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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 23, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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good evening. thanks for joining us. it's been seven months since we felt heat like this. tomorrow could be even hotter. let's begin with our chief meteorologist. jeff, it's an eye-opener out there. >> we have updated numbers. santa ri santa rosa 93 degrees, 23 degrees above the average. concord 71. livermore 88. san jose at 88 degrees. it was good enough for some brand new records in santa rosa, mountain view, sf airport, oldsmobile with the upper 80s and low 90s. mountain view, for example, last time this warm was 86 degrees in 1946 and again we popped up to 89. now, i want to show you something here when it comes to our rainfall averages. is normally the time of the year when we begin to see the rainfall averages drop down here in april, but there is going to be an interesting pattern change coming up over the next seven
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days. i'm tracking a storm system that will bring in clouds, milder weather, and, yes, even some rainfall to california. we will talk about our shower chances for the bay area and our trk dlirchss in the coming days. we will see you then. >> thank you. let's give you a live look. how are the sharks keeping the ice cool in the heat? the new technology that's making it happen. that's coming up in 15 minutes. just about an hour ago we heard from the woman accusing former warriors assistant coach luke walton of sexual assault. she says she is no longer comfortable staying silent and wants walton to learn a lesson. her accusations are stirring up a lot of debate. maryanne, a lot of people weighing in, including steph curry. >> yes, we spoke with him. kelli tennant just wrapped up a press conference in southern
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california. she wants to help other women know they are not alone. >> out of nowhere he got on top of me and pinned me down to the bed and held my arms down with all of his weight while he kissed my neck and my face and my chest. and as i kept asking him to please stop and to get off, he laughed at me. >> reporter: speaking out publicly for the first time, former spectrum ports net reporter kelli tennant talked about what she says happened in a santa monica hotel room when she went to give former warriors coach luke walton a book she wrote. she filed a civil lawsuit against him alleging sexual assault and battery. walton's attorney says the claim is not credible calling tennant an opportunist. he was the assistant coach of the warriors at the time of the alleged assault. he led the team to 24 consecutive wins while head coach steve kerr recovered from back surgery.
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today nba superstar steph curry had this to say about walton. >> in terms of luke, i have known him for a long time. hopefully, everything works out. >> reporter: steve kerr had no comment on the lawsuit. neither did klay thompson. >> i am here to talk about the playoffs. >> reporter: after walton left the warriors he was the head coach of the lakers. the organization says at no time during his employment was this allegation reported to the lakers. after the lakers let him go the sacramento kings hired walton earlier this month to be the new head coach. the kings issued this statement saying we are aware of the report and are gathering additional information. as for tennant, she hopes she can give other women strength to speak up. >> i thought he was going to rape me. >> tennant says she waited five years to make the allegation because she was scared. she said it took that long to muster up the courage to report
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what happened. federal agents swooped down on this house in the oakland hills today looking for evidence of multiple bank robberies. the suspect dwayne mikhail la wasn't there. his wife as giving birth at an east bay hospital. police arrested him right there at the hospital on state drug and robbery charges. he is being held in a martinez jail cell whoil tile the fbi continues their investigation. a wellnine sshortly after n commercial truck was going down seventh street south of market when it somehow collided with a skateboarder. the man died. witnesses say the skateboarder was holding on to the truck at the time. crash. police say it's too soon to say if that was the case. the truck driver is cooperating with officers. that skateboarder is 26-year-old pablo ramirez. he is well known in the skateboarding community. this is video of him on instagram. part of a thrill seeking san
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francisco skate group called gx 1,000. we have new details on that bizarre peeping tom case at the apple star in walnut creek. a man was using a shoe camera to secretly record under a girl's dress. we are getting a look at that shoe camera device and women are learning what they need to be watching out for. jodi hernandez in walnut creek at that apple store. >> reporter: that's right. what police say happened inside this walnut creek apple store on sunday has women here very nervous. as you said, tonight they have an idea of what to be on guard for. you're looking at the recording device. walnut creek police say a 66-year-old man had duct taped it to his tennis shoe to secretly record under a girl's dress. police say the girl's father noticed the man getting uncomfortably close to his young daughter while at the apple store on easter sunday.
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>> his foot under her dress and when he looked down on the shoe he could see a camera attached to the shoe. >> reporter: police arrested jacques bloxham, a personal injury attorney after a customer chased him into a parking garage. they say they found more devices in bloxham's car. >> there is so much wild stuff going on right now. i'm just kind of taken back because it's really gross. >> reporter: women in walnut creek say they are disgusted by what happened . as the weather warms up a lot of women are breaking out their sun dresses. >> that's scare. >> reporter: we should be able to wear we want and not feel unsafe about that. >> unbelievable. disgusting. if that guy were here, i would slap him in the face. >> reporter: she has six daughters. she says she will be telling all of them what to look out for. >> i am glad they caught him red handed. i don't know how to avoid this kind of thing in the future. if that's happening here, where else has the guy been?
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>> reporter: police analyze the devices to see figure out how many women bloxham may have victimized. >> i am definitely going to look at people's shoes more. >> again, right now walnut creek police only know of one victim, but they are analyzing all of the man's devices, trying to figure out if there are more victims. now, the suspect has bailed out of jail but he faces some serious charges, including secretly recording a person's undergarments and annoying a child. reporting live in walnut creek, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> so weird. thank you, jody. an issue that's polarized san francisco for months may be a step closer to resolution tonight. a vote on the embarcadero waterfront could take place. hundreds showed up to speak. it could be hours before the vote takes place. the plan is for 130-bed shelter that could scale up to 200 beds within seven months. it would be used for the homeless. the proposal has ripped a deep
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divide between neighborhoods and neighbors. it was evident from the signs today. this is san francisco's front yard some say. >> i would call was called a ra bigot. drug use, drug sale, illness. busing, additional homes into our neighborhood. >> we cannot continue to refer to one another as outsiders. we are all in this together and everyone needs to be standing up for our neighbors. >> one of the big concerns is the size of the facility. today an sfpd commander explained there will be two dedicated officer to a safety zone around the center seven days a week. people against it threatened to file a lawsuit should the plan move forward. the woman accused of berating a man wearing a maga hat has been found. we told you about this story over the weekend. family members reported rebecca
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mannakee missing. she went to visit a friend and never returned home. she was missing for five days. but place say she went off the grid voluntarily. now, earlier this month she went on a tirade against this man, a 74-year-old, for wearing a make america great again hat. her facebook posts about the encounter went viral. she was fired from her job and received death threats. president trump may love using twitter. he doesn't like the way the social media treats him. late today he tweeted this photo of his meeting with twitter's ceo jack dorsey. he invited him to the oval office for a sit down. hours earlier he slammed dorsey's company on twitter of course complaining the platform doesn't treat him as well because he is a republican and he accused twitter of, quote, playing political games. what's wrong with the trees? it's long been a green corridor in the middle of the city. tonight san francisco's planning to cut down 50 trees along 24th street in the mission district. the public works department
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believes the 50-year-old trees are a safety hazard. mark, you are there with one much these trees. what's the problem? >> reporter: well, raj, we are a couple of doors down from 24th and mission. behind me you can see one of the very distinctive ficus trees. you look down 24th at block after block, canopied by these trees, and imagine 51 of them cut down. for lifelong mission resident david contreras, cutting down the trees is unacceptable. >> they are iconic. they are a part of sf history. audrey ingalls has worked at a 24th street theater for the past eight years. >> if that disappears, 50 of them in this tiny corridor, that would make a huge visual impact. >> reporter: the city's public works department says the trees need to be cut down before they fall down. >> we have seen them come down and hit cars, block lanes of traffic and in a couple instances injure people. >> reporter: san francisco had planned to cut down 76 degrees. after a heated public hearing
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last night they pared it down to 51. the plan is to replace them with red maples and other varieties that are easier keepers. mission resident koser wild man thinks it would be great to find a tree that doesn't need so much water. >> something that would work for the city in long term without us worrying about the drought. >> reporter: last night's public hearing was not the last chance to weigh in. if you give a fig, there is going to be another hearing may 8th to decide the fate of the ficus. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. up next, remember this video? watch. it's a woman getting her hands stuck in a muni car door and then being dragged down the platform. what if we told you this wasn't the first time? we investigate new details in muni's new train car troubles. the hottest ticket in down. game seven for the sharks in the playoffs. things are heating up, but not on the ice. that's good news. the new technology being used on
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this, the hottest day of the year. a warm 86 right now in livermore. i'll show you why this is not going to stick around and when a few showers move back into california. that's coming up in about eight minutes. this video of a woman w
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her hand stuck in a muni train door, had san francisco remember this have a of a woman getting her hand stuck in train and being dragged down the
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platform? it turns out it's happened before. in fact, several times before but they weren't told. our investigative reporter jackson vander bender shows there is a new issue. >> reporter: at the civic center muni platform today passengers found the rear doors of trains disabled after they've closed on riders' hands. >> we should have known about some of these things and i'm really disappointed we didn't. >> reporter: nearby, angry words from city supervisors about being kept in the dark on a growing list of problems with muni trains. >> the fact that we don't know about these incidents is wrong. >> reporter: muni admitted today to four mishaps with rear doors like this one that pulled a woman under the train and sent her to the hospital. turns out an elderly man was also dragged when his plastic bag full of donuts got caught in the door.
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and another revelation that the wheels have to be resurfaced every time a driver uses the emergency brake. that happens once a week on average. and some wheels are so worn that they have to be replaced. the train manufacturer, siemens, says the problem is how the drivers ausing the breaks. the designated stick brakes have anti-lock technology that prevent the damage to the wheels in emergencies. the mushroom emergency break should only be used as a last resort. >> something you use, the mushroom button, to change the way that is applied. obviously, all considerations would take a safety first approach. >> reporter: supervisors want this all figured out before they fork over another $63 million for more of these new trains. well, if you are outside today you know it feels like summer. now is the time to where it
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could be another catastrophic wildfire season. governor newsom talking about cutting a 14-mile-long fire break that would begin at tilden regional park in berkeley and zigzag to lafayette. it's one of 35 going into vulnerable areas across the state. crews will remove dead trees and clear underbrush. part of a multi-million dollar effort to prepare the state for another devastating wildfire season. >> contra costa county, alameda county, you are as vulnerable as butte county, as counties up north. >> the homes are in that vegetation. we want to remove the vegetation below them to slow the fire down or herd it where we want it to go. >> cal fire says the break could look similar to a bike trail. areas a few miles away from the devastating 1991 oakland hills fire that killed 25 people and destroyed hor than 3,000 homes. let's change gears a bit
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here. we talk some hockey. are you ready for the drama? tonight it's do or die for the sharks. game seven of their playoff series against the las vegas golden knights. this is a live look at the "shark tank." the only issue going into tonight is the heat. it's about 90 degrees. so the sharks are counting on a multi-million dollar piece of technology to keep the ice, well, icy. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us with the exclusive story. as soon as this report, put the microphone down and go in and watch some playoff hockey. >> reporter: that would be my goal. you talk about 90 degree heat. it got close to that today. not hot enough to keep fans away from fan fest tonight. inside sap there is a secret weapon to keep the ice icy cold. as workers set up for sharks fan fest outside in the heat, a loud giant machine kept everything
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cool inside. >> dehumidification center. >> reporter: a $4.5 million dehumidifier high above the shark tank ice. so high, you may not want to look down. we are at the highest point of the arena to cool the ice below? >> isn't that something? >> reporter: for a team and arena that measures every inch of the ice, this machine is essential to counteract hot days, fast action, and fans. >> 17,562 people cheering expel about a half-pound of moisture into the air, each of them, living and breathing. we have to get that out of the air so it doesn't condense on the ice out here. >> reporter: the arena used to rent machines for hot days. they say this new model is more efficient and keeps the ice more consistently cool. a way to beat the heat even while the action heats up. in the long run this will save money and help the environment. these fans here tonight hope
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they need to use it a few more weeks. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> how fun that is. they spoke like a meteorologist. very technical terms there. >> body heat. condensation. you know, they want to keep it from getting sticky. the more noise the fans make, you are expelling that moisture, you know, out of your mouth. like on a cold day when you blow air out of your mouth, you see a cloud moving out of your mouth. they want to keep that air dry and cold. a live look outside here in san jose. you see how jam packed it is. cars on the roadways. people jamming into the shark tank tonight right now we have temperatures in the low 80s. we are going to be dropping down into the 70s as we head through 8:00 and 9:00. so that ac inside the shark tank will be working less heading into the game with the temperatures outside starting to drop. then 67 degrees here at 11:00 tonight and mostly clear skies.
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out to one of the nhotter locations in contra costa county with concord up to a high of 92 degrees. right now we are holding on to a lot of that heat with 90. eventually we will drop to the 70s through 8, 9, also 10:00, then some 60s later on this evening. now, tomorrow we are seeing some very similar temperatures up a degree or two in a few of the hottest inland locations. i am going for 90 in antioch, 90 livermore, 92 concord, 93 santa rosa, 90 napa. the numbers drop down near the bay. 65 half moon bay and 77 for the average in san francisco. but we are going to see some changes. we have been mentioning that. friday's forecast, high clouds start to move back into the bay area. not nearly as sunny on friday. then by sunday, check this out, super interesting here. we will have a storm system develop to the south. by 6:00 p.m. on sunday you could see spotty showers across california. we will talk about the bay area chances on sunday night at 6:48. up next, fighting for
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justice. the reason olympic gold medallist aly raisman went to the state capitol today. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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u-s is leading the "push" for a new state-law to help assault one of the most recognizable olympic gold medallists in the world is pushing for a state law in california to help assault victims get justice. at the capitol gymnast aly raisman joined others who accuse george tyndall of sexual assault during exams. she was sexually assaulted by former usa gymnast doctor larry nassar. >> those responsible for protecting and caring for students covered it up, shamed survivors, and provided tyndall with ta financial payout. shame on them. >> the proposed law applies to any claims serconcerning sexual
6:26 pm
assault at a student health center. it would give victims who have to 2020 to file a claim an extra year. the plan is coming together for the a's. not only do we want to build a ballpark near jack london square, they want to revamp the coliseum site. supervisors voted unanimously to negotiate terms to sell their half the coliseum complex to the a's. they have agreed on a price, 85 million bucks. they have to iron out how the a's will redevelop the site. the mayor and city leaders submitted a list of benefits people in oakland should receive with this sale. >> you are a public entity. you represent the good people of oakland. you must include community benefits in any sale deal. >> they want to include low-income housing here. dave kavell says the plan for the coliseum site includes housing, business space, and a
6:27 pm
large park. he also says the deal could serve as a catalyst to finalize the new stadium plans near jack london square. the goal is to have both projects ready to go by 2023. up next at 6:30, the fight over one question on the 2020 census heads to the supreme court. which way the justices seem to be leaning and how it will impact congress. also, a desperate plea to find a hit-and-run driver in san jose. the home surveillance video police want you to see.
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the u-s census. but one question is causing so much uproar, it )s now in front of right now at 6:30 it comes around every ten years. the u.s. census. one question is causing so much uproar it's in front of the u.s. supreme court. that question, are you a u.s. citizen? california leaders say that question will scare some people away from filling out the form which could lead to less federal funding. >> president trump wants to include that question and the supreme court may rule in his favor. janelle wang joins us with the latest. >> yeah, this question is not completely new to the census. it's been there before, but not on the main form since 1950. now the trump administration wants to bring it back. it's a supreme court showdown over a single question on the 2020 census. can the trump administration ask a person's citizenship? 18 states, including california, are fighting to remove that question saying it would scare away undocumented immigrants from participating in the census all together.
6:31 pm
in fact, the government estimates as many as 6.5 million people would not fill out the form meaning the population count that decides federal dollars for things like roads and schools could be skewed. governor newsom said it would hurt california the most. >> the census question is one purpose, and that's to undercount our diverse communities. it's intended to hurt blue states like california. it will have lareal economic consequences and potentially from a representation perspective, we could lose a house seat in that process. >> reporter: but the trump administration argues the information is needed to help enforce the voting rights act. >> he wants to know who is in this country. i think as a sovereign nation, we have that right. >> reporter: inside the court the justices clearly split. sonia sotomayer, the court's only hispanic member, calling it a solution in search of a problem. justice brett kavanaugh, a president trump appointee,
6:32 pm
noting the united nations recommends the question. >> the accurate data you'll get from everybody else who does answer is worth the fact that there might be a very small, small number of people who refuse to respond. >> reporter: today the majority conservative court seemed poised to let the question remain on the census. their decision expected by late june. besides california, cities have filed lawsuits to get that question off the census, including san jose, which has a large immigrant population. if they don't fill out the census because of fear, that will skew the population count in the south bay, which could mean losing millions of dollars in federal funding. >> thank you. joe biden is in. he is jumping in the 2020 presidential race thursday. former vice president a and long time delaware senator will make his announcement with an online video. later in the day he will face voters in pittsburgh. his recognition means he will enter the race as a frontrunner.
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man hit by a car over the weekend and watched that car speed away is reaching out for help tonight. home surveillance video shows the man leaving a family gathering in san jose on sunday night. he asked us not to identify him. he was crossing fox worthy lane when that car hit him and sent him flying into the air. he is there right there. the driver never stopped. >> for me, obviously, i think i would stop and try to see if the guy was okay at least. i mean, he didn't care enough to stop. i am sure he don't care about what i have to say. i hope they find him. >> police don't have much to go on. they are looking for an older model light-colored four-door compact car. reaching a compromise on the use of deadly force by police, that's what lawmakers behind two rival bills announced in sacramento today. one of the bills backed by law enforcement groups and it would require more training for law enforcement on ways to avoid opening fire. lawmakers approved that bill today. but only if it joins forces with the second bill backed by civil rights groups.
6:34 pm
the second bill would allow officers to shoot only if they have tried to de-escalate the situation with other non-lethal methods first. >> it is an emotional, complex, and divisive issue, yet we have to come together and focus on the true intent of the bill which is to reduce the number of use of force incidents. >> lawmakers say the combined bills would give both law enforcement agencies and civil rights groups a seat at the table. hundreds of health care workers protested outside of sf general hospital today saying they don't have enough staff to deal with the homeless and mental health crisis in the city. registered nurses, social workers, medical assistants an other hospital staff carried pickett signs and shouted through mega phones. the union representing them says temporary nurses worked a millionaires last year and it still wasn't enough to staff the hospital properly. >> san francisco general is a level one trauma center. it is the only safety net hospital here in the city, and if it's on divert that mean all patients are going elsewhere,
6:35 pm
which also then means that the city has to pay full price for patients to be seen elsewhere when they should be seen here. >> a hospital spokesperson says the issues raised today be being greased in the negotiations with the union over a new contract. let's. switching gears here. we collect mementos in our travels through life. some we get rid of. some we keep. a story of a bay area man who still gets a kick out of his collection. >> reporter: you can never tell what will inspire a person. for some it's nature. others travel. but for one redwood city man inspiration is a shoe of many colors. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: in brad hogue hogan's garage. >> 327 pairs of shoes. >> reporter: not just any shoes. >> air jordan shoes. >> reporter: a collection amassed over three decades. >> they still smell like -- requirements f. >> reporter: like new? >> yeah, they do. >> reporter: because none of these shoes has touched a
6:36 pm
basketball court, the sidewalk, even a carpet. >> never wore them. never taken a box until today. this is the first pair i have bought back in '85, i think it was. so this was my second purchase. >> reporter: its one of those collections that just happened. >> i bought five and ten and 20 and 50 and 100 and, geez, i can't fit them into my closet. most are 9 1/2's. that's my size. >> reporter: in collecting, the perfect fit is relative. >> they came out with a gray retro. the only size was an 18. i had to buy them. >> reporter: even before hogan became a fan of air jordans, he was a fan of jordan. >> michael jordan is the greatest of all time. i wanted to somehow be a part of the show phenomena. >> reporter: it inspires regular folks to wait in extraordinarily long lines to buy newly released jordans. >> this might be one of the largest dead stock nike collections in the country.
6:37 pm
well, i am oi don't know if i'm proud or if i have serious issues of collecting. >> reporter: all of those boxes are full? >> yes. >> reporter: very few people, even close friends, nknew of hi collection. >> i was surprised. it's a hidden secret of collection. i'm going to close this door here. my family worries about me. my wife worries about me. what is the point? what are you going to do with them? >> reporter: he dreams of taking his collection on the road, meeting people with the same collecting affliction, maybe even putting them on public display somewhere. >> your fingerprints are on these. >> reporter: or maybe not. >> i am here to show people that people collect certain unique ironic things in their life. >> reporter: well, if the shoe fits. >> i have a serious problem. it's a healthy problem, right? >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> okay. turns out this is the first time hogan has ever shown his
6:38 pm
collection and guess ma? he has since relocated it to a secure temperature-controlled facility. >> that's worth a lot of money. up next at 6:00, help may be coming in that fight against a parking ticket. what a judge says traffic officers are no longer allowed to do. stay with us. it )s the second m
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the city in the last 24 hours. a massive fire broke out in stock market this morning. it's the second major fire in stockton in the last 24 hours. this happened around 3:00 a.m. at a business called the california palate manufacturing. you can see the flames engulfing piles of wood. crews got control 7:00 a.m. last night we showed you during the 5:00 newscast. a paper recycling facility at the port of stock con. crews controlled this within a couple of hours. walgreens is making harder for kids to buy tobacco. it will only sell tobacco products to customers 21 or older even in states where you only have to be 18 to buy
6:41 pm
cigarettes. the decision comes after the fda said they sell nicotine to more kids than any other drug stores. new rules start september 1st. chalking your tires to enforce parking rules is unconstitutional. that's the ruling from a federal appeals court in cincinnati today. you probably are familiar with the process. an attendant swipes your car tire with the chalk to track how long you have been parked there. the three-judge panel says that's trespassing, not law enforcement. they say it's a violation of the fourth amendment. okay. the mystery is over. after three weeks the winner of last month's powerball jackpot claimed his prize. $768 million. the man is in his 20s, from milwaukee. says he didn't even check the winning numbers until the day after the drawing. once he did though he quit his job. >> my heart started racing, blood pumping. my blood felt warm. screaming for five or ten minutes. >> can you blame him?
6:42 pm
it is the third largest jackpot in u.s. history. he says he plans on giving some of the money to charity and, of course, to his family. if he has any spare, he could toss it this way. >> we're here. we love cincinnati or milwaukee. where is he from? >> i'm willing to relocate at any moment. if you start sweating, you might have won the lottery? >> we'll be suspicious. >> and screaming for five to ten minutes. you have got to have that, right? pollen report may have you screaming for a different reason. it is high. the oak and cedar trees are dropping pollen everywhere. we will talk about some showers in california when that could happen and help out your allergies in a few minutes. taking on apple. the reason a teenager is suing apple for the facial recognition technology. nbc bay area responda
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
lot of car repair disputes following fender we see a lot of this. nbc bay area responds to a lot of car repair kidisputes.
6:45 pm
>> a free inspection may actually help you. >> when you leave a car repair shop you don't have to wonder whether they actually did the work they were supposed to. the state will inspect your car for free after you have had auto body work done. the inspector will compare your invoice to the work that was done. if they find a discrepancy that could trigger an official complaint or investigation. sign up for your free inspection online. we put a link on our website it's under the consumer resources section. you can also call us with your consumer complaints. the number is 888-996-tips. >> thank you. well, he says it's a case of mistaken identity and that's why a new york teenager is suing apple for a billion dollars. it started in november when police in four states accused osmany bah of stealing from apple stores. according to him the photo on the warrant was not him. he thinks the facial recognition
6:46 pm
system that apple uses in its stores falsely connected him to the thefts. prosecutors in three states have dropped the charges. bah is suing because he says apple's faulty system damaged his reputation. one of the world's oldest living things that met the latest technology. you might call it 23andme for trees. scientists have mapped the genomes of giant sequoias and redwoods. logging has nearly wiped out the old trees while clones have been planted. that strategy overlooks the benefits of diversity. slightly different strains of the tree could survive a drought or a fire. see? >> interesting. >> that is interesting. talk about the near 90 degree heat for a lot of us. are we getting hotter tomorrow? >> a degree or two for a few spots. we won't hit the century mark. that's a little bit of good news. it's going to be warm across the bay area with temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees
6:47 pm
above average. now, we took you out to the shark tank earlier, talked about the air-conditioning unit helping to keep that ice in tip-top shape for tonight's playoff games. you see how jam packed the traffic is right now. lots of people heading there in to get a view of the playoff game. numbers have dropped a couple of degrees over the past half hour. holding on to a warm 85 degrees. and we will be dropping down to the 70s through 8, 9:00 and eventually 60s here as we head on through later on this evening with a little bit of high cloud cover moving on through. tomorrow morning's forecast i think we will stay mostly sunny throughout the bay area. mild weather, upper 50s and also low 60s just really picture perfect here from the south bay to the peninsula. also over the tri-valley. also good for the east bay with sunny skies into san francisco, fog free in the north bay at 56. again subtle changes tomorrow, up a degree or two. nonetheless. >> a warm day out here across
6:48 pm
the bay area. up to 89 in downtown san jose. los gatos 86. you are finding the heat in morgan hill and gilroy. away from the bay the numbers will be climbing into the low 90s. you see that case here across the east bay. closer to the water you have 81 oakland, 84 hayward. head over the east bay hills where this heat continues to bake and sit in the inland valleys and you will have 90 antioch, 90 livermore, 91 pleasanton an danville. up against the beach here, half moon bay 65. but the heat will start to win out here as you go over those coastal mountains down to palo alto with 88. san francisco down just a couple of degrees with a westerly wind. we will have you at 77 here in mission. the north bay warm under the sunny skies. 90 napa, 89 sonoma. so tomorrow is going to be the last day with temperatures this warm. we will see some changes. let's look at what wii'm following. high pressure helping to import
6:49 pm
the air from the south. also keeping the storm track to the north. friday, saturday, and sunday i am seeing changes right now. a system that is kind of starting to sneak in from the south. it's what we call a cutoff low pressure. it's cut off from the main storm track. it able to steer around the atmosphere and do whatever it wants. right now we think friday into sunday increases the cloud cover, brings mild weather back. check it out. even some showers through central and southern california. we are going to be real close to that. you will see in my extended forecast by sunday i have added the possibility of a little bit of shower chance here by sunday night, about a 30% chance right now. we may need to up that. we start off with dry weather early next week. a chilly 59 here in san francisco on sunday's forecast. we will see a substantial drop in the temperatures for the inland valleys from 91 tomorrow to 77 on sunday. so it's going to get much more cooler and enjoyable. do expect the clouds and we will be monitoring the showers by
6:50 pm
sunday evening. but tonight it's good for dinner outside. perfect hockey weather right now. >> 90, hockey weather? >> exactly. >> enjoy the heat outside. get the chill inside. speaking of that game, the trash talking intensifying between the sharks and the golden knights coaches. yep the coaches. colin rush joins us for the shark tank next. ♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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well, here is something we don't talk about too much or hear about too much. the 49ers best players, one of the best players wants out. the kicker, robbie gould, is demanding a trade because he and the niners haven't been able to agree on a contract. the 49ers placed a franchise tag on him. he has to play for them next season. he wants to be closer to his wife and three sons who live in chicago. by the way, the nfl draft is thursday. >> interesting drama there. okay. so are you ready for the drama now? because the next three hours are going to be intense. game seven between the sharks and the golden knights. >> we need to get out there. usually we see players talking trash. this time it's the coaches talking trash. colin rush from the shark tank. >> reporter: here we go, guys. game seven. stanley cup playoffs.
6:54 pm
does it get any better than this? i am going to bring in bret hedican, who will be calling for our friends over at nbc sports california. has this series lived up to the billing for you up and down? >> it has. i look at this team, the sharks matching up against the golden knights, 2-2 in the regular season. here we are 3-3 now in the playoffs. i really think that the sharks haven't found their full stride in which we have seen them play during the course of the season. so tonight could this be the night where they find the game that has made them so great during the regular season? and really put it on the line here in game seven. >> reporter: so much drama in the series not just on the ice. now we are seeing off the ice. it's with the coaches. we will hear right fru no vegas coach gerard ga lant. >> you are the master chirper. >> i really don't want to talk about that, but i think i have to a little bit because, you know, for that clown to say that in the paper yesterday, it's not right. >> reporter: brett? >> he is calling pete deboer a
6:55 pm
clown. this is not coach talk back and forth that we ever see. >> you look at pete deboer, he is coaching two of these in his lifetime. he has won both. gerard gallant hasn't coached in a game seven before, although he played in three of them. was pete deboer trying to get in his head? if he was trying, i think it worked. >> reporter: finally, give me one player who you think could be a difference maker in game seven. we know home ice and hockey doesn't mean as much in other sports. usually it's a player that makes a big play. >> martin jones for me has been lights out the last two games. given up three goals in the last two, and that is the reason why we're sitting here in a game seven. martin jones is going to be the guy that will make it happen. >> reporter: nice to see a hurdle type goal? >> yeah, playing red hot. >> reporter: game seven about to get going at the shark tank. we will be back tonight at 11:00 with highlights and reaction, hopefully from a victorious sharks locker room. guys, back to you. >> we hope so.
6:56 pm
thank you. tonight at 11:00 a crime at a coffee shop in the east bay caught on camera. someone trying to get some work done has his laptop pulled out of his hands. is there enough here for police to catch the thief? that's tonight at 11. before we go we told you about the technology keeping the ice cold at the shark tank. for the rest of us, we don't have a $4.5 million air conditioner? >> no. you will feel that heat. we have 82 at the sharks tank right now. dropping off in the 70s the next couple of hours. it's going to be warm tomorrow, 91 and sunny. we have some changes by this weekend. some clouds and down it a cooler 77 on sunday with some showers south of the bay area. we will monitor it closely. might see a little bit of that pin spin up in the south bay. right now it looks beautiful into tomorrow. >> even hotter tomorrow. >> i know. >> we can handle it. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye-bye. see you at 11.
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
now on "extra" -- chris and katherine's first red carpet since getting engaged. >> the excitement is in the air. >> a superstar couple's occasion for "avengers: endgame." >> try to soak up every moment, enjoy it. >> from miley and liam to scarlet and colin. what the cast was secretly texting before the red carpet. >> it will never be shut down that text thread. then was wendy williams secretly poisoned by her husband? >> any comments about you being poisoned by kevin? >> a 911 call, an emergency welfare check, and the police report detailing how cops found wendy hiding under the covers. inside the explosive new tell-all book about whitney


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