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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  May 6, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> so great. >> it's a big day. >> we're happy to be a part of it. thanks for joining us. nightly news is next. escalatioe u.s. and iran in a dramatic new show of force, the u.s. military deploying an aircraft carrier strike group and air force bombers near iranian shores as the white house warns of new threats and u.s. officials warn iran may be planning attacks. richard engel tonight on what is really going on here. inside the horrific inferno, the final terrifying moments caught on camera as a passenger plane bounces off the runway and bursts into flames, killing dozens of people on board. tonight, what investigators are looking at as a flight attendant is hailed as a hero for saving lives but rescuers say the evacuation was hampered by people trying to grab their bags. the mystery in the uk as meghan markle and harry's royal baby boy is born.
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>> this little thing is absolutely to die for. i'm just over the moon. >> what's his name? speculation swirling about the half american royal and what would his grandmother say? erawyer spendingrump' parting shot at his former boss. and just moments ago, the nation's highest civilian honor for tiger woods. an emotional scene after a comeback for the ages. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening and welcome to our viewers in the west. u.s. officials backing up a strong warning to iran with american warships and planes heading to the region. the pentagon accusing iran of provocations and directing an aircraft carrier strike group to the persian gulf. positioned to retaliate should iran or proxies attack american interests in the middle east but the nature of such an
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attack is unclear, military officials saying only they have intelligence of a credible threat. our richard engel now on what we know. >> reporter: tonight in a dramatic show of force, the "u.s.s. abraham lincoln" aircraft carrier, its battle group are on their way to the middle east near iran's shores. administration officials say it defensive that u.s. intelligence says iran or its proxy forces are planning to attack u.s. troops in the region and the warships are an unmistakable sign of what will happen if they do. >> we have continued to see activity that leads us to believe that there is escalation that may be taking place and so we're taking all the appropriate actions. >> reporter: u.s. fi aircraft carriers are trying not to take what they see as america's bait. iran's foreign minister said the trump administration is looking for war. >> same people that created war with iraq. we have the same gang
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in the white house. >> reporter: tonight, national security advisor john bolton said the u.s. is not seeking war with iran, but he has repeatedly called for regime change there. president trump's close allies saudi arabia's crowned prince and israel's benjamin netanyahu have both called for a hard line on iran. >> richard joining me now. what does this aircraft carrier group symbol in the wider pressure from the u.s.? >> so there is this collision, international collision, against iran. the u.s. is part of it. israel is part of it. so it has a lot of people in the region concerned when they see the united states moving this firepower into the middle east just after netanyahu secured his political future. people are wondering is this real or is the u.s. looking for some sort of provocation for other reasons? >> richard, thank you. there are new developments we're watching tonight in the investigation into that horrific inferno on the runway in russia. passenger plane
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bouncing off the runway and then bursting into flames. now a flight attendant is being hailed a hero but rescuers say passengers' bags may have hurt the efforts to evacuate. let's get more from nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: in moscow the gutted and charred remains of aeroflot 1492 still on the runway after sunday's horrific crash. the final terrifying moments captured on video as the plane burst into flames during an emergency landing. another camera shows the plane first bouncing off the runway before coming back down again possibly puncturing a fuel tank. from russia media, the frantic scene inside the plane. 41 of 78 people died including 22-year-old american jeremy brooks from new mexico who had just taken a job as a fishing guide in russia. rescuers say the evacuation was hampered by passengers first grabbing carry on bags. we've seen it before during the miracle on
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the hudson landing, the crash in san francisco, and british airways fire in los angeles. the aeroflot pilot says he declared an emergency after a lightning strike disabled the radios. now investigators are looking at several areas. >> translator: that the pilots, dispatchers and other technical staff were under qualified, that the plane had a mechanical issue and the bad weather conditions. >> reporter: the plane a super jet 100 has a troubled history with four crashes or near crashes. >> the super jet has not flown in the united states. it's not certified under the faa or typical western regulatory agencies. >> reporter: meanwhile, an aeroflot flight attendant is being remembered as a hero. she died trying to open a door in the tail of the plane desperate to save passengers on board. tonight, there is a lot of discussion about how quickly this fuel fire spread. it took about 90
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seconds for firefighters to get water on the fire, thats faster than what the faa requires in the states but precious seconds as people were trapped inside that burning plane. lester? >> awful images there. tom costello, thank you. next to the excitement from the u.s. to the u.k. as prince harry and duchess meghan's royal baby boy are here. congratulations and well wishes are pouring in but a big mystery remains. keir simmons is in windsor tonight. >> god bless america and god save the queen. >> reporter: it's a boy for prince harry and duchess meghan. >> this little thing is absolutely to die for. i'm just over the moon. >> reporter: the new dad beaming, baby sussex born 7 pounds and 3 ounces. >> mother and baby are doing incredibly well. it been the most amazing experience i can ever possibly imagine. how any woman does
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what they do is beyond comprehension but we're both absolutely thrilled. >> reporter: the announcement made on harry and meghan's instagram, a royal first. their son arriving at 5:26 this morning said an official royal notice. the buckingham palace and instagram post combining traditional and modern just like at harry and meghan's wedding. hard to believe the carriage ride and that kiss was just a year ago. meghan's mom is with them while senior royals including the queen and members of princess diana's family were informed before the public celebrations began. >> cheers. >> reporter: this baby may be only 7th in line to the thrown but his parents have quickly become one of the most famous couples in the world. friends with oprah and the cloonys, while michelle obama tweeting congratulations, meghan and harry. barack and i are so thrilled for you and can't wait to meet him. around the world, fans feeling the same way. >> i think it's
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fantastic. we're all drinking champagne for breakfast today. >> reporter: waiting for his name and for that first picture. keir simmons, nbc news, windsor. tonight there are new evacuations as a mississippi river is inundating farmland near st. louis, st. charles county. the latest part of the flood midwest dealing with a levee breach. we're an alert for another multiday outbreak of violent storms spreading across a huge part of the country. al roker joins us now with the forecast. where and when will the storms hit? >> we have severe weather starting tomorrow. we're looking at severe storms developing from texas into missouri. hail, damaging winds and tornados possible. then on wednesday, we're talking upwards of 32 million people from central texas into parts of oklahoma damaging winds, tornado outbreak possible and from austin all the way to chicago 48 million people at risk damaging winds, hail, and tornados possible. airport delays, chicago, st. louis,
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memphis and dallas and we're talking about heavy rain already on saturated ground. we could expect a lot of flooding with upwards of four to six inches in some spots. lester? >> al, thank you. there is breaking news tonight in the fight over president trump's tax returns. treasury secretary steven mnuchin telling congressional democrats he won't turn them over declaring that democrats lack a legitimate legislative purpose. the move is likely to set up a protracted legal battle that could go to the supreme court. and tonight, president trump's former lawyer michael cohen is spending his first night in federal prison. the start of a three-year sentence for among other things charges brought by the special counsel. and tonight, there is now uncertainty about whether congress will be able to hear directly from robert mueller himself. we get the latest from our justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: michael cohen battled his way out of his apartment building named for
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donald trump for the ride to prison after one last dig at the man he once loyally served. >> i hope that when i rejoin my family and friends that the country will be in a place without xenophobia, injustice and lies at the helm of our country. >> reporter: he got a three-year sentence at a minimum security prison in new york for financial crimes and lying to congress. he was hoping prosecutors would shave time off in return for his offer to tell them more as a former trump insider but there were no takers. and new questions if and when robert mueller might testify before congress. president trump said he's against it tweeting bob mueller should not testify, no redos for the dems. he said it would be up to attorney general william barr. robert mueller still works for the department but when he stops being special counsel he'll be freer to make his decision whether to testify. lester? >> all right. pete, thanks. there is more troubling news in the record-breaking measles outbreak. the cdc reporting today that the number of confirmed cases has grown to 764. that's 60 more than
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last week in 23 states with pennsylvania now joining the list. already, this is the biggest outbreak in the u.s. in 25 years. now to the kentucky derby stunner that still has everyone talking. the horse that finished first disqualified for the first time in history. the owner's appeal has already been denied but the fight isn't over. our ron mott is at churchill downs. >> maximum security wins the kentucky derby! >> reporter: it's never happened at the kentucky derby until the 145th running this weekend. >> right there is where number 7 maximum security came out a lane or two. >> reporter: the apparent winner disqualified for an in-race foul in the turn for home. >> we were stunned, in f. it had never been done before. >> reporter: the owner of maximum security appealed the call to the kentucky horse racing commission but tonight his request denied, the rules stating all race
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decisions made by stewards at the track are deemed final. >> with 20 horses on a track that the made for 14 horses, there is a lot of pushing and shoving and they bump into each other and that's just part of the kentucky derby. >> reporter: reaction to the disqualification swift and vocal. the seven-figure winner's check going instead to owners of second place country house. >> we unanimously determined to disqualify number seven. >> reporter: kentucky's chief steward made a brief statement taking no questions. gary west said he will not run maximum security at the preakness given his horse can't win the triple crown but the horse watching world is waiting to see how the drama is ultimately resolved. lester? >> thank you. late this evening at the white house president trump awarded tiger woods the medal of freedom capping woods' amazing comeback after years of scandal and injury. nbc's kristen welker has that story. >> reporter: at this year's masters, tiger woods clenched a comeback for the ages.
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>> the return to glory. >> reporter: now tonight, receiving the nation's highest civilian honor, the medal of freedom. the president and the pro golfer have a decade's long relationship that reportedly goes back to woods' first win in 1997. in 2010, the golfer suffered a cheating scandal that rocked his marriage and career. >> i'm deeply sorry. >> reporter: and then a string of injuries and struggles with addiction that left woods without a major championship for at least ten years. mr. trump tweeting after this year's masters, what a fantastic life comeback for a really great guy. >> i've known donald for a number of years. you know, we've played golf together. he may like, dislike the personality or the politics, but we all must respect the office. >> reporter: in 2014, mr. trump named a villa at one of his golf resorts after woods and announced woods would design a course for his dubai property. some critics are questioning mr. trump's decision to give what is considered a lifetime
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achievement award to someone who still has a flourishing career. >> he gives this award, which was a hallowed award, maybe it will be one again to people he wants to associate himself with. he likes golf. >> reporter: still, for woods, it's one more history-making moment in a life that's had so many. kristen welker, nbc news, the white house. there is a lot more to tell you about just ahead. nearly 50 years after a college student's murder, how police say they finally cracked the case. and the price you pay top tax websites accused of hiding tools tens of millions of americans could use to file for free. and the scene stealer in "game of thrones" that has everyone talking.
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tonight, police in indiana say they have solved an infamous cold case after nearly half a century. a college student found murdered and all these years later,
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police say her killer was identified with the help of his family. here is miguel almaguer. >> reporter: in sleepy terre haute, indiana, the shocking murder made headlines. 19-year-old pamela was found by her father stuffed in the trunk of her own car, tied up and strangled by a murder suspect who eluded police for 47 years. in 1972, milam's body was discovered in a parking lot at indiana state university. the killing haunting her family and police until a suspect was named today with the help of dna testing. >> they would have never been able to solve this crime until as the chief said technology caught up with it. >> reporter: police say the man who killed milam is jeffrey hand never originally a suspect. refusing to give up on their cold case, police were able to submit dna from the crime scene to genealogy experts. from there they tracked down family
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members of the suspect pinpointing their man. >> many of us as we got older thought we would die before we ever learned who had killed her sister. >> reporter: after he killed pam milam, investigators say jeffrey hand went on to murder again before he was shot and killed by police after a failed abduction. the milam family says they were robbed of justice but have found relief the suspect will never strike again. miguel almaguer, nbc news. still to come tonight, could you have filed your taxes for free? new allegations against the nation's top tax prep service. at coffe
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set the internet a flame. don't worry, no during last night's "game of thrones "a lot of viewers couldn't believe they were seeing what looked like a starbucks at the table in the great hall. hbo is laughing it off saying the latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. daenerys had ordered an herbal tea. that's actually quite funny. two of the biggest
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tax preparations services under fire. new lawsuits accusing them of hiding services 100 million americans are eligible for to file for free. ann thompson has more in "the price you pay." >> reporter: they are popular ways to do your taxes, online filing programs, but what some label as free is wrongly costing lower income taxpayers hundreds of dollars claims two lawsuits filed today by the state of california. >> we allege they have steered these low income taxpayers into paying for services they should get for free. >> reporter: that service is called free file. a joint effort by the ira and tax preparers to offer free services for filers with adjusted gross incomes under $66,000. 100 million people are eligible but only 2.6 million used it last year. a propublican investigation claims some tax services including turbo tax purposely hide free file from users.
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did you find turbo tax purposely hid a link to free file? >> we found that turbo tax put code on the free file website that made it so google and other search engines would never show that. website. >> reporter: after a story last month, elliott says turbo tax changed the code. the california suits lay out another taktdic. >> these websites don't contain any direct links to their truly free service. >> reporter: intuit the owner of turbo tox, responds any suggestion it does not support the free file program is flat wrong. and says it's working to help it continue h&r block offers free file that grew 8% this tax season. tonight the irs says it's investigating to make sure free really means no cost. ann thompson, nbc news, new york. up next, he's less than 24 hours old but harry and meghan's son is already making history. some say she went too
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and she agrees. what a former san francisco mayoral candidate is
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apologizing for. and a contra costa county hiker gets plucked to safety we )ll show you the daring maneuver rescuers pulled off to get to her. next. right now at 6: a well known attorney -- who once ran for mayor of san finally tonight, excitement all around the world and here in the u.s. for the first royal baby who has got american roots, too. here is cynthia mcfadden. >> reporter: he's only a few hours old but already sparking international interest. >> born at home early this morning weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces. >> reporter: it's hard to believe the baby's have been 58. diana frozen in time, eternally young, who changed the monarchy by wearing her very large heart on her sleeve. those now iconic pictures holding a baby with aids, walking through a land mine field. she shook off her royal shackles and literally opened her arms. harry and meghan seem headed in the same
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direction. harry married for love a divorced american actress in a ceremony that will be remembered less for its royal pomp and more for the gospel choir. now their son is makes history. not only will the child be entitled to both british and american citizen but he is the first acknowledged biracial heir to the thrown in history. >> it's been the most amazing experience i could possibly imagine. >> reporter: those who study such things, tell us more than 350,000 babies were born around the world today. tonight we celebrate not only this boy born on a royal stage but those who were not and the possibilities each hold for the future. cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, los angeles. >> our best wishes to the new family. can't wait to hear the name. that the "nightly news" for this monday. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for
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watching and good night. right now at 6: a well known attorney -- who once ran for mayor of san francisco -- is apologizing. right now at 6:00, a well known attorney who once ran for mayor of san francisco is apologizing the comments that have her in hot water. plus, a ninth dead gray whale found along our coast. looking at the troubling trend. and -- the chinese american community calling for accountability following our exclusive report about firefighters in alameda county. we begin tonight with some breaking news in contra costa county. a deadly crash shut down highway 4 in brentwood. you're looking at footage from our sky chopper.
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both direction of highway 4 remain closed. now, this is at ball fort road near the golf course. two cars involved. one person died. you can see the white car turned around. also that blue car. it's unclear when this highway will be re-opened. we'll update you online as soon as we get more information. this can for being with us. >> our other top story tonight, asian-american community leaders standing together after a story we broke. a chinese new year postcard that some alameda county firefighters passing out. it chose firefighters wearing bamboo hats. jodi hernandez ise


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