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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 6, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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attorney michael cohen )s final hou right now at 5:00, report position prison. michael cohen's final hours outside a cell. and how much time he is expected to spend behind bars. >> a tpaoeuft breaks out aside a busy contra costa mall. paying at the pump. are you feeling the crunch before you fill up before the morning commute? when relief could be headed our way. good monday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. a little rain overnight to maybe wash away whatever. >> washed away the weekend. >> i wanted a little water on my garden. it didn't help. a live look outside in san jose. we see still mist and tkreuz else. temperatures in the low 50s. sun and clouds today.
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a little bit cooler. high temperatures across the bay area. you are tracking a couple of crashes. >> i am, kari. updates for the peninsula. the south bay i have been tracking south 880, 237. and the transition. crash affecting the slow lane. watch it. no problem with the speeds. north 101 at actually. everything sounds like it's on the shoulder. back to you. thanks so much. developing even before the markets open this morning, nerves ahead of the bell as stocks are poised to open in a freefall. this is a live look at the futures board. the three major indexes appear to be ready for a nose dive. this is tied to president trump's comments to be ready to ignite a new round of tariffs. scott mcgrew keeping an eye on the markets. he'll have a live report in 10
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minutes. happening today, president trump's former attorney michael cohen is due to report to federal prison. cohen is sentenced is three years for tax evasion, lying to congress and campaign finance crimes. we have a live look outside cohen's home. he is expected to report 60 miles outside of new york city. it is medium security with 800 inmates who sleep in barrack style bunks. president trump's administration is facing a major deadline today around the mueller report and the president's tax returns. special counsel robert mueller should not testify before congress. marcus, good morning to you. as you can imagine, democrats had a lot to say in response to the pair of tweets overnight. it is only escalating this growing feud between president
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trump and democrats on capitol hill. >> reporter: a new week with new deadlines. house democrats demanding william barr respond to their request for a more complete version of the mueller report by this morning. >> we just want the information so we can do our work. >> barr has made a less redacted version available to 12 top lawmakers. if not, threatening to hold barr in contempt. >> why doesn't he read what's already available. if he wants more, then work with the department of justice to figure this out. >> with lawmakers working to bring robert mueller on may 15th president trump said he should not testify saying no re-do for the dems. they are accusing the president of trying to silence mueller.
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president trump is still considering whether to let former white house attorney don mcgahn testify before lawmakers. house democrats subpoenaed mcgahn. but president trump could invoke executive privilege and block mcgahn's testimony. marcus, another big deadline we're watching today. steve mnuchin missed the first deadline. he said he would take final action today. >> plain, thank you. developing now for you, the u.s. is sending a carrier strike team to a bomber task force to the middle east. the trump administration said this is in response to, quote, a number of troubling escalatory indications.
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they are sending a clear message that the u.s. is prepared to respond to any attack. this is the uss abraham lincoln. it is expected to be a somber day in court as the trial of the two men accused in the ghost ship warehouse fire. you'll recall 36 people lost their lives back in 2016. bob, who do we expect to take the stand first? >> reporter: we did speak with tony serra. he expects the district attorney will be calling five witnesses to the stand. this would include people who escaped the deadly warehouse fire in oakland that killed 36 people two and a half years ago and former tenants who lived in the warehouse. the people are expected to give insight into what it was like living in that cramped space
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with one set of stairs and limited exits from the building. derrick almena and max harris both face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each person who was killed. they said he laughed when he was told it was a death trap. he said he wasn't there the night the fire started and trapped the 36 people inside. the attorney for max harris believes the fire was intentionally set. he has witnesses to prove that 10 people participated in the alleged arson. they did agree to plea to no contest in exchange for nine and six-year stphpbss but the judge rejected that after the families thought the sentences were too lenient and almena didn't show
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enough remorse. >> 5:06. a developing story in contra costa county. a massive melee in a mall parking lot over the weekend with an officer pepper sprayed. what's the details behind this one? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. working to get more details. 70 people took part in this melee, as you explained at the sun valley mall here in pleasant hill. it spilled into the safeway parking lot that you see behind me. concord police say it took place 8:30 p.m. saturday night. it took three police agencies to break it up. concord police, pleasant hill police and contra costa sheriff.
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30 juveniles took part in the fight. one police officer and security officer needed treatment. arrests were made as they were able to questioning lip disburse the crude. no further investigation is expected by police at this time. live in pleasant hill, pete suratos for "today in the bay". pete, thanks so much for that update. is no secret downtown san francisco has problems when it comes to traffic and homelessness. now there is a downtown community benefit district designed to address the problems. the san francisco examiner said they are already considering plans by collecting fees from property owners. it is to fight panhandling and keep the area clean. good news for all of you drivers out there.
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gas prices may soon stabilize. we have been reporting prices have been going up since january and jumped 5 cents the past two weeks. the crude oil prices are starting to drop and that could mean welcomed news at the pump. the highest price in the nation here in san francisco. about $4.14 just for regular gas. heads-up now for anyone need agriculture i rideshare. drivers planning a strike. uber and lyft will log off apps for a few hours wednesday. this is a nationwide strike impacting cities like san francisco and los angeles. all this in the hopes of getting a living wage, fixed fares and job security. and if you're a bay area sports fan, prepare for a busy night ahead. you will have choices to make. sitting at or near the list, warriors take on houston. warriors lead 2-1 after losing
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to the rockets in overtime saturday. tonight's game is in houston. about 30 minutes after the warriors tip off, the sharks and colorado will drop the puck for game six of their stanley cup playoff series. most importantly here, if the sharks win it tonight, they move on. they are up 3-2. but they'll have to win tonight on the road. it's in denver. some of you waking up to rain. you open the windows, and you can smell what happened overnight. it's nice. refreshing. >> a nice, spring morning. >> nice and refreshing to finally see some rain. it's been a while. i want to show you what happened. a line of storms over the sierra. some of that drawn into low pressure over the coast in the bay area. as we saw some of the activity move through, we had rumbles of thunder and lightning moving into the pay area, especially in the south bay yesterday evening. most of it has cleared out.
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light rain lingers over parts of the north bay. we will talk about what's ahead for the rest of the day coming up. there was a rush at the bay bridge. >> i said things would lighten up and they did for 30 seconds. then a rush of traffic came in and filled in the cash lanes. now we have a backup at the bay bridge. a crash 101 at mill bury. no slowing past the sfo exit. that's the better news. 9 rest of the bay in the green. back to you. thanks so much. coming up on "today in the bay", a major recall to tell you about. i want you to be sure you check your refrigerator. tyson is recalling 12 million pounds of chicken strips. >> look out below. the markets ready to really drop after a presidential tweet.
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exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. mike traffic tease it is 5:14. let's look out out the window in fremont. it's all drying out now. temperatures in the low 50s will
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gradually make it into the mid-60s by noon. we'll take a look at our microclimates and talk about that rain moving out in less than five minutes. and the san mateo bridge moving just fine. westbound. the troe truck has left. >> and a very good morning. happy monday as well. zeros for now on our board. you get used to seeing it on our board. several news agencies reporting boeing new cockpit safeties in the max 8 737 didn't work. but the hit it is likely to take in an hour and 15 minutes. really this should have been a good monday. we got spectacular jobs numbers on friday. lowest unemployment in 15 years. but he will raise tariffs on certain chinese goods to 25%.
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this caught the market off guard. it pushed the futures the bets traders make down enormously. we were expecting good things. perhaps the trade talks would wrap up. we pay the teur if's we place on chinese tkps. it may be worth it. president trump is making a bet going all in. trump is hoping his last minute threat to raise tariffs will make it easier to deal when they arrive on wednesday. america gets better terms. so his belt pays off. talks don't move forward and the tariffs go into place. worst of all is he doesn't do what he tweeted. friday comes, he didn't increase
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the tariffs even though he said he would. from a negotiation standpoint, that would be a disaster. >> i guess we will have to wait and see. >> listen up, parents. if you have chicken in your home, check out your refridge airport. another major recall that could affect your kids' lunch plans. tyson foods recalling chicken strips over contamination concerns. used by dates october 1st, 2019 through march 7, 2020. you should toss them out or return them to the store. 5:17. a growing trend among police departments. comfort dogs. pittsburg p.a. police got little cutie named zane. his job is to help people by keeping them calm and comforting them. zane will go through training and he's going to get a badge.
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we told you about milo. he's already making a big difference there. >> a pretty black coat. >> we need one in the newsroom. >> that's what i was had i thinking. >> who is going to walk had in in the morning? >> i could bring mine. >> yeah. many people waking up, ready to take the dog out for a walk this morning. we are watching for some of the grass that may be wet across parts of the bay. it rolled through yesterday evening. light rain across parts of the north bay. there were big storms over the sierra yesterday. they started to move over the central valley. some of the rain. even lightning picked up in san jose. now, as things quiet down, there's light rain moving across parts of napa, sonoma and northern marin county as you get ready to head out. heads-up about that. you may have to do a couple of
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swipes of the windshield wipers as the rain continues to fall. it is cloudy, misty, drizzly in san francisco. we're starting out with temperatures that have been in the low 50s. as you head out the door in brentwood, expect it to be 53 degrees. mostly cloudy. the sun will peek out throughout the morning as temperatures will be slow to warm up. reaching 65 at noon. eventually heading up close to 70 degrees today. we'll see a high of 68 in napa. san francisco, 61. 68 in palo alto. if you're about to head out in san jose, diridon station will be mostly cloudy this morning. for the most part the rain will be moving out. light lingering rain. temperatures only reaching 70 for the inland areas. a warming trend gets under way. we have a nice week ahead.
5:20 am
slight chance of rain on friday. mike, you have incidents popping up all over. >> kari, nothing major from what chp has right now. look at that tri-valley, east bay peninsula and south bay. so far speeds maintaining. watch. you may have one lane or two blocked south 880 at 237. we have one lane blocked south 880, 23rd. one lane blocked. slowing through downtown oakland. we're watching for the slowdown, the dip past 9 80. watch that there. toward the bay bridge, everything moves smoothly. you see 880. we're picking up volume as well. slowing just before the coliseum.
5:21 am
19 minutes to the berkeley curve. of course that means slowdown. >> thanks, mike. outrage and confusion after a historic disqualification at the kentucky derby. >> diana ross questions the tsa. what she is saying about her recent experience getting through airport security. check this out. mike inouye sharing his celebration for cinco de mayo. follow him on facebook, twitter, and instagram. ♪
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♪ describe this year )s version of "the fastest two minute 5:23 for you right now. a maximum controversy. that's the only way you can describe this year's version of the fastest two minutes in sports.
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talking about the kentucky derby here. did you see what happened during the big race? well, it's never happened before in kentucky derby history. race stewards disqualified the winner, maximum security, agreeing that it drifted into the lanes of other horses. stewards dropped maximum security to the back of the field and named country house the winner. the owner tells the "today" show this morning he plans to file an appeal with the state of kentucky. >> yes, i saw the horse move. but every kentucky derby you could sit down two or three horses if you wanted to because it's like a rodeo out there. >> it changed fortunes in an instant. betters lost an estimated $10 million because maximum security had been the odds-on favorite. country house, meanwhile, was a 65-1 long shot. experts believe his race was not impacted by maximum security's foul.
5:25 am
music legend diana ross tweeting this video at the new orleans jazz festival. she said she's feeling better. she believes it was over the top screening by tsa upon her departure from yesterday. the tsa commented saying the agents involved in the screening followed north normal protocol. she said let me be clear, not the people or delta but tsa, was over the top. makes me want to cry. ross provided some explicit details about what she said happened. it is affordable housing week. often you get to talk about new construction. you hear not in my backyard, oftentimes. that is not the case in this backyard near san jose state university. this morning new for you the homeowner tells us he decided to build a 300 square foot granny
5:26 am
unit as soon as san jose eased the requirements for accessory dwellings. neighbors aren't complaining. they are building as well. >> no pushback at all. people are talking about it in the context of helping out with the housing crisis. so i have seen zero pushback. >> we don't have to count on big corporations to finance big projects. individuals can have their own impact. >> builder stanley action estimates there are tens of thousands of south bay homes where an adu could be possible. but he says that cities need to do more to streamline the permit process, which in san jose took months. happening today the star of "this is us" amend moore will join melinda gates to talk about women empowerment. they will discuss opportunities to help turbo charge change. it starts 7:00 at dominican
5:27 am
university. it is sold out. 5:26 for you right now. it's an annual tradition at nbc bay area. comcast cares today. >> several members pitched in over the weekend. everyone working very hard at sylvan. >> dale: middle school campus. knocking out a long list of chores. it is to make it a little nicer for 700 plus students and their teachers. last year more than 29,000 kids volunteered in comcast cares projects across the nation. >> that was fun out there. but a lot of work. >> a lot of sweat, huh? >> yes. 5:27 for you right now. coming up on "today in the bay", an officer-involved shooting turns deadly in the south bay. what we know right now about the officer who was hurt. plus, a shocking new report overnight revealing how long boeing new about a safety alert
5:28 am
problem with 737 max planes. why they waited to tell the faa about the issue.
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good morning and thank you a very good monday morning to you. a little rain for some overnight making way for a nice day. good morning to you. hope you had a great weekend. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's head over to meteorologist carry hall. is it gone? >> most of it is in gone. we still see showers coming down. if you're headed out to the fruitvale parking lot station, you will still have mist and drizzle. mid-50s for the temperatures.
5:31 am
the sun starts to peek out. we'll be tracking the rain. heading over to mark, you have someone stuck in a car? >> that's the report, kari. it is not at the bay bridge but it is in oakland. that's expected. here 880 southbound around 23rd. we told you about the crash. reports are one of the vehicles has the door wedged shut. someone is inside the car. i think they're laying down right now. they may be just overcome with emotion. they will track that. the other crash seemed to be out of the roadway. we will track them as well. for now, we'll hand it back to you. 5:31. new for you, solana county, all lanes are back open after a deadly crash that happened shortly after 11:00 south of allen. >> dale: road, nearly three miles north of vacaville. one car was fully engulfed in
5:32 am
flames. sadly, one person died. two others were taken to the hospital with major injuries. three others treated at the scene for minor injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> and san jose police are expected to release more about a deadly police shooting in which an officer was dragged. >> ali wolf is live. >> reporter: good morning, laura. 12:30, san jose police chief garcia is expected to give us an update on this investigation. here's what we know at this point. the police sergeant who was dragged by the suspect's car is still recovering. we know this played out in broad daylight on saturday afternoon in east san jose. officers were investigating a stolen car when they went after a suspect. they say that suspect sped off, hitting the officer, dragging him 10 feet, then pinning him against another car.
5:33 am
three others then fired shots, killing the suspect. that suspect believed to be a known gang member. this happened around 1:00 in the afternoon. families were out and around. businesses were open. now neighbors are worried about the violence. here's what one person told us. >> you don't want a family member hurt or a police officer hurt. they're in here trying to clean up whatever is around. >> reporter: and sources say the police sergeant who was dragged went to the hospital with a broken collarbone. the suspect's name has not been released. we did some checking. san jose has had two police shootings so far this year. the update from the police chief is happening later this afternoon and will be there. reporting live in san jose, ali wolf for "today in the bay" stphraofp. thank you for that update. a rock thrower terrorizing a busy stretch in the south bay.
5:34 am
"today in the bay" has covered numerous stories in the past the last year or so. someone keeps targeting drivers along a stretch of highway 152 west of gilroy. some cases people were injured. a lot of cars had been damaged. yesterday 28-year-old jeremy valdez was arrested after 20 drivers called in to report their cars being hit. news of his arrest came as a relief for fremont man who says someone threw rocks at his car in march. he's been terrified to drive-through the corridor ever since. >> as long as that guy is not caught, i won't go back. >> they have not yet determined if this is the same attack that have been going on for months. authorities believe an american died in a fiery plane crash. 40 people in total were killed.
5:35 am
witnesses recorded this video of the fiery landing. it was making an emergency landing yesterday morning in moscow. it had just taken off but had to land because of some sort of malfuncti malfunction. it broke out during the plane's landing. it is possible that the hard landing could have led to the flames. some of the video recordings you can see people scramble to go get off the burning plane. t in the meantime, growing concern about boeing's management of the 737 max design. the company is releasing a statement detailing how it knew for months that a safety alert in the cockpit was not working as intended, yet it did not disclose that to federal regulators until one of the planes crashed. it was designed to warn pilots
5:36 am
that a key sensors might contain information about the plane's nose. the warning light only worked when airlines also purchased a separate add-on feature. the sensor's malfunction in two crashes killing more than 300 people. well, in the face of tragedy, the show did go on for the renowned group yesterday. this is out of the choir group that sang in san francisco. this happened early saturday morning on 101 brisbane. a short time after the choir arrived at sfo from their home in alabama. four vehicles were involved in this crash. someone in an suv died. the fire burned up most of the group members belongings. the group tells us they are so thankful. >> it's not a surprise that san francisco stepped it up and really showed us love. and we are very appreciative.
5:37 am
>> i know these kids. they're very, very resilient. we just decided to go ahead with the show. >> some of the 18 passengers on the bus were banged up but otherwise okay. chp is still investigating what happened. >> the price tag of expanding smart train service is about a billion dollars. that's according to a an 18-month study along highway 37. the route would relieve heavy cop skwregz on highway 37 in the area. a price tag of a billion dollars, it's not clear how realistic the expansion will be. further south, next generation commuter service takes its debut on the peninsula. for the first time, samtrans
5:38 am
will offer on demand rideshare service. it rolls out for a small area on pacifica only centered around linda marr park. the rideshare service replaces a bus line that previously serviced that area. we segue from next generation commute to go some serious old school. happening today, a new exhibit on the history of a popular commuter lane. muni's l taraval connects to downtown. these photos are part of a new exhibit on display at the library through the end of the month. pretty cool. i always like to see the old vehicles, as well as the old advertisements on the old vehicles. sometimes that's interesting too. all right, folks, let's look over here to the vehicles on the road where speed sensors are going through the south bay.
5:39 am
the crash just got cleared. there should be recovery. that's just as we see the build for the portion of 101. it will probably hold steady. no problems tri-valley, peninsula. south 101 -- south 880, my gosh, approaching 23rd. left two lanes blocked. and six chp vehicles. injury crash there. still waiting on more details. all right. >> this will be a week to relax and take it easy. >> for mother's day. >> great weather leading up to mother's day. staying mostly in the 70s for the inland areas. we will see some more clouds on friday. but the rest of the weekend is looking nice and sunny.
5:40 am
for san francisco, expect it to stay in the mid-60s. we may have those morning clouds and fog starting out every day. if you plan to go hiking, it's going to be nice at muir woods. partly cloudy skies. pretty much the same weather holding all weekend. that's a live look at squaw valley. still a lot of snow on the ground. a chance of rain on friday as well as sunday. your best day to go skiing oren joy time outside will be on saturday with highs reaching into the mid-60s there. we'll talk about what's going on today for the bay area. our temperature trend is coming up in three minutes. we'll check back with you. 5:40. coming up next, a home explosion rocks a southern california neighborhood. what we are learning about the illegal grow operation inside. president trump said robert mueller should not testify before congress. we will dive into that when "today in the bay" continues.
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it is 5:43 now on this monday morning. starting out with clouds and maybe a little drizzle on your commute to work. a live look at walnut creek. clouds will linger for a little while longer. then we will start to see the sun peeking out today. cooler than the weather we have seen recently. we'll get a look at how high the temperatures go and the rest of the forecast in less than five minutes. a live look at the nimitz by the coliseum. the headlights heading south.
5:44 am
thanks so much, kari and mike. 5:43. an oakland man is in custody after shooting that injured several people on at a popular recreation area on the coast. he is facing charges of attempted murder in a shooting during a concert at oceana dunes. at least six people were injured. it's not clear what led up to the attack. in southern california, home explosion in fire rocks neighborhood. >> oh, my god! police say there was a marijuana grow operation inside the home. three people were injured when it happened yesterday in san diego.
5:45 am
neighbors took out their cell phones and started shooting this video. you could hear blasts from inside the home. firefighters were able to put out the flames before it spread to other homes but one home did have exterior damage. rodeo road has a new name, obama boulevard. it was renamed after former president barack obama. it intersects with martin luther king boulevard. the hope is it will help to revitalize the baldwin hills/crenshaw neighborhood. >> the president now says robert mueller should not talk to congress. >> but, scott, does the president have the power to stop him? >> the president has as much power as the congress allows him to have. is he a private citizen? does he have the right to do as he wishes? we think so. he can probably talk to congress.
5:46 am
trump said bob mueller should not testify. no re-do for the dem. there is a mixed message here. the president said over and over the mueller report clears him. his attorney general said the mueller report clears him. why wouldn't he want mueller to speak to congress? it says specifically it's not an exoneration. it said if we had confidence we would so state. but based on the facts and applicable legal standards, we are unable to reach that judgment. the president retweeted that jerry falwell jr. saying he should get an extra two years tacked on his term. you can dismiss it as constitutional nonsense. but the sitting president of the united states retweeted it and referred to two wasted years in a tweet of his own.
5:47 am
this comes hours after speaker of the house nancy pelosi told the "new york times" she was concerned the president would not leave if he were defeat indeed 2020 unless it were by a wide margin. the peaceful transition of power is a hallmark of american democracy in both the speaker and the president are calling it into question. live pictures from a camera outside michael cohen's home in new york city. michael cohen heading to prison. the attorney for the southern district named president trump individual one in that investigation as well. a live look at the market futures. the bets traders are making on the markets. tough after after they said he would increase tariffs no later than friday. that's not all. today is the day of the treasury tent is supposed to turn over the president's taxes. a lot to watch. watch it with me@scottmme@scott
5:48 am
adam sandler returned to "saturday night live". >> biedermann, he cry-o. dre mopped poke him in eye-o. he say beardy kicks. just wait till durant comes to the knicks. >> sandler broke out his opera man character. he paid tribute to the late chris farley. by the way, his return was a big hit. saturday night's show was the highest of the season. >> i saw the tribute to chris farley.
5:49 am
very nice. >> funny guy. >> always good to pay tribute to his friend stphrfplt very mu. >> very much so. >> we will turn to weather. a lot of people looking outside saying, wait a minute, what happened outside. >> you can see the clouds behind us. it starts out cloudy. a few areas had storms. let's back this up 18 hours and show you what happened. you can see all the lightning strikes over the sierra. it moved into the central valley. it was just off the coast south of the bay area. we had some of that action moving through. so now as things quiet down, still there are lingering showers over parts of the north bay. but everywhere else we are starting to see some of that rain tapering off.
5:50 am
it is moving to the coast. we will have wet conditions for some as you get ready to head out the door, temperatures in the low to mid-50s all across the bay area. then we look at our high temperatures. looking pretty nice today. a little bit cooler with upper 60s and low 70s. it is mostly cloudy as we get started. so as you're getting dressed, it will be a chilly start with the need for light long sleeves and pants throughout the day. some spots will make it into the 60s. pleasant hill, expect it to stay mostly cloudy as our temperatures slowly warm up. a few inland spots reaching 70 degrees. we will be under a warming trend throughout the week. upper 70s by friday into the weekend.
5:51 am
>> we had an early backup. unexpectedly slow. 980 towards 23. look at that. bust of traffic that just hit the screen traveling from high past 98 and 66 near the coliseum. the reason is they just seconds ago got the all clear from chp. 880 southbound will be improving. we see it already. that big blob of traffic will travel down. it may be an issue for commuters south through the east bay. your typical commute operating fine. a quick build up holding steady throughout the span. crash around actually. steady from capital expressway, 680, to oakland road. that's the stretch of the bay shore freeway that's slow.
5:52 am
the rest of the south bay, silicon valley, just fine. back to you. thanks, mike. schools are reopened in sri lanka. many concerned parents are keeping their children it of classes today. parents are worried about the safety of their children. securities are on high alert. militants are likely to strike from the start of the islamic holy month of ramadan which starts today. still ahead this morning on "today in the bay", royal baby watch continues. still no birth to report in the uk. but new this hour, reaction from people there as reporters hurry up and wait. plus -- >> there's so much competition for labor that hiring managers have had to relax requirements and rethink some of the ways they are hiring. >> college graduation season upon us. used ting tle or cd# & cut#:
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how far would you go for a togo? comcast cares day. our team along with other nbc bay area reporters and anchors spent the weekend helping the community. follow us all at nbc bay area on instagram, twitter, and facebook. helping the community. follow us on nbc bay area, on instagram, twitter, as well as
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facebook. 5:55 for you right now. breaking news to tell you about from the royals. we are just finding out the duchess of sussex meghan markle is now in later. that is according to sky news moments ago. >> prince harry is with her. reporters and well-wishers have been camped out for days awaiting news prince harry and meghan markle's first child has been been. bookies suspended betting on the taou date. they are still taking bets on the baby's name. the nation is putting its money on it being a baby girl. >> kind of an american royal baby. 5:56. the follow-up to a graduation speech that lit up the internet this month. >> we told you about matt
5:57 am
easton. he told everyone in his graduation speech he was gay. today he appears on ellen. here's a piece of their conversation from this afternoon. >> what made you decide you were going to come out. because that's bold. >> it's something i've been wrestling with my whole life. i ultimately decided this -- there's no better place to do it than here. i thought i'm ready. this is a new chapter. i'm graduating. i want to live more authentically and give visibility to students gay who aren't ready to come out. >> the mormon church did approve it. it is one of many who just finished school and now ready to enter the workforce.
5:58 am
>> it starts with a customized application for each job you apply. >> your linkedin needs to be targeting. the mental and interview needs to be targeted. >> the half lifer's skill is five years. which means half of what you learned five years ago is no longer relevant. >> employers want to see three es, energy, experience, and enthusiasm. they also say stay humble. >> so much has to do with continuous learning and haoult to keep learning. >> other voice, do lots of internships. scrap any unprofessional photos. and good news for grads. we told you the unemployment rate this month is the lowest in 50s years. new overnight, falcon 9
5:59 am
spacex rocket blasted off. successfully docks with the international space station. they're looking at the footage right now that liftoff. it is carrying 5500 pounds of supplies that will be used to reply the space station. >> right now at 6:00, plunging futures here in america and across the world. stock markets slowly through asia. what we could expect when the markets open in 30 minutes. an overnight move by the u.s. military sending an aircraft carrier to the middle east. the message to iran. 70 people fighting outside a contra costa county mall this weekend. and the injuries to one police officer, next. and very good morning to you.
6:00 am
thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike a look at the commute in a bit. first out the door with the weather. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that monday forecast. >> it starts out cloudy. some of us had rain overnight. most of it is starting to move out. we have seen the cloudy skies over the south bay. a live look at san jose. our neighborhood temperature trend with mid-50s as you step out the door. it will slowly warm up today with peeks of sunshine. a little bit cooler than we have seen. we will talk more about that. and the rain moving out as well. mike, you're tracking the recovery. >> recovery is the key word. where the traffic is starting to build. we just saw a crash on the 98. we do see recovering approaching 23rd for southbound


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