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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 8, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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gotten spoiled. we're going to see changes headed our way. i'm tracking some rain to the north of us on storm ranger. we can see the showers moving through approaching ukiah right now. for the most part, we'll see that rain staying in the north bay as you get rea to head out in antioch. your morning commute all dry. upper 50s as you get ready to head out the door. we'll talk more about that rain in a few minutes. vianey has a look at the commute. >> traffic is starting to build. it is monday morning and it's 5:00 a.m. right now. if you're making breakfast, it's 5:00 a.m., still have a little bit of time, unless you're rushing. all right. south bay commute looking good. east bay commute doing just fine. i had a little fender bender that popped up along 101 near great america. it looks like that cleared out quickly. in fact, i didn't see it pop up on the speed sensors. let's take a look at the north bay drive time. northbound 101 from highway 85. you're looking at 18 minutes. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. along capitol hill, security
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secretary. kris general kneelsen nielsen out. >> we've heard a lot about the tension with president trump and his homeland security secretary, kirsen nielsen. it was initially from the president and then from nielsen herself. she is now stepping down from that role to be replaced by the person now in charge of customs and border patrol. that was a big issue between the two. the president wanted to be a lot more aggressive than nielsen in dealing with border patrol. now it looks like we're going to be looking at a couple of holes in the leadership of homeland security where they will not be able to fill them immediately as
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nielsen exits that role. just days after standing with president trump at the border, homeland security secretary, kirs general nielsen resigns. >> she's separating families, caging children and lying about those policies. >> i think it says a lot of frustration at the white house. >> frustration over the number of migrants crossing the border reportedly led president trump to ask nielsen to leave. he tweeted the news, adding border patrol is amazing. replacing nielsen, the commissioner of customs and border patrol. kevin mcaleenan. she'll stay on until wednesday to help with the transition. >> the number one person left today, the number 3 person left two weeks ago. there's nobody in charge there. who is running it out there? supposedly you're in a crisis and nobody is run tg. >> democrats wednesday deadline for the irs to turn over six
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years of president trump's tax returns. >> that is not going to happen and they know it. >> going after his tax returns through a legislative action is more on i can. >> the public has a right to know whether the president's interests are impacting the decisions he makes using the authority that we have. >> starting tomorrow, two days of budget testimony from attorney general william barr. he's expected to be grilled about redacting, blacking out parts of the mueller report. he says by law he has -- by law, the democrats say they can take a look at that information. they're not expected to get the redacted report until mid-april. back to you. >> tracie potts reporting from washington. thank you. 5:03 right now. governor gavin newsom embarks on his first international trip as the governor of california. he's in he will saffoel salvado.
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newsom says that he's there to understand the root causes of migration. it comes in the wake of president trump's recent push to cut funding to central american nations. this is because he believes they're not doing enough to stop residents from seeking asylum. >> this morning, a southern california woman is safe after being rescued from kidnappers in uganda. 35-year-old kimberly endicott, along with local driver who was with her, are now free. they're doing okay. these are new photos of her with her rescuers. police in uganda say four armed men ambushed a group of tourists in queen elizabeth park last tuesday. endicott is from costa mesa. she was held for half a million dollar ransom before being rescued yesterday. the kidnappers escaped and are still at large. endicott is expected to arrive at the american embassy today. it's not clear when she will return back home. 5:04 right now. college cheating scandal hitting close to home once again, this time a new development unfolding at stanford.
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as the university strips a co-ed of her credits because of a link to a half a million dollar donation to the sailing team. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us with the latest twist. do we know who the student is, kris? >> reporter: laura, the student hasn't been named publicly yet. this is part -- let's talk about what we know about the student. as you mentioned, she was expelled and lost all of her credits. also, $500,000 donation to the stanford sailing team followed her admission and the university found she referenced made-up sailing credentials in her application. that was paid through the stanford sailing coach. according to the university, the applicants for the class of 2023 and current students are all clear of any wrongdoing in this big probe. this is according to the university and reporting by the stanford daily. a disgraced stanford sailing coach was fired and pleaded guilty to accepting bribes. those charges were unrelated to
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this $500,000 bribe that was linked to -- payment linked to the current student. this after a dozen bay area parents appeared before a federal judge in boston on charges related to allegedly paying bribes. also allegedly paying to better their s.a.t. scores through various means. this is an ongoing case, of course. definitely, we're seeing the ripple effect from the parents on to the students and the ram of indications there. at stanford, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you, kris. 5:06 right now. a big step in the ghost ship warehouse fire is expected to get under way this morning. a judge is expected to bring in 320 potential jurors today and tomorrow. they'll fill out questionnaires over the next two days. attorneys will begin questioning them next week. derrick almena and -- this is from the 2016 oakland fire.
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they're facing one count for each person who died. both are pleading not guilty. 580 in the east bay opened this morning after a major disruption. police say the squealing tires were part of a sideshow that took over 580 in oakland last night. cars were spinning out in the westbound lanes near 106th. it set everyone back for about 20 minutes. even got more out of hand when someone started a small fire and people in the sideshow threw bottles at patrol cars. no one was hurt, luckily. so far, no arrests announced. students at uc berkeley are not staying quiet about living conditions. according to the chronicle, people living at the all female stern hall are sick of living with mice, ants and other vermin. the current cost of living is about $17,000 a year.
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some students say it's unfair that they have to shell out the same rate as peers who live in new or renovated dorms given the problems. they're working to fix the problem and offering alternate housing to those students. a new push to stop sexual abuse at hospitals. today a bill that would require hospitals to report allegations of patient sexual abuse within 15 days is being heard. supporters say senate bill 425 would close reporting gaps that could keep state regulators in the dark while protecting sexual predators. senator jerry hill plans to hold a news conference with three alleged victims. they're among dozens accusing a gynecologist of sexual abuse. surfers riding the monstrous waves at mavericks. this is video from sunday. one surfer said the waves north of half moon bay reached between 18 and 50 feet. they were so powerful, he says, it broke his surfboard.
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>> wow. kari, huge waves. officially called off the first week of april. >> i wonder why you don't extend it until later. you get the big waves in april as well. we're seeing that right now. we will still have gale force winds, over 34 miles per hour and high waves. you do need to be careful if you will be near the coast. we could see rip current and also some more of those sneaker waves. we have a couple of storm systems moving through and the first one will bring us scattered showers, especially for the north bay for the rest of the afternoon. you can see some of that rain as it proechs and if you're in the north bay, make sure you have your umbrella handy. let's have a look at the morning commute. >> our morning commute is a quiet one. despite the fact that it's monday morning. but i did see a couple of areas pop up of fog through the north bay. so, again, if you do encounter some fog, you got to slow things down a little bit and keep your
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distance. no major accidents to report. let's take a look at the drive times. 11 minutes. southbound 880 starts to get busy about this time. it's about 11 minutes. another report coming up. still ahead on "today in the bay," speaking out. a father of a missing wisconsin boy opening up after an imposter came forward claiming to be his long lost son. his determination to find his boy. >> herman cain is back in the news fighting for his position on the fed. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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mike traffic tease it's 5:13. time to get up and get moving of the we'll see a few spotty showers. but i think the south bay will have a chance of that rain topp today. the temperatures in the mid-50s in san jose. still warm this afternoon despite the massive cloud cover we're going to see. we're going to talk about those rain chances and some changes in our forecast in less than five minutes. look at those live shot of the golden gate bridge. we're seeing just a couple of cars drive-by. quiet for a monday morning. i'm going to hope it stays that way. another look at the drive times coming up. a happy monday to you. one of wells fargo's biggest
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shareholders, warren buffett says the bank should not hire a traditional ceo from one of the big banks as it looks for new leadership. lyft will start the day in a pretty good position after several days of losses. pinterest starts talking to investors about its upcoming ipo. both "the new york times" and others say it will be low. below the value of the last round of funding. that's a potential money loser for the last venture capitalist. >> job numbers were solid. 196,000 jobs added in the month of march. we get the fed minutes this week. speaking of the fed, the white house says it's sticking by its choices for fed governors. there are two empty slots, steven moore on the right. accused of failing to pay his ex-wife alimony and not paying taxes. herman cain on the left, you may remember, from his presidential campaign eight years ago. he dropped out after allegations of sexual harassment and a
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long-time affair. many republicans are uneasy about putting these two men back in front of a senate confirmation committee in the me too era. cain says he's ready to face questions. >> many of you all know i'm under consideration for a federal reserve board position. yes. you better believe that the people who hate me, who do not like conservativism, republicans are digging up the negative stuff in storage from eight years ago. >> again, the white house pushing for this. other republicans are saying, are these the people we want on television at this very moment? >> all right. 5:15 right now. one champion crowned in women's college basketball. it was a thriller. baylor defeated notre dame thanks to a layup with three seconds left on the clock. the final score was 82-81. baylor wins its third title in school history. the men, meanwhile play their championship game tonight.
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it will be texas tech against virginia. texas tech beat michigan state to clinch the first-ever trip to the final. virginia won in the last second after a huge foul call beating auburn by one point. >> all right. here's the only "today in the bay" member who still has a chance. it's me. >> i still have virginia in the championship match. in the 6:00 hour, we'll take a look at the scoreboard to see how our "today in the bay" itself is doing. >> mine was busted in the first round. >> that's because you were loyal. loyalty there. >> busted and broken. >> we'll be watching that game today and thank you, ladies for lighting it up blue. we're getting ready for autism day. getting you out the door. upper 50s. already at 58 degrees. it will be a warm day even with all the clouds overhead. we're heading up to 68 in
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oakland. 71 in concord and low 70s in san jose. we will be watching out for a chance of showers, especially for the north bay today. it will be slightly cooler there with napa reaching 68 and 65 today. we can see that rain on storm ranger, even though it's well to the north of us. that will gradually make it way to the south and fizzle out as it makes it out of the north bay. we will still keep the slight rain chances in the forecast. we can see the rain that will be moving through the santa rosa and napa areas around 4:00 today. then, we may see a quick moving shower or two for the rest of the bay area. most of us will just continue on with cloudy skies. tomorrow it's dry. but it will be windy. our winds will be picking up because we'll see a dry cold front moving through. the rest of the week will be dry and then another chance of showers in the forecast by the end of the week. while we're getting some rain, the sierra will get some snow.
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additional snowfall totals for the middle of april as we go into the next several days. we'll be watching out for another 5 or 6 inches. we were talking about autism speaks. i'll be emceeing the walk this sunday. i'll have the details at kari hall weather on facebook, twitter and also on instagram. of course, we'll have nice weather for that. we have to get through a couple of showers moving through this week. we'll be in the upper 60s and low 70s for the inland areas. a couple of quick moving showers today as well as early tomorrow. then again on friday. then other than that, we're staying dry. vianey, how are the roads looking? >> quiet. how you like them in the traffic department. with the exception of this little accident. hopefully it's little. this just popped up on my map as i was coming down to do the report. i will definitely go check in on this crash in livermore. looks like it's in the tri-valley area. i'm going to check on that. let's take a look at how your bridge drive times are doing. westbound 80 towards the bay
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bridge. it's getting busy. the metering lights are on. 13 minutes, that's how you typically tell if we're in thing the early monday morning commute. san mateo bridge, looking at 12 minutes. let's take a check of the tri-valley drive times. i did just notice that crash. westbound 580 from grant line road to 680. 24 minutes. this is typical for westbound 580. to vargas road on 680. 11 minutes. i'll have another update in a moment. back to you. >> thank you, vianey. speaking out after an imposter claims to be his long lost son. we'll tell you about the hope he's holding on to. plus, we go live to space. up next, the amount of germs on the international space station. how did it get there and how harmful is it to the crew? a live look at the spacewalk. a look at what kari is
5:20 am
posting on social media. she has an addition to her family. she shared this on instagram. be sure to follow her. new video
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dramatic crash in chicago. traffic cameras wer 5:22 for you right now. a new video showing a dramatic crash. this is in chicago. traffic cameras there were rolling as that driver ran a red light and hit a police suv. as you can see there, the police vehicle spun into the air and the red light runner slammed into another car. chicago police say the driver's blood alcohol content was more than two times the legal limit. the officers were not seriously hurt. however, the red light runner was hurt. chicago police posted this video on twitter, adding don't drink and drive. this morning the father of a missing boy is refusing to give up hope that his son, timothy
5:23 am
p pitzen will be found alive. last week a man in kentucky claimed he was tim mo think who disappeared at the age of 6 in 2011. he was on a road trip with his mother. dna evidence proved that man was lying. >> he's alive somewhere. i know he is. you can't give up hope. as soon as you give up hope, then what should i do? declare him dead? i'm not going to do that. i'll be around for 30, 40 more years. eventually he'll find me or eventually he will come up somewhere. >> the man faces charges for lying to the fbi. happening now, a spacewalk is under way. right here this is a live look in mission control there. two astronauts are setting up a power source for the international space station's robotic arm. this comes as we have learned that the station is actually packed with bacteria.
5:24 am
nasa researchers say that this could be harmful for the astronauts. a new study finds the station is allowing bacteria and fungi to thrive. when construction happened in the 1990s, the stations were built in a sterile environment. it's likely that the bacterium was since brought up by astronauts visiting the space station. never afraid to shy away from controversial topics. "saturday night live" took on the scandal surrounding former vice president joe biden. >> kate mckinnon played a woman brought if for sensitivity training as he prepares to run for president. >> sorry for the interruption. really, truly. thank you. what were you saying? >> yeah. so this is exactly the kind of thing that i'm here to prevent. >> okay. okay. >> they never shy away from those things. last week, seven women came forward that biden touched them
5:25 am
in a way that made them uncomfort anl. the vice president is pledging to alter his behavior going forward. a new chapter for the "today" show officially begins this morning. >> jenna bush hager will start her role as co-host of the show's fourth hour. she replaces kathie lee gifford. hager is the daughter of president george w. bush. she's been a correspondent since 2009 and later as a fill-in anchor. catchall the action this morning. then stay tuned for our midday newscast. this comes as the u.s. postal service is honoring her late grandfather. the agency is unveiling a new commemorative stamp featuring former president george h.w. bush. the stamp is now available for pre-order and it goes on sale in june. well, 5:25 for you right now. coming up shall the top stories we're following.
5:26 am
including mourning the death of a long time activist who fought against communism. a look back at the life. plus, the growing fight to remove mark zuckerberg's name from san francisco general hospital. up next, who is calling for the name to be taken down and the action they're taking. and a live look right here at the bay bridge toll plaza. yep, metering lights are on. you can check your morning commute in a second as well as the forecast. that's all coming up right here on "today in the bay." ad lib lin
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and good morning to you on this monday morning. quickly approaching 5:30 and a live look at a fogged out golden gate bridge there. thanks for spending your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's get a look at the forecast with kari. >> clouds as you head out the door. we'll be tracking rain for parts of the bay area. the south bay does stay dry today. let's head to santa teresa. mostly cloudy skies and we'll start to see at times the sun peeking through. we keep the warm temperatures. i will be tracking that rain, especially for the north bay. we will see some spotty showers moving through and it will be on and off for the north bay while we will see still slight rain chances for the rest of the bay area. more on that in a few minutes. vianey is getting you out the door with a look at the commute. >> looks like the commuters are having a pretty fantastic morning. i haven't had any big accidents to report. however, i did look into this crash popped up in the last report around westbound 84. it appears to be a fender
5:30 am
bender. i haven't seen reports aside from the sensors from chp. that means this could be a quick fender bender that clears up quickly. it's nothing i'm too worried about at this hour. a check of the drive times. southbound 10112 minutes. five minutes southbound 101 from 92 to bowers avenue. about 18 minutes. all is good on the roads. back to you. >> thanks so much, vianey. the death of a protesters who left his mark making headlines around the world. we're learning that lee tongue who staged a hunger strike years ago in san jose has died. "today in the bay" is live with more on what many call a controversial figure. sharon? >> reporter: good morning, laura. some people in the vietnamese community remember him as the vietnamese james bond. he staged a hunger protest in
5:31 am
2008 to support signing as little -- instead of the sigh gone business district. more recently, he served time for pepper spraying a singer during a concert. >> i'm willing to sacrifice my life as just a defender to restore true democracy for san jose. >> tongue reportedly died in san diego last friday surrounded by family. his history is being in the airport and being shot down and taken prisoner by north vietnam at the end of the vietnamese war. he later escaped and reportedly stole a plane to distribute anti-communist flyers. he's been criticized but many can him a hero and are mourning his loss.
5:32 am
reporting live. sharon cat sued a, tod"today ine ba bay". possible new legal trouble for a san jose man convicted of killing his parents in their evergreen home. he's now awaiting sentencing after being convicted for killing his parents in 2016. according to the mercury news, he's now accused of mailing a death threat to a key witness in the case and offering a million dollar bribe to a prosecutor. the d.a. ae's office is evaluat whether to file new charges. they're trying to push -- according to the chronicle. a group of registered nurses who work at the hospital backing the new ballot measure. citing facebook's recent data scandals and influence in politics as concerns. if passed, it would take facebook founder mark zuckerberg's name off the public facility. the hospital is renamed -- was renamed back in 2015. this is after more than $75
5:33 am
million donation to the hospital's foundation by zuckerberg and his wife. the group of nurses is hoping to get that measure on the november ballot. happening today, families in los altos expected to gather what they believe is unfair for a middle school. district leaders agreed to allow a charter school to move into eagan junior high school on west portola avenue. that move would take effect in 2023. eagan students would be moved to a new, not yet built campus at a shopping center on showers drive in mountain view. parents tell us the proposed area has heavy traffic and is unsafe for students. the protest is scheduled to start a little later this morning. 5:33. new for you this morning, investigators want anyone with information to come forward. this is after sexual misconduct allegations at a prestigious college prep school. pete suratos is live with the details. pete? >> reporter: good morning,
5:34 am
marcus. we're talking about the school in marin county. a report that there's allegations dating back to the 1970s. so it's been happening for quite some time. let's get into the details of this case. it runs roughly about 17 pages and it's lasted about a year when we're talking about this independent investigation. prompted by three former students speaking up to the current school administration. there were four former educators accused in this report, including a soccer coach, a popular soccer coach who allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct ranging from nonconsensual touching to rape. there are 11 victims named in this report. three out of four accused are not speaking with investigators. one of them, the fourth one is denying any claims. here's what people in marin county are saying about this report. >> if it's true, they should go to jail. >> i think there's a lot of things that happened are under the radar that people miss. >> nothing surprises me. it really doesn't. i have a conversation with a lot of my friends.
5:35 am
schools, doctors, it doesn't matter. it happens all the time. >> reporter: now, folks with more information should contact the school's hr department for a link to that full 17-page report, you can see that at reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." ziechlts thanks for the latest, pete. it's 5:35 right now. we now know the identity of the worker who died setting up the stage for the coachella music festival. maybe your kids are headed there this weekend. christopher griffin fell about 60 feet from a roof saturday. cal osha is investigating. coachella is scheduled the next two weekends. highway 50 in south lake tahoe is back open this morning after an avalanche blocked several lanes. these are just a few pictures we want to show you. what drivers were up against. this is at echo summit. the agency is asking people to
5:36 am
watch out for equipment. no vehicles are caught in the avalanche and no one was hurt. 5:35. this morning, american airlines is adding more cancellations related to the grounding of the boeing 737 max until early june. american says it's waiting for regulators to indicate when the planes will be able to return to the skies. if you are affected, american airlines will reach out to you. you'll recall the grounding of the 737 max planes comes following two deadly crashes, including in ethiopia and indonesia. >> i hope you've been saving money. it's going to cost you more to fill up your tank this morning. gas prices have gone up about.47 a gallon since january. this is according to a survey. the higher price is blamed on higher crude oil prices. in oakland, today's average price per gallon is $3.78. it's $3.79 in san jose. and san francisco, the highest in the nation right now. $3.86. tesla is upgrading electric
5:37 am
cars with a new summon feature. here's how it works. you tap a button in the tesla mobile app and your vehicle will drive to you. >> okay. there are a few catches. it only works in a parking lot and not for street parking. your location must always be within 150 feet of your car. not very far. i mean, i don't know. >> snap your fingers. >> you have the money, you want to spend it. that's how it works. vianey, i don't know. what do you think about this? >> i think we're going to be in the parking lot holding the panic button using our alarm. that's what i do. that's my style. what's everybody else's style? everybody else is trying to hear their panic alarm everybody is doing a good job with driving safety. i've had a quiet morning. i have noticed a volume is building if you're driving from the tri-valley. let's look at the drive times. westbound 580 from grant line road to 680, 25 minutes.
5:38 am
southbound 680 to vargas road, 12 minutes. you're looking at 16 minutes. in the south bay. drive times picking up. northbound 101 from 85. about 23 minutes. here it is. the oh, so very busy bay bridge. this is pretty normal for a monday morning. metering lights are definitely on. >> lots of people starting their monday morning. makes you want to look ahead to the next weekend. >> almost felt like summer this past weekend. it was nice. that was our little taste of above normal temperatures. we're still going to keep that going into this upcoming week yechbltd sunshine, highs in the low 70s. you can make plans to get outside. getting to the weekend, of course, we'll see rain on and off. but not really high chances for strong storms coming in. if you're going to lake shasta, a nice weekend ahead, especially compared to the last weekend where it was raining on and off there. we will see the temperatures in
5:39 am
the lower 60s for friday and saturday. slightly cooler on sunday with a high of 58 degrees. if you're going to be going around to some of the vineyards and the russian river valley, expect it to be up to 70 degrees. that's the warmest day of the weekend. by sunday, a few more clouds. still very nice. 63 degrees fort high. in monterey, we'll see cooling as the weekend goes along. we're looking down. we're up to 65 degrees. we'll talk about what's going on for today. our temperature trend is coming up in about three minutes. 5:39 right now. coming up next, a woman hanging off the central california bridge ready to end her life. up next, how a group of middle schoolers talked her off the ledge. incredible story coming up next. a shakeup in the white house. what happens now. we'll take a look when today in the bay continues.
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and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. it is 5:42. we will see some rain moving through the bay area. only mostly in the north bay. but we will see a dry start to the day in palo alto. that's a look at highway 101. temperatures from the upper 50s to the mid-60s by early afternoon. eventually, we'll hit about 71 there today. we'll talk about where it rains and where we see the dry conditions coming up in less than five minutes. it's very busy on the bay
5:43 am
bridge this morning. the metering lights are on. we're starting to notice buildup along the entire bay area. having a look at how the drive times are doing in the east bay, north bay, south bay. i've got you all covered coming up. central valley youth volleyball team is credit wd quick thinking that may have stopped a woman from taking her own life. the 7th and 8th graders play for a fresno middle school last thursday. they were jogging across a bridge during training. that's where they ran past a woman planning to jump. within minutes, she was hanging off of the bridge about to fall. they told her to hang on and intervention played a role. >> i feel like we're here together as a group, as a team, as a family. so god put us here all together. so we were able to help this woman's life. >> that woman eventually pulled herself back over the ledge where authorities helped her. the team says that this is the first time they've ever run across that bridge during training.
5:44 am
the "today" show will have more for you during the 8:00 hour. >> the chp plans to honor on officer killed in the line of duty in riverside county. the sergeant died when a vehicle struck him while he was conducting a traffic stop. the driver is suspected of dui and being held on suspicion of murder. governor newsom is ordering signs flown at half-staff. 5:44 right now. >> special honor for house speaker nancy pelosi. san francisco democrat has been named the 2019 recipient of the john f. kennedy courage award. caroline made the announcement saying pelosi is, quote, the most important woman in american political history. just a couple of reasons listed for giving her the honor. her efforts to help president obama pass a health care law in 2010 and helping democrats reclaim control of the house last year. pelosi will receive the award next month at the jfk
5:45 am
presidential library in boston. the president has a new person in mind to run the department of homeland security. >> it may not be that simple. scott mcgrew? >> good morning. not as simple as saying good-bye to kirstin nielsen. she announced she would be leaving her job. the president castigating her for not being tough enough. "the new york times" editorial board says of nielsen, she was the face of some of the administration's most poorly conceived and gratuitously callous policies. at best, she was complicit and yes, hopelessly weak. president trump says he will replace nielsen with kevin mcanene an, currently the head of customs and border protection. as laura points out, it's not that simple. the law says the current secretary, if she leaves for whatever reason, the undersecretary takes over. that's claire grady.
5:46 am
not clear what the white house will do about grady. note the word acting in this. somebody is acting for a limited amount of time. president trump has department of defense acting secretary as well. not in a hurry to make it official. there's an acting secretary of interior. fema, i.c.e. as well. health care, the acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney reversed the white house position again. says a new plan for health care coming soon. >> i do think you'll see a plan. >> before the 2020 election? >> oh, yeah. we want to run on this. we're firm believers, you can't beat something with nothing. republicans have better ideas than democrats. we should not be afraid to talk about that. >> if reversing yourself is a 180. the white house has done a 360. last monday saying the health care bill would come soon and reversing thursday after the 2020 election, now reversing and saying it will have a full plan before the next presidential election. we're watching everything that's happening in washington.
5:47 am
you can follow me on twitter. i'm @scott mcgrew. thanks, scott. 5:46 right now. a live ak the arena in oakland. the truth probably starting to settle in for the warriors. the end is coming for the place they've called home for 47 seasons. the warriors played their final regular season game at oracle last night. head coach steve kerr had a lot of emotion. >> the privilege to walk into this building and feel that juice, that energy that you all bring and that this building has brought as well, all we can say is thank you to all of you fans. >> the team raised an oakland 47 seasons banner over the court. it will go to the new center in san francisco. as for the game, the warriors winning easily. 131-104. of course, it's not over just yet. the warriors have the playoffs to come. wee we're reflecting on our
5:48 am
past trips to oracle. what would you say about this photo, if we can get it. you see the game there. >> indeed. steph curry. >> there we go. >> there you are. >> my mom and me outside the oracle. we're going to a playoff game there last year. that's me courtside. yeah. we were playing against -- there's laura. >> me and my cute buy friend. we went to the lakers -- boyfriend. we went to the lakers game. >> look at him. he's growing up. not scott, i'm talking about his son. >> pete and his wife there. that's inside the arena there. he says they were both preparing for live shots. this is ahead of the playoff game. >> i thought, yeah. a lot of fond memories at the oracle arena. >> good lighting there. >> yes. >> always a good time. >> fun times.
5:49 am
>> always a good time. >> fun to watch. >> i've only been for a concert. i haven't been for a warriors game. >> you got to go for a warriors game. tickets are really expensive. >> they will be now. >> all right. we're starting out this morning getting ready for a giants game later on this evening. we start out with some fog at the golden gate bridge. we've also seen patches of dense fog across parts of the north bay. head up about that if you're getting ready to head out. if you're on the way out the door to the fruitvale station, we'll see more clouds. we're still going to keep the warm temperatures. we'll be up to about 66 degrees at 1:00 today. heading up to 68 degrees in oakland. 65 in san francisco. be upper 60s for parts of the north bay and lower 70s for the inland valleys. we'll be watching out for some showers and that could affect the game this evening. really don't think they'll postpone anything because the rain will be very light. just a heads-up, if you're going
5:50 am
to oracle park, first pitch at 6:45. there will be a chance of light rain moving through. as we get a look at our -- what to wear forecast. what you're going to need to stay comfortable. the light short sleeves and pants today. we'll see warmer air. although we will also be tracking some rain. as we get a look at storm ranger. a lot of the showers staying well to our north. going into the rest of the day, the showers mostly affect the north bay. even into the afternoon, evening hours. only spotty showers across the bay area. we clear it out tomorrow. it will still be windy. also slightly cooler temperatures moving through as we go through the middle of the week and then by the end of week, there will be another system moving in that could bring us some showers and sierra snow. make sure you're following me on facebook, twitter and on instagram. i'll be talking about the autism speaks walk this sunday. and that will be happening in
5:51 am
san jose at the san jose football field. it will be up to 70 degrees. beautiful weekend ahead once again after a couple of rain chances throughout the week. vianey has been tracking the roads. so far, everything looks pretty good. >> a great morning, especially for a monday. it's 5:451. inching closer to the 6:00 a.m. hour. one pattern i've noticed typical around this time is the commute if you're driving in to the city or down through the east bay from the tri-valley. it's getting busy. starting to see building traffic into the south bay. your bridges are also getting busy. the metering lights are on at the westbound 80 bay bridge toll plaza. of course, 12 minutes. westbound 92 toward the san mateo bridge. westbound 84 towards the dumbarton bridge, 10 minutes. it's looking beautiful. you don't have to worry about fog there. golden gate bridge has a lot of fog. everyone is hitting the road, heading to work.
5:52 am
thanks, vianey. we want to tell you about what's happening now. we now know that investigators are looking into the deadly shooting attacks on two mosques in new zealand. they will report back to the government by the end of the year. they're looking into the suspected begun man's activities. 50 people were killed and dozens more injured in that shooting last month. 5:52 right now. still ahead this morning, new numbers about car break-ins at a popular spot in san francisco. police have seen this year and how it compares to the rest of the city. new this hour, the name william -- will prince william, duke of cambridge revealed the secret assignment he just completed. it may make 007 a little jealous. each morning,
5:53 am
5:54 am
people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people have more mornings.
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social media this morning. you may have noticed...mike inouye is off toda here's what we're sharing on social media this morning. you may have noticed, mike inouye is off today. he's commuting this morning to an energy conference. he'll be speaking on a panel later today to speak with commuting. you can see that on facebook. so i know you've heard it before. here's another one for you. especially heading to golden gate park. make sure you lock your car and take your valuables. according to the chronicle this
5:56 am
morning, break-ins are down elsewhere in the city at golden gate park the rates are slightly higher. around 56 a month. part of the reason for the break-ins many people believe is because adding patrol has been difficult for that park and that's because the park rangers oversee security. 5:56 right now. not a lot of us do this year. checking your smartphone while you drive. >> in fact, statistically, safety advocates say nine people have died because of distraction on the nation's highway. here's a live look at the traffic in san jose. this morning, there's a new push by the national safety council to get us all to just drive. it's literally called just drive. it's a campaign. you might see ads about this. >> we just need people focused on the job ahead. looking straight ahead and putting their hands on the wheel and just driving. >> as they say, not just
5:57 am
smartphones, but touch screens, even conversations with other people in the car contribute to distracted driving. we told you last week about a proposal here in california to ban all cell phones in your car. that includes hands-free calls. ntsb says talking through bluetooth still impairs a driver's ability to focus. the feds urnge state lawmakers o pass. new video this morning, showing the aftermath of a terrible crash involving a fire truck. now, this was in phoenix, adds. two adults and a six-month-old baby died. three firefighters were also hurt. officials say that the family's pickup truck turned in front of the fire engine as it drove with lights and science on to an emergency call. we are expecting to get a better idea of the san jose state university today. the president there is set to deliver the annual state of the university address. she also is expected to release
5:58 am
sjsu's new strategic plan. the speech is set to get under way at noon on campus. 5:57 right now. today former san francisco 49ers superstar, joe montana will talk about the sport of golf. the pro football hall of famer will join the united states golf association for an announcement about the u.s. open at pebble beach. today's event also kicks off the u.s. open trophy tour. >> san francisco cable car will travel to crissy field and oracle park to show off the statue. the event starts at 10:00 this morning. it's not open to the public. prince william is the future king of england. but his latest assignment sounds a little more like james bond. >> kensington palace revealing that they finished a three-week assignment with british spy agencies, the group he followed including mi-6 gathered communications from around the world to identify and disrupt threats to britain. >> search and rescue pilot with the air ambulance, he's been in
5:59 am
the army. he's done -- when it comes to cyber security and intelligence, mi-6, mi-5 he'd be lacking knowledge in those areas. he wants to see it for himself to see what people are doing on the frontline serving queen and country. >> prince william says that the experience helped him understand more about the uk's national security. he describes the experience as, quote, truly humbling. what a perspective. coming up on 6:00 now. brand new developments overnight for the california hostage taken hostage in uganda. what we learned about her rescue and the new images of her in safe hands. choosing jurors. the high-profile ghost ship trial continues today with hundreds of potential juror members set to show up. the timeline as the case moves on. and student expelled. the college cheating admission scandal heating up again in the bay area.
6:00 am
what we know about the stanford student no longer allowed in school. we're live on campus to get new reaction for you. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. vianey in for mike this morning. we'll look at the commute in a second. first, want to talk about the weather this morning, carrkaar >> it's going to be warm but we won't enjoy all the sunshine. there could be showers moving through, especially in the north bay. we start out with mid to upper 50s as you get ready to head out the door. we'll see mostly cloudy skies throughout today. san jose, 56 degrees as you walk to school. and we're heading into the upper 60s by 1:00 this afternoon. here's a look a storm ranger showing the rain to our north. we'll track that and talk about what's ahead for the week in a few minutes. vianey has been tracking the


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