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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 17, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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right now at 5:00, the mueller report comes out tomorrow. we are live on capitol hill on what to expect on how the white house is responding. dixie is done. a school district is changing its name. why physically removing the name, though, is going to be tough. plus, sharks in deep water after losing yet another playoff game to the vegas golden knights. but it's not over just yet. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. it's going to be a nice day? >> it's going to be a beautiful day. we're ready for a warmup. it will feel like spring.
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maybe even feel like summer in spots. here's a live look outside walnut creek. starting out with clear skies. upper 50s as you head out the door. upper 60s by noon. we'll get a look at the high temperatures coming up. mike, though, bridges are ready for the commute. >> that's right. i saw the zipper truck move across the golden gate bridge. four lanes coming in, two lanes going out. a maintenance vehicle on the walkway. that's cool over there. coming in from the north bay, no delay. a smooth drive. west 830, palo alto, that did clear. no delays. back to you. thank you very much. we're just 24 hours away from when the mueller report on russian interference is set to be released. "today in the bay" tracie potts joins us live in washington where there is growing angst. tracie, any idea how much information from the report is expected? >> reporter: well, we certainly could.
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we know that the attorney general said there are specific types of information that will be blacked out. secret grand jury information. anything pertaining to an yon going investigation, things that by law he cannot reveal top secret. and the obscure category of things that could be considered embarrassing or could damage the reputation of the third parties involved. now, does that mean they will protect the names and oeutdities and testimony of white house staffers who talked behind the scenes about what the president has or has not done. thats not clear. that is raising a lot of angst in the white house. >> should be interesting to see. tracie, how is the white house preparing for the release of the report? >> reporter: so just got some updated information on that about 10 minutes ago from one of the president's attorneys, jay
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sekulow. they are meeting today, the legal team. they have met every day this week. they have prepared a counter report. he now tells us it is about 30 pages. but they have been modifying it in recent days. so they're changing that around, back and forth. based on what they hear may or may not be included in this report. as of late, they had not even decided whether to release the report. they are preparing their own report to release. what's in the report, what they have to fight back at really depends what comes out tomorrow morning. >> exactly. it will be interesting to see when they release that, if they do at all. nancy pelosi, she sat the bar very high for impeachment. are we hearing anything from the house speaker ahead of the release, though? is she saying anything else? >> reporter: well, she said she wants to see the full report, which is not what we're expecting tomorrow. she wants to see the entire 400
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pages unredacted. so do most democrats. in her latest interview, she said it's not worth her time to go after impeaching president trump no matter what's in this report. but democrats are still pressing to see the whole thing and not the redacted version, the blacked-out version. >> tracie, thanks so much. a lot to keep track of there. on capitol hill, president trump vetoing a resolution to end u.s. involvement in the yemen war. the resolution passed the house of representatives earlier this month and the senate in march. it marked the first time both chambers of commerce supported a war. the resolution limits the president's ability to send troops into action. this marks the second time mr. trump has used his veto powers. new, a man faces charges for threatening a school shooting at mission high in san francisco. according to the examiner, that
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man made a threat monday evening on campus. police describe the suspect as a, quote, outsider. they said staff managed to disescalate the situation. students were asked to shelter in place as a safety precaution. >> 5:05 right now. after months of meetings, a marin county school district is finally changing its name. there is still plenty of work ahead as far as what that name will be. "today in the bay" pete suratos joining us live for this update. so dixie is out? >> reporter: yeah. that's right, marcus. dixie is out. the dixie school board voting to change its name. there's been months of meetings on this. but as far as the new name, that is still to be determined. they will form a new committee to figure all of that out. this is video. this is the meeting that took place last night here in san rafael. several hours of public comment regarding this name change. the board did vote to change the name in a 3-1 vote by the school
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board. this controversy dates back to the late 1990s with some calling the dixie name racist. folks on the other side said it is named after an indian woman named dixie who knew the man who donated the land for the first school back in the 1800s. as i mentioned, a committee will be forming to decide the next name. the cost to change the name will be roughly $40,000. one woman speaking at last night's meeting about the importance of changing the name. >> you have the choice tonight to be the ones who go down in history books as doing the right thing and changing the name. or you can wait for another few years. and this is going to come back again and another school board will vote to change the name. >> reporter: i want to point out, no district funds will be
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used for this name change. it could cost $40,000 to change the name. we will see who tpaots the bill on that one. the name will officially be changed august 22nd. pete suratos for "today in the bay". >> we will be waiting to see what that name will be. >> new overnight, the city of oakland steps up to help school funding. the district believed they would get it from a newly approved tax measure. the result is being challenged because the measure received less than two-thirds vote. the city will not start collecting that tax parcel until the appeal is sorted out in court. 5:07. new this mornin vowing to pressure. san francisco health leaders sign off on building at
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zuckerberg health. patients will no longer have to cover the gap. some have bordered on being downright unfair. they will limit how much patients have to pay out of pocket based on income and improving their financial assistance options. >> new details this morning on plans to shuttle thousands of warriors fans to the chase center. san francisco officials hope to open a temporary ferry terminal at mission rock. if approved, the goal is to have it ready by the team's first game in october. plans were presented to the main transit board yesterday. the city says it hopes to have a more permanent landing near mission rock by 2021. 5:08. warriors resuming their playoff series in l.a. sharks in situation critical after vegas pretty much dismantled the team last night. golden knights shut out the
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sharks to take a 3-1 lead in the best of seven series playoffs. game five back at the shark tank tomorrow night. and the boys in teal return home to the shark tank for tomorrow's game. game time 7:00, kari. should the weather be pretty nice then? >> yes. it will be very warm tomorrow. we start it today. as we start out, temperatures are cool heading out the door. a live look at dublin. a lot of people are up and out the door. brentwood, 51 degrees at 6:00. dropping down to 49. we start the quick warmup of our temperatures going into late morning, early afternoon. if you're going to the a's game at 7:07, right at 63 depress. slightly warmer than yesterday. it does cool off quickly under all clear skies. we'll get a look at more things going on around the bay area and the temperatures. mike, you found some slowing on the peninsula. >> i did. less than what i found a few
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minutes ago. watching north 101. cone zone passing by willow, approaching marsh. remember they continue to work on the transitions through the area. eventually things will get smoother overnight. right now we have the slowing. crews should clear the next 15 minutes. we may see traffic break. i'll track that for you. around the bay, a smooth drive, as you would expect this time of the morning. we still have the truck fire affecting a couple lanes. more detail coming up. back to you. sounds good. we'll check back with you. >> 5:10 right now. schools in the denver area on edge as police search for a woman who is considered armed and dangerous and making threats gets campuses. still ahead at 5:25, what police say may be behind the threats. >> back at home, hidden millionaires. >> well, was your college
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92. traffic flowing -- well, not flowing eastbound right now. they are holding traffic over toward the hayward side. i'll definitely talk about what we are seeing. and 5:14 on your wednesday. look at this. nasdaq will open this morning above 8,000 for the first time in about six months or so. netflix is under pressure. the los gatos company says it has a record number of subscribers. its growth was smaller than experts expected. apple settled its case against qualcomm. qualcomm will supply apple with 5 g chips for future phones. the trial is over. apple was scrambling to get chips. remember, 5g is coming. your current phone won't receive a 5g snag. apple can now build them.
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terry gau, head of foxconn there next to president trump. gau says he wants to be president of taiwan and will run in that country's next election. looking less and less likely, herman cain will join the federal reserve. yesterday the white house hinted he should take his name out of consideration. we expect san francisco's pinterest to price and sell its shares for the first time tonight in its initial public offering. and then selling to the regular public tomorrow. a lot of talk about ipo millionaires in the bay area. but they don't have to be from household names. sila nantotech values the company at a billion dollars. i am guessing you in your life have never heard of it. they will make technology for car batteries, make them better. again, you have this small group of people in a nondescript
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building worth a billion dollars. will people use those items. >> they will eventually. no, you can't buy stock in it. it's private. >> for now. >> for now. >> all right. how many of those workers there and everywhere have a college degrees. so the question is, is the college degree worth all the debt? many are divided when it comes to answering that question. a new study says 58% of graduates say yes. 42% say their degree wasn't worth the student debt that it created. >> new video shows a pontoon boat dangling off the edge of a dam in north california. drones captured this sight -- sorry, there is north carolina. the drones there captured this site before local fire crews were able to safely retrieve it. they connected their boat to a tree and attached the pontoon,
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pulling it away from the dam yesterday. the boat ended up floating freely following a recent storm. wow. let's check our forecast for today. spring has sprung. >> it will feel like summer tomorrow. a big jump in temperatures every day. starting out cool in san jose. most of us in the upper 40s. 47 degrees at 6:00. the warmup will be happening pretty fast with all of that sunshine eventually heading up to 76 degrees. you can see it at the bottom of the screen. and also heading over toward dublin, a little bit cooler to start. we will have another warm afternoon going up to 62 degrees at 11:00. at noon, take the lunch outside. it will be 67 degrees. let's get a look at all our high temperatures across the bay area with the south bay reaching 76
5:18 am
in east san jose. 75 in milpitas. winds will be lighter than it was yesterday. martinez reaching 73. very pleasant weather in hayward, reaching 71. a little bit cooler for half moon bay. staying at 60 degrees. san francisco in the mid-60s. marina district up to 62. napa, a high of 76 today. so as we go through the forecast, it stays nice and quiet. there is an area of low pressure and weak cold front that will be moving in to parts of the pacific northwest. but will miss us with the rain. so we are going to have a slight cooldown heading into the mid end of the week into the weekend. here's how our temperatures shape up. mid-70s today inland. 83 tomorrow. then it starts to come down a few degrees as the system passes by the region. we will get a stronger ocean breeze. that will make it feel comfortable in time for the easter weekend. there are so many events going on. i'm trying to make graphics for
5:19 am
a lot of them. i will have a look at that coming up in the next half hour. mike, you were sorting things out on the san mateo bridge. >> kari, i thought it was a crash. in the foreground, you see it is a sweeper truck. the trucks, crews, flashing lights, keeping everything moving smoothly. that is good news. they made their way over to the hayward side, on the toll plaza. traffic flowing smoothly. now on the maps we don't see slowing showing up too pronounced. san mateo bridge flowing smoothly from the peninsula to the east bay and vice versa. yesterday we had problem with the dumbarton bridge but no problems. both spans are okay for business. in fact, all spans are moving nicely. smooth flow of traffic in the south bay, tri-valley. no delays for contra costa county unless you're north out of the carquinas, away from
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vallejo. we monitor a semi truck which has a trailer with the fire there. right two lanes blocked by a fire that is there. no injuries. we are still tracking it. the commute toward the bay bridge shows the build. metering lights any second now. back to you. thanks, mike. >> 5:20. coming up, several denver area schools closed today as police search for a woman making threats of violence against campuses. up next, what may be inspiring her. you buckle up, start the car, put it in gear and take off. next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together.
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welcome back, everyone. 5:23. developing right now in colorado, a manhunt is under way for a woman believed to be armed. authorities say she is threatening numerous denver area schools. the 18-year-old woman traveled from her home in florida to colorado on monday. she's made threats they call credible but not specific. the threats include some 20 schools, including columbine high school. the suspect is fixated on the school shooting there two decades ago. many schools remain open. all exterior doors are locked. it's day to wo in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. defendants derrick almena and
5:24 am
max harris face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deadly fire in 2016. opening statements will start next month. new details documents showing prosecutors in chicago were concerned bay area actor "empire" star jussie smollett was being overcharged. this comes ahead of all the charges being dropped. nbc received internal texts and emails related to the smollett investigation. state attorney kim foxx believes he was overcharged, especially compared to the case of r&b singer r. kelly. smollett told police he was the victim of a hate crime. police later determined that he was not a victim and instead he had staged the attack. still no concrete timetable when grounded boeing 737 max jets will return to the skies. boeing is getting the preliminary light from aviation leaders.
5:25 am
faa panel released its initial review to mcas automated flight system. it is being called operationally suitable. they recommend additional training for pilots. again, the grounding at this point is open-ended. american airlines yesterday said its max 8 flights would be canceled at least through mid-august. new this morning, the won r world's best airport. >> the new jewel opened to the public today. it includes the tallest indoor waterfall and surrounded by thousands of plants. look at that. there is a and movie theater inside. would you go shopping there? interesting. it costs more than a billion dollars. >> that is in singapore. now to a story you won't believe without video here. workers on a oil rig noticed something stunning in the water. >> take a look at this.
5:26 am
a little dog right there. the rig is off the gulf of thailand 135 miles offshore. the crew brought the dog to safety and called him survivor. how did he get there? crews think he fell off a fishing boat. he was calm so he was able to swim onto the rig. survivor is back on land. he got a checkup. one of the crew members is also going to adopt him. 5:26. coming up next, top stories we're following this wednesday morning. talks breaking down over a massive expansion plan on stanford. rebuilding notre dame. that's the focus in paris today. next, the new timeline as to when the iconic church could fully be restored. and taking a live look. it looks like the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza are on. mike will have a look at the morning commute and great look at the forecast. all coming up. 5:26.
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welcome to wednesday morning. taking a live look outside. san francisco, city by the bay, nicely illuminated waiting for the sun's arrival. it will be a great day across the bay area. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's talk about the beautiful weather for us today. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking it. look at those numbers. >> yeah. starts out chilly as you head out in mid-40s.
5:30 am
we're at 50 degrees in san francisco. 54 in oakland. but it will warm up quickly today. a lot of sunshine. martinez goes from 49 degrees at 7:00 to 71 degrees at 1:00 today. so we are going to have a big warmup. that continues tomorrow as well. more on that in just a few minutes. mike, you have updates for two of our bridges. >> the volume really building. we have a cash and fastrak lanes backed up. i saw fastrak fill in first. for a few minutes, it was just those lanes. traffic in through the maze, a little bit lighter for the rest of the traffic flow. that's not a big deal. san mateo bridge, we thought we had a big deal. sensors all over 92. a sweeper truck. a quick traffic break. back to you, marcus. >> all right. thanks, mike. 5:30. a deal between stanford and the palo alto school district is falling apart.
5:31 am
at stake, millions of dollars for local schools. kris sanchez is live at stanford with what's next. kris, what happened here? >> reporter: well, marcus, we're still trying to figure that out. at this point it looks like the whole deal is on hold indefinitely. at least according to one of the negotiators on the county's team. now, we have talked about this proposed development here on "today in the bay" for you. so you might remember that this is a really massive proposal we're talking about here. we will hoe you the numbers here. 4,000 acres in all in unincorporated santa clara county. 2 million square feet of academic space. 2,600 beds. 550 housing units for faculty and staff. and proposed $138 million over four years for palo alto unified school district. as the supervisor put it, it wasn't a good-faith negotiating
5:32 am
effort. that's according to the county. the county wanted to be the primary negotiator in all of this so in theory all the concerns would be addressed. also roads, traffic mitigation, open space protection and such. so that's the back story. the story today is that the county is shutting down all negotiations at this point it seems because stanford went around the county, and to the school district directly. here's what the stanford vice president of government and community told them weekly. we are surprised by such a decision because supervisor and the county had actively encouraged us us to engage as part of these negotiations and we believe this discussion is not in violation of the ground rules for this process. we are trying to get confirmation ourselves. we have reached out to the office as well as palo alto unified and stanford university. we will limit know let you know
5:33 am
online. notre dame cathedral in paris, the focus is now squarely on rebuilding. a live look at the gothic cathedral. it looks quite beautiful on that parisian afternoon. france in mourning announcing a contest to redesign a new spire. they are estimating a six-year closure. donations started pouring in even before the last flames were out. nearly $1 billion has been raised already. the spire and roof both collapsed. many treasures and relics appear to have been saved. crews work to get the salvage work started. engineers are trying to assess the risk of collapse. >> right now they are trying to identify if there is a risk of stones falling off part of the walls. they want to be sure that they
5:34 am
test everything in the structure of the building. >> investigators are still in the preliminary stages of determining a cause of the fire. so far it is being tied to renovation work crews were conducting. more details. aware hearing from one san diego firefighter who pitched in to try to help put out the intense flames. justin is on vacation in paris for easter week. he was a mile away when he saw the smoke from the fire. then he said his instincts kicked in. >> super there is a bizarre need to want to try to do something. whether it was just organized some fire hoses and make their access easier. i know that wasn't a realistic thing. because they were doing everything that they could. >> he says he was amazed to see his french counterparts bravely enter. a localmaker working to
5:35 am
stop violence. the vote came after they gave recommendations how to improve current policies and protocols. a follow-up for you this morning. san jose's plan to change its schedule for electing a new mayor does not receive the minimum number of votes needed. instead of during the governor's election years. the mayor won the new term last june. supporters argue that the move would increase voter turnout. but at yesterday's meeting, the measure failed. opponents fear it might allow national politics to overshadow the mayor'srace. >> 35:35 right now. former press secretary heads to the east bay. sean spicer is speaking at u.c. berkeley. >> bob redell live for us.
5:36 am
cal has seen protests over others in the past. is this expected to be a calm one today? >> reporter: marcus and laura, you're referring to demonstrations we saw a couple years ago here at the u.c. berkeley campus. we have seen no protests planned for sean spicer when he speaks later tonight, at least nothing we're aware of. that is not to suggest that sean spicer isn't a controversial figure among people on the left who believe he didn't always speak the truth when he was white house press secretary for president trump. the berkeley college republicans invited him to speak tonight on campus about the, quote, media bias and the threat that it poses to our public. he signed an executive order protecting free speech on college kputsz and threatening to withhold funds for universities that don't comply. protests turned violent in 2017 and led the university to cancel
5:37 am
a speech. he was back later that year after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on security. if you are interested in hearing sean spicer speak tonight, it will be 7:00 to 8:30 tonight at evans hall at uc berkeley. the event is free. it appears there are still tickets available. reporting live here at uc berkeley, bob redell, "today in the bay". >> thanks so much, bob. 5:37. a new lawsuit claims apple misled investors by lying about iphone sales. the case is seeking class-action status. everyone who bought apple stock over the holidays could be a part of it. sales were slumping while the u.s. was in a trade war with china at the time. apple told investors it was going into the holiday season with its strongest lineup of products and services ever. thauzs of people lost money because that wasn't true. apple has not responded. >> netflix is promising to offer
5:38 am
more information on what people are watching. this is part of the latest earnings report. the company announcing that it will add almost 10 million subscribers. netflix says more than 52 million people have watched triple frontier. more than 20 million people have viewed the fire fest documentary. viewer info helps advertisers select shows in which to place ads. but netflix said it doesn't affect commercial-free service. your commute could soon become a little cheaper. smart is considering f ra are reduction plans after customers complained about the cost. it is $3.50 one way and 11.50 for the full length of the line. you can also buy passes for $200 per month. some riders say they would like a change. others don't mind. >> i think the fares are good.
5:39 am
i pay $200 a month for 31 days of travel. i think that's a fair rate. >> it's a little high, but it beats sitting in traffic. >> smart is considering a pilot that would provide a 20% discount for passengers. and kids could ride free with the purchase of an adult ticket. they will discuss proposals at its afternoon meeting. who knew all you have to do is just complain that the fares are too high and they would consider changing it. taxes are too high. >> if that was fine for you, pay the old prices. out here, guys, to the roadways. a smooth flow of traffic. kari will have the forecast in a second. roadways are dry and moving nicely around the bay. metering lights are on. really the only thing that is not green. i want to take you to the waze system. a half hour. it was reported a crash -- i'm sorry. a truck fire as well that we have been monitoring getting to
5:40 am
american canyon. it looks like they may be wrapping that up. we will track that along with all of you. here we go. let's look towards the weekend, right? >> it is earth day. easter weekend. it's 4/20. there is a lot going on. >> there is. >> yeah, saturday. it is going to be really nice. we will have perfect weather from the coast to the inland valleys. reaching 70 inland. easter sunday, we will reach 60 degrees. the bay reaching 69 inland valleys up to 71 degrees. it's also coachella. if you're heading out of town, look how hot it will be in the desert. 75 degrees to start out in the morning. reaching 100 in the afternoon. as we bring it back home, if you're out participating in some of the celebrations and cleanup,
5:41 am
antioch will be nice. 57 degrees. get out early. it will warm up throughout the day. reaching into the mid-70s. it is also the cherry blossom festival. the big parade on sunday at 11:00. expect it to be right at about 58 degrees. reaching the low 60s into the afternoon. muir woods will be free this weekend. as we celebrate earth day. and it's going to be nice to be there as well. a little bit warmer on friday. but it cools down on saturday with a stronger breeze. up to 61 degrees as you head out for your hike. we'll talk about what's going on today and our temperature trend. that's coming up in three minutes. >> all right. looking forward to that, kari. >> the latest on a deadly north bay crash. the reason why it was a close call for chp officers. >> it is 24 hours until we get the redacted mueller report. 24 hours and counting. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues. kari weathere
5:42 am
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5:44 am
mike traffic tease right now at 5:44, it is still chilly. we will have a warmup throughout the day. palo alto, 48 degrees at 6:00 to the mid-60s by noon. nice day to get outside, especially early in the day. we'll talk about the warmest day of the week coming up in less than five minutes. and across the bay, dublin, those headlights coming westbound. that's your commute direction.
5:45 am
look. nice spacing from dublin to livermore. we will track the commute as it builds. traffic is flowing again on highway 37 following a deadly wrong-way crash near the 101 interchange 9:30 last night and closed both transition ramps from 101. chp says the woman died when her car struck another car head-on. we are learning she was the one headed the wrong way. she swerved to avoid two responding chp motorcycle officers before she plowed into another yon coming car. amazingly, the other driver suffered only minor injuries. two hikers and a dog missing for five days safe this morning. new video showing a helicopter bringing them to safety. our local affiliate riding with searchers when they initially
5:46 am
found the men. both are said to be doing well following their ordeal. >> five people in custody believed to be breaking into cars in hollywood. police say the suspects are from oakland. l.a.p.d. says they caught a ring of thieves breaking into cars and parking garages and on the streets in the theater district. they were targeting rental cars and using scooters to make their getaway. >> this is an yann going issues. the suspects coming down to los angeles on the weekend. breaking into multiple cars and fleeing back up north. >> police believe the thieves take the stolen items and sell them on the streets. of oakland. >> 5:46 right now. and there are roughly 24 hours until the release of the mueller report. >> scott mcgrew a day from now, america will be busy reading. >> we know the full report is hundreds of pages long and still will be without redactions. the summary from bill bar said
5:47 am
the mueller report found no evidence the trump campaign knowingly conspired with the russians. but mueller did not rule whether the president obstructed justice. he said his report did not exonerate the president nor condemn him. reversing a resolution passed by both houses of congress calling for an end to the involvement in the war on yemen. america provides funneldingy toe sawedies fighting in yemen war. first time in history both the house and the senate voted to end engagement in a foreign conflict. members of congress running for president are free to move about. cory booker, amy klobuchar talking about health care and beto o'rourke on the east coast.
5:48 am
pete buttigieg said it expected 50 people to come to the rally and got 1,600. nancy pelosi lashing on it at alexandria ocasio-cortez saying anyone could have won the district unless they were a democrat. but the big victory for o ocasio-cortez wasn't the general election, it was the primary when she beat long-time democrat joe crowley. one single camera crew from new york one covered her campaign. we're watching everything happening in the republican and democratic party. follow us on twitter. i'm@scottmcgrew. >> hey, check out this new video of an unexpecteden counter on the slopes of north star. a snowboarder came across a bear
5:49 am
cub. took a nibble off his glove before walking away. anyone who encounters a bear in the mild should slowly walk away. they say you should yell and try to scare it off. because the mama bear, no doubt very close there. i think i'd be yelling, ah! trying to scare it off. >> you don't need that special instruction. >> no. >> it looks so cute, though. but, oh, where's mama? >> look at all the snow sierras. we look at those temperatures. as you get ready to head out the door, it's cool in a few spots. napa, down to 42 degrees. 44 in liverpool and san martin. santa rosa, 45. it's a cool start. it will be a warmer day. the seven-day forecast is up at
5:50 am
the bottom of the screen. concord, 49 degrees. at 10:00, 61. very quick warmup. our temperatures going late morning, early afternoon, eventually heading to 77 degrees there. much warmer than yesterday as well in oakland, reaching 70. and 74 in san jose. north bay, expect the highs up to 75 degrees in santa rosa. going out to the a's game this evening, it will be a little bit warmer than it was for last night's game. but still cooling off fast with mostly clear skies. not as windy as well. looking at quiet conditions. this area of low pressure will continue to make its way across the pacific northwest. but will miss it with some of the rain. we'll switch up our wind flow friday as well as the weekend. and so we continue on with dry conditions and a high amount of tree pollen in the air. grass pollen now at a moderate level. everything else is low. it is really the tree pollen
5:51 am
making everyone sneeze right now. a lot more people are getting outside with temperatures this comfortable reaching 75 degrees. up to 83 degrees on thursday. really warm weather. but then it does cool down in time for the easter weekend festivities. highs in the low 70s. i think that's about perfect. san francisco reaching low 60s. it will stay there into the start of next week. mike, tracking the truck fire. has it cleared yet? >> it has, kari. we got confirmation it cleared. that's the one on i-80 heading away from the carquinas bridge. i will point it out on that portion of the maps. only mild slowing through hayward. that's the only thing other than green we see. reports of something going on right around octavia/101. it could be closer to the skyway. we will track that in san francisco. no slowing on the approach from west 80. we have the backup at the bay bridge. of course this is what we're
5:52 am
talking about. top of your screen. all lanes cleared from the fire crew. a truck fire. the cargo section was on fire. they have cleared it from lanes. the build at the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. this is a typical pattern. same thing farther south. more traffic throw at this focused point. avoid it by taking parking lot. thanks, mike. happening now, the mayor of yuma, arizona, a town on the u.s./mexico border an increased release of migrants into the town. they are looking for help from fema and calling on other cities to follow suit and declare emergencies. the state of emergency does not mean crime will be on the rise. all those released have gone through background checks and medical screenings. don't put dessert in your kids's lunches just yet. the cookie recall you need to hear about.
5:53 am
all new this hour, from illegal to etiquette. the new rules for smoking pot at parties according to one manners expert. you wanted to save on prescriptions...
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i receive travel rewards. going new places! going out for a bite! going anytime. rewarded! learn more at well, here's a look at what we're sharing on social media for you today. this is "today in the bay" kris
5:56 am
sanchez showing off these pictures from her vacation. she said i found myself in the middle of a nbc microclimate weather alert. follow kris on facebook. a follow-up for you this morning, gun shows coming to an end at the cow palace in daly city. >> the board of directors voting unanimously yesterday. the gun show ban will go into effect in 2020. any remaining gun shows this year will still take place. there's a recall for chewy chips ahoy cookies, specifically these 13-ounce packages. the best used by dates of september 7th, 8th, 14th, and 15th of this year. the company that makes them said the ingredients may be tainted and could make you sick. either throw them away or take them back to the store for a full refund. continuing coverage this morning of eivanka trump's visi
5:57 am
to africa to talk about women's economic development. this is her trip to the ivory coast. she wraps up her tour there today. well, truck drivers are worried about automation. here's new video to prove it. hundreds of union members rallied in l.a. yesterday. they are specifically worried about a proposal to allow driverless trucks and other technology that appear at the port of los angeles. the commission postponed the vote at the request of eric garcetti. san francisco will come together to remember a powerful and historic earthquake and fire. tomorrow marks 113 years since the disaster. a luncheon is scheduled for this afternoon at john's grill. mayor breed will honor a contribution to the annual earthquake commemoration at the
5:58 am
fountain. 5:57. and 4/20 is this weekend. more and more states have legalized recreational marijuana. >> you might notice more social events where people are enjoying pot. one author is making it her mission on how to enjoy cannabis with class. >> people are much more willing to consume at your average dinner party or have it be a gift that you might see either coming your way or one you might be inclined to give. be careful. try not to consume. always ask first whether someone is comfortable with photos being taken. >> so the author created a proper et kick for smoke at the dinner table. >> come on. >> apparently you put your smoking pipe on the left next to the little fork. >> do people even know what that little fork is for? >> a lot of people don't.
5:59 am
thofrpg on the "today" show, savannah guthrie. >> she is touring jerusalem for jewish, muslim and christian faiths all within steps of one another. >> so many people think of jerusalem as people fighting over this place. dare i say it is peaceful. >> coexistence is possible here. it just doesn't make the news. >> as always, you can watch the report at 7:00 this morning after "today in the bay". right now at 6:00, schools in the headlines. a name change in the north bay. and a threat of violence in san francisco. the new information families need to know. >> billing changes at sf general. the mounting pressure that led to the change and what it means for you. and more options possible for warriors fans. an update on a temporary new way
6:00 am
to get people from the east bay to the new chase center. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good now wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike will have a look at the commute in just a bit. but first we want to start out with the weather. i'm excited. it's going to be a nice day. >> it will feel like spring across the bay area. we will start out cool and a lot of sunshine. we do really have really nice weather headed our way. upper 60s as we go into late morning in palo alto, eventually reaching the low 70s. upper 70s in a few spots like concord and antioch today. 76 in napa. we will talk about even warmer air in the forecast for tomorrow. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, you have an update on the crash in san francisco. >> that's right, kari. first the location. chp. it may be the same crash. the vehicle is over here. westbound 80 off ninth. the crash cleared the reports. ay


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