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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 5, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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dollar tree stabbing. the questions police in the south bay are asking about a deadly attack. a spot not known for violence. >> tracking rain. wet weather headed our way. see the updated timing of when the rain arrives. >> is "today in the bay" continues right now. and it is 6:00 for us. a live look at oracle park. beautiful sight in san francisco. baseball fans rejoicing as we are just hours away from the giants home opener right here. all right. it's going to be a fun day for a lot of people. >> is it's exciting. >> thanks so much for starting your day with us as we get you set for the day. >> giants set to take the field at 1:35 this afternoon. will the rain also try to make an appearance? >> yes, i think so. it will roll through right at that time. the new storm system moves in. getting out the door in fremont, a little breezy.
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cars on 880. we will see the rain moving in between 10:00 or 11:00. and then we are also going to see this moving into san francisco. already seeing light rain moving through right now. we'll be tracking this. a closer look at the timeline. mike has a look at the timeline getting to work. >> it is shorter timeline because traffic is flowing nicely. i know this is full. it has just filled in the last 15 minutes. metering lights not on until quarter till the hour. a smoother flow of traffic. contra costa, approaching the bay bridge. traffic recovers from earlier police activity, as well as the crash getting away from the carquinas bridge. south 880 around winton, but they're on the shoulder. minor slowing through that area. a great drive for the south bay peninsula. we'll talk about getting to the giants game in a few minutes. >> we sure.
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thank you very much. president trump traveling to the border with mexico after delivering an ultimatum. eg he is promising to levy tariffs and close the border. jay gray in calexico. jay? >> reporter: hey there, laura. you're absolutely right. a lot of people expecting the president to be here and tour some of his barrier here. the 30-foot metal slats, razor we wire. he will sit down and talk with officials as well as border patrol agents here. he travels to the worlder with an ultimatum for authorities in mexico. >> if the drugs don't stop, mexico can stop them if they want, we will tariff the cars. the cars have very big. if that doesn't, we're going to close the border. >> reporter: yeah.
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now, of course the president walked back a threat that he would close the border this week or early next week. now saying he will give officials about a year, 12 months, to clean up and crack down on illegal immigration, on drug trafficking and gang activity along the border. the president of course did close the border at sapn ysidro. the amount of trade daily at the border, about $2 billion, laura. so a lot of pushback on that idea of shutting things down here. >> a lot of business owners are concerned about that. well, jay, the president also, i understand is making a second stop in california. >> reporter: yeah. he travels to this area from los angeles where he will attend a fund-raising dinner tonight. tickets range between $15,000 and $150,000.
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$50,000 to get a picture made with the president tonight. >> i know he has a lot of support in orange county. we'll see how it goes. jay gray, thank you so much. 6:03. new in solano county, just getting video overnight from a fire that happened in downtown suisun city. it happened just before midnight at a business on main street. it is difficult to make out what business is damaged. we see a comic store there. we have a call to the fire department to find out more. the fire was contained to only that building. good news is that no one was hurt. >> in san jose, a search is on for a person who was stabbed. and this is to death in a parking lot of a busy discount store. kris sanchez live for us at capital and berryessa with more on what we know. kris? >> reporter: hi there, marcus. we know that person was stabbed here in the parking lot of this busy dollar tree store on
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capitca capitol avenue. this is video from right around the time it happened. right around 7:00 last night the stabbing was reported. san hoe saeu police say the mn identity will not be released until the coroner notifies his family. san jose police are not giving us a description at this point if they have one. i would imagine they are looking through surveillance video because many stores have cameras up. a woman saw several people chasing the man before he was attacked. overall, in the city of san jose, crime dropped 4.4% in the first two years compared to the same two months last year. violent crime did go up 2.6% in that same period. and police report a 5.5% decrease in january and february of this year in property crime compared to last year. the man who died here is considered the 11th homicide
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victim of the year. if you have were information call san jose police department. if you fear for your safety biff reporting it, you can report anonymously through crime stoppers. kris sanchez, "today in the bay". >> useful information there. kris, thank you. 6:06 right now. had the man accused in the brutal killing of a woman in a bart station may enter a plea today. but first the judge will have to decide if he's competent to stand trial. he faces murder and attempted murder charges for last year's dead live stabbing on the macarthur bart station. nia wilson died in the attack and her sister was seriously injured. medical health experts have been assessing whether cowell is fit for trial. >> and target is raising wages for new and current employees to hit $15 by the end of 2020.
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federal minimum wage is $7.25. >> let's go, skwraogiants, clap, clap, clap. giants home games, fans will get a chance to commemorate an unforgettable moment in bay area history. >> pete suratos joining you also a lot oracle park in how you can take part in looking back. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and laura. yeah, we're standing in the vault. this is oracle park. every year -- or every season, that is, they do a different theme. this year's theme is remembering the 1989 world series game, game three when the earthquake took place. boy, that was a scary moment. you will see archives of remembering when the earthquake took place. those are two seats from cand
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candlestick park. very scary moment for folks at the park or even leaving work that day. matt williams used that bat to hit a home run the game after this earthquake took place. you see all different archives with tickets from that game. so you can come check this out two hours before every game this season and all the waive up to the fifth inning. we got a chance to speak to the director of archives who put together this exhibit. he explained the goal as far as getting people here to check out this exhibit. >> are hopeful live what one of our goals for the vault this year is just create conversations between people who were here, where you were at the vault. we have an interactive area where you can put on a couple different maps where you were. talk with your friends and relive that experience. >> reporter: take you back out here to the vault. it says right there where were you at 5:04 p.m. october 17th,
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1989? i was at king and richmond, california. i was pretty scared. i can still remember it. put a dot where you were when that earthquake took place. you get so see all the stuff, the world series, what happened. really cool exhibit, guys. coming up in the next half hour, we will show you the new scoreboard. itis a really big, nice tv. that's the best waive pwefbest it. we will show you that in the next half hour here at oracle park. we'll send it back to you giles. >> is the oracle park didn't even exist with when that earthquake handled. it was across the bay. the bay series between the a's and the giants. amazing history there. thanks a lot, pete. >> okay. you can expect a lot of new additions at the ballpark this
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year. a cloud club suite for the high rollers. they are putting finishing touches on it. it has all the perks of a vip game day box. however, it comes with a price tag of about $25,000 to $50,000 a year. cloud club members don't need to stay in the club to watch the game. they include premium seats closer to the action. or club level infield. meantime, most of us will just have our head in the includes. >> i was wondering, marcus, if they let the meteorologists hang out in the club. >> is they may let you in there. >> they may kick me out with this rain moving in t. showers already as you look at storm ranger and the next storm system moving quickly towards the bay area. that will be the main story for today. one and done.
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timing right at the first pitch. it starts to clear early afternoon, into the evening. so i'll be tracking this with another look at the timeline. mike, you have a couple of crashes in the east behave. >> only a couple i'm tracking and they happen to be in the east bay. these crashes, no injuries reported. in fact, they are both out of plains. northbound at tennyson. southbound winton, an earlier slowing. anyway, that's the start of the morning commute. look how mild it is across the san mateo and dumbarton. peninsula, clear flow of traffic. bay bridge, backup at the toll plaza. thats it. on the roadways towards the giants game today, the home opener, it will get crowded. and also getting down there, we have damp roadways. back to you. 6:11 right now. >> next here on "today in the bay", a look at the big stories in business and tech. scott? the biggest story is jobs friday. elon musk losing a billion dollars in a single day.
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i get bummed when i lose 20 bucks. a look at that when "today in the bay" continues.
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234 in was of snow on the ground there. enjoy that. we'll talk about the rain moving into the bay area in less than five minutes. no inches of snow here in the dublin grade, dublin interchange. all looking great with the tail lights. we'll show you how the commute shapes up in popular spots like the bay bridge. good morning to you. happy jobs friday to you as well. 196,000 jobs added to the american economy in march. unemployment rates at 3.8%. we're going to talk about the south bay's roku. more in a moment. tesla, take a look at this. tesla down huge after it fell short in the number of cars delivered. the stack hit hit elon musk a billion dollars yesterday. musk was in court in his dispute with the securities and exchange commission. the sec accuses musk of telling untruths about the company on
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twitter. the judge in this case told both sides, musk and the sec to put on their reasonableness pants and gave them two weeks to work out a settlement. the sec made a settlement with musk over inaccurate tweets. they said musk violated the first settlement. roku is haufrg offering hbo wit cable just in time for "game of thrones". certainly a possible roku is a takeover target for amazon. here's my colleague from the "new york times" talking to the roku ceo. >> $7 billion $8 billion company. >> market cash. >> i wonder if that makes you a target. >> i have no idea. >> oh, you do too. look at that face. >> we are very happy being a stand-alone streaming company.
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>> but wouldn't mind being bought by amazon. he will talk about the awkwardness of being a platform in which you allow people to put video on that platform like youtube. you get like this guy. alex jones from infowars. roku let him on the platform for two days and kicked him back off again. we will talk about what it is like to balance those two things. watch in your reasonableness pants sunday mornings at 9:00 right after "meet the press". >> 6:17. we're counting down this morning to the giants home opener. all the hits, home runs and grand slams even. sure to have you working up an were tight at the ballpark. vianey arana live at oracle park. vianey, the team has a few new dishes we can all yummy yummy on later at the game. >> reporter: yeah.
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i like that. yummy yummy on. every time i think of food, i think of yummy. pretty soon all of these hallways and stands are going to be packed with lines of people. they have a super burger raised humanely. the buns are local. made right here in san francisco. doesn't get better than that. and vegetarian planted-based burgers. i have tried some in the past and they taste like meat. now, i haven't tried these yet. another thing too for the kids. kids love corn dogs. if you have your kids listening, listen up, they're actually chicken kids corn dogs. a little bit healthier. but they taste just like beef. the kids won't know what hit them. and a sweet treat called dope.
6:19 am
it's koki dougcookie dough. first pitch 1:35. still tracking cloudy conditions. still expect to see spotty showers. just bring that poncho. umbrellas allowed. you don't want to block people's line of sight. i wouldn't recommend it. bring the poncho. i'm going to hang out here and see if food mantle kael appears in my hand. >> vianey, i was wondering if it's raining and you have to delay the game and try out some new restaurants. this is the way we are starting out right now. live look at palo alto. it is dry now. most live cloudy skies. rain moving in as early as 9:00.
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off and on through early afternoon. storm ranger, mobile doppler radar. the red scan we are seeing there. a clear view of the rain that continues to move through parts of the north bay. right now spotty showers. as we head to san francisco, parts of the peninsula, rain approaching the coast. the pluck of the rain still off the coast right now. it is quickly approaching. good news, this is a fairly fast-moving system. so as it moves in, we will see the rain by 9:00 to 10:00 in the north bay. moving into the east bay. south bay by 11:00 to 12:00. and seeing clearing by early afternoon. one last were push of rain to start out saturday morning. it moves out during the afternoon. with that first wave of rain, very light. quarter inch of rain or less.
6:21 am
south bay bare live measures anything. a few hundredths of an inch. by sunday, warming up, seeing our skies staying most live cloudy. slight chance of rain in the north bay on monday. rest of us stay dry, upper 60s, in the forecast. it is still very light right now, mike? >> people are gearing up for the pheutd day drive into the city for the home opener. south bay, no problem. peninsula, no problem. all look great. south 880 slow a built. a crash approaching 92. but it's on the shoulder. highway 4, great, great drive. metering lights are on. it is starting to thin out. fast track barely moving. they are starting to move now. san francisco bay ferry, golden gate ferry over to the ballpark,
6:22 am
oracle park. cal train also. they are telling us it is very crowded. on wayz, it will help navigate you as well. nbc bay area wayzers is the team i would love for you to join. 6:22. coming up next, top stories we're following this friday morning. enough overnight, two fires in the north bay. a fire in the north bay. and a second fire in the north bay as well. that's coming up at 6:30. there
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can expect this season for 6:25 right now. there are many new things you can expect this season for the giants. one of them name of the stadium. you see it there. oracle park. the giants first official season at oracle. they're calling the stadium at&t park for so long even the experts are getting used to the name change. >> it's going to allow for a range of content that i don't think we have seen here at at&t park -- at oracle park. we knew that was going to happen at some point during the presentation. i'm sure everybody else appreciates that i got it out of the way. >> the giants signed a 20-year
6:26 am
deal. the name won't change again until 2038. it is now in its fourth name. the other two pac bell and sbc. >> you can download tickets on your mobile app on the mlb ballpark app. it is available on apple and pwaolg pla google play. we have posted a link to this information on our website 6:26 right now. on "today in the bay", we are following two fires in the north bay. one in napa county. fire crews themselves were the victims. equipment destroyed and what happens if they get called to a fire now. an apartment fire forcing 20 people out of their homes. new details what was missing from the building that made the situation harder first, our team is tracking
6:27 am
rain. rain moving in. kari just updated the forecast. it is 6:26. -tracking rain
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-live look at radar and welcome back to you. quickly approaching 6:30 right now. we are tracking the rain. a live look at the doppler radar. rain moving into the bay area. a live look at oracle park. they are getting ready for the giants home opener. that he wants today.
6:30 am
they have the tarp on the field trying to protect it from the rain that's expected. good morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >>st kari hall is keeping track of what the rain is doing. >> it is amazing to see all the preparations they have to make in order to have the game out there on the field and how they take care of the grass. golden gate bridge right now, you can see widespread rain off the coast. scattered showers in the north bay and into san francisco. as it moves in, that will change your plans. the timeline coming up. >> radar shows live cameras show golden gate bridge. you see the drops on the lens for the richmond-san rafael bridge. traffic flow is light.
6:31 am
just be careful out there. everything else smooth right now. back to you. thank you very much. 6:30. new this morning, a fire in the north bay. 100 people out of their homes after a wall of flames and smoke severely damaged an apartment complex. bob redell at the scene. bob, we're hearing how some of those people managed to escape. >> reporter: yeah. you consider the number of people in the apartment complex behind me in santa rosa. one woman was on her balcony who had to be coaxed to jump into arms of firefighters and residents below. ladders were set up for people to climb down. people jumped on top of the carport to get out of this three-story building. no one hurt or killed in this
6:32 am
fire. it started before 7:00 last night. the fire department arrived in less than four minutes. when they arrived, two units were engulfed. ladders were placed around the complex to assist in the evacuations. there was minor smoke damage on the third floor. the press democrat reports this unit did not have sprinklers pause it was built in 1965 before they were required. it doesn't have utilities. they had to keep those people out as well. >> bo
6:33 am
bob redell, "today in the bay". in calistoga, an overnight fire at napa county calfire headquarters. there are a few trucks inside that are likely a total logs. it is 6:33 right now. authorities in the north bay now investigating what turned into a deadly outing for a father and son. their car plunged down a hillside in marin. this is the second time in two weeks someone has been killed driving in mt. tam state park. the car plummeted off of ridge crest boulevard yesterday. his 13-year-old son is in critical condition. a similar accident happened also
6:34 am
killing the driver. >> right now a civil complaint against santa rosa native jussie smollett for costs of investigating the hate crime he says he was a victim of. the city ordered him to pay $130,000. the city is threatening to sue smollett. he was indicted on making a false report. he said he was attacked by two men. 6:34. we continue our coverage of the giants home opener at oracle park. you'll notice a big difference. >> a big difference. pete suratos is here to explain. >> good morning to you. yeah, a big difference coming to oracle park this season. over on my left shoulder, the
6:35 am
new scoreboard. brand-new this year. it is the largest in all of california. in fact, it is the third largest video board in major league baseball. this is about three and a half times bigger. it is 4k quality. they are showing different videos during baseball games here at oracle park. i spoke to the chief operating officer of the san francisco giants who explained exactly how about the quality will be on the big screen you're looking at this season. >> it is just like at home. when you go from hd to 4k you notice it more with the content. not only is it high resolution, it is three and a half times at big. when you're at home, if you had a tv that was 20 inches, now you're going to a 75-inch tv. it is that much bigger.
6:36 am
>> reporter: take you back out live to oracle park. the new scoreboard here at the stadium. expect more content, video, analytics. we will have to wait and see what surprises we have for the home opener later today. guys? thanks. right now let's go over to mike inouye. should there be a lot of traffic heading to the game today? >> is definitely. watch the surface streets. lots of options. cal train will get you there. the glow for the let's lights, mist, drizzle down through the north bay, golden gate bridge. look at that. westbound is your commute direction. the impact on the game midday. the impact on traffic light. traffic is very light. look at this, guys.
6:37 am
green sensors around the bay. the computer is working. i checked it. it is just that light right now. >> it is not only saturday. we're going home. i mean, wow. a nice way to lead into the weekend. but we do have rain to get through before we get there. so as we take a look at our saturday forecast, it will move out tomorrow morning. our highs reaching the upper 60s. for sunday, we have dry continues and warmer air with our highs reaching up to 75 degrees for the inland valleys. and the coast staying in the lower 60s. and as you make plans for the weekend, we have a lot of cambodian new year's celebrations. in oakland, expect it to be mostly cloudy. 59 degrees. mid-60s as we go throughout the day. if you're going to the sierra, kirkwood will see more approximate snow coming down.
6:38 am
most live light snow. another two to five inches in the area. the rain and snow comes to an end tomorrow. by sunday, things drying out and warming up. we have the rock and roll half marathon in san francisco sunday. expect it to start out at 55 degrees. most live cloudy. we will keep the clouds as we go throughout the rest of the morning. rain today and part of the day tomorrow. most live cloudy on sunday. we will see warmer air with upper 60s. the rain missing out on southern california. if you're going to l.a., expect sunny skies and highs in the mid-60s today and tomorrow. reaching 70 on sunday. i' i i i'm@kari hallweather. next, a lunch lawsuit over
6:39 am
what your kids eat at school. the fight between california and the department of agriculture related to nutrition standards for students >> even president trump's closest supporters say his biggest challenge in twente might be myself. out to the big board. 196,000 new jobs added in the month of march. wall street tepid response. up 33 on the dow. you're watching "today in the bay".
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up 33 on the dow. up 33 on the dow. >> at 6:41, a live look at san jose. clouds sticking around most of the day. rain by 11:00 in the south bay.
6:42 am
campbell, the rain gets heavy between noon and 1:00. a closer look at the timeline where you live coming up in less than five minutes. >> a live commute, but rain drops keep falling on my lens. >> thanks so much, kari and mike. 6:42. the search is on for the person who stabbed a man to death in the parking lot of this busy discount store. a live look at the dollar tree. it happened just before sunset on capitol avenue and berryessa road. it happened 7:00 last night. the identity will not be released until the santa county coroner notifies the family. in vallejo, police are looking for two who ran away from the scene of this crash on eastbound interstate 80 near the
6:43 am
redwood street exit. one of the cars flipped over, and the other also had a lot of damage. 6:42. this morning, as you pack your kids lunch or set aside lunch money, a new legal battle over nutrition standards. >> a look at what california is doing to make sure students are eating healthy. kira. >> hey, laura and marcus. a new lawsuit is taking aim at president trump administration which changed the standards for school launches. california is one of six states, plugs the district of columbia, suing the department of agriculture. the lawsuit accuses the agency of weakening knnutrition in schl meals. you might recall recently trump administration scaled back school lunch standards which had been implemented under president obama's administration, that less sodium and only whole
6:44 am
grains be served. last year it served an estimated 30 million children. as new york attorney general points out, for many the school lunch is the most nutritional meal of the day. for some, it's their only meal of the day. the attorney general writes, a healthy diet is important for all americans, but it is especially important for the development of our youth. by the way, a spokesperson for the usda declined to comment on the lawsuit at this point. this isn't the first time california has been involved in something like this. california has sued the trump administration 46 times on several different issues. we will continue to follow this one. >> the president is making ap peculiar attack. >> is he is accusing joe biden of being handsy. >> of all the people who might
6:45 am
throw that kind of stone, you wouldn't expect president trump. it takes biden's video, adds biden in behind him. we will presume the president didn't do the photo shopping. but he did post it to his account. the current president is making fun of the former vice president. inappropriate touching would be a tough issue if you wanted to run for re-election if he faced biden. let's talk health care. health care another issue where polls show the republicans would probably lose. but over and over this week the president insisted on talking about health care. on monday, doubling down on an attack against obamacare in the courts. he said he had a replacement plan. on tuesday, he said he would assign republicans and make a plan to vote on it. by the end of the week right here, he said the vote would come after next year's election. one of his biggest supporters accuses him, possibly sarcastically, of trying to lose the election. >> but what if donald trump had
6:46 am
decided he's had enough. too many investigations, too much nastiness, too few upsides. it wouldn't be a crazy conclusion. how would you like to spend your 70s locked in the white house. so say trump had decide\ed he wants to lose in 2020 and get back to his whole life. how would he do that? >> president trump will be in california today making an official -- mixing, rather an official trip with a campaign trip, first to the border with mexico and then to l.a. for a fund-raiser. we will of course be watching all of that. your midday news as well. follow me on twitter. >> thanks, scott. >> now a look at weather and traffic together on this friday morning. >> the rain today is what we have been talking about. a lot of people heading outside for the giants home opener, we have you covered here. tiburon, you can see the rain drops on the camera lens. it is a dreary start to this
6:47 am
friday. let's gte the kids up and out the door. we will see the rain holding off on martinez until 10:00. by 11:00, it's coming down heavily in spots. it will be quickly moving out. by 1:00 or 2:00, as you go back to pick them up, we should see things clearing out. that's a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. a soggy start to the day there. as you're getting dressed and standing in front of the closet, grab a hoodie or something like that. make sure you have the umbrella. you do want to make sure you're prepared. as we get a look at storm ranger, some of the scattered showers moving through. we are seeing the rain already starting to move in to parts of the san francisco area. and we have our own vianey arana out there live at oracle park watching the skies. oh, you have the umbrella up. it is already starting to rain there? >> reporter: it is. and i a cool clear umbrella. i don't know if you can see them on my umbrella.
6:48 am
but you can probably see them on the camera lens there. it did start to drizzle. yeah, we will be monitoring the rainy conditions. i haven't seen the san francisco giants tweet anything as far as any delays. but i do have a look at what your forecast will be right around the time of first pitch at 1:35. around 11:00 a.m., most folks will be here waiting to get in line. grab your umbrella. you might be waiting in line a little bit. we have shourbs at the top of the game. we might get a line of showers. hopefully it is fast moving. we're monitoring any delays as well. you are hroufed to bring them inside. they recommend ponchos so you don't block anyone's line of sight. what do you see on the field? that is the tarp.
6:49 am
ground crews have been up very early. prepped and ready to go. the tarp set up. we will checking to see what officials and the mlb decides. for now i would say put your hair in a bun, or a baseball cap, bring an umbrella and just wear your poncho throughout. >> are it will make it memorable for the home opener for the giants. right there over oracle park, that's what you were seeing there in the live shot. the pluck of the rain still off the coast. it is moving through quickly. that's the good news. this will sweep on through. we will go about the rest of our weekend with dry conditions. as we time it out, the rain getting going by 10:00, 11:00. moving through the rest of the bay area biff early afternoon in time for the evening commute, we
6:50 am
are starting to see things clearing out. still lingering spotty showers for the north bay. one last push of showers for saturday morning. that clears by afternoon. in all, we're looking at a quarter inch of rain. much less for the south bay. it warms up. more sunshine next week. low 70s by sunday. that's the pick of the weekend. mike, you have a very light commute right now. >> that's the pick of the week for the morning commute, kari. look at the green all over the bay, folks. minor slowing for the south bay. 101 through santa clara, that's the slowest stretch through santo mass. caldecott tunnel moving nicely. toll plaza has the metering
6:51 am
lights for the bay bridge. 6:50 right now. around 10:00, traffic flowing. probably 9:30. maybe slicker roadways and the effect that the rain may have on the start time for the giants home opener over at oracle park. no matter what they do to the adjustment of the start time, you will have the same options for the ferris, san francisco bay ferry, golden gate from lark stur and cal train. it will hold to the giants schedule. they are planning on standard opening time. watch the giants twitter account for changes. back to you. 6:51. julian assange may be kicked out of the ecuadorian assembly. he is fearing extradition to the u.s. after wikileaks published thousands of classified documents. >> next here on "today in the bay", a quick look at the top
6:52 am
stories. then at 7:00 on the "today" show, the ceo of boeing finally speaking out on the investigation into recent crashes as that intensifies. first, back live to oracle for the prestuff fans can expect this season. good stuff here. 5:52. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ]
6:53 am
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here are the top stories on today in the bay-- a busy night for firefighters in 6:54. as we head out the door, the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay". two cities, two separate fires. a lot of damage left behind. santa rosa, 140 people displaced after a fire at an apartment
6:55 am
complex. here's a live look on steel lane, west of highway 101. the red cross is trying to help the victims. the fire department said people were clinging to balconies and carport roofs to try to escape. when crews arrived to the police departments last night. everyone made it out all right. it did take 40 minutes to get the fire under control. there is $500,000 in damage. >> a fire at napa county cal fire headquarterers. none of its firestations trucks went up in flames. there were a few fire trucks and equipment inside that are likely a total loss. >> happening today, mourners will gather in pittsburg to honor paul shackswell.
6:56 am
police say he was shot and killed by his wife maria. she pleaded not guilty. today's celebration of life is being held a lot 7:00 p.m. at pittsburg high school. new this morning, a catholic grammar school in san francisco is reportedly closing its doors in june. the star of the sea school is located in the richmond district. the change is due to declining enrollment. it comes weeks after parents asked the archdiocese of san francisco to invest the pastor of the school reverend joseph ileum. they allege that he attempted to ignite a fight at a recent were state of the school meeting. >> new this morning, details about the rock star mick jagger. >> that's right. he is said to be getting rest and could be released in the next few days.
6:57 am
rolling stones front man had successful heart valve surgery in new york. they postponed at event at le levi's stadium because of his health concerns. we want to make sure the game is on point this season. "today in the bay" pete suratos live with free things they are giving out to dedicated fans this year. >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you, laura and marcus. you'll get plenty of free stuff when you come to the games throughout the whole season. today will start off with this oracle park calendar. we want to show some of the other giveaways they will be having. later on in a month the willie mays bobblehead. the great willie mays.
6:58 am
first 30,000 fans will take one home. and may 20th, for the "game of thrones" fans, a bruce bocce bobblehead for "game of thrones". june 12th, lgbt night. if you attend the game, you will got a free reign bow flag. a full list on >> get there early. free advice. thanks a lot, pete. >> the rain is moving through now. if you'll be out, you can track the rain on the nbc bay area app. it shows what we are tracking on
6:59 am
san bruno mountain. you will get the best and clearest view and the alerts as it approaches your location. definitely some rain moving in the next several hours. okay. mike has hey warning for our friday commuters. >> yeah. the warning is because traffic is so light, we'll look at the view from our san rafael camera. it is only slow here where the mist, drizzle and rain is coming through. this is the toll plaza. maps showing jean all over. besides the toll plaza areas. be careful. slick roadways will be a problem. >> be careful out there. >> all right. that's what's happening at "today in the bay". act at 7:25. >> join us for our midday forecast. i will be at oracle park as fans show up for the big game today.
7:00 am
we will have so much fun. you do not want to miss it. >> a live look at oracle park this morning. they are ready for the rain. ready for some baseball. have a great day, everybody. fantastic weekend as well. >> that's a tv. good morning. backing down on the border? the president gives mexico more time after those high profile threats to close the border. but still, talk is stuff. >> i don't play games. i will do it. >> we're live as the president heads south today. cruel hoax? why did the kentucky man pose as a missing boy? dna results this morning showing he was not who he claimed to be. the boy's family devastated. >> it's kind of back to ground zero for us. >> should the man behind the false claim face charges? damage control. under fire, faced with investigations and lawsuits over


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