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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 7, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the week's forecast coming up. mike, you're tracking a new crash on the peninsula. >> i am. kari, i tried to catch it with our palo alto camera. it is reported there 101 at marsh. we see a little bit -- well, let's zoom in here. overall really calm commute. we see slowing at the willow merge at the top of our screen. and southbound this crash is blocking left two lanes at marsh.
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is the city of san francisco prepared for the next big earthquake to hit the area? the mayor believes more work needs to be done, and she's ready to present her case to city officials in just a matter of hours. "today in the bay"'s pete surat toe is live with what is expected to happen today. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. mayor london breed will introduce this bond that will hopefully strengthen the city of san francisco not if but when the big one hits the city. it will be $600 million. i want to explain how it will all be spread out. voters would have to decide on it next year. the total amount for the bond will be roughly $630 million. just over 60% will be used for retrofitting at neighborhood firestations and training facilities. that's a big chunk of that bond. a quarter of the bond would be used for an emergency firefighting water system. the remainder of that money, of
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that more than $600 million bond, will be used for response facilities and emergency management. we are talking about 911 call centers in the event of a big earthquake. i want to show our viewers a map of the popular fault lines. san andreas fault and hayward fault. it is hard for scientists to predict precisely when the next big one will hit. but usgs says some faults which run along san francisco are overdue for a big one. it is important for the city to be prepared for when the next big one hits. voters will get a chance to vote on this nearly $630 million bond in march of next year. it will be introduced at 2:00 p.m. pete suratos, "today in the bay". thank you, pete. 7 khrlg 20 evright now. this time it involves a car full of young women. bob redell joining us live. bob, the relative of the person who was driving that car was actually shot and killed by vallejo police recently. >> reporter: correct, marcus. yes. the driver is the niece of
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willie mccoy. you'll recall mccoy was the rapper shot and killed by vallejo police mid-february while sitting in the drive-through of a taco bell restaurant with a gun in his lap. it is his niece, deyanna jenkins, who we spoke with yesterday. a few weeks ago she and friend were driving down the street when police pulled them over. you can see one officer had his gun drawn. according to jenkins, the officer ordered them all to roll down their windows. they asked her for her driver's license. jenkins said she left her license in another bag. that's when she says the officer grabbed her arm, telling her she was resisting arrest. she said she was also tased. in the video one officer said they saw passengers making gestures towards them, pointing fingers at them in the form of a gun. >> you guys want to drive by and put your hand out the window. >> i don't know what you're talking about.
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>> they were snapchating like on the phones. hey, like that. it was never hands out the window like boom, boom. it was never that. >> the chief initiated an internal investigation. we are looking at that. so we're not really providing any further statements on that at this time. >> the city of vallejo is asking the department of justice to come in and review the police department and help with community relations. no word if and when that will happen. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay". thank you, bob. 6:04 right now. in just a few hours, testimony resumes in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. we're learning that a key witness for the prosecution died over the weekend. just days before he was supposed to take the stand. the news came as a shock to the judge, attorneys, and even the defendants themselves. the prosecutors said there was an accident sunday in san pablo. the man, robert jacobs, died unexpectedly.
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he was an electrician who worked for derrick almena. the prosecution was likely planning to grill him about any effects to the warehouse electrical system that could have made it safer. the number of traffic deaths in san jose is going up. according to a report by the city's department of transportation,s 52 people died as a result of traffic collisions last year. that's up from 46 in 2017. now, the report does have a specific reason for the spike. still an advocacy group is pushing city council to dedicate more money and resources to fix that issue. >> 6:05. developing on capitol hill, congress will not get a copy of president trump's tax returns. at least for now. >> "today in the bay" tracie potts joins us live with more on this fight. tracie? >> reporter: hi. good morning. this is a big fight because there are several different things happening here. first of all, the attorney general, will he, in fact, be found in contempt? will robert mueller testify? but we begin with that bid to
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get the president's tax returns. the answer is no. treasury secretary steve mnuchin says he will not turn over president trump's business tax returns. >> they will delay it for as long as possible. and my guess is they go into the courts. >> reporter: mnuchin calls the request unprecedented, raising serious constitutional questions. democrats accuse the administration of stonewalling on that and turning over the full mueller report. >> the administration is trying to hide information that is potentially damaging to the president. >> reporter: the house judiciary committee votes wednesday on whether to hold attorney general william barr in contempt. the justice department says there is no legitimate basis. >> both sides in this are doubling down on stupid. i think both sides need to sit down and negotiate.
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>> reporter: meantime, president trump has reversed course, tweeting the report's author, robert mueller, should not testify. >> the more he does that it looks like he's afraid of what the testimony looks like. >> if he has any issue with what mr. barr said, i would like to know about it. >> do you believe the attorney general represented your work fairly, sir? >> reporter: but no date has been set. robert mueller works for the government. his work is done. once a private citizen, he can decide when or if he want toss testify. laura, marcus? >> it will be interesting to see what he decides. thank you, tracie. >> 6:07 right now. you know, this morning we're still awaiting first images and the name of the newest royal baby. you celebrate every little child coming into this world. people were celebrating the arrival of prince harry and
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meghan markle's baby boy. the medical center crowned newborns yesterday morning at the van ness. crocheted crown there. they can plan a big playdate on the lawns of buckingham palace. >> have to get that invitation first. >> can you imagine? >> i was thinking my baby was born during the olympics. they should have been giving up medals. >> well, you could have won that. >> and it's a great morning across the bay area. we're starting out with clouds. you can see them draped over the golden gate bridge right now. and so even though it's a cloudy start, we will get more sunshine today. and after our skies clear late morning in martinez, we will see our temperatures starting to warm up, going from the 50s to the low 70s today. it's going to be very comfortable. let's check out our school day
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forecast for the south bay. as you get ready to step out the door, a mostly cloudy start. 56 degrees as you walk to school. by the time the last school bell rings, upper 60s to lower 70s. mike, you're updating the crash on highway 101. >> i am. it's over on the peninsula. wide shot of the tri-valley. a standard pattern. for 6:09, it's looking really good right now. crash southbound 101 and marsh. i just got word they're running a traffic break. you saw it change from a little bit of red to yellow and red. the slowdown is extending. the traffic break likely started at wood side, towards willow. things should clear up once again. try to get the two vehicles involved moved over to the right shoulder. that is a spectacle right now for folks off willow. we don't see any problems as far as down here at the camera shot and university. the activity is just behind the trees right here. it's good news if you are traveling a short slowdown on
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highway 101. back to you. thanks, mike. 6:09. >> you might see fireproof on some products, including saves. can you trust the word fireproof? plus. >> i was -- i was surprised by the question. >> the new zealand prime minister's adorable reaction to her surprise engagement proposal. it has the world smiling this morning. >> a surprise on the markets as well. they recovered pretty well after a weak start yesterday. we'll take a look at the numbers when "today in the bay" continues.
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good tuesday morning. right now at 6:13, let's get a look outside right now in san jose. a look at downtown toward the sap center. and it will be in the low 50s. our usual start to the day as we start out with clouds. the sun breaks out late morning. and our temperatures feel nice and comfortable. we'll have more nice weather like this. but a few changes as we head toward the weekend. i'll talk about that in less than five minutes. and i'm looking right now at oakland. this is the nimitz. 880 at high street. top of the screen. i'll get more detail and track the sensors. i'll show you how things are looking on the nimitz. >> good morning. very happy tuesday. sounds like the bay area chevron
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is going to miss out on purchasing a smaller company called anadarco. tesla reportedly working on car insurance that will come with the car. but the real surprise here is the action on the border markets. we recovered after we got word that lu will travel to washington for trade talks after all even after president trump said he would increase tariffs on certain chinese products this coming friday. the ftc is close to leveling its record fine against facebook for privacy violations, $5 billion. by facebook standards, that's not very much. will the ftc eventually sanction mark zuckerberg specifically in some way? critics say that's the only solution that will get his attention. the new xbox hits shelves today. there's no reason to upgrade. but it is noticeable because it's the first video game console from microsoft to shift
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ship without a dvd slot. you just download the games you want. apple does this all the time. they shipped the imac. it came without a floppy disk drive. uber will have eyes on lyft today. it reports profits for the first time since going public. if it has a catastrophe that would be bad for uber's ipo. we don't expect that. we don't expect surprises. we got a good look at their books going into the ipo. that said, experience tells me you're always most surprised when you say we don't expect any surprises. >> there we go. that's why we will keep digging. >> thanks, scott. 6:15 for you right now. new, bud light will sell beer in rainbow bottles for june during pride month. they feature words of
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inclusivity as well as support. they plan to donate $1 from each case sold to glaad. they will host an all lgbtq lineup. >> new zealand's prime minister opening up about a marriage proposal. her long-time partner proposed 10 months after their first child was born. she admits he didn't get down on one knee. >> it was myself, a member of the dps. so very intimate. a couple of locals from right here. and a dog, which tried to eat the chocolate clyde bought me. so it was very romantic. >> the dps, diplomatic protection service, she referred to, similar to the u.s. secret service. by the way, there is a reason why the ring, which belonged to
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his grandmother isn't on her ring finger. she said it doesn't fit. she became the second world leader to give birth while holding office. holding office, holding baby. >> and holding chocolate. >>, twoing all the time. a working mother. >> it never ends. meteorologist kari hall working for us all the time. >> yeah. mother's day is coming up. we're appreciating our teachers this week. >> nurses. >> yeah, nurses as well. as you head out this morning, say thank you to somebody. whether it's your mother, teacher, nurses, whatever. here's a look outside in dublin. as you get ready to head out the door, the seven-day forecast for the south bay coming up at the bottom of the screen. we get a look at our temperature trend as you step out the door in dublin, heading to the bart station, it will be in the mid-50s. it will start with clouds. we will have great weather today with mostly sunny skies. we should be all clear at 10:00. going into the afternoon with
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those warming temperatures in the upper 60s. let me show you what happened yesterday. we had another round of storms developing over the sierra. it didn't make it across the central valley into the bay area. we did see clouds rolling in epilate yesterday evening. after it cleared out here, we could see the clouds rolling through. for this morning, we are still starting out with a layer of clouds and mist and drizzle in a few spots. then inland valleys reaching into the low 70s. another comfortable day after a cool start with san francisco reaching 61. we'll be up to 72 in napa. as well as 72 today in san jose. i've had to double up on the allergy medication. i'm like what's going on? he keep checking the pollen count and allergy report. moderate with tree and grass pollen. weed and mold is still low. but it's mostly the pine, oak, and juniper trees that is the
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main offenders. as we go to the next couple of days. we will still have very comfortable temperatures. then a slight chance of rain as this area of low pressure develops across the desert southwest starts to nudge into the pay area with more clouds and a chance of rain. but our chance of rain very slight. looks like most of it stays to the south of us going into the first part of the weekend. but i'm still holding out hope. i'm going to put a slight chance of rain in the forecast for the inland areas on friday. that's early in the morning. it clears out the rest of the day. mother's day is looking perfect. highs reaching the upper 70s. and it's still going to be most live sunny. mike, we have reports for the east bay and the peninsula. >> we do, kari. a big view of the bay. mostly green sensors. a little slowing where you would expect it. less than you might expect for 6:19. there's high ward and pleasanton. good stuff right here.
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on the practi on the peninsula side first. 101 heading towards marsh, we see slowing. the crash was blocking two left lanes. just your left lynn is blocked now. there may be another vehicle that has to be moved. there may be another traffic break. overall, traffic flowing smoothly. el camino an option. so is 280. east bay, a slow drive. a backup at the toll plaza. 880, high street. the south bound side, this blob of traffic. a little bit of lighter flow. then more traffic heading south. there may be a traffic break going on. crews arriving on scene of the crash. we have very little details. all i know is that's the location that was called in to chp. we will track that. palo alto shows a smoother drive south of that earlier crash. getting toward the bay bridge,
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almost at a half hour from highway 4 to the berkeley curve. back to you. >> thanks, mike. new from overnight, a building collapse out east. the incredible video into our newsroom stemming from a single car crash. we turn up the heat on fireproof safe manufacturers. and get a surprising response. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. >> but first our team is always on social media. i'm posting about national teacher appreciation day. i was fortunate enough to run into my high school english teacher. what a great influence she had on my life. happenin
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new york city. it happened shortly after a speeding, out of control car 6:24. authorities have yet to sift through the rubble of a late night building collapse in new york. a speeding out of control car slammed into the building late last night. the first floor was vacant. people on the second level luckily were not home at the time. the driver ran from the scene, but officers were able to catch up with him. look at all the emergency personnel. the driver now facing dui charges. he is in the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> you will see the word fire roof on a lot of products out
6:25 am
there. mainly safe. >> reporter: we investigated and found no laws for fireproof saves. after a short time in a test dummy. the president of one safe manufacturing company watched along with us. he told us he was concerned how quickly his competitor's fireproof safe burned. >> this is not good for our industry. we hate to see this. >> the policy shift that our reporting prompted. how other companies responded. and what you need to look for on your safe to learn how long you can expect it to hold up in a fire. call us with your consumer complaints.
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888-996-tips. or i'll join you tonight at 11:00. thanks, chris. >> here are the stories we're working on at 6:30. affordable housing top of mind for so many in the bay area. our week long series continues for a new project along the peninsula and what several other communities will talk about tonight. >> plus, why? the steps experts will take on why so many whales are dying in the bay area. >> plus, future in question. the new trouble from a contra costa county library. we'll have the details. you're watching "today in the bay".
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right now at 6:30 on your tuesday morning. taking a peek outside overlooking the sun's arrival in the south bay. san jose. traffic is moving there along highway 101. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we want to get a look at the weather from kari hall. >> it starts out with clouds this morning. and some fairly cool temperatures. this is a live look outside at fremont. look at the clouds rolling by. we'll see all of that clearing out as we go throughout the late morning hours. we start to see the sun at 10:00. and then going into the rest of the day as our temperatures warm up. we'll be in the upper 60s by 1:00. eventually reaching the low 70s. livermore reaches 71 today. 73 in morgan hill. santa rosa today up to 70 degrees.
6:30 am
really nice. the rest of our forecast coming up. mike, it's getting slow in palo alto. >> southbound on 101, redwood city, i turned as far north, catching a glimpse before willow. we see slowing there. we don't see the crash. the activity still blocks one lane shy of marsh. south 101 jams from wood side to marsh. middle field, el camino are options for you. you have some choices there. surface streets quickly crowded this time of the morning. volume builds for the peninsula. no problems as we continue to see more traffic again from the east bay over across san mateo bridge, now the dumbarton. bay bridge, metering lights on. building the richmond bridge over to san rafael. back over to you. thanks, mike. the bay area is one of the most
6:31 am
expensive places to live in the entire country. or according to some research, the most expensive. and we have been showing you study after study about the problem for years. this week there will be conversations in communities across the bay area to focus on affordable housing. "today in the bay" kris sanchez live in campbell. she has been working on a series of reports all week for solutions for some cities. kris, what did you find out? >> reporter: well, hi there, marcus. some solutions are big solutions that require a lot of different players. some solutions can just involve individual homeowners. that's a conversation that is going to happen here in campbell today. the city council is going to talk about how to allow a granny units or those accessory dwelling units in order to increase the available stock on the market. that's just one part of the conversation. that's happening at 7:30 this evening. this morning in redwood city, mid-peninsula housing will break ground on a project for seniors. arroya green will provide 117
6:32 am
units on bradford near the downtown area. i spoke with a real estate professor who said construction is one part of the solution. is and if local communities want to have a say in what's happening locally, they need to act now. >> there's a lot of real estate developers that don't like rent control. and there's a lot of cities that don't like the idea of the state mandating zoning ordnances telling us how to develop our neighborhoods. but if we don't take care of the problems ourselves, others will take care of them for us. >> now, the professor is alluding to senate bill 50 which seeks to put more high density around transit centers, high-rises. the conversation continues on monday. that's the next hearing. in mountain view, the conversation centers on construction of a 53-unit community. in concord, the council is going to hold firm on requiring a developer to incorporate
6:33 am
affordable housing units into a larger project rather than allowing the developer to pay fees to opt out. the theory there being that every single unit counts. just to give you perspective here in santa clara county where i am this morning, there is a deficit of 53 to 54,000 affordable housing units. and that's not considering all of the units that are necessary as the bay area companies continue their boom and continue to add more jobs. in campbell, kris sanchez, "today in the bay". >> solution needed fast. kris, thank you. >> in milpitas, renters plan to press city leaders for new protection. tonight's council meeting may limit evictions and develop a rent control policy. landlords can still evict at-will. the city formed a renters tax force a year ago. kaiser permanente are
6:34 am
protesting on the outsourcing of gardeners. they plan to lay off 63 gardeners next month and will be replaced by workers from an outside company. officials plan to form a necropsy on a dead whale. so far the marine mammal center says four died of malnutrition, three from contacts with a ship. scientists say that changing oceanic conditions may be altering the whales' food supply. and cashless businesses have spiked which discriminate against low-income people with no access to no credit cards. it would follow similar bans already approved in places like new jersey and philadelphia. 6:34. hundreds of homeowners in one south bay neighborhood will soon
6:35 am
be equipped with a new tool to help fight crime all free of charge. 300 san jose homeowners will be allowed to install crime fighting security cameras. mayor breed has a $600 million plan for that. the total amount for the bond will be roughly $630 million. just over 60% will be used for retrofitting at neighborhood firestations and training facilities. >> we know the cameras help solve crime. if they can reduce crime, help the police department in any way, then it's definitely worth while. >> the funding is coming from a settlement with cal pine utility which operates a nearby power plant. installations could start this fall. >> in contra costa county, pleasant hill's plan to build a
6:36 am
new library is being delayed due to permit issues at the state and federal levelment the city wants to sell it on oak park boulevard and construct a new library at another location. many people are raising concerns about the library being closed while the new one is being built. there are signatures on petitions to keep the current library open until construction is finished. both teams are at three wins each. warriors also didn't have a great night. steph curry and kevin durant both missing three-pointers the last few seconds of the game that could have helped win. they fell to the houston rockets. both teams have two wins under their belts in the series. game five tomorrow in oakland. >> oh, man. should we all stay up late and
6:37 am
and tkpwobg to the sharks and orkwrars gao warriors game. >> i had to take the dog out. i found out they were catching up. but that didn't help. >> your dog going to the bathroom is connected to their losing. >> whatever works. keep the pattern going. >> that's the strangest superstition i've ever heard. >> it didn't work. so the dog doesn't go to the bathroom during the game anymore. looking through the south bay, peninsula, slowing south 101 approaching marsh. one lane blocked. speeds getting a little bit better. be careful. they are trying to clear the last sedan or perhaps it's a coupe out of the roadway. southbound 101 is slow there. bay bridge, no problem. a smooth drive. a little bit lighter flow of traffic. cash lanes are lighting up. fastrak lanes with the backup. all right.
6:38 am
no backup as we keep moving towards the weekend, which is mother's day weekend. >> great weather in the forecast. more sunshine for the weekend. we will have a slight chance of rain late thursday night, early friday morning. other than that, looks great as we go throughout the week. and our inland areas reaching the upper 70s for san francisco. more clouds by the end of the week. and then by the weekend, we are seeing the sun break out again. we are making mother's day plans. if you want to take your hiking in yosemite, there will be off and on rain. we will have chances of daily showers and even thunderstorms popping up. if you want to go to napa valley this weekend, great one for it. clouds starting to increase on friday. but clearing out during the evening. and then saturday and sunday is mostly sunny with highs in the upper 70s. if you want to go to the beach and enjoy time outside, have a picnic on the beach, upper 60s. saturday is the best day to go.
6:39 am
sunday is going to be pretty nice on mother's day as well with upper 60s. and for l.a., there will be a chance of showers on friday. but the rest of the weekend is looking nice and clear with highs reaching 68 degrees. let me know what you're doing this weekend. and i can help you out with plans in the forecast for the place you're headed. i'm@karihallweather on facebook and instagram. we will talk about temperatures in three minutes. >> what time should school start every morning? the new proposal and the time it would ban. >> later, fashion forward. the wackiest outfits from the met gala. see what stars wore what and who is lighting up social media this morning. >> i'm a very different energy than this president. >> craig melvin hits the campaign trail to talk one-on-one with mayor pete
6:40 am
buttigieg. at 7:00 a.m. on the "today" show, the two talk about his sudden surge in the polls and heckling he's receiving over his sexuality. . we'll look at some of hose polls. and the white house misses a deadline to turn over trump's taxes. out to the big board this morning.
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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stkpwhra the time is 6:42. a cloudy start. but we will get sunshine and comfortable weather. skies clearing quickly. low 70s today. perfect for spending more time outside. we'll get a look at the rest of
6:43 am
our forecast into the holiday weekend in less than five minutes. and here's a look at 101. lighting is pretty cool. but the speeds are even better. things going smoothly for 101. i'm still tracking the slowly in palo alto and redwood city. vallejo police department being accused of using excessive force. deyanna jenkins said she and friends were driving down the streets of vallejo when police pulled her over. one officer had his gun drawn. she was tased after officers said she was resisting arrest. >> i did not resist. >> you want to drive by and put your hand out the window and say things. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> the city of vallejo is asking the department of justice to
6:44 am
come in and review the police department and help with with community relations. >> right now police are looking for a peninsula man wanted for murder in the central valley. officers considered pinaloza armed and extremely dangerous. his last known address is in east palo alto. he shot and killed the son of merced's former district attorney. the motive still under investigation. he is also wanted in connection with an attempted homicide in menlo park in 2017. new, a federal judge in oakland ordering the epa to fulfill its duty to reduce landfill pollution. the epa is setting emission guidelines for landfills in 2016, but the trump administration has been refusing to implement those clean air standards. happening today in oakland, mayor libby schaaf will
6:45 am
introduce her proposed budget to the city. this comes as we have learned pothole vigilantes are working to fix the roads overnight. they made repairs to several streets across the city. the group takes donations to do the work said san francisco gate reports oakland streets are some of the worst in the country costing locals over $1,000 a year in car maintenance. okay. so as you're getting your kids ready for school, imagine not having to get up so early. a bill would ban california classes from starting earlier than 8:30. this is the second time in two years lawmakers are moving the idea forward. supporters say later start times would improve mental health and academic performance. another hearing on that bill is scheduled for next week. >> we could all start our day a little later. okay. not for lawmakers, though. a battle between congress and the white house certainly heating up. >> at least two more major
6:46 am
showdowns ahead. >> on top of the battles we're already watching, let's start with president trump's taxes. steven mnuchin missed a deadline to turn trump's taxes over to congress saying the request had no legislative reason. in other words, you're not asking for them in order to make a law, so you can't have them. now, no matter where you stand on the political spectrum, this one is a weak excuse. first, the law says certain members of congress can ask to see any american's taxes. secondly, the idea created by the white house that congress has to stick to legislative purposes is a brand-new idea and does not reflect congress's responsibilities, which include oversight, not just making laws. in fact, the law about the taxes which says the treasury shall furnish was made specifically for oversight purposes after the teapot scandal. attorney bill barr has not turned over the completely redacted mueller report.
6:47 am
congress scheduled a vote tomorrow whether to find barr in contempt. on this one, the white house is on much stronger ground. the report is a product of the justice department and contains redactions to protect yon going investigations. there's also a less redacted version of the mueller report that certain members of congress can walk over to the doj and examine. as of a few days ago, the white house points out no member of congress had bothered to do that. a new harris poll reinforces other polls to show vice president joe biden with a commanding lead in the race for the democratic nomination. kind of a marathon really. we're still pretty far away from november 2020. the poll was conducted over the weekend shows biden with nearly half of those polled. bernie sanders in a distant second. mayor pete will be on the "today" show later this morning. we'll be tweeting about things all day. 6:47. this morning everyone is still
6:48 am
buzzing about fashion's biggest night in new york city. the stars turned serious looks and color and fabric at this year's met gala. lady gaga turned in four different looks this year. here's three of them. it was kind of a dress that would transform. she could take off the layers to reveal another dress, another dress, until eventually revealing what we can't show you. >> she went too far. >> yeah. kind of like at the end of the night. and rapper cardi b.'s dress decorated with 30,000 feathers. look at the entourage to help her up the stairs there. it took 35 people more than 2,000 hours just to create that dress. comedian amy schumer, she really had the last laugh. she showed up hours before the met gala even started posing before the pink cart was laid out. schumer posted on instagram saying she was actually on her way to the hospital. she later gave birth to their first child.
6:49 am
>> she takes home an everlasting prize. >> congratulations. >> here we are. another day, another forecast. but a nice one, indeed. >> yeah. we repeat yesterday's weather. so yeah. >> nothing wrong with that. >> yeah. we start out with clouds this morning. then we see it quickly clearing out. sunshine today. and a cool start but a warm afternoon. this is a live look outside in walnut creek. and, yeah, it starts out with some clouds. at least you don't have to deal with wearing the sun glasses during your drive to work this morning. seven-day forecast for the south bay is up at the bottom of the screen. no major changes the next few days. walnut creek will be at 57 degrees at 7:00. and then as the sun comes out we start the gradual warming trend. lunchtime, 67 degrees. that will be really comfortable. we only reached the low 70s today. i want to show you what happened yesterday. storms firing up over the sierra. this time it didn't make it all
6:50 am
the way across the central valley, into the pay area. as the storms developed and weakened we started to see clouds reaching in late yesterday evening. so it turned most live cloudy. we are still left with clouds to start out this morning. as you get ready for your morning jog in san jose, expect the temperature at 56 depress. then sunshine as we warm up. so we really have nice weather here, eventually reaching the low 70s. los gatos reaching 69 degrees. 71, milpitas. the east bay, up to 70 in martinez. 71 in fremont. it stays cool at half moon bay and breezy, high of 59. san francisco reaching 64 in the mission district. and north bay, 72 in novato. we have high pressure that will give us warmer temperatures the next few days with more of a northerly wind. an area of low pressure over the desert southwest. and starting to back its way into the pay area by thursday night into friday morning.
6:51 am
i'm hoping that we can get a little bit of rain out of this. but it doesn't look likely. it seems that a lot of the rain will stay just to our south. but i'm putting a slight chance of rain in the forecast just in case. once again, this is overnight thursday into friday morning. this will not affect your weekend plans. mother's day weekend looks pleasant. highs in the mid to upper 60s. low 60s with mostly sunny skies. we have welcome news on the peninsula. >> we do, kari. 101, we have been waiting for this. all lanes reported clear right there out of redwood city. tri-valley, nothing major. typical patterns for 680 and 880 southbound off 580ment a lot of incomes. 101, you need to know all lanes, so four lanes are clear now heading southbound. there is slowing as you approach wood side exit right there. it continues on smoothly past willow and down in toward
6:52 am
university without a problem. the build not happening across the dumbarton feeding into the area. good timing there. south bay, north bay starting to build. 280, the most focused as you approach 880/17 interchange. a standard pattern as we approach 7:00. a build for the upper east shore freeway. 40 minutes towards the bay bridge maze and berkeley curve. not a surprise. i will track any other incidents. it was a pretty significant change the last few minutes. no change for the flow here. oakland. this is why we are at speed for the earlier travel time into the bay bridge and the maze. suddenly we see slowing at the san mateo bridge. likely because of all the traffic flow we showed you funneling over from 880 and castro valley y. back to you. thanks so much, mike. 6:52 right now. and happening now, two award-winning journalists from reuters were released from a jail in myanmar.
6:53 am
last month the men shared with their colleagues the puel itser prize for international reporting. one of journalism's highest honors. next on "today in the bay", a quick look at the top stories just in. the interesting new addition to the oakland zoo we just got the picture minutes ago. you don't want to miss that. first, paying for upgrades. san francisco mayor formally asked for hundreds of millions of dollars to get the city ready for an earthquake. back in two minutes with more news. you're watching "today in the bay". [ dramatic orchestral music ]
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[ announcer ] tiger woods. [ tap of the putt ] expect anything different? [ waves crashing ] probably the most important shot dustin johnson has ever hit right here. [ crowd cheering ] what a gem! now keopka, down there into the wind. [ club thwacking ] how about that? back to back united states opens. [ tense elegant music ] just awesome. with our famous pastrami and a bigger soft pretzel roll. and try the new turkey bistro with warm turkey and smokehouse bacon. or the new hot club chicken dijon with dijon mayo and black forest ham. how far would you go for a togo? san fr welcome back on this tuesday morning. 6:55. before you head out the door,
6:56 am
here are the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay". >> mayor london breed boosting earthquake protection across the city. she will push a bond to supervisors. the money would go to seismic retrofitting for fire and police stations and training. along with improving emergency response. if the board signs off, the measure would go to voters next march. in a few hours, testimony resumes in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. a key witness for the prosecution died over the weekend. just days before he was supposed to take the stand. the news came as a shocker to the judge, attorneys, and even the defendants themselves. prosecutors said there was an accident sunday in san pablo that he died suddenly, an electrician that worked for derrick almena. the prosecution was likely
6:57 am
planning to grill him about any effects to the warehouse electrical system that could have made it safer. traffic deaths are up in san jose. there is no specific reason for the strike. they are pushing for city council to dedicate more money and resources to fix the issue. well, it is affordable housing week. a lot of people trying to figure out how to make ends meet in the short-term. it's tough in the bay area. community leaders are looking into a long-term solution, though. redwood city, mid-peninsula housing will break ground on a housing development for seniors. the arroyo green will eventually provide 117 units on bradford street near the downtown area. in concord, the council will force a developer to incorporate affordable units rather than pay a fee not to. sacramento, lawmakers are still looking into senate bill 50. critics say it could strip local
6:58 am
control. >> new this morning, beer lovers, there's a local brewer trying to make a triumphant return to the area area. it is partnering up with pabst to distribute lucky lager. it was brewed in san francisco from 1933 to 1978. at one time it was the best-selling peer in california. as part of the reboot, five new cans will refoot the word "lucky" in different languages. >> love apparently in the air at the oakland zoo with this pair of squirrel monkeys, tamarins. zookeepers say electra had been feeling blue since losing her companion last year. so a zoo in texas played matchmaker delivering alberto, the other tamarin you see here. the match was a hit.
6:59 am
they thrive on living in groups. >> everyone just having babies now. >> spring has sprung. >> what zoo can you go see them? >> oakland. >> we'll have to make some plans. all right. we have great weather to go to the zoo. next few days, low 70s. reaching into the upper 70s for mother's day. closer to the weekend, a slight chance of rain. overall, it doesn't effect your plans. >> another crash in san jose? >> yeah. it looks like a minor crash. if it's your car involved, it's a major crash to you. north 101, the giant accident indicator. it is not really a big accident. mild builds through san jose. all these directions where you expect to see slowing, that's what we see. mild around the bay, and that's good. >> good news. that's what's happening around
7:00 am
the bay. we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> and midday show at 11:00. thanks for starting your morning here with us. have a great one. good morning. looming threat. an outbreak of severe weather expanding across the midwest and south today. millions of people in six states bracing for possible tornadoes, damaging winds, and large hail before it all heads east. al's got the very latest forecast. fatal mistake? the investigation into that fiery plane crash in russia takes a new turn overnight. what the pilot reportedly failed to do and what we're now learning about an american man on board. breaking overnight, full pardon. the president clears a former soldier convicted of murdering a suspected al qaeda detainee in iraq. this morning, the decision that took some by surprise.


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