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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 12, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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aranteed. book now at first, the arrest and now the fight for extraditon, as the states try to bring him to the states to answer for charges. >> and now, avenatti facing charges dealing with multi-million dollar schemes. he vows he is innocent. >>nd howonsir dumping migrants in sanctuary cities. and spacex launches and lands all three rocket boosters for
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the first time safelily back on earth. >> and today is likely a national holiday for golf fans. as day two of the masters kicks off in just a few hours. >> early today, starts right now. >> good friday morning. >> a massive spring storm is still hitting a big part of the country. across the midwest, millions face blizzard condition cans. people are reporting everything from heavy to now freezing rain and rare sightings of thunder snow. for more on the impact of the wint withry blast. morgan chesky has the report. >> snow. ice. and winds so strong even semitrucks did not stand a chance. this one, toppling over in the middle of a highway. treacherous driving conditions caused by the massive storm, spanning much of the country. >> we are as tired of the season as much as anyone e >> a frightening 16 in south dakota. despite the crews pulling overtime, one excellent after
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another. one colorado couple stranded in a car for six hours. near white out conditions pushing wisconsin passed the sn. here in minnesota. >> want it just 70 on monday? >> minnesota. she is a fickle woman. >> winter's springtime cam yo, frustrating inexperienced drivers. >> onning, so push back a bit. >> who did not mind extra help. >> yeah. >> everyone hoping for mother nature to get back on track. morgan, nbc news, minute appear. >> tracking it all for us. frustrating storm system, we will see the left overs throughout the afternoon. so, winter weather advisories and blizzard warn withings in place. you are -- warnings, now, snow totals are not impressive here. could see an inch and ice that will make its way across southern minnesota in to deluth.
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that is why the warnings and advisories and blizzard warnings are in place. we are seeing the low continue to spin, you can see the gusts still being an issue causing blowing snow in chicago. it's making its way east and we will continue to he see gusty winds in the northeast up to 40 miles an hour. it's an exiting storm system and now we transition to severe weather and we will have it in a minute. >> thank you for the info. >> he reached worldwide fame for leaking classified government documents and now julian assange is facing charges for computer hacking conspiracy. we have the details. >> reporter: bearded and pale. wikileakss cofounder was hauled out by british police from the embassy. the british prime minutetedarno.
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>> no one is above the law. >> reporter: british police say they made the arrest on behalf of the u.s. after ecuador revoked his a sigh lumber. siting he ining discourteous an aggressive behavior. they have accused him of conspireing to hack in to a pentagon computer. he published troves of classified files critical of u.s. in iraq and internal state department cables. when he sbareleased the e-mails that embarrassed the democrat party. >> i asked assange how he g
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e-mails. >> they were not hacked by russia. we don't disclose our sources. >> after the charges were announced, no more praise from the president. >> i know nothing about wikileaks. it's not my thing. i have been seeing what is happened with assange and that will be a determination, i would image, mostly by the attorney general. >> the ecuadorians had complained about his behavior and hygiene. they said his work should be protected by freedom of of the press. we are learning details about a controversial proposal that was considered by the trump administration. the officials now confirming that the white house floated the idea on of sending detained immigrants to so-called oal was to target the president's political f on oes, for the latest, we are joined by trace pots. those are pretty block buster claims here. >> they are and they came from whistle blowers inside dhs, the
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agency confirming it was at least at one point a plan that they considered and those foes that you mengtioned nainncy pel. dhs confirming in a statement overnight, that it was indeed a plan, a suggestion that was floated and rejected which ended any further discussion. according to the washington post, which first broke the story, it was lawyers with immigration and customs enforcement that stopped it deeming the plan inappropriate to put detained immigrants on buss and drop them in sanctuary cities all across the u.s., specifically in democratic districts. pelosi's spokesperson said that using humans as pawns is
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dispickable. >> thank you, the california grand jury drops the hammer on lawyer avenatti. we have more on the disturbing new details. >> reporter: the new 36 count indictment accuses michael avenatti of fraud, perjury, embezzelment and failure to pay taxes. prosecutors allege he stole some $9 million from his clients. then lied about the money, to support his lavish, celebrity lifestyle. including the purchase of his had private jet seized by thern from a thing a lawyer can do. >> reporter: in one case, prosecutors say that he hid a settlement from a parapalegic client and used it to keep his
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race team and coffee company afloat. he they said that he stole $2.3 million in taxes from his coffee house employees that he never paid to the u.s. they say he used multiple bank accounts and shell companies to cover up his crimes. >> what we allege mr. avenatti was doing, was stealing from peter to pay paul. >> americans deserve to know the truth about -- >> a lawyer usually on the attack. avenatti is now on the defensive, referring nbc news to his tweets. he will plead not guilty and fight all charges. a self described fighter for the people, he is in a battle for his own freedom. if convicted on of the charges mere in los angeles, he faces a maximum prison sentence on of 335 years in prison. which is an additional french potential years. so, essentially, he is facing life behind
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francis. >> thank you. >> congresswoman omar in the center of another controversy. they say, she misspoke at an event last month where she made comments about the september 11th terrorist attacks. >> for more on the backlash and the congress woman's response. we go to casey hunt. >> she is under fire again. after telling the council on american islamic relations known as care that the worst terror attack on american soil was "some people did something." >> care was founded after 9/11, because they recognize a that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. >> now, growing backlash. in the new york post, and this, from republican congressman and afghanistan veteran dan crenshaw. >> it's not some people who did something. it's terrorists that killed almost 3,000 americans and we should talk about it that way.
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>> it comes after colleagues have blasted her previous comments as anti-semitic. omar defending herself last night. >> i took an oath to uphold the constitution. i'm as american as everyone else is. >> we are getting in to a level where it's an insitement of violence against women of color. >> a father of a firefighter that died on 9/11 is outraged. >> she needs to apologize -- for her comments. >> casey, thanks. >> spacex launched the falcon heavy rocket and landed all three rocket boosters for the first time. it's the second flight for the spacex falcon heavy, the most powerful rocket in use in the world. the mission is to carry a communications satellite for a company in to space, and two of the booster rockets successfully
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eight minutes after lift off and the core booster landed on an ocean platform. >> golf fans, ready for day two of the masters. you have koepka and dechambeaux, if mickelson takes this year's green jacket. he will be the oldestity player to win a major pga championship. on the sidelines, fans enjoyed the famous sandwiches that cost $1.50. it's made using a top secret mix of mayo, cheddar and red pepper. it's one of the traditions that make the masters so unique. >> getting in to watch it is nearly impossible. >> good morning. we will see delays for the masters tournament for sunday here. this system, will make its way in to georgia here, causing heavier downpours. now, this is a very dangerous situation we are going start to see tomorrow afternoon across the louna southern withes, also
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northeast. boston and new york, we are back in lower sixty. tonight, if you have evening plans, take an umbrella. sorry. >> good to know. mick jager is back on his feet. the rolling stones front man is making a quick recovery after his heart surgery. he shared-- kapgdsing it, a walk in the park. >> that is the world's most expensive cookie. it is created by es costs arvic
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new developments in the ongoing effort to denuclearize north korea. we have been following the story from beijing. good morning janice. >> good morning. this was a challenge for both president trump and south korea an president. communication between the countries has been on hold. so, moon went in to the meeting hoping to get for even a slight relaxation in sanctions in order to kick the momentum again. now, president trump said that he is willing to consider smaller deals ahead of the so-called dig deal that would denuclearize new york but that sanctions will remain, and he
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feels they are fair. moon has been the go between and does not want to process derailed but he is leaving with very little to lure kim jong-un back to the table. without a policy on north korea, there's mounting concern that we could see a return to tension. president trump did say however that he was open to having a third summit with kim jong-un. >> can't believe the second one was two month approximates ago. thank you. >> still ahead, we have the first look at rhianna and donald glover's new movie and the specific and private plans for the arrival of their new baby. next. bu m bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock.. ...we're open just pass the ball! no, i can'be was shoot the jaaaaaay... or more on car insurance. you fifteen percent you fifteen percent prestige creams not living up to the hype? one jar shatters the competition.
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>> all right, here is something fans on of rihanna and donald glover can get excited about. they are teaming up for a movie, and it's been shrouded in mystery after they were spotted filming. it will debut at 3:00 a.m. on amazon prime. >> it's the first i heard of it. just now. i'm in rihanna and donald glover. they are at their prime. >> and the fact that it's been secret. anything that they crank out amazing. >> it will be great. all right will, jersey shore stars pauley d and vinny. they are sharing details about their co-star mike the situation sorrentino's life in prison. he is serving an eight month prison sentence for tax evasion. they sat down for an interview and they revealed that the situation has new famous friends in prison. who had?
4:20 am
do you ask, well, situation and fire festival co-founder are keeping each other company and playing scrabble together. a lot of people said they were made of each other. >> wonder what they are cooking up once they get out. >> something to get them back in. >> another festival. >> something, i don't know. a lot of enemies they have made though. >> prince harry and megan mamar plan to keep their baby'sprive. ey they have celebrated privately as a new family. the royal couple is expecting the first child in late april or early may. they are grateful for the messages they have received from around the world. >> good luck trying keep that private. >> not going to last long. >> no, a lot of people want to know every think about it. just ahead, just keeps going. that las vegas sports better is continuing his historic run on
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going to follow those severe storms. >> i see, augusta, georgia, right in the crosshairs too. >> still ahead, the incredible out pouring of 10ss of thousands of fans paying tribute to nipsey hussle. at kohl's...
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thrones." it launched his career and introduced him to his wife and fellow costar and he said that it changes the course of his life forever. our sunday sit down with kit harington and the latest news and politics on back to riyot, . in mourning as thousands turned out to pay respects to slain rapper, nipsey hussle. he wasn south l.a. last month. his funeral service was held at the staples center. stevie wonder and snoop dog were among the guests and a letter by former president barack obama was read at the service. fans lined the streets as his casket had a procession through the streets of los angeles. the police were working to disperse crowds late in to the evening. >> the man showing no signs on of slowing down with the huge
4:27 am
scores. >> first, let's see if he came one the correct response. >> even though he missed the final jeopardy. he had a six day total that eclipsed the $325,000 mark. it's not too early to compare him to all--time great ken jennings through six games. jenningss won $181,000 and went on to win another $2.4 million over the next 68 consecutive games. jennings paid a total of 74 ga of domination. >> he could do it. >> the feud between pete buttigieg and mike pence goes on. >> i'm not critical of his faith. i'm critical of bad policies. i don't have a problem with religion. i'm religious too. i have a problem with religion being used as a justification to harm people. and especially in the lgbtq
4:28 am
community. so many people -- >> he was responding to commends that the vice president made early 84 this week. he has been critical of pence's support when he was internshdia governor. thank you for watching. and if you are able to this weekend, you easterly risers or late comers home. chec me out this
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♪ living well do you often wake up with chest congestiuffeexcess mucus? try mucinex 12 hour. ♪ living well the bio layer tablet immediately releases to thin and loosen excess mucus. and lasts for 12 hours. mucinex 12 hour. ad lib live picture - golden gate bridge. good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m marcus washington. and i )m laura garcia. toss to weather. >> and a good friday morning to you. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. and i think he's ready for the weekend. >> summed it up. >> all right. it's going to be a beautiful california day too. we'll be warming up. a live look at san jose.
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starting out crisp and clear. temperatures in the lower 50s. evergreen will see those temperatures warming up. and here's a look at our highs today. check that out. 73 in concord, oak.


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