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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 30, 2019 5:30pm-5:58pm PDT

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lester holt isext 6:00. >> bye. tonight. a gunman opening fire on campus. officials say at least two people are dead and several more are wounded. some critically. we have the latest from unc charlotte. violent clashes in venezuela. a country on the brink. military humvees running over protesters revolting on the streets for their freedom. and stunnin news. just momen secretary of state mike pompeo telling me that maduro had a plane on the tarmac ready to flee to cuba, but russia told him to stay. is in. fire on a young bride-to-be who approached his car after calling 911 for help. a new fda alert about popular sleep
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meds like ambien. the strongest warningds t know. a cool dating site scam. a widow and mom of four wooed with promises of love and romance. >> you are beautiful. i can't wait to put a ring on your finger. >> until she made a disturbing discovery. the scammer was using someone else's photos. wait until you hear who he really is. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. in the west there are several breaking stories as we come on the air tonight, including a bombshell from robert mueller. but we begin with another shooting on an are injured after a of north on campus. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> reporter: tonight police say a gunman opened fireun tersity of north carolina charlotte. >> three that are shot. we've got one that need the medic to step it up. >> reporter: authorities confirming
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two dead, four rushed to the hospital, two with life-threatening injuries. >> it was crazy. i never expect this to happen to me. >> reporter: police say one person has been taken into custody. wcnc reporting the suspect is 22-year-old student tristan andrew terrell. >> our people running in the hallways screaming shooter and all that. >> reporter: the shots rang out at 5:45 sparking panic, triggering a campus-wide lockdown on the last day of classes. >> it was a really scary experience to hear the shots and have to run. i didn't think i would t the university sending an emergency message to all students saying run, hide, fight. secure yourself immediately. >> i'm here. sweeping through buildings on campus ensuring the threat is over. steve patterson, nbc news. >> there is more breaking news tonight. that bombshell about a letter and a phone call from special counsel robert mueller to attorney general william barr. our pete williams is in washington with
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details just coming in. pete, what can you tell us? >> reporter: lester, justice department officials say special counsel robert mueller told attorney general william barr that the initial account of the mueller report in barr's four-page letter last month caused public confusion. the officials say in a letter and subsequent phone call mueller said that barr's march 24th letter, the four-page description of what barr called capture the substance of the 440-page document. mueller suggested barr sections of briefmmar the report. these officials say mueller did not describe barr's letter as inaccurate, but thought it was resulting in misleading news coverage. they say mueller expressed frustration over the lack of context and the resulting coverage. barr has said he did not want to release the report piecemeal and could not simply put out the summaries because they had not yet been scrubbed to remove grand jury information. barr is sure to be asked about this when he testifies tomorrow
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before the senate. >> pete williams in washington. thank you. and many of you have been watching the harrowing scenes play out all day live on cable tv of violent crackdown across venezuela. streets erupting after american-backed opposition leader juan guaido called for an uprising against president nicolas maduro. anti-government protesters heeding the call. many facing violent clashes with military forces whose own loyalties appear splintered tonight. but is the end game near? kerry sanders with late details and disturbing ige >> reporter: tonight protesters against venezuela's president nicolas maduro taking to the streets, calling for freedom. the country's military loyal to maduro responding with furry, including tear gas, bullets this national guard truck crossing right into protesters, mowing down more than a dozen. it started early this
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morning. flanked by what appeared to be uniformed members of the country's military opposition leader juan guaido calling on his supporters to take to the streets. saying, today the armed forces are clearly on our side. they are loyal to the constitution, loyal to the venezuelan people. but it's unclear if guaido, who is viewed as the legitimate leader of venezuelay more than 50 countries, including the united states, is actually getting widespread support from the military. these officers today publicly backing maduro. and at maduro's government headquarters crowds gathered in support of the current socialist government. but as we found recently many in venezuela are barely surviving, even food o -- eating food out of dumpsters. simple medicines nowhere to be found. and at this hospital we discovered children
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in kidney failure. some dying due to a lack of medical supplies. and tonight another critical moment for venezuela. an estimated 3.3 million venezuelaness have fled the country, 70,000 south florida, where tonight some have gathered anxiously waiting for word on how this uprising ends. ked secretary of , state mike pompeo about u.s. support for guaido, and he revealed some stunning developments about venezuelan president's nicolas maduro status. have you or anyone in the administration spoken to mr. guaido in the last 24 to 48 hours? >> we are talking to lots of folks on the ground. i don't want to get into who we have had a chance to speak to today. we have continually spoken with juan guaido throughout this. you see, too, you see juan guaido in the streets. we have not seen mr. maduro since this morning.
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we saw his airplane. it was parked at the airport. we understand that he was actually getting ready contemplating leaving the country and the russians told him to stay. not to depart for >> a right. let me bring in andrea mitchell. that is a surprise. russia telling maduro not to flee. how might the u.s. react? >> who mike pompeo told you makes this more a direct confrontation between the u.s. and russia. the president is on cuba, threatening an embargo if havana does not stop suoren minister theay secretly backing guaido, pressuring them to flip. it could be a tipping point. the next 24 hours could be critical. breaking tonight, the verdict is in in a case that made national headlines in minneapolis. a police officer on trial for fatally shooting an unarmed bride-to-be who had called 911 has now been found guilty of murder. kevin tibbles has late details. >> reporter: former
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minneapolis police officer mohamed noor found guilty of thi third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for fatally shooting justine ruszcyzk damond in an alleyway in july of 2017. 40-year-old australian born life coach called 911 to report what she thought was a sexual assault taking place behind her home. minutes later she apparently went outside to help. instead she was fatally shot. >> shots fired. >> reporter: over two days of tearful noor told jurors he split-second decision to pull the trigger when damond approached the car in the dark. he said i fired once. the threat took a couple steps back. did you is just say the threat took a couple steps back? yes. the whole blonde hair, pink t-shirt and all is a threat to you? noor's attorney said he did what he was trained to do. we have a tragedy, but what we don't have is a crime. prosecutors disagree. he knew exactly what he was doing.
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he pointed, he aimed, and he killed her. after two years, tonight a jury's decision comes in less than two days of deliberations. kevin tibbles, nbc news. now to an unfoldingys a woman shot a killed while driving on the highway. her boyfriend wounded. there is no evidence thaerp targeted. we get det fchesky. >> reporter: it's the photo of a family that tonight is no longer whole after a loss leaving a father barely able to describe his own daughter. >> her smile, very good heart. her gentle way with people. she w a great loss. >> reporter: the most gut wrenching question of all, who killed his daughter michaela and may not even know it? >> we have a female who was struck by something that came through the windshield. >> reporter: it came early sunday morning. michaela driving her boyfriend's home from work. when iowa police say someone somewhere
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fired a single shot. >> at this point we have no evidence indicate this they >> reporter: the bullet fattally struck michaela before hitting kimble, who survived. makah la, a farmer all-star outfielder at the university of northern iowa. she graduated in 2016 with plans to be a dentist. >> we had quite a connection. >> reporter: steven caring for his father with cancer when his wife called with the news. >> that was the hardest thing she ever had to do. >> reporter: a family and community left in mourning, facing a desperate search for hours. morgan chesky, nbc news. in california late today the suspect accused of opening fire and killing a woman inside a synagogue faced a judge for the first time. survivors cope with their tragic loss. nbc's miguel almaguer was at the courthouse. >> reporter: the 19-year-old suspected gunman john earnest who prosecutors say had a cardi b of ammunition pleading not guilty, charged with the murder of
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lori kaye and three counts of attempted murder for the shooting inside this synagogue captured on surveillance video. the suspect's day in court came just hours after the funeral for lori kaye. >> i'll miss that she wasn't be able to see me graduate from college. i'll miss she won't be able to see me if i ever decide to have laying her mother to rest. >> the person who did lori's own daughter, what my mother led her life with love. not only has she forgiven him. she probably wishes the family comfort. that's my matter. >> reporter: lori kaye, a final act of compassion as a teenager is accused of taking her life in the place where so many came to celebrate the ones she lived. miguel almaguer, nbc news, san diego. this evening the fda is issuing a serious warning about sleep meds that millions of americans take and health officials say they are acting now because they are seeing an increase in unusual side effects and even death. here is tom costello.
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>> reporter: they are commonly referred to as z drugs taken by 6 million americans. among the most widely prescribed sleep medications on the market, including lunesta, sewnata and zolip m including sleep i will require its monhe drug's . hospital sleep center. >> somehow, patients won't have any recollection of the events because they are not really back their conscious state. >> reporter: the fda's concerned about an increase in patients who overdose, fall, wander out into the cold, even burn or shoot themselves. the pharma industry declined to comment, though in the past drugmakers have said the side effects are rare and insomnia medications should be taken under a doctor's supervision. tonight the warns not to combine z drugs
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with other meds, avoid alcohol and avoid driving the morning after taking a z medicati tonight there are disturbing new findings in the suicide crisis among after the release of a popular show in which a teen takes her life. the researchers can't prove the show was the cause. with more here isye with our 1. >> about to tell you the story of my life. >> reporter: from the moment "13 reasons why" debuted, mental health professionals were worried the show, which centers around a girl's suicide, would lead to copycats. new published research says teen suicides spiked in the month leaste a 29.9% increase in american kids ages 10 to 17. a nine-year high. the study estimates there were 195 more suicides than would have been expected based on trends. >> media portrayal of suicide may have a bigger impact on
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vulnerable young people than was expected. >> reporter: but it's unclear if the kids who died by suicide actually watched "13 reasons why." also researchers say the higher suicide rate was dri mvily female. andle the this is a sensitive issue ng adults who watched the show's entire second season. >> soonerr truth will come out. >> reporter: new research sparking new debate with the third season expected later this year. joe fryer, nbc news. all right. just ahead tonight, the warning over dating site scams. a woman thought she found her match only to learn his photos were stolen from a face on tv. a story you don't want to miss. and ordinary eye drops... ...just add temporary moisture. but you want more.
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losing over you are about to meet a woman who made a disturbing discovery about someone professing love. here iseh >> this is the picture that was on cannen righter thought she found the perfect match. >> you are beautiful. >> reporter: a dream come true this massachusetts mom thought on her first dating. >> my husband passed. i have four kids. i work. i work all the time. >> reporter: calling himself sergeant hill, he told her he was stationed in kabul on a esecret mission, so couldn't call for facetime. instead he sent pictures. >> it was nice. >> reporter: now she says it was a scam. sandra became suspicious when sergeant hill asked her for money. >> you work in the military. you should be getting paid. >> reporter: she started to send it but had second thoughts. >> i am asking myself, what are you doing? >> reporter: she went online to verify his identity. his date was an image
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of wnbc sports anchor harry cicma, whose foeters were used to create a fake online profile. >> it made me feel terrible. >> reporter: matomylocked the ror fraud. yourself never send money to people you don't know. cyber experts also ct recommend doing a reverse image search le picture and if details don't match it's a scam. and when in doubt contact authorities. all right. coming up, a hollywood trail blazer's grieving family with a wake-up call for millions of americans. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it,
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. . i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. next tonight, the next tonight, the family of drgter john singleton is sounding the alarm for millions about a silent killer that may have contributed to his untimely death. here is nbc's geoff bennett. >> everybody know about john singleton, right? >> reporter: for retired firefighter carlton chapman, john singleton's death was a wake-up call. >> i'm 58 years old and he was 51. so it makes me mobecome more a
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and doing the things that we need to do in order to stay healthy. >> reporter: more than 40% of black men and women have high blood pressure. as a result african-american men are at a greater risk of having a stroke than any other group age and more likely to die from it. ice as likely as >> the most common more likely to have a stroke at a younger symptom is no symptoms. >> reporter: canaan baptist church in washington offers free blood pressure screenings each week. one reason black men men are more prone, a possible gene. it's possible to overcome the risk. >> diet, exercise, cutting out the sodium. those are sort of behavioral things we can change. we can't change our genetics, but we can change the behaviors in order to decrease our rates of obesity. >> reporter: and creative outreach works. a study that provided blood pressure monitoring in black owned barber shops helped them cut their blood pressure by nine points. sending a farm sitz to
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that )s not what has everyone talking... the confession mark zuckerberg made live on stage... to "bare arms". the new policy letting some east bay officers show a different side of the police. that )s next. the tony nominations are out today. among the nominees a broadway hit spark ago spirited debate about the ideals america is founded upon. stephanie gosk has tonight's spotlight. >> reporter: heidi schreck's teenage crush, her first love at age 15 was constitution. in high school she traveled the country giving speeches about it to raise money for college. as an adult she wrote a play about it. >> this play is about a teenage girl's obsession.
5:57 pm
her kind of love breakup maybe >> reporter: when i told people i was going to a pli about with it. the constitution everyone went, ah. >> really funny. >> how long do we want this document to be? >> reporter: it raises some real questions about the limitations of the constitution. including women's rights and the representation of minorities. >> i think it's a mistake to revere this document. it has a lot of problems. >> reporter: at the end of every show heidi squares off with a real-life high school debater about whether to keep or abolish the constitution. >> of course, i wanted to put my own skills to the test. >> i allows us t laws. >> reporter: wouldn't you say it changes are moving a little bit too slow? >> i think you are probably right about that. >> reporter: her hope? atk questions, and maybe even walk away with a new take on an old document. stephanie gosk, nbc
5:58 pm
news, new york. >> that's a fascinating debate. that's "tl an officer tried to pull him over and now he )s dead. the new we're talking seconds. less than a minute. right now at 6:00, an officer tried to pull him over, now he's dead. the new details about the motorcycle crash that jammed up traffic on the bay bridge. plus a college job fair turns controversial. the group disinvited and the - lout on campus. >> we're going to take the time to get this right. >> mark zuckerberg addresses the facebook. the news a 6:00 starts right now. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang in forage
5:59 pm
mathai. >> mark zucker admits that his company has not kept information as private as -- he's making changes starting today. >> the first day of the facebook annual development conference. scott budman was in the center of it all here to tell us what facebook will do to keep us facebook. >> we saw new apps and tested ways to connect with each other. he says there's a huge elephant in the room, your privacy. mark zuckerberg saying the future is private while laying out some of the ways facebook will change. yes. we saw lots of people taking selfies and updating their instagram feeds. but with all that private data floating around, facebook spent the bulk of the day talking privacy, starting with an admission in the top. >> i know that weon
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