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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 2, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a day job at the santa clara housing authorities. >> pizza, crispy cream. >> right now, are you paying to drive? the first major vote on a plan to charge people. how much you may have to pay at lombard street. wake up, san francisco, the so-called "full house" house hits the market today. new projections for fire season as a bay company sets up to help future victims. "today in the bay" continues right now. a good thursday morning to you, it's getting closer and closer to the weekend. good morning, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. i almost said hallelujah. looking forward to it. >> looking forward to the cooler temperatures. >> as we cool off through the weekend. we will be peaking today.
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then the weekend comes and we'll have a nice little cooldown, especially spots in walnut creek. a nice cool start, clear skies. we go from 51 degrees at 7:00 to some low 70s by lunchtime. we'll take a look ahead at the weekend coming up in six minutes. you have a crash reported at the bay bridge. >> as i was scanning the legs, i see move ment. we quickly got the crash opened. there you go, good stuff. more activity. not causing further problems. another fender bender. i don't seely soing across the kinesia bridge. i'll check that out. back to you.
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>> sounds good, thank you very much. 6:01. on capitol hill, u.s. attorney general william bar senior refusing to show up for a second day of questioning over the mueller report. this comes after president trump criticizes kamela harris for her exchange with barr on day one. so william barr just didn't show up, tracie. >> reporter: no, not showing up. we knew that because the justice department said he should not be answering questions from the staff attorney. that was the plan from democrats. they wanted their attorney to come in behind them and ask more pointed questions to try to nail him down on things, the justice department says that's not how this works. we will see an empty seat today, the justice department says the attorney general of the united states doesn't answer to staff. he has to answer to lawmakers. it doesn't look like it will happen at this hearing.
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>> everyone is still talking about senator kamela harris' exchange with barr which comes as the president criticized as well. talk about what he says. >> reporter: yeah, the president said he did a good job. kamela harris tried to pin him down. he said he didn't look at the underlying everyday before deciding there would be no obstruction indictment for president trump. this is what the president said in response to all of that last night. >> he performed incredibly well today. >> kamela harris. >> she was probably very nasty. how about three of them not doing very well. three are running for a particular office. i think maybe you are talking to the person right now. they're running, so have you three of them running against
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me. they're up there ranting and raving. >> reporter: did you hear that? a little name calling. he are every day to senator harris as very nasty. this was her response this morning on cnn. >> his primary interest has been to obstruct justice. my primary interest is to pursue justice. you can call that whatever name they want. i think that's what the american people want if a lead er. >> reporter: so next up, when we will hear from mueller? the empty chair wants to get him in by democrats. the committee we saw yesterday, that chair says he's not going to call mueller. republicans are done with this back to you. >> all right. a lot of parties are not, though, are they? you can read the full mueller report on our website, search
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mueller report on back here in california. the state may be poised to experience another heavy wild fair season, the national interagency fire center is out with its prediction for the coming summer. researchers believe most of the nation can expect a warm fire. the west koeft coasts state oregon and washington are the exception. some is due to the elevated amounts of grass and other vegetation from that wet winter we have. airbnb hopes to check people. hosts from the disaster zone, they're actually looking to give people not only housing but money. "today in the bay's" chris sanchez is live with a look at what's being done. >> reporter: hi there, marcus, airbnb want to expand. as you said, they already connect a host with available space with people who feed
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housing in a disaster. now they're offering these hosts another what i to help if they can't open at that particular time or they're not near that interzone. this is airbnb donations, which will allow them to donate shelters. the host owners can have 100%. air bfb is partnering with mercy core. back in 2017, they launched open ed homes the companies claim since then they have helped 25,000 people have a place to stay. they have a place for a need of housing by 2022. so this will count towards that goal. if are you interested in more of those details, you can find a link in my twitter feed today in
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the bay. >> so good seeing so money people do what they do. many are leading to being priced o out. the public panel is being held. the mayors will be intending to talk about a possible solutions here. today's meeting comes as if you data shows lower anding in families are pushed out of their cities. well, today's meeting starts for you at 4:00 this afternoon at santa clara's meyer theater on campus. it seems everything is going up. really one of the most thfamous
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states in the country. we go live to san francisco. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. you see behind me the so-called crookedest street in the world they hope to reduce traffic and c congestion. we can talk about the vote by the state assembly later this morning. back on april 15th. the board of supervisors charged a toll to drive lombard street. which as i said the city needs state approval for folks using city streets. they introduced this bill. it will be voted on around 9:00 to move forward.
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it will now go to a final four vote in a few hours. the city would have to figure out that. it won't go into oefk until 2020. >> all right. pete. a lot of people visit that area, i'm sure they won't be happy if they have to. >> lombard street may not be the only tourist attraction, adding some fees to try to decrease congestion, later tooth today, they will vote tore tours, the japanese tea gardens and botanical gardens, if passed, tourists can see a fee increase of up to 25%. >> from those sf tourist attractions to another must see right here, happening today, one of the most thfamous houses.
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jeff frankly, the executive producer selling the house. >> it comes with a price tag just under $6 million. the home has been attracting a lot of tourists before they purchased it for $4 million. did some improvements. it has four bedrooms. it's been completely reven rate issed. the back yard features a garden with concrete slabs, hand prints of cast members as well nice decorating, right? >> lovely. >> you can take a whole tour on nbc bay >> i look at it like this, we can put a pool together. >> it will be a full house. >> kari, how much do you have? >> i can do maybe 20 >> we can do a whole show from there there. in the kidd kitchen. >> the way things are going,
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they're going to charge to stand out in front of the house and take pictures. so we'll see how much that goes for. all right. so here's a live look outside in palo alto. a live look at highway 101. everything looks great, the temperatures are nice and cool. we are going to see a lot more sunshine going throughout the day. this is what we are paying for, south bay up to 80 in morgan hill. in the tri-valley, 78 in livermore. 82 in concord. napa reaches 79. we'll take a look ahead in the forecast coming up in three or four minutes, mike, you got your eye on chp. >> that's right. i was watching the cp. they cleared as kari was doing her report. they are actively patrolling the areas, once in a while we have to pull even to the shoulder, do paperwork, or monitoring, give
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them a good space. south bend looking very light. you sa you the light volume on the peninsula as well, folks traveling away from the peninsula to newark and fremont, east 84, a minor crash reported. off-ramp, a smooth drive at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> 6:12. new this hour, a history-making moment at a beauty pageant is going viral, the final choice that's making a lot of people proud. >> my mother says never say i told you so. she is talking about that. facebook is getting a baby-sitter when today in the bay continues. >
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. the time is 6:15. it's a nice sunny start to the day. let's see how it will trend for today. at 8:00, we're at 54 degrees. we'll be at 67 at 11:00 and then 75 degrees at 2:00. another nice one warming up. we're in for a cool down in the forecast for the weekend. we'll take a look at those numbers coming up in less than five minutes. >> and the san mateo bridge westbound. a commute slowing there, the dun barten bridge. we have more on that crash. i'll let you know there coming
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up. good morning, very happy thursday to you. shares of oakland base clorox fell hard after a mixed report. clorox makes bleach, of course, glad bags and kingsford charcoal and real ranch dressing. i have to admit, i didn't know about the dressing. tesla has filed new financial documents alerting investors it will raise more than $2 billion. when a company issues new shares it dilutes the current shares. i said in the past this is going to have to happen. the math really just demands it, tesla started with quarter with more than $3 billion. it made a huge payment against a loan it had. there were operating costs and this is the money on hand. not 2 billion. that's a lot of money. but not if you try to make three
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different kind of cars and promised several new models. by going back to the well, tesla can double this number. other news, the "new york times" says facebook is supposed to reach a deal with government regulators, over privacy issues. it would include the appointment of several privacy supervisors, at least one picked by the government that's basically a baby-sitter. it's been lost to history. apple had a baby-sitter, back when apple moved into ebooks. a judge said apple had conspired to raise ebook prices as a part of the settlement. apple got government supervisors. the san francisco business times reports, lending club is going to leave the city and move most of its jobs to utah. in a memo, the ceo told employees, quote, virtually all positions will eventually no longer exist in san francisco. this is a money issue, a cost of
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living issue. i came from you that you to here. >> you are not from there. >> not originally, when i came to california, it was from you that you. i am from chicago originally the work force is well educated. the cost of live secretary reasonable. if i were moveing a company out of san francisco, utah or austin would be my first choice. >> i'd say statistics really good with companies right now. are you not going anywhere, stick around? >> no. >> 6:18. new today, wonder woman's miss teen usa win is going environment kayla garris the first winner to compete with naturally curly hair in two decades, she says she feels more confident wearing her naturally curly hair. many are using the #natural hair and #crowning moments. she's beautiful. >> you know what's funny is there is a story about it.
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seeing heroin i wouldn't have thought. i would have thought, oh my gosh, she's adorable. >> so excited. >> race bias hair discriminations. there we have it right there that's good, that will help me. >> a lot of changes. rewill be warming up. this weekend, we are looking at highs in the 60s and spend e 70s. it's a cool start. we will be in our typical low 50s as you head out the door. the morning commute looks like it's going well, in the tri-valley, our temperatures are at 46 degrees, it is cold, cooler in napa and assistant rosa with our low 50s in san francisco and oakland, if are you about to head out the door in pleasant hills, expect it to
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be around 51 degrees, seeing low 60s at 9:00. 69 degrees at 11:00. then some mid-70s during the middle of the day. as we head to the south bay, check out our highs, morgan hill up to 80 degrees, 78 at los gatos. we are going to see more of a breezy wind with pittsburgh reaching 80 degrees, 78 degrees in fremont and 71 in oakland. san mateo reaching 72 degrees. san francisco up to 64 degrees today. and napa up to 79. so still very warm there. it's still quiet, very dry and we've had a high pressure blocking any storm systems, but we can see that there is one just to the rest of us that's been pretty much stationary over the past couple days, moving slowly, as this high pressure moves out of way, this storm system will move into the bay wear by saturday and sunday and could even bring us a slight
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chance of rain. it shouldn't ruin your weekend mans. a good weekend ahead, warming up, reaching into the mid- to upper-70s by the middle of next week. mike, you have a couple minor crashes. >> a couple minor crashes. there may be an issue. we have been checking that crash the slow end is reported blocked. look at that the volume is building right now, the rest of contra costa, it was smooth. we'll continue to track that one crash there. also at newark boulevard off east 84, we talked about that crash, that is affecting only the off-ramp, not the road map. dakota road, accessing facebook is just fine. >> that i have a hospital of campus over there as well. in the south bay i want to
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report, a minor crash there. i want to thank that. look at this name. we have waizer, the big lip. thank you for shouting that out. nbc area the name of our wazer team. we let you know about problems. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 6:22. there is a starbucks alert. before you head out. we will tell you about a recall alert this morning. >> first, this is what we are posting. bob riddell, throwback thursday, he port posted this video on boot champs, follow bob on facebook, instagram. you can catch his videos. they are funny, 6:42 right now. you are watching "today in the bay". >
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. 6:25 for you right now. new overnight within the last two hours as many expected wikileaks founder julian assange confirmed to a judge he plans to fight his extradition to the united states. he appeared via a london courtroom this morning. prosecutors want him to answer to accusationss he conspired to military secrets. >> it's 6:25.
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we have bad news, if you are reaching for this coffee press, don't. the plungeer knob can break and cause cuts. more than 260,000 were sold. if you have it, rumpb return it to starbucks. the party may still be going on in los vegas after the billboard music awards. >> semi-if you are drake. >> the winner is drake for sworpion. >> the canadian rapper whose home is memphis. he took home awards, including top artist and billboard album. making history, bts, the first group to win and take home the top duo/group award, rapper cardis b. had a good night, taking home six awards. >> here are some stories we are working on, a lighter moment at the giants game. video that's trending this
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morning, showing the length one fan went to just to catch a ball. first a terrible story out of contra costa county, how a 2-year-old boy is doing just after a walk. more details on the oscar grant shooting. what we are learning from that fateful night. you are watching "today in the bay".
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right now at 6:30, let's take a peak outside at the
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beautiful bay bridge this morning. the sun has decided to arrive, bryanting up our day, providing warmer temperatures as well, good morning to you, thank you for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. kari hall has been tracking the temperatures for us. >> we start out in the 40s and 50s, it will be the warmest day of the week. nice clear skies. we go from 51 degrees at 7:00 to a pretty big warm-up going into the afternoon, reaching the mid-70s by 1:00 today, eventually reaching the low 80s, livermore, expect a high of 78. we get to 78 in san jose and palo alto, san francisco reaching 65. we will talk about the weekend forecast. mike, you have a crash in the south bay? >> that's the report. everybody take a look. this is a great pattern there, slowing down towards fremont. the crash right here, that's
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another newark or ardwood off-ramp. it's off to the shoulder. in the north bay, it's northbound 101. san jose, built for 101 and 87, maybe more slowing. we'll get more detail once chp arrives right about over there on highway 101. a look outside as well, travel times, no big problem, back to you. >> thanks, mike. we are learning new details about oscar grant's shooting. new details about what happened that night at the fruitvale station. "today in the bay" rob riddell is joining us. what does that report show? >> reporter: marcus this internal report created by bart ten years ago now being released calls into question the defense that was used by messerly. you recall the former bart police officer who was convicted of shooting and killing oscar
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grant the bart passenger, an viktd of shooting him in the backhand cuffed on the ground on new year's day 2009. this was a shooting captured on video by a citizen with a cell phone. messerly said he meant to tais grant, but mistakenly pulled out his gun instead. the report indicates, however that messerly can be seen trying to draw his gun two times, finally can be seen looking at his hands on the gumpb gun holster. the internal investigation found messerly 27-years-old at the time they had used force on the job six times the year prior. more than any of his colleagues on the platform that night. the report bliems officer peroni
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for an initial report calling oscar grant the n-word, punching him in the face. kneeing him in the head. messerly was released after spending about a year behind bars. two local newspapers and a local public radio station obtained this report through a public records request under the state's new transparency law, which makes records available to the public. we have reached out to bart. they said they will obtain a copy of the report sometime later this morning. reporting live, bob riddell. a toddler is in the hospital this morning after being attacked by a dog in a contra costa park. it happened last night in san money's millcreek hollow. animal control officers say a two-year-old boy reached for a ball being used in the game of fetch. that when witnesses say the pitbull mix lunged at the boy and bit him in the face. he suffered serious injuries.
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the dog is now under quarantine, officers say the owner is not related to the child. a former bag hajj andleer at the oakland airport will have time to illegally send marijuana across the nation, keith mayfield worked for southwest. during that time, he smuggled hundreds of thousands of luggage with drugs inside of them to the airport and would hand those off to couriers. the doj says he was sentenced this week to 30 months in jail after violating airport security, drug smuggling and money laundering. ten other have been sentenced if connection with the same smuggling ring. 6:34. police credit quick thinking by two brave 14-year-old boys for stopping two men in a laptop theft risk. on tuesday, the boys were at a restaurant in lafayette. that's when they saw four men sprint from a nearby coffee shop, including one with a laptop in his arms. one of the boys called 911.
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the other ran after the men, snapping photos of the get away car. one of the boys says the man in the car threatened him. >> he said he had a gun and he was going to shoot. he said, get out of here. >> i got the cops called. sadly, though, they were a bit too late. >> but the photos did lead police to the car. we are not identifying the boys, police arrested two of the four suspects. the same men are believed to be responsible for similar crimes elsewhere in the east bay. >> happening today, competition among s.w.a.t. teams are kicking off. the santa clara office is hosting the event. there are 30 s.w.a.t. teams competing over two days and shooting, physical fitness and teamwork events, they add up the scores to individual events to crown and overall champion. >> they used to be called the best of the west. they're quite athletic. the sharks try to take a commanding lead in colorado.
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they lead it two games to one after a 4-2 win on tuesday. tonight's game is in denver d. sharks will be hosting another free viewing party. you can all go. it's tonight. by the way, the next warrior's game doesn't happen until saturday. >> baseball fans have a chance to breathe. the giants and as off today. the giants are wrapping up tear series, some strong pitching from madison bull marketgarten, now, buster posy, his base hit at the bottom of the 9th gave the giants a 2-1 walkoff win. the fans are also talking about this guy right here, last night this man became the highlight of his own there when he tried to catch a foul ball, developing his garlic prize, in this case, he got the ball. a couple innings later, this time he lost his pizza, hitting the woman right there. he came up empty handed this time. none runs, no hits, plenty of
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errors right there for the man. look a that lost the garlic fries oh. he did eventually get the ball. the first time. the second time not so lucky. >> i guess that's a key spot to sit. mike? >> it might be, bad choices for food. gow to the dodgers you have to get -- >> a dodger dog. and a helmet. not that i know, i love baseball. >> we have all the other fancy treats. we are looking over here towards the bay. we are looking at a nice well organized commute. we are looking at slowing right now, north 101, i seen that build from 85 up to san antonio. san antonio and mountain view. we do have one lane blocked by this crash. it's a middle lane that may be an issue. in fact the two left lanes are reportedly blocked by crews arriving right now. we will track it as the build
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happens, at the bay bridge, the build has not been too bad. the metering lights are on. >> all right. metering lights on, so are my beams headed towards the weekend. >> and warmer temperatures for today. but it does cool off in time for the rest of the weekend. we are looking at saturday's forecast with the coast reaching the upper 50s, 67 for the bay. inland valleys reaching 74 degrees. we'll see more clouds, even a chance of rain late on sunday, so that brings down our temperatures, into the upper 60s, especially for the inland areas. if are you going to the cinco demayo festival, the it will be cool all days. we have the sun shine, a lot of festivities in the bay area. this is the picture i took last year at the ala carte and art festival happening in mountain view. on saturday it will be nice, mid-60s at 11:00, mostly sunny skies, reaching the low 70s for the rest of the day. if you are heading to the
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sierras, going to heavenly, it's going to be warm, more snow melting. so now is the time to get there. there will be some rain moving in by sunday and then in napa, we have the warmest temperatures tomorrow, a cool down happens as we go throughout the weekend. by sunday, we're in the upper 60s. if you are planning to go to monterey, the warmest day will actually be tomorrow, reaching 62 degrees, a mix of sun and clouds on saturday and more clouds on sunday with a high near 60 degrees. let me know where you are headed or what your weekend plans are or if there are some more events i am missing. i am at karihallweather. we'll let you know about our temperature trend in about three minutes. still ahead, dangerous wauftsz. a if you report outlining problems with water across california. the cancer risks some people are alleging. plus a school worker's strike averted. there is a deem as tension still
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remain over the superintendent's big race. first, one of our top stories, a plan to start charging people visiting a san francisco landmark. how much you may have to pay just to drive on down lombard street. plus, bill bar senior a no show at a house hearing. we'll tell you about that and take you out to the big board as well, the dow industrials falling 42 points, tesla says it will sell yet more stock. are you watching "today in the bay". >
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. right now at 6:42. it's a sunny start to the day. let's get a live look outside at san jose, we get ready to head out the door. mostly 50s, all around the bay area. after this cool start, we warm
6:43 am
up and our temperatures will reach into the mid-70s by 1:00 today. we'll see it look, take a look at how high those temperatures get and a weekend cool down in less than five minutes. >> the san mateo bridge, over on your left, coming towards us, that east bend direction. you may stop traffic. i'll explain and give you the latest. >> 6:free. people call lombard street the crookedest street in the world. it may become the priciest street. the city hopes the toll will reduce convention. it's expected to raise between five and $10 and will likely kick in in 2020.
6:44 am
lombard may be adding fees to decrease congestion. they will vote to increase fees. if passed tourists would see a fee increase up to 25%. new details for you. santa rosa strikes a tentative agreement. the deal will increase to $13 an hour for non-teching staff. just last month, it reached a contract agreement. the battle comes as many are speaking out about the superintendent's salary. the santa rosa superintendent could get a raise. we looked at her salary compared to other bay areas. this is standard. palo alto eun fight, it pays its
6:45 am
superintendents $300,000 per year. freedom unified, slightly larger, pays its superintendents $295,000 a year. before you fill your water bottle, you need to know about this. a new study says toxic drinking water led to more than 15,000 cases in california. toxic chemicals in 2700 state water systems from 2011 to 2015. the report coincides to create if you drinking water fees to pay for unsafe for drinking. the bay area retirement celebrated last night. we were there to help congratulation bishop patrick mcgraw. this week he requested to retire. he turns 75 in july. yesterday, the pope approved
6:46 am
that request. mcgraw first served in the bay area back in 1970. so lots of dedication. >> new this morning. they are adding new flights, jet suite x, they offer them on the cheap. they are announcing daily service between seattle's boeing field. jet swoout x requires people to arrive 30 minutes, they are screened as soon as they check in. flights start at around $99. and 6:46 for you right now. a house hearing is under way right now. >> bill bar senior a no show. >> a no show. we have live pictures of that hearing. the house hearing holding its
6:47 am
seat, committee members negotiating with bar tore try to find a common ground where he would show up voluntary. the house, the questions and answers very confrontational. at issue, barr's behavior back when he was the only person to see the mueller report. barr says it cleared the president. mueller was alarmed enough by that to send bar arletteer complaining that barr was mismeade leading the public. barr said he thought that letter was quote snitty. the disagreement what barr said mueller said and mueller says mueller said left americans confused. some think the president was cleared. other dos not to be clear, barr and the mueller report does not exonerate the president.
6:48 am
the house wants to use staff lawyers to question him. many members are lawyers, of course, barr would be facing pros. what might that look like? look what happened when barr faced a former da in the senate. >> has the president or anyone at the white house asked or suggested you open an investigation of anyone? yes or no, please, sir? >> the president or anybody else? >> it seems you'd remember something like that and be able to tell us. >> yeah, i'm trying to grapple with the word suggest. i mean there have been discussions of matters out there that they've not asked ne to open an investigation. >> perhaps they've suggested? >> i don't know. i wouldn't say suggest. >> hinted? >> i don't know. >> inferred? >> you don't know. okay. >> let's squeeze in one more news item, senator michael bennet a democrat from colorado said this morning he is running for president. he becomes the 21st democrat to
6:49 am
announce a run and the second from colorado. we'll watch the barr hearing or the lack of barr hearing going on this morning i don't expect much news to come out of it. new this morning, you can get a whole new book at san francisco history. tens of thousands of old property photos available. homes, businesses, some of the photos are posted online, they include city hall. you can also access a map that shows each and every partial of the city. >> that would be cool to go back. i love looking at old postcard and what not. i do, too.
6:50 am
>> take a picture currently. >> exactly. >> we have sunshine. we start out with clouds over parts of the bay. let's look at our camera looking over san francisco, i can probably look at this shot all day. then we'll see things clearing out going into the rest of the day. now our temperatures start out cool santa rosa the coolest now. we have in palo alto, it is 52 degrees also 52 in antioch. a light jacket. then with our temperatures warm him up for recess. they will probably take it off and leave it on the playgrounds. make sure the names on the tag. our temperatures will be
6:51 am
reaching into the mid-70s. once again, because of this cool start, you need something to help keep you warm. the rest of the day, a sleeveless shirt will be comfortable. a lot of sunshine, we have an area of low pressure. it's been spinning, not moving too much. that's because we do have high pressure over the bay area blocking it. as that moves off too the east that will allow for this area of low pressure to bring us clouds and potentially light rain into sunday. it would beifies to get at least a few showers here before we go back to some warm and dry weather early next week. so it will feel much like summer. cooling down to spring for the weekend, looking at san francisco, pretty steady
6:52 am
temperatures here. but a little of a cool down with clouds for saturday and sunday. you have been tracking the clouds. >> we may have a spot for countercommute. the westbound picks up because of that volume for the commute. so we will continue to countertrack. i will call out pal lo o alto. we will zoom in there. our partners at waze. i'm sorry i didn't throw it in there. we will stick with waze. northbound jammed at 237 up to sfoent, the cash still had two lanes blocked. this was reported by you crown u. that's the name they chose. with waze. they will give you alternates.
6:53 am
join nbc wazers. >> thank you, mike. 6:52 right now. happening now, jewish people across the world remembering the holocaust. a two minute of silence to remember those who died. benjamin netanyahu was joined by others. they voiced concerns about the rise of anti-semitism world wide. >> the so-called "full house" house hits the market today. a brand-new look inside the iconic home. if you are just joining us, we now know more this morning about the night in the oscar grant shooting. you are watching "today in the bay". togo's fans, the pretzelrami is back,
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with our famous pastrami and a bigger soft pretzel roll. and try the new turkey bistro with warm turkey and smokehouse bacon. or the new hot club chicken dijon with dijon mayo and black forest ham. how far would you go for a togo?
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welcome back to you, 6:56 right now. before you head out the door, here are the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay". a new investigation reveals details what happened when oscar grant was killed by police. this internal report created ten years ago calls into question the defense of jonas, will you recall there, he was the former bart police officer who was convicted of shooting and killing grant. he said he meant to tais him. he can be scene drawing his gun
6:57 am
two times. finally he can be seen reaching for his gun. we may be poiset to experience another season. researchers believe most of the delivery, coast coast states, california, oregon, washington, are considered the exception. in california, some of it is from vegetation from our wet, wet, winter. airbnb is launching a new donations tool to helping in and non-profit groups. it's an expansion of the company's existing open homes initiative. airbnb says they will price out.
6:58 am
happening today, you can make your voice herd loud and clear to south bay leaders. a public panel on the issue is being held, the mayors will be attending the talk about the possible solution. but today's meeting comes as if you data obtained bety news shows lower and middle income families are being pushed out of the entire community. even those with low six-figure incomes cannot afford the rent rate and 72% after bay area neighborhoods. today's meeting starts at 4:00 this afternoon. >> very expensive, one of today's most famous houses in san francisco going back on the market. we will talk about that "full house" his torion. it comes with the price tag of just under $6 million. neighbors say the home has been attracting a lot of tourists
6:59 am
since frank lip purchased it back in 2013 for $4 million. a little profit. a lot of renovations. the photos shows the inside of the 4,000 square foot home, four bedroomings, completely ren natd. quite beautifully. it features a garden with concrete slabs with the hand prints of the cast members of "fuller house." >> that's cool. nicely decorated inside, too. you want to get outside and enjoy it. >> it will be a great day. it starts out cool. we have areas reaching 81 degrees. this is going into the weekend. there could be a chance of rain on sunday. >> perfect. a crash in mountain view. now we zoom into all this red. north 101 may improve.
7:00 am
so photothat from the south bay upper peninsula. >> all right. good to know. that's what's happening. we will be back with a live local news update. >> have a great day. good morning. epic clash. the attorney general and members of congress stare each other down in a combative five-hour showdown over the mueller report. >> america deserves better. you should resign. >> i feel the answer was purposely misleading. >> that's a masterful hair splitting. >> there were notes taken of the call. >> may we have those notes. >> no. >> barr defending his actions taking shots at mueller and refusing to show for another hearing today. what's congress' next move? a live report ahead. dangerous and


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