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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 1, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we've got about 12 minutes before sunrise. so we are going to start out with all clear conditions and a beautiful wednesday morning. here's a look live right now in walnut creek as we start to see some of the light coating over the hills and lighting up the sky. our temperatures will be in the lower 50s as you get ready to head out the door but nice warmup today. mid-70s by 1:00. we'll get a look at all our microclimates coming up. mike, you're getting a look out on the roads. it's been pretty good. >> kari, i want to start with this view as the sun comes up on the bay bridge. this wide shot, smooth moving tail lights west towards treasure island where things bunch up just a little bit as you get to san francisco. very clear drive. yesterday morning just after 7:30, we had a huge issue jamming up the span. so folks are concerned getting from oakland to san francisco. no major delays. just the bay bridge toll plaza.
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a great start for the upper east shore. slowing 880 south into hayward and in to union city. no problems for the rest of the bay. we are tracking the south bay build which should kick in the next few minutes. and transit no problem either. great stuff. back to you. >> 6:01 right now. this morning in washington, u.s. attorney general william barr is expected to testify before the senate. this comes as the "washington post" reports special counsel robert mueller wrote barr a letter complaining his four-page summary did not fully capture the context of the mueller report. "today in the bay" tracy potts joins us live on capitol hill on what's now expected the next couple of hours. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning. in the next two hours, barr will be here to answer questions now not only about the report and the redactions, the information that was blacked out but also what appears to be this discrepancies between his prior testimony and this letter that the "washington post" says
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mueller sent. bottom line, mueller didn't seem to like the way his report was being characterized saying important information was left out, it was out of context, didn't accurately reflect the nature of his investigation. not only did he send a letter, but the justice department now confirms they had a conversation about it. 15 minutes on the phone. and then barr came to capitol hill and testified he didn't know if mueller supported his actions. was that perjury? democrats think so. >> if he does not resign, he should be facing impeachment proceedings also. >> i want him to explain his decision of the four-page letter and talk about what are the takeaways from the report. >> so republicans wanting him to explain. democrats with some pointed questions about how he testified last time and what he knew about
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objections and concerns from the special counsel when he came to testify that he didn't really talk about. so that's happening today. there's another hearing tomorrow. democrats are running it. it's not even clear if barr will show up. there's been buzz that he may skip it because of concerns of how democrats are planning to do that questioning. back to you. >> all right. good to know. tracie potts live from washington. thank you. 6:03 right now. new this morning, a proposed home for teenage victims of sexual trafficking is joining opposition in the east bay. >> bob redell on why some people are concerned of what could be happening in the naked. bob? >> reporter: laura and marcus, people who live near a proposed home are worried that the people who trafficked these victims will come to their naked to look for these young girls who they have abused and with that bring crime, drugs, and guns. that sort of thing. the san francisco chronicle is reporting catholic charities of the east bay, affiliated with the catholic diocese of oakland,
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wants to establish this home for victims in the sequoia neighborhood located in the foothills of oakland. this home would be for victims specifically of sexual trafficking. it would be called claire's house after alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley's late mother. it would house 12 girls age 12 to 17. it would provide schooling and mental health services. the "chronicle" is reporting the house would not provide support for contraception or abortion, which the catholic church is deeply against. advocates worry this could harm children who become pregnant as a result of their abuse. the catholic charities would post signs explaining medical options and would not stop them from accessing those services outside. concerns from neighbors who live near claire's house, they would screen victims to make sure they are far removed from their abusers and not just coming off the street.
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claire's house won't begin operations until it receives a care license from the state of california. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay". thanks for the latest there, bob. 6:04 right now. opening statements expected to resume in just hours in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. the high-profile trial began yesterday. each defendant, derrick almena and max harris, face a 39-year sentence in convicted. on the first day of trial, prosecutors laid out their case. after that, attorney for max harris gave his opening statement. derrick almena's attorney will address jurors when the trial picks up later this morning. well, the scooter wars in the bay area, and quite frankly across the country, are taking a new turn. "today in the bay" is looking at one scooter company that is trying to use a loophole to operate. pete suratos live in san francisco with what he found. pete? >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you, marcus. that company we're talking about
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is byrd. they will launch a monthly subscription for customers. they are working around regulations set by the city just last year. we'll get to that city's response in just a moment. but let's talk about the details of this program. it will be a monthly subscription for roughly $24.99 a month. it will be dropped off at the residence of the customer instead of it being on a random street. so the customer is solely responsible for the scooter. byrd isn't a part of the 12-month powered pilot program which launched last year. sfmta, the agency in charge of it, only gave permits to two companies, scoot and skip. the companies were selected after months of proposals sent to sfmta by a dozen scooter companies. so this move by byrd yesterday probably comes as a surprise to city officials. we did get a chance to speak to residents about this unexpected move to introduce a third
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scooter option to the market. >> i think that it could be a good option. it brings a lot more responsibility for the user in that if they ride somewhere, they also have to ride that same bike back to where they came from. what i like about the flexibility is i can ride one way and leave my mode of transportation there and get home a different way. >> i feel like there is less access to people. if you get in on a month-to-month basis it takes away from the whole community aspect of a sharing things when we're not using it. >> here's a statement from the sfmta, the city agency in charge of regulating scooters in san francisco. "we learned about this new program on tuesday and are going to get more details to determine whether or not this program complies with existing regulations." so clearly they were blind-sided by the news as well. so we will see if other scooter companies follow byrd's lead, if they are also part of the city's pilot program. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay". all right, pete. one to think about.
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6:07. elementary school teachers have authorized to strike. it is an autonomous district serving 250 children. self steps need to happen before teachers can actually walk off the job. right now there is no date set. talks are at a stand-still. happening today, a new push to prevent a major wildfire in sonoma county. they will be out checking properties for hazardous vegetation. crews will inspect 3,500 properties. all the land is considered high risk for fires. if your property is among those being checked, you should have received a notice in the mail. >> 6:08. let's check the forecast. look at that sun coming up over the bay area. or no. >> yeah. we were watching out for that quick-moving storm system that brought in light snow over the sierra. that has moved out. we have such a beautiful sunrise. just wanted to show that to you.
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another view from heavenly as you maybe make plans to head to the sierras sometime soon while we have a lot of snow on the ground. back home in the bay area, we're looking at a very comfortable day. after a nice cool start, we will see breezy temperatures in morgan hill. reaching 75 degrees. and mid-70s in the inland parts of the east bay. we'll get a look ahead to the weekend forecast in just a few minutes. mike, you're tracking something in the tri-valley. >> yeah. one of the few things reported in the last few minutes. a smooth drive. that's what we want to report, focusing on the speed sensors. here we have an issue west 580, hacienda. reports of a disabled vehicle. the rest of the tri-valley, mild slowing. a mild build. we turned toward the dublin interchange. i'm watching a live shot. smooth. great spacing. no problem for the disabled vehicle. should get off to the shoulder just fine. upper east shore, 26 minutes
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from highway 4, mild slowing through richmond and of course the berkeley curve and backup at the bay bridge. back to you. thanks, mike. 6:09 right now. all new this hour, i don't know about this story. see if you can make it go were a. you're all smiles. crocs are at it again. a new addition that will be curious to see if you like. >> i think i might. but first a look at today's business headlines. >> i suppose you could order crocs on amazon. they will now deliver your crocs right to your or qaa. i'll tell you how it works when "today in the bay" continues.
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile.
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denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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right now at 6:13, let's get a look out the window over fremont and 880 this morning. it will start with just a few clouds but mostly clear. a lot of sunshine with quickly warming temperatures from the low 50s to the low 70s today. perfect. we'll talk about what's ahead going into the weekend coming up within the next five minutes. and north bay travel times. your eye is drawn to the red. that's the slowdown out of vallejo. and good morning to you.
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it's not just wednesday. it's may day or international workers day or loyalty day. tesla falling to a two-year low. microsoft just crossed a trillion dollars. apple will buy back more shares, $75 billion back. when a company buys shares from investors, it takes them and tears them up. that boosts the value of the remaining shares. amazon will deliver a car. fa developer conference. yesterday founder and ceo mark
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zuckerberg said they would concentrate on privacy but say i know we don't have the strongest reputation on privacy right now. the company unveiled a new look for its website and app. a new look for both. that's available now. you'll notice the change on the web site within the next few weeks. gone is the blue bar at the top that's been around since the harvard days. a newer ford or lincoln and amazon will unlock the door or trunk over the internet and they put the box inside. the idea is if you live in a neighborhood in which people are taking it off your porch or an apartment complex, put it in the trunk of your car and make it somewhat more secure. >> that's interesting, though. because what if a vandal sees them putting it in your car. >> especially in san francisco. >> we have a lot of break-ins. >> i wonder if it would be more efficient to deliver it to the
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thief in san francisco. >> remember when we used to go to the store and buy things and put them in a cart. >> some i went to the store the other day. >> what a concept. >> it was awful. >> actually interact with people. >> i went to the store when i bought my first pair of crocs. >> sounds like a great memory. >> it is never too early to start thinking about a christmas gift especially when it comes to one of my favorites krabgs here. crocs here. equipped with a fanny pack. it is strapped to the heel of the strap to the shoe as you can see there. this is really cool. especially if you happen to be wearing shorts without pockets. the crocs, this is a partnership with a japanese company called beams. >> what are you going to put in your little pack there. >> there my breath mints. >> marcus needs that because when he wears those biker shorts. everybody just get that mental
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picture. >> if you see me, just say hi. no pictures, please. >> i guess wearing them to the beach. >> no. no one should wear them at all. >> they are very comfortable. just saying. >> a lot of nurses and doctors wear them. that's impressive. >> and they are breathable. >> they are. >> i'll get you some. >> you start out with the need for a jacket this morning. a look at tiburon. low 50s. a beautiful start to this wednesday morning. not as many clouds or as much of a breeze compared to yesterday at this time. and our temperatures in martinez start out in the low 50s. we will get a lot more sunshine today and slightly warmer temperatures as a result. mid-70s going into the 2:00 hour. and then the rest of the day is looking nice.
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seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. once again palo alto reaching 73. 65 in san francisco. 74 santa rosa. concord today, 76 degrees. if you're going to the giants game tonight, hopefully we can do better than we did last night against the dodgers. it's going to be in the mid-50s. still breezy. bundle up if you're going to the game. nice and quiet now. i wanted to show you what's happening out there in the pacific. watch an area of low pressure. the center of the storm there and the clouds swirling around that. we will see that moving closer, going into the end of the weekend. that's going to help cool us off, give us more clouds and possibly a chance of rain. right now there is high pressure blocking that. and that also gives us warm temperatures. we're going to see that over the next couple of days. as that moves to the east, this area of low pressure will be moving in and giving us unsettled weather and possibly a slight chance of rain. this doesn't look like a strong storm. and it will also change our wind
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direction, bringing down our temperatures. so we're looking at some upper 60s. and for sunday, in the meantime, we will be in the mid-70s. upper 70s by the end of the week inland. and it will be in the mid-60s over the next couple of days in san francisco. but a nice cool breezy weekend ahead. mike, you're starting with what's happening on the bay bridge. >> i am, kari. because yesterday at about 7:30, there was a major crash. a deadly crash in san francisco. on the upper deck. that affected traffic for the rest of the morning. folks heard about that. horror stories from their friends taking three hours to get into the city yesterday. right now it is moving smoothly. this is the bay bridge where metering lights are on. same for the upper east shore freeway. right now, great. westbound 580, richmond to san rafael bridge, toll plaza filling in there for the cash lanes as well.
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slowing for hayward, south 880. a little build for 680 through pleasanton. south bay just starts to build the volume around capital for 101. and a fender-bender over on the shoulder as you are approaching 880 and oakland road. watching this for nimitz, northbound 880, early morning truck fire. no driver seen at the scene there. still waiting word whether they have to close the slow lane for a tow truck. very light. easy drive on that side of the bay. pal le alto north from university past willow. light volume here. no problems between san francisco and the south bay. great, guys. back to you. >> let's hope it stays nice. thanks, mike. 5:20. still ahead this hour, major development in the uk overnight. all new at 6:30, the amount of time julian assange is set to spend behind bars. tired of seeing sold out when you go to buy event tickets? cheaters are cutting the line to
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according to the agency: more than (108-million passengers and crew were screened between march 14th and april 28th. the three busiest airports were los angeles international, j-f-k in new york, and chicago o )hare. the flee busiest airports, lax, jfk and chicago o'hare. a street series kicks off in oakland. two-time grammy award winning oakland's own fantastic negrito. you can watch noon at lay thapl square. the series will run until october is organized by oakland central. shows will be held in various locations tuesday, wednesday, and thursdays.
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6:24. the billboard music awards are tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc bay area. and seeing your favorite artist perform might motivate you to go to the concert. >> good luck getting a seat at a fair price. consumer investigator chris chmura is looking into how people are buying up all the tickets. >> good morning. imagine you're waiting in line to get tickets for your favorite performer or band and suddenly someone shoves everyone out of the way and buys up all the seats. it happens you will it happens all the time. scalpers are using an army of bots to scoop up as many seats as they can and resell at a much higher price. the bots are tough to identify because they mimic human behavior. >> they may even solve captchas, those annoying letters that everyone hates seeing.
6:26 am
that is a technique being used. tonight at 11:00, we'll take you inside the scalpers web. we will show you how they easily cut in line and ask law enforcement what it is doing to shut down ticket hoarders. if you run into trouble, let us know at 1-888-996-tips or i'll see you tonight at 11:00. well, here's stories we're working for you at 6:30. retaliation for google workers who stage aid worldwide walkout. the plans over claims they are making about google. the final plea. the big day ahead for a bay area couple charged in the college admission scandal that rocked the country. new information on the former student who police say opened fire on this college campus.
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right now at 6:30, a live look outside. at highway 101 this morning. it looks like traffic is moving smoothly. we'll leave that to mike inouye. it is a nice start to our day. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we want to get you caught up on the forecast today. meteorologist kari hall has all we need to know. >> we are halfway through the workweek. and we have great weather.
6:30 am
a live look at palo alto. sunshine to start out the day. it won't be as windy. 50 degrees as you step out the door at 7:00. then low 70s by early afternoon. doesn't really get better than that. and we'll take a look ahead to the weekend forecast. but, mike, the bridges, are they starting to slow now? >> surprise! the bridges are the slowest spots focusing traffic across. everybody funnels through the maze, approaching the bay bridge. metering lights turned on right on schedule. one more bridge, the merit island causeway. that slows down as well. pretty traditional here. san mateo, the slowest spot on this wide map here. south bay just starting to build. the reason 92 is slowing is, again, a lot of cars. not so many lanes. back to you. >> all right. thanks, mike. 6:30 for you right now. from sit-ins, rallies to road shutdowns, today is may 1st. and we already are seeing
6:31 am
protests andist thes and activists focused on worker rights. these are live pictures from oakland. just one event as the sprinkler uaf 483 gathers today. workers will march for a rally. one of the biggest events later today will happen in the south bay. that's where there will be a lot of attention about a sit-in at google in mont view. kris sanchez is live in mountain view with more on this and the rest of what's happening today. kris? >> reporter: well, hi there, marcus. usually may day rallies are meant to be highly visible, as you just saw, out of oakland. a lot of folks want to make sure they are seen and that their voices are heard. this is a sit-in. it's happening in one of the buildings on campus that is not accessible by the public. and i talked with the security guard.
6:32 am
she said we won't be allowed near that building. this was posted on twitter under google walkout handle in case you can't see it on your screen, it says we're sick of retaliation and lists 11:00 for the walk-in. it was to protest mistreatment of women. treatment of women and then last week "wired" magazines said two workers claimed retaliation. the company denies the allegation. we expect much more visible protests in san francisco where, as in years past, protesters plan to gather at embarcadero plaza, market street, civic center, to city hall. that is expected 4:00 to 6:30 this afternoon and evening. traffic tieups could start earlier than that examine end later than that. as you saw minutes ago, some of the action is starting in oakland. it will continue to grow as activists march to city hall for a rally later today.
6:33 am
san jose labor and faith leaders will gather at mexican heritage plaza at 4:00 this afternoon. in san francisco, activists plan to speak out against workplace discrimination at justin herman plaza. uc berkeley, labor unions will gather for their cause during the noon time hour. we will continue our coverage of those on our website in mountain view, kris sanchez, "today in the bay". a lot of people wanting to take part, kris. thank you for the update. 6:33 right now. developing right now, new details in the deadly shooting on the university of north carolina charlotte campus. overnight, authorities sent out the booking photo for the 22-year-old suspect, chris tan terrell. authorities say he was armed with a pistol when he shot six people in one classroom yesterday, killing two of them. shooting prompted a lockdown across campus on the last day of the spring term. police so far are not saying if they determined a motive. happening today, two bay area parents are expected to appear in court in the yon going
6:34 am
college admissions scandal. bruce isaacson and his wife davina will appear in court. the couple is accused of paying more than $600,000 in bribes to get their kids accepted into ucla and usc. dozens more are included in the scheme, including actress felicity huffman and lori loughlin. new this morning, a story we brought you as soon as it broke. julian assange to nearly one year in prison for skipping bail to avoid criminal charges. >> we have the jail transport car arriving this morning at the courthouse. assange charged with jumping bail in connection with a sexual assault allegation in sweden and holding up in the ecuadorian embassy for seven years. he is still expected back in court tomorrow for u.s. extradition hearing. that is tied to charges he
6:35 am
illegally conspired to break into the pentagon computer system. to the developments overnight in venezuela, a nation in turmoil following an apparent coup attempt. >> minutes ago, mike pompeo told fox news the u.s. is prepared to take military's action against the country's president. both russia and china are supporting nicolas maduro. last night maduro claimed a coup attempt dead, claiming it has been defeated. juan guaido promises new chaos in the streets today. so far his hope for a split in the venezuelan military has not materialized. people in san francisco gathered last night for a show of solidarity with guaido supporters. they rallied the embarcadero plaza. they hope the u.s. military will intervene to help remove maduro from power.
6:36 am
santa rosa actor jussie smollett is not coming back for the next season of "empire". fox is extending his contract to keep his character open to returning in the future. this comes after charges were dropped after an alleged fake hate crime against him. this is a story we have been following on "today in the bay" since january. the city of chicago is also suing smollett to recover expenses related to that investigation. well, move over, mike. a seagull wants your job. one bird finally got its shot to be a london traffic reporter yesterday. talk about a lucky duck there. london traffic authorities shared this video of the photo bombing seagull on the local traffic camera. many wondered if the seagull would give a bird's eye view of all the backups. >> not too much of a bird brain, mike. >> thank you, laura. thank you very much. i'm much smarter than a seagull.
6:37 am
>> this is true. >> i don't know. the ones at oracle park are pretty smart, though. the approach towards oracle is a smooth drive across the bay bridge. just the backup at the toll plaza. same for richmond-san rafael bridge. same we checked ten minutes ago. traffic focusing on the westbound directions of the bridges. we are looking over here at the south bay. crash 280. not a problem. this just popped up. slowing southbound 101. tracking a crash at holly in the center divide. as the fire crew arrived to see if there were any injuries, they had to close that fast lane. so that is an issue right now. all right. okay. so here we are wednesday heading into the weekend. and something to be excited about. >> yeah. it's going to be the weekend, right? >> that, too. >> rain or shine, it's the weekend. >> and there will be the chance of rain moving in especially by sunday. but nice and dry on saturday with a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures coming down after a
6:38 am
little bit of a spike in temperatures over the next couple of days. so inland, up to 74. the bay reaches 67. and the coast in the upper 50s. a little bit cooler on sunday. as we will see the chance of showers moving in as we go into especially sunday afternoon. so what are you going to do? how about the cinco de mayo festival in san francisco. that's going on with the temperatures starting out in the low 50s. mostly sunny skies and reaching up to about 59 degrees on saturday. all of us at nbc and comcast will be volunteering this saturday around san jose and the bay area. it's going to be really nice for all of us. or whatever you had planned to do. san jose will be 53 on saturday at 8:00 in the morning, reaching into the mid-60s at 11:00. and continuing up to about 70 degrees where we hold steady for the rest of the day. going to the sierra, heads-up there will be unsettled weather. chance of rain. even this tailing off as some
6:39 am
light snow late sunday night. kirkwood is going to see the highs reaching into the mid-50s tpreuf and saturday. we'll talk about today's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. looking forward to that, kari. 6:38 for you right now. >> all new overnight, another assault allegation against a rideshare driver. what one woman says happened after she dozed off inside a lyft. >> making cigarettes safer. reducing toxins in tobacco. also new this hour, way overdue. at 6:50, meet the south bay man who finally turned in his library book about four decades too late. >> what? >> what took so long and the fine he had to pay. >> bill barr facing tough questions in about an hour after he appeared he lied to congress. out to the big board in new york city. dow industrial is gaining about 70 minutes. the fed will reveal its decision on interest rates at about 11:00 a.m. our time. you're watching "today in the
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(time check ( the hills above oakland appear i'm concerned about this portion of 101 in redwood city. farther south, this is the view through palo alto. it depends where you jump on the
6:43 am
freeway. the bigger look coming up. thanks so much, kari and mike. 6:42. the hills above oakland appear to be the latest setting for a battle of angry neighbors saying not in my backyard. they are angry about the plan to house 12 juvenile victims of trafficking and abuse. they want to open the home in the oakland foothills. it would provide schooling and mental health services. some fear criminals will show up looking for the victims they trafficked. in san diego, police are investigating claims made by one lyft passenger that her driver groped her after she fell asleep in his car. she got in the front seat around midnight saturday and soon dozed off. she claims she woke up to find the driver inappropriately touching her as the car sat parked outside her home.
6:44 am
the driver took off the second she exited the car. lyft is looking into the accusations. that driver has been banned from operating on its platform. a wrongful death lawsuit is shedding light on tesla's autopilot feature. a bay area father was killed when he crashed on 101 in mountain view. the family of walter wong is holding a news conference to discuss a new lawsuit. it claims tesla's autopilot feature didn't work properly. the 38-year-old's car slammed into the median. the lawsuit says the state of california is to blame for his death for not making the appropriate safety repairs to the road. 6:44 right now. a follow-up for you. ordnance in san jose targeting sideshows is getting the green light. the entire city council voted for it. so from now on it's not just people driving in sideshows who could go to jail, its also the people watching them. you could face $1,000 fine for
6:45 am
attending. the mayor says the big reason they happen is because so many people turn out to watch. ed fda approving the sale of a new tobacco device that heats tobacco instead of burning it. philip morris said it produces fewer toxins than combustible cigarettes. the fda stresses quitting smoking is the best way to reduce all risks. the department of homeland security will start testing a new dna pilot program next week at the u.s./mexico border. according to cnn, the department wants to identify and prosecute people posing as family members in an effort to crackdown on human smuggling. it involves a cheek swab and takes 90 minutes to complete. an i.c.e. official said the information collected won't be stored or shared. the president's attorney general facing tough questions today. >> scott mcgrew, accusations
6:46 am
bill barred lied to congress. >> yeah. i have that clip. i'm going to show that to you in just a moment. barr is scheduled to testify hours after a bombshell. we learned special counsel robert phaourl mueller agrees with the way barr described his report. both times claiming the report exonerated the president. the report did not exonerate the president. well, we learned last night that mueller was so disturbed by barr's incorrect description of the report he sent a letter to barr saying thanks to barr's statement there is now public fusion over the critical aspects of the results of our investigation. now here's the key. barr got this letter from mueller shortly after bar published that four-page summer of the report. and before he said this in a senate hearing.
6:47 am
>> i understand. i have read your letter. >> i will discuss that decision after -- >> did bob mueller support your conclusion? >> i don't know whether. >> bob: mueller supported my conclusion. >> but we now know barr did know what mueller thought. because we now know about the letter. barr is set to testify at the senate today at 7:00 a.m. our time. several leading democrats demanding he resign for what certainly appears to be lying to congress. other news, president trump extremely upset about the international firefighters union support of joe biden. he retweeted 59 times. we're monitoring the situation in venezuela as well. two men claim to be president. secretary of state mike pompeo says the u.s. ready to intervene militarily. we'll be watching the barr testimony and monitoring the state department. follow me at twitter.
6:48 am
@scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. 6:47. it is never too late to do the responsible thing. >> when it's done really, really late the rest of the world may take notice. in this case we're talking about this man. robert summerderoff. sunnyvale library posted he finally returned an overdue book. get this, 45 years late. it is called midget motoring. the story has gotten a lot of attention. a lot of news groups picking up on that story. he lives in indiana now. he said guilt got the best of him. how much do you think the fine was? >> i'm sure there's a max. >> $1,000. >> it's 45 years late. no guesses? >> $4,000. >> he paid $10. a lot of libraries you have to take a look out. they will offer a trade if you bring in canned goods. not that i know about.
6:49 am
>> 45 years. >> wow. >> i hope he finished it. oh, well. nice day to take a book back on your walk to the library. >> yeah. it's always a good day. >> a nice day to take it outside. sunshine again today. temperatures start out cool but warm up throughout the day. even warmer than yesterday. this is the way we start the day in dublin. looking at some sunshine. it's not as breezy as the weather system that brought us slightly cooler temperatures now moves on. so we are walking out the door to temperatures in the low 50s in antioch and in san francisco. it's in the low 40s in napa. and 50 in palo alto. some of these temperatures are up to 13 degrees cooler now than yesterday at this time. so grab the jacket. upper 40s at 7:00. and then look at how these temperatures warm up.
6:50 am
it happens fast. you go from wearing a jacket in the morning to just wearing short sleeves to stay comfortable. low 70s today. as we reach up to 73 here and also palo alto. 76 in concord. 75 in napa. with san francisco reaching 65 degrees. we look at the wide view of satellite imagery. it looks nice and clear here. this developed out in the pacific. clouds rotating around. it will be moving closer into the weekend and could bring us a chance of rain especially on sunday. but right now we do still have the high pressure that's kept our weather warm and dry now across the region. it moves off to the east. it allows it to move closer to the bay area and a shift in the wind that makes it cooler. more clouds and a slight chance of rain. the rain will be very scattered on sunday.
6:51 am
so we're looking at in the near term sunshine, warming temperatures reaching the mid-70s inland. upper 70s by the end of the week. a little bit cooler for your weekend plans. warming up again early next week. mike, very slow going into san carlos >> that's my concern. unusually slow. suddenly jamming on the breaks for some folks over on the peninsula. south bay has a build as well. we will talk about that in just a second. south 101, slowing approaching 92, coming down through san mateo, belmont, approaching san carlos near the ralston overcrossing. left two lanes are blocked. fire crews are on scene. minor injuries reported. no major issue going on there. the reason they are still blocked is they are waiting for a tow truck. once it safely clears the area, the emergency vehicles will clear the two lanes. they will keep it closed another 15 to 20 minutes. we will track that. 280 clear through the area and so is el camino.
6:52 am
the build. north 101 around capital expressway, there is a crash. it sounds like it has been left in the middle of the roadway. we will need a tow truck. big jam starting to form. back to you. thanks so much, mike. 6:52 right now. happening now, we could finally tell you how to get to sesame street. new york city west 63rd and broadway now named sesame street. it has been on air since 1969. a huge part of new york city and a lot of people childhoods. official announcement at 7:00. we expect big bird, elmo, oscar the grouch, cookie monster. all your favorites. i like grover. >> cookie monster is my favorite. >> coming up, more for you. a look at the stories, including to like or not to like. big potential change designed to keep people from turning to instagram for validation. >> scooter wars taka new turn. the move by a san francisco
6:53 am
company to scoot past regulations and bring business to you. we're back in just two minutes with more news for you. it is 6:52. you're watching "today in the bay".
6:54 am
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here are the top stories on today welcome back on this wednesday morning. before you head out the door, the top stories we're following on "today in the bay". >> today is may 1st, and we're already seeing protests and activists focused on worker rights. live pictures from oakland. just one event as the spring better fitter uaw 483 rally. later today in the south bay, a lot of attention about a sit-in at google in mountain view.
6:56 am
google security workers tells us it is happening in a building not accessible to the public. . in san francisco, protesters plan to gather at embarcadero plaza. san jose, community, labor, and faith leaders will gather at mexican heritage plaza this afternoon. and at uc berkeley, labor unions will gather for their cause. expected to resume in hours is the ghost ship warehouse fire. it began yesterday. each defendant, derrick almena and max harris, face a maximum 39-year sentence in convicted. during the first day of the trial, prosecutors laid out their case. after that the attorney for defendant max harris gave his opening statement. derrick almena's attorney will address jurors as it picks up this morning. inspectors from fire prevention will be out checking properties for hazardous vegetation. crews will inspect a total of 3,500 properties. all of that land is considered
6:57 am
high risk for fires. if your property is among those being checked, you should have received a notice in the mail. in the north bay, forestville teachers have voted to authorize a strike. it is autonomous district serving 250 kids. self steps still need to be taken before teachers can walk off the job. right now there is no set date. the union says contract talks are at a stand still. one scooter company is finding ways to make its scooters available in san francisco. byrd is launching a monthly subskreupgsu subskreupgdz program. they will drop off a scooter at a customer's home and it is leased out. it is not part of the 12-month powered scooter pilot program. sfmta only gave permits to two companies, scoot and skip. >> i think it could be a good option. it definitely brings more responsibility for the user in that if they ride somewhere they also have to ride the same bike
6:58 am
back to where they came from. what i like about the flexibility is i can ride one way and leave my mode of transportation there and get home a different way. >> here's a statement from the sfmta. the city agency in charge of regulating scooters, we learned about this new program and are going to get more details to determine whether or not this program complies with existing regulations. >> new today, instagram may make changes aimed at making the site healthier. you would only be able to see how many people liked your photo. that idea is to get people to focus on content and less on how people are reacting. studies show the social media can have an impact on self-esteem and anxiety levels. joe fryer will have much more on possible changes coming up on the "today" show at 7:00. >> oh, that looks good. >> time to go outside today.
6:59 am
>> yeah. it's going to be a great day to go outside. sunshine. temperatures in the mid-70s. it will get a touch warmer the next few days. cooling down in time for the weekend as we watch the potential of rain moving in on sunday. >> all right. people moving along this morning. but you have an update on the crash on the peninsula. >> almost everywhere is looking great. we will show you the map. it lay plays out as green sensors. southbound 101 through san mateo, san carlos. the crash i'm told by chp just cleared to the right shoulder. still waiting for a tow truck. look at that. the sensors went from red to orange. speed is improving. south bay, seeing the build 101 at capital. the crash still there reportedly in one of those lanes. >> pretty cool. we see up to the minute. they come in from the roads. >> that's good. that's what's happening "today in the bay". back at 7:25 with a live local
7:00 am
news update. >> our midday newscast at 11:00. more news from all of us. have a great day. thank you for starting your morning right here with us. good morning. tornado good morning, tornado outbreak. more than two dozen tearing across the south. a new severe weather threat from texas to maryland. al has our forecast just aad. chaos on campus, a gunman bursts into north carolina university campus and opens fire. two people killed, four others injured. what we are learning about the 22-year-old suspect now in custody. bombshell letterat


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