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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 9, 2019 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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to you. a live look outside over san francisco. and a good morning. thanks so much for starting your morning with us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. both teams doing what they need to do, the warriors talking about a big injury to kevin durant. we will have more injuries and all the highlights. we need confetti in our studio as well. >> you just wait. >> a lot coming up at 5:00. >> get a look at what's happening outside. >> we have clouds outside, maybe a mist and drizzly. you can see the top of the transamerica building shrouded in clouds. as we head inland to walnut
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creek, also mostly cloudy. there will be patches of fog. in some spots, temperatures in the mid-50s. we will get sunshine and temperatures matching yesterday. we'll talk about a chance of rain in the forecast. mike, y have something at the highway 17 summit? >> i do. we are looking at all of our mountains, railroads. they're mostly at speed. i zoomed down to highway 17, heading down towards the summit. a big rig is blocking the summit. you can see it down towards skaent cruz, a little slowing as they address that truck. we'll let you know if they change any lanes in time. over here at the bay bridge, five minutes to the pass lanes, nothing dramatic. should see that clear up. breaking news, while you were vatican, pope francis making it
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easier for people to report sex abuse. the pontiff for the first time is reporting all clergy to report case of clerical sexual abuse and coverups to the church. in february, the pope program issed to take action. they have released their own list of clergy tied to the abuse. we are looking more in-depth and we will have a live report at 5:00. back here in the bay area, an anti-vaccination doctor is accusing having parents get around the state's immunization laws. >> with similar cases here, the attorney general says he's taking legal action to find out more. shopping to avoid vaccinating kids. the attorney wants to know if it's happening issuing bp patient's names to see how many
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waivers the doctor has written since 2016 and if they're legal. >> some of the ingreedents are heavy metals, alluminum, mercurys. >> dr. solar posted anti-vaccination videos. he says they are protected under federal law and the doctor is following the law. >> it's one of these things where people kept coming to him because we have pediatricians refused to consider writing retractions. >> reporter: while the city awaits lawmakers, they are working to tighten the vaccination law. a bill to be the only one to grant exemptions on the table. >> they grant exemptions from physicians who a basically advertisg telling those exemptions. basically, they're letting people buy them. >> reporter: the patient tells
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us heoe rules. parents hope doctors notes aren't putting kids at risk. >> i think kids should be vaccinated. i really do. it's for their safety. students and teachers gather for a late fight vigil to honor the victims of colorado school shooting. classes at that school still have not resumed. one teenager died. eight others were injured. >> many say it could have been a lot worse. k kendrick castille was days from graduating and his father says it was in his nature. >> kendrick. >> he was further away from the towards it. >> investigators say still unidentifibothedere formally
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tomorrow. yesterday. they argue in court again and police officers this morning will be stationed outside san money california high school, threatening an attack. school officials are working to track down the van dam. today bob riddell will have a live report in the next half hour a strike threat by teachers at another east bay school district. teachers are bound to hit the picket lines may 20th after negotiation stalled in march. they couldn't bring the sides closer together. they are fighting to increase class sizes. the district says it's facing a $5 million shortfall. 4:35. mill br millbray police say he exposed himself. the mother asked us not to show her face. >> this fern needs to be caught.
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they're taking away kids' innocence of being in a safever following the girls ages 12 and 11, eventually getting out of a car and flashing himself. they ran off and got help from a neighbor. they are trying to find out if he is tied to another man. in that case, she was harassed as she walked home from san francisco. new this morning, police in the north bay is searching for a bank robber. take a look at his face they say he robbed a petaluma bank yesterday. anyone with information could call police. police in berkeley are investigateing a new string of laptop thefts. in one case, they got violent. they stole four laptops from students at sack's coffee house only college avenue. one student ran after the thief. >> that man pushed her to the ground and started kicking her.
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about a mile away, another lapstop was snatched at a starbucks. more than 30 laptops have been stolen in berkeley this year. port of oakland and oakland firefighters are working to make sewerer that prepared for the next big emergency. hang today, the photos you see there, the fire trucks unveiling at the airport. they were purchased last year. after the unveiling, teams will take part in a full scale training exercise. well, san francisco streets just got a little more crowded when it comes to tourists of these three vehicles, tuk tuk vehicles. according to website, giemded tours starts at $85. >> hmm. up next on tood in thebay, stocks and your retirement, hoy americans are saving after the stockmarket tumble last year.
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good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set for a lower open as investors worry about the trade talks between the u.s. and china with a new round of tariffs on chinese goods set to go in effect tomorrow. at a rally last night, president
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trump said china quote/unquote broke the deal. china vowed to yesterday the gave up gains going into the close. europe and asia, they're in the red this morning. well, the stockmarket tumble last year didn't scare people off from saving. people opted 402k accounts, they set aside a record 300,000 this year up 15% from a year ago. the reason some workers may have reconsidered their savings after filing their taxes, it probably didn't hurt stock prices were storming higher earlier this year. the s&p 500 had the besst quarter since 1998. fox sports is embracing betting in a big way. it's partnering with stars group on a pair that will this fall. the game gives out cash to users
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who correctly 46 games. they let you place real money wagers on sporting events. only on states where gambling is legal. eight states have legalized sports betting that could increase to 15 in the coming months. that's your cnbc headlines. lawyer remarks marcus, back to you. >> that doesn't sound addicting at all. >> easy access. coming up here on "today in the bay," kari is pulling up her forecast. do we need umbrellas? >> not yet. we are seeing a lot of clouds. as we get throughout the day, we will see the sun breaking out, temperatures breaking into the mid-50s. a few spots may see some rain. we'll talk about that coming up next. the golden gate bridge, that truck moving through the area, we'll talk about that later. ad
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a very good thursday morning to you. taking a live look outside, sfo. a nice clear shot right now, whether you are or going, you got to look at the forecast coming up in just moments. 4:45 right now. check out these two at the bath. luna and sekari jumped right into the water. very refreshing, splashing around, having a great time. i love huh he did it in slow motion. two bears try i guess eat some of the bubbles.
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>> a sports ill straight. >> for bears. >> oh, who made the cover this year? >> not even funny. >> bear watch, bay watch, coming down. >> present the production. >> we got nbc here. >> let's move on to weather. it ssmorning. we will have another beautiful day. comfortable temperatures. that's a live look outside at the shark tank. as you get ready out, our temperatures are in the upper 40s and 50s in the south bay. we're at 58 degrees. it is 49 in brentwood and in napa now at 54 degrees. the 7-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. maybe you will bike to work today as you are tuning up the bike this morning, it will be in the upper 50s. you will see a lot of clouds overhead. we will see partly cloudy skies in the south bay and great weather for biking to work.
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eventually we see our high temperatures reaching into the 70s, mostly sunny skies and the breezy winds heading over towards concord, expect a high of 74 degrees, we'll be up to 75 in danville and in oakland today, 67 degrees, in daily city, still in the low 60s, some mid-70s for parts of the the mn district today, it will be up to 64 degrees and in santarosa, reaching 68 degrees still a lot of pollen, it's moderate on t pollen count with tree and grass pollen registering change in our weather. there will be. you see all the rain and swirl of clouds. there will be this service starting to back its way into the sierra. as it continues to move westward, we could see more clouds and a slight chance of rain. it looks like it will be later on tonight. right now the computer model is
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not showing much rain, maybe a few sprinkles in the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning. not a lot of rain. we go back to the dry weather with our temperatures warming up in the upper 70s inland, mother's day looks nice, highs reaching 77. and san francisco, we'll see 62. might you have reports of a hazard at the bay bridge? >> it sounds like they're looking at all these rains. they are moving smoothly. watch this. right just fine, the problem. it's there next to the flyover we have a stalled vehicles out of lanes. the backup right here off to the left. everybody is staying clear of that disabled vehicle. that's good. >> that is on the maps. you saw it backing up already. we should have one more cash lane. looking at another issue. a disabled vehicle right around
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242. >> that is it for the bay. we still have that disabled big rig. you head south towards the summit. one lane blocked. a slow lane, that will affect you a little bit as you head down towards the santa cruz side, everything else moves smoothly, coming into the south traffic with the see a light headlights stopped past tesla. back to you. >> all right, thanks, mike. 4:49 for you right now. this morning, san francisco mayor london breed responds to an nbc bay area investigation into the multi-million dollar street program. >> the city has been ignoring safety laws. >> reporter: good morning, you know the number of traffic accidents here in san francisco already makes this area one of this most dangerous in the now one of the city's own departments is facing tough criticism for dangerous driving.
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san francisco street cleaning department. law makers are launching a probe of their own with a government hearing. the mayor of san francisco is also responding to our investigation. we have that part of the story for you so check out nbc bay and we are keeping an eye on a close case in san francisco. the u.s. forest service wants to help in the national forest east of reading near the washington border. the agency can't support them. under the plan, the horses will first go up for adoption, animal advocates fear animals that don't get adopted will end up in the slaughter house. new details of a massive fire power discovered by authorities in an upscale l.a.
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neighborhood. police say more than a thousand guns and ammo were found exclus. lpd and atf raided that home after given aad name. it's unclear what charges will be filed. in a matter of hours, an inspirational event returns to the east bay. >> they are hosting contra costa county special olympics. you recallarlier this year betsy devos came under fire for government funding being cut. competition starts a half hour later. >> flubbing to all those students. >> fun. 4:52. coming up here on today in the bay, nbc area responz. >> he called ahead of time to check the airport rate. by the time he got there he was
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charged a lot more. nbc bay area responds next. we are getting more on the u.s. aircraft group deployed with bombers. this as tensions increase. iran threatening to enricheo ne yesterday. the new military show reports, the persian gulf show the trump measures that are putting a punishing toll on iran. more after this break. 4:15. 4:53. south bay man who spotted
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problem with a parking spot. 4 v. 55. nbc bay area responds to a south bay man that s pottedovercharge. so chris gamora stepped in.
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>> reporter: good morning, bill gibbons told us he budgeted $22 per day for parking because that's what he says it was ohot. but when he exited the lot, sjc charged him $30 a day. he filed a complaint and called us. we called the hotline and heard the recording say $22 a day at the same time the actual price is $30 a day. so we contacted sjc and said the recording was outdated and didn't reflect a recent price increase. next they took action. immediately, first they gave bill a full $90 refund within a few hours and corrected the recording the same day. >> for the most up-to-date parking rate information, please visit our website or office. >> in a statement, the airport said we apologize for any inconvenience to mr. bbo
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our attention. if you have something that you need help with,t's not exactly morning. >> it turns out in australia money contains a typo. it was misspelled three times. the bills feature an image of the first woman elected to the legislature. it appears in the excerpt of the speech she made. australia central bank says it is aware of the errors and the money can be used as normal and we do not know who just yet fell short of their responsibility. >> it's money. >> it is nice. a little mistake. >> even more. 4:57, coming up "today in the bay," another forecast with
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comfortable temperatures, it doesn't get better than that martinez will be 53 co peninsula. we'll sort things bay bridge. rain in the forecast a committee subpoenas donald trump, jr., what law mamakers w to know. you are watching "today in the bay". bay."
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and families are gathering itaround the table.america, thanks to reynolds wrap, dinner preparation is perfect, and everyone knows to be mindful of their manners. dinnertime has changed. our quality hasn't. reynolds wrap: foil made in the usa since 1947. pope francis handing down a new law in response to the sex abuse scandal that )s plaging the chur right now at 5:00, pope francis handing down a new law in live report justaway.
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plus all new overnight, hug slams mark zuckerberg. the action he wants to takeing s and tech reports. an alert, an east bay school receives threatening messages three times. we are live on campus with extra security students will see today. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you. it is thursday already. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's get you headed out the door this morning with a look we can expect. i know we talked ability rain before. >> a slight jachance overnight. our temperatures ith 40s in while the other areas we are seeing in the 50
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