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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 24, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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lysol. what it takes to protect.™ severe weather for parts of the south as overnight storms produce flash flooding and dangerous conditions. bill is straight ahead with the latest. north korea's kim jong-un meeting face-to-face with russia's vladimir putin. should president trump be concerned? after days of protests, police release body cam individual yes of two officers opening fire on a car near yale university with two unarmed people inside. speaking out. a new message from britney spears on the rumors and death threats against her family. plus, we'll hear fight. "early today" starts right now. happen here in this street >> good morning. i'm marlie hall. >> and i'm phillip mena. we are monitoring reports of severe weather hitting the south this morning. the national weather service is urging people in the fort worth,
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texas area to stay off the roads where reports of heavy rain, flash flooding and wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. several water rescues have also already been reported. let's get straight to nbc management bill karins for the latest on this. good morning. >> good morning. we are watching the areas north of dallas. 5 inches of rain was reported overnight. that's where they were doing the water rescues. and it's still pouring throughout the region. but thankfully, the flash flood warning has been dropped. that doesn't mean the threats over with. we can see the bright reds. a lot of additional areas of thunderstorms and torrential rain. they're going to head through the dallas/fort worth area over the next couple of hours. we have 10 million people under the flash flood watch. we have two counties under a flash flood warning. areas south of abilene, around coleman, texas. we'll wait and see. the ground is saturated. weave had three days of rain. we have isolated severe storms too. a line heading between dallas and waco shortly. and late this afternoon we're going to do it all over again, including areasro corpus livch
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right in all those areas. thanks, bill. now we turn to developments in russia where north korean leader kim jong-un is expected to meet with president vladimir putin very soon. a kremlin adviser telling russian media that today's summit will focus on north korea's nuclear program. for more on this, we're joined by nbc's chapman bell. chapman, what do we know about this upcoming meeting? >> marlie, we know it's going to happen. kim jong-un has arrived in russia to a traditional and what looks like a very warm welcome in a city just over the boarder from north korea. his train pull going the station before meeting with russian officials, and then visiting the russia-korea friendship house built for a visit by his late grandfather, kim il sung in the late '80s. no doubt a bit of friendship is what he will be looking for in first visit with vladimir putin. the kremlin saying the focus will be on north korea's nuclear
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program, looking to consolidate from donald trump's meeting with the north korean leader, the last viewed as a failure and finishing early in vietnam. also on the table according to reports, russia and china a road map to ending this nuclear standoff. another key part of the visit could be focusing on trade between the two country, trying to ease sanction. russia came keen to access north korea's natural resources. this is a first visit since his late fatherited i 2011, this could potentially benefit both leaders. marlie? >> chapman, thank you. breaking news. fear back in streets of sri lanka this morning after a new explosion sets off in the capital. a resident taking this video here from their balcony. you see the ground shaking. this was near theoy cinema. a bomb squad found a scooter rigged with explosives and carried out a controlled
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explosion. this comes as the death toll there soars to 359 and a president vowing to clean house with the country's defense department. joining us from colombo is janis mackey frayer. the country is understandably on high alert. how are officials handling these explosions? >> well, there are more clues that are emerging about the bombings here, who was behind them, and why it was that warnings about potential attacks were ignored. the islamic state has claimed responsibility, calling the suicide bombers their fighters. while it's islamic state to associate itself with attacks anywhere in the world, people who study the group say that there may be more than ideology at play here, that these attackers, part of local groups, knew exactly where to send videos and statements to islamic state's media agency for them to be released. the defense minister today described the bombers as well educa educated.
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one of them studied in the uk and australia. he says they came from middle and upper middle class families with money. why and how these local groups were able to carry out such a sophisticated attack remains unclear. the government is also trying to deflect criticism about why it ignored credible warnings and intelligence about the group and its recruitment efforts. the u.s. ambassador here says that the u.s. had no prior notice that an take would happen, that it passed on no intelligence to sri lanka, but that the fbi is here and part of the investigation with other foreign intelligence agencies. phillip? >> a lot of questions still need to be answered. janis, thank you. the white housewar on the m before congress, especially former white house counsel don the po"the post" that the administration is planning to fight a subpoena from the white house judiciary committee, calling on mcgahn to testify. nbc's tracie potts joins us with the latest from d.c. tracie, good morning. >> marlie, good morning.
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the thinking here from the white house is that the mueller investigation is over. the report has largely been turned over, and they don't want to continue to investigate this. so now the big picture is that the white house is going to be fighting the subpoenas from congre congress, including this one for former white house lawyer don mcgahn. remember, mcgahn spent hours talking to robert mueller's team what he knew. he was on the inside of decisions like the firing of jared kushner and michael flynns administration, he knows a lot, and now democrats want to know more what he told the special counsel. but they may not hear it any time soon, because as you said, the post is reporting that the 's part of age push back democr investigations. we saw this yesterday with the former white house personnel director held in contempt after the white house toldshow up for.
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marlie? >> tracie, thank you. a surefire 20 twen20 front-r is finally done biding his time. joe biden is ready to make it official. he is expected to kick off his presidential campaign tomorrow. nbc's halle jackson has more on what we can expect. >> reporter: after months of flirting with a run, joe biden will finally announce it, set to enter the 2020 race as the fron >> reporter: nbc news has learned after a roll-out video thursday, the former vice president will hold a rally in pittsburgh next week followed by trips to the four key early voting states. >> today yet another democrat joins the race for president. this time it's senator joseph biden of delaware. >> reporter: hoping the third run is the charm after two unsuccessful presidential campaigns.den already leads in polls, but he faces some challenges. after several women recently described unwelcome physical contact with him, he promised to do better. >> i will be more mindful, respectful of people's personal space. >> reporter: and while his
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decades long record includes support of the violence against women act and same-sex marriage, he'll probably field questions about his vote to authorize the iraq war, and justice clarence contrast with some progressive competitors in a field of democrats divided on whether to proceed with impeachment after the release of the redacted mueller report. it found no criminal conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia. >> i believe congress should take the steps towards impeachment. >> reporter: but some candidates warn slow down or argue a focus on the president rather than kitchen table issues could backfire. >> what i worry about is that works to trump's advantage. >> all of this of course on the heels of house speaker nancy pelosi after a conference call this week with democrats, coming to the conclusion that democrats will aggressively investigate the president, but stopping short of committing to impeachment just yet. phillip, back to you. >> a lot of people still on the fence about that. hallie, thank you. president trump will tackle the on
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today. he is set to speak at the drug abuse summit in atlanta this afternoon. his trip comes a day after federal prosecutors unveiled the first ever criminal charges against pharmaceutical executives for fueling the opioid epidemic. former rochester drug cooperative ceo larry doud is accused of conspireing to distribute drugs and defraud the federal government. >> doud directed rdc to supply pharmacies without doing any due diligence on them. rdc was in doud's own words, the knight in shining armor for pharmacies that had been cut off by other distributors. >> doud faces up to life in prison if convicted. his lawyer says he will fight the charges. another former executive was charged and plead guilty. the s&p 500 and nasdaq rallied to notch record closing highs on tuesday, as wall street cheered a stronger than expected quarterly profits from some of the largest publicly traded u.s. companies. the s&p closed .9% higher while
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the nasdaq add 1.3%. now to a murder story that made headlines in 2016. a 22-year-old brooklyn man has been sentenced to life in prison without parole in the slaying of 30-year-old karina vetrano of queens. rdprosecutor, john l. lewis brutally strangled and sexually assaulted vetrano while she was out running in her neighborhood park in 2016. lewis was arrested after dna evidence linked him to the crime. he has maintained his innocence despite the conviction. earlier this month chicago made history by electing its first lgbtq mayor. and now tam has. the 59-year-old defeated her opponent, david strauss in a runoff election making her the first out lesbian mayor of a major city in florida. during her acceptance speech, she told supporters she would focus on strengthening
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neighborho neighborhoods. let's check back in with bill karins. good morning. >> it's no surprise we're dealing with flash flooding in texas, and we could deal with more as we go throughout the week. this is map that shows us the top ten areas that have had the rainiest areas. little rock, atlanta, charlotte, a lot of southern cities. this is the rainfall forecast for the storm system now in texas through friday. another soaking rain moving throughout this region. that's why the rivers are ing high uprunn north texas with all around. warm ahead of the storm today in new orleans. and the warming trend is going to continue right into the upcoming weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right. like the hear that thank you so much, bill. in today's quick hits, the 18th annual tribeca film festival kicks off in new york
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dismissing the rumors and saying her family is receiving death threats, but saying all is well and she is doing what is best for her. unfounded rumors about her recent recovery sparked a hash tacoma free brittaney among her fans. a 24-year-old man is now a multimillion-dollar-year-old. $768 million powerball jackpot is the third largest jackpot in u.s. history. nbc's joe fryer has the lucky man's story. >> reporter: just 24 years old, manuel franco stepped forward to claim the second biggest haul in powerball history. >> it's amazing. >> reporter: three weeks ago the wisconh of quick picks. >> grab those tickets. let's go! >> reporter: but franco didn't check until the next day. >> i think it was the third ticket. i did win $4, and i was super excited about that. never claimed it, by the way. >> reporter: after all, 4 bucks was nothing once he start ed scalping his tenth and final ticket. >> my heart started racing. i screamed for about five or ten minutes.
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and these are your greatest allies. >> they're kind of cute. whoa. >> you can skip the therapist if you're trying to get over a fear of spiders or ants. you can just head to the movies instead. a study published in frontiers in psychiatry concluded that viewing "ant-man" or spider man movies helps get rid of the anxieties. those who did have fears had their phobias decrease by 20% after seeing peter parker and scott lange in action. that makes sense. you go too s the thing you fear as a good or friendly character, that helps. "people" magazine released their most beautiful person of 2019, making jennifer garner this year's beauty queen. the 47-year-old actress opened up, admitting that she's never been hung up on her appearance, but says she will consider turning it up a bit when she is dropping her kids off at school from now on. the star joins fellow celebs
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like pink and julia roberts who has appeared a record setting five times. it's interesting she said that thing about turning it upto gsc. she would look gr claim forever. once you're on there, you will always be remembered as that way. the ever added 640 words. in some cases existing words got new snowflake, someone regarded as special or omeone who is and there are words new to the dictionary including swole, egot, you know, emmy, oscar, tony and garbage time, the final moments of a blowout game. the word stan has an entry as a noun and a verb. it's used to describe extremely devoted fans. you remember where that came from? >> eminem song. when we return, the unstoppable james holzhauer shatters yet another record on "jeopardy." you're watching "early today."
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get skin happy™ in today's top story, the mueller report takes center stage at the time 100 summit in new york. former presidential candidate hillary clinton gave her t and whether her 2016 rival should be indicted. >> we were attacked. we have significant evidence that this administration did everything it could to undermine
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and interfere with the investigation into that attack. and we are going to walk away and pretend it didn't happen? i think there is enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted. >> president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser had a much different take. >> you look at, you know, what russia did, buying some facebook ads to try to sow dissent and do that, and it's a terrible thing. but i think the investigations and all of the speculation that's happened for the last two years has had a much harsher impact on our democracy than a coupe of facebook ads. >> house speaker nancy pelosi also spoke saying impeachment would be divisive, but she didn't rule it out. the second of three men convicted in one executed in texas tonight. 4-year-old john william king, an avowed racist orchestrated the
4:27 am
beauty 1998 death of james byrd jr. king will be the second man executed in the case. a third man is serving a life sentence. former vice president joe biden is ready to make it official. nbc has learned biden will roll out a video announcing his white house bid tomorrow. then he'll hold a rally in pittsburgh next week, followed by trips to the four key voting states. he is leading in early polls. the brawling bunny is speaking out after viral video surface of him coming to a woman's rescue and breaking up a fight in downtown orlando while dressed as the easter bunny. >> it led him to get on top of her t had to try different methods, basically, to try to break up the fight. which actually worked. i just rushed over there. i didn't even say hey, look at, this no. i just rushed over there. >> that's the word from the bunny bystander. 20-year-old antoine mcdonald was not arrested after the scuffle, but it turns out he has active warns out for him in new jersey for carberg liss and failure to
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and a good wednesday morning to you. april 24th. we take a live look at sfo this morning. a lot of people coming in. a lot of people going out. for now we will keep you on track of what's happening right here. for starting you >> i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia but look w went to universal st. it was perfect. back home it's hot. we are talking about n
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