cocktail bar and restaurant all shut down. it opened up four years ago on highway 9 next to saratoga. the property located in unincorporated santa clara county held a los gatos address. it was annexed back in 2018 by monte sereno. they preventatively approved 36 single family homes and a hillside reserve at that location. sign offend riff kaigs in the city more condos possibly coming to the mission district in san francisco. according to the examiner the city's planning commission are expected to here about a $20 million project today. if approve a seven-story building will be built along 14th street transforming it from a parking lot. the project also includes plans for an adjacent three-story building with high-end production space. community advocates are pushing back saying it only ofrds a bare minimum of affordable housing. new dooelds details. california is struggling with the cost of recent destructive wildfires. lawmakers say one potential option is to dip into a state rainy day fund.
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the massive wildfires in 2017 and 2018 prompted the creation of a 5-member board that will work to decide who should pay for the damage. board members have until july to make their recommendations. a little more than 24 hours giants fans will celebrate the team's home opener at oracle park. between now and then they have to contemplate what might have been. last night against the rival dodgers the dodgers had the lead in the seventh inning but the dodgers' david frees had a two-run double. giant fans, i want you to be sure you wake up with us tomorrow here on "today in the bay" because we have a lot for you. we'll actually have live coverage from the ballpark there starting at 4:30 in the morning. >> it's always an exciting day when they have the home opener. the thing is the rain is going to cull along for the fun. >> yeah. we always have that during this time in the spring. we have to watch our skies. and we even look outside right now and can tell that this unsettled weather stays with us.
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that's a live look outside at the golden gate bridge with those low clouds overhead. and then we head across the bay over toward oklahoma as we get ready for the a's game. first pitch will be right after noon. as we get ready for that game we will still see those mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the upper 50s. only making it into the low 60s for the rest of the day and some breezy winds. there may still be some light showers moving through. as we get a look at our palo alto camera if you look way in the distance you may be able to see some of those light showers moving through, especially over the hills and across the south bay. our temperature trend there stays also in the upper 50s and low 60s. so kind of a cool day as we will see those temperatures staying below normal. and then also some light rain moving in areas from the east bay hills over toward the south bay. as we get a closer look at san jose we just have some of those showers moving through downtown san jose and now moving a little bit north ward toward milpitas.
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watching all of those showers moving through. you can do the same if you have the nbc bay area app. you can even get alerts as the rain approaches your location and you'll definitely need it tomorrow as this next storm system approaches. we can see all the clouds associated with that storm. the good news is that it will be moving relatively quickly. here's the way it looks as we go hour by hour. mostly cloudy skies, just a couple of spotty showers moving through that will mainly be light today. and then as we go into tonight we start to see a little bit more of that rain. and then here we are at 10:30 tomorrow morning and it's all widespread across the bay area. even a few pockets of some heavy rain. then as we go toward 11:00, 12:00, even into 1:00 to 3:00 we're still seeing some of those showers but it is quickly moving off toward the east as the system moves through and then we'll get some clearing by tomorrow night. only a few spotty showers lingering and then one last push of some rain moving through on saturday morning. overall we're looking at about a half inch of rain or less for
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parts of the north bay and then it looks like more of a tenth to a quarter inch of rain. but the rainfall totals have really backed off. so as we watch that forecast for the home opener we are expecting? rain that will start to taper off later in the evening and as far as sierra snow if you're going there there is more snow in the forecast. in fact, we have winter weather advisories in effect there. going through the this forecast. after this rain moves through we're going to clear out and warm up for the first part of next week. and finally, it's going to feel like spring out there, marcus and laura. we're talking mid 70s early next week. >> that sounds nice. we like. coming up -- >> kit harington on "snl." >> a preview of what you can expect with kit harington hosting. >> but first, happening now, a faster way to get your medications. more than 6,000 cvs pharmacy
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we're posting on social media right now. check out my throwback thursday for you. this is when i was 12. maybe even 11 years old actually now that i think about it. that was me back in the day with a hightop fade. >> you look so tall. >> i was probably like 5'8" at that time. shame! shame. >> i'm -- >> my name's kit. >> no, it's not. not today it ain't. >> coming to "snl" this weekend kit harington, better known as jon snow. and the real mother of dragons leslie jones welcoming him to the show. >> i assume, my lord, you are here to bend the knee. >> i am not. >> well, that's unfortunate. >> leslie, what are we actually doing here? i've been here for four hours. >> "game of thrones" returns this month for its final season. hopefully no spoilers during this weekend's "saturday night
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live." all fun. it is at 11:30 right here. in less than 24 hours a broadcast legend will take a final bow. >> such a sad day. tomorrow kathie lee gifford will end her 11-year appointment with america. and while we're actually saving a look at hoda's emotional tribute for tomorrow, "today" show anchor savannah guthrie is opening up about the lasting impact gifford has made in her life. >> i see how someone can have all of that stuccess and still e so kind and so faithful and totally true to themselves. >> so true. so true. now, be sure to watch the "today" show tomorrow morning for all of the good-byes and the tributes. >> all right. before we say good-bye just for the day i want to check the forecast one last time. >> we're still going to see the off and on rain across the bay area. highs in the low 60s. even cooler tomorrow as we get some more widespread rain. but that starts to roll out of here on saturday and sunday is
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looking really nice. looking forward to that. that's the pick of the weekend. >> i'll take next week. >> you have to come back tomorrow. >> i'll be here. >> see you tomorrow morning 43:00 4:30 to 7:00 a.m.
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right now on "california live," lawrence is dancing with the stars. >> and kim johnson is showing me moves i've never seen. >> and malou is doing some flipping of her own up in the bay. then, dani snuck off to a secret spot. >> guys, i can't wait to show you where i'm at. any guesses? >> she's whipping up something special with celebrity chef michael simon. >> i'm michael simon. i wanted to bring you on a little tour of my love of food. >> the two are making magic happen in california's number one weekend get away


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