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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 8, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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for the first time since he fell more than five stories off of that highway overpass, a san jose mixed martial arts fighter is talking about what happened. the thing is, he says he doesn't know what happened exactly. sam romero says he cannot remember what landed him in the hospital. damian broke the story for us a couple weeks ago. foul play or an accident? what do we know? >> reporter: no one knows so far, rog. everyone here is amazed at sam's veting back on his feet will be long and difficult, but sam says he's up for that fight. he's alert and able to move his go for sam romero. >> it was pretty scary. sometimes i think about it at lting up wide awake and kind of sit there. >> it happened the night after his last mma fight. sam was out with friends for
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dinner and drinks when he either fell or was pushed off a highway 87 overpass. he fell six stories before lanning in the river. he still doesn't remember exactly what happened. a jogger found him some eight hours later and called 911. >> i'm a little banged up, just a little bit. >> his family calls it a miracle. >> i'm going to chaj hnge his n to lazarus because he's back from the dead. it's amazing how quickly he recovered. it's amazing just to see him and just to hold him and just to -- i don't have any words. >> if there was ever a time for me to rely on god, this was the time. that's all i really have to do. >> sam says the octagon is where he belongs. >> it's the hardest fight of m life, but i love the challenge. you'll definitely see me back in the octagon.
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i love it. >> san jose police referred the case to the chp. there are no leads or evidence of what led to the plunge. his rehab will be long and difficult, but sam says he's looking forward to that fight now that he's already beaten death once. the other mystery is who was that jogger, the person who found him in the river eight hours later? sam wants to find that person and thanks them for helping save his life. he's also thankful he says that he's in one of the best rehab centers in the entire country. live at valley medical center, nbc bay area. >> damian, thank you. this comes as no surprise, but as of tonight it is official. east bay congressman eric swolwell is making a run for the white house. >> until we get a leader who is willing to go big, be bold in the solutions we offer and do good in the way that we govern. i'm ready to solve these problems. i'm running for president of the united states.
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>> he just made that announcement. swalwell making the announcement during the taping of "the late show". the 38-year-old representative from dublin fwas elected to congress in 2012. he quickly got himself on the house democratic leadership team including the house judiciary committee. he said a presidential run may be a long shot so the question is why run? our political analyst joins us in about 30 minutes with some answers. our next story may have you rethinking the next uber ride. a driver has been arrested after police say he dropped off riders at the airport, then tried to ransack the home where he picked them up. this is home security video from their home last thursday. the man in this video right here is 38-year-old jacky wilson. an uber driver. about an hour before wilson had neighboring home, dropped them off at sfo, then came back and tried to break into their home. it turned out to be an air b & b
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and an alarm scared wilson off. we spoke with the owners. they didn't want their faces shown on camera. >> shocked. definitely thinking twice about taking ride shares further after this. i think everybody should. this is a big deal. you use this to facilitate committing a crime. in the south bay our sky ranger flu ov ranger flew over the reservoir where a man drowned. theren' aot of details but we do know he was 57 years old. at least one witness saw the man struggling in the water shortly after noon. the sheriff's dive team found his body about an hour later. let's get to our weather now on a monday. our lens is wet there. live look at san francisco. some showers have arrived. our meteorolo i
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short-lived, robby. >> it is. that's the good news. what will take long tore get out of the bay area will be gusty winds. we have this view from emeryville. it's muggy outside. we've had 60s and 70s today outside. our doppler radar showing you mainly areas of light rain moving through the bay area with this particular storm. heavy rain will stay off to the north out around chico and redding and up on the north coast. the rain totals ought to be pretty underwhelming. wind gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour. especially out around half moon bay. tomorrow morning the showers start to clear out but the wind speeds will be picking up. we'll take a closer look on the hour by hour coming up in about eight minutes. >> rob, thank you. hours of cars blocking the intersections doing burnouts an. side shows brought traffic to a halt on 580 and some oakland
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streets. there's plenty of video showing the hour long spin out. the police didn't make a single arrest. nbc bay area joey hernandez shows us the challenges officers are facing and the frustration residents are feeling. this was the scene on international boulevard and 42nd avenue yesterday afternoon. as dozens of cars shut the intersection down with their dangerous maneuvers. spins and stunts that went on for two hours before police could get a handle on it. >> hitting doughnut, people almost getting hit by cars. it looked like there were a couple hundred people out there. >> reporter: when that finally cleared, more side showing brake out just before 8:00 p.m., this time on i-580. chp had the unruly drivers cleared out by 8:18. >> it's dangerous for the people participating that are in the vehicles. it's dangerous for the spectators outside the vehicles. it's also extremely dangerous
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for other motorists that are on the freeway. >> reporter: as side show season kicks in, the police and chp are looking for new ways to curb the problem. last month they installed lar spe -- circular speed markers. the reckless drivers have managed to tear out some of the bumps and neighbors say they still see one or two drivers spinning out daily. >> they try to be intimidating on purpose. they want to own the intersection. >> it seems like the more we try, the more creative some of these people get in order to have this lawlessness on the freeway. >> as the spin outs condition, frustration has shifted into high gear. >> it's ridiculous. it's hell. you're just trying to mind your business and get on the freeway or come up the street. i had a person trying to get to me and they say they were stuck there for almost an hour. >> reporter: the chp says it's doing the best it can to tackle
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the situation. meanwhile, several oakland city council members have now thrown their support behind assembly bill 410. it's a measure that would increase penalties for side show activity including turning some misdemeanors into felonies. live at chp headquarter, i'm jodi hernandez. on the peninsula they're out to steal the sparkle. a team of burglars are casing jewelry stores. three shops were targeted just last week, two of them on main street. none of the burglaries were successful, but they all haveon. the people involve cut the power to the stores before they tried to break in. police say it's likely the same crew is behind all jeweler who said if you want to get into that business, bolster your security and be on the lookout.
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none of the would-be burglars have been caught. there was also a recent theft at a restaurant. some busy bart stations will get extra security this week. bart police and fair inspectors will be working overtime at a few stations. it's in response to safety concerns expressed by riders. bart is testing out the extra overtime shifts on a trial basis. it plans to add 19 new officers in july. is it historic art with a valuable message about our pastor a monument to racism? that's the debate in san francisco and an 84-year-old mural, you see it there. the art work depicts life in early america. ba joins from the high school divided. >> it is evident the mural is polarizing. taen both points of view on this. that covers both sides of the entrance going into the foyer.
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it is covered with this art work, some or all of it may soon be removed. greeting you at the door of george washington high school is a statue of the man himself and his story which by all accounts is complicated. >> yes, it historical value, but at the same time, it's not okay. >> people don't get to see the upside of what we overcame. they just got to see what happened to us like the negative side. >> students today weighing in on a multi-wall mural showing a native american slain beneath george washington on one wall and slaves toiling in the field also painted by a russian immigrant who strove for a provocative and accurate history. >> we should never think that just whitewashing this will erase it entirely. it just doesn't make sense to
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me. >> he speaks for the 6,000 person alumni association which wants the mural to stay. teachers took their students to look at the art today and reflect. >> to some people the truth of what happened could be offensive, but it still needs to be out there because it is the truth. >> we can learn off of it and understand equality. >> in years past there were conversations about changing the school's name. this year this debate popped up because in 2018 there was a submission to make this school a landmark in san francisco. the board of education will be voting on whether or not to approve this mural or take it down in a matter of weeks. reporting live, sam brock, nbc bay area news. sam, thank you. up xt man attkek yard. the dog mauling and police shooting on the peninsula. >> ripped from a store front. the search is on for a woman who ripped down this flag honoring
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fallen police officers. and it's been a muggy monday around the bay area. still at 70 degrees in san jose. we're also tracking light rain over san francisco into the east boy. how much rain to expect and how strong the wind could get tomorrow. our forecast when we come right back.
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tonight. a man mauled by a dog in daly city is in critical condition tonight. he was in his own back yard when a vicious dog came right through the fence. neighbors say they were helpless to stop it until police arrived and opened fire. mark matthews is outside the home where it happened. how is the victim doing tonight? >> reporter: well, he's sll critical conditi after hours of surgery today at he was in td from the corner in the back yard this morning. he was just getting ready for work when he was attacked by a neighbor's rottweiler. i want to warn you the scenes
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and the descriptions in this story are graphic. neighbors say police responded within a few minutes to their 911 call but those minutes were terrible. >> the dog was throwing the guy everywhere. i think he had a broken alarm or something. >> the victim called for patricia to throw him a knife over the high wooden fence. >> i threw him a knife. he couldn't stab the dog because the arm was too weak. >> she banged on the door trying to wake up the parents but his mother had already left for work. his father was just getting home from a trip to the casino. >> i saw my son. >> he says his son was bleeding from bites to his legs, his arms, his legs had a wound.
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>> he showed me a hole in the fence where the dog came through. the attack finally ended when police arrived and shot and killed the dog. >> i heard bam, bam, bam. >> a man answered the door when we knocked at the home where the dog lived. >> do you have a minute to talk with us? >> no, we don't right now. >> reporter: i talked with police. they declined to go on camera on this story, but a spokesman for the department said it could be a day or maybe two before their investigation wraps up. i asked what sort of things, charges maybe, that the dog owner could face. he said he didn't know. we'll keep you posted. reporting from dalmay matthews, news. a business owner in the east bay was stunned to see this. a woman caught on camera yanking down that american flag. you see in the yellow shirt there. that flag honors police officers kill in the line of duty. it's called the thin blue line
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flag and now alameda police say that woman crossed the line. melissa is in alameda with the community response. >> reporter: the story, the k z conversation starter especially on social media, you can see the thin blue line flag hanging outside this business. he had to buy a brand new bracket and pole to replay what was torn down and he raised it further up from the ground so vandals can't jump and reach the flag. joe tells me it feels good to see the memorial flag back up. >> i don't think it was specifically targeted at me, but i think they targeted the flag. >> reporter: real estate broker joe laparo had always kept a line flag displayed in his conference room knowing hanging it outside would raise eyebrows. after a gunman ambushed and
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killed 22-year-old police officer now immortalized in this picture, where she's seen waving the flag. >> i used to have it in my office and i'll put it out and hopefully start conversations. >> reporter: those conversations over honoring fallen police officers were suddenly silenced two weeks ago when his security cameras caught this blond woman in the yellow coat strolling past the store front on the 2400 block of santa clara avenue and suddenly yanking down the flag. >> it's the significance of the fact that it's a memorial flag that really -- dismays me. >> reporter: laparo says she returned to the store front later. >> it looked like she pulled something out of her purse to deface it orer recoveredhe flag >> reporter: the mother of an alameda police officer heard whatpelaparo a brand new flag.
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today the flag is back on display sparking more conversations and maybe even some lessons. >> she deserves to open up her eyes and realize that, you know, respect respect others, no matter where they're from, who they belong to. that's what's important. >> reporter: alameda police have yet to identify the woman who was caught on camera vandalizing that flag. police tell me if she is caught she will likely be cited and will face a misdemeanor. that's the latest here. it continues to look cloudy back there in the background. >> a little unusual to see 70 and mostly cloudy skies during the day. we've got a unique combination of tropical moisture coming up from hawaii. also some light rain falling right now but check out these high temperatures. keep in mind most of the day overcast. 75 in san jose. 74 in mountain view.
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right now speaking of the east bay, walnut creek starting to cool off at 65 degrees as some light rain approaches from the west. you'll see more as we head into the night. there is a look at heavy drizzle commute around the golden gate bridge. some light rain falling and our storm ranger doppler radar shows these are areas of lighter rain that have draped over the peninsula. san francisco, the inner portion of the east bay and some spotty showers. notice this connects all the way back to hawaii. that is the extra humidity we're dealing with. it's not going to stick around long at all. in fact, by tomorrow morning we'll see the showers shutting down leaving san jose 7 by okay a.m. tomorrow a bit cooler, mid 60s. windy and dry. that is the big head liep line tomorrow's forecast. gusts get started in the morning from 20 to 30. you see the gusts approaching 30 to 40 miles per hour.
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not a wet tuesday, but a windy one with some pretty strong gusts around the higher hills and out towards the coast. wednesday we catch a bit of a break. our next chance of seeing showers for the next half of the week arrives on thursday and friday. that storm system doing something a little unusual. show you what makes this next system unique coming up in our forecast at 6:45. >> thank you, rob. we will see you then. up next, new guilty pleas in the college admissions scandal including an oscar-nominated actress.
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a high profile "guilty plea"
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today, from actress "felicty huffman" - one of the dozens of parents caught-up in the college admissions cheating scandal. high profile guilty plea today from actress felicity huffman, one of the parns cauen caught in the cheating scandal. she has agreed to plead guilty as part of the deal. she expressed deep regret and shame and apologized to her daughter who she says knew nothing about the payment scheme. several bay area parents are also pleading guilty in the
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case. they include napa wine maker augustine nayez who is charged with paying $300,000 to have someone improve his daughter's test scores and secure a spot on the usc water polo team. others paid $15,000 to have them dr. their kids exams. and a couple accused of paying $600,000 including a quarter million dollar in facebook stock to get their daughters admitted to ucla and usc. they agreed to cooperate with the investigation in exchange aacson can express how profoundly sorry we are for what we've done. our duty as parents of to set a good example for our children. instead we have harmed and embarrassed stanford is expelli student in the wake of this scandal. the university says it found a half million dollar donation was
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made to stanford's sailing program after the unnamed student was admitted. the university also claims she lied about her sailing credentials on her college application which is grounds for expulsion. she will not get any college credit for her time at stanford. the school's sailing coach has already been fired as part of the investigation. are they just blowing smoke? nearly a dozen senators say juul isn't doing anything to stop teenagers from vaping. the san francisco based e-cigaretteng the senators wrote a letter today accusing juul, that's j-u-u-l, of accepting more than $12 billion from altria, the parent company of marlboro cigarettes. they also accuse juul of luring children to smoke their suggesti suggestive ads. juul denies all this and is working how to stop teenagers from smoking. up next at 6:30, changing things up. what president trump's cabinet
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changes mean for the southern border. our political analyst join uses with his take next. also who paid for her freedom. looming questions about the ransom paid to free that woman from southern california who was kidnapped in uganda. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you,
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on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. "kirstjen nielsen", is still on the job tonight. but she )ll be gone before t right now it's 6:30. ho homeland kurt secretary kirstjen nielsen is still on the job but she'll be gone before then of
6:30 pm
the week. it's not the only shakeup for the trump administration. the head of the skecret service is out as well. blayne alexander explains the changes. >> reporter: the department in charge of securing the southern border is without a permanent leader. kirstjen nielsen has resigned. >> i will continue to support all efforts to address the humanitarian and security crisis on the border. >> reporter: the president announcing her departure on twitter over the weekend briefly tweeting his thanks. his frustration with nielsen inteifyingn recent reinstate th controversial policy of separating migrant families at the southern border. nielsen resisted. >> she had said legally he just can't do it. the president got irate. >> reporter: it's a policy she publicly defended last year.
6:31 pm
>> what we did do was apply the law equally to anybody who broke it. >> reporter: this comes two days after traveling to the border with president trump. days after giving this warning about the country's immigration system. >> that breaking point has arrived this week at our border. >> reporter: it's not just a shakeup at the top. today secret service director randolph text alles is also out. an administrationhanges throughout the department of homeland security. the president has named james murray to take over the secret service the department are still operating with acting directors including i.c.e. and fema. blayne alexander, nbc news, washington. our political analyst larry gersten is with us. why is nielsen out?
6:32 pm
maybe she was pushed out by a senior adviser. >> she doidn't do his bidding. he wanted her to separate the children from the parents. he wanted her to do things that she thought were illegal. not that she was a softie on these tings. she was a hard-liner but she drew a line where the president didn't and that cost her her job. >> it seems to be the trump administration everything looking towards next year election. this immigration battle, hard line immigration will get them to get him reelected. does the polling suggest that? >> the polling suggests that immigration is a big issue but not as big as health care. some people say bringing in all kinds of crime. rs a humanitarian issue. just to say it's a big issue is not enough. how it's affecting people eric is running for president. he by his own admission saz i
6:33 pm
don't have a chance to run so why run. >> he's got his name out there already. true, we know him here better than anybody else, but he's getting his name out. he's been to iowa a few times already just to test the waters. yeah, let's see what happens he might say. he's also got a couple of obstacles. he's known here but not very well anyplace else. he doesn't have a team put together. you've got to have people with boots on the ground now if you're serious about running for president. >> he's threat yea38 years old, dublin. seems very electable, maybe in the future or a key position for someone else. >> he's one of those millennials that we're n looking the next generation, it's time for a lot of peo t switch to younger people. he's right there. the guy is articulate, lile'll >> very good insight. back to you. >> thank you. we're learning more about the southern california tourist who has now been released after being kidnapped in uganda.
6:34 pm
the question tonight is whether the deal to release her violated u.s. foreign policy. kimberly sue endicott and her guide were kidnapped while touring queen elizabeth national park five days ago. the kidnappers demanded ransom money. wild frontiers, the tour company, they paid a ransom. just last week secretary of state mike pompeo reiterated the united states policy is to never pay ransoms. >> even a small payment to a group in africa that can fa sill t -- facilitate the killing of others in that region. >> while frontiers has not returned requests for comments officials say this was an isolated incident and they still believe it is a safe place to visit. israelis go to the polls tomorrow to decide whether to give prime minister benjamin netanyahu a record fifth term. today was the final day of campaigning.
6:35 pm
it's expected to be isreal's the former head of isreal's army, benny gantz. >> all over the world, they respect him, they love him. >> we need a change. we need to get b.b. out of the government. we need a fresher brain in charge. >> netanyahu made an announcement if he is reelected he'll annex part of the west bank. that has raised concerns about many u.s. democrats and angered palestinians who say it's a violation of international law. high profile lawyer michael avenatti continues his full-court press against nike accusing the company of illegally paying college famili. avenatti releasing dozens of dou do documents he calls evidence that nike paid athletes and their families. he continues to badger the company on twitter wondering why nike isn't refuting his
6:36 pm
allegations. he also says nike pulled a stunt by having him arrested a couple weeks ago before he could go public with his accusations. >> i am highly confident that when the process plays out that justice will be done. >> avenatti faces federal charges of trying to shake down nike for $25 million after he confronted the company with his so-called evidence. the tedious process of jury selection began today in the high profile ghost shape warehouse trial. potential jurors filled out questionnaires as both sides in the case started selecting who will decide the defendant's fate. master tenant and creative director faced 36 counts of involuntei involuntary manslaughter. that's how many people died in that fire. it went up in flames back in 2016. focusing on student housing needs, that was the major focus of today's state of the school address at san jose state university. the university president
6:37 pm
unveiled the university's priorities over the next ten years. front and center was the school's plan to address the growing need for more affordable student housing. a study last year found that 13% of san jose state students are actually homeless. the speech came on the heels of san jose mayor saying the city will assist the school financially. >> basic needs of students is a critical problem of our time and it certainly exacerbated in the bay area with the cost of live. >> san jose already has case managers in place to help students find housing. it also plans to open a food pantry next week. up next, public versus charter. a plea to save a well-known public school in santa clara county as parents and students rally to keep that school in their community.
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♪ getting a volkswagen during the sign then drive event. it's almost that easy. with practically just your signature, you can get a 2019 volkswagen jetta for zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing. a deadly fire in oakland this morning doesn't appear to be suspicious. our sky ranger was overhead on linden street a few blocks west
6:40 pm
of 980. a 73-year-old man died in the five. five others did get out safely. honoring a fallen hero. california highway patrol held a solemn memorial at its state headquarters this morning to honor an officer killed on duty. he was killed over the weekend. he was on the shoulder of the freeway conducting a traffic stop when a passing driver hit him. the driver was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. he was a 28 year veteran officer who worked motorcycle patrol. >> we are forever grateful for his long and dedicated ser for his sacrifice. >> the officer leaves behind a wife, daughter, and stepdaughter. well, it's a bitter battle between public and charter schools and tonight it's playing out in loss als to. frustrated parents are meeting over plans to displace their kids middle school for a charter school. they began with a protest
6:41 pm
outside of the school in los altos. they began with plans to move to a property in mountain view and turnover the entire property to the charter school. charter parents say their school is also public and deserves a home. but eagan parents say they don't understand why their kids should have to move. >> the charter school over the last 15 years has demanded it's their right. you owe it to us. it's the law. they demanded that we give them facilities. it doesn't matter if those facilities are currently in use. >> it stems over prop 39 many years ago. parents may not like this idea, but the deal does have the support of the majority of both school board whose call it a long term solution for housing and educational challenges in both los altos and mountain
6:42 pm
view. flying to hawaii or europe can be expensive. if you're traveling to either and you want to save money, listen up. the free parking program at oakland international ended in 2017, but it's coming back this spring and this summer for folks flying nonstop to hawaii or to europe. you'll get four days of free parking. saves you about $96. you can sign up on the airport's website. it's available between may 1st and september 3rd. hopefully the april showers now will bring may flowers. >> do we still have pay for the flight? >> no. it's included in the $96. i'm just making that up. >> tell us about this monday. >> well, speaking of subtrol area around the bay area. muggy conditions. light rain for your evening commute. tomorrow we'll be talking about strong gusty wind. the details in the forecast coming up. beyonce is coming to netflix. we've got her new trailer for her concert documentary. alright, you excited?
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website for another. nbc bay area responds to a lot of consumers who confuse one website for another. >> consumer investigator says you've got to be careful, especially when someone is spoofing the government. >> we want you to be careful if you're looking for government info like dmv, social security, or public records online. your typical search engine might send you to unofficial web pages that could charge you to do things that are free on real government websites. be skeptical of web addresses that end they esusually end in .org. let us know if you have a complaint. go to nbc bay >> delta airlines ranks number one in a new study that looks at efficiency and passenger
6:46 pm
satisfaction. two universes teamed up to conduct the annual report. they looked at categories ranging from on time arrivals and how they handle complaints. jet blue came in second followed by southwest and alaska. discount carrier frontier came in last place just behind american airlines. whether it's a pregnancy or a new album, no one makes an announcement quite like beyonce. she's done it again. today she released a trailer for a movie that i don't think anyone knew she was actually making. it's a concert documentary on netflix titled "homecoming". it follows her performance last year at coachella. it takes you behind the scenes. pretty school stuff. the next big thing from t s tesla. you tap a button on your app and your tesla will -- it just comes to you. you don't have to go to it in a parking lot. it's only in a parking lot. it doesn't quite work for street yard parking. when you're out at your fancy shops getting your clothes, it
6:47 pm
can just come to. >> that's really helpful for someone like me because i ulz lo -- always lose my car. even when i take a photo of the car with the space number. >> who gets all her bags. >> that's true. >> i need an assistant that comes with the tesla. >> if you happen to be out and a about and you're going outside, you need the umbrella. we have some light rain. nothing too heavy, but it is enough to wet the pavement in spots. we've been dealing with that at times throughout the late afternoon and evening tops of t billings disappearing under misty skies. not much wind right now. that will be a different story tomorrow as the wind speeds start to pick up and our skies start to clear. some sunny breaks out there to the west along with some light rain showers. 63 degrees. high of 75 today. muggy conditions and currently still 70 degrees with a few
6:48 pm
sprinkles outside. most of the rain we're seeing is generally light and you can see it here color coated. our doppler radar is essentially hair spray rain, heavy drizzle, mist, light showers, but enough that you'll need an umbrella at times. for the north bay, a few scattered showers. the boundary passing through the bay area will be more about the wind tomorrow as opposed to bringing us anything in the way of really substantialn. rai in fact, some places may not get any tonight. you can seie these totals prett low. the main event if you want to call it a storm is coming in right now. 11:00 central bay. south bay by 2:00 a.m. by tomorrow skies already starting to clear as those gusty northwest winds start to pick up. we shouldn't be seeing showers for tomorrow morning, but the
6:49 pm
wind will be the big story tomorrow bringing in much dryer air. if you don't like the humidity, better news for that. here's the price you'll pay. northwest winds 20 to 30 during the day tomorrow. highs in the mid to upper 60s. similar temperatures around the tri-valley tomorrow. also blustery at times. northwest wins at 20 miles per hour. out along the coast half moon bay probably the windiest spot. could get gusts of 40 miles per hour during the day. san francisco highs in the low 60s. north bay tomorrow out of the low to mid 60s, even 70s we saw in a few spots over the last couple of days. highs in the mid 60s and some breezy conditions. the strongest winds picking up just after 9:00 in the morning. the hills to the south of san jose out towards mt. hamilton, eseill be the locations that th hour gusts and the wind speeds start to taper off heading into tomorrow night. wednesday looks dry.
6:50 pm
thursday high pressure is trying to build back strongly as it does it time of year. instead of the storm coming in across the pacific which is unusual, this is going to drop right down the coast over the sierra. because it's over land, we're probably not going to see a lot of moisture with it. rain totals out of the thursday rain chance look relatively light. the next chance of showers might be in the north bay early on sunday morning. we'll keep you posted on that weekend forecast. overall, once we get past tonight and tomorrow morning, wind is the big story. during the day tomorrow we catch a break wednesday. a few isolated showers on thursday. we should see the temperatures climb and skies clear at least start the new weekend. >> wind going to kick up our allergies? >> absolutely and blow some sand probably across the highway too. >> nasty. >> thanks, rob. up next, we've got football. joe montana wants to talk golf. one-on-one with the legendary 49er and his new role. stay with us. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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well, we know this for sure. the giants love to make a lot of trades these days. their game of musical chairs continue. they have achoirquired tyler au from the twins. he's in the lineup tonight with brandon bell moving to left
6:54 pm
field. they also denoted connor joe to the minor leagues. who knew joe montana was such a golf fan. he told us today is wife jennifer is giving him a hard time about watching golf on tv. >> it's now his job. it's all about the upcoming open at pebble beach. >> i've been living here now since 1979 when i first was drafted here and we've never ik one of the iconic landmarks, joe montana might well be the city's most iconic sports figure. makes sen with the united states golf association wanting to start their two month count down to the u.s. open at pebble beach, they reached out to the hall of famer who also happens to be an avid golf fan. >> please welcome joe montana. >> i have been a huge fan of golf for a long time. i played a lot more a few years
6:55 pm
ago. now things keep me away from the game, old injuries. i love the game. i love watching it. i love being a part of it. >> as great as you were as a player, are you in awe of these when you watch them up close? >> yeah. i had a couple chances to play with them. it's embarrassing. you tee off and he just hit that ball 100 yards past me. how does that work? >> the cable car trolley you sa. to give the u.s. open trophy a tour of the san francisco. the first stop at the base of the golden gate bridge where it surprised a group of surfers in their morning set. it had to move on to the wharf at pier 39. the sea lions were impressed. final stop, pregame batting practice at oracle park. getting back to joe because i know you're wondering -- >> do you plan on being there in
6:56 pm
june? >> yeah, for sure. we'll be down there a couple days. >> yet another reason to check it out. u.s. open week begins june 10th. >> is that pretty cool. the u.s. open trophy just cruising around san francisco today. >> that was a really nice shot with. sun in the background and the water. >> the surfer without his shirt on. >> the surfer without his shirt on. tuesday. we catch a break wednesday, then a few more showers thursday. if you like sunshine, 70s. that looks like that's coming our way to start next week. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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miranda lambert taking a swipe at her ex blake shelton. ♪ i got the hell out of oklahoma ♪ >> throwing shade as she goes public with her new husband. "extra" at the acms in vegas with all of the country couples. gwen's video diary with insanit >> carrie underwood on her struggle to drop the baby weight after number two. >> you said this time around with the baby you didn't pop back into shape. >> felicity huffman pleading guilty expressing her deep regret and shape over the college admission scandal. where we just spotted lori


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