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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 13, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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♪ ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express. right now at 11:00, panic and pepper spray. a saturday evening of fun for kids in the east bay ended abruptly. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm anoushah rasta. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. a popular family amusement venue in concord closed early tonight after a fight broke out among a group of teenagers there. >> nbc bay area's sergio quintana is live with details on
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this developing story. >> reporter: anoushah and terry, for much of the evening, the front doors of the jungle there were wide open. crews had been ventilating the whole front lobby because during the melee, someone used pepper spray. with us, i talked off camera with someone who saw the commotion in the parking lot and told me several police cars arrived on scene before 8:00 this evening. they were here to try to break up a fight that broke out between several teenag age men d women. when they arrived. they found people outside affected by the pepper spray. contra costa fire crews were called and paramedics began treating victims of the spray. no one had to be transported to local hospitals. according to the police, the young people who were fighting all left the area before officers arrived, so no arrests were made. but police say they are reviewing security camera video to see if they can identify the instigators. police are also asking anyone
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with information to call them and officers eventually did clear this scene. and the fumes here at the lobby of the jungle are expected to dissipate overnight. that venue is expected to reopen as usual tomorrow. reporting live in concord, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thanks very much. a hit-and-run collision sent a car crashing into a house in san francisco. this might have been the result of a chase. it happened about 1:00 this afternoon. investigators say one of the cars hit a moving car, bounced off that, and collided with two parked cars, sending the minivan into the houses. one man tells us the crash happened after he chased away the suspects, who were trying to break into thhis car. that man then followed them. >> so they broke into the next car and took everything they had. they got into the car and they start running. i chased them. i was on the phone with 911 and passed a stop sign and hit the
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car. >> no one hurt. police detained several people who ran from the scene. kind of looks like a hurricane, maybe you're inside a car wash. a window in san francisco, it's water gushing out of a fire hydrant on the corner of fifth and bluxom in china basin. these are pictures tweeted by a person who lives in that building. he says the san francisco fire department kept flooding to an absolute minimum, so good job. no one hurt. a confusing situation on the richmond-san rafael bridge. this is video from the last time that concrete fell from the bridge's upper deck. last night chp said it happened again when concrete reportedly hit a woman's car. she wasn't hurt, but late tonight caltrans said engineers inspected the bridge and determined no concrete fell off last night. still there are now calls to replace the entire bridge.
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another democratic contender from the bay area entering the presidential race. east bay congressman eric swalwell will hold a campaign kickoff tomorrow in dublin. there's folks getting ready for that. you can see crews putting up the risers and lighting today. the rally starts at 2:00 p.m. at dublin high school. the former alameda county prosecutor announced his bid for the presidency monday night. he formally filed notice that he was ending his re-election campaign, saying he won't run for president and congress at the same time. as congress waits for an edited version of the mueller report, the chair of the ways and means committee is demanding president trump's tax returns. president trump spent much of today at his virginia golf club while congressman richard neal of massachusetts says he wants six years of tax returns, and he wanted them by april 23rd. congressional republicans in the white house say democrats want to see the president's taxes purely for political reasons. those democrats hoping to unseat the president next year hitting the campaign trail hard. former texas congressman beto o'rourke said in south carolina
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if elected, he would fight to end capital punishment. in iowa, former colorado governor john hickenlooper admitted that breaking through a crowded field of democratic hopefuls is going to be very tough, and it's crowded. new jersey senator cory booker returned to newark to officially kick off his campaign. >> we have to decide whether we will choose division and blame or if we will do the hard work of conquering fear with faith. apathy with action, and hatred with love. >> south bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg is expected to announce his candidacy tomorrow. iowa caucuses kick off primary season in february of next year. that is less than ten months from right now. the warriors are on their way. dub nation celebrates a win tonight in what will be the team's final playoff run at oracle arena. thom jensen is live at oracle. tom, fans probably on fire
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tonight. >> reporter: oh, they really are. it's always going to get that first one under your belt, right? and fans are feeling really confident now that the team can move on and win not just this series but also their quest for a third nba championship in a row. taking nothing for granted, the warriors and fans celebrate their game one win over the clippers in style. >> warriors! >> sweep, sweep, sweep. >> that's what we're talking about. dub nation all day. >> reporter: definitely amped up going into the weekend after watching their team move one step closer to another nba championship. >> it's all that counts right now. game one in the books. >> reporter: the warriors have to win this series and three more if they're going to bring home their fourth nba championship in five years and their third in a row.
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dub nation is filled with confidence that they can do it. >> it would be unbelievable for the bay area and for the team. it would be just great. three-peat? what do you think? >> that would be amazing. >> we're going to do it. 16-0. we're doing it this year. sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep. >> reporter: and even warrior fans who live on the other side of the bay say they would like to see that happen right here in oakland at oracle. still very sentimental about this place. we're live in oakland, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of energy out there tonight. thank you. new video tonight of the time consuming setup before the game. free shirts were placed on all the seats inside oracle arena. the design on the shirt was a collaboration with bay area artist benny gold. gold, warriors colors. >> gold shirts. his middle name is blue. did you know that? >> is it? you made that up. the shirt has warriors playoffs
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with the bay bridge and a basketball on front. the slogan, strength in numbers, on the back. the design of the shirt will change with each new playoff round. the warriors have given out more than a million gold shirts over a span of eight playoff seasons. >> you see them all over town. too late and too loud. that's what some in san francisco are saying about the giants late night fireworks celebration. ♪ video of the fireworks shown here lighting up the sky over oracle park. the team even tweeted out video of the show. the problem was it was after 1:00 in the morning because the game with the colorado rockies went 18 innings. >> free baseball. >> it was free baseball. it was free baseball. look at it that way. not everybody did. the giants apologized for the very early morning disruption. one giants fan says he was shocked when the sound rattled him from his sleep. >> i thought it was just one or two pieces of fireworks that would go, and then it just kept going. it wouldn't stop. i was outraged that this could be allowed at this hour.
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>> the giants say they anticipate having a new policy for games that run long in place before the next fireworks display. more news near oracle park. today dozens of fans gathered near the site of a proposed homeless center. london breed proposed a center on the embarcadero not far from oracle park. some giants fans who live nearby say while the area used to be residential, now it's more industrial. >> there's a lot of drug users, but not drug use on site, which means that the drug users will be coming out to use. that's a concern for the families who are living here. >> the other side of the coin, supporters say navigation centers generally make the neighborhoods safer by getting homeless people struggling with health issues and addiction off
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the streets. a health scare on vta buses. vta is spending the weekend cleaning its fleet after a driver was diagnosed with skab he's. three other drivers think they got the skin condition from dirty buses as well. vta says it is scrubbing all 130 buses in its north division fleet today and tomorrow, scabes is caused by mites that burrow into the skin and lay eggs. a wild scuffle inside a jail cell. it's what one officer did next that's catching so much attention. plus a woman in the east bay pinned under her own car. she is safe tonight because of the kindness of strangers. now she's on a mission and needs the public's help. temperatures are in the 50s right now. we're expecting mild overnight lows, but we have a big change on the way, and it may come in the form of some rain. i'll give you the time line for that coming up in just a bit. stay with us. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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severe storms are carving a path of destruction and tragedy across the south, killing three children and leaving dozens hurt. a tornado damaged homes and buildings in texas. two children were killed when a tree fell on the car they were in. a 13-year-old boy drowned in a drainage area in louisiana, and a fourth person died from weather-related debris. hundreds of flights were delayed and canceled, and the storms are expected to move through the
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carolinas and virginia tomorrow. she's looking for her guardian angel. a hayward woman says a good samaritan sprang into action at just the right moment and saved her from a serious injury. you see it right here. now she wants to track down that person, and she wants to thank her. nbc bay area's sergio quintana was in hayward where the accident happened. >> sandra hunter is still bandaged up from her accident in the parking lot. this happened wednesday. she had just walked to her parked suv and put it in reverse. >> i realized that i dropped something. >> forgetting that she left the vehicle in gear, she reached down for the item she dropped. in the video, you can see her suv roll back. she falls and gets swept under the open door. >> my truck rolled over my left leg and pinned me down and stopped. from that moment, i yelled "help". >> reporter: in the video, you can see a woman holding a purse, walking to walgreens, then stop as she heard cassandra yell. she then runs to help. >> this lady came running, and when she, you know, approached
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my truck, she asked me what she wanted me to do. so i just said, can you get the truck off of me. and she immediately got the truck off of me. i don't remember how she did it. >> cassandra's doctor say her leg injury could have been so much worse if the suv wasn't moved so quickly. tonight she and her daughter have a message for that woman with the purse who helped at just the right moment. >> she responded in an instant. she didn't even think about it. and, you know, for that, i'm grateful. >> my mom is -- i love her to death, and i don't know what i would do without her. >> reporter: sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. the driver who slammed into this 7-eleven in rohnert park this morning was drunk. that's according to police. as you can see, the car ended up in the store. the crash happened around 7:00 in the morning across from sonoma state university. that's where the driver, we're told, goes to school. police say the 19-year-old was arrested on suspicion of dui. customers and employees who were inside that 7-eleven when the
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car plowed through the wall were not hurt. >> you're playing with fire. so we just encourage everybody to not drink and drive and, you know, in the day and age of uber and friends that can drive for you, we encourage everyone to make those phone calls prior to getting behind the wheel. >> merchandise had to be cleared out so repairs could be made. a police officer has been excused for shooting a man inside a holding cell inside a police station. it was all caught on video. you're about to see it. we want to warn you, the video is graphic. prosecutors say the officer will not face criminal charges. they say the officer thought he was using his taser. instead he pulled his handgun during a scuffle. the man's attorney says the officer made a mistake that could open the door for suing police. >> he wore his taser on the same side of his belt as his firearm, which is against policy for obvious reasons. >> the district attorney said
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the officer who fired the gun was placed on paid administrative leave and later retired. stopping the killing starts by demanding gun violence prevention. that's the message students and advocates pushed at an anti-gun forum in burlingame today. some of those students from parkland, florida. there were 17 students there killed last year. congresswoman jackie speier joined the parkland students to talk about ways to reduce gun violence in the united states. she says congress has an obligation to make more common sense laws that require background checks to own a gun. but she says congress is paralyzed because the nra has too much power. >> as we move across america, we have turned into a killing field. 40,000 americans are killed every year, and it's got to stop. we are the only industrialized country that has this kind of bloodshed that goes on in our neighborhoods. >> speier says changes will take place when millennials who
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recognize that gun violence is a crisis bump out the baby boomers from congress and take over. an overnight fire at the coachella music festival had fans running from the flames. the fire broke out in a mobile shower unit at the festival's campground around 2:00 this morning. here you see some of that cell phone video from someone who was there. one unit was destroyed. another was damaged. the video, this one here, posted on twitter by campers. coachella kicked off its two-weekend festival yesterday. more than 100,000 people attend that event in indio, california, each year. the world's largest airplane took off for the first time ever this morning in southern california, and it's not looking for any passengers. the historic liftoff at the mojave air and space port. this plane was built by the rocket couple stratolaunch. it's 500,000 pounds with a 385-foot wingspan. the dual fuselage plane is designed to fly up to 35,000 feet. it drops satellites and space
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exploration rockets from that elevation. the pilot says the flight was smooth. the plane handled wonderfully. our weather has been really smooth. >> any complaints? >> yes, this coming monday. you were saying. >> it's very minimal. fast-moving system. terry has been listening to my forecast. >> i have been. i always do. >> we are talking about a little bit of chance of rain. that's what terry is is maybe not looking forward to. but don't worry. it's going to move out. >> i'm happy. >> right now in downtown san jose, beautiful night. it's not cold. it's just very mild as a matter of fact. 54 degrees. your san jose high for today was 76 degrees. take a look at the current temperatures outside right now. 53 degrees in mountain view. 53 in san francisco. we've still got a couple 40s and our overnight lows will dip into the 40s in some parts. one thing you're going to notice tomorrow is it's going to be just slightly cooler but still very comfortable and still fairly warm in most parts including napa.
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70 degrees. down through concord, 72. upper 60s along the peninsula. the reason that our temperatures are going to be slightly cooler is because we're going to notice an increase in cloud cover tomorrow. this is all thanks to an arrival of a system, and that's going to not only bring cloud cover, but it's also going to bring the chance of seeing some rain monday night into early tuesday morning. so as of right now, the latest model runs show the rain moving into the north bay nationally monday. then it becomes a little more widespread by the afternoon. as far as rain totals, anywhere from about a quarter of an inch to possibly a half an inch for the coastal mountains. the rain moves out rather quickly on tuesday, and i have some really good news. we're going to see another warm-up, but this one's actually going to come in the form of 80s on the map. we've been enjoying those upper 70s. that's because a pretty dominant ridge of high pressure is going to really hang on tight. that's what's going to bring the 80s in the forecast. all right. so talking about that system that's going to make its way in
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the form of some rain into monday, it's also expected to bring some sierra snow. more snow on top of an already pretty impressive snowpack. i do want to give you a reminder, though. as you head out tomorrow, whether you're driving back or have friends driving back, there is a lake wind advisory in effect starting tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. we're talking about southwesterly winds, 15 to 25-mile-per-hour. then we're expecting that snow to move in monday and tuesday. now, if you're wondering about the next seven days, let me show you what's going on. again, tomorrow, very nice day. filtered sunshine for the most part. you'll probably notice some coastal clouds early on and it will really get nice into the afternoon. then monday, very fast-moving system moves out tuesday morning. then things really warm up thursday into friday. >> you can't really complain about monday, terry. >> i wasn't really. i'm not seriously complaining. just a little tiny bit. still to come, we've got highlights from tonight's first warriors playoff game of the
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year. >> that's right. and we've got "snl." >> hi, guys. i'm emma stone and i'm hosting "saturday night live" with musical guest bts and we're on next. >> they're behind us. >> i know. >> okay. >> i know. >> okay. it's on! get to the ross spring shoe event to score the latest styles for the whole family... ...and something for you. oh yeah. that's yes for less. you heard me - 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! at the ross spring shoe event. on now!
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that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. the warriors began their campaign for their third straight title tonight, trying to go out on a high note in their final season at oracle. the playoffs have officially begun with the top seeded dubs hosting the eighth seed l.a. clippers. warriors looking to also win their fourth title in five years. steph curry getting the crowd pumped up at oracle. in the second quarter, the dubs up by one. draymond green lobs. warriors led by 13 at the break. curry had 38 points and 15 rebounds in the game. not done with curry. fourth quarter, steph from
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downtown again. warriors take game one by a 121-104 final. curry's eighth three breaks the record for most threes in the playoffs. >> to be in the same category and to pass a guy like ray allen and all the iconic moments he's had in playoff games or in finals games and all that type of stuff, it's pretty surreal. so definitely, you know, honored and grateful for those opportunities. i always joke that i shoot a lot of threes, i better make a lot of them. >> giants won their third straight over the rockies 5-2. the a's were rained out in arlington and will have a makeup game. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ]
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♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at disneyland resort one of the most popular festivals on the west coast going on in san francisco right now. for a little while, the 52nd
11:27 pm
annual cherry blossom festival, one of the country's most prominent celebrations of japanese traditions. organizers expect for mthan 200,000 people to show up. martial arts, doll making, japanese pop culture or j-pop as anoushah calls it, and there's more. >> it's culture, sharing of the food, the arts, the crafts, and everybody having a good time in the city. >> and the cherry blossom festival continues through april 21st, and it is free of charge. >> there is something for everyone. >> a lot going on. >> the weather is going to be nice, so why not? >> it will be nice tomorrow as well. the temperatures are going to be slightly cooler but not by much. we will see a system roll in on monday, and that's going to bring some rain to parts of the bay area. but it will be quick to move out by tuesday afternoon.
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>> smooth sailing from there. >> "saturday night live" is next. have a great night. >> thanks for joining us. each morning, people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule.
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it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people have more mornings. you're watching msnbc. now that the mueller report turned out to


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