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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 14, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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good evening and thank you for joining us. i )m terry mcsweene. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, thank you for joining us. we are tracking breaking news out of the east bay. this is crazy news. another side show in oakland but this one did not end with just burnt tires. witnesses say it ended with a burned ac transit bus and burned semitruck. this is new video into the newsroom. hundreds of people were at high street about 9:00 reportedly for a side show and that's when an a c-trac transit and truck tried make their way through. witnesses say they ten torched the bus and the truck.
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oakland police have not gotten back to us for more information. they're probably very busy now. we'll continue to monitor as more details become available. >> now an all out search for a hit-and-run driver. now a neighborhood is coming together for the family of an oakland mother and her 6-year-old son that were hit in a crosswalk and left for dead. dozens of people held a prayer vigil tonight. investigators have a suspect in mind but are still trying to track down the driver. sergio. >> they say the driver of a mercedes benz went through the intersection and did not stop. ditched the vehicle later in a different part of the city. residents say they want some changes on their streets. >> just before sunset in the parking lot of a laundromat,
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prayers for the victims. he and his mother were rushed to local hospitals but did not survive. he is the father and husband of the victims. his 20-year-old brother was also injured. all three were thrown in different directions by the impact of the car. >> one was very far like 20 feet away and the other one 10, 12 feet away. my wife 15 feet away from each other. >> he wasn't able to say much to his child and he only got to tell his wife a few words before she passed away. >> be strong. be strong. be strong for rest of my kids. she was crying. >> throughout the afternoon neighbors gathered in the intersection and took up a collection for the family. they want to send the remains of the two back to guatemala if possible. people in the neighborhood have been pushing for ways to slow traffic down through this quarter. >> a light would be ideal but
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i've also heard having stop signs in more of these blocks not just the straight shot that you see here. >> he is devastated. he still hasn't been able to fully explain what happened to his two other children. >> i have two kids left. that's it. i lose my whole family. >> residence denlts are plannin having a meeting tomorrow morning at 10:00. they want to try to get traffic solutions for that corridor. >> thank you very much. another crash to tell you about. this one in antioch this afternoon. it landed three young people in the hospital. the driver lost control near nightengale avenue and hit the sound wall. three people were inside and nobody was wearing a seat belt. speed was a factor in that
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crash. from the east bay to the west wing. eric swalwell launched his 2020 presidential run today in his hometown of dublin. he joins a very crowded field. marianne is live with more on his message, marianne. >> well, he wrote for the school newspaper and graduated from dublin high school 20 years ago so he said it was only fitting that he launch his presidential campaign here at his old high school. today i come home to dublin. >> congressman eric swalwell returned to share with more than a thousand friends, neighbors and supporters what he plans to do if elected president. >> i'll be the first campaign to make ending gun violence the top priority in my campaign. >> specifically he wants to ban all assault weapons in the nation. the 38-year-old also outlined
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how he plans to tackle health care reform. >> i'll put forward and sign into law a coverage for all plan. a public option that forces down prices for everyone so that americans have a health care guarantee. >> a former district attorney joins a crowded pool of at least 18 candidates vying to be the democratic nominee. including bernie sanders and kamala harris. voters we talk with say they think swalwell has a chance. >> i like his position on gun control. we're fully aligned with him on health care too. >> he's one of the strongest most thoughtful people around our national security. >> he says the values he learned starting with his job as a paperboy in pittsburgh will help him rise to the top as a democratic nominee. >> i'm proud to begin this journey here. now it's time to go big, to be bold, and do good.
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god bless you. god bless the usa. >> well, the congressman wasn't the only one to make it official today. he opens to be the first openly gay president. he made the announcement in front of thousands of people in south bend, indiana. he's a two-term mayor that served in the navy for 8 years. house speaker nancy pelosi and the president trading barbs on social media after a day of political posturing. pelosi demanding the full release of the mueller report and taking a clear shot at the president. >> i think there's nobody in the country that knows better that he should no be president of the united states than donald trump. >> you think he knows it himself? >> i think he does. >> the president fired back on twitter calling the interview a "puff piece" and saying pelosi's
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leadership hasn't led to any meaningful legislation. it comes on the same day that she's asking capital police to step up their protection of congresswoman omar. the president's tweet about her controversial 9/11 remarks may have jeopardized her safety. >> democrats are pushing back on president trump's idea of sending migrants seeking asylum to sanctuary cities around the country including some in the bay area. kelly o'donnell has more. >> a destination detour for central american migrants. a debate ignited by the president that claimed the absolute legal right to relocate apprehended immigrants to sanctuary cities. places where authorities do not enforce immigration laws, typically in democratic strong holds. president trump that visited his private virginia golf club today teed off saying we here by
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demand that they be taken care of at the highest level, especially by the state of california. press secretary sarah sanders pulled back to describe the idea as simply an option under consideration. >> we don't want to put all the burden on one or two border communities and democrats have stated time and time again they support open borders. they support sanctuary cities so let's spread out some of that burden and let's put it in some of those other locations. >> seattle is among the nation's sanctuary cities. she tells nbc news migrants are welcome and the president's words are no threat. >> we will not let this president demonize people or marginalize them and treat them as if they're a commodity to be shipped from place to place. we must deal with this humanely. >> but put willingness aside. democrats argue that president trump cannot legally pay for migrant relocation. >> the president has no right to spend money for the purposes of
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shipping immigrants all over the country. >> he's using them as pawns in his political game of chess. he's not really interested in a solution. >> that was kelly o'donnell reporting. senator kamala harris has done something that no other candidate has ever done. she's made 15 years of his tax returns public and here are a few highlights from those tax returns. harris and her husband had a combined adjusted gross income last year of nearly $2 million. they paid almost $700,000 in total taxes in 2018. the couple has paid more than $2.2 million in federal taxes since they got married back in 2014. well, tomorrow is april 15th and we all know what that means. it's the last day to file taxes. the internal revenue service says that about 50 million taxpayers still need to file. that's one out of three. so if you're one of those and you run into some trouble here, there is help available on the irs website. the agency offers help through including information
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about filing options, extensions and secure ways to make a payment. an irs spokesman tells us that changes in the tax law are not really making much of a difference at all when it comes to refunds. >> refund numbers as of last week are pretty much the same across the board. refunds received and refunds and the amount down about 1.5 or 2% but looking at all the things like tax returns in, tax returns processed, all of those numbers that we do week by week, pretty much the same as years passed. >> the total of 153 million individual tax returns are expected to be filed this year. the average refund to date 2, 8 2,008 -- $2,833. >> the jungle in concord is back open after a fight between a couple of groups of teenagers got out of control. during that confrontation
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somebody used pepper spray. some were coughing and some were vomiting. the teenagers all got out of there but they are reviewing security camera footage to try to identify the teenagers. it's a little early but california's commercial dungeonous crab season closes tomorrow. this season ends three full months earlier than in years past. that's because of a settlement reaches last month. the goal is to protect marine life. in 2017 there was a spike in whale entanglements blamed on fishing gear. >> we have enjoyed a beautiful weekend but now the temperatures are cooling down in the 50s and we have got rain on the way. i'll tell you about the timing of the rain as we head in toward monday coming up. >> we're still monitoring the breaking news out of the east
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bay. the hunt is on to find the people that left a trail of damage after a side show. >> also four lucky people. look at that and you think they weren't so lucky. well they were. they were inside this truck when something unexpected happened. their story of survival. going after the big one just took on a whole new meaning. that is not a fish they're looking for but a bomb. a story 75 years in the making next. get up to the minute traffc updates and your complete forecast so you are ready to get out the door and take on the day. plus - the latest headlines from the bay area to capitol hill. join us monday morning for today in the bay from 4:30 to 7. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ]
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the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. switch and save today, and you get a new galaxy. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. this is new video.... of the chaos. a sideshow escalated and witnesses say it ended with an ac transit bus and semi truck on fire. hundreds of people were at high street and international a side show escalated and ended with an ac transit bus and
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semitruck on fire. hundreds of people were there about 9:00 when it just got out of hand. we're going to continue to update the situation as more information becomes available. well, we are learning more tonight about just how russia mettled in our politics. a study links that they seized on issues like race, immigration and gun control using them as weapons against america. richard engle went to charlotte, north carolina to see how this played out. >> we're only now beginning to understand what really happened after these riots in north carolina in september 2016. >> the black lives matter movement hit the streets after an african american man was fatally shot by police. >> we're going to continue to protest. >> andrew was one of the organizers of that protest right after he got and unsolicited
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offer for help. >> she said she was from an organization called black matters us. >> i clicked on their page and it appears that they had about 400,000 followers. i'm thinking that this is a legitimate organization. >> his new online friend helped him organize several more protests. but he could never get her on the phone. >> it was super bizarre. she couldn't talk because she wasn't real. it was a false persona created by russian trolls with links to the kremlin. researchers spent seven months studying their methods. >> we look at movements that are popular and then they replicate it. >> but the trolls weren't just spreading fake news. they were spreading chaos. >> so the russians saw these protests taking place and
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decided we want more of that. >> yes. they decided this is divisive and we're going to be in the middle of it. >> special counsel robert mueller indicted the troll farm behind the operation but with the 2020 election around the corner, the researchers say the russians haven't slowed down yet. richard engle, nbc news. >> we have a rare look into the life of wikileaks founder julian assange at the embassy in london. the spanish newspaper published the security camera video today. it shows him skateboarding, meeting with collaborators and arguing with security. they lived in that tiny space from 2012 until last week when he was arrested. he's now in a british jail waiting for a hearing to determine his fate. the united states wants to extradite him and try him on conspiracy charges. he tried to help chelsea manning
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break into a classified government computer. >> some of the go bikes may be going away. the go bikes owned by ride share company lyft announced its removing all of it's electric assist bikes out of service out of an abundance of caution. some say the bike would slow abruptly raising the possibility of someone flying over the front of that bike. there's a new model coming out soon. just a few electric bikes made with different parts will remain in service. about a thousand bikes now out of service. new video tonight. a shocking discovery in a river in germany, a bomb from world war ii and today experts set that bomb off. blow it up. a loud explosion sent a plume of water into the air. the 550 pound american made bomb was discovered by divers in the river on tuesday.
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hundreds of people had to be evacuated from their homes to specialists could do that. here we are more than 70 years after the war and it's not terribly uncommon for explosives to turn up in germany. >> a very close call shuts down a north bay highway and knocks out power and comes close to hurting four people. take a look at these photos. a 40 foot tree came falling down on to a truck towing a trailer. you see it smashed the truck's cab. it happened about 11:00 this morning. there were four people inside. two adults in the truck. two kids in the back there in the trailer. a new video tonight take a look at the top of your screen. you're looking at -- there it is. a meteor. this is friday from southern brazil. a camera caught the celestial bodies. the meteorite burned up in the sky over the atlantic ocean which takes us seamlessly in.
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>> i've yet to see one of them myself. have you? >> many. >> i don't think i've ever seen one. >> get out of town. go to the top of the mountain. >> see. i've been hanging around the city too long. >> you can see them any night. they're not as spectacular as that or as frequent as a meteor shower but you can see them on any night. >> nights that are not cloudy. >> there you go. >> tonight we'll get a little bit of that. we have a system moving in and it's going to be a fast moving one but it will be bringing some rain into parts of the bay area. as a matter of fact, right now in san francisco it's already starting to kick up the winds and the first signs of an approaching system and changing weather are winds and clouds of course. 23 miles per hour winds. wind gusts at about 28 miles per hour and check out san jose right now. your temperature trend though into the overnight hours so currently around about 53
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degrees. we did hit a high at 66 and check out what our overnight lows will be like. we'll stay in the 50s and things will cool off around 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. there's no rain. the south bay is not going to get much in the way of rain early on. it will get it more toward the evening hours but before the timing of the rain i want to talk about our cooler temperatures we're expecting for tomorrow. we'll be topping out in the upper 50s for santa rosa. 58 degrees. san francisco 59 and then low 60s in through oakland and down through san jose. and yes they'll remain gusty at times. let's talk about the next couple of hours because this is when we're going to see the changes up ahead. i'm going to fast forward this. it looks like my time may have frozen out. i'll see if i can fast forward that one. we'll come back to that graphic there but rain estimates are expected to be a quarter of an inch to just under a half. that one is having some issues
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too. let's take a look at the long range outlook now. we'll be having the rain move in from north to south. so north bay you'll see the rain first and then lunch hour in san francisco and then in the evening it will make its way down to the south bay but long range outlook as soon as the rain moves out into thursday and friday, rage of hia ridge of hie and that's going to warm us up into comfortable but warm 70s. so the timing for that storm tomorrow is going to be in the north bay early on and then moves rather quickly by tuesday morning just scattered light rain and the temperatures will be in the mid 60s. >> you have a tough enough job when everything is working with you. >> i know. >> but i have to tell you, it doesn't matter because you handled it so beautifully. >> thank you. radar cagave out on me. >> i liked it when it was out. >> it didn't show the rain, right? >> thanks. still to come, paying tribute.
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how fans are honoring the life of nipsy hustle and taking advantage of the troops. veterans returning to the battlefield and colleges are looking to target unfairly. his .
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a new basketball memorial unveiled in the los angeles neighborhood where rapper nipsey hussle grew up. the musician had a love for the game and supporting his community. a new memorial in the los angeles neighbor where nipsey h hussle grew up. fans gathered outside the store where he was shot and killed two weeks ago. >> veterans groups say some for profit colleges are paying for
11:25 pm
vets. some say the vets are being scammed. heidi has more. >> after four tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan, he was ready for a new career. >> i was always interested in becoming a camera man or working in television. >> so he googled film schools and met with a recruiter from full sail university and enrolled. >> they said it was a top three film school in the united states. >> we found it was ranked number 50 here but full sail told us it did rank in the top five on this list 14 years ago. he says the training wasn't worth it. >> like a waste of time. >> he is still paying back a $23,000 loan, taxpayers pay the rest, 46,000 through the gi bill. the v.a. received 40 complaints about full sail. the school says any dissatisfied graduates can return and audit classes for free. >> ashford university is proud
11:26 pm
of our student veterans. >> dozens of others filed complaints about ashford university. >> we were sales people. >> he recruited veterans. >> we were expected to make 150 dials a day. >> when they asked about graduation or employment rates. >> we wouldn't lie but we wouldn't tell them either. we would just say well, you know, people go to other schools and drop out but it's up to the individual to be successful in these endeavors like education. >> the va says over the last two years ashford received more than 70 million taxpayer dollars. ashford says vets make up only 8% of its enrollment. >> they prey on veterans because they know these future students come with cash. real cash. >> the california toeattorney general is suing ashford for making false statements to students. he stepped in because betsy devos did not.
11:27 pm
he lobbies for for profit schools but not ashford. >> i'm going to tell you the sector is perfect. this sector grew too much too fast at the height of the recession. >> he says his schools don't target veterans and believes for profit colleges were unfairly sij singled out by the obama administration. >> secretary devos agrees and says schools should not be targeted because they're for profit. he has found a new career but not in television. he's now a wind turbine safety instructor. nbc news washington. >> coming up, a conservative speaker at cal. the college is welcoming former white house press secretary sean spicer. details on that coming up. did you know comcast business goes beyond fast with a gig-speed network.
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complete internet reliability. advanced voice solutions. wifi to keep everyone connected. video monitoring. that's huge. did you guys know we did all this stuff? no. i'm not even done yet. wow. business tv. cloud apps and support. comcast business goes beyond at&t. start with internet and voice for just $59.90 a month. it's everything a small business owner needs. comcast business. beyond fast.
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a sideshow escalated in oakland, and ended with a bus
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and truck getting burned. hundreds of people were at high street and international a side show escalated in oakland and ended with what you're looking at. a bus and truck burned. hundreds of people were at international boulevard about 9:00 to want. an ac transit bus and semitruck approached and tried to make their way past the side show and that's when people from the crowd swarmed the truck and cleared out everything in the back of it and then witnesses say they torched the bus and the truck. we reached out to oakland police for more information. they're very busy and we haven't heard back from them yet. >> also there's growing grief and outrage after a mother and son were killed by a hit-and-run driver. they were all hit about 7:30 last night near the corner of 26th avenue and foothill boulevard. the boy and his mother died at the hospital. the uncle is in critical condition. the family is devastated. >> i'm really broken my heart.
11:31 pm
my two kids. i have two kids left. that's it. i lose my whole family. >> the driver was in a black mercedes. police have a tentative idea of that driver. they have not made an arrest yet. family, friends and community members are demanding a light. something be put in where that crash happened. >> congressman eric swalwell is in the running to become the next president. he announced his candidacy last week on the late show with steven colbert. today he held his first rally at his alma mater. he's up against big hitters in the democratic party. >> now i know that the mountain that i face is steep. you may have heard, there are a few other democrats interested in the job. most of them have more name recognition right now than i do, at least outside this city.
11:32 pm
that probably should discourage me. it may discourage you. it doesn't. i've got you. we've got each other, and we can do this. >> he was first elected in 2012. his top priority as president is ban on assault weapons. >> both sides of the case are combing through potential jurors to hear the high profile case. late last week a judge ruled that the oakland mayor will not have to take the stand in that case. defendants each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deadly 2016 fire. the attorneys wanted him to testify because she knew about a grand jury report having to do with problems with oakland's fire inspection process. attorneys though pointed out the mayor had no direct knowledge of the warehouse before that fire. they won. opening statements are scheduled for next month.
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former white house press secretary sean spicer is heading to the bay area this week. he is scheduled to speak on the u.c. berkeley campus on wednesday night. the university spokesperson says the school looks forward to welcoming mr. spicer and that over the past year there's been a number of conservative speakers. >> coming up, robbed and ignored. a troubling call for help when we come back. strangers rushing
11:34 pm
someone in trouble. this is surveillance video of a subway station in
11:35 pm
washington, d.c. a visually impaired man, >> it's a remarkable video now. strangers rushing to help someone in trouble. a visually impaired man using his cane to find the end of the platform. he doesn't realize how close he is to the edge. he falls down and a train is coming into the station. passengers run out to pull him out of the way. they get there in time. a close call. the man was not even seriously hurt in the accident. great job by those people. >> he was held up at gun point in a bart parking lot and then turned to us after a bart officer tried to convince him not to file a report. senior investigative reporter vicki left us with one final report. a report that raises serious questions about how bart officers handle crimes. >> imagine someone pulls a gun on you and your friends. you call bart police but instead of investigating they tell you taking a report would be a waste
11:36 pm
of resources. >> why do you want this report? you guys are all getting new phones. what is the report for? at the end of the day most of these guys are long gone. >> you're listening to a bart police officer speaking to the victim of a violent crime. usually the cars that they're in are stolen so there's nothing to trace them in. so that's why i'm saying writing, this report being written is really like a waste of resources. >> the victim says he and his friends were parked at the bart station in oakland back in january. >> i pulled in the parking lot. two men pulled up behind and blocked me in with their car. they came at us at gun point and basically told us phones and wallets. >> we're hiding his identity because he's a juvenile but he's old enough to know when you call police to report a crime this shouldn't be the crime. >> you realize writing a report is really kind of no point because like i said there's no leads to anything. >> have you had to deal with police in the past ever? >> i have. >> have they ever treated you
11:37 pm
like this? >> no, police always have a sincerity and try the best to solve the issues. >> literally writing this report is kind of like thin air catching these guys. especially in oakland. >> i was concerned by the comments that were made by the officer. >> he is the bart police chief. >> is that what you would expect an officer to say? >> definitely not. you know and as a result of listening to that we started an internal affairs investigation. and follow up on the criminal investigation. >> that investigation could be running cold. the victim says after getting the run aund no officers ever followed up. >> he opened the door and basically cocked the gun back and reloaded it. >> did anyone take fingerprints from your door handle? >> no. >> did anyone send an officer to talk to you in person? >> no. >> and they said there was no surveillance video. >> no surveillance video. basically every way to say these guys will never be caught. >> a recent performance report shows violent crimes including
11:38 pm
robbery and aggravated assault grew from 267 to 419 in a five year period. the chief says most are phone or purse snatchings. >> what would you say to people that listen to this and think bart wants to keep it's crime stats low so the officers are discouraging people from reporting crimes? >> i would say absolutely not. i mean, that is -- that would be completely inaccurate. the officers know the expectations here at the police department. >> the officer did eventually take a report but the victim that lives in new york says he still doesn't have a copy. >> i was told that in order to receive a report i would have to pick it up in person in california or it couldn't be faxed or mailed or e-mailed. >> most of the cars that people drive in to do robberies they're stolen. there's no way of really catching these guys. >> so far no arrests in the case. crime victims are entitled to a police report and bart can and does send them to people out of
11:39 pm
the area. he also says riders should be aware of their surroundings and that bart is trying to get more officers on its trains and platforms. >> if you have a story for our investigative unit call 888-996-tips or visit our website nbc bay slash investigations and we're back after this break.
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♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort where the victim survives. well, that (is ( part of our nt story but it )s what happened next that turned good into amazing. nbc bay area )s garv that is part of our next
11:42 pm
story but what happened next turned good into amazing. nbc bay area's garvin thomas has a remarkable story in tonight's bay area proud. >> angela castro, like many other members of the san francisco fire department can trace her desire to join the department back to childhood. her story though is a bit different and is also what made one afternoon last november very special. >> in the city of san francisco last year the fire department responded to 149,000 calls for help. each one unique. >> he was pinned right here in the corner. >> but none quite like the call paramedic angela castro answered one friday in november. >> this call has impacted my life in such a way that i don't think i'll ever be the same again. >> to understand why, you first have to travel back to angela's childhood and one of the very
11:43 pm
reasons she became a paramedic. the heroin overdose of her father when she was just five years old. >> i -- sorry, it makes me emotional, i always wanted to be there for somebody else's dad. so angela trained and worked her way up joining the department in 2015. eager to save other people's families. >> so in this first video you can see linda getting into the car. >> which is just what was needed. >> then the carols. >> that november afternoon when an emergency brake failed and left a 57-year-old woman pinned between her car and her home. >> there's ken, there's me. >> angela and her partner were the first to arrive and it didn't look good. >> so it's like this is going to be bad. either i'm going to be holding someone as they die or i'm going to be doing everything i can, you know kind of a thing. it's going to not be a good
11:44 pm
call. >> for the next 40 minutes angela and her partner kept the woman alive while firefighters worked to safely lift the car off of her. >> it was difficult because she was giving me her last rights. she was like tell my family this, tell my family that and i'm like no, i'm not going to do it. i'm not going to do it. you're going to make it. i said if you give up hope we have no chance here. >> the woman named linda didn't give up. and angela eventually got her to the hospital. badly injured, but alive. it is what those in the rescue business call a career call. one you will never forget. for angela, though, two weeks later, the unforgettable became the unbelievable. it happened in a phone call from her sister. >> linda, linda, the lady that you saved, she's related to us.
11:45 pm
she's our family. and i went oh my god, like -- >> let's get you some tea. >> though they had never met, linda is indeed related by marriage to angela. and angela, who got into this business because she wasn't able to save her family, finally did. >> yeah. i did. totally. yeah totally. >> as amazing a story as that is the best part of the story is linda's recovery. when they pulled her out of that wreck, they honestly said no one thought she would ever walk again but she is walking now and promises a full recovery. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> make some noise for jdc. >> they gave it their all as you can see but jdc is going home. the san jose dance team competed tonight once again on world of dance right here on nbc.
11:46 pm
they came in fourth. the top three teams went to the division finals. they came in fourth. so close. teenage girls have been dancing together for the last five years. they're spectacular and they practice at nor cal dance arts in san jose. you made us all proud tonight. fantastic job. can you dance like that? >> not at all which is why -- you go girls. i watched that performance and they really did give it their all. big pat on the back for you ladies and we'll welcome them home with a little bit of sunshine depending on what day they get here. if they get here tomorrow then, you know, a little bit of rain but we're starting to notice that winds are picking up. wind speeds 23 miles per hour. look at san jose right now. temperatures into the overnight hours though. we'll stay in the 50s but by the
11:47 pm
5 or 6:00 a.m. hour there's no rain on there. the timing of this rain is only going to impact certain areas for the early commute and everywhere else it will continue to spread. i'll go over that time line for you. you saw some of my graphics. a little bit of a power outage. we're all good to go. i've got you covered. you can see we have a little bit of cloud cover. not a lot of activity just yet. it's off of the coast but as the system begins to roll on in our temperatures are going to be a little bit cooler because of the cloud cover through tomorrow. so our temperatures will be topping out in the upper 50s. low 60s in through oakland. 62 for palo alto. let's get to the hour by hour outlook because this is very important for those of you that have plans for tomorrow. again, not really expected to impact your monday morning commute. as a matter of fact look at the time line here. 12:30. a lot of that rain will stay far off to the north and it isn't really until 1:00 or 2:00 when that system starts to move from
11:48 pm
north to south. that's when san francisco will start getting some of those showers and oakland, san rafel as well. the likelihood is pretty much expected. it's going to be widespread down through the south bay and the morgan hill area as well. so the afternoon showers will spread and then notice by tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. a lot of that rain activity really diminishes and as far as your rain totals go, good news there. we're tracking not a lot of rain. we're talking a quarter of an inch to a little under half an inch to the coastal mountains and then as we head in toward thursday and friday things change yet again. that's going to warm our temperatures up thursday into friday and set us up for a
11:49 pm
beautiful weekend ahead. look at saturday and sunday and the temperatures are going to be comfortable. >> what's the low on monday? >> 50s. overnight lows in the 50s. >> that's not fair. >> i know. see my graphics are just on one today. >> it cut out early tonight. it's getting late. >> sharks, giants, and tiger. a lot of sports to take in today. a preview of all the action. >> after controversial interference call in game two could the sharks swing the mo n momentum in game three against the golden knights? we'll have full highlights. tiger was in contention again on sunday. could he pull off the ultimate come back at augusta? find out next coming up in sports.
11:50 pm
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>> he made headlines at the
11:52 pm
masters yesterday after finishing two shots back of the leader francesco molinar. so all eyes were on him to see if he could complete the sports come back of the ages. two shots back of the lead and his run on the back nine. his second shot on the par 13. he knocks it on and will convert the two putt for birdie. that got him to 12 under and tie for the lead again. tiger feasting on the par 5s reaching another green in two and then the short birdie putt makes him the sole leader at 13 under. par 3, 16th, tee shot lands on the green and tracks toward the hole. he would convert the birdie putt from there. the two shot lead walking to the green on 18 and his putt to win a tap in to finish 13 under to win the green jacket. wins his first major since the 2008 u.s. open and fifth major putting him just three back of the all time mark of 18. >> sharks and golden knights
11:53 pm
game three of the first round series looking more like a vegas night club at t-mobile arena. mark stone gets it on a break away and gets one past martin jones. vegas takes a very early 1-0 lead. opening seconds of the second period. paul fires and gives the knights a 3-1 lead. later in the period, sharks though have no answer as he scores again collecting two goals and three assists in the game. lass have as vegas goes on to take a 2-1 series lead over san jose. >> giants looking for the four game sweep of the rockies. down by one. blasts one to left. halfway up the bleachers. it's a three run shot. 4-0 lead by the rockies. that was more than enough for rockies starter who flirted with a no-hitter in the 8th. crawford leading off the inning. he hits a bullet at third but he recovers and fires to first to keep it intact.
11:54 pm
evan longoria slaps one to left to break up the no-hitter. marquez shrugs it off. looking for the one hit shut out. ball game over. rockies go on to win 4-0. as facing the rangers after getting rained out on saturday. tied at two. clubs one deep to left and it is gone. a solo shot. now 5-2, marcus similfor a two double. the arks up their lead 7-2 but don't sleep on the rangers. 8th inning now 7-5. lines one to right center. both would come in to score. game tied at 7 a piece. later in the frame, lays down the go ahead squeeze bunt. beats it out. s
11:55 pm
santana would score and the rangers would win 8-7. the doves are back on warriors ground for game 2 of the opening round of the nba playoffs tomorrow night. that's all for sports. for more news, stay tuned after the break. ♪ ♪
11:56 pm
♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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today... police officers teamed up against the city )s firefighters, all for a good cause. a friendly battle of the badges baseball game today. teaming up against the city's firefighters and we didn't get a call to say who won. the cops called and say they won or the firefighters but we do know that there was a winner and the winner was the st. jude's research hospital. all proceeds went to them. the police and fire departments hosted a barbecue, bake sale, shaved ice stand as well. organizers hope to make it an annual tradition. >> the goal of this is to both
11:58 pm
support the local community and get people involved in supporting the children at the hospital and begin an annual event where years to come people will come together as a community to support the children at the hospital. >> and kids were invited to check out fire truck, police car, paramedic van, all on display as part of the touch a truck activity. gorgeous day out there. things are changing slightly. >> just a bit. we have a quick moving system expected to bring rain. don't worry your morning commute should not be impacted but your evening commute you could see rain on your drive home from work. >> have a great night and a great week take care.
11:59 pm
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start with internet and voice for just $59.90 a month. it's everything a small business owner needs. comcast business. beyond fast. >> john daly, famous for his sing drive and swing. the popular golfer is also known for an excessive lifestyle over two decades that included gambling. >> you've lost $55 million gambling over the years. >> it's crazy. >> a lot of partying. >> you were basically drunk when you were playing. >> yeah, you get in at 7:00, 7:30 in the morning, got a tee time at 8:00 or 9:00. >> multiple marriages. >> when things are bad with all my wives, they just were gone. >> today daley is sober, in love, and still playing golf but admits he's struggling with his game. we traveled in


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