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tv   Today  NBC  April 8, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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they've been scattered across the bay area this year. >> yeah zifrmt that's what's happening today. we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. join us for news at 11:00. have a great day and thanks for starting your morning with us. good morning. forced out. kirstjen nielsen resigns as homeland security security during a white house face-to-face with president trump. here departure just two days after they visited the border together. ahead, the growing tension that led to a resignation and what it means for national security, immigration, and the wall. overnight the first images of that california woman safely released after being kidnapped on safari.
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details emerging about her ordeal and the ransom paid to set her free. searching for answers. the fbi joins the investigation after a string of suspicious fires erupts at black churches in louisiana. three in just ten days. >> we are doing everything to solve this crime. >> church goers standing strong amidst the devastation. >> the church is still alive. dangerous spring storms. tens of millions in the path of heavy winds, hail, tornados. baylor wins the women's national championship in dramatic fashion. >> on the drive! >> with the men set for the spotlight tonight. and country king and queen. ♪ keith urban takes home the acm's top prize for the very first time. kasey musgraves winning big as well. >> it means everything to me. >> while the song of the year is all about that tequila. >> love you guys, thank you. >> we have got all the winners,
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performances and big moments. today monday, april 8th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this monday morning. savannah has the morning off. mr. melvin is joining us. by the way, talk about keith urban. it could not have happened to a nicer guy. he may be one of the nicest guys on the planet. so happy he got that award. >> what a show. i caught some of it. miranda had a great night. blake had a great night. >> a lot to talk about in that department, too, which we'll get to. our top story, a major shake-up inside the trump administration. >> kirstjen nielsen is out as secretary of homeland security. the move comes amid the president's growing frustration with the situation at the border.
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nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has the overnight developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to the both of you. secretary neilsen will stay on the job officially until wednesday to help with the transition as her tenure comes to an end after months of tension and controversy. a new era this morning inside one of the administration's most high-profile agencies with embattled secretary kirstjen nielsen out at the department of homeland security. multiple sources tell nbc news president trump had grown frustrated with neilsen's tenure as secretary giving her the opportunity to resign after a meeting at the white house sunday night. the president tweeting a perfunctory thanks. neilsen writing she hopes the next secretary has the support of congress and the courts in fixing the laws which have impeded our ability to fully secure america's borders. her departure two days after she accompanied president trump to
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the southern border friday. neilsen had become the face of the president's most controversial immigration decisions publicly defending, for example, the separation of families along the border last summer. >> we never had a policy for family separation. we applied the law equally to anybody who broke it. >> reporter: she and the president have had a rocky relationship for nearly a year with neilsen dubbed by incessant rumors she was on the way out. >> do you have confidence in secretary neilsen? >> as we said many times before, if the president no longer has confidence, he'll let you know. >> reporter: she is the second top immigration official to leave in less than a week after the president unexpectedly jettisoned his pick to lead i.c.e. >> ron is a good man, but we're going in a tougher direction. >> reporter: although the number of overall undocumented immigrants crossing the border is down, a record number of families and unaccompanied minors are now trying to enter the u.s. allies of the president have
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been urging a more hard line approach privately and publicly. house speaker nancy pelosi saying it is deeply alarming that the trump administration official who put children in cages is reportedly resigning because she is not extreme enough for the white house's liking. >> hallie, this is a critical department. who will take the reins? >> for now temporarily that will be kevin mcaleenan. he was the head of customs and border protection. he will step into the role as acting secretary. worth noting that inside this, as you point out, really important department, there are at least four top officials serving in an acting and not permanent capacity even as the president refocuses his attention on what's happening at the border and what he calls this national emergency. >> hallie jackson on the white house lawn. breaking overnight we are learning more about the rescue of an american and her driver kidnapped and held ransom for
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nearly a week in uganda. you are looking at the first images of the california woman since the end of her ordeal. matt bradley joins us with the very latest from uganda this morning. hey, matt. >> reporter: hey, you know, ugandan police say that woman and her guide are both in good health and the police deny having anything to do with any ransom payments, but they say that the search for her kidnappers is still ongoing. this morning the look of freedom. tour company wild frontiers releasing photos they say show kimberly sue endicott and her guide shortly after they were found. they were kidnapped five days ago in one of uganda's most popular safari destinations. according to a government spokesman, they were rescued in the democratic republic of the condo which borders queen elizabeth national park. the suspects are still at large this morning after demanding $500,000 ransom.
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"the new york times" reporting that ransom money was paid by wild frontier's uganda. secretary of state mike pompeo said just last week the u.s. doesn't pay ransoms. >> even a small payment, including americans, or foreign nationals in that region. >> reporter: wild frontiers has not returned requests for comment. endicott was in uganda to see the gorillas there. a dream that quickly turned into a nightmare when she and her guide were ambushed and taken at gunpoint while on a game drive. an elderly couple from canada was also robbed. president trump tweeting god bless them and their families. ugandan officials are pushing back against suggestions this means that uganda isn't safe for tourists. they are calling this an isolated incident. there hasn't been a tourist kidnapped in uganda in 20 years.
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>> all right. thank you. here at home tens of millions across the south are facing the risk of intense spring storms. that means we need mr. roker to tell us what this is all about. >> good morning. thank you for getting your first whether from us. in arkansas heavy rain and there is more coming. austin 4.7 inches of rain yesterday. a huge amount. lots of lightning going on. there is more in store today. you can see on the radar we are already seeing firing storms from kentucky all the way into tennessee, down into the gulf and we've got more severe weather to talk about today. one area that's stretching back from mississippi into alabama and then a wider area from georgia all the way to the carolina/virginia border. 26 million people at risk, damaging winds, hail, isolated tornados possible. this system will be pushing to the east today. storms will reintensify with the afternoon heating of the sun. local flooding from virginia all
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the way down into louisiana. tomorrow showers and storms slide into the east. the greatest threat tomorrow will be for florida as this system pushes to the east. rainfall amounts, an inch to three inches stretching from mississippi all the way into the carolinas. that's the latest. back to you. >> all right. back to you in a few moments. the united states is pulling some of its forces out of libya because of security concerns amid a surge of violence in that country. the move comes as the libyan national army clashes with rival militias on the outskirts of tripoli. a small contingent has been helping local forces combat isis and al qaeda militants. the uprising overthrew muammar gaddafi. the 2020 presidential race. it was a busy weekend for several democratic hopefuls.
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joe biden is facing new criticism for how he has handled recent allegations against him. nbc's kristen welker has details on this one. good morning. >> reporter: >> reporter: hey, hoda. good morning to you. the democratic primary race is heating up. over the weekend a focus on faces, new and old, veterans like former vice president joe biden who is dealing with that ongoing controversy as well a relative newcomer mayor pete buttigieg who has been making big waves. this morning, gaining traction, pete buttigieg, the 37-year-old openly gay mayor of south bend, indiana, opening up about his sexuality in deeply personal terms. >> when i was younger, i would have done anything to not be gay. >> reporter: getting candid about his struggle as a young man. >> if you had offered me a pill to make me straight, i would have swallowed it before you had time to give me a sip of water. thank god there was no pill. >> reporter: buttigieg delivering this message to vice
7:11 am
president pence, who opposes legalizing same-sex marriage. >> thing i wish the mike pences of the world would understand, if you have a problem with who i am, your problem is not with me. your quarrel is with my creator. >> reporter: buttigieg, who hasn't officially announced his candidacy, has pulled in a $7 million fundraising haul so far this year. still his numbers trail behind other big names, including senator bernie sanders and former congressman beto o'rourke. both out campaigning in critical iowa this weekend. it comes with all eyes on former vice president joe biden in damage control after numerous women accused him of unwelcome physical contact, though not sexual. during a speech on friday, biden raised eyebrows by ad-libbing a joke about the controversy. >> i want you to know i had permission to hug lonnie. >> reporter: and again seeming to make light of it after inviting children to the stage. >> he gave me permission to touch him. >> reporter: later trying to explain.
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>> it wasn't my intent to make light of anyone's discomfort. i realize my responsibility is to not invade the space of anyone who is uncomfortable in that regard. >> a lot of folks are wondering is biden still planning to run despite all of this controversy? >> reporter: well, it looks like he is, craig. we have been talking to sources close to the vice president who say he is still on track to make that announcement at the end of april, and behind the scenes his aides and advisors have been busy at work reaching out to donors. he is staying visible. he has another event this thursday at the university of pennsylvania. he will be joined by the former florida governor jeb bush. the focus of that event will be on the opioid crisis. hoda, craig? >> kristen welker at the white house, thank you. a growing mystery in louisiana where federal authorities are investigating three fires at historically black churches in less than two weeks. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the very latest. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning.
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this is all that's left of the greater union baptist church. the physical structure anyway. the fire ripped through here destroying this house of worship but strengthening the congregation. federal authorities are trying to solve this mystery. a south louisiana community on edge after three historically black churches burned in ten days. >> all stations, we have a church on fire. >> reporter: the fbi and the atf now joining the investigation. >> i think it has something to do with race. >> reporter: the three churches a few miles apart in st. landry parish. the first on march 26th, the second april 2nd, the third april 4th. >> the fires are suspicious. we believe crimes have occurred. we believe that the three fires, obviously, are not coincidental. we a they are related. >> reporter: so far the fire marshal has not disclosed a motive and stopped short of calling the fires arson or hate crimes. >> we are doing everything we
7:14 am
can collectively to solve this crime. >> reporter: in deep south, churches trigger harmful memories. >> it's just sad. it's sad that our society has stooped this low to do something like that. >> reporter: pastor gerald toussaint leads a congregation at this church that stood here for 145 years. ♪ somebody said i wasn't going to make it ♪ >> reporter: this weekend he preached at another house of worship. >> it's going to be another building. >> reporter: far from intimidated, he is vowing to rebuild. >> this causes us to talk to each other more than we ever talked to each other. so now we can pull together. the building is gone, but the church is still alive. we're alive. >> reporter: thankfully, no one was inside the churches when they went up in flame, so no one was injured.
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authorities are also looking to a fourth incident about three hours from here, a small fire that was intentionally set. so far, no connection. this is a part of a growing mystery that has this community on high alert. hoda, craig. >> gabe, thank you. we want the authorities to solve this one. pastor toussaint is right, man. you might have destroyed the building, but not the church. >> the church is aas a structur. also this morning, congrats to the baylor bears. the baylor bears have won the women's basketball national championship. khloe jackson hitting that game winning layup with about four seconds left to play. notre dame had a chance to send it into overtime. missed a free throw with just under two seconds to play. bears hold on to win it. 82-81. it's baylor's third women's basketball championship. >> congrats to them. the men's national championship game is tonight. it will be virginia taking on texas tech. the cavaliers punched their ticket to the title game. it was a dramatic win over auburn that happened saturday night.
7:16 am
virginia's kyle guy was fouled while attempting a three-pointer in the closing seconds. guy, you thought he had ice in his veins, hit every free throw. he sealed the win. if you thought he was steady eddie, listen to what he had to say after the game. >> i could lie to you and say i was going to hit it, but i was terrified. i have confidence in myself. this is what we dream of. you know, for me to be able to do this for our team, i couldn't be happier. >> kind of nice he was terrified. >> yeah. i would be. by the way, one more college basketball note of interest. you remember that guy, mike young. he was the head basketball coach at little old wofford college. sou south carolina. you snagged him. >> where is he going? >> virginia tech. >> young led the terries to five ncaa tournaments. >> now we both have someone to root for. >> all right. you got a good one. by the way, you guys, later on we will reveal our brackets
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and figure out who won our bracket. >> look at that trophy. >> we have a shiny trophy. >> wow, i'm not getting it. >> that's impressive. >> are you getting it? >> i'm definitely not getting it. probably carson. >> probably. let's get back to al, a check of the forecast. >> was it me, or were there a lot of buzzer beaters? >> a great tournament. >> i don't know anything about sports. i know we are going to get to your local forecast. first, what's going on through the southeast into the gulf. severe storms, flood watches in the pacific northwest. we will look at that storm in detail in the next half hour. that's a coast to coaster. and wind watches through the southwest and southern california. your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪
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♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. beautiful views of the sunrise over san francisco and even some fog covering the city. we're also going to have a chance of showers as high temperatures there head up to 65 degrees. we'll see some low 70s for the inland areas. rain still well to the north of us. that will be moving into the north bay today. we'll see those showers off and on while the areas south of the golden gate bridge will only see a slight chance of showering. again, in the morning we could see north bay rain. the rest of the week looking mostly dry. mr. melvin? >> mr. roker, thank you, sir. coming up, did nike bribe the family of college basketball's biggest star? the allegations being looked into by duke university this morning. plus, prince william's spy games. inside the royal surprise work undercover with top british security and intelligence
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a lot coming up, you guys. the winners and the drama that ruled the night at the academy of country music awards. also ahead this morning, the great michelle pfeiffer making her way to studio 1a live. lots to discuss. lots to discuss. movies, her family, everyday
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7:27 am
started. we'll have more on midday. right now, the forecast with kari. >> mostly cloudy skies to start out. a live look outside at san jose. we're seeing warm temperatures despite the cloud cover and spotty showers especially for the north bay. we're heading up to 73 in san jose, 67 in santa rosa and 65 in san francisco. here is the rain that will be moving in. we're seeing it farther to the north. we'll see the storm system mainly affecting the north bay and through the afternoon and evening hours. also a slight chance of rain early in the morning. then after that we clear out with our temperatures in the upper 60s and lower 70s. how are the roads moving? we've had a couple of minor fender benders early on. we're still seeing slowing. good news, the crash at southbound 80 and industrial parkway, that's all cleared. but we're still seeing residual delays in addition to early morning traffic. westbound 80 toward the bay bridge, 18 minutes. westbound 92 towards the san
7:28 am
mateo bridge, 25. westbound 84 towards the dunbarton bridge, 19 minutes. golden gate bridge still foggy. back to you. another update in half an hour. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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the phone and network designed to do more. switch and save today, and you get a new galaxy. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. back now. 7:30 on this monday morning. we know hoda and jenna have chemistry. we are about to see it on full display. jenna hager bush officially become the co-host of our fourth hour. >> i have been chat being her on the phone this weekend and this morning. she is pumped, baby. we're ready. it's going to be a lot of fun. she is going to join us on the set in a little bit, talk about howling before the big day. our check of the headlines. secretary of homeland security kirstjen nielsen has resigned. multiple sources tell nbc news president trump had grown frustrated with the situation at
7:31 am
the border, the president giving her the opportunity to resign after a meeting at the white house sunday night. the president announced in a tweet that u.s. customs and border commissioner kevin mcaleenan will be taking over. three people killed in phoenix after a crash involving a fire truck. officials say the fire engine was on its way to an emergency call with lights and sirens on when it collided with a pickup truck. two adults and one child suffered fatal injuries. three phoenix firefighters were also hurt. the pickup truck stigation turned left in front of the fire truck. the los angeles angels had their hands full on sunday. it wasn't their opponent the texas rangers giving them the most problems. both bullpens at angels stadium were taken over by a swarm of bees. it happened in the fifth inning. thousands of bees, they were everywhere. some of the players seemed unfazed by the invasion. others used towels to swat them away. it led to a delay. the swarm decided to leave
7:32 am
eventually and the game resumed. also this morning, less than two weeks after he was hit with serious fraud charges, attorney michael avenatti is firing back, taking aim at nike and one of the biggest young names in basketball. nbc's stephanie goskk is following this is astory. >> tonight is the men's college basketball championship. as the country waits for the big game michael avenatti is leveling explosive allegations against the ncaa, nike and the best college player in the country, zion williamson. michael avenatti refusing to go down without a fight, dumping dozens of pages of documents over the weekend and accusing nike, duke university, and the biggest name in college basketball zion williamson of being involved in a widespread payment scandal. avenatti alleging that the mother of the duke star received illegal payments from nike
7:33 am
during her son's recruitment before williamson committed to play for the nike-sponsored school. tweeting could you please ask zion williamson's mother whether she was paid by nike for bogus consulting services in 2016 and 2017 as part of a prescribe to get zion to go to duke. he released 41 pages of documents to twitter, material he claims shows nike dished out big money to families of top recruits to try to lure them to play at nike-sponsored schools. the files consist of what appear to be texas changes, redacted bank statements, and invoices. though nothing linking williamson and his mother was included. in a statement duke university's athletic director says the school is looking into the allegation involving williamson's mother adding, every student athlete at duke is reviewed to ensure their
7:34 am
eligibility. with regard to men's basketball, all recruits and their families are thoroughly vetted. meanwhile, nike issuing a response of its own saying in part that they will not respond to the allegations of an individual facing federal charges of fraud and extortion and aid in his disgraceful attempts to distract from the athletes on the court. avenatti was arrested last month after prosecutors said he tried to extort $25 million from nike. allegedly threatening the shoe giant saying, if it didn't pay up, he would release damaging information. avenatti, who vehemently denies the charges, says he is representing a high school coach who knew the details of nike's alleged payments to recruits and their families. avenatti promised he would release more evidence today relating to what he calls nike's, quote, corruption, adding that he is waiting on nike to refute a single document he reprided so far. we reached out to zion
7:35 am
williamson's mother for comment and have not heard back. we are joined by ari melber. let's pretend that all of the documents that avenatti has are legit. so what would that mean, that evidence, that information mean to college basketball and to the coaches and to other people? >> well, i think the first big question is whether he has an isolated set of messages or situations or has peeled the likd back on something that is widespread that looks like a national conspiracy. i think that's the big question. the kind of charges are probably more likely related to false statements, any financial irregularities rather than the underlying idea that someone was hiding it from the college. >> let's just say that avenatti's claim that zion williamson's mother was paid off. these fake consulting fees. if that's the case, beyond it being a massive ncaa violation, what sort of laws are we looking at there? >> the question of whether the
7:36 am
payor or the recipient were knowingly fraudulently creating statements. you follow these stories and you see it's the money trail that gets people in trouble. you shouldn't be taking money for services you didn't render and you shouldn't be paying money in a bogus invoice. >> what do you think we will see ahead on this one, ari? >> what's fascinating about the way this went down, on the one hand it looks like a lawyer may have overstepped. on the other hand, the feds went after the lawyer alleging impropriety and saying this was a shakedown and extortion. the question on the flip side is, well, does it still look like an extortion if these underlying evidence, as we've been reporting, has not been formally denied by nike? if that's true and there is more of that, does that change the look of the original extortion case? does it look like there is more than one crime going on answeredly. >> thank you. another check of the forecast. >> hello. let's show you what's going on
7:37 am
out in the pacific northwest. we have got this atmospheric river, pineapple express bringing tons of moisture into the pacific northwest and northern california. rainfall amounts some places could be looking at one to three inches of rain on top of saturated soil. that could cause some flooding. this going to be a coast to coaster. tomorrow it's bringing heavy storms and intensification across the rockies with snow developing there. moving on into tuesday into wednesday a band of heavy snow across the rockies and the upper midwest. we could be looking at blizzardard-like conditions, winds of 40 to 50 miles an hour. thursday this cold canadian air sets up. minneapolis, sioux falls, omaha could be looking at significant snow. chicago heavy rain and thunderstorms. and this will continue east we are going to be talking about this for a good portion of good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. still foggy at the golden gate
7:38 am
bridge. we've also seen dense fog across parts of the north bay. other than that, it's mostly cloudy, and we'll keep those clouds throughout most of the day. inland areas reaching low 70s. san francisco, 65. 67 in santa rosa. we'll also be tracking some north bay rain that could linger into early tomorrow morning. other than that, we will see some dry weather the rest of the week with some of our inland valleys reaching into the upper 60s and lower 70s. lace at the right time. how they helped save a complete stranger's life. then hollywood icon. michelle pfeiffer will be here. we'll talk about her new movies and the new labor of love she is launching. plus, the winners and show-stopping performances from last night's academy of country music awards. next, prince william undercover spy. what he is revealing about his top secret work in the field
7:39 am
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7:42 on this monday morning with "in depth today." surprising story about prince william. >> he channelled his inner james bond. he spent several weeks undercover with british spy agencies. keir simmons is going to tell us about this one. wow, keir. >> i know, right? >> undercover? >> undercover. exactly. everybody loves a good james bond sean connery roger moore daniel craig. prince william? there is a serious side as well. putting a focus on people who devote their lives with very little acclaim. ♪ >> reporter: the name's william. prince william. the duke's secret service just revealed spending three weeks undercover with britain's world famous spice. james bond's mi6, the u.k.
7:44 am
version of the cia, hosting the future king for one of those weeks. though he did not as far as we know see action like this. the father of three spent another week with mi5, the domestic intelligence agency made famous in british shows like "killing eve" and a week with the equivalent of the nsa called gchq where we're told he held his own with highly trained analysts. >> he is approaching his 40s. he needs to take a high-profile role, a more prominent role. >> reporter: the prince, who previously trained as a helicopter pilot serving in the royal air force calling it a humbling experience in a statement, praising the everyday people of the intelligence agencies who do extraordinary work to keep us safe. in secret, often not even able to tell their family and friends about the work they do or the stresses they face. a love of all things james bond
7:45 am
appears to run in the royal family. the queen famously taking part in a spoof scene with daniel craig for the opening of the 2012 olympics. her majesty's secret service home to james bond and now her majesty's grandson william. >> that was funny when daniel craig there. there is a real purpose behind him going through this training? >> yeah, there really is because he is going to be king. he is going to be the british head of state. so he is going to be the head of all of these agencies and he needs to know how they work. what's interesting in the pictures of course is because he is with secret agents, you can't show any of those photographers. so you just see william with everybody else kind of hidden. and there is another serious message, too. these guys who work for the intelligence agencies, this he often don't get praise. they have successes and no one knows about it.
7:46 am
so it's really great to see prince william, you know, making sure that they do get some kind of credit for what they do. i have to say i'm not sure he would be the best secret agent on a secret mission.ion. >> no, we would pick him out in a lineup. thank you, keir. up next, there is one more game tonight. we are ready to reveal the winner of our bracket challenge. spoiler alert. ♪ every day, visionaries are creating the future. ♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. ♪ the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ because the future only happens with people who really know how to deliver it.
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♪ we are back. love when carson joins the table. >> thank you. >> as we mentioned, college basketball's national championship game is tonight. that's got virginia taking on texas tech. >> but before that matchup gets underway, some might say we have a bigger champion to crown this morning. >> i would say that. >> the winner of our "today" bracket battle, at this point all of our brackets busted. no more points. who is going to be taking home this beautiful and very practical trophy? >> let's check it out. with 93 points carson daly, you are the champion!
7:51 am
>> come to papa. >> you knew that was the case. >> way to go, carson. >> you weren't far behind. >> i would like to share this with my fellow co-anchors, this is for all of us. we will keep it in the orange room. >> wait. you came in third. >> i was in third at 67. >> al? >> 40. >> and savannah 29. >> can i say something about my bracket for one second? i picked uva and virginia tech, but it was uva and texas tech. >> so you were -- >> thank you. you had a word? >> you had one word in there. >> here is my thing. that's a really nice trophy. >> yeah, it's nice. >> i think they bought it right over here in times square. >> just ahead -- >> if you peel that off, it says world's greatest dad. >> last night's academy of country music awards, a well deserved first for our pal keith urban coming up. >> i would like to thank michelle pfeiffer. >> i would li >> i would li michelle pfeiffer. woman 1: this...
7:52 am
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good monday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're starting to see some clouds moving again. we can get a view of thatten 0 our san jose camera. warm temperatures today reaching into the low 70s. but we'll also be watching some showers possible for the north bay this afternoon with highs there in the mid- to upper 60s. we could start to see that rain in time for the evening commute. mostly areas of santa rosa. then a quick moving shower for the rest of the bay area overnight into early tomorrow morning. and then sunshine in the forecast for tuesday. but some gusty winds the rest of the week. stays dry until friday afternoon when a new storm system will be moving in, bringing us a round of some light showers. our forecast for the week keeps it mild, with highs in the upper 60s in low 70s. the weekend is looking really nice with inland valleys in the lower 70s.
7:57 am
let's get an update on the commute now. >> it's been a business morning now that we're inching closer to the 8:00 a.m. hour. we're starting to see regular morning delays. also a couple of fender benders. i do have a b.a.r.t. alert to tell you about. richmond line expecting delays due to a medical emergency. we saw this tweeted out by b.a.r.t. they're working to resolve issues there. the rest of your mass transit looking okay, no delays there. westbound 80 to the bay bridge, 18 minutes. back to you. happening now, firefighters are investigating an early morning house fire that left one man dead in west oakland at 5:30 a.m. firefighters have not released any details about the man who died or the cause of that fire. we're posting updates as we get them on our twitter feed. new aftershocks on the stanford campus from the college admissions cheating scandal. students learning the school has removed a student who was tied to the scandal. you can head to the top of our
7:58 am
home page where we've posted full details. another local news update in a half hour. have a good monday morning. the considering making tomorrow to make sure your deliveries aren )t taken! plus, a menlo park woman hits a paperwork roadblock at the d-m-v. our consumer team helps her get back in the driver )s seat. join us tomorrow from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪
8:00 am
coming up, forced out. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen announcing her resignation after meeting with the president. the latest white house shake-up coming as mr. trump calls for a tougher crackdown on illegal immigration. so what could this mean for the ongoing border battle? we are live with the latest. plus, quick thinking. we hear from a group of middle school volleyball players who jumped into action when they spotted a woman trying to take her own life. >> she was hanging. her feet were dangling off and she was hard to pull herself up. >> how the hero kids managed to
8:01 am
talk her down from the edge. and a little bit of country. we'll take you inside country music's biggest night. the acms. from the winners -- >> keith urban. >> kasey musgraves. >> to the top moments and performances. ♪ i'm standing here ♪ i'm standing with you >> we'll have all the highlights. today monday, april 8th, 2019. ♪ i'm a sucker for you ♪ >> celebrating my sister's 31st birthday. >> married 47 years today. >> hi to gilbert high school. >> in gilbert, south carolina. ♪ >> from san jose to "today." >> hello "today" show.
8:02 am
pinehurst, north carolina, celebrating our first day of retirement. >> from grand rapids, michigan. >> first time on tv! >> that first time looked really good. welcome back to "today" on this morning morning. savannah is taking a little time off. craig melvin joins us. look at that crowd. you see a couple of big craig melvin heads. >> yeah. the sad part is that's how big my mahead is in real life. you don't have to show up to the plaza. give us a shout out, record your message, share on twitter, instagram. the hashtag on the screen. a quick programming note. tomorrow on "today" we will be sitting down with hilaria baldwin, her first live interview since she shared deeply personal news about a miscarriage. she raised the conversation a lot. right to your news. frustration over immigration has
8:03 am
led to major shake-up in washington. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen resigned sunday just two days after she had accompanied president trump on the visit to the u.s./mexico border. sources tell nbc news the president had grown disappointed with neilsen and the failure to stop migrants from flowing into the country. he names cuss ups and border protection commissioner kevin mcaleenan as the acting head. an american is being transered from uganda today. kimberly endicott from costa mesa, california, and her safari guide were rescued sunday. they had been taken at gunpoint nearly a week ago. the kidnappers were demanding $500,000. "the new york times" is reporting that money was paid by the company that led the safari. the kidnappers have not been caught. four people killed, 26 hurt in chicago this weekend. the victims included four
8:04 am
adults, two children wounded outside a baby shower. police believe that shooting may have been part of an ongoing gang dispute. most of the shootings took place in the daylight hours. fallout from the grounding of boeing 737 max jetliners. american airlines announced that it is extending flight cancellations beyond this month. it now plans to cancel about 90 flights a day through june 5th. american has 24 of the jets in its fleet. 737 max planes were grounded indefinitely in the u.s. last month after two catastrophic crashes overseas. how would you like a boost? >> a monday boost. love it. >> there is a good chance a baby will become a lifelong reader if they get this excited by their very first picture books. take a look. >> are you wild about reading? is this your book? is this your book? where is your other book? >> whoa! >> come on.
8:05 am
she can't believe her eyes. she gets a book. that smile is ear to ear. she already knows the magic in those chunky colorful pages. >> she loves to read. look at her. look at her. >> if that doesn't make you feel good, come on. much more ahead on this monday, including the surprise project revealed overnight that has beyonce teaming up with netflix. >> good combination there. plus, the middle school heroes who worked together to help save a stranger in need. help save a stranger in need. they share i've talked on this phone through the happiest times of my life, and through the saddest times of my life. but i never dreamed in a thousand years that it would save my life. boom! i fell 22 feet, completely shattered my pelvis, in the middle of the woods. i called my wife, she thought i was jokin'. i said, "man, i'm not... i'm not." i was so lucky that day... saved my life. (vo) there for you when it matters most. get unlimited on the best network with apple music included. and save big when you switch.
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[ "werk it" by mama haze ] ♪ woo, werk it now ♪ werk it now, woo, werk it now ♪ ♪ baby watch me werk it like, woo ♪ ♪ baby, baby, baby ♪ baby watch me werk it now this morning on "today's talker," a remarkable group of kids in california. >> they were working out over the weekend when they spotted a woman in distress.
8:09 am
their quick thinking and kind words, this morning they are being credited with saving that woman's life. gadi schwartz has this story. >> good morning. police say that woman admitted she was trying to take her own life. a young group of boys in the right place at the right time managed to talk her down from the edge. >> reporter: for a team of young volleyball players in fresno, california, a break from the regular routine. >> we don't run that bridge ever. in my six years here, never did that. and none of the sports that we have done. >> reporter: volleyball coach murray elliott had his team go for a run over a bridge near their school. nothing prepared the boys for what they found there. >> we thought it was a girl from our school. >> reporter: it was a woman hanging by her arms more mthan 100 feet in the air. >> i realized what was going on when her foot started dangling. then we ran down as a team to go tell our coach.
8:10 am
>> reporter: the 47-year-old woman had been trying to jump in an attempt to take her life. a shocked coach elliott called 911. >> i said immediately, go back up and get her attention, tell her her life matters. for a whole ten minutes or so they did not stop yelling, screaming, telling harrier life matters. >> it was hard to pull herself up. >> reporter: they pled for her to pull herself up and she did. >> i will never forget that moment. what was best about it i know we saved the woman's life but i'm proud i was able to do it with my brothers. >> reporter: the fresno police called the boys true heroes adding their words of encouragement caused this woman who realize her life had value. thank god they were in the right place at the right time. >> i believe no matter what you are going through in life, if you pray and you fight through it, you are going to make it through. >> i am like a father to them.
8:11 am
so to see them do the things that i instilled in them is so gratifying, you know, as a coach and to a father figure to them. i am very proud of them. >> remarkable story. according to experts, the boys did everything right. don't leave the person alone. call 911 and get help from a trained professional as soon as possible. we should point out for anyone struggling, there is a suicide preventi prevention lifeline. 1-800-273-8255. back to you. >> amazing story. >> oh, my gosh, middle school kids, i can't believe they would have that fortitude. >> yes. so proud of them. >> yes. >> cool. >> awesome. mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> starting off with the national radar and satellite map. precipitation coming into the pacific northwest. that's going to be a coast-to-coast storm. also strong storms firing up today. a risk of strong weather through the gulf coast on into the
8:12 am
mid-atlantic states. but temperatures, look at the temperatures. chicago today 75 degrees. that's almost 20 degrees above normal. low 70s here in new york city. raleigh 80. dallas 82. tucson 93 degrees. continues tomorrow, washington flirting with 80, same in atlanta. oklahoma city 83. san antonio 89. phoenix 97. then colder air, a wintry blast coming in. so minneapolis you are 41 by wednesday, 39 by friday. st. louis 75 on wednesday, 20 degree drop by friday. cooling off in dallas, denver. that cold air will be causing big problems as we make our way to the east, but for today, severe storms in the southeast, snowy in new england and wind watches through southern california into the southwest. that's what's going on around
8:13 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> okay. look who is at the table, y'all. >> yes. >> the new anchor of the 10:00 is here. >> jenna. >> we're going to talk to you in a little bit. >> yes. >> carson has pop start. >> we have to do pop start. >> buckle up. big pop start. full music edition. the academy of country music awards a big night for a lot of stars at the acm award ps. here's a look at some of last night's highlights. a night of history making surprises and stars at the academy of country music awards in las vegas sunday. the biggest winners, dan and shay. >> and the song of the year goes to -- tequila, dan and shay!
8:14 am
>> the grammy award winners, one of the hottest groups in country music taking home three awards including song and sink single of the year for their crossover smash hit "tequila". >> keith urban. >> for keith urban, the ninth time is the charm. breaking his own losing streak. winning entertainer of the year for the first time after eight previous nominations. a surprised urban, kissing his wife nicole kidman, embracing the other nochlenies before accepting the awards. >> fans out there, you are amazing. you have no idea how much you mean to me. >> reba mcentire hosting the show and calling out the lack of female entertainer of the year nominees. >> do you know it snowed in las vegas just a few weeks ago? yeah. it was so cold, it froze us women out of entertainer of the year. but you know what, that didn't
8:15 am
bother kacey musgraves because she's been too busy carrying all her grammys around. >> she still had a golden night. >> casey musgraves. >> taking home the award for album of the year for golden hour and female artist of the year, breaking miranda lambert's streak. miranda rocking the stage and red carpet making her first appearance with her new husband brendan mclaughlin. while her ex, blake shelton and gwen made the show a fun date night. carrie underwood known for her high energy shows performing since welcoming her second child. from established stars to new voices "this is us" star chrissy metz wowing the audience making her tv singing debut performing "i'm standing with you" from her film "break through" ♪ i'm standing with you >> yes. >> breaking. >> we order a little bit of what keith and nicole are having. lot of chemistry going on there.
8:16 am
congrats to last night's winners. other news, here's the update on old town road. >> hoda. >> billy ray cyrus remixed the latest hit in hopes of finding it find its proper place on the country charts. now more stars have voiced their support for the song including will smith, who shared his take on the hit, take a look. ♪ yeah, i'm going to take my holster to the road ♪ ♪ i'm going to ride until i can no more ♪ ♪ i got the horses in the bag horse attached i got the boosters ♪ >> will smith capturing the video, call me when ready to shoot the video from his video for wild, wild west. the remix song is number one on -- >> what? >> oh, yeah. >> also, as well as spotify's u.s. top 50 chart. killing it there. billboard also reconsidering its initial decision which removed old town road from the country charts. they have a statement where they say billboard welcomes excited created by genre blending tracks
8:17 am
and will continue to monitor how it's marketed and how fans respond. our initial decision to remove old town road from the hot country song chart could be revisited -- >> come on. >> we have to wait and see. >> we screwed up. >> yeah. >> trying to figure out how to do it. >> that is a hot track. on repeat. >> don't you love how hoda teaches us music. >> at 3:30 in the morning. >> how is that possible. >> i check my phone, i can't believe she's up sending tracks. >> before i saw the name, hoda listening to little naz. >> beyonce concert is it coming to netflix, after they tweeted the poster with the text homecoming. the bright yellow reminded fans of beyonce's cocello performance she does have a clothing line called homecoming that includes greek lettering in the apparel. fans believe the special would be the coachella performance. netflix nor beyond have have confirmed whether the speculation is true or not.
8:18 am
we'll find out april 17th when that project will be released. finally a few hundred college students got a surprise friday night when the jonas brothers showed up to perform a surprise concert. the event took place at a very popular penn state bar. we know it, champs downtown. ♪ ♪ say the word and i'll do anything ♪ ♪ i'm a sucker for you ♪ ♪ i'm a sucker for ♪ about you >> that's good times. you're in college on a friday night and downtown bar, penn state. >> boom. >> there are the jo brothers. >> others were there. the boys were bar tending passing out drinks and dancing on the bar. like a tuesday for hoda. >> i feel like hoda also discovered the jo bros. >> yeah. >> didn't she? >> this is my favorite pop start ever. i'm going to -- >> penn state football coach james franklin thanked the jonas
8:19 am
brothers for being there, giving them penn state football jerseys as well. nick jonas told the crowd they didn't go to college but if they did they would have gone to penn state. i might go back to college. >> why not. >> where did you go? >> i went to the university of life, hoda. >> there you go. >> master degree. >> yep. >> a doctor rate. >> and a daily -- >> daily click. now you -- i haven't heard of these but these are popular, ax throwing places. >> really? >> friends get together, a brilliant idea, have cocktails and throw axes. what could go wrong. he here's one in colorado. stepped up to throw, threw low bounces off the ground. >> what. >> right back at her. amazingly she ducks. gets out of the way in time. >> that -- >> see, i wanted us to do that. >> no. >> if that happens to any of us, what do we do. this has been fun, take the check and go. not ainsley and her friends they didn't wait a second or miss a beat. kept on going. >> kept on going.
8:20 am
>> all right. carson -- >> i don't know how i feel about an ax throwing place. >> it's a no-no. >> with cocktails. >> lizzie -- >> the reason jenna bush hager is here. come here. i want to show this woman right here, welcome jenna from texas. we have a lot of people who are going to welcome jenna bush hager here, in studio 1a, today is the day, jenna is going to be joining the 10:00 to host the fourth hour. did you sleep at all? >> i was really calm and then i saw the new instagram page. >> oh! >> i saw that last night. >> did you wake up henry? >> i woke up henry and screamed, he's like geez, and then i had to face time my sister. >> why? was that the first time you found out? >> i found out last night. >> i thought they told you in february. >> i got to see the instagram picture. i don't know why it hit me. >> there is something about seeing the whole thing out. what's everybody saying? like are you walking in the manicure place and people going, oh, my gosh. >> i walked past this woman
8:21 am
yesterday, good luck tomorrow, jenna. and melo was like good luck at what? >> do milo and poppy know? >> they love kathie lee. she taught them to eat peanut butter on a spoon. they are like what are you going to do? what do you think. eat peanut butter on a spoon. >> hard to decipher watching you on the show and now regularly going ob on it. going to bed early? >> at the same time i always do wh which is early. i'm excited to create something newls cool. >> we are going to have so much fun. i have to point out we do have a special message for you, jenna, someone wanted to just cheer you on, so let's take a look. >> i'm so proud of jenna. i never would have expected her life to roll out this way. she was a teacher when we graduated from college and that was her path and i'm so proud that she had the courage to pursue a different career path and say yes to something that
8:22 am
was uncomfortable at the beginning because it was unexpected, because now look how far she's come. it's incredible to me that she has found her boys voiher voice it. she shows herself every morning. >> wonderful and dangerous. >> really dangerous. >> hello. when i cry at a drop of a hat. >> she does. >> you've been here ten years at "today" and before you were a schoolteacher? >> i taught -- >> did you ever think this was the path you wanted to take? >> no. i mean not really. i feel kind of bad saying that, but i loved teaching and by the way, all the teachers aren't even watching this, they're at school, up in the morning and doing the most important work. >> are you ready to drink wine before noon every day? >> somebody has to do it. >> she's been doing that -- >> she's been doing that before. >> get ready. we'll meet you in hair and makeup at 9:00 and a special hour planned. it's going to be fun. >> i can't wait. >> surprise us. >> okay.
8:23 am
>> first, dr. depak chopra is here and he has three things that are going to help us stress less today. we're also catching up with the one and only, there she is, michele pfeiffer. >> hey now. >> in studio 1a, live after your local news. >> i won this whole time. >> did you win?
8:24 am
>> i feel like this is where i'm meant to you. >> hi, y'all. >> jenna bush hager. >> it will be so much fun. i can't wait, y'all. good mornin.
8:25 am
8:26 am
i )m ... breaking news - nbc bay area skyranger flying a few moments ago over a home a good morning to you. it's 8:26, and i'm marcus washington. breaking news. nbc sky ranger flying over this home just off of bayshore boulevard. so far nothing at this point is being confirmed, but we can tell you what we are seeing from the air as well as what our contact on the ground has been telling us. we know that a large dog has been shot and killed. it appears to be a large rottweiler and it's lying dead in that backyard. we believe the officers shot it after some kind of incident with a person, but we don't have any
8:27 am
details as to what may have happened. of course, we'll have more for you at midday as well as our social media platforms. right now we want to get a check on the commute. >> a typical hotspot, we had an earlier crash, expecting to see residual delays. toward the bay bridge, you're looking at 18 minutes, the san mateo bridge, 20 minutes. i do have an update on the b.a.r.t. delays. it looks like the trains are open and they will not be stopping them due to a medical emergency, however, they will be running buses. marcus? >> more local news in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ >> and we are back at 8:30 on this monday morning, the 8th of april, 2019. look at all these smiling faces on the plaza starting their week off with us. >> a lot of people to cheer on jenna as she starts at 10. i have a great crowd moment. where are tayo and boommy? high, guys, how are you? >> so good. >> savannah's number one d.c. fan. i am sorry she is off today. who is celebrating the birthday? how old? >> 35. >> i also hear it's someone
8:31 am
else's birthday. >> our mom. happy birthday, mom! love you. >> look how fun this is. what is your mom's name? >> janet. >> happy birthday, janet. y'all are twins. >> happy birthday. enjoy. >> that was nice. >> sweet. >> happy birthday janet as well. a big show still ahead. hollywood royalty in the house, the great michelle pfeiffer is here. a lot to talk about. she has a new business venture, new presence on social media and several highly anticipated movies. great to have michelle here today. >> indeed. if you want to stress less, we have brought in one of the ultimate experts. dr. deepak chopra to teach you how to manage your life and things and get that stress level down. >> he has some things we can all do, very easy steps. coming up in a few minutes in the third hour of "today," quite the group of powerful women. bette midler, gigi hadid,
8:32 am
christiana amanpour. first, it's nice and warm out today. you have a check of the weather? >> we have these nice ladies with foil zwrakts. we want to team you up with folks from idaho and wrap potatoes in them and bake them up. that would be fantastic. looking at your week ahead, it's going to be severe storminess in the southeast and the gulf coast. spring heat in the southwest. flooding continues in northern california in the pacific northwest. by wednesday we have a big snowstorm going on in the mid-plains. windy and hot through texas. sunshine mid-atlantic into the gulf. wet weather in the pacific northwest. then on friday that big storm moves east, brings showers along the coast. more snow left over through the great lakes, below average highs in the midsection of the country. looking at wet weather good morning. i'm meteorologist kerry hall. expect a mostly cloudy day, and
8:33 am
then by this evening some rain starts to move into the north bay. we could see scattered showers moving through there, quick showers moving light overnight and early into tomorrow morning. after that we clear out. we're going to see sunshine with gusty winds and we'll keep it dry for the middle of the week. a new round of rain continues on friday, but it clears out for the weekend as the highs warm up into the lower 70s. and carson. >> thanks. now to the history that was made at augusta over the weekend. >> that's right. the iconic home of the masters hosting the first augusta national women's amateur national championship. jennifer kupcho won the inaugural event. something to watch. >> jennifer and maria are with us. has it sunk in? are you still on that high? >> it's a lot. i mean, everything has been going on ever since i walked off the 18th hole. i'm just excited to be here with
8:34 am
mar lea maria. it's amazing. >> walk us through it. this shot is on 13 at augusta. you were down two shots to maria. this is where that turned around. six feet for eagle. you go on to birdie to win the whole thing. >> that shot was absolutely unbelievable. even now, i have no idea. >> that's a hard, hard shot. >> yes. >> everyone has been talking about augusta. a first for women. a big gee whiz for everybody. what was it like playing on that course for the first time competitively? >> unreal. i think it's really hard to describe. i mean, i think you would agree with me. the atmosphere out there. the people were great. we were having a lot of fun. we were putting up a show and trying to make as many birdies as we could. having a lot of fun. >> it was a sisterhood as opposed to a real competition like i'm going to get her? >> or was it both? >> no. it was definitely both. there was a lot of competition. >> it was equal parts
8:35 am
competition. and not only was it exciting to watch you win. i have to say equally exciting to see maria coming up 18. the sportsmanship you displayed, for a fan, you felt the ceiling breaking as far as women at augusta, augusta's old history of not having women members, et cetera, for them to throw this event like a golf fan i was watching history being made. did it feel that way? >> yes, definitely. all the press, everything that we have seen about the way we acted, i mean, it's just how we are. i mean, that's what we wanted to show. >> i know it was a first, and there are some people, maybe not avid golf fans who think, well, why wasn't that the case so long ago. did it feel like that? >> for me it was just more of like i'm glad it happened and i'm glad we abwere able to be a part of it. it was really nice to be able to be a part of history and to
8:36 am
share with a friend like her. >> the masters starts this week. i was watching the drive, chip, and putt yesterday. augusta had a successful week out there. awesome to watch. >> congrats, y'all. >> i have my own hardware back there, jennifer. >> how about that? i won the bracket challenge. pretty cool. kind of like your shot on 13. congratulations. >> thank you. craig, over to you. >> thank you. up next, look who's here. hollywood legend michelle pfeiffer ready to tell us about a project she is working on, apparently for decades. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
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♪ it's a big day here in studio 1a. back with oscar nominated star michelle pfeiffer. you know her for her work on the big screen, but today she enters the business world. she is launching a new fragrance line called henry rose.
8:39 am
also keeping busy with acting roles, a new presence on social media. so much to talk about. first, may i sniff that wrist of yours? this is where the fragrance lives. oh, my gosh. describe that scent. it's beautiful. >> well, this is actually one we are working on for the fall. for the holidays. and it's kind of, i would say, it's warm, it's a little spicy, it's a little amber y. how woo describe it? >> it makes you feel good. it's cool -- >> it's comforting. >> yes. you are walking around here a little bit and talking to jenna and you are like i am so excited, it's my first day, too. >> and i didn't sleep either. go it's your real first? >> it is. it's been a long time in the making, too. about 20 years ago when i became a new mom like a lot of new parents i started paying more attention to the products that i
8:40 am
was exposing my kids to. and i began to look for safer options for the family. 20 years ago that was a bigger challenge than it is today. the climate is very different now. but at some point i came across the environmental working groups skin deep database. i am not sure if you are familiar with it. it's an incredible tool for consumers to use and i went down the rabbit hole. and how the whole fragrance thing spawned out of that is i would find ingredients that -- not perfume either. just in products. looked good. and fragrance would pop up and it would get a really, really high hazard level. so i took that to mean, well, all fragrance must be really, really toxic. well, of course, that turns out not to be exactly true. it's that it was the lack of transparency. >> you launched this line. i am so excited for people to
8:41 am
smell it. it's henry rose, the middle names of both your children. a cool way to name it. i was on swipes like, oh, i don't remember seeing your kids. i'm look on instagram. first of all, you just joined insta. >> i did. >> how is that world? how do you feel on there? >> it depends. some days i feel really, i'm having fun with it, and some days i feel overwhelmed and pressured. >> your very first post is you as catwoman. that was post number one. >> nom one. hello. >> we like that. post number two was you holding a whip. >> look what i found. >> this one. >> it wouldn't have been post number two. >> but in there. >> in there, yes. >> and then the third one. >> the theme. >> the cracking of the whip. that was another one. >> i practiced. >> so do you ever see yourself getting back into that catwoman
8:42 am
suit? >> oh, gosh. i mean, that would be incredible. you know, i was sad when that ended. i was just getting comfortable with everything that i had to deal with and beginning to have one fun with it and then it was over. >> i was watching an interview that you did and i was thinking about the cool roles you have done. i said, my gosh, michelle has done all the greatest roles. then someone, i think you said your agent one time called you, referred to you as like dr. no because you turned down a lot of roles. >> that's correct. >> "pretty woman"? >> you know, i don't know if i want to go through the list of things that i turned down. >> there was so many. how much time do we have? >> exactly. >> the list i saw like thelma and louise, basic instinct. >> yeah. okay, those are all correct. the thing is, a lot of times there are so many reasons that go into turning something down. it's not necessarily because you don't want to do it.
8:43 am
there is a conflict. >> timing. >> you are committed to something else. you have something. typically, it was something like that, you know. >> well, it seems like you had so much focus on like balancing your work and family. i think a lot of people struggle with that. was that a struggle for you, or did you just make clear decisions when you had your children, like? >> i just got pickier because it felt like, it was, it was hard to leave them. and especially when they got to be school-age. before that i could just take them with me anywhere i went. but then there was breaking up the family unit. my husband has a job he can't just up and go. so it was always a juggling act. so, oddly enough, empty-nester, i am now working a lot.
8:44 am
>> you are. you have a new avengers movie coming out soon and the maleficient sequel coming out in the fall. anything else? >> i have something else, it's not 100%, but it's something called french exit, which i might be doing the end of summer. >> when does this fragrance line come out? >> today. >> today? >> today, hoda. >> i'm so glad. >> today on "the today show." >> we are so excited for you. >> henry >> henry thank you for coming to see us. i'm feeling it's going to be a real success like almost everything you do. >> thank you. >> over to craig. >> thank you. just ahead, don't let stress get the bist est of you. this guy, dr. deepak chopra is here. he is going to show us healthier ways to manage life's daily struggles. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
we are back with our special series stress less today with april being national stress awareness month. >> that's right. nearly eight in t ten americans say they feel stress in their daily lives. the most common sources the future of our nation, work, money, health, the political climate. >> here with some tips to help us combat those frustrating feelings, the one, the only, dr. deepak chopra, he is a world-renowned leader in medicine, a best-selling author of 85 books with 15 million social media followers. if that's not enough, he has a new podcast, daily breath, to help us chill out in five minutes or less. dr. chopra, thank you. >> good morning. >> so calming. >> i know. you have like 12 jobs. how do you stay stress free? how do you reduce the stress? >> stress is the perception of a threatening thought. if you don't identify with it,
8:48 am
then there is no stress. there is no such thing as peace of mind. that's an oxymoron. peace is when there is absence of mind. absence of thought. >> is it just you train your brain? like if there is chaos around you and you want to keep calm, how do you do that? >> get in touch with your core being, which is prior to thought. i can show you how to do that. >> walk us through some tips. these are things folks at home will be able to do as well. >> right now look at me. focus eyes. instead of looking at me, be aware of the space in which we are right now. in this space have a vague awareness of your own body and everything else happening, but basically soften your eyes and be in the space. your mind is right now silent. isn't it? >> yeah. >> i was thinking about --
8:49 am
>> focus and soft eyes. do that three, four times a day. >> okay. >> there is also a tip involving breathing. >> yes. so when you alternate breathing in assinostrils, you synchroniz the breathing. put your hands in your armpits and take a deep breath into the count of four slowly, slowly. then exhale to the count of four. >> why hands here? >> now you switch. so you take the lower hand and you put it where the upper hand was before. and once you switch and repeat the same process. >> my arms are sweaty. >> now you are activating the
8:50 am
nostrils and different hem spheres of your brain. >> i smell hoda. >> count to four on the inhale and count to four on the exhale. >> what is this doing? bring yurg heart rate down? it's taking the stress away? >> stimulate the nerve in the body called the vagal nerve. it's so-called because it's related to the english word vagabond. it goes everywhere. when you stimulate that vagal nerve, your heart rate slows down, breathing slows down, you feel relaxed. right now the world is on sympathetic overdrive. too much stress. the opposite is the pair sympathetic nervous system. >> i have an anxiety disorder i talk about. when people meet me, they ask what works? we are an anxious society. i use muscle tension relaxation.
8:51 am
i tense up and let go. as i'm letting go and feeling the tingling, i am reprogramming my mind to zero. >> that's right. what's what we did in way when we focused and relaxed with the eyes. >> what do you say to people who are watching who are anxious every day? >> the purpose of our existence is to maximize the experience of innate joy and happiness, to maximize our capacity for love, to unleash our craeative potential and be healthy. remember that, everything else is taken care of. >> we have some fake grass. we wanted to show folks at home another technique that you have talked about. >> well, when you take off your shoes and socks and just walk on the grass -- >> what's at the root of this? grounding yourself? >> yes, walk on the grass or the beach or the ground. and what happens is negative ions come from the earth into your body, neutralize the
8:52 am
radicals that are in your body day. neutralizes stress. inflammation goes down. by connecting with the earth directly, you reset your biological rhythm. this a good thing to do. >> sunny had an accident over there. >> what about meditation, doctor? what is the actual definition of that? >> meditation is to go to the source of thought and beyond thought. so these days there are many ways to do it. mindful awareness of any experience. when you are fully present in the moment, whatever experience you are having, that's a form of meditation. but also self-reflection. who am i? what do i want? what's my purpose? what makes me grateful? and ultimately the ways to transcend through mantra practice, to go beyond thought. >> do you ever get angry yourself? do you find yourself, traffic in l.a., wanting to scream and yell? >> it's a waste of energy. >> you are this tranquil and
8:53 am
calm all day every day? >> all the time. >> wow. >> he is not here for your shenanigans. >> what about our phones? do they get in the way? >> you have to schedule. so i schedule social media time and phone time. and like i schedule meditation time or exercise. health relatio time. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, doctor. we appreciate it. >> he is going to be with hoda and jenna tomorrow to talk about building a successful team. also we are going to have more ways to stress less all week, including how your stress could be impacting your kids. we will look at that later this week. we are back in a moment. firs this is today sot,
8:54 am
8:55 am
welcome back. don't forget to check out
8:56 am day. a school district in indiana helping families in need by sending home excess cafeteria food. a mom with a child with autism takes you wion a walk in her issues. next, third hour of today, we are giving our lives a sprin breaking news - nbc bay area skyranger flying about 45 minutes ago over a home in dal and good morning to you. i'm marcus washington. breaking news to tell you about. we can see a lot of police activity in the backyard off of bayshore boulevard. so far nothing at this point is being confirmed, but we can tell
8:57 am
you what we were seeing from sky ranger cameras as well as our contact on the ground. we know that a large dog has been shot and killed. it appears to be some type of dog, a large rottweiler, and it was lying dead in the yard. at this point the officers shot it. because this involved a person. we don't have the details on what happened. we'll post any updates as soon as we get them. and firefighters are investigating an early morning house fire that left a man dead in west oakland. that fire started around 5:30 this morning. go to our home page right now for the latest. and new reaction from a college admissions scandal. one student has been removed from the school.
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♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today." >> you give us energy with that intro there. >> good morning, everybody. i'm sheinelle along with al, craig, and dylan. everybody have a good weekend? >> great. >> i was at augusta national. >> you win. >> i n. >> and you were on the front row of history. >> i was. i can't wait to talk more about it because it was a history-making weekend and the girls who made history are here. >> i love it. >> it's been a while since i have seen you this jazzed. >> you know, golf is fairly new for me. i picked it up like ten years ago. i hn'


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