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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 8, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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what we know about the stanford student no longer allowed in school. we're live on campus to get new reaction for you. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. vianey in for mike this morning. we'll look at the commute in a second. first, want to talk about the weather this morning, carrkaar >> it's going to be warm but we won't enjoy all the sunshine. there could be showers moving through, especially in the north bay. we start out with mid to upper 50s as you get ready to head out the door. we'll see mostly cloudy skies throughout today. san jose, 56 degrees as you walk to school. and we're heading into the upper 60s by 1:00 this afternoon. here's a look a storm ranger showing the rain to our north. we'll track that and talk about what's ahead for the week in a few minutes. vianey has been tracking the
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roads. officially 6:00 a.m. and this is when we start to notice the bumper to bumper, typical morning commute, especially for monday. take a look at the livermore area. if you're going to be driving in, whether to the city, the east bay or down through the south bay, expect to see slowing through hayward. i noticed things got better in the last 30 minutes. there was a hotspot there. now, we're still seeing green speed sensors in the east bay drive times. southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road, about 19 minutes. northbound 230 from 580 to 880, southbound to highway 84. looking good as well. live look at palo alto. no bumper to bumper there. look at that. building traffic. go ahead and head out the door now. back to you. >> thank you, vianey. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is out. tracie potts has more on her resignation and everything going on in washington. tracie? >> there's a lot going on,
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laura. good morning everyone. let's start with the big story, which is the confirmation overnight from nielsen herself that she's stepping down after butting heads with the president. reportedly butting heads with the president over how aggressive of a policy they're going to have at the border. >> just days after standing with president trump at the border, homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen has resigned. she's been a disgrace as secretary of homeland security and leaves behind a legacy of separating families. caging children. and lying about those policies. >> i think it says that there's a lot of frustration at the white house. >> frustration over the number of migrants crossing the border asked the president to -- he tweeted the news adding border patrol is amazing. replacing nielsen, the commissioner of customs and border patrol. kevin mcaleenan.
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she'll stay on until wednesday to help with the transition. >> the number one person left today, the number two, two weeks ago. nobody is in charge. who is running it out there. supposably you're in a crisis with nobody running it. >> democrats wednesday deadline for the irs to turn over six years of president trump's tax returns. >> that is not going to happen and they know it. >> going after his tax returns through a legislative action is moron yik. >> the public has a right to know whether his interests are impacting the decisions he makes. >> starting tomorrow, two days of budget testimony from attorney general william barr. he's ex-pekted to be grilled about redacting, blacking out parts of the mueller report. he says legally he has to. democrats say legally they have the right to see it all. that's where they're stuck with that redacted report due in just about a week or so.
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back to you. >> all right, tracie, thanks for the latest. 6:03 right now. gavin newsom embarking on his international trip as california governor. he's in el salvador right now. yesterday he visited the tomb of arch bibishop oscar romero in s salvador. he's there to understand the root of migration. it comes in the wake of cutting fund to central american nations. he believes they're not doing enough to stop residents from seeking asylum. a southern california woman is safe after being rescued from kidnappers in uganda. kimberly endicott along with a driver she was with are both free. they're both doing okay. these are pictures of her with rescuers. police in uganda say a group of armed men ambushed tourists last week. endicott is from costa mesa and
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was held for ransom before being rescued. the kidnappers escaped and are still at large. she's expected to arrive to the embassy today. it's not clear when she'll return back home. a new step in the ghost ship warehouse fire is expected to get under way this morning. a judge is expected to bring in 320 potential jurors today and tomorrow. they'll fill out questionnaires over the next few days. attorneys will question them next week. max harris and derick almena face be be be be several counts of man slaw slaughter. one count for each person who died. both are pleading not guilty. students at uc berkeley are not staying quiet about their living conditions. this morning, people living at the all-female stern hall are stick of living with mice, ants and other vermin. the current cost of living at a double room in the residence hall is about $17,000 a year. some students say that is unfair
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that they have to shell out the same rate as their peers who live in new or renovated dorms given the problems they're dealing with. the school is working to fix the problem and it is offering alternate housing to those students. a new push to stop sexual abuse at hospitals. a bill that would require hospitals to report allegations of patient sexual abuse within 15 days is being heard. supporters say senate bill 425 would close reporting gaps that could keep state regulators in the dark while protecting sexual predators. today, senator jerry hill plans to hold a news conference with three alleged victims. they're among dozens accusing a university of southern california gynecologist of sexual abuse. 6:06 right now. the college cheating scandal is hitting close to home once again. this time a new development unfolding at stanford. >> as the university strips a owe ked of her credits because of a link to a half a million dollars donation to the sail
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team. kris sanchez live with the latest twist. do we know who the student is, kris? >> reporter: we don't know who the student is at this point. we can't confirm it. she's not been named publicly by the university. as you said, she's been stripped of her credit as she's been expelled from stanford university. that's some of what we know at this point. we also know there was a $500,000 donation to the stanford sail team following her admission and the university found that she referenced, made up sailing credentials in her application. that donation was paid through the stanford sailing coach who we know now has been fired. according to the university, the applicants for the class of 2023 and current students have been cleared in this probe according to the university and according to reporting by the stanford daily. that disgraced sailing coach, john vand more was fired and pleaded guilty to -- unrelated
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to this student in question. he's expected to be sentenced for the charges he pled guilty to in june. we looked that up this morning. this comes a week after a dozen bay area parent and two dozen other parents appeared before a federal judge in boston on the charges relating to allegedly bribing their children into universities by getting them considered athletic recruits and bettering s.a.t. scores. as this starts to hit students, it's starting to ripple out, at the same time the u.s. attorney's office is saying there could be more charges and more arrests in this case. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." thank you, kris. brave surfers riding the monstrous waves at mavericks. this is video from sunday. one surfer we spoke with said the waves north of half moon bay
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reached between 18 and 50 feet. they were so powerful, they broke his surf booed. kari, huge waves. but the mavericks competition was called off the first week of april. >> i wonder why they don't extend it into april or the next couple of months. there could still be high waves. we're seeing that right now. we are also dealing with gale force winds over 34 miles per hour. if you will be near the coast, heads up for sneaker waves and rip current. you do have to be careful out there as we get quite a few storms rolling through the bay area. this will bring about scattered light rain. we'll track the rain moving through the north bay today. on and off showers. but the rain chances for areas south of the golden gate bridge will be very slight. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. vianey is tracking the morning commute. it's starting to build a bit. >> fender benders cleared out. this one popped up along 880. this is along westbound 84.
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i haven't seen any accidents reported for that area. it could be regular monday morning heavy traffic through there. let's look at the drive times for you. westbound 580 from dprant line road, 25 minutes. westbound 84, you're looking at 17 minutes. this could be a good time to head out the door. a live look at the san mateo bridge starting to be bumper to bumper out there. regular monday morning commute. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. 6:10 for you. >> doing any early morning cleaning, the international space station could use your help. the gross problem we learned about that could have implications for astronauts. >> herman cain is back in the news fighting for a spot in the fed. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues. [ dramatic orchestral music ]
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(time check ( it's 6:13. let's head over to walnut creek with a live view outside. a mostly cloudy start. it won't be as clear as the nights we had over the weekend. we do keep the warm temperatures. we start out at 58 degrees and heading into upper 60s early this afternoon. we'll be watching out for rain for parts of the bay area. more on that in less than five minutes. we're still seeing a interpret pretty foggy golden gate bridge. i'll keep a close eye on the roads for you. drive times coming up. and very happy monday to
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you. one of wells fargo's biggest shareholders, warren buffett says the san francisco bank shouldn't hire a traditional ceo from one of the other big banks as it looks for new leadership at the top. starting in a good position after several days of losses. pinterest starts its road show today talking to investors about an upcoming ipo. "the new york times" and the "wall street journal" report pinterest will post low. below -- it's a potential money loser for the last venture cap lists in. >> the jobs numbers on friday, they were solid. 196,000 jobs. in the month of march, we get the fed this week. speaking of the fed, the white house is sticking by its choices for fed governors. there are two empty slots. the nominees do come with baggage. steven moore on the right accused of failing to pay his ex-wife alimony and not paying taxes. herman cain on the left, you may
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remember, from miss presidential campaign eight years ago. he dropped out after allegations of sexual harassment along with a long-time affair. man rr rry many are nervous abo putting him in front of a camera in the me too era. >> many of you now i'm on board for a position. many of you who hate me, know -- all the negative stuff in storage from eight years ago. >> why does the president like moore and cain. they don't like interest rate hikes and been public about it. the feds should have flexibility one way or the other. they've been clear about not liking interest rate hikes. >> thank you very much. switching gears here. happening today. fans may want to sink their teeth into. how about limited edition oreo cookies on sale starting today in time for next sunday's final
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season kickoff. if you watch game of thrones, you know there are four different houses battling for the throne. each oreo branded with one of the four house logos. the same great oreo taste we might add. fans can pledge loyalty through the house and cookie that they most prefer. but the question for me, how do you eat your oreo? the cream first, or dunk it in? >> all together at once. then drink. i'm really into va'a nil owe ni now too. >> i dunk. >> just in case you wanted to know. >> we're starting out with clouds. an amazing shot for you this morning. if you're having trouble getting out of bed on this monday, take a look at this. beautiful view from the sutro tower cam. you can see that there's a little bit of fog drifting across san francisco. but take a look at that sunrise. all right. let's talk about the rest of the
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day. heading over toward concord, upper 50s. mostly cloudy skies. although we won't see the clear sunshine that we have from over the weekend, we keep the warm temperatures. in fact, you can check that out at the bottom of the screen. i'll also be watching for a chance of rain in the north bay. some of those showers may make it into san francisco later on this evening. most of us will continue on with some cloud and highs reaching the low 70s. if you will be going out to oracle park this evening, first pitch at 6:45. there will be some light showers moving through. be prepared for that if you're going to the game. we're still seeing that rain well to the north of us on storm ranger. tracking that as a new system moves in and brings us changes heading into this new week. most of the rain looks like it does stay in the north bay. once again in san francisco, we could see some of the showers moving in. i don't think it will be much to ri really change your plans. the rain will be moving in. clearing out tomorrow.
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the rest of the week looks mostly clear. slightly cooler. another storm system moving in by the end of the week. that could bring us more light rain before the weekend gets under way. this weekend, the autism speaks walk will be happening on sunday. you want to check out my social media pages, i'll be writing about this all week long because i'm a mother with two children on the spectrum. i am sending love to all the parents out there. hopefully, i'll see you out there at the autism speaks walk this sunday. our temperatures will be nice and mild. clearing up for the weekend. no rain chances in the forecast for this saturday and sunday. vianey, you've been tracking the road. of course, at this hour, a lot more people out there for the drive. >> indeed, kari, in fact, there's a new crash reported. the rest of the bay area has been doing okay. aside from the typical monday morning commute, look at this. we're starting to notice slowing in the speed sensors. this is southbound 880 at
6:19 am
industrial parkway. the right-hand shoulder is blocked because of a crash. any time there's a crash, whether on the shoulder or not, people tend to slow down and see what's going on. that can cause issues. keep it moving, folks. slow it down. we're starting to notice the speed sensors. let's look at how that's affecting our drive times. westbound 84. again, no crashes have been reported along that. it could be monday morning traffic slowing. southbound 880 from 238 to highway 84. you're looking at 16 minutes outbound 60 from -- 680 to 580. a live look at palo alto, a lot of the lights are on. the signals to get on to the freeways and the highways. just get it out the door right now. 6:19 folks. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. still ahead, a new feature for tesla owners could revolutionize parking lots across the bay area. whether you own one of the cars or not. at 6:30, what elon musk is
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promising this week. as kari just mentioned, she's shining a light on autism speaks on twitter. for more on the upcoming walk, be sure to follow her @kaarei hall weather. be careful when looking for information or public records online. your typical search engine might send you it unofficial web pages that could charge you for other things that are free on public websites. be skeptical of .com or .org. let us know if you have a consumer complaint. the number is 888-996-tips. or go to
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-san rafael- -foggy- taking a live look outside at the s-curve in san rafael. a little hazy for your morning commute. kari has a look at the full forecast in moments. 6:23 right now. a new video i want to show you here. a dramatic crash. look at that. this is in chicago. traffic cameras rolling as a driver ran a red light and hit a police suv. as you can see there, that police vehicle spun into the air and the red light runner slammed into another car. chicago police say the driver's blood alcohol content was more
6:24 am
than two times the legal limit. the officers were not seriously hurt. however, the red light runner was hurt. chicago police posted this on twitter adding, don't drink and drive. the father of a missing boy is refusing to give up hope that his son timmothy pitzen will be found alive. a man claimed he was timmothy on a road trip with his -- >> he's alive somewhere. i know he is. you can't give up hope. as soon as you give up hope, then what should i do? declare him dead? i mean, i'm not going to do that. i'll be around for 30, 40 more years. eventually, he'll find me or eventually he'll come up somewhere. >> the man who claimed to be timmothy faces charges for lying to the fbi. we know the identity of the
6:25 am
worker who died setting up the stage for the coachella music festival. christopher griffin fell about 60 feet from a roof saturday. calla is investigating. -- cal osha is investigating. happening now, a spacewalk is under way. these are live pictures for you. two nasa astronauts are setting up a power source for the international space station's robotic arm. this comes as we learn that the station is actually packed with bacteria. nasa researchers say that it could harm astronauts. a new study finds that the station is acting as a sort of micro bio -- allowing bacteria and fungi to thrive. when construction took place in the 1990s. the station's parts were built in a sterile environment. it's likely that the bacterium was since brought up by astronauts visiting the space station. 6:25 right now. a new dhapter for the "today"
6:26 am
show begins. >> jenna bush hager is taking -- she's the daughter of george w. bush. she served as a correspondent since 2009 and later as a fill-in anchor. catch the action on the fourth hour of "today." then stay tuned for our midday newscast at 11:00. jenna bush hager's day comes as the u.s. postal service is unveiling a commemorative stamp featuring former president george h.w. bush. it's available for pre-order and goes on sale in june i. still ahead for you this hour, sick of the name. there's a new push in san francisco to take mark zuckerberg's name off of sf general. what they're trying to make happen. a controversial anti-communist protester has died. the headlines he made right here in the south bay. there are stories you may recall.
6:27 am
new charges. the death threats and bribes a san jose man is accused of making from jail as he awaits sentencing for killing his parents. it is 6:26 right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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today on california live. ever wonder who is testing the food you eat? we go inside the secret lab. >> beauty secrets that make you look like a million bucks. this morning at 11:30 on nbc bay area. and we're quickly approaching 6:30 for you on this monday morning. taking a live look outside right now. >> yeah. it's a little foggy out there at the golden gate bridge to start our day. good morning to you. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we want to get a look at the weather. meteorologist kari hall has been
6:30 am
track tg for us. >> it almost felt like summer for a little while. we start out in san jose. clouds moved in but we're going to keep the warm weather. if you're on the way out headed to deer dan station. clouds in parts of the bay area. i'll be tracking that for you. an update in a few minutes. vianey has a look at the morning commute. >> in the east bay, having a couple of issues out there. but look at this. we have this crash that popped up in the south bay. i'm going to look at that. let me get to the hotspot. southbound 880, there's a crash along industrial parkway. it's blocking the right-hand shoulder. please take extra time and westbound 80 towards the bay bridge, 19 minutes. the metering lights have been on since 4:45 this morning. pretty early. another update coming up. new for you this morning,
6:31 am
the death of a protester is making headlines around the world. we're learning anti-communist activist, ly tonk has died. >> sharon cat sued a has more on this. >> he was. some people in the vietnamese american community called him the james bond of the community. he staged a hunger protest in 2008 to support signage of the vietnamese community along storied road as little sy gone. he served time for pepper spraying a vietnamese singer during a concert. >> i'm willing to sacrifice my life as just the defender who restore true democracy for san jose. >> reporter: tong reportedly
6:32 am
died around family. he was in the vietnamese air force and shot down and taken prisoner by north vietnam at the end of the war. he escaped and later reportedly my jacked a plane to fly low over ho chi minh city to distribute flyers. he has been criticized but many in the community consider him a hero and are mourning his death today. reporting live, "today in the bay." new it morning, possible new legal trouble reported for san jose man convicted of killing his parents in their evergreen home. hasib bin golamrabbi is awaiting sentencing after killing his parents in 2016. he's accused of mailing a death threat to a key witness in the case and offering a $1 million bribe to a prosecutor. the d.a.'s office is evaluating whether or not to file new charges. this morning, a push to strip
6:33 am
the zuckerberg name from san francisco general hospital gaining new support. according to the chronicle, a group of registered nurses who worked at the hospital backing a new ballot measure. they're citing facebook's recent data scandals and influence in politics as concerns. if passed, it would take facebook founder zuckerberg's name off the public facility. it was renamed in 2015 after an over $75 million donation to the hospital's foundation by zuckerberg and his wife. the group of nurses is hoping to get the measure on the november ballot. happening today, families in los altos are expected to gather. this is to protest what they believe is unfair, a plan for students at one middle school. district leaders agreed to allow a charter school to move into eagan junior high school on west portola avenue. that move would take effect in 2023. eagan students would be moved to a new not yet built campus at a shopping center on showers drive.
6:34 am
this is in mountain view. parents tell us that the proposed area has heavy traffic and is unsafe for students. the protest is scheduled to begin a little later this morning. this morning, investigators in the north bay want anyone with information to come forward after sexual misconduct allegations at a prestigious college prep school. >> today, pete suratos has the details live for us. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. we're talking about branson school in marin county in the city of ross. the allegations in the report date back to the 1970s. talking about this report, comes out to 17 pages and it lasted about one year when it comes to this independent investigation. it was first prompted by three former students speaking up on incidents that took place in the 1970s. there are four former educators accused in this, including a popular soccer coach who allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct ranging from nonconsensual touching to rape. there are 11 victims named in the report. three out of four accused are
6:35 am
not speaking with investigators. one accuser is denying the claims altogether. here's what people in the community of marin county are saying about the report. >> if it's true, they should go to jail. >> there's a lot of things that happen that are under the radar that people miss. >> nothing surprises me. it really doesn't. i have a conversation with a lot of my friends. schools, doctors, it doesn't matter. it happens all the time. >> reporter: now, folks with more info are being told to contact the school's hr department and we also got a link to the full report on our website at reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." thanks, pete. it is 6:35. it's going to cost more to fill up this morning. gas prices have gone up about $.47 a gallon since january. that's according to the lundberg survey. it's blamed on higher crude oil prices. in oakland, the average price per gallon is $3.78.
6:36 am
$3.79 in san jose and in san francisco, it's the highest in the nation, coming in at $3.86. tesla upgrading the new electric cars with a new summon feature. here's how it works. you tap a button on the tesla mobile app and your vehicle drives to you. >> how cool is that. but, of course there are a few catches. it only works in parking lots and not for street parking. your location must be within 150 feet of the car. so definitely can't go too far. >> not at all. gosh. it's easy to walk. especially when the weather is good. >> at least you'll be able to find it. i drop a pin on my phone to remember my location. always a good technique or like i said earlier, hit the panic button and find your car. we have a couple more issues on the roads. it's pretty normal, especially considering it's 6:36 right now. a new crash reported by chp. the right-hand shoulder is
6:37 am
blocked. you may want to hop off and take search history and hop on after. it's slowing just in that particular area. also, if you're driving in the sunol grade 680 and 84 -- pretty packed right now. the regular morning commute. let's look at the tri-valley drive. 18 minutes and change there. two minutes back. westbound 580 from grant line road, 27 minutes. let's check out how the bridges are doing. look at how busy the westbound 80 towards the bay bridge. 17 minutes towards the san mateo bridge. about 19 minutes. all right. here we go. going into the weekend after a beautiful weekend. it's nice to think about the one coming up. >> absolutely. it almost felt like summer this past week yenld, especially yesterday. this upcoming weekend will be just as nice. we're looking at sunshine, highs in the low 70s inland. we have to get through a little bit of rain off and on throughout the week. for san francisco, expect a high
6:38 am
of 65 on saturday and sunday. 63 degrees. this sunday, we'll have the autism speaks walk in san jose. i'll be out there emceeing and that starts at 10:00 at the sjsu football practice field. it will be in the upper 50s to start out in the morning. we're going to keep the sunshine and it's going to be nice out there. if you'll be hitting the road heading up to lake shasta, expect a high of 63 degrees on friday. this past weekend, we have rain on and off there. this looks like a better weekend to go in that direction. also for russian river valley, highs in the low 70s for the weekend. we'll talk about today coming up in about 30 minutes. thanks, kaarei. an all new, an act of kindness that saved a life. >> we were able to help this woman's life. >> what else this group of california teenagers is saying about what they told the woman who was threatening to end her own life. one of our top stories.
6:39 am
we have new pictures out of africa overnight. the california woman safely rescued from her kidnappers in uganda. what we've learned about the operation. a shakeup at the white house. what happens. up to big board in new york city. industrials losing about 171 points. you're watching "today in the bay."
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you wanted to save on prescriptions... so, you went online and got so confused that your brain went offline. next time, ask your helpful cvs pharmacist. we created a proprietary search tool that analyzes ways to help lower your prescription costs. just drop in... before you conk out. see what you might save at cvs pharmacy. (time check ( it is 6:41. not all clear like the weather over the weekend. shrouds have moved in. as we get a live look outside in san jose, our campbell temperature trend start out with some upper 50s, low 60s. still heading into the 70s. we keep the warm air. we'll talk about what's ahead as rain moves into parts of the bay
6:42 am
area coming up in less than five minutes. >> i've been enjoying the 70s temperatures. san mateo bridge right now. live look. you can see at least it's moving but getting busy. i'm tracking a couple hotspots in the tri-valley. i'll have the details coming up. 6:42 right now. in morning, a southern california woman is safe after being rescued from uganda. 35-year-old kimberly endicott along with local driver who was with her, finally free. they're both doing okay. these are the new photos of her with her rescuers. police in uganda say four armed men ambushed a group of tourists last week. endicott from costa mesa, was held for half a million dollars ransom before being rescued yesterday. the kidnappers escaped and are still at large. endicott is expected to arrive at the embassy today. it's not yet clear when she'll return back home. there's more fallout from the college admissions scandal
6:43 am
this morning. stanford says that it has rescinded the admission of a female student. her admission was followed by an alleged half a million dollar contribution to the university's sailing program. it was paid thu a former head coach. that coach is now fired and the student's credits are erased. the student's name is not being released. the chp plans to honor on officer in riverside county. investigators say the sergeant died when a vehicle struck him while he was conducting a traffic stop. the driver is suspected of dui and is being held on suspicion of murder. governor newsom is ordering flags be flown at half-staff. the fatal crash happened less than a week after our unit reported on the dangers connected with police stops on the side of the road. the chp does not keep track of the incidents but our investigation looked at the number of times a driver crashes into a police car or a motorcycle. we found it happens once a day
6:44 am
on average in california. >> a central valley youth volleyball team is credited with quick thinking that may have stopped a woman from taking her own life. the 7th and 8th graders play for fresno middle school. they were jogging across a bridge for training and they ran past a woman planning to jump. within minutes, she was hanging off of the bridge about to fall. they told her to hang on and believed to have played a role. >> i feel we're here together as a group, as a team, as a family, so god put us here all together so we were able to help this woman's life. >> that woman eventually pulled herself back over the ledge where authorities helped her. the team says this is the first time that they've ever run across that bridge during training. the "today" show will have more for us during the 8:00 hour. 6:44 right now. the president has a new person in mind to run the department of homeland security. >> but it may not be that simple, scott mcgrew. >> not as simple as saying
6:45 am
good-bye to kirstjen nielsen. they announced she would be leaving her job. the president publicly castigating her for not being tough enough. others saying her misstatements about -- are untrue. being replaced with kevin mcm mcal knee an. >> the undersecretary will take over if she leaves. that's claire grady. not clear what the white house will do about grady. normally someone is acting secretary for a limited amount of time. mr. trump has several acting secretaries, including department of defense, saying he's not in a hurry it make it official. also secretary of the interior, fema, i.c.e., as well, all acting. mick mulvaney reversed the white house position again. said a new republican plan for
6:46 am
health care coming soon. >> i do think you'll see a plan shortly. >> will we see it before the 2020? >> oh, yeah. you can't beat something with nothing. we have -- republicans have better ideas than democrats. we should not be afraid to talk about that. >> if reversing yourself is a 180, then the white house has done a full 360. last monday saying health care bill would come soon, then reversing itself thursday saying it would come after the 2020 election. now reversing itself again saying it will have a full plan before the 2020 election. we're watching everything that happens in washington. you can follow us on twitter. i'm @scott mcdpru. >> thanks, scott. one champion crowned in women's college basketball. the game was a thriller. baylor yesterday defeating notre dame thanks to chloe jackson. she had the layup with three seconds left on the clock. the final score was 82-81. baylor taking it third title in
6:47 am
school history. >> the men, mean while play tonight. it's texas tech against virginia. texas tech beat michigan state saturday to clinch its first-ever trip to the final. virginia won last second after a huge foul call beating auburn by one. >> that big foul there. let take a look at the only tod"today in the bay" member wh has a chance. this girl. >> it's me. >> no one else is thrilled about it. >> you have virginia in that championship match. >> look at that scoreboard. >> look at the top one. 91, the bottom one 38. >> i was on your team the whole time. >> i'm team kari. >> i picked my alma mater and they were knocked out in the first round. i was like, oh, well, i'm out. >> all good. >> it's all good. we're also going to be watching that game today under cloudy skies.
6:48 am
also, a few of us getting in on some rain. let's get a look at our view this morning. most of us are socked in with the clouds. i wanted to show you this view. absolutely gorgeous looking from the suit row tower camera. we're starting to see clouds rolling in and the fog as well covering the city. so if you're about to head out the door, your school day forecast for martinez starts out with upper 50s and we'll see the temperatures heading into the upper 60s for today. and then that's a look outside in san jose as you're getting dressed. standing in front of the closet. will need short sleeves and also pants today. it will be a warm day despite the cloud cover. but if you're going out to the giants game this evening, first pitch at 6:45, it's going to rain on and off. mostly light rain. but we're going to also have cool air. i'm tracking that rain that's moving in from the north and most of the north bay will see the rain. but i do think it could make its way into the city while areas south of san francisco won't see
6:49 am
much out of this storm system moving in. this is how it looks on the hour-by-hour forecast. mostly cloudy, rain moving into ukiah and santa rosa and then it quickly rolls through the rest of the bay area. a quick spot shower before sunrise tomorrow morning. then it clears out as a cold front moves through. it will be behind gusty wind and slightly cooler temperatures for the middle of the week. by the end of the week, there's more rain moving in. it could also bring in some more sierra snow. if you can believe it. that's a live look outside in heavenly. we're looking at another four to five inches of snow in spots. maybe even up to 8 inches in snow in kirkwood this week. our forecast shows that we do keep unsettled weather moving around the region. but a lot of the rain and snow will be in the sierra. missing out on the bay area. as we go into the weekend, sunshine, highs reaching into the lower 70s. vianey has been tracking the commute. we passed a couple of problem
6:50 am
spots now. >> we've got a couple of crashes. driving in through the east bay, listen up. well, let's get to the initial crash. right here, we're noticing heavy delays along southbound 880. there was an earlier crash at industrial parkway. the right-hand shoulder blocked. extending down through fremont for the southbound side. that's on top of the buildup there because of the earlier crash. we're also noticing the tri-valley drive times. trying to slow down. westbound 580 from grant line road to 680, about 25 minutes. southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road, 22 minutes. i've noticed a jam through val sit owe road to 680. about 24 minutes through there. meanwhile down in the south bay, check out san jose. that's a smooth monday morning commute. not too bad out there. hit the road, guys. 6:50 right now. happening now, we know investigators are looking into the deadly shooting attacks on
6:51 am
two mosques in new zealand. they'll report back to the government by the end of the year. they'll be looking into the suspected gunman's activities and use of social media and international connections. 50 people were killed, dozens more injured in those shootings last month. and next, here a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay." including the numbers that are involved with those car break-ins at a popular spot in san francisco. we'll tell you the amount seen this year so far and how it compares to the rest of the city. plus, end of an era at oracle arena. big sendoff during the final regular season game. we'll share our own memories for you. we'll have that after the break. 6:51 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." [ loud traffic sounds ]
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in the bay-- welcome back on this monday morning. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> breaking news to tell you about out of oakland. firefighters battling a fire, our nbc bay area sky ranger getting this video just a few moments ago. take a look at it. this fire broke out at a home near 16th and linden in west oakland. that fire is now under control. no word on any injuries or even how the fire started just yet. members of the bay area vietnamese community are mourning the death of an outspoken communist activist. ly tong. he died friday in his home. he led quite a life including being shot down during the war and being taken prisoner. he later staged an unusual hunger protest in san jose to support the vietnamese community. he served six months for pepper
6:55 am
spraying a vietnamese singer during a south bacon certificate in 2010. he was 73 years old. a big step in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial is expected to get under way this morning. a judge is expected to bring in 320 potential jurors today and tomorrow. the group will fill out questionnaires over the next two days. attorneys in the case will begin questioning them next week. derick almena and hacks harris face 36 be counts of involuntary manslaughter. one count for each person who died. both are pleading not guilty. saying good-bye to a beloved oakland priest. it's to honor father jay matthews who died suddenly on march 30th of a heart attack. he was the first african american priest in northern california. yesterday, hundreds packed into the cathedral of christ the light for a memorial. those who knew him say he was a priest of the people. >> i just can't tell you how close we were personally and how
6:56 am
much immense respect i have for him as a man of the church. he was an example. he exemplified what someone in the church should be about. >> among the speakers at the vigil last night, congresswoman wore bra larbara lee and libby schaaf. american airlines says it is waiting for regulators to indicate when the planes will be able to return to the skies. if you are affected, american airlines will reach out to you. you'll remember, the grounding of the 737 max planes following two deadly crashes, including in ethiopia and indonesia. a new push to stop sexual abuse at hospitals. a bill that would require hospitals to report allegations of patient sexual abuse within 15 days of being heard. supporters say senate bill 425 would close reporting gaps that could keep regulators in the dark while protecting sexual
6:57 am
predators. state senator jerry hill plans to hold a news conference with three alleged victims. they're among dozens accusing a university of southern california gynecologist of sexual abuse. you likely heard the warnings before. but now another heads-up for you. especially if you plan to visit golden gate park. lock your car doors and take your valuables. according to the chronicle this morning. while car break-ins are down most everywhere else across the city in golden gate park the rate is slightly higher. 168 car break-ins so far this year or 56 a month. part of the reason for the break-ins, there are higher in the park, adding patrols has been a difficult one because park rangers oversee security there. happening todayp pinterest starts its road show today. both "the new york times" and "wall street journal" report pinterest will price low, below the value of the last round of funding. a potential money loser for
6:58 am
venture capitalists. in oakland, the end getting more real for a place the team called home for decades. last night the warriors played their final regular season game at oracle, where they raised a banner up on the court. next season, they move into the chase center in san francisco. let's hope the swan song isn't for a while. the playoffs start this weekend. hopefully, the warriors can make one last championship run to close out in the right way. we want to show some of our experiences there. you can see my mother and me. that's outside of oracle. me inside right there. >> on the court there imt. >> there's one of me and the guy that makes me happy attending a game there on christmas. scott mcgrew, he took his son to a game. that's great bonding time. >> pete, his wife there. they were inside the arena. this is when they were both reporting live there. >> nice to see.
6:59 am
it's been great to see the team and they're so amazing to watch. all right. look, we want to talk about that weather today. another nice forecast for us? >> we are going to see a nice day. it won't be as sunny as the weather over the weekend. but we keep the warmth. inland areas reaching to the low 70s again. a couple of spotty showers in north bay and again tomorrow morning. the rest of the week looks dry until friday. a few more light showers moving through. no major storms. >> there you go. >> vianey has a final look at the commute. >> we have a couple of hotspots in the east bay. typical for monday morning. the brinlts are getting busy. westbound 80 towards the bay bridge. web 92 towards the san mateo bridge. 23 minutes. 14 minutes towards the dumbarton bridge. foggy at the golden gate bridge. at least no bumper to bumper traffic through there. slow it down. morning commute has been decent on a monday morning. the spring breaks continue out there. they've been scattered across
7:00 am
the bay area this year. >> yeah zifrmt that's what's happening today. we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. join us for news at 11:00. have a great day and thanks for starting your morning with us. good morning. forced out. kirstjen nielsen resigns as homeland security security during a white house face-to-face with president trump. here departure just two days after they visited the border together. ahead, the growing tension that led to a resignation and what it means for national security, immigration, and the wall. overnight the first images of that california woman safely released after being kidnapped on safari.


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