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tv   Today  NBC  April 29, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> a picture on facebook. >> we'll see you back here at 7:25 for more local kwrus updates and midday at 11:00. >> happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday. >> three times. ♪ to the night with the lights from above ♪ >> a community in mourning and in shock. >> this is the most heart-wrenching sight i could have seen. >> what we are now learning this morning about the 19-year-old suspect. what went wrong? new video revealing the moment a massive crane collapses in downtown seattle. four people killed, and this morning, investigators are demanding answers. to the rescue. five men brought to safety overnight after being trapped in a virginia cave.
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what they are saying about their nearly two-day ordeal underground. all that, plus signs of hope. an update just in on the 5-year-old boy injured in that shocking mall of america attack. it's royal baby watch. prince harry's surprise appearance as excitement builds for the arrival of a new baby. and smashing success. "avengers: endgame" makes box office history. the biggest opening ever, setting the superheroes to become the most successful movie of all time. today, monday, april 29th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today." happy monday. we have hoda spending time with her family. craig here. al is back. >> al is back. vacation last week. >> yes. but he has seen the movie.
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seen "avengers." >> yes. >> two thumbs up? >> four thumbs up because it was me and nick who saw it. it's a three-hour movie that doesn't feel like three hours. you don't want it to end. >> it's about to become the biggest movie of all time. >> more of his spoiler-free review in a bit. >> let's get to our top story. that senseless attack that happened at a synagogue in southern california. the victims were honored at an overnight vigil. other synagogues, churches, and mosques coast to coast are increasing security this morning. we have got two reports. starting with nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer. good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. police believe the suspect, a 19-year-old, may have been planning the shooting up to four weeks. this motive, they say, is hate. they found an online letter that odd dressed the motive, to kill as many as possible. both police and survivors say what happened behind me here could have been so much worse if it weren't for the quick action of so many heroes to stop further bloodshed. overnight a vigil to honor the
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victims of saturday's shooting at the chabad of poway synagogue. gunshots ringing out on the last day of passover. >> somebody was screaming, you know, shooting, shooting, shooting. we laid on the floor and crawled towards the exit. >> reporter: 60-year-old lori gilbert-kaye was shot and killed inside the temple when she stepped in front of the gunman yielding a semiautomatic rifle. >> lori took three shots to her body. those three bullets could have been three other people. >> reporter: rabbi yisroel goldstein says president trump called him with condolences. >> to be so comfortable and consoling, it meant a lot to our community. it meant a lot to me. >> reporter: passover one of the holiest days of the jewish faith. some 100 people were injured, -- inside, including many children. oman was shot in the leg as he rushed many kids to safety. >> the gun like that and then look at me and he shot.
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>> reporter: one of the many children he helped save was his 8-year-old niece noya who was hit by shrapnel. >> i was scared. it felt like the movies, getting shot and stuff. >> reporter: oscar stewart, an army veteran who served in iraq, was in the synagogue and ran towards the shooter. >> he looked at me. i must have scared him. he dropped his weapon and turned and he ran away. >> reporter: an off duty border patrol agent attending the service also giving chase, firing shots, hitting the suspect's car before the gunman drove off. the alleged shooter, 19-year-old john earnest, was taken into custody saturday after he called 911 to report himself to police. earnest, an honor roll student and musician, has no prior record and was arrested and booked on one count of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder. a teenager turning a day of solace into a day of horror. in that open letter found online police say the suspect talked
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about being inspired by the two mosque shootings in new zealand, where a gunman killed up to 50 people. he's expected in court on wednesday. savannah. >> how about everybody in the hospital? are they still there? what are the conditions? >> reporter: all of the victims are out of the hospital and are recovering. we should also mention, for the victim that was killed, her funeral will be held later on today. all of the victims say they will attend that proceeding. >> all right. miguel almaguer starting us off. thank you very much. >> that shooting and other similar attacks in recent weeks are leading to increased security at many places of worship all over this country. nbc's kerry sanders is in florida with that part of the story. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here at this temple in south florida and at houses of worship across the country, craig, leaders are meeting to assess their security and once again adjust to what is a rise in religious hatred and violence.
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this morning, fear but also fortitude among the faithful. houses of worship across the country being forced to ramp up security after the deadly shooting at a packed california synagogue saturday on the final day of passover. it is the second major attack on a u.s. synagogue in just six months, after a gunman opened fire at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh, killing 11 people in october. it comes on the heels of violence against christians in sri lanka, where more than 250 people were killed in a series of bombings on easter sunday. and muslims in new zealand where last month an australian man opened fire on worshippers at two mosques, killing 50 people. the message of hate this weekend again prompting some communities to take action. in new york city, police have beefed up patrols at synagogues, churches, and mosques. >> we must, we must be thinking of more ways to stop the spread
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of this hate and protect all houses of worship. >> reporter: at miami's faith community baptist church, pastor richard dunn says you would never know some of his parishioners are off-duty police officers. each armed and ready to respond to an attack. >> they come like they are coming to worship. we believe in the element of surprise. >> reporter: according to the fbi, reports of hate crimes have spiked in recent years, increasing 17% in just one year. religion identified as one of the primary motivators. >> people are feeling emboldened to not only speak hatefully, but to actually act hatefully. >> reporter: the recent string of attacks prompting some congregations to reconsider open door policies while increasing security. >> we're constantly thinking about security. how do we make this place more secure? what is it going to take? >> reporter: and that's a fact
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of life today? >> an expensive fact of life, but we have to do it. >> reporter: here in this temple, as we heard in california, an attack like this causes the faithful to be more resolute in their statement that they will not succumb to violence. savannah, craig? >> kerry sanders in florida. thank you. also this morning, new video emerged of a tragic accident in seattle. watch this. you can see a massive crane. it was being used on the google campus, which is being constructed. it crashes onto a busy street below. four people were killed. nbc's joe fryer has more on the investigation and the victims. joe, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. parts of the crane have been removed from the top of the building here as well as the street down below, and crews just reopened roads surrounding this future google campus. meanwhile, there is new video showing the actual collapse. a warning, the video is graphic and disturbing. it's the moment a crane towering
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high above seattle suddenly collapsed saturday afternoon. part of the crane can be seen hitting a building before falling to the street below. the video was recorded on a car's dashcam and obtained by nbc affiliate king tv. in all, six cars were crushed by the crane. >> it all rattled. i saw a big plume of, it looked like dust kicked up. >> reporter: four killed, including two iron workers on the crane and two people in cars on the street below. sarah wong was a freshman at seattle pacific university. the school said she planned to major in nursing, adding, while we grieve the sudden and tragic loss of our precious student, we draw comfort from each other and our strong community of faith. >> i wish i could have spent more time with her because she was an amazing person. >> reporter: investigators say the tower crane was in the process of being disassembled saturday when it collapsed. at the time witnesses described powerful wind gusts blowing through the area. but investigators say answers will take time.
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>> we are involved with what caused this so we can understand it and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: on sunday, one crane was used to remove remnants of the fallen crane from the roof of a building. >> this is the construction site for a new google campus. in a statement, google says, we share our deepest condolences. the project's general contractor says, we are cooperating fully with investigators in assisting the local authorities at this early stage of the investigation. we have no further details. the collapse is sparking worries across seattle where cranes pepper the skyline. a construction boom powered by the growing tech industry. earlier this year, one survey counted 59 cranes in seattle. more than any other american city. >> we are going to pay extra attention to make sure that the cranes that are in seattle today are safe. >> we heard what the city official said. what are they going to do? when you are talking about so many cranes, construction boom a
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good thing, but obviously huge safety concerns. >> reporter: that's right. state regulations were actually tightened after another crane collapsed outside of seattle in 2006. a man inside his apartment was actually killed. after that, the state did give more resources. you have seven investigators overseeing about 120 cranes statewide, which is keeping them busy. as for the investigation into this crane collapse, state officials say it could be at least six months before we get answers as to why this happened. back to you. >> joe fryer, thank you. now to a shooting in kansas that's taking away from a community's joy over the nfl draft. the victim is a college player injured after he was selected by the new york giants, and his friend and teammate who died. nbc's morgan radford here with details on this. this is as bizarre as it is tragic. >> there is also a lot of questions this morning. washburn university is a small
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division ii school in topeka, kansas. the community is mourning the loss of defensive back dwane simmons, as his former teammate, corey ballentine, covers from a gunshot wound hours after joining the ranks of the nfl. >> the giants select -- >> reporter: from triumph to tragedy. police are investigating a deadly shooting involving corey ballentine, a newly minted draft pick for the new york giants, and his former washburn university teammate, dwane simmons. police say officers found the 23-year-old simmons dead in the street from a gunshot wound early sunday morning after responding to reports of gunfire. police say ballentine was also shot and that he arrived at the hospital later sunday morning in a private car. his injury described as non-life-threatening. it's still unclear what sparked the incident, and police have not released any information about a possible suspect. >> corey ballentine -- >> reporter: the shooting taking place hours after the
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23-year-old cornerback was drafted by the new york giants. the giants tweeting this clip of ballentine's phone call with his new coach before the shooting happened. >> i'm glad to add you to our team. >> yes, sir, i'm glad to be a part of the franchise. i have been waiting on this opportunity for a lifetime really. >> reporter: ballentine known for his tremendous speed on the field, along with his strong work ethic. washburn university football coach craig said ballentine and simmons had a close bond. >> they bring a smile to your face, when you think of the two together. they helped each other out. >> reporter: simmons' father speaking to nbc news overnight. >> i was able to see him the friday before he passed. god allowed me to tell him one last time that i was proud to be his father. >> at this point, it is unclear if ballentine's injuries will affect his nfl career. in a statement, the giants say
7:14 am
they are continuing to gather information and have spoken to ball enteentine as he recovers e hospital. adding thoughts are with simmons' family, friends, teammates, and the rest of the washburn university. >> thank you, morgan. we have got a lot more to get to this morning, including that huge weekend for hollywood. fans of the "avengers" franchise not disappointed. neither were the movie makers. as expected "endgame" smashed box office records. look at this. in the u.s. and canada alone the movie earned $350 million. that's the biggest opening ever. by nearly $100 million. kathy park is here with spoiler-free details. good morning, my dear. >> i haven't seen it yet. no spoilers, guys. fans have waited a year for this movie after "avengers: infinity war" left them in suspense. "endgame" got buzz before its release, and now it's become a box office jackpot. >> we are the avengers. we have to finish this. >> reporter: "avengers" fans assembling and smashing records over the weekend.
7:15 am
>> ah! that's been my mood for weeks now. >> time to live up to our name. >> reporter: the highly anticipated "avengers: endgame" proving it's a powerful force at the box office, bringing in an estimated $1.2 billion in its global debut. soaring past the previous record set last year with "avengers: infinity war" with $641 million. the 22nd marvel installment brings 11 years of storytelling across several franchises to an end with comic book heavy hitters like thor, captain america, black widow, and iron man. >> whatever it takes. >> reporter: the three-hour run time not scaring fans away. some already seeing it more than once. does it live up to the hype? >> yeah, definitely. >> reporter: some theaters staying open around the clock to accommodate the crowds. this one looked more like a
7:16 am
party, with fans playing the "avenge "avengers" theme song. those unable to make it to the theater had one mission. avoid spoilers. the star-studded cast helping with an official hashtag. >> don't. >> spoil. >> the "endgame." >> don't do it. >> reporter: lesean mccoy not getting the memo and tweeting the ending. angry fans starting an online petition to end his contract and ban him from seeing future marvel movies. >> part of the journey is the end. >> reporter: "endgame" taking its place in a celebrated franchise and reaching a marvel achievement like never before. >> all right. so how high can "endgame" really go? it's too early to tell. it's now in pursuit of 2009's "avatar" which holds the title of highest grossing film of all time, earning $3 billion. >> we're laughing because there is a lurker behind you who has to get in on this. >> a fan, right? >> i am. nick and i saw it saturday night. it is spectacular. first of all, it's three hours long. it doesn't feel it. they hit all the right notes.
7:17 am
laughs, applause. >> we heard some crying. did you cry? >> i got a little misty. >> really? >> yes, i did. especially if you are a parent. so they did a magnificent job. by the way, i don't think it's the end. you make $1.2 billion? >> yeah. >> there's still enough people hanging around. i think it's okay. >> end-ish game. >> all right. >> cathy -- kathy, thank you. you look refreshed. thanks to deborah, we don't do phones over the holiday. i wasn't on. >> no, you weren't. >> not on instagram. >> you might have texted me a picture. >> i did. >> it's okay. talking to friends is okay. anyway, the weather. thanks for getting your weather from us. let's show you what we have going on. we have this persistent pattern not going anywhere. whatever weather you have today, you will have it probably wednesday, thursday. jet stream in the midwest. a sharp boundary between cold and warm air. severe weather stretching from texas to the u.p. of michigan.
7:18 am
severe weather hazards up from amarillo, midland, tulsa today. move into tomorrow, it is even a stronger risk for some tornadoes, some of them strong. hail 2 inches or larger. damaging winds up to 60 miles per hour. this system is going to be making its way today from the midwest, making its way into the northeast today. storms will continue into the plains. then tomorrow we've got flood watches, kansas and missouri. numerous rounds of thunderstorms from texas all the way up into chicago. today into wednesday heavy rain threat for the southern plains. a risk of severe storms from missouri to texas. look at all this rain. some areas in the mid-plains could see upwards of 5 inches of rain. we are looking at a flood threat from chicago to dallas. we are going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. iron man.
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good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in san jose looking at the sap center. nice and quiet to start with. low 50s around the bay area. we'll be heading into the low 70s today. 70, san jose, palo alto, and morgan hill. conco concord, 73. our temperatures very close to normal for this time of year. feeling like spring as we go to the next several days with highs inland reaching mid-70s. cooler into the weekend. a slight chance of rain on sunday.
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salud del pequeño niño que plus, an encouraging new update this morning on that little boy injured in the attack at the mall of america. we are going to hear from his parents and pastor.
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click, call, or visit a store today. still ahead, prince harry's unexpected appearance with meghan markle due any day now. we will have you a live report from windsor castle. power couple times two. inside the weekend visit between j.lo, a-rod, and chip and joanna gaines. first, your local news and first, your local news and weather. ♪ ♪
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carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in? it's complicated. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is being managed? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. a very good morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia. new information on an apparent arson on the peninsula targeting uber in daly city. police say a 26-year-old man is in custody in connection with that fire. it happened late last night on john daly boulevard. officers arrived to find a small fire nearby the door. officers put out the fire before it could damage the rest of the building. witnesses saw a possible suspect running towards the rear of the building. that's where officers located the suspect and arrested him. a check of the forecast for this monday morning. >> a few clouds across the bay
7:27 am
area, but it will be a nice day. people making their way out the door and heading to work. 64 in san francisco as well as oakland. 73 in concord. 70 for the south bay. as well as parts of the north bay. low 70s. as we good into the rest of the week, just a little bit of a warmup. still very much feeling like spring. as we keep mostly sunny skies for this afternoon, we will see cooler air in the forecast for the weekend. cooling down just a few more degrees as the storm system moves close by. and a slight chance of rain. i'll be watching out for that. an update on the commute from mike. >> we suddenly have two traffic alerts. westbound 80, your commute direction at treasure island. fast lane blocked. as you travel to the tunnel there, undoubtedly will slow down the metering lights. there is a crash from north 880s a you approach the downtown area shy of 23rd. watch for more slowing there. meanwhile, we continue with a lighter volume around most of
7:28 am
the bay. continued problem for the second traffic alert, north 101 at marsh. back to you. thank you very much. back in a half an hour with another local news update. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer.
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we're back. 7:30. it's monday morning. all eyes right there, windsor castle. why? harry and meghan's first born due any minute now. we will go live to windsor, england, in a moment. >> is it official? are we on baby watch? >> we are on baby watch. we have great expectations. a check of the headlines. we are learning more about 19-year-old suspect in saturday's deadly shooting at a california synagogue. last night the victims were honored at a vigil in the close-knit community of poway where lori gilbert kaye was shot and killed inside the temple when she stepped in front of the gunman. three other people were injured. the alleged shooter is
7:31 am
19-year-old john earnest. he is an honor roll musician with no prior record. in an open letter the suspect said he was inspired by the shooter who killed 50 people at two mosques in new zealand. he is scheduled to appear in court on wednesday. all eyes on capitol hill this week with attorney general william barr threatening not to testify before the house judiciary committee because of concerns about the hearing's format. the committee wants to be able to go into executive session with barr to ask about robert mueller's redacted report. that session would be closed to the press and public. in addition, democrats told the department of justice on friday they also want barr to answer follow-up questions from committee lawyers for 30 minutes. a justice department spokeswomen says he agreed to appear before congress. therefore, members of congress should be the ones doing the questioning. we know london bridge falling down. sunday it was big ben that nearly took a tumble during the
7:32 am
london marathon. here we go. the world record for fastest time dressed as a landmark. london's iconic clock tower. as big ben approached the finish line, the top of his costume clipped the top of the gate. big ben too big, apparently. he eventually finished in a time of 3:54, which is impressive, 20 minutes shy of the guinness record set by a man who ran the berlin marathon last year dressed as the holston gate in germany. >> who knew it was a thing? now to an incredible survival story in virginia. five cave divers rescued after being trapped for nearly two days there. nbc's gabe gutierrez is near that cave. he joins us with the story. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning.
7:33 am
this area is extremely remote. the cyclops cave as it's known is behind me on the other side of that field. the these men went in looking for adventure and they found much more than that. this morning the frantic rescue mission for five men trapped in a cave in southwest virginia is over. one by one they were pulled out. >> one of the biggest problems that we had was that they were exhausted and experiencing mild hypothermia. >> reporter: they were found on a ledge about 100 yards inside a seven-mile-long cavern known as cyclops cave. you can see it here in previously shot video. six men ages 22 to 59 years old went in friday evening planning to stay a while and explore, but heavy rains made conditions dangerous and their exit impossible. >> i have a couple buddies that are down in this cave and they can't get back out of it. >> reporter: the youngest was able to escape overnight sunday
7:34 am
and called 911 saying his father, brother, uncle and two other friends were stuck. >> they got down it okay and we've come up down it before but the ropes are too muddy. >> reporter: he told authorities the others were suffering from exhaustion and hypothermia. >> no one is hurt, but they are freezing and probably thirsty. >> reporter: emergency crews rushed in to get them out, rappelling down a large vertical ledge past the cave opening. >> the pass ang ways are not much wider than i am chest to back deep. so very tight. very hard to move. >> reporter: this comes less than two weeks after a specialized cave diver saved a british diver who was trapped in a cramped and narrow cave in tennessee. that british diver took part in the thai soccer team rescue. now in virginia another successful rescue thanks in part to that one explorer who managed to escape on his own. >> he stayed around here and gave us valuable information.
7:35 am
>> it's pretty remarkable they magg got out. how are rithey doing? >> reporter: one had to be airlifted to the hospital. all of them are expected to be okay. >> all right. great news. gabe gutierrez. stay out of that cave, gabe. al, what's going on in the weather? >> a man cave? >> much safer. >> yes. >> a bar, the whole nine yards. anyway, high pressure down south, warm and muggy. it's cooler up as you get into the northwest. meantime, highs today 85 in nashville, atlanta 83. that's 7 degrees above average. tampa 90 degrees. jackson 85. to the north and west, billings cooler than average, same in bismarck, wichita. chicago 55. and that cool air makes its way to the east in detroit. you are at 55 on tuesday. new york dropping down to 57 on
7:36 am
wednesday, jumping back up to 66. staying in the 80s in atlanta. dodge city, you are going to good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures along the coast 50s and 60s. san francisco reaching 64 degrees. as you work your way inland, it will be nice and warm with highs in the low 70s. going throughout the rest of the week, a little bit warmer into wednesday and thursday. we will see a cooldown as we get closer to the weekend. a new storm system approaching could bring us a slight chance of rain on sunday. watching out for that. otherwise, dry throughout the week. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. coming up, the campaign against vaccinations amid a measles outbreak fueled by, of all things, an episode of the brady brunch. and then the finish line is in sight. prince harry's surprise appearance at the london marathon as meghan markel's due
7:37 am
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on a 5-year-old boy thrown from a third floor railing at the mall of america. >> two weeks after the nearly 40-foot fall his parents say he is alert, conscious, and out of critical care. ron mott with the latest. we are happy to hear this. >> this is just a great bit of news that we've gotten. this young bay landon alert and conscious, making significant progress on his road to recovery. we should tell you we are not going to show his picture for privacy reasons. his family looking to an early homecoming. >> reporter: this morning 5-year-old landon, who was thrown off a third-floor balcony at the mall of america, is showing incredible signs of recovery. the family's attorney sharing an update from landon's parents by phone. >> we are so elated to let you know that our son is now alert and conscious and is no longer in critical condition. >> reporter: landon remains in the hospital after his nearly 40-foot fall. police say he was thrown over the railing by this man,
7:43 am
emmanuel deshawn aranda, a complete stranger. the 24-year-old suspect confessing to the shocking crime telling police he came to the mall looking to kill an adult because they usually stand near the balcony, but he chose the boy instead. aranda is charged with attempted murder. >> no spinal cord injury, no nerve damage, no internal injuries that were life-threatening. >> reporter: many amazed at the bo little boy's resilience. a hopeful message on easter sunday. >> zero evidence of brain damage. >> reporter: landon's story and the good news of his awakening sweeping through social media. many attributing his miraculous recovery to the healing power of prayer. his parents grateful for the outpouring of support as well as the more than $1 million raised online for his care. >> we want to thank personally
7:44 am
each and every one of you for your love, prayers and support. we are now turning our focus to additional surgeries, healing, rehabilitation, and eventually a return home which we hope will happen by june. >> reporter: landon on a long road to recovery, but now taking a wonderful first step. the family's attorney tells us we may get another condition update on landon later in the week. meantime, the suspect is due back in court may. he has not entered a plea. ahead, prince harry due to become a dad literally at any moment now and all smiles at a big event in london there. keir simmons is on baby watch live from windsor castle. first, these m
7:45 am
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7:49 am
prince harry and meghan markel's baby due any time. harry made a public appearance yesterday. keir simmons at his post where he will remain until this child comes into the world. keir, good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning. good morning, guys. hard to believe, isn't it, we were here just under a year ago for the fantastic wedding in windsor. the streets, i have to be honest, are not full of people the way they were then. that's because, i think, harry and meghan are going guarded about this birth. here's away we know. meghan is pregnant. that's about it. if prince harry is feeling anxious, the soon to be father isn't showing it, handing out medals at the london marathon sunday. he looked, well, royally relaxed. he appeared an hour's drive from home.
7:50 am
prince william giving nothing away saturday. he is away in new zealand. >> i have no idea. >> reporter: the intense speculation reports meghan past her due date this weekend. she is planning a home birth and even a magazine photo shoot fueled by the couple's unshakeable dedication to privacy. their house, frogmore cottage, well away from public view. >> the sussexes have decided it's going to be private. moving to frogmore cottage, which is cut off from the rest of the public, there is a sense they want to very much keep a low profile when it comes to the child. >> reporter: we see mom doria here. the last time we saw meghan in public six weeks ago she was heavily pregnant and she let slip she was due in late april or early may, which is right around now. so it's little wonder folks are
7:51 am
jumpy. every time the duke and duchess of sussex post on instagram, that notification gave me a heart attack, thought it was baby news, one fan wrote. could you please not post until the baby arrives? the heart palpitations are becoming too much, said another. a third saying simply, where's the baby? the anxiety. >> i think it's so fun. it's exciting. >> i think it's wonderful. >> reporter: harry and meghan about to embark on a marathon unlike anything they have experienced. parenting. and perhaps the only one who really knows what is going to happen, that yet to be born royal baby. today would be a great day for the birth, guys, because it happens to be william and kate's anniversary. eight years they have been married, which i'm told means gifts of bronze or pottery. you know, harry has watched william and kate, seen how they have tried to protect their
7:52 am
children. he watched as kate kind of had to walk out from that hospital with the baby just hours after she had given birth. he has chosen clearly he doesn't want to do that to meghan and with meghan. honestly, i think you can't blame him. >> keir simmons over the pond. >> one of the names i hear is t'challa or thanos. >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> it's an avengers thing? >> yes. >> sorry. >> of course. just ahead on "popstart," so good to have you back. >> thank you. >> j.lo and a-rod sharing an epic double date with joanna and chip gaines. and an inspiring story behind the book club pick. first, your local news. hind what would i say to somebody living with hiv? keep being you. and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for hiv in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights hiv with three different medicines
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good monday morning. 7:56. as you get ready to head out, we have clouds especially along the coast. and we're going to see some sunshine today. all of that clearing out. our temperatures for san francisco reaching 64. also 64 in oakland today. 67 in napa. low 70s in the inland valleys. tri-valley, up to 72 today in livermore. san jose reaching 70 degrees. as we go throughout the forecast, a little bit of a warmup into the middle of the week. looking at early clouds, afternoon sunshine. more of the same weather pattern continuing. a slight chance of rain on sunday. san francisco will see a slight warmup going into wednesday. holding steady, upper 60s into the end of the week.
7:57 am
let's see what's happening on the roads with mike. well, good happening over here. north 101 with the arrow, it was completely jammed up. southbound side now has a little congestion at willow road. northbound the traffic alert has been cleared. the crash cleared at marsh. all lanes cleared of any incident. 101 slowing way back in san jose at capital expressway. mountain view slow as well. north 880, past the coliseum, slows up towards the downtown area. a crash blocks part of your slow lane. back to you. 7:57. happening now, police say a fire outside uber office in daly city was set on purpose and a suspect now in police custody. the fire was set last night. daly city police just issued an official update in the last hour. link to the full details on our twitter feed. san jose leaders want to add more shopping and dining options for people heading downtown. it would involve a whole new array of shops. learn what laws they are thinking about changing to make
7:58 am
downtown more of a destination. i'll be back with another local news update in about half an hour. thousands set to descend o silicon valley in the name of facebook. what they )ll discuss to protect your privacy. plus: a half moon bay family )s flight trouble. our consumer unit talks to the airline and finds a lesson for millions of other airline passengers. today in the bay. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
. it's 8:00 on "today." hope and healing. ♪ with the light from above >> overnight an emotional vigil for the victims of the synagogue shooting in california. what we're learning about the incredible stories of heroism. >> lori took three shots to her body. those three bullets could have been three other people. >> we're live with the latest. plus, controversial campaign. how they're using "the brady bunch" to fuel their movement. the show's stars now hitting back as the outbreak hits new
8:01 am
levels. and banner day. we'll catch up with the olympic athlete who became a viral sensation for simply carrying his country's flag. the flag bearer joins us live with a special announcement about what he is doing next today monday, april 29, 2019. ♪ >> we love you! >> celebrating our mom's 60th birthday from tipton, ohio. >> shout out to memphis. >> hey, y'all. >> good morning. just starting off my birthday with my "today" show mug my daughter got me last week. >> today is my wife's birthday. ♪ >> hi, everybody. good morning. welcome back to "today." it's a monday morning. so nice to have you with us.
8:02 am
hoda enjoys some time with her baby. >> hey, by the way, we so love those "today" plaza shoutouts. you can use the hashtag at the bottom of the screen. put it on instagram and twitter and we'll say hello. >> let's catch up on the news. an overnight vigil near san diego and the heroes who likely prevented more violence. miguel joins us with the latest. hi, miguel, good morning. >> savannah, police say that 19-year-old suspect the gunman walked into the synagogue behind me with a semi automatic rifle and began to unload on 100 worshippers inside including many children. a 60-year-old woman was shot multiple times and killed and a rabbi was also shot in the hand. a man was shot in his leg and his 8-year-old niece was actually hit by shrapnel. this was a very scary scene for those inside. many of those survivors say the gunman only stopped shooting
8:03 am
because it appeared as though his weapon jammed. the 19-year-old allegedly left an open letter online in which he described his motive. hate. he said he was inspired by the new zealand mosque shootings that happened just last month. he'll be in court later on this week on wednesday for a preliminary hearing. as for the victim, she will have her funeral service held later on today. many of the survivors say they will attend that service. certainly a very somber day here, savannah. so much of this community comes together. back to you. >> very courageous person. miguel, thank you very much. dramatic new video shows the moment on saturday when a construction crane collapsed in seattle killing four people. a man driving to work captured this scene on his dash cam. the crane tower on the right. you can see it there. it topples from the site of a future google campus. part of it falls on to traffic crushing several cars. in addition to the fatalities,
8:04 am
three people were hurt. google expressed its condolences. chicago's top prosecutor kim foxx has been subpoenaed to appear in court over her handle of the jussie smollett's case.r subpoena to have a special prosecutor appointed. smollett could be summoned to that hearing. he was accused of staging a hate crime attack on himself back in january but the office made a controversial decision to drop all charges. kim foxx welcomes an independent investigation. police near cincinnati released two children making a daring escape from a moving car. their grandmother left them in the back seat thursday while she took her adult daughter to an emergency room. the man got in the driver's seat and took off. the 8-year-old boy opens the back door and had to pull his 10-year-old sister away from the suspect. before they could jump out, police made an arrest a short while later.
8:05 am
they say the little brother will be recognized for his courageous action. all right. that's the news. time for the boost and l.a. dodgers may have the star of their future on their hands. he's already in the dodgers family. but they're going to have to wait a while because he's 2. he's only 2 years old. this is charlie kershaw. now, take a look at this. he already seems to have his dad's moves down pat. children's players were allowed to take the field yesterday and have fun after the game against pittsburgh and little charley took full advantage. looks like dad. in a few years perhaps he'll take the mound, as well. the brady bunch star taking a stand against anti-vaxers who are using that show in a pretty unexpected way. plus, the unwinding of a miracle. jenna has the remarkable story of her latest book club author that will inspire all of us. first, these messages. and an r.v.
8:06 am
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♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ we are back with "today's talker" on this monday morning. the nationwide measles outbreak is growing at levels not seen in 20 years. >> here is an unusual twist. an episode of the classic "brady bunch" is finding itself at the center of a controversy surrounding vaccines. natalie morales picks up the story from there. >> we are talking about a show on tv 50 years ago, but the cdc is releasing new measles numbers today. if things hold steady, cases will again rise. the actress who played marcia
8:10 am
brady, maureen mccormick, is upset that anti-vaxxers are using an oldensode to push their cause. the ongoing measles outbreak spreading concern from coast to coast. cases have been surging in states, including new york, washington, and california. the cdc says so far this year 695 cases of measles have been reported across 22 states. the most since the disease was declared eliminated in the u.s. nearly two decades ago. just last week in california nearly 1,000 students and faculty at ucla and cal state l.a. were quarantined after it was discovered they could have been exposed to the measles on campus. >> if you are not immunized, that is the risk. >> reporter: hundreds cleared after proving they were vaccinated. as officials highlight the importance of getting immunized, anti-vaxxers have turned to a surprising source to fuel their
8:11 am
campaign. ♪ "the brathe brady bunch ♪ >> what are you doing home from school? >> they sent me home. measles. >> reporter: in an episode of the "brady bunch" that aired 50 years ago all six brady siblings come down with the measles. >> are you serious? >> well, he got all the symptoms. a slight temperature, a lot of dots and a great big smile. >> a great big smile? >> no school for a few days. >> reporter: to some vaccine skeptics it illustrates what they say is a harmless illness. >> if you have to get sick, can't beat the measles. >> reporter: maureen mccormick isn't laughing. the actress telling npr she was furious when she discovered anti-vax groups are using the episode and her character as evidence against getting immunized, saying it's really wrong when people use people's images today to promote whatever they want to promote and the perp's image they are using they haven't asked or they have no idea where they stand on the issue. mccormick revealing she had her
8:12 am
own daughter vaccinated. i caught up with her earlier this year and spoke about how the show still resonates. >> people have love in their hearts for the show. it's so beautiful to be a part of a show that makes people so happy. >> reporter: medical experts stressing the need to separate fact from fiction. >> i think it's common for a lot of people to think about vaccine preventible childhood illnesses as mild and a part of growing up. for a lot of people that's definitely true. untreated measles can lead to life-threatening complications. >> someone else who isn't pleased with how the show's take on measles is being used, lloyd schwartz, the son of the creator. he says his father would have been opposed to it, adding his dad had all of the kids vaccinated. guys. >> when smart said earlier this morning if the anti-vax crowd is relying on a fictional show from 50 years ago to support its cause, not a good sign.
8:13 am
>> you never think you will see "the brady bunch" in a measles vaccination story together, but here we are. a check of the weather? >> yes, let's show you what's happening. if you are flying in or out of chicago expect some delays. this is part of a system that's going to effect the eastern half of the country. a cool trough over the west. a warm ridge over the east. this jet stream isn't going anywhere. the boundary between the warm and cold air, we have a severe weather zone stretching from texas on up into michigan. we will be look at severe weather from amarillo to abilene, tulsa, damaging winds, hail and a few tornados. tomorrow afternoon into the evening we are looking at some really rough weather. eight million people at risk. tornados, hail two inches or more, damaging winds, 60 miles per hour plus. we are looking today at a threat of a lot of sunshine in the northeast. but the severe storms firing up in the midwest. pacific northwest looking pretty good. wet weather through southern
8:14 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. the rain stays away from the bay area so we're looking at skies clearing going into the rest of the day with our high temperature reaching 70 degrees in san jose. we'll be up to 72 in antioch, 67 in napa and san francisco this afternoon reaching 64 degrees. our seven-day forecast warms it up a few more degrees going into the middle of the week. we'll be in the mid 70s. we still see the morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. by the weekend it will be slightly cooler with a slight chance of rain on sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. mr. melvin. >> thank you. look who is at the table. jbh. an inspiring story in a moment. first, you are in for carson daly? >> yes, he is doing "the voice." first up, more on "avengers: endgame." just so you know, there is a mild spoiler coming up. don't worry. it's not enough to get mad at me for. the marvel film broke many records this weekend.
8:15 am
the biggest the estimated $1.2 billion it made at the global box office. while it was no secret that the film would do upon its release, the making of the movie itself was shrouded in secrecy. many of the actors were kept in the dark about the ending to prevent any spoilers from leaking. leave it to chris pratt to sneak a video from the set. sharing on instagram this morning he posted this video showing many of the actors ground together for a scene. throughout the video you can spot chris evans, chris hemsworth, jeremy renner, mark ruffalo, and many more. he captioned it, i remember being blown away in this moment. nobody was allowed to film anything on their phones. no rule was going to stop me from seizing this once in once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. a group that will likely never be in the same room again. >> nice to get a little behind the zbleens it didn't give anything away. >> right. okay. up next, a stop in waco, texas over the weekend.
8:16 am
alex rodriguez and jennifer lopez paid a visit to chip and joanna gaines sharing on instagram the couple stopped by magnolia market in waco perusing through the gaines 'store. j.lo said it was the best day ever. chip shared sa photo from the visit on instagram writing what is going on? this is like a twilight zone of hot people, then there's me. joanna met with j.lo ain her malibu beach home. no word on whether joanna has taken on fixing up j.lo's house. sure it doesn't need it. we will probably see it on the gaines' cable network in the works. my brother has been there. he said it's amazing. >> yes. i have been to the silos. their ranch, their house, they call it a farm, i don't know the difference, close to where my parents live. i was like, a-rod, stop on by. but, yeah, they are so welcoming and cool and i have to say that
8:17 am
combo, craw. >> i know, right? >> and those abs, j.lo. >> like they have their own zip code. >> yeah. okay. and finally, it's been 35 years since this is spinal tap appeared. it was the pioneer for mockumentary style films. to celebrate the anniversary the film was shown at the tribeca film festival. the cast and director sat down with our harry smith to talk about the making of that now famous cult classic. >> was it as much fun to do as it was for us to watch? >> we had a lot of fun. we got to play music and be with friends that we'd work with for a long time and do something we believed in. and no one knew what was going to happen, obviously. >> harry said they had a lot to say. catch the full interview
8:18 am
wednesday on "today." >> that's cool. time for a dilley click. >> yes. a fan at brewers/mets game sunday night taught us an important lesson in ballpark protocol. alonso hits it deep this into left field. as he reaches up to catch it -- >> oh, no. >> his beer over the edge. >> oh, no. >> not only did the fan miss the ball, braun missed the ball and ended up covered in beer. >> he is a brewer. >> there you go. >> a good one. >> the beer blunder ended up in a triple for alonso who joked the mets should buy the fan a drink. >> was he trying to catcht with the cup? >> there was no way he was going to do that. >> no, the ball is going to go through the cup. a paper cup? >> the best case scenario, you are still spilling your beer. >> all right. thanks. now to our read with jenna book club and the inspiring story behind the author of this
8:19 am
month's pick. >> i loved this book so much. julie yip-williams lived an incredible life filled with cal checks. after diagnosed with stage iv colon cancer at 37 she began to write online about her battle. her viral posts later became a book that she didn't live to see published, "the unwinding of the miracle." >> reporter: if miracles happen when you least expect them, then julie yip-williams' life was beyond her wildest imagination. she faced challenges from the beginning, born completely blind in post-war vietnam with a grandmother who thought she had no chance at life because of his disability. her sister remembers their grandmother's unimaginable demand. >> my grandmother wanted to put her to death. my parents dressed her in raggeddy clothes and took her on a bus to the herbalist. >> reporter: the herbalist refused to help end julie's life, sparing her, and marking
8:20 am
the first of many more miracles to come. what was she like? >> she was very tough and very determined and wouldn't take no for an answer. you know, despite what everybody around her said, you can't do this, you can't do that, deep down she knew she was capable of a lot more than what people were telling her. >> reporter: she was determined to prove it. julie survived the long and dangerous journey to america where a life-changing surgery gave her partial sight. though she was still legally blind, julie ygrew up to travel across all seven continents on her own, get into her dream law school, and fall in love. what did you think of her? >> i thought she was the most beautiful, interesting woman i met. we had an incredibly deep love for each other. >> reporter: it was the life her grandmother never thought she would have. >> i remember the time she called me at work. she said, i got into harvard. and we were just wild with happiness.
8:21 am
>> reporter: y'all were so proud? >> so proud beyond our imaginations. >> reporter: but then in 2013 news no one expected. >> i felt like my heart just stopped. i think forome reason i kind of knew. >> reporter: at 37 years old julie was diagnosed with stage iv colon cancer. >> i mean, it was just the worst thing i had ever heard. >> reporter: her chances of survival were slim. julie was used to the odds being stacked against her. there was one more miracle left, and this time it was hers to give. after the diagnosis she start today write? >> yeah. a lot of people don't know this, but i think deep down she wanted to be a writer. >> reporter: she wrote about her battle with cancer online. little did she know her blog would later become a book, "the unwinding of the miracle." brave to her meant honesty, transparency? >> yeah.
8:22 am
>> reporter: talk about why it was so important for her to be angry? >> it was very dishonest she felt to ignore the anger. it does make you angry. she felt it could help other people in the sense that they it was okay to feel that way. she wanted to give people permission. >> reporter: permission toe angry and also permission to live. julie passed away last march before she could see her book published, but her hope was to inspire others to take advantage of life. >> i think she just in some ways people step back a little bit, appreciate the fact that what you have rather than focusing on the things you don't have. >> reporter: julie's book was also a love letter to her family, especially her daughters, now 9 and 7. her precious words recorded before she passed. now a treasured gift. dear me a and isabelle, as your mother i wish i could protect you from the pain. also as your mother i want you to feel the pain, to live it,
8:23 am
embrace it, and then learn from it. i have two girls. it broke my heart, but it also inspired me in so many ways. >> it was exquisitely painful but at the same time i am glad she had a chance to brigwrite i >> reporter: what you think of her legacy, what do you think she would hope it would be? >> she would want mia and bell to be happy, well adjusted beautiful women, and this book ultimately she really wanted to be a writer and she got the chance to do that. and perhaps along the way encourage and inspire people to live. you know, fully. that's her legacy. >> i loved reading this book. a lot of people read along with me. and one of my favorite parts was that she had these un -- you know, this life that everybody said no. and she beat these odds. >> it's so extraordinary. >> she also wrote beautifully. she thought life was a miracle.
8:24 am
little miracles. meeting her husband was a miracle. she thought having these beautiful girls were a miracle. also the next adventure, the after life as a miracle. she went into death without fear, and it was a really beautiful thing to read. >> she is one of the most highly regarded people in that community. it's a shame that there is a community. but in the colon cancer community. she is beloved for that book and the way that she lived and the way that she ultimately died as well. >> and you told me part of the proceeds of this book? >> colon cancer alliance. >> so thank you guys for reading with me. by the way, we will continue our conversation with julie's husband josh on our instagram account live at 11:00 a.m. eastern. if you have questions, if you are part of the book club, join this. >> it's hard to think of her being gone and those little girls. to see their mom's words will be a comfort. >> it's a beautiful book. there is hope, too. >> thank you, jenna.
8:25 am
>> thank you. a lot more to get to this morning. ahead, daphne oz is here. she is going to help us spring clean our freezers. and don't get rid of the haagen-dazs. and you remembergood mornin.
8:26 am
i )m ... san jose leaders are making a new push to make downtown more of a destination. today they launch what may be a long process aimed at good morning. san jose leaders are launching what may be a long process aimed at creating more space to dine and shop. it would involve legislation to allow high volume businesses to operate on first floors of some downtown buildings. office space in those buildings would be moved up to the second floo floors. these five intersections show the main areas they want to focus on. city planners have scheduled the first feedback session for 6:30 tonight at martin luther king jr. library. we want to get a look at the commute. >> in the south bay is where
8:27 am
traffic flows pretty smoothly. northbound did see more volume and holding steady for southbound. 101 smooths out after that fender bender but a smoothie flow through palo alto. a smooth drive for both sides of the bay, pretty much what you would expect. 280 jammed up. slowing up through oakland. . living joyfully.
8:28 am
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♪ on this monday morning, april 29th, 2019. saying hello to a nice crowd here on the plaza. >> everyone seems a little more bouncy and happy today. the sun is shining and we have a great show this morning. this is the start of one of the best weeks of the year around here. we highlight the best of broadway. we have lined you have amazing performances. we start with the show ain't too proud. an acclaimed musical about the temptations. the guys are going to perform for us. you know we will get good music. i wanted to meet my friend becky from ohio. good morning, sweetie!
8:31 am
>> this is so wonderful. >> wonderful to meet you. you are from ohio? >> tippen, ohio. >> what brings you to the plaza today? >> my 60th birthday. [ cheers ] >> it was my daughter's, and it's so wonderful. >> how nice you are with us. how many daughters with you? >> four. >> three? >> three daughters and you. >> let's do some quick math. you should have four tickets to see ain't too proud on broadway. would you like that? okay. yes. you can bring everybody. we have a little flavor this morning and then go see the show, okay? happy birthday. >> thank you. >> thanks for being here. you're beautiful. >> how fun is that? >> happy birthday. coming up, ahead, daphne oz is here. her go to recipes for using ingredients that have been hanging out for probably way too long. >> i should leave a camera in my
8:32 am
freezer. coming up on #3rdhourtoday, the one, the only, dr. ruth. we know about her straightforward bedroom talk, but did you know a lot of -- did you know she was a trained sniper? >> fascinating. >> one of the amazing stories she will share on #3rdhourtoday. >> i need to wish my mother-in-law happy birthday. >> oh, happy birthday. >> in lieu of a gift? >> exactly. this is the gift. happy birthday. >> you're the best. >> look who is here. we recognize. pita taufatofua of tonga. who could forget this? 2016 games, he became a viral sensation. he was the flag bearer. two years later, he does it again in pyeongchang. now we are hanging with him here in the u.s. the first time. good to see you again. >> good morning. >> and do i have this right?
8:33 am
you are going to the olympics, the summer olympics in 2020? >> my goal is to make three years. i am trying sprint kayak. >> wow. do you know anything about kayaking? how long have you been at this? >> three months now. one year to figure it out. >> what is spring kayak? >> it's where you get in a small boat and you sprint for 30 seconds and hope the other people are behind you. >> do you have to oil up for that as well? >> i hope so. if it makes you quicker, i will do what it takes. >> when do you find out if you have made the team? >> february of next year. we are paddling for the planet, trying to bring awareness to climate change and the oceans. that's what one of our goals is, along with winning that olympic gold medal. >> yes. you just met prince harry and meghan markle. they dressed like you, is that right? >> yes. meghan and harry wore the exact
8:34 am
same thing. this is blue, but they wore the red version. they wore it like two tongans. >> didn't take the shirt off? >> no, still time, harry. >> raising awareness about your nation. i guess you are probably one of the country's biggest celebrities, right? >> oh, yeah. >> absolutely. >> global ambassador you have become. >> i mean, my father won't let me say i'm a celebrity, but. >> you know what? you are also a celebrity because it's kind of cold out here. >> you need a coat. >> thank you, guys. appreciate it. >> see you. >> thank you. >> so cool. >> i know. by the way, not too early to remind folks, the tokyo 2020 olympics on the networks of nbc. >> i like the tokyo logo. >> mr. roker? >> yes. >> a check of the forecast? >> absolutely. today nice up and down the east coast. some travel delays through chicago.
8:35 am
some severe storms through texas. sunny skies out west. wet weather through southern california. midweek wet weather from the northeast back down in texas where there is a flood threat. sunshine out west. towards the end of the week we've got some showers continuing in the northeast. mid-atlantic states through florida, showers and storms through texas. mild and dry out good morning. i'm meet olths cteorologist kar. lots of sunshine in the forecast today as we start to see those skies start out early and cloudy. it will be clearing out and warming up with highs through the mid 70s. in time for the weekend it will be slightly cooler and breezy and a chance of rain in our sunday forecast with san francisco boosting those temperatures up to about 70 degrees and coming back to the mid 60s for saturday and sunday. >> and that is your latest weather. craig. >> thank you. just ahead, look who is
8:36 am
here. daphne oz. we are going to spring clean your freezer. the very cliff daphne oz here with great news. even the freezer-burned ice cream, huh? >> even that. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
- hi, doug. - hey! [beeping] [♪] - hmm! yummy! - pretzelrami is back, with our famous pastrami and a bigger soft pretzel roll. and try the new turkey bistro with warm turkey and smokehouse bacon. or the new hot club chicken dijon with black forest ham. the new hot pretzels, only at togos. how far would you go for a togo? - i own you, doug.
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we are back with today food. the spring cleaning season in full effect. do not overlook a part of your kitchen that often could use a little tlc, the freezer. daphne oz here to help us salvage our freezer burned chicken and veggies and what to do with that lonely carton of ice cream. we were saying ice cream, you never -- >> we don't have it lingering around. it does go very fast in my house. people open the freezer in april and realize something has been tucked in the back since three decembers ago and they don't know what to do.
8:39 am
so they throw it away or worry freezer burn is dangerous. it's not dangerous. >> it might be tough. how do you bring it back to life? >> so the thing is you want to bring back moisture and flavor. and there are some easy ways to that. chicken, america's favorite meat. so the first recipe i want to show you is a smothered jerk chicken. here's how we are going to bring this back. traditional jerk chicken obviously does not involve coconut milk. you are in jamaica, you have your beer, you are on the beach, everything is perfect. this is reality, a much more for giving recipe. i have coconut milk, brown sugar, allspice, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, paprika, cayenne, fresh nutmeg and plenty of salt. thyme, ginger, and garlic, okay? bring the beach home.
8:40 am
blend that to the. i like to keep it simple for people. this is a quick marinade. i am not going to show you how to blend. >> i don't know how to blend. >> that's why you are here. we are doing this together. i will have you pour it. i know you know how to pour. >> i do. i just cover the whole thing? use the whole marinade? >> i want this to bring back -- this is like a facemask for your chicken. if your chicken is dry and dehydrated, this is chicken botox. >> all right. >> and the coconut milk will add a lot of that flavor. roast this in the oven an hour to 75 minutes. you see how juicy this looks. it comes out, it is crispy golden brown on top. >> can i dive in. >> please. i love coconut rice on the bottom. >> how about hot sauce? >> yes. >> you are expecting your fourth
8:41 am
baby. >> let's not go too hot. i don't want to deliver. >> delicious. >> is it good? i want to put it in my mouth. i need to keep talking. >> come back to it. >> a little fresh lime. you guys like it? you are digging in over there? >> what about frozen vegetables? >> if you are cleaning out your freezer, people won't say, this is a freezer meal? you have frozen peas in your freezer, they have been there god knows how long. bring them back to life in a fancy looking dish that comes together really quickly. a nice package of frozen peas. they look like they do in your freerz. drop them into simmering chicken or veg broth. that goes two minutes just to warm them up and blanche them so they are resuscitated and juicy again. then drop them into a food processor. you are going to give a little pulse, a quick pulse, puree. i drain them out of the broth. this is the broth you use after it's been infused with peas to flavor the risotto.
8:42 am
>> what kind of rice? >> this is the trick to risotto. the most important thing is that you don't burn the shell. it's the most important thing is actually that you add the liquid slowly. this is not oatmeal. you want soft, tender, delicate grains offsho rice. use a short-grain italian rice. it's starchy. it won't absorb as much of the liquid as quickly. >> you are putting it in dry? >> yes. this is the toasting step, okay? >> i love the sound effects in here. >> wow, daphne! >> they can put up an applause sign. so the toasting step is the other really critical point. adding liquid slowly and toasting the grains a minute to warm through through. that gives a lovely gloss of fat so it doesn't absorb too quickly. then add lid lady gagattle by l. this is fun with the kids.
8:43 am
you can get them to count how many ladles it takes. >> you haven't met my kids. >> our kids would race towards the hot plate. >> that happens. >> and you end up with that? >> here's how creamy and tender it becomes. this is after four cups of liquid. here is how to make it -- remember those peas from way back when? bright, pretty. no one knows it's been sitting the freezer months on in. add those in. i like a nice healthy cup of cheese. i'm not stingy. i came here to play. a little bit of olive oil. then just give that a quick -- >> on a low heat? >> this i want to sit and infuse the rice. >> very good. >> and we have this, real quick, a french toast recipe. we don't have time. what is it? people can find it online. >> the good news is you don't have to throw your ice cream away. the bad news is it's not good
8:44 am
for your waistline. add eggs, vanilla, drag the toast through there, toast it up. by the way, garner with pea shoots. >> you can put it back in the freezer whatever is left over. >> 360. >> circle of life. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> if you want the recipes go to coming up next, a live performance from the cast of ain't she proud. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> and we're back with the start of our special best of broadway week. highlighting some of the great most talked about shows. first up, a good one, "ain't too
8:47 am
proud," the life and times of the temptations. this follows the group's journey from the streets of detroit all the way to the rock and roll hall of fame. we are thrilled to have the leading cast with us this morning. derrick baskin, james harkness, jeron jackson, guys, good morning to all of you. thanks for coming in. and you play, you play the only living member of the original cast, right? >> yes, i do. >> has he seen the show? >> yeah, several times. you know, we call him uncle o. he is very proeg techtitective . he is a great wealth of knowledge talk about the stories of the temptations. >> what was some of the advice he gave you before you started on this endeavor? >> be grateful for the moment, to stay grounded, to make sure that this friendship, this camaraderie that we have stays solid, intact. we are most successful together.
8:48 am
>> were you guys all like natural dancers? or did you have to spend -- >> no. i'm the worst dancer of the group. >> you are not the worst. that would be me. >> the talent kind of varies. ref r ephram is talented. so is jeremy pope. we kind of have to play catch up. it's a great time. a great time. >> it's supposed to be a spectacular show. congrats on the success. what are you doing? >> "ain't too proud," the title track of our show. >> apropos. ladies and gentlemen, enjoy. ♪ you got a smile so bright ♪ you know you could have been a
8:49 am
candle ♪ ♪ i'm holding you so tight ♪ you know you could have been a handle ♪ ♪ the way you took me off my feet ♪ ♪ you could have been a broom ♪ the way you smell so sweet ♪ you know you could have been some perfume ♪ ♪ well, you could have been anything that you wanted ♪ ♪ and i can tell the way do you the things you do ♪ ♪ the way you do the things you do ♪ ♪ you could have been a flower ♪ you know that you could be an hour ♪ ♪ and baby you are so smart
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♪ you know you should have been a school book ♪ ♪ well, you could have been anything that you wanted ♪ ♪ and i can tell ♪ the way you do the things you do ♪ ♪ the way you do the things you do ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i don't want to leave baby ♪ if i have to stay for your memory ♪ ♪ i don't mind because it means that much to me ♪ ♪ if i said that you love me ♪ please don't leave me girl ♪ don't you go ♪ baby, baby
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8:52 am
♪ don't you go [ cheers and applause ] >> man! how about it? how about that? "ain't too proud." wow. congrats. well done. they will be back with more in the fourth hour. catch the broadway show at the imperial theater here in new york city. we are back in a moment. wow. this is "today" on nbc. you buckle up, start the car, put it in gear and take off. next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. ♪ [ crying ] ♪
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put it in gear and take off., next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. that temptations song will be in my head for days. >> yes. that's what you want. >> by the way, as always, more great stories at, including a peak inside alicia silverstone's kitchen and pantry. how she practices what she
8:55 am
preaches when it comes to living vegan. and jenna's april book club pick. we heard the story this morning. it will be a cool conversation. aherd on the third hour of today, the doctor is in. dr. ruth. think of your questions. anything you want to know, maybe she'll answer. >> are you guys going to do questions? >> i assure you -- >> first, your local news and weather. >> she wants to talk to you. >> they are taking calls. first, your local news and weather. find out next. good morning, it .
8:56 am
i )m - -... new information .. in an apparent good morning to you. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. new information in an apparent arson on the peninsula targeting uber officer. police say a 26-year-old man tied to the fire is now in custody. it happened last night on john daly boulevard. officers found a small fire by the front door. a window was damaged but apparently not from the flames.
8:57 am
officers put out the fire before it did damage to the building. they say a possible suspect was running towards the rear of the building and that's where officers located that suspect. right now we're learning more about that arrest and we'll have a live report in our midday newscast. an ongoing emotion there in southern california for the people shot during services on the last day of passover. on our home page, links to the heroic tales now emerging inside of a deadly synagogue shooting. san jose leaders want to add more shopping and dining options for people heading to downtown. it would involve a whole new array of restaurants and shops. go to our home page to learn about making downtown more of a destination. more local news in an hour. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection.
8:58 am
to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. supposed to be good news, right? not for one small cafe that is exposing a bigger problem popping up across the bay. plus: a family )s flight troubl. our consumer unit uncovers a lesson we can all learn from when hitting the skies. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning. welcome everyone to the third hour of "today." craig here along with sheinelle, dylan. >> al is back from vacation. >> all together again. welcome back. >> you look refreshed. >> i feel great. stayed offline. i got a little sun. used sunblock. >> more of your vacation in a moment. sadly, another attack on a place of worship in this country. this past saturday on the final day of passover a man opened fire inside the chabad of poway synagogue near san diego. he killed one ha bad woman.


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