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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 2, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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weather into the weekend. you are tracking slowing in palo alto. >> it is not a surprise. north 101. you see the flashing lights, pushing up towards marsh. we do have that overnight construction crew. we see that slowing. as they run those brakes and start to clear. a little slow right now. 15, 20 minutes no delay. allow five minutes up into san mateo. no other issues around the bay. we'll send it right back to you. >> thanks, mike. well, on capitol hill, u.s. attorney general william barr is refusing to show up for questions on the mueller report. >> this comes after he defends his take on the russian investigation. today tracie potts is joining us to explain why he is skipping that hearing.
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>> reporter: good morning. he does not want to be questioned by a staff attorney. that's what democrats had planned. the justice department says it's inappropriate for the attorney general to be questioned by staff. he's fine with questions from lawmakers. we saw that yesterday. but as a result, they have confirmed he will be a no show. the hearing will go on. it's supposed to start in just under an hour with statements from both sides, democrats and republicans, but for the no show, there was a question about whether there would be a subpoena but last night the shair claire of that committee said their first priority is to get their hands on the mueller report. just a few moments ago, we got word that the justice department has officially said they will not turn over that full report. which could result in a contempt of congress citation separate from barr not showing up today. >> so much going on there. tracy, everyone still talking
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about kamela harris' exchange with barr. getting the attention of the president as well. >> yeah, there were a number of things that came out. first of all, she asked him. he admitted he had not looked at the underlying evidence before deciding not to charge president trump with obstruction of justice and then there was this exchange about how much influence the white house was having on this whole process? >> has the president or anyone at the white house ever asked or suggested that you open an investigation of anyone? yes or no, please, sir? >> the president or anybody else? >> it seems you'd remember something like that and be able to tell us. >> yeah, i'm trying to grapple the word suggest. >> perhaps they suggested? >> i don't know. i wouldn't say suggest. >> hinted? >> i don't know. >> inferred? you don't know? >> no.
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>> okay. >> reporter: democrats thought they were cagey. last night on fox, president trump commented on the testimony and on harris. >> he performed incredibly well today. >> kamela harris? >> well, she was probably very nasty. how about these three people who are running, three, they're not doing very well, three are running for a particular office. i think i may be, you are talking to the person right now. they are running. so you have three of them running against me. they were up there ranting and ravin raving. >> so we will see an empty chair today as democrats try to figure out where to go next? where do they go when the attorney general doesn't show up? >> so interesting to watch. some of the theatrics behind it as well. thank you. to be the judge for
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yourself. read our mueller report on nbc bay >> it's 5:03. back here in california. if forecasters are correct, the state may be poised to experience another heavy wildfire system. the sentiment is out with its predictions for the coming summer. researchers believe they can expect a fairly normal wildfire station, west coast states and washington are the exception. in california, some is due to other vegetation from the wet winter. meanwhile, airbnb wants to make it easy to help survivors of the disaster with housing and money. it's ramped up what we saw them do in the northern california wildfires. "today in the bay" chris sanchez joins with us those details. >> reporter: hi there, airbnb already helps to match people with available housing after a disast disaster.
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now they want to make it easier to donate profits to folks they can't house on their property. airbnb donations will allow hosts to donate to aide organizations. the host donors can choose what percent annual of the take they want to take. 100% will go to the non-profits. airbnb is partnered with international rescue committee and mercy core. the company claims since they launched their last initiative open homes back in 2017, they helped 25,000 people find a place to stay. if you are interested in more details, you can find a link to that. chris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> families are dealing with so much during a disaster, housing shouldn't be one of them. police credit quick thinking the by two brave 14-year-old boys for busting two men in a
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laptop factory. we told you about this on tuesday, they were at a restaurant in lafayette when they saw four men sprint from a nearby coffee shop, including one with a laptop in his arms. one of the boys called 911. the other boy ran after the men, snapping get away cars with his phone one of the boys says the man in the car threatened him. >> he said he had a gun, he was going to shoot. >> i got the cops called. sadly, though, they were a bit too late. >> the photos led police to the car. now, we're not identifying the boys because police only arrested two of the four suspects. the same men are believed to be responsible for several crimes in the east bay. level leaders are coming toekt together today working against gun violence.
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california is investing $9 million into the program. according to a study by gifford law center, in 2017, there were more than 2,000 murder cases across california. happening today, you can make your voice heard loud and clear to south bay leaders. a public panel is being held. they will be talking about possible solutions. today's meeting comes as new data shows lower and middle income families pushed out of entire cities. those with low incomes could not pay the rent. 75%. it starts today at the meyer theater on campus. okay, so you may soon have to pay to drive on one of the
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most famous streets in the bay area. in just a few hours, state lawmakers will vote to finalize a street fee. pete. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, marcus, yeah, a potential toll for lombard street behind me here the so-called crooked street. they want to reduce traffic and congestion over folks that have been here. they know they can get busy, daily especially on the weekends. let's talk about how we got here, leading up to today's vote. we know back on april 15th, san francisco's board of supervisors voted unanimously to drive lombard street, i mentioned it sees thousands. the number is 6,000 per day here in san francisco. but the city would need state approval in order to charge a toll for folks needing city
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streets. they introduced the bill voted on later this morning at about 9:00 a.m. which would give the city of san francisco approval by the state. i want to point out it will go to a vote in a few short hours. the toll will be between 5 to $10. the city will have to determine the system at some point. it wouldn't go into effect until 2020. we are live here in san francisco, pete suratos, "today in the bay." thank you, from one landmark to another city attraction, one of the most famous houses in san francisco is going back on the market. the creator and executive producer of the show is selling the house. >> it comes with a price tag just under $6 million. neighbors say they have been
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attracting a lot of tourists. we got to see them early take a look at the photos. it has four bed rooms. it's been completely renovated. the back yard features a guard within concrete slabs and hand prints of the cast members of "fuller house." you can take a digital tour on our website at nbc bay nice decorator they have there. >> i know. maybe we can all take a pill trip, kari. >> pool our money. walk through, that will be nice. >> a full winnebago parked out front. this morning, as we're getting ready to head outdoors, people are heading up and out the door. it's a cool start, once again, at least our skies are clear. no issues with fog. if you are on your way to the dublin bart station, take a look
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at the upper 40s look how fast our temperatures warm up. we'll be in the upper 60s by 11:00. low 70s by noon. and we'll get a look ahead to our weekend forecast in a few minutes, mike, you are tracking two new reports. >> two new reports, a sparsely report for chp. north 101, reportedly a crash left a a vehicle in the middle of the road for a little period of time. i'll continue to track that. but the south bay, just like the rest of the bay, shows the speed sensors are not dipping at all. the san mateo bridge eastbound from the persons la to the hayward side. as you make that merge, 980 with eastbound 92, reports of a disabled vehicle. in the area, looking for lane information. this is the volume, a lighter volume, headed eastbound, no problem for the compute for
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westbound. back to you. >> thanks, mike. all right, coming up here, look, no secret the drug prices here in the u.s. keep going up. but new this morning, we are learning people suffering from three illnesses are facing drug skyrocketing prices. >> it looks like facebook will get a baby-sitter. i'll tell you about that coming up. >> scott, do you know what an alligator says? >> what? >> hold that thought. we are going to hear from three of them coming up next. this is really cool. it's really worth sticking around for you don't want to miss this. >> see you later. >> that might be good. >> alligator. >> all that wind and it's only 5:12. oh my goodness. togo's fans, the pretzelrami is back,
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mike traffic tease right now 5:15. this is a look at the zap center. all our sharks are on the road. our temperatures will be in the low 50s, reaching 71 degrees at 1:00 today. we'll take a look ahead at our weekend forecast as you start to make those plans, that's coming up in less than five minutes. folks are on the road this morning. the shift is happening at the bay bridge as folks start to move over and build in the fast track lanes. we will track that and see if everything is on schedule coming up. good morning, a happy
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thursday. shares of tesla fell again after the family of an apple engineer killed while riding in his self driving tesla sued the company. oakland's clorox fell hard after a mixed quarterly financial report. clorox makes bleach and glad bags, kingsford charcoal and hidden valley ranch dressing. i have to admit, i did not know about the dressing. overall, the chairman of the fed announced he thought it was temp prepare, transitory, that one word upset investors. the fed usually raises rates when inflation goes up. the chairman is saying low inflation was temporary sends a signal of rate hikes in the future. that's so they didn't hike rates this time. it's looking less likely stephen moore will get the nomination. the white house tends to release
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news on fridays. we expect to see more. the new york sometimes says facebook reaches a deal over privacy issues, including a $5 billion fine. it would also include the appointment of several privacy supervisors, including at least one picked by the government. basically a baby-sitter. i will appoint the ftc to sit in and represent the government and users. apple had a baby-sitter once appointed by the government when apple got into ebooks. a judge says apple conspired to raise prices. as a part of the settlement, they got government supervision. the "new york times" lending club will leave the city and move most of its jobs to utah. in a memo, they told employees, virtually all systems will not exist. >> did they say how soon? >> over the next couple months. this is definitely a part of the
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until models. it's the cost of living. it's a huge issue. of course, the salt lake very intact. >> okay. thanks. all right, switching gears, it sound like the sounds of the wild that we were hearing for the first time, alligators showing off their fights. liste listen. >> it sound like me when i wake up. >> kind of a growl when you walk in the newsroom. exact lip. it looks like disneylands. >> i heard that sound. >> these three gators are at the zoo in naples florida. >> that is their mating call. a little spring thing there. they make the sounds to show how big they are. >> that hi helped. >> it's interesting. >> that's why i keep getting all
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those knocks at the door. >> did i tell you about those knocks at the door? >> snores. >> it could be your neighbor. >> oh, to be my neighbor. >> yeah. it's really interesting. we don't have any alligators around here at the zoo. maybe that's what you will be planning to do today. let's get a look at our sunrise, getting closer to that as we head right now 5:19. we're less than an hour away from sunrise now, mostly clear skies. as we get a look at your forecast, you are about to head out the door, headed for the pleasant hill bart station, it will be another start with temperatures in the low 50s, seeing it warm up nicely today. ist been a really nice week. >> that continues today, a little warmer than it has been. as we see our temperatures, expected to reach into the upper 70s in the inland valleys. a few low 80s, north bay, mostly
5:20 am
staying in the upper 70s, san francisco today will reach up to 65 degrees and still a lot of tree pollen in the air. >> that hasn't changed. moderate amounts of grass pollen and the montana top allergens for tree pollen is pine, oak and juniper. unfortunately, there is not a lot of rain in in forecast to wash those pollens and allergens out of the air. we are watching an area of low pressure that can give us hope for rain going towards the end of the weekend. so this is how it pans out. we have high pressure to the south of us. it has been keechg that low pressure. we'll see this low moving right over the bay area between sunday into early monday morning. bringing more clouds, some breezy winds and a few spotty showers. i'm be keeping afternoon eye on that otherwise, we will have a nice weekend. so maybe time to turn the air
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conditioner back on today and tomorrow. then it cools off with a nice cool down. we warm into the mild of next week. san francisco stays in the 60s. more of a dip into the temperatures heading over to mike. we are pretty much on schedule. >> yes, the team keeps us on schedule sometime it gets crazy. this crash here is closer to the vehicles no injuries reported there. highway 4 has speeds and no problems for the called cot we should see metering lights, san
5:22 am
rafael bridge. you will notice that coned off lane is cleared. a little more paperwork over there also no problems, bart running. smart trains into north bay, same thing for highway 101 back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay" stock prices going higher and higher for millions of people suffering debill statetateing zreezs. >> did you watch? up next, the big winners from the billboard award. you are watching today in the bay. ♪ this mother's day... discover a whole new way to show mom a world of love
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getting more for getting away. traveling lighter. getting settled. rewarded. learn more at the man suspected in a shooting at the university of north carolina at charlotte -- will face a judge for the first time. happening today, the man suspected in the shooting of north carolina charlotte will face a judge for the first time.
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police say 22-year-old tristan terrell fired multiple shots inside a building tuesday. two people were killed and four others injured. investigators believe he acted alone. one student is being hailed as a hero. witnesses say he confronted terrell ultimately giving his life to save others. this morning in an exclusive interview, his parents are speaking out about their son's actions? honestly when i thought about it and thought about reilly, that he was in a room with something like that happened and he had turned away, he wouldn't have been able to live with himself. >> you can watch more today following "today in the bay". multiple clear roves and dementia is going up. a new study shows prices for medication rose sharply over 12 years especially for ms drugs. another study is finding that
5:26 am
137 million adults had problems paying their medical bills or translated care because of costs. >> one ting you can count on the you feed help during tough times is your community. >> 11 month old kinsly green, from alabama, sadly has leukemia. her dad is a teacher, so to help out, teachers at his school donated their sick days to him. 110 sick days in total so little kingsley can have her dad by her side while undergoing chemo therapy. this newsroom did that for a poor writer that worked here. 5:26. the party may be on this morning in los vegas. after the music billboard awards last night. >> especially if you are drake. >> the winner is drake for scorpio. >> that's right, the canadian rapper took home a record setting 12 awards last night, including top artist and top
5:27 am
billboard 200 albums, making history. bts, they became the first group in korea to take home a win for best duo award. >> mar mariah carrie took home the icon billboard award, cardis b. took home six awards. >> wow, in that outfit. new details we are learning about the night oscar graham was killed. what another officer said that might have escalated the situation. plus all knew the city of san francisco reliesing thousands of archived photos. >> this is a look. mike is keepi tabs on the commute. you are watching "today in the
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exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. francisco from our camera in emeryville. welcome to thursday morning. let's take a live look outside. what a glorious sight of san francisco this morning. the city by the bay, illuminated lights of the bay. we're looking for a nice day ahead. good morning, thank you for joining us. >> so let's head over to meteorologist kari hall with a look at what we can expect with that weather today. >> in the south bay with estart out with low 50s and a nice morning. but we will also have a cool start. it does warm up going into the rest of the day, low 70s, it
5:31 am
will be in the upper 70s by the rest of the day, into the afternoon, reaching 80 in morgan hill, low 80s popping up on the map there. we'll take a look ahead at the weekend forecast in six minutes, you have notes for the peninsula and the eastway. >> you know this one is coming, the bay bridge metering lights. no surprises, which is both good and bad fuse. we like the surprise of an empty toll plaza. that's not the case. the peninsula, we have an issue, approaching the sfo exit. report of a truck, a large one, they specifically called ought a pepsi truck. we will track that. there may be thirsty folks. no major slowing, again, no problem for the south bay, back to you. >> tanks, mike. we are learning new details about the oscar grant shooting more than ten years later. >> an internal investigation by
5:32 am
barr revea what happened at the fruitvale station. "today in the bay" rob rid dell joins us with more on what this new report shows. bob. >> reporter: this internal report created by bart ten years ago, now being released calls into question the defense of messerly, the former bart police officer convicted of shooting 22-year-old passenger oscar grant in the back while he was on the ground handcuffed at the fruitvale bart platform on if you year's day 2009. it was a shooting captured on video by a citizen with a cell phone. messerly said he meant to tais grant. mistakenly pulled out his gun instead. he could be seen drag his gun and looking at his hand on the gun hol ter to watch the gun come out he fired that shot. the report reads deadly force
5:33 am
was not justified under the circumstances. the internal investigation found messerly, 27 at the time had only been on the force for two years had used force on the job six years prior. more than any on the platform. they blame a former officer for es that lateing what initially had been a fight, calling him the n-word, punching him in the head. peroni wasn't charged by fired. two local newspapers and a local public radio station here in the bay area obtained this report through a public records request. which makes internal records pertaining to first-hands like these available to the public. we reached out to bart and are expecting to receive a report some time later in the day. >> all very interesting.
5:34 am
thank you. san francisco police are ssh searching for a suspect involved in a deadly shooting. >> that man was shot numerous times, this was yesterday. now, that's near the mission center library. we brought you this story during the 5:00 p.m. newscast. a toddler attacked by a dog at a contra costa park. it happened in millcreek hollow. a two-year-old boy reached for a ball being used in the face. the dog's owner is not related to the child. a former baggage handler at oakland airport will have some time to find out why they sent the water through the nation.
5:35 am
he worked for southwest and smuggled drugs to the airports. the doj says he was sentenced to 30 months in jamie, after pleading to drug smuggling and money laundering. ten others have been sentenced if connection with the same smuggling ring. happening today, a competition among s.w.a.t. team. santa clara's is hosting this event. there are 30 s.w.a.t. teams competing over two days and shooting, physical fitness and team work events. they add up the zprors individuals to the overall champions. new for you this morning, you can get a whole look at the san francisco history. they are making tens the of thousands of old property photos available for anyone showing
5:36 am
homes and visitors, they include city hall, the ferry building and the cliff house. you can also access a map showing each and every parcel in the city and whether it's included in the collection. the earliest photos date back to the 1940s. >> that's cool. i love history like that. colorado leads two games to one. tonight's game is in denver. >> another win tonight, mike. >> we are hoping so, a big celebration look. that's right by sjc. i was thinking kind of funny when folks fly into the bay area. then they see, welcome to the home of the earthquakes. it's the team, exactly.
5:37 am
no problems another crash on the shoulder. north 101 at old bay shore highway. 101, no delays. bay point, getting started. so we'll see more builds right on schedule. the bay bridge toll plaza has your backup there. picking up the seum, a tad bit. >> we're cruising into the weekend. right? we put a little pedal to the meta metal? >> a pedal to the metal. we will be volunteering on saturday. it's going to be a little warm in the inland areas. staying cool for the coast. upper 50s in the bay reaching 67 degrees. there will be more clouds, a slight chance of rain on sunday. most of your sunday plans are going to be on as we will see a mix of sun and clouds and our
5:38 am
high temperatures reaching the upper 50s, if you go to the cinco demayo festival, a little cool. we see a mix of 60s. reaching the upper 60s for the afternoon. the ala carte and arts festival. >> that happens every year this time in mountain view. it will be perfect. all day on castro street with live music and art. low 70s for the afternoon. if you are headed out of town, headed to sierra. we will see very warm temperatures. a lot of it will be melting, reaching the mid-60s. a chance hoff showers on sunday. the warmer temperatures cooling down, we'll go from 77 degrees for the high on friday to 72 on
5:39 am
saturday. 67 degrees on sunday. monterey is looking nice, too, staying in the upper 50s and low 60s. more clouds on sunday. i think the pick of the weekend will actually be on sunday. we will look at the temperature trend coming up in three minutes. up next, raises could be coming soon for school workers. we'll tell you the about the new contract agreement next. ities tn las vegas -- can you tell who we )re talking about? here )s a hint - plus a no show at the hearing. what happens now? >> two celebrities tie the knot in los vegas. can you tell who we are talking about? >> if you find out don't tell. we will talk to those stars. >> it looks like howard stern playing guitars. >> one of those stars on the biggest show on tv right now. we meet that couple coming up in a bit. 5:39. you are watching "today in the
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bay". >
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5:42 am
. right now, 5:42, a clear start all across the area. that's a live look outside. everything is looking good to start out. it will be a cool start, low 50s, a big warm-up going into the afternoon. it will be one of our warmest days of the week and a cool down. i'll have a look at the next seven days in less than five
5:43 am
minut minutes. >> san rafael, fast traffic. >> the business as you travel past sfo. >> thanks, so much. new details, santa rosa. the school employees association will increase minimum pay to $13 an hour for fawn teaching staff. the district has 15,000 students. just last month it reached a contract agreement for teachers. the battle over pay comes as many are speaking out, the santa rosa superintendent makes $200,000 a year canned soon be getting a raise. before you fill your water bottle, a new study says toxic drinking water led to 15,000 cancer cases in. ka. state data reveals toxic chemicals and more than 2700 water systems from 2011 to 2015.
5:44 am
>> that report coincides with a push by the governor to create a drinking water fee that would pay for communities one safe tap water. this comes as a scary reminder as people in michigan, flint, michigan, are still dealing with toxic water. the vatican is giving its investment to pleading clergy members. the leader of the san jose diocese. he turns vai 75 in july. the pope approved the q. they made the request public in rome. they made the actual final turnover at a special mass down at the san jose cathedral downtown last night bishop mcgraw served in the afternoon diocese as well in 1970. new this morning, jet suite x, the small airline offers
5:45 am
private flights on the chipotle. they announced they will be adding a service in july. jet suite x only requires passengerso alive 30 minutes before they take off. flights start at about $99. a live look at sfh, the airport helping with autism and travel and introduce the magnus mode app. it provides step by step checking in. it will help special needs learn about the process easier and earlier. >> now, today candidate jay inslee will be stopping in san francisco, the governor is focusing on climate change as one of his main campaign issues. he is expecting to combat the
5:46 am
global issue this afternoon. governor inslee weighed in on attorney general william bar's investigation saying it's not clear. >> i do not believe we can tolerate an attorney general fought being honest to the u.s. congress and he ought to resign in my view. >> barr will not be apeering today before the house judiciary committee for the second round of questioning. >> which leads to the question, what happens now? >> good morning to you. the house will still hold its hearing, marcus, probably with an empty seat set aside for the attorney general. they are showing he will show up voluntarily. the house could agree to subpoena him. a video of barr testifying in the senate committee yesterday. at issue is barr's behavior when he was the only person to see
5:47 am
the mueller report. barr said the mueller report cleared the president. mueller was alarmed enough by that, that he sent bar arletteer complaining that barr was misleading the american public. barr told the senate committee he found that letter to be quote snitty. the disagreement what barr said mueller said and mueller said leaves americans confused. to be clear, the mueller report in black and white says it does not exonerate the president. one of barr's objections to showing up at the house hearing is the house wants staff members. barr would be facing pros. now, what might that look like? look what happened when he faced a former committee in the senate hearing. >> has the president or anyone in the white house asked that
5:48 am
you open an investigation of anyone? yes or no, please, sir? >> the president or anybody else? >> it seems you'd remember something like that and be able to tell us. >> yeah, i'm trying to grapple with the word suggest. i mean, there have been discussion of matters out there that they've not asked me to open an investigation. but. >> but have they suggested? >> i don't know, i wouldn't say suggest. >> hinted? >> i don't know. >> inferred? >> you don't know? >> no. >> no matter what barr does or the house does, the best way to find out what mueller is thinking is to ask mueller. barr says he won't stand in the way of mueller testifying. we'll be watching the hearing today barr or no barr. you can follow me as i tweet about it. i'm scott mcgrew. >> thanks, scott. the billboard awards were flattering there. a world live stage, some say joe
5:49 am
jonas took home the biggest prize of the night. he got married to his fiancee say actress sophie turner. here is a better look. she might be better known a star from "game of thrones." the first indication that something was taking place, they showed a clip of turner in a wedding dress ahead of those festivities. >> wow! >> how'd that happen? >> i guess you can one up your brother. take him to vegas. >> love is what campaign 2000. >> he probably had all the money he spent. >> the bottom line is right. yeah. actual up intuals. -- nuptuals. here is a look at our camera shot from our san bruno
5:50 am
mountain, looking over san francisco, you can see some of the fog lingering over the bay. hour temperatures starting out at 50 degrees. 43 in san martin. and 52 in antioch with livermore at 46 degrees. it's a cool start as you head out the door if brentwood, low 50s, our skies are clear. we will get a lot of sunshine, you may have to turn on the air-conditioning for a little while during the middle of the day, overall, it will be comfortable with our temperatures starting out in the 50s, reaching up to 82 degrees in antioch. and it will be 79 in napa, 78 youc uk aah. -- ukiah. grab a jacket. then the rest of the day you pay be comfortable with just some sleeveless, a shirt on and the
5:51 am
rest of the day feeling like summer. we have this area of low pressure that's been developing out in the pacific. still really hasn't picked up a lot of moisture. in fact as it moves closer to the bay area. it will bring in cloud. this is a fairly weak system moving in. >> that will be impacting our weather, by monday moving off to the east. we'll go back to warmer temperatures next week. we will keep a slight chance of rain, reaching 60s at 81 degrees today. so a nice cool weekend ahead, watching out for a slight chance of showers. >> nothing unusual. >> for a few minutes. things were jammed up. >> that typically happens. people flood to the roadways and
5:52 am
clear out. i guess everybody has that clock set and that timing down. sorting itself out now. 87 will see more traffic later after 7:00. over there, tri-valley, no major problems. smoothly that disabled pepsi truck near sfo, i have not seen any slowing over the last 20 minutes. we will talk about. note, there may be a shoulder. watch that middle lane. we will check the one slower spot, our partners tell us things we know from the speed census, it's traffic jammed or jamming. through hayward, passing the san mateo bridge. wherever you go, we'll help you out, back to you.
5:53 am
>> thank you, mike. well, happening now, two minutes of silence held across israeli today to remember those who perished in the holocaust. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu joined by other leaders at a ceremony in jerusalem. they could voice their concerns about the rising tide of anti-semitism world wide. elsewhere, the country, buses and cars halted on streets and highways as israelied stepped out of their vehicles. a third of the world's jews were murdered during the holocaust. 5:53. next and new this hour, is our diets doing the trick? you may think the responsible choice is to drink a no calorie soda. next, it's not helping your kids, plus. >> i just want to be able to step out of that role of being a book comp model now and go back into my normal lifestyle. >> this guy is calling it quits, putting his shirt back on.
5:54 am
the reason the south bay romance novel is retiring. our conversation with him coming up next.
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least one at home wrapping up the series at oracle next week. be sure to weigh in with pete, talk about it on facebook and instagram. let him know what you think will happen in that series. well, to the southern border this morning. border patrol says several hundred migrants surrendered on tuesday. >> you can see them moving along there, this is near uma, arizona. we do know the area has seen thousands surrendering to agents. the department is running out of money. >> a big change to restaurants in may. maine becomes the first state to do so. environmental groups say the plastic accumulates in the ocean. a ban goes in effect in 2021.
5:58 am
there are many in the bay area that have banned styrofoam containers. well, something to think about as you pick your kids' lunches out today. most kids and teens do not save on calories. >> researchers studied eating habits, those who drank low consumed about the same as people who drank sugary beverages. it's making up for it by eating a lot of other stuff. apparently across the company these are young people. more than half are planning to be homeowners in the next five years according to a surzay by bank of america.
5:59 am
to save, she planned to get a second job and go to a cheaper college and move back in with the parents. more than half says starting a family was the top reason for starting a home. >> wow, they sound like planners. a south bay native is retiring from being a model. i'm talking this guy. >> he grazes the cover of 630 boovenlths he actually holds the record. even more than fabio. after years of a strict workout and eating regimen, he says it's time to move on. >> i want to lead a normal life. hey, i want to eat some pasta, enjoy things with my family. >> good for him. he says he wants to spend more time with his wife and focus on
6:00 am
a day job at the santa clara housing authorities. >> pizza, crispy cream. >> right now, are you paying to drive? the first major vote on a plan to charge people. how much you may have to pay at lombard street. wake up, san francisco, the so-called "full house" house hits the market today. new projections for fire season as a bay company sets up to help future victims. "today in the bay" continues right now. a good thursday morning to you, it's getting closer and closer to the weekend. good morning, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. i almost said hallelujah. looking forward to it. >> looking forward to the cooler temperatures. >> as we cool off through the weekend. we will be


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