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tv   Today  NBC  April 24, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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southward 880. and 92. not a major issue. >> that is right. that is what's happening "today in the bay". back with you at 7:25 with more live local news. >> don't forget to join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. thanks for starting your morning right here with us. good morning. breaking overnight. soaked. heavy rain leads to flooding and emergency rescues in dallas. millions more facing the risk of severe weather and tornadoes. we have where it's headed next. battle lines. president trump says no to white house aides testifying to congress about the mueller report. democrats ready for a fight and the president's son-in-law shrugging off russia's attack on the u.s. election. >> it's a big distraction for the country. >> washington's latest fight, just ahead. the bomber, chilling new images of a suspected killer in the sri lanka terror attacks. the fbi called in to help.
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the death total soars. now 360 killed. all that, plus coming forward. >> i thought he was going to rape me. >> the woman accusing nba coach luke walton shares her story for the first time. night of stars. inside the time 100 gala honoring the most influential people. clutch. the unforgettable buzzer beater lifting portland to the next round of the nba playoffs. today, wednesday, april 24, 2019. announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. good morning. welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a wednesday morning. nice to have craig in.
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hoda is with baby hope. if you are not a basketball fan, you have to love that shot. >> lillard there, almost 40 feet out. what we didn't show, the wave after he drains it getting a lot of attention this morning as well. >> yes. >> we'll have more on that. >> that makes the highlight real. let's get to the severe weather. the threat is not over. dil dylan is in for al. we are going to see rain through texas. we have flash flood watches in effect. torrential downpours that include dallas and extends to the southwest. what is going on? we have a lot of moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico. that bumps up against this cold front. as those two areas collide, we end up with a flood threat and torrential downpours. likely flooding through central texas, including west central
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and southwestern louisiana and around that, we have the possibility of additional flooding. we could see 2-4 inches of rain. some areas could pick up five or six inches of rain. when you get stuck in the torrential downpours. that's why we have the threat of flooding in dallas. austin could see significant rainfall as well. as for severe storms, this area in orange that includes louisiana and southern and central texas, we could see winds up to 60 miles per hour, large hail is possible and isolated tornadoes as well. the threat shifts to the gulf coast including southern mississippi and southern louisiana. that's where we could see the wind threat, large hail and isolated tornadoes as well. craig? >> thank you. we'll come back for the national forecast in a moment. democrats are going to have a fight on their hands if they want white house staffers to testify before congress about the mueller report. senior adviser and trump son-in-law, jared kushner had
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plenty to say about it in the first public comments since the reports release. peter alexander has more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president trump, in a new interview overnight saying he believes on the topic of russian interference and questions about his own conduct, case closed. time to move on. the president making it clear he is going to fight to block his own aides from testifying. earlier on twitter warning if democrats try to impeach him, he will take it to the supreme court. overnight, president trump saying he is opposed to current and former white house aides testifying to congressional committees in the wake of the redacts mueller report. in an interview, the president indicated complying is unnecessary because he already cooperated with the mueller investigation saying there is no reason to go any further and especially in congress where it's partisan. the administration is already pushing back on several fronts
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fighting a house judiciary subpoena for former white house council don mcgahn and ignoring demands from democrats to turn over the president's tax returns. it comes as the most trusted adviser, jared kushner unloaded on the report down playing the findings on russia's interference. >> the whole thing is a distraction for the country. >> reporter: kushner, in the first public comments dismissed the attempts to influence the 2016 campaign. instead, blasting the russia investigation as more harmful to the country than the interference itself. >> it's a terrible thing, but i think the investigations and all the speculation that's happened for two years had a harsher impact on democracy than a couple facebook ads. >> reporter: it was more than a couple. they produced 80,000 posts that may have reached 126 million people and kushner's comments ignore mueller's findings that
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russia's interference was sweeping and systematic to sway the election in donald trump's favor. >> we didn't know russia was doing what they were doing. the notion of what they were doing didn't register to us as being impactful. >> reporter: the white house is under pressure to fight foreign interference. the discovery of 5,000 fake pro-trump twitter accounts. these bots by information researcher to spread information about the mueller report and the media. twitter took them down sunday for breaking rules against manipulation. here at the white house on tuesday, the president met face-to-face with twitter ceo jack dorsey calling it a great meeting, hours after accusing the platform of playing political games and being very discriminatory. "the washington post" reports the meeting focused on the president's concerns that
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twitter deliberately removed some of his followers. dorsey said they remove fraudulent spam accounts. >> peter alexander, thank you. former vice president, joe biden getting ready to make it official and jump into the race for president. kristin welker has more on how it will roll out. good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah. good morning to you. joe biden is expected to announce he is running for president in 2020. he's going to make it official by releasing a video on thursday. that's going to be followed by a rally in pittsburgh next week. it will be his third run for the white house, this time it's different. he will enter the field as the democratic front-runner. biden leads in early polls due in part to name recognition. he served as a senator for four decades and two-term vice president. he is facing head winds. earlier this year, several women came forward describing
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unwelcome physical contact with biden, although not sexual. he promises to do better. now, opponents will also likely pounce on the fact that he voted to authorize the iraq war. all underscoring the fact, savannah, in a primary, his history, his record could be a strength and also a liability. >> you mention his name recognition, obviously, that's a strength in the beginning. does he fit with where the democratic party is right now? we see some of the candidates more progressive, more diverse. how is he planning to handle that. >> reporter: this is a diverse democratic field, there's no doubt. right now, the former vice president is signaling he wants to run on the third term of obama. that could be affective in a general election. he wants to cast himself as the counter point to president trump. he stands to potentially peel off the working class voters who helped sweep donald trump into
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the white house. the question is, how will the primary voters respond? we'll find out soon enough. he will become the 17th major democratic candidate to announce. >> thank you very much. new developments on the terror attacks in sri lanka. they are now assisting with the investigation as police try to track down more suspects. nbc's chief global correspondent, bill kneely is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. the death toll is 369. more than 800 casualties in all. it is clear this is a global investigation from here to fbi headquarters in washington and across the world to new zealand. the question for everyone is isis on the rise, again? searching for evidence, forensic teams and clean up crews sifting through the debris of mass
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murder. dozens more funerals from one of the worst terror attacks. for the mother of dieter kowalski, unending pain. >> i'm so much in shock. you know he's gone, but i still can't believe it. my mind, he's still or he is still going to come home. >> reporter: isis say the bombers were their men. sri lanka's prime minister says this is one of them patting a child, about to attack a church. his backpack heavy as he walks into the praying congregation. moments later he detonated his bomb. >> sri lanka says it was a revenge attack for the killing of muslims at mosques in christchurch, new zealand, last month. its leader shocked. >> we haven't received anything officially, nor have we received any intelligence reports that corroborate what has been said in sri lanka.
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>> reporter: security agencies here had a tipoff about suicide bombings from a foreign intelligence service. >> we had no prior knowledge. >> reporter: not from the u.s. but the fbi is here now. >> helping work crime scenes. helping trace the leads. we think this is very crucial. >> reporter: investigators say isis inspired the bombers, but it's not clear if they directed, trained, or funded them. but just a month after losing its last territory in the middle east, it appears isis has at least inspired its deadliest ever attack outside the region and sri lanka says there are still bombers on the run. these troops have just carried out a controlled explosion. it was on a motorbike someone considered suspicious. this is still a very nervous city. sri lanka says a fourth hotel had been targeted, but the attack failed like their intelligence services. the blame game here in full
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swing. >> so these arrests are still happening. authorities seem to be giving us a little bit more information about the bombers. what more do we know? >> reporter: yeah, more than 50 people are now being questioned. another 20 arrests overnight, and more detail, as you say, from the defense minister about the seven bombers. he said they were from well off upper middle class, as he put it, families. they were well educated. some had law degrees. and the wife of one of the bombers blew herself up when police raided their apartment. so committed islamists. guys, utterly ruthless. >> to say the least. bill neely there in sri lanka. thanks. a story out of california now. a man drove his car into a group of pedestrians. this morning police say he may have done so on purpose. it happened tuesday evening outside of san jose. eyewitnesses say the driver did not slow down or swerve. the car hit people in the
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crosswalk and on the sidewalk. then hit a tree. eight people, including a 13-year-old boy, transported to local hospitals. some had serious injuries and police are still trying to figure out a motive. now to a case that's sending shock waives this morning. for the first time a distributor of prescription drugs in the united states and former executives facing criminal charges for drug trafficking. kate snow has covered the opioid crisis for us extensively. this has a lot of attention when it broke on monday. who are these distributors? >> craig, savannah, good morning. distributors who are basically the middle man between drug manufacturers and your neighborhood pharmacy. one of the largest in the u.s. and two former executives are facing charges typically reserved for street dealers. >> reporter: from the board room to the courtroom, larry dowd, the former long time ceo of rochester drug cooperative or
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rdc in handcuffs tuesday. pleading not guilty to criminal charges of conspiring to distribute oxycodone and fentanyl and conspiring to defraud the drug enforcement administration. his attorney vowing he'll fight. >> mr. dowd is being framed. plain and simple. in this case, the government just got it wrong. >> reporter: prosecutors say dowd allowed rdc to deliver tens of millions of oxycodone pills and opioid painkillers to pharmacies, ignoring red flags that they were being illegally distributed. >> dowd cared more about profits than the law is intended to protect human life. >> reporter: between 2012 and 2016, prosecutors say rdc's sales skyrocketed. oxycodone sales jumped 800%. fentanyl up 2,000%. dowd's annual compensation more than doubled to $1.5 million. the government says employees flagged about 8300 orders as potentially suspicious, but the
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company only reported four to the dea. >> why did they do it? the answer is greed. >> reporter: an employee told management the amounts of opioids being dispensed by two pharmacies were very high and the average quantity dispensed is like a stick of dynamite wait are for dea to light the fuse. >> at the pharmacies with sticks of dynamite, what is rdc? a warehouse of dynamite. >> reporter: rdc is still in business. through an agreement with prosecutors, they will avoid prosecution by paying a $20 million fine and allow stricter oversight. a spokesman saying in a statement, we made mistakes. we can do better, we are doing better, and we will do better. former ceo dowd face as minimum of ten years in prison if he is convicted. rdc's former chief compliance officer was also charged. he pleaded guilty last week and he is now working with the government. >> it feels like the heart of the case is that the allegation is that these executives and the
7:16 am
company basically blew off red flags, that they saw things they should have known? >> right. we're talking about things that they looked the other way on according to prosecutors, like, for example, large orders for one pharmacy or customers paying cash or customers traveling to pharmacies from out of state to get their prescriptions filled. that's what prosecutors are saying should have been huge warnings and should have been reported to the government. >> should have known it was notley legitimate. all right. thanks. surprising update on the 5-year-old boy who was thrown over a railing at the mall of america in minnesota. stephanie gosk is here with the latest on his road to recovery. we have been wondering about him, steph. >> a shocking story. good news this morning. the boy is still in the hospital in intensive care. we are not showing his picture at the family's request. this morning they are speaking out revealing details about his condition. the family pastor calls the boy's recovery a miracle. >> reporter: this morning the
7:17 am
5-year-old known as landon is still in intensive care but healing. his parents releasing a statement through their attorney in a phone call. >> our son remains in intensive care under sedation and under close monitoring as we stay patient to allow him to heal. >> reporter: landon was thrown over a third floor railing at mall of america plunging nearly 40 feet to the floor before. 24-year-old emanuel ronda is in jail. he has not entered a plea. the family pastor sharing the good news or easter sunday after visiting landon and his parents in the hospital. >> there was zero evidence of brain damage. not just brain damage. there wasn't even any swelling in the brain. one of his attending physicians said this. this is truly a miracle. >> reporter: as landon heals, nearly $1 million has been raised for his family online. something their lawyer says they are incredibly grateful for.
7:18 am
>> we remain steadfast in our faith and praise god for his miraculous work in our lives and for your love, prayers, and support. >> reporter: a little boy facing a long road to recovery. the lawyer for the family says landon is facing important milestones this week. he couldn't share the details, but hopes to have an update for us later in the week. >> okay. wow. >> good to see the community really surround them with support, too. >> absolutely. >> thank you. well, the party's probably still going on in portland, oregon, this morning after that incredible moment at the end of last night's trail blazers game. >> a chance to send the thunder home. lillard, long range three! score! >> that was about 37 feet from the basket there, savannah guthrie. damian lillard, buzzer-beater. game within hinning shot, ended
7:19 am
the season for the oklahoma city thunder. what an incredible game for lillard. he had 50 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists. >> he was on. >> he was on. the blasey ford movi blazers moving on to face denver or san antonio. after he trains the three, the bye-bye that's getting a lot of attention. >> like a mic drop. i don't know how they handle that addrestress. it's counting down and make an important shot. >> uber cool. even in the postgame celebration, just right here. >> reminds me of dylan when she gives her forecast. >> that's right. >> so cool. >> yes. that's me in a nutshell. we have the heavy rain through texas. we are also going to see heavier downpours in the midwest and downpours in the midwest and unsettled through the northern sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? uh, i'll look into it. (phone rings) lisa jones! lisa: (on phone) hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades?
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(nervous chuckle) lisa: and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee? ugh. schwab! lisa: oh right, i'm calling schwab. thanks, carl! wait, lisa! lisa... are you getting low costs good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're getting ready for some hot temperatures today. we start out nice and cool, with some low 60s. we're heading up to 89 degrees today. some of our inland valleys will set records this afternoon, reaching into the low 90s in spots like santa rosa reaching 93 degrees. hot weather continues. buff it gradually gets a little bit milder going into the weekend. saturday we're seeing mostly sunny skies, up to 81. and it does cool down as we go into the beginning of next week. . >> all right. thank you. coming up, the sports reporter accusing basketball coach luke walton of sexual
7:21 am
assault comes forward to share her story. why she says she could no longer stay silent. plus, schools versus silicon valley. the new way of teaching kids supported by facebook's mark zuckerberg, among others, and being tried out in a lot of classrooms. it has some parents up in arms. they don't want it. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning. it's 7:26 right now. we start with breaking news out of sunnyvale where fbi investigators now say they are assisting in the investigation into that chaotic crash last night where a man plowed his car into a crowd of people. "today in the bay" bob redell has been out there all morning long. what can you tell us now? >> reporter: well, kris, yes, the fbi say they are assisting sunnyvale police and will only become more involved if they determine a federal crime was committed here at the intersection of el camino real and sunnyvale avenue. the scene is now brightly lit with the sun.
7:27 am
it happened 6:40 last night. police believe a man intentionally drove his black sedan into eight people in the sidewalk or crosswalk. two of the peep on bicycles. the rest on foot. all taken to the hospital, including a 13-year-old child. police say some injuries are serious. the driver crashed into a nearby tree. they don't know why they did this. reporting live in sunnyvale, bob redell, nbc bay area news. that is going to be a hot day across the bay area. we may be setting new records here talking about low 90s in inland valleys. 92 in concord. 93 in santa rosa. 77 in san francisco. temperatures will gradually cool off. more hot weather throughout the day. big build for the south bay. north 280 the worst.
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walnut creek, alamo, crash moving to the shoulder. disabled vehicle trying to get to the shoulder. back to the "today" show. you buckle up, start the car, put it in gear and take off. next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. $554. that is amazing. >> yeah. yeah, it is, alex. he has done it. "jeopardy!" james holzhauer extending that winning streak to, get this, 14 in a row. last night soaring past the $1 million mark. it is a feat accomplished by just one other champion. remember him? >> ken jennings. >> it looks like he -- >> excuse me. i should have said who is ken jennings? >> he is on pace to shatter this record.
7:31 am
>> "jeopardy!" james, man, he is on. severe storms slamming parts of texas this morning. look at this video from the fort worth area. a difficult morning commute there. travel, too. 11 million people at risk. a flash flood is in effect. some areas could see as much as eight inches of rain today. they are keeping an eye out for possible tornados. dylan will be back in a few with the forecast. a 70-year-old woman fell to her death at the grand canyon on tuesday. she is the second person to die after falling over the canyon's rim inside the park this year. her body was recovered 200 feet below the rim. it's the third falling death at the grand canyon area in recent weeks, although one of those deaths happened outside the national park boundaries. all right. the winner of the $768 million powerball jackpot has been revealed. he came forward tuesday to claim his massive prize. 24-year-old manuel franco said he was feeling so lucky the day
7:32 am
he walked into a wisconsin speedway store to buy the ticket he looked up to the camera and smiled. >> i simply can't believe that an ordinary guy like me could ever win the powerball. the $2 you spend on the ticket for that hope that you win, it's worth it, and i know that because i have won. but it is realistically worth it. it's amazing. >> i love it. he opted for the $477 million cash prize. quit his job two days later. he says he plans to travel and he wants to give some of his winnings to charity. >> reportedly also screened for literally ten minutes. the sports reporter now accusing nba head coach luke walton of alleged sexual assault opening up about her claims and decision to come forward now. nbc news national correspondent miguel almaguer has been following this. miguel, good morning. >> good morning. the alleged victim who considered herself a friend of walton's said she feared she was going to be raped and now she is
7:33 am
stepping forward years later inspired by the #metoo movement. it comes as walton denies the allegations through his attorney, setting up a legal showdown. >> i can no longer stand to not tell the story of what has profoundly affected my life. >> reporter: former sports reporter kelli tennant speaking out saying luke walton sexually assaulted her in 2014 before he became the head coach of the sacramento kings and the los angeles lakers. according to her claim, in a newly filed lawsuit tennant says walton who was a friend and mentor invited the young sports reporter to his hotel room so she could give him a copy of her book for which walton wrote the foreward. >> out of nowhere he got on top of me and pinned me down to the bed and held my arms down with all of his weight while he kissed my neck and my face and my chest.
7:34 am
>> reporter: inside this santa monica hotel tennant says she was fondled and groped pleading repeatedly for walton to stop. >> he continued to laugh at all of my pleas to get off and to stop. i thought he was going to rape me. >> reporter: claiming walton wouldn't back down, tennant, who is 25 and a well known local broadcaster, alleges walton finally let her going saying, good to see you, as she left the room. the incident was never reported to police, though the suit says she told some people close to her. in the years that followed tennant says she felt uncomfortable and unsafe working with walton. walton offering no comment. his attorney saying the accuser is an opportunist, not a victim, and her claim is not credible. >> i was scared and i felt coming forward would jeopardize every aspect of my life. >> reporter: with the nba aware of the matter and the sacramento kings gathering additional
7:35 am
information today walton's professional future may be in limbo. the married father of two and the son of basketball royalty now getting ready for a battle soon to be played out in a different kind of court. >> so, miguel, the suit says tennant is pursuing punitive damages. do we know how much money she is looking for? >> reporter: the exact amount hasn't been specifically laid out. her attorney says a jury will decide how much she should be compensated if she were to win at trial. he says an apology would go a long way as this legal fight begins to play out. we should mention there is no word from the sacramento kings if walton will be sidelined during the investigation. craig. >> all right. miguel almaguer there for us from l.a. thank you. 7:35. let's get a check of the weather from dylan. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by non-drowsy 24-hour claritin. live claritin clear. >> and if you are suffering from allergies, here is a good reason why. we have got very high tree
7:36 am
pollen all the way through the middle of the country, including the plains and over into virginia and north carolina. grass pollen is very high a little farther south on the gulf coast, also extending to the southwest and texas as well. very high is never a good thing. so you certainly will be feeling it if you suffer from allergies. as for the rain, we are going to see that at least help with the pollen, but we are also looking at the threat of some flooding because we could see about four, maybe five inches of rain especially across central texas with severe storms possible. heavy rain across parts of the midwest. the heat is building in the southwest. by the end of the week we could see record high temperatures. in the northeast a beautiful day, 60s in boston. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. this is a live look outside in walnut creek where it will be a very hot day. we start out nice and mild. highs reach into the low 90s this afternoon. may be setting new records again
7:37 am
today. napa reaching 90 degrees. 77 will be the high in san francisco. we start to feel some slightly milder air going into the weekend. but we do still keep above normal temperatures. a slight chance of rain late on friday. but then cooler air moving in early next week. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you so much. ahead, willie catching up with influential and inspiring stars at last night's time 100 gala and finds out who they would like to nominate for that honor. then why the famed san diego zoo is about to say good-bye to its most famous residents, those iconic giant pandas. a music legend is here. sting. big news from him and a live performance of one of his biggest hits. >> we are looking forward to that. first, a growing rebellion against a new way of learning in school. it's a way that's backed by facebook's mark zuckerberg. we will hear from some parents who are pulling their kids out of class because o feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin
7:38 am
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because the future only happens with people (susan n) i was married to leonard nimoy.. he had chronic breathing difficulties for as long as i knew him. he was afraid he'd die of lung cancer. he never thought it would be copd. you always think you have more time than you do. and you really don't. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. this morning it's a story that caught our attention. if you have kids in school it's bound to have you talking. >> that's right. "the new york times" was reporting on pushback coming from two communities in kansas against a controversial new school curriculum. it's supported by facebook's founder mark zuckerberg and his wife. nbc's ron mott is in welington, kansas, with the details on
7:43 am
this. ron, good morning. that that what's this about? >> reporter: a small group of parents taking frustrations public as you can see on the windows behind me. big bold letters saying exactly how they feel about this curriculum and these messages are aimed directly at some people who work across the street at school district headquarters. in rural kansas this morning controversy in the classroom. the problem? a new digital learning curriculum that has some asking how much screen time is too much screen time for young students. >> parents are afraid to speak out. >> reporter: tom henning pulled his tenth grader from high school over the summit learning program. it allows students to advance through coursework at their own pace using internet-focused instruction. the teenager says it has only created confusion. >> whenever you go to ask for help, they say look at the resources i provided with you. but half the time the resources didn't even work. >> i knew something needed to change. >> reporter: amy jackson's daughter didn't take to the teaching method either and found
7:44 am
a more traditional school. >> it was a waste of time. i didn't learn anything. >> reporter: some students even staged sit-ins and walk-outs in protest. among their complaints, sore wrists, headaches, wandering minds. the superintendent says a survey of parents and students shows 80% in favor of the program which emphasizes problem solving in collaborative groups. >> it's a different way of learning, but it really enlends itself to the skills that kids need to be successful in the 21st century. >> reporter: based in california, summit learning has offered free of charge to schools and is backed by facebook founder mark zuckerberg and his wife dr. pricilla chan who sits on the board. the organization tauts personalized learning and a record of success put in place at nearly 400 schools around the country with 72,000 students. advocates note it's not a facebook creation. instead, a system designed and
7:45 am
shaped by educators, scientists and researchers with input from business and industry. in a statement the organization says, we understand that parents are concerned about the amount of time students spend on screens and we have designed summit learning to ensure they spend the majority of the time deeply engaging with teachers and classmates on real word projects. in another kansas town resistance as well. at least ten students transferring elsewhere according to the mcpherson school district. that superintendent says they have worked with parents on initial concerns. >> it's a misnomer that kids exclusively are learning on the summit platform. that's a part of their day. and we have been able to make adjustments in the way we do that to address concerns about screen time. >> reporter: students here typically spend one full day online with a mix of hands-on projects, teacher/classmate interaction, mentoring sessions
7:46 am
and more computer time the rest of the week. she says her seventh grade daughter is adjusting well. >> it's been a change. people really don't like change. so, yeah, i have heard some complaining done, but she hasn't really complained that much about it, no. >> ron, what are the school districts going to do about this? are they keeping the curriculum? >> reporter: they are keeping the curriculum, savannah, but they will offer a second option this next school year. they say people who want summit learning will have that option. those who want to go back to the traditional way of learning will have that option as well. back to you guys. >> thank you, ron. here is the thing. i think his last point was quite silly to say this idea that all students learn the same. that's ridiculous. and giving parents and students options to figure out what works best. >> yeah, a good plan there. just ahead, need a little inspiration before you head out the door? hoda getting andy cohen to open up about the man i've lived a lot of lives, as a lot of different dogs.
7:47 am
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good wednesday morning. right now at 7:56, as you get ready to head out, prepare for a hot day across the bay area. that's a live look outside san jose with mostly sunny skies. we're going to reach up to 88 degrees today in palo will toe. 89, san jose. low 90s in the inland valleys. up to 93 in santa rosa with san francisco reaching 77. after this really hot day, we do still have more warm weather as we get closer to the weekend. by friday, up to 84. 81 saturday. we will see more clouds move in by sunday as the storm system passes close by the bay area. early next week, wind shift will have more of an ocean breeze. highs reaching the low 70s by tuesday. in the meantime, by san francisco, we're looking at 73 this afternoon. let's get an update on the
7:57 am
commute now from mike. kari, we're looking at the body of the screen, northbound 85 shows things jamming up. camden avenue, a couple of crashes reported there. i think they are the same issue blocking one lane. it slows north of highway 87. 237 and 101 join up in mountain view and sunnyvale. slow there. dumbarton has seen a lot more traffic west across the bridge, the dumbarton. toward the benecia, more slowing. no crashes reported. something is going around the toll plaza counter commute. back to you. >> all right. 7:57. happening right now, the fbi a short time ago confirmed it is investigating and trying to get answers after last night's scary incident in sun have yale. that is where a driver plowed into a group of people injuring eight people, some of them very seriously. the driver is in custody. so far authorities are holding off releasing any more details. but you can check our twitter feed for updates. >> sharks fans calling it a win for the ages. they stunned vegas, stealing game 7 of the playoff series in
7:58 am
overtime. on our home page you can link to last night's awesome images. dec watching and waiting overnight for joe biden to make it official- that he )s throwing his hat in the ring for president. plus- before you swap out your cell, our consumer unit has an alert about what to do with your sim. join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, april showers. millions across the south under a flash flood watch as severe storms move across the region. so what to expect today? dylan has the latest forecast. plus, trail blazers. we have an exclusive look inside the time 100 gala as willie sits down with some of the "a"-list honorees. >> congrats, guys. >> thank you. >> can you believe we're sitting here? >> no. >> time 100. >> it was funny. i thought they meant time 100 in central texas. >> our conversation with the most influential people in the world ahead. and panda express.
8:01 am
why the san diego zoo is saying good-bye to two of its top attractions. >> parents are supposed to send their kids off into the world, right? >> right. it's time to let them go. >> inside the bittersweet move to send these pandas back home today. today wednesday, april 24th, 2019. ♪ >> here for mommy's birthday. >> family spring break. >> from greensboro, north carolina. >> on our honeymoon from dunlap, iowa. >> to our sister in new hampshire, we love you, ava. >> good morning from nbc news radio in new york city. >> from north carolina >> celebrating our 16th birthdays. good morning. welcome back to "today" on a bright, beautiful wednesday morning. we are so happy to have you along with us. >> look at that crowd. >> good crowd. sunshine, too.
8:02 am
>> another great day in new york city. if you can't make it, no worries. #mytodayplaza is the hashtag. upload that video. put it on instagram, put it on twitter, and we will put you on television. something special coming up tomorrow on "today." almost a year after losing their 19-month-old daughter in an accidental drowning, bode and morgan miller are doing something really important and they want you to know about it. they're teaching their new baby boy how to swim. well, they are going to take natalie along for that and open up about the importance of water safety for all families. so many of us have followed their stories. we know how important this is to them. they are continuing to get that message out. natalie sits down with bode and morgan. we will have that tomorrow morning on "today." let's get to the news at 8:00. severe weather tops the headlines. it's expected across parts of the south and gulf coast. dylan is in for al this morning. good morning. >> good morning again, savannah. we are looking at the flooding threat and severe storm threat through the day, especially in
8:03 am
dallas and across mostly central texas. that's where we are going to see the heavier downpours. we could see as much as 3 to 5, maybe even more inches of rain. since we've already been dealing with some of the top ten rainiest aprils on record for all of these areas, little rock and meridian, atlanta, johnson city, roanoke all seeing the top ten rainiest aprils on record. this extends through parts of texas, too. with more rain, it's only going to add to the totals. we will see the rain continue to move through eastern texas as we go into this afternoon and evening, continues to move into the gulf coast as we go into thursday, producing again several inches of rain and the possibility of severe storms with large hail and damaging winds. by friday, it makes its way up and down the east coast. additional rainfall 2 to 4 inches with isolated higher amounts closer to 5 inches. that's why we could see additional flooding. craig. >> dylan thank you. democrats facing a new battle in washington this morning after president trump
8:04 am
says white house aides will not testify to congress about the mueller report. in an interview with "the washington post" the president says they already cooperated with the mueller investigation and they have all the information they need. this, as jared kushner, the president's son-in-law and one of his most senior advisors, spoke out in his first public comments since the redacted report's release downplaying the investigation and the findings as a distraction for the country. a florida judge has temporarily blocked prosecutors from releasing hidden camera footage in the case against new england patriots owner robert kraft. the 77-year-old billionaire is among dozens of men accused of soliciting prostitution at a massage parlor in jupiter, florida. he has pled not guilty. it was determined that kraft could be harmed if that was released. the videos will remain sealed until a jury is seated in the , a plea deal is reached or the case is dismissed. netflix scored a major victory in its fight for oscar consideration. the academy of motion picture arts and sciences ruling tuesday
8:05 am
that it will not change its eligibility rules for the oscars. that, despite calls from some hollywood heavyweights to do so. under those rules feature-length film only needs to run for one week in a los angeles county theater to qualify for best picture. this means that movies released on services like netflix and amazon prime do not need a wide theatrical release to be considered. 8:05. let's get to "the morning boost." you have probably seen videos of a bear at a wedding going down the aisle in a toy car. this bride and groom had a different idea. look at this. this is their dog. dressed to the nines. trendy tuxedo, looking good, and rolling down the aisle in a tiny toy car like it's his job. there he goes. he nails the landing. good laugh for the wedding guests. crowd moment for his parents when he delivered the rings. no drama. >> wow. >> how cute is that? >> it was paw-fect. >> wow. wow.
8:06 am
you have some serious dad humor going there. >> roker is not here. i felt like i needed to contribute. >> well done. i'm proud of you. >> that dog is pushing a maserati as well. just ahead, the end of an era. inside the farewell celebration for the san diego zoo's famed giant pandas. first, willie going one on one with some of the biggest stars at last night's time 100 gala. he came prepared. three burning questions for them right after this. it's here!... kohl's lowest prices of the season! prices so low - no coupons needed! kids' tops - $5.99... girl's sandals - $16.99...
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8:09 am
♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ we are back. jenna joins us. we have "today's talker." we take you inside one of the world's most exclusive dinner parties. >> who better to do that than sweet willie geist? the time 100 gala event last night, recognizing the most influential people on the planet. you were up late last night? >> late by our standards. it was like 8:30. so every year time rolls out the red carpet. we have made it our tradition here at "today" to pick three questions, a mix of light and serious topics and pose them to anyone who will sit down with us. this year's collection of stars dwayne johnson, sandra oh, and, yes, america's sweethearts chip and joanna gaines. >> reporter: 100 individual stories of accomplishment, triumph, and inspiration.
8:10 am
icons from all walks of life who are shaping our world today from trail blazing women and world leaders to athletes, "a"-listers, and artists. these are time's 100 most influential people of 2019. >> congrats, guys. >> thank you. >> we are sitting here. >> time 100. you say that outloud. >> it's funny. i thought he meant time 100 in central texas. >> you are on the list. if you had to voa vote, who wouu nominate to be on the time 100? >> i would be nowhere without my mother. she made me the man i am today. i love her so much. >> smart man. good answer. >> i would do my father. my dad would be great in this room. he would just -- >> why? >> there would be no barriers of entry. you are willie geist, i know you from the "today" show. where is hoda? >> i have been so completely
8:11 am
enraptured with beyonce's "homecoming" that i am just in her perfume. and i know she has been on this list probably many a time. always, she should have a permanent place on this list. >> right. lifetime? >> life term. >> like the supreme court. >> yes. >> i am a huge "game of thrones" fan. if i nominate one person jon snow or kit harington because he is probably going to die, i think. so it would only be right to include him in the time 100. >> one last ride on the list before he goes away? >> exactly. >> my better half at home, with lauren. in the last three years, this woman, we've moved nine times for production in multiple countries, multiple states, and she is a superwoman. >> on what topic could you give a one-hour presentation with absolutely no preparation?
8:12 am
>> oh? >> what could you walk up and talk about for an hour. >> songwriting. if i wasn't doing this, i would love to be a music teacher. >> buying and selling houses. >> that's an easy one? >> yeah. >> what about you? >> i'd say for me it would be being confident. >> easy for you to say. >> no. shut up. >> if we looked like you -- >> okay, buying and selling, next? >> if you could give a one-hour presentation on any topic with no preparation, what would it be? wh >> sneakers. i could do an hour on sneakers. >> i hope so, it's my job. acting. >> dogs. >> and by the way -- >> i could talk about dogs. >> it would be the most popular one-hour presentation of all time. >> let's see. i could run out there and talk for an hour, no prep, on overcoming odds and doing your best to succeed. then if you ask me what my exfoliation for my face process is, i think that's another 30
8:13 am
minutes right there, willie. >> now the real answer. strip it down, moisturize, the whole thing. >> it's working. >> what is the last song that was stuck in your head? do you remember? >> annie, what song was in our head? what song that nelson? >> oh, just outside of austin. ♪ just outside of austin >> bravo! >> you know what i was listening today? jay z public service announcement. >> that's a great song. >> a great song. it's a great walk out. you should walk out to it on "the today show." >> i should. >> it's probably formation. okay, ladies, gets glet's get i formation. it's all about beyonce now. >> what is the last song you had stuck in your head, and can you sing a few bars? >> oh, okay. ♪ thunder only happens when it's
8:14 am
raining ♪ ♪ players only love you when they're playing ♪ >> man! khalid, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> nice to meet you. >> how great is that? serenaded by khalid, a little fleetwood mac. >> that is awesome. >> that party, you guys have been to it. you have been on the list. it's amazing, and i say this in the best way possible, star wars bar of people, actors, athletes. the scientists who took the photograph of the black hole. >> yes! >> nancy pelosi is there a few feet away from jared kushner. it's a fascinating room to be in. to get some of them to sit across from me, dwayne johnson said, what would you give a one-hour presentation about? >> i said rap music you could do. >> you are correct, late '80s, early '90s hip hop. we proceeded for 0 minutes 20 m talk about. we will put that online. >> i said hello to everybody for
8:15 am
you. >> by the way, a lot more from the gala and stars who were there at >> i love that. that was good. will you hang out for "popstart"? >> let's do it. >> can i do it for an hour? >> you should. >> first up, andy cohen recently shared his favorite quote with hoda for her digital series. as it turns out, the quotes he loves the most are actually the lyrics from the musical cabaret. what those lines mean to him and if the meaning of those changed after his son entered his life. >> the one that i sat with was the chorus of cabaret. it's like come here the music. what are you doing inside? live your life. >> and i also wondered if it spoke to you differently with benjamin. has he added a dimension to your life that made you wonder like what filled me up before? >> no, because i feel like everything that has happened in my life has happened at the
8:16 am
right time and for a reason. i feel like he came at the right time. i wasn't ready for him to come. i was too busy at the cabaret. >> andy also mentions the lyrics he chose were in honor of the tenth anniversary of his good friend natasha richardson's passing. head to to watch his full episode. up next, this one is a little hard to believe. it's been 20 years since tracy flick roamed the halls of george washington carver high. here is a quick look back. >> you might think it upset me. nothing could be further from the truth. he was no competition for me. it was like apples and oranges. i had to work a little harder. that's all. you see, i believe in the voters. they understand that elections aren't just popularity contests. they know this country was built by people just like me who work very hard and don't have everything handed to them on a silver spoon. >> i love this movie so much.
8:17 am
starring a young reese witherspoon, it was synonymous with the do-gooder that everyone knows. witherspoon reflected on the 1999 movie, posting on instagram, this film holds a special place in my heart. it's to be a go-getter and always carry cupcakes. she earned a golden globe nomination. she was 23 at the time. savannah a big fan. >> were you the tracy flick of your high school? >> no. as you know, i was a high school rebellion. my tracy flick came out later. >> law school. >> made up for lost time. >> and finally -- >> no cupcakes for you. >> "people" is unveiling the annual beautiful issue. jennifer garner is gracing this year's cover. many other big names made the issue, including priyanka chopra, joanna gaines and selma player. here to tell us about it, the
8:18 am
editor. >> good morning. >> big announcement. jennifer garner is on the cover. how did you come up with her? >> so much research and debate goes into it. jennifer was unanimous. she is beautiful on the inside and out. she is a great mom. she is strong. she is kind. she is also so positive. i want to be her best friend. >> like a real person. we feel like we are friends with her, you know? i love this choice. >> she really, really does. >> she posted on instagram i saw, like i can't believe this choice either and put an old woman emoji. >> she is so humble. >> yes. >> one of the things i enjoyed about this issue, in addition to all of the familiar faces and names, there are three women that you decided to highlight that a lot of folks hadn't heard of? >> we thought it was important to showcase people who give back, who are also beautiful. we spotlighted their work. this included a woman who runs
8:19 am
latina community foundation that helps grassroot leaders. emily douglas mcnabb who runs grandma's gift wthat gives back to families. and also a woman who you may remember is the widow of chris, the "american sniper." >> this has to be one of the most popular issues? >> it is. it's so dplam rouse and exciting. >> and i think there is someone we know very magazine this year? >>. >> there is a beautiful portfolio of beautiful families. somebody from the "today" show. savannah and her husband and children. and it's one of the most adorable pictures. thank you for sharing. >> thank you. we had the best time doing that. and vale got to keep the pink glasses. she was very happy about that.
8:20 am
>> only vale liked the camera. >> oh, my gosh. >> charley doesn't look shy either. >> i know. >> savannah, you look so beautiful. >> thank you. it was really fun and so special. >> do you think your 18-year-old self would have believed it? >> no, she was too busy at the coffee house ditching class. >> thank you so much. >> congrats again. >> to see more from "people's" beautiful issue, download the app. pick up the issue when it hits newsstands this friday. >> my mother and mother-in-law will be doing that. we have time for a click? >> yes. this group was hoping for a peaceful day of ice fishing. they got quite the opposite when they were creating a hole in the ice, they lost control of their drill and it started spinning wildly. they tried everything to stop it. they threw a chair at it, tried getting their hands in there. even started kicking it at one point. >> that seems dangerous. >> in the end, the dhchair won. it came to a stop and thankfully no one was hurt in the process.
8:21 am
another reason why ice fishing is not something i'd do. >> take it or leave it? >> yeah. >> you are doing double duty? >> you are roker as with. >> i'm trying to get up to an hour here. >> you can do it. the weather is easy though because most of the country will be enjoying a lot of sunshine. mild temperatures. very spring-like out there. it's really right in the middle of the country from the midwest through texas where we will see the threat of good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. lots of sunshine as we take a live look outside in san francisco. starts out nice and mild but it's going to be a hot day, especially in our inland valleys. may be setting new records today as san francisco reaches 77. we will see a high of 90 in napa. oakland 81, 88 in palo alto and 89 in san jose. after today our temperatures gradually start to come down as we get closer to the evening.
8:22 am
tracking a slight chance of rain sunday evening. forecast. >> thank you. take a break. >> right? we turn to an emotional farewell to some really special residents at the san diego zoo. nbc's joe fryer has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. giant pandas have been a fixture at the san diego zoo since 1996. they are on loan from china. now the final two pandas are heading home. monday is the last day the pandas can be viewed by the public. certainly, it's a sad time, but the zoo is also celebrating what has been accomplished when it comes to conservation. for an animal that spends a good 12 hours a day just sitting and munching on bamboo, these guys generate no shortage of panda-monium. >> never seen a panda. it was a big draw. >> i just want to hug them. i love them. >> reporter: this week also stirring up bittersweet emotions as the san diego zoo prepares to say good-bye. >> how do you feel about that? >> sad. i cry. it's going to be hard.
8:23 am
but we'll get through it. >> reporter: soon of-year-old xiao liwu and his mom 27-year-old bai yun will fly home to china. >> parents are supposed to send their kids off into the world, right? >> right. >> reporter: she was here when buyian arrived in 1996. she has given birth to six cubs. an astounding feat for an animal know f notoriously difficult to breathe. xiao liwu is the youngest, a name that means little gift. in the beginning he produced a big sound. a boisterous bleet that belied his size. the knowledge gained by breeding and raising the cubs has been invaluable, helping to boost the panda population. >> it's extraordinary to think this was a species considered endangered 24 years ago when we got involved, and now they have been moved to vulnerable. >> reporter: bai yun was supposed to be on loan from the
8:24 am
chinese government for 12 years. she has been here nearly twice that long. the zoo knew it would eventually have to say farewell. >> instead of wallowing in emotion, i have a job do. my job is to get these pandas prepared for the long trip. >> reporter: that means getting buyian ready for injections and tests on the horizon. she doesn't like needles, so here they are prepping her. >> good girl. >> reporter: by putting pressure on her arm. >> she seemed to accept it well. she didn't flinch at all. so these are all really good signs that we had a very good training session. >> reporter: like a mom bracing for an empty nest, kathie and her colleagues must now get ready for an empty den. when you say good-bye to these guys, is there something you will say to them? >> i would probably say thank you for giving me 23 years of the most incredible experience of my life. i wish you well. i'll love you always, and i wish you the best life in your homeland.
8:25 am
>> reporter: spoken like a true mama panda. the pandas will go to a conservation and research center? szechwan. it's unclear when they will make the trip. kathie hawk will travel with them. for now the zoo will leave the panda den as is, hoping someday down the road a new panda pair will call san diego home. >> we are not happy about it. >> let me tell you, craig melvin has been talking about this all morning. doesn't like the pandas leaving. >> no. i mean, jbh makes a good point. these parns are americanized. >> they are going to send them back over. >> jenna is like, they are not going to know anyone there. >> all their friends will be graduated. >> email and text, they will keep in touch. coming up, just look at this image, okay? just some legends here in our studio. yep, it's sting. it's robert de niro. oh, jane rosenthal, too. >> is robert de niro going togo.
8:26 am
i )m ... breaking news: the fbi now confirms: its investigators are assisting in yesterday )s terrifying incident on el camino real - where a driver plowed into 8 people. good morning. we're bringing breaking news. the fbi are assisting on yesterday's terrifying incident where a driver plowed into eight people. some suffering serious injuries. it happened at sunnyvale avenue. people driving through the area still dealing with lane closures. here's what we know though. a little before 7:00 last night investigators say the driver slammed into those people, did not appear to use the brakes. now he's in custody but has not been identified. the youngest victim is 13 years old. we staying on top of this and
8:27 am
will have more. we're looking at overall lighter volume of traffic. as we talked about the last few weeks of spring break, this will be the last for most school districts here. seeing a crash clearing from 85 but there's one more around the expressway slowing you down there. 87 may see a little more traffic as the crash clears around capital expressway. 237 in the west bound commute direction, we have a crash there. slower drive across the dunbar bridge but san mateo bridge has a good volume. you can see that in the live shot and still the backup at the bay bridge because it's the bay bridge. >> indeed it is. thank you. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer.
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♪ and we're back. it's wednesday morning. it's the 24th of april, 2019. and we have a great crowd out on our plaza saying hello. >> hello. >> lots to celebrate on a bright shiny morning. >> also celebrating sunny skies. >> yes, so exciting. >> hi, guys. you know what today is, folks? besides a beautiful sunny day.
8:31 am
international guide dog day. our sunny is working so hard with the guide dog foundation. he recently, sunny we're talking about you, took a big test leading his blindfolded trainer olivia around the metropolitan museum of art. he handled it like a pro, passed with flying colors. he is close to starting his full-time job as a guide dog. >> how awesome is that? guess what? for our crowd moment we have these adorable stuffed sunnies. they come complete with the mini vest. y'all, do you want to give them out to the crowd? she wants one. >> this is fun. >> here you go. >> oh, yeah, this is fun. >> incoming! >> this is a lot of fun. >> we are getting our steps in,
8:32 am
jen. >> that was a bad toss. sorry about that. >> sunny is like, where is mine? we will get you one, buddy. >> okay. by the way, if you want to cuddle your own stuffed sunny, you can head to for the details. you can have -- >> that was fun. >> i know. >> i can see people with the t-shirts. it's fun. >> yes. it's a lift. >> congratulations, pup. meanwhile, we have got a star-studded half hour straight ahead. robert de niro, jane rosenthal, the founders of course of the tribeca film festival are with us ahead of tonight's kickoff. from movie icons to music legends, sting is here in our studio going to perform one of his classic hits. plus he has big news to share. then on the third hour of "today," sheinelle's exclusive interview with the president and ceo of usa gymnastics opening up about protecting athletes, winning back trust and the 2020 olympics. speaking of gymnastics, did you see this?
8:33 am
the near perfect floor routine at the ncaa women's championship. that's lsu tiger mckenna kelly. i don't know if you noticed who is in the stands. she is the daughter of olympic gold medallist mary lou retton. tomorrow they will be here live. >> how cool is that? want the weather? >> why not? >> i have goosebumps. it's actually really, really nice. the sun is going to be out in the northeast. also in the southeast. it's really just the middle of the country we are going to see the wet weather today. that also keeps it on the cooler side. dallas about 71 degrees. kansas city also 71. that's actually above average. minneapolis 75. raleigh 85 degrees. we are looking for warm temperatures to build into the southwest. bakersfield, california, 95 degrees tomorrow. and the record is 97. so we will be close to that. across the southwest will be close to record high temperatures. then going into the weekend 101 in phoenix on friday. it's going to be a hot one.
8:34 am
dallas gets back up into the 80s for saturday and sunday. 80s also in atlanta by sunday. in new york temperatures will be in the mid-60s. it good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're getting ready for another really hot day. our high temperatures inland reaching to the low 90s but it gets better as we get closer to the weekend. we're going to see those temperatures dropping back into the mid-80s. by sunday there will be more clouds and slight chance of rain, especially late sunday night into early monday. next week an ocean breeze bringing highs back closer to normal for this time in spring. san francisco today reaching low 70s but 60s the rest of the week. to them. robert de niro, jane rosenthal about their epic plans for this year's tribeca film festival. you ready? >> yeah. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
welcome back. the 18th annual tribeca film festival kicks off here in new york city tonight. >> that's right. this year's lineup has something for everybody, including the music of the beatles, the hilarity of spinal tap, robert de niro and martin scorsese, the phenomenon of the simpson, and the gen-x snapshot reality bites. >> oscar winner robert de niro, producer jane rosenthal are the festival's founders. good morning to both of you. always good to have you guys come in and talk about tribeca. here is the thing. it is expanding beyond film now. multimedia. you have got vr you recognize as well. has this thing succeeded beyond your wildest dreams? >> well, i never thought that i would be sitting here all these years later and still doing what we're doing.
8:38 am
so i'm very happy about it. the festival has become part of the fabric of the city. a tradition. hopefully, a tradition that will last forever. what more could you ask for? >> what does it do for a project to be in the tribeca film festival? >> we're certainly spotlighting a project, especially for new directors. something like damian chazelle. had his first movie at the festival. so we really give a platform for new voices. >> this year there is a special emphasis being placed on music. you are going to start this thing at the apollo theater? >> it's extraordinary. we will be uptown at the apollo with a documentary about the apollo and the history of the apollo. to hear those voices, diversity of voices, especially at this time, is just going to be a wonderful gathering tonight. >> i'm very excited that you are going to be interviewing martin scorsese. are you going to get tough on
8:39 am
him? is it going to be like "meet the press"? come on, what's going to happen? >> no. i don't know. i'm trying to figure out what questions to ask now, actually. and we'll throw some of it to the audience because i always feel that the audience has questions that we can't think of and they should be hopefully good ones. >> you obviously have had incredible collaborations with him. i know you have a new film coming out, "the irishman," another. what works between you two? >> i think, well, marty is good with everybody, with all people, creative people no matter what department you are in. say, if it's movies. you could be the production designer. you could be anything. he gives people a lot of room. and after a while that makes people feel that they can be confident in what they want to do and their choices. and he guides and directs.
8:40 am
as that's what he's supposed to do. at the same time, he is very open about stuff. that makes people feel freer to try things. that's important. that's where you get genuine creativity. >> this movie that we just mentioned, "the irishman," an amazing cast. it is also going to be streaming on netflix. as you know, there was some news made yesterday, the academy deciding not to adjust the rules. it looks like films like "roma," like "the irishman" perhaps, will be considered for oscars. where do you fall about what should and should not be considered for an oscar film? >> well, the bottom line is we would not have been able to make the movie the way we would have wanted to make it if we didn't have the money that netflix could give us. it would not -- it wouldn't happen. we were going through such headaches to get studios, this and hedge their bets and get private investors, this and that. it's a crazy mishmash, chaotic situation.
8:41 am
they came in and did it. so, we are indebted to them in many ways. we have to work out how much theatrically we can show the movie and then where it goes into the format that they are famous for. i can't say it any better than that. >> we have been working on this movie since 2007. so, it's thrilling to be able to make this movie and have the extraordinary cast that we did. we know we will have a theatrical platform for it. october, the fall is a way away. >> it's an interesting debate because, to your point, when you have these other outlets like netflix that supports more movies and more art and all of that, i know there are some in the industry who worry about the loss of that theater-going experience. >> i love that experience. that's tradition that i'm from.
8:42 am
so, i mean, i can't imagine watching it on an iphone an movies, especially something like "the irishman." things are changing. >> we don't have the ziegfeld theater. the tribeca film festival has lost 7,000 seats beau 14th streets. theaters are smaller. there are bigger seats. they are thinking about what menu they have versus what film they are showing. so theatrical is not going to go away, but the experience is changing. and how we watch films and with when we watch and television, it's all changing. >> what are you most looking forward to about this year's festival? >> i am most looking forward to tonight at the apollo. you know, to be on stage at the apollo. >> what i'm most looking forward to, "say anything." did you love that movie? as much as i loved it. >> i didn't see it. >> what? oh, my gosh, i am going to have a heart attack. you haven't seen "say anything"? >> no. >> can i give you some homework for tonight? this is an american classic. jane, i am glad you are highlighting it. you have to get robert to see it. >> that's the reason we highlight anniversary films.
8:43 am
we bring new audiences to these films whether it is "apocalypse now" or "say anything." bringing a new audience. >> do we have time to introduce america to your puppy? is that -- is that -- >> well, if you -- >> can we see nancy? is that possible? >> okay. >> i think america should meet robert de niro's puppy. >> i'm just going to take -- that's my daughter. >> hi, sweetie. >> how old is nancy? >> four months. >> four months. >> she is adorable. so are you, little one. well, you have a lot to celebrate. so happy to have you here. it's just great to, you know, always highlight the tribeca film festival. you have done so much for our neighborhood and we really appreciate it. >> so much for film and this city. robert de niro, thank you. thank you, nancy. >> nancy is a dog. she can't say anything. hi, sweet helen. >> tribeca begins tonight. we are going to be hearing from the spinal tap group monday on
8:44 am
"today." >> that will be good. >> jenna over to you. ahead, a live performance from this guy, the one, the only sting. plus, he has huge news for his fans. fans. i visualize travel rewards.
8:45 am
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> and we're back with music legend sting. he has topped the charts for the past five decades, sold more than 100 million albums, not to mention 17 grammy awards as well as inductions into both the song writers and rock and roll hall of fames. >> with a summer tour, new album on the way, he has been nice enough to pay us a visit. good morning. >> good morning. >> few names that appear in our run down over the years, i'm super excited. you are one of them. >> how near the top? >> i don't want to be like a weird stalker, but possibly the
8:47 am
number one person. >> thank you. >> you have a big announcement? >> i am playing a residency in las vegas. >> wow! >> i played las vegas many, many times over the years. i have never had my own room. so i'm so excited about the potential for having your own room with an amazing vegas show. >> whether does it start? >> next may. tickets on sale next week for my fans and citi card holders the next week. the potential is incredible. state-of-the-art projections and dancing. it's going to be a real -- >> a real show. all the songs from our catalog? >> based on 40 years of songwriting. and telling the story of my life through songs. >> you have also got a big tour as well, right? >> i always have got a big tour. i have been on tour since 1973. >> how do you do that, by the way? that's a lifestyle. >> ask a fish how do you swim in water. it is my job.
8:48 am
>> it is your job. do you get lonely on the road all the time? >> of course. i am surrounded by lovely musicians and friends. i have a good time. >> you have a new album and it has some of your classics but kind of a twist? >> what we have done is looked at old songs and given them a new sound. obviously, my voice at my age has a different sound to the way it had when i was 25. so it's kind of like a whine,--e 25 years later. better with time. >> what is it? >> if you love somebody set them free this morning. >> i think we know that song. sting, take it away. free, free set them free ♪ ♪ free, free set them free ♪ if you want someone ♪ you can do the same
8:49 am
♪ if you want to keep something precious ♪ ♪ you've got to lock it up and throw way the key ♪ ♪ you want to hold on to your possessions ♪ ♪ don't even think about me ♪ if you love somebody ♪ if you love someone ♪ if you love somebody ♪ if you love someone set them free ♪ ♪ free, free set them free ♪ set them free ♪ free, free set them free ♪ free, free set them free ♪ set them free ♪ free, free set them free ♪ you can't control an independent heart ♪ ♪ can't love what you can't keep ♪ ♪ can't tear the one you love
8:50 am
apart ♪ ♪ forever conditioned to believe that we can't live ♪ ♪ we can't live here and be happy with less ♪ ♪ with so many riches and so many souls ♪ ♪ with everything we see that we want to possess ♪ ♪ if you need somebody, call my name ♪ ♪ if you want someone, you can do, you can do, you can do the same ♪ ♪ if you want to keep something precious ♪ ♪ got to lock it up and throw away the key ♪ ♪ you want to hold on to your possessions ♪ ♪ don't even think about me ♪ if you love somebody ♪ if you love someone ♪ if you love somebody
8:51 am
♪ if you love someone set them free ♪ ♪ free, free set them free ♪ set them free ♪ free, free, set them free ♪ set them free ♪ free, free, set them free ♪ set them free ♪ free, free, set them free ♪ set them free ♪ free, free set them free ♪ set them free ♪ free, free, set them free ♪ set them free ♪ free, free, set them free ♪ free, free, set them free >> man! >> all right! >> sting, thank you so much. the band sounds great. thank you for bearing my dorky fan interview i just did.
8:52 am
you will be with us for the fourth hour. can't wait. >> i mean, come on, looking good. back in a moment. back in a moment. this is "toy"da
8:53 am
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that music, it's not sing, but a good song for birthdays. >> it is. i think we should spin around that smucker's jar. a lot of birthday wishes this morning. first up, let's wish a happy 100th birthday to fern brown, a baker from corning, iowa. she makes more than 1,500 sugar cookies every holiday season. i'd like to try one of those. harry pirry jr. of medford, new jersey, celebrating 100 years. he served as a u.s. marine. we thank you for your service, sir. happy 100th abobirthday, a professional seem stress from pasco, rhode island. she wags married to the love of her life for 60 years.
8:55 am
and annabelle 104 years old. her secret to longevity? a glass of whiskey from time to time. mr. fred ziegler of hem met, california, celebrating 100 years. after he retired he learned how to play the piano. there is always time to learn. happy 106th birthday to beatrice green. she is from houston, texas. the secret to longevity is to make sure you live one day at a time. if you know someone celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary tell us about them at >> thank you so much. also, folks, don't forget to check out we have lined up some great stories for green week, including celebrity chefs sharing their favorite ways to reduce food waste. all right. plus, guys, get excited. dylan, this is for us. >> uh-oh. >> mom jeans, they are back. >> they are back? >> apparently. >> why? >> i don't know. we will show off affordable options if you are ready to reembrace the style.
8:56 am
that add more at and we are sharing our best travel tips. good morning, it )s 8:56... i )m - -... breaking news: the fbi this morning confirms good morning to you, i'm scott mcgrew with breaking news. the fbi confirms its investigators are assisting in yesterday's terrifying incident on el camino real where a driver plowed into eight people, some suffering serious injuries. it happened on sunnyvale avenue. people driving through still
8:57 am
dealing with lane closures. here's what we know, a little before 7:00 last night a driver slammed into a group of people, did not appear to use the brakes. that driver is in custody but has not been identified. we also know the youngest victim is 13 years old. again, injuries but no deaths. happening right in and out, we are talking to authorities. bob will have a live report in our newscast. you can check our twitter feed. we are posting updates as soon as we get them. and gas prices are soaring in the area, pretty much the highest in the nation. see the answers the governor has for the recent spikes. and sharks fan calling it a win for ages, stunning vegas and stealing game seven of their playoff series in overtime. can you see some of the highlights at de
8:58 am
watching and waiting overnight for joe biden to make it official- that he )s throwing his hat in the ring for president. plus- before you swap out your cell, our consumer unit has an alert about what to do with your sim. join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
9:00 am
rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today." >> good wednesday morning. welcome to the third hour of "today." craig with sheinelle and dylan and jacob soboroff. >> in the house. >> happy hump day, brother. >> good to see you. >> are you ever in california? >> from time to time. on the days i'm not here, which is increasingly few. >> you get sun, come back out to us. >> yes. >> we have been talking about going green. it started on monday with earth day. we have made some small changes for the one green thing challenge. i posted on instagram early thi


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