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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  April 13, 2019 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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giants taking a lot of flak for what happened right after last night )s game. the 1 a-m wake up call... that has some people outraged. the news starts now. good afternoon and thanks for joining us on this special edition of nbc bay area news. i )m terry mcsweeney. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. >> did you hear it? fireworks at 1:00 in the morning from oracle park. a thrill for giants fans but an annoyance for some who live near the ballpark. >> reporter: some neighbors say think don't understand what the fuss is about. this is just life in the city and they were just fireworks. other neighbors say it was 1:00 in the morning. way too liate and too loud. the giants have apologized and are taking a look at their fireworks policy. fireworks lit up the sky with a
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boom near oracle park. he says the sound rattled him from his sleep. >> i think it just amplified the noise. >> reporter: he's a giants fan but could not believe this was happening around 1:00 in the morning. >> i thought it was like one or two but it kept going. it wasn't stop. i was outraged this could be allowed at this hour. >> reporter: for the second time in the park's history, a game went to 18 innings. >> on the ground. they're going to come home. >> reporter: brandon scored for third base propelling the giants over the rockierockies. the neighbor kchristine thinks t was well worth it. >> it's a good celebration. have fireworks. it's the city. >> reporter: there were reports of people hearing the fireworks outside of san francisco. >> all the social media attention i hope they get it.
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>> reporter: they said the current time was 1:11 a.m. which generated criticism and some support. a giants spokesperson said we have initiated discussions to adjust our fireworks policy particularly under circumstances where games run much longer than expected. we sincerely apologize for the disruption. >> i didn't expect it at that hour. >> a spokesperson says they anticipate having a fireworks policy in place for the next display. that'sxpected in june. >> thanks very much. we have more news from near oracle park. dozens of giants fans gathered near a homeless center to say they don't want it. emotions on both sides of the issue have been running high and
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hot. giants fans say while the area used to industrial, it's very residential. they are worried the center will make the area more dangerous as thousands of giants fans head to the ballpark on game day. >> the drug users will be coming out to use. that's a concern for the families who are living here. >> supporters say navigation centers make the neighborhood safer but getting homeless people struggling with mental health issues and addiction off the streets. district 6, where the center is proposed has the largest number of homeless people of any strict in san francisco but is also where many tourists come to enjoy the sights and an increasing number of people come to live. a hit and run sent a car crashing into the house may have been the result of chase. it happened 1:00 this afternoon. there you see that car right there at 40th avenue.
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debris scattered everywhere . up with of the cars hit a moving car and collided with two parks sending the mini van into the house. the driver and be passenger of the first car ran away. they were latest arrested. one man says the crash happened after he chased away the suspect wos we who were trying to break into his car. >> they break into the car and took everything they had. they start running. i already chased him. i was on the phone with 911. >> there were no injuries in all of this. more concerns this evening over the richmond san rafael bridge after more concrete fell and damaged car. chp says the pieces of concrete cracked a driver's wind shield.
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this is the third time pieces have fell. there's calls to replace the entire bridge. a suspected drunk driver slammed into a convenient store this morning. as you can see the car ended up halfway into that store. crash happened around 7:00 in the morning at a 7-eleven across from sonoma state university. police say the 19-year-old driver who goes to sonoma state was arrested on suspicion of dui. customers and employees who were inside that 7-eleven when the car plowed through the wall were not hurt. police say there is no excuse for impaired driving. >> you're playing with fire. we just encourage everybody to not drink and drive and the day and age of uber and friends that can drive for you, we encourage every one to make those phone calls prior to getting behind the wheel. >> the store is closed for the time being until repairs can be made.
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the gas pumps are still open for business. chp officers made quite the discovery when they pulled a dro driver over for having an illegal license plate. there was a loaded gun and drugs and illegal forward mountain red and blue lights. they could be used to impersonate a police officer. three men were arrested for violating parole. traffic stop happened thursday afternoon on interstate 680. stopping the killing starts by demanding gun violence prevention. that's the message this students and advocates pushed at an anti-gun forum today. congresswoman jackie speir joined parkland students to talk about how to reduce gun violence in the united states. she says congress has an obligation to make more common sense gun laws that require background checks to own a firearm. she says there's always a lot of push back.
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>> the problem is that congress is in paralysis because the nra still has too much power. i'm shifting all of my attention locally. >> she says changes will take place when millennials who recognize that gun violence is a crisis bump out baby boomers from congress and take over. turning the politics as members of congress await the release of the mueller report, one democratic leader has a new u ultimatum to the irs, turn over president trump's tax return. >> reporter: president trump spending much of saturday at his virginia golf club appears unconcerned about a deadline from a house committee. demanding six years of the president's tax returns to be turned over by april 23rd. the move comes days after the treasury secretary said the irs
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would miss an april 10th deadline. congressional republicans and the white house raising concerns democrats want to see the president's taxes purely for political purposes. >> the fact that secretary of treasure mnuchin has taken this on as deferring to the irs suggest they are prepared for a fight. lrp democra >> reporter: democrats hoping to unseat the president are out on the trail. cory booker returned to fluark. >> we have to decide whether we will choose division and blame or whether we will do the hard work. apathy with action and hatred with love. >> former texas congressman beto o'rourke said if elected he would fight to end capital punishment. >> we should not have the death penalty and as president, as a
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candidate, i'm going to do everything in myabolish the dea. >> breaking through a crowded field of democratic candidates. >> i know i'm the dark horse. i also think i'm the only person that brought people together. >> reporter: they kick off primary season less than ten months from now. nbc news. still ahead, tragedy narrowly avoided. >> an east bay woman pinned under her own car. the desperate search in the hopes of saying thank you. we are just minutes away from a warriors playoff start and the chance for a possible illusive three peat. what will that mean for the players? coming up. did you enjoy today's warmer temperatures?
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a cool down under way. i'm tracking the next chance of seeing rain. i'll have the details. game one e
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warriors quest for the elusive three-peat tips off in less than a half hour at oracle arena in oakland. that )s where nbc bay area )s tm game one of golden state warriors tips off for a threepeat. how fitting if the dubs could get a third championship in a row. it would be so sweet. >> reporter: wouldn't that by nice as they move over to the
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other side of the bay and san francisco. if they could go ahead and win a three pete this year, how difficult is that. the last time it was done was in 1998. that was michael jordan's bowl. this would make the team a dynasty and fans out here today were saying they already think this team is a dynasty. this would solidify it. probably be curry's team although he would never call it that due to his selfless nature. there were some worries this past week he could be hobbled in the playoffs after getting a slight sprain in his second to last game but he's back. he's cleared to play. he's pushing off his right ankle in practice and fans wouldn't be happier. >> absolutely. always a scare when he takes a little turn on that ankle. it's just nice to see a great man play. >> when he comes back, it's a different story. if he sits today or whether he comes back in next round, we're going to take it all the way any
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way. >> ends with steph. starts with steph. it's steph. >> this play started with steph. this is steph's house right here. >> reporter: for the cross state rival, l.a. clippers, this series may be as much about attracting another warrior's marquee player as winning the series. lots of talk about attracting kev kevin durant away from the bay. there's a lot of eyes on kevin durant around the nba. the warriors are just a note for fan, warning fans before you purchase tickets online, anywhere else, make sure you get them from an official site. they are saying there's a lot of pressure out there that people are selling bogus tickets in the regular season alone they had to turn away 800 fans with bogus tickets. they even find more of them during the playoffs. >> thank you. we're hearing from a woman
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who is determined to find a good samaritan who saved her from being crushed by her truck. this happened wednesday in the walgreens parking lot in hayward. in the top left of your screen, you see her getting out of her white truck. she says she didn't realize the car was still in reverse when the got out. it started rolling back. the door hit her. she fell. her leg was pinned underneath. a person she calls her guardian angel rushed in to help and she wants to thank her. >> i'm grateful to god to be alive. because it could have been so much worse. it could have been very tragic. i'm grateful there are good people out there that are willing to help. >> that could have been a really bad situation. hunter says she wants to find that woman. give her another hug. let her know how much she is appreciated. nc
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an overnight fire had people are you positive frg the flames. it broke out in a mobile camp unit. a lot of very frightening flames. this is video posted on twitter. more than 100,000 people attend the event in california. a follow up to a health scare on vta buses. vta spending the weekend cleaning its bus fleet after a driver was drieescribed with s c scabie. it's called by tiny mites that burro into the skin and lay eggs. we'll show you the remarkable new photography project in san francisco. we enjoyed sunny skies and
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temperatures in the 70s. a cool down is under way and so is the rain. i'll details on timing. stay with us. if san jose looks e
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cleaner today, it )s not your imagination. volunteers fanned out across the city to pick up trash if san jose looks a little cleaner to you today, it is. not your imagination. it's all part of the great american clean up event. they cleaned it up. it's billed as the nation's largest community improvement program and happens in about 20,000 communities nation wide. volunteers say it's a know brainer to take part. >> i heard about it yesterday. i made time for it today. it's important enough to me. i live in the community. i live in this neighborhood. i like it clean. >> last year 60 million pounds of recyclables and collected.
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the cherry blossom festival is in its 52nd year. the northern california festival is one of the country's most prominent celebrations of asian traditions. organizers say along with celebrating asian cultures the event seeks to bring together people from japan and the united states. >> it's culture. sharing of the food, the arts, the crafts. everybody having a good time in the city. >> cherry blossom festival continues through april 21st. it's free. that's the best part. >> sounds good. the cherry blossoms, the gorgeous weather all comes together. >> a really good mix. nc ncht we h we had some 70s. we'll cool down a bit. as you head out the door, san francisco, 65 degrees. one thing you'll notice is that we'll see the clouds really roll on in.
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the wind speeds are at about 16 miles an hour. it's a little breezy but look at dublin. 7 6 degrees now. it's so warm even through san jose. 76 degrees and the wind speeds at about 10 miles an hour. what brought all this sunshine and dry weather. high pressure. it really dried us out. the next couple of hours we'll see changes. as we head into sunday at 7:30, we'll see the return of coastal clouds early in the morning. that's going to make way for a cool start approximate al. also we'll see clouds increase and we'll get filtered sunshine. monday, 3:00 p.m. we get a bit of a trough that rolls on in. beginning in the north bay initially. we'll see the system kind of move in from north to south and then it will bring widespread rain. not expecting heavy downpours out of this system. it's not a huge rainmaker but could be anywhere from quarter of an inch to half an inch for the coastal momountains. our temperatures through
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tomorrow will be cooler but still very pleasant and comfortable. 70 degrees in napa. 67 in oakland. palo alto is 69. down through san jose, 73. slightly cooler compared to today's temperatures and high cloud cover will roll in. we'll keep the high pressure in through tomorrow. we get a system that rolls in on monday. it's very fast moving. by tuesday afternoon that system will be cleared out. very light rain will be moving in monday into tuesday morning. as we head in towards wednesday and thursday we get a pretty dominant ridge of high pressure. that will warm us up into some 80s on the map. we haven't seen any 80s yet. this will be a very welcome site. we are monitoring the snow bapa. we had a very good winter. that brought a will the of snlo. tomorrow we'll keep the 60s.
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late monday into tuesday we see the system roll in. that will bring light rain into tuesday morning. it will drop our temperatures down a little bit because it's a bit of a front. our daytime highs won't be in the 70s. thursday, friday, 83, 84. things will warm up. >> i was going to ask if that's a typo. >> no. just a good old ridge of high pressure. still ahead, the biggest plane on the planet takes off. >> it's truly -- look at this thing. we'll give you the dimensions, what it does. we'll show you the historic lift off. shoe event to score the latest styles for the whole family... ...and something for you. oh yeah. that's yes for less. you heard me - 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! at the ross spring shoe event. on now!
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score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. francisco removed a statue considered offensive to native-americans. you may recall that last september the city of san francisco removed a statue considered offensive to native americans. >> it depicted a fallen american indian at the feet of two men. we see a unique project bringing the vacant space to life. >> are you guys ready in. >> history is a story sometimes written. sometimes depicted in stone or bronze. a tale told from the point of view of the sculptor. a certain statue that stood in the shadow of san francisco city hall told a story some didn't need to see. >> when we see the reminders of colonization and the abuses that our ancestors had to endure.
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>> reporter: the statue called early days was near the main library. it depicted a fallen american indi indian beneath. >> they bring up painful memories for our people. >> reporter: when the statue was removed last fall, it left an empty pedestal. on a recent gray san francisco morning that med distal came to life in a colorful way. >> okay. here we go. >> reporter: over two days where the statue once stood, living american indians took its place while photographers snapped away. >> we will see 250 individual comes through. we have people from 2 up to 92. >> reporter: it was part of a project by the arts commission as a way to reactivate the monument giving the community a hand in its message.
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>> now we get to celebrate. we get to take up space in a very positive way. we can look to the future. >> it's powerful to see our community up there instead of our statue. >> reporter: 90-year-old julia parker made the trek from yosemite valley where she's lived the last 70 years. >> i think it's about time people recognize and respect each other and their ways. >> reporter: the collection of photos will be part of a series of exhibition starting this summer as the city rolls out a new american indian initiative. >> this is an example of the community speaking its on truth. >> reporter: it was a chance to write a new chapter in native american history, one told from the point of view of those living in. took off for the firsr
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this morning, in southern . the world's largest airplane took off. >> looks like two. >> it took off in southern california. historic lift off came around 10:00 a.m. >> this plane was built by the rocket company called strato launch. 385 foot wingspan. dual fuselage designed the fly up to 35,000 feet where it can drop satellites that can shoot into orbit. the pilot says the flight was smooth. the plane handled just as would be expected. >> it really does look like two planes just stuck together. >> it does. doing some serious work at 35,000 feet. nc nc ncht. it was a beautiful day for it. >> thanks very much.
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nhl stanley cup playoff coverage is next. >> see you after the game. bergeron, bergeron! >> you look at them and you have the respect because of what they've done. >> mike e.: history has not been kind to the maple leafs. >> those are the players that you always want and you crave and you find ways to have success. >> mike e.: now this team is out to make this time their time. score! >> that is a back breaker. >> mike e.: after a skrounsi


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