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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 8, 2019 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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with love, california. into crime scene. we )re learning that daly city police officers shot and killed . a bay area neighborhood turned into a crime scene. we're learning that daily city police officer shot and killed a dog. >> we're learning that neighbors tried desperately to help when a dog apparently ripped through a fence then attacked a neighbor. sharon katsuda is live for us. tell us what happened in this terrifying attack. >> reporter: we're still trying to confirm all the details with police but what we're hearing so far from one neighbor is the dog tore through a backyard fence and then ended up in the backyard of this fence, this house that you see right in front of me and mulled a man in the backyard of this house at
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about 6:45 this morning. neighbors heard yelling and looked over their backyards to see a rottweiler attacking a man. neighbors say they tried to help but were limited with their tall fences. they called 9-1-1, police reportedly shot and killed the dog. they later carried the dog out and, according to the neighbor, the victim was really, quote, messed up. >> the thing is we have a high fence so we couldn't get to him, we were trying with a hose, he asked us to throw him a knife, i threw him a knife. he couldn't stab the dog because his arm was too weak. >> pretty soon i see a fire truck came over and i heard three sounds, bam, bam, bam. >> reporter: police say the victim is in critical, but stable condition. neighbors say there are a lot of big dogs in this neighborhood and they've warned their children to stay away. we've seen a lot of people walking their dogs in the neighborhood this morning.
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we have another reporter on the story. he told me he just talked to the dog owner and he would not talk to the media, but he is cooperating with police. reporting live in daily city, i'm sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. >> all right. we'll continue to follow that tonight as well. parents protesting what they believe is an unfair plan for students at one middle school. chris sanchez is live outside with more. >> reporter: hi, there. these folks have been out here since 8:00 this morning. you can see there are signs there trying to put the pressure on the community of loss altoes to stop the transfer of the eagen junior high campus to bullis charter school and to relocate existing eagen students to a new $100 million campus two miles down the road in mountainview. the charter school serves 20% of the public school children in
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portable classrooms split between this campus here eagen junior high and block intermediate. public school parents say they don't understand why their kids should have to make room for the charter students while one loss altos school parent says they're bound by state law. >> people don't understand why neighbors opt into a neighborhood school why we're moving. >> the charter school has demanded, it's their right, you owe it to us, it's the law. they've demanded that we give them facilities. it doesn't matter if those facilities are currently in use, it doesn't matter if our children has to move. >> reporter: now i just in the last half hour talked with the president of the association that reiterates that the students are also public school
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students. a cooling off period of no litigation guaranteed facilities and enrollment caps, says this is the time for a permanent solution. the deal on the table is one that has the support of the majority of both boards as a long-term solution serving the greatest interest of the community. tonight is the first of what will be several opportunities for public comment on the proposed charter school agreement. there is one at the school district meeting at 7:00 and at the same time there's a bullis charter board meeting at 6:30 at bullis charter. these are just the first opportunities to have public comment. i want to tell you what the superintendent just sent me -- i'll let him go by, just sent me a statement this morning from the superintendent of the school district. that under current law we believe the best way to improve the situation for our schools is to obtain a negotiated agreement with bullis, the proposed long-term agreement is heartbreaking for many people in
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our community as we consider moving a top performing junior high school in order to make room for a charter school, but as a district, we must protect the long-term viability of our schools and the excellent education we provide for every child in the community, the counterargument is that people in this community seem to want some sort of school choice in the matter because not only does the bullis charter down the street serve 20% of the school aged population, they also have a waiting list of about 1,000 students. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. investigators in the north bay want anyone with information to come forward after sexual misconduct allegations at a prestigious college prep school. the branson school is the subject of this independent investigation. it's the result of three former graduates speaking up about their experiences in the 1970s. the report names four former educators including a prominent soccer coach who engaged in
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sexual misconduct with students. in total, 11 victims are named in the report. three out of the four educators accused declined to speak to investigators, a fourth is denying allegations. here's what people in the community are saying about the report. >> if it's true, they should go to jail. >> i think there's a lot of things that happened that are under the radar that people miss. >> nothing surprises me. it really doesn't. i have a conversation with a lot of my friends, schools, doctors, it doesn't matter. it happens all the time. >> now the school is asking anyone who may have information to contact its human resource department. new details in a 73-year-old man who is dead following an early morning house fire in west oakland. this is video from bay area skyranger. that fire started around 5:30 this morning on 16th street a few blocks west of interstate 980. firefighters not telling us the identity of the man who died. an investigation is under way
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into what may have cause this had fire but firefighters say that it does not appear to be suspicious. the clouds are hanging around the bay area, taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. pretty fogged in there. also keep those umbrella handies, we're watching for some rain coming our way. >> especially in the north bay today, we'll see a new round of rain moving in and after that gorgeous weekend, we will see some changes going into the next 24 hours. this is a look at walnut creek. you can see that it is mostly cloudy but it's also still going to be very warm going into the rest of the day. making it into the low 70s as we will see some peaks of sunshine coming out every now and then but there will also be a lot of clouds through the rest of the day. by 6:00 we're in the mid-60s and we are continuing to keep an eye on that rain as it moves closer to ukiah. it's staying well not north. that rain moves into the north bay this evening and the rest of the bay area could see a quick
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round of light showers moving through. i'll have another update on that and what to expect heading into the rest of the week coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> thanks so much. we'll check back with you. new this hour, chp paying tribute to one of its own. [ bell ringing ] >> leaders ringing the bell for sergeant steve who died when a vehicle struck him when he was conducting a traffic stop over the weekend. the crash happened in riverside county in southern california. he was a 27 year veteran of the agency. that driver is suspected of dui and is being held on suspicious of murder. governor newsom is ordering that flags be flown at half-staff. possible new legal trouble reported this morning for the san jose man convicted of killing his parents in their home. he is now awaiting sentencing
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after being convicted of killing his parents back in 2016. according to the mercury news, he's now accused of mailing a death threat to a key witness in the case and offering $1 million bribe to a prosecutor. the d.a.'s office is now evaluating whether to file new charges. our family separations on their way back, we're reporting this morning the president wants to return to that policy at the border. >> but kirstjen nielsen stood in his way, scott. >> yes, she did. it's one of the reasons she's no longer secretary of the homeland security. nielsen reminded the president he was under court order not to renew that policy separating parents from children. nielson announced she'd be stepping down over the weekend. she had been criticized by both sides as too tough by some, not tough enough by the president himself. president trump says he'll replace nielsen with kevin mac aloneen. he's currently the head of customs and protection. he's been a supporter of foreign
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aid as a way of discouraging immigra immigrants from leaving their home country. one hiccup says the current secretary leaving for whatever reason means the under secretary takes over and that's claire grady. it's not clear what the white house will do about that, but we had a purge of that whole department. nbc news reporting that the president has fired the director of the secret service, the secret service part of dhs, laura. >> so many changes, thank you very much, scott. a potential presidential candidate opening up about his own sexuality. indiana mayor pete buttigieg was in washington, d.c. yesterday speaking at the lgbtq about his decision to come out as a gay man. buttigieg made the remarks as he prepares to announce a 2020 bid for president. he also addressed vice president mike pence over his opposition to gay rights.
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>> if me being gay was a choice, it was a choice that was made far, far, far above my pay grade. and that's the thing i wish that mike pence's of the world would understand. if you've got a problem with whom i am, your problem is not with me. your quarrel, sir, is with my creator. >> buttigieg who is an army veteran and also said there's only one way to find out if america is ready for a gay president and that's by running. coming up, a group of california boys quite possibly saving a woman's life. >> god put us here all together so we -- we were able to help this woman's life. >> fast thinking and possibly divine intervention. these teenagers are being credited with as a woman threatens to take her own life. coming up -- scandal is hitte
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once again- this time a new the college cheating scandal is hitting close to home once again. this time a new development unfolding at stanford university. university stripping a student of her credits because of the link to a half a million doll s dollars. the young woman was expelled, a $500 donation to the stanford sailing team followed her admission and the university found she referenced made-up sailing credentials in her application. that donation was paid through the stanford sailing coach. you may recall, disgraced sailing coach john van der moore was fired. he pled guilty to accepting bribes. this comes a week after nearly a dozen bay area parents appeared before a federal judge in boston. all are facing charges in the admission scheme.
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students at uc blaerk are not staying quiet about living conditions, people living at the all-female stern hall say they're sick of living with mice, ants and other vermin. it's about $17,000 a year to live here and some students say it's unfair that they have to shell out the same rate as their peers who live in new or even renovated dorms given the problems they face. now the school says it is working to fix the problem and is offering alternate house to go those students. a remarkable group of kids in california are being called heroes. middle school volleyball players in fresno were out working out over the weekend when they spotted a woman in distress. their quick thinking and kind words are being credited to saving her life. here's gadi schwartz. >> reporter: for a team of young volleyball players in fresno, california, it was a break from their regular routine. >> we don't run that bridge ever in my six years here, never did that and none of the sports do
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that. >> reporter: volleyball coach had his team go for a run over a bridge near their school but nothing prepared the boys for what we found there. >> we thought it was a girl from our school but it want. >> reporter: it was a woman hanging from this bridge by her arms more than 100 feet in the air. >> i reazed what was going on when her foot started dangling, after that we all ran down as a team to go tell her, coach. >> reporter: authorities say the 47-year-old woman had been trying to jump in an attempt to take her own life. a shocked coach elliott called nein. i said immediately go back up and get her attention, tell her her life matters, so for a whole ten minutes or so, they did not stop yelling and screaming telling her your life matters. >> she was like hanging. her feet were dangling off and she was really hard for her to pull herself up. >> reporter: the boys did what they could pleading with the woman to pull herself back up and she eventually did.
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>> i don't think i'll ever forget that moment. i know we saved the woman's life, but i'm proud that i was able to do it with my brothers. >> reporter: the fresno police called the boys true heroes adding their words of encouragement caused this woman to realize that her life had value. thank god they were in the right place at the right time. >> i believe that no matter what you're going through in life, if you pray and you fight through it, you're going to make it through. >> i'm like a father to them, so to see them do the things that i instill in them is so gratifying. as a coach and to be a father figure to them, i'm very proud. >> gadi schwartz reporting there. the kepler team did everything right on that bridge. if you or someone you know is struggling, there is help available. call this number any time, 1-800-273-8255.
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you can check with a counselor on line at suicide this morning american airlines adding more cancelations related to the grounding of 737 max. if you're affected, american airlines will reach out to you. you'll recall the grounding of the max planes come following two deadly crashes including in ethiopia and indonesia. tesla is upgrading its electric cars with a new summon features for parking lots. it will be available to owners who purchased enhanced driving options. you'd tap a button in the tesla mobile app and your vehicle drives to you saving you the trouble of walking to the other end of the lot. but there are a few catches. it only works in parking lots and not for street parking. your location must also be within 150 feet of the car which
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won't help much if you're at the opposite end of a large shopping center lot. you've heard this warning before but now another heads up for you, if you plan to visit golden gate park make sure you lock your doors and take out your valuables there. now according to the chronicle this morning, car break-ins are down nearly everywhere else across the city but in golden gate park this is slightly higher. 168 car blakins so far this year or 56 a month. park rangers oversee security there so adding patrols has been more difficult than it has been in other parts of the city. all right. we're seeing some fog near the city by the bay this morning. >> parts of the north bay that fog has been slow to clear and elsewhere we're seeing more clouds than we had over the weekend. that's a live look outside in san jose. kind of a filtered sunshine so
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it's not completely clear and blue but we'll see more clouds go into the afternoon. the good news is that we're still keeping the warm temperatures and every now and then the sun peeks out. we'll see some spotty rain in some areas especially in the north bay. we'll be tracking some showers for the evening and temperaturewise we're heading up to 65 in san francisco, 67 in santa rosa and some low 70s for the inland areas, morgan hill reaching 75 degrees. if you're going to the giants game this evening, heads up that there could be some light showers moving through right at first pitch at 6:45. we'll see those temperatures in the upper 50s and then some light rain continuing off and on tonight. i want to make sure you have that poncho ready. as we get a look at storm ranger, there's our mobile doppler radar showing the rain into the far north bay. it's been in some of the areas all throughout the morning and ukiah the rain is very light off and on and it will continue to
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make its way into the rest of the bay area going into the evening. here we are at 6:30 and we start to see the rain mostly north of santa rosa into ukiah and then we see that moving through sonoma county into the rest of the bay area by 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. most of the rest of the area south of san francisco, all you see is some spotty showers and it's very -- as we wake up tomorrow morning to some clearing skies and then through tomorrow afternoon, it's clear but it's still going to be windy as a cold front moves through and that will keep it cool for the middle of the week but check out what happens towards the end of the week. another round of some light rain moving through starting in the morning continuing to early afternoon, but that does clear out in time for the rest of the weekend. and looking at our rainfall totals for the week, only show some very light amounts up to about a .10 of an inch for many spots. north star, i don't know about you, but i'm really jealous of the skiers out there and they're
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going to have more snow in the sierra anywhere from five to eight inches as you go above 5,000 feet. it's amazing to be talking about this in the middle of april. we do still have some snow in the sierra and some pretty decent bay area rain. our rain chances throughout tonight and early tomorrow, then again on friday. the weekend is looking nice and, of course, we'll have some great weather for the autism speaks walk on sunday in san jose, up to 70 degrees. so it really doesn't get any better than that, laura and marcus. >> great weather and a good purpose too, thanks. saying good-bye to oracle. but first, happening now, beon say fans have something to celebrate for a film featuring the singing icon. the concert documentary homecoming follows her performance last year at coachella.
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the same night of that performance, homecoming will be released on april 17th on netflix. we'll be back after the break. n
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oakland. the truth right now - probably starting to settle in live look at oracle arena in oakland. the truth right now probably starting to settle in for warriors fans, the end is coming for the place they've called home for 47 seasons.
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the warriors play their final regular season game at oracle last night. head coach steve kerr had a lot of emotion. >> it's a privilege to walk into this building and feel that juice, feel that energy that you all bring and that this building has brought as well, all we can say is thank you to all of you fans. >> the team raised an oakland 47 seasons banner over the court. it will then go with the team to the new chase center in san francisco. >> the warriors winning easily 131-104. of course, it's not over just yet. the warriors have the playoffs to come. and we're reflecting on our trips to oracle. this is from last season. i went to oracle with my mom there and had a great time inside courtside to watch the game. >> i know. what a way to do it. i wept on christmas day that's when they played the lakers. it was a lot of fun. we've got more for you.
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yeah, scott mcgrew and his son there. >> it's become like a bay area tradition, it's so much fun to see him there. we'll have to cross the bay. pete suratos also went to a game with his wife inside the arena. it's a lot of fun. >> you went to a concert there as well? >> viewers were great, too. they were fantastic to share their photos as well. so go to my facebook page laura garcia and share your memories from oracle arena. carrie, you were saying you went to a concert. >> yeah, it was fun. >> you were there. >> i was there. it's not the whole same feeling. >> you're saving it for chase. >> yeah. >> and so we're going to have some showers moving through as we celebrate these last few moments and we're going to see that rain quickly moving through during the overnight hours, early tomorrow morning and then clearing out for a couple of days, another quick moving system here right before the weekend. >> there we go. we'll make it through the workweek. >> thanks so much for joining
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