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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 9, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> i'm marcus washington. mike will have a look at that in a bit. kari will tell us what's ahead today. >> it will be a great day, sunshine, temperatures reaching into the low 70s for our microclimates. we start out at 54 degrees in livermore, 55 in gilroy, 51 this morning in santa rosa. if you are getting up and out the door for school this morning in the south bay, expect it to be cloudy up until about 9:00. the sun comes out and our temperatures start to warm up. we will talk about where we could see some spotty light showers in the forecast and, mike, you have a crash in concord. >> i do. i want to take a second to look. overall, we are looking at a smooth drive. green all over the bay, coming down towards the 50s through hayward and here we're concerned about concord. we see this bay point, somewhere between highway 4 and 282, reports of a crash, moving off to the shoulder.
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no injuries. good news for the bay bridge. we have the metering lights at the back up to the bay bridge toll plaza. they haven't proved to cause any slowing. in fact, they cleared that car from traffic. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. breaking news out of the vatican, pope francis issuing a ground breaking law to report sex abuse along with coverups, "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us with the details. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the pope's new law makes those streets and mandates reporters, but mandated to church authorities and not necessary will i to police. so, the question is, does this go far enough? the pope's decree covers any sexual abuse of a minor, sexual misconduct with an adult, possession of child pornography and coverup by that church leadership. they are detailing how they should go. additionally, priests and nuns
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must report where required, the diocese is required to come one a confidential reporting system and whistleblower protections are built into this as well for anyone reporting abuse. this really is targeting some of the church higherarchy. the law does go into effect. it will be in effect for three years. the first hard deadline is coming next june when the diocese and thetur churches havo have reporting places in place. >> thanks, so much. 6:02. happening now, parents and students on edge in the east bay. in the past two days, there have been at least two graffiti messages threatening an attack at california high school in san money. we just spoke with san money police. they soee owe we just spoke with
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s san ramone police. now the pair suspected of the shooting often car pooled to school together. a former student is now speaking out saying he is not surprised one suspect is now accused of the violence. more on that story coming up at 6:0025. a developing story, u.s. and world leaders are closely watching north korea this morning launch two suspected short range missiles. they appear to be launched from a military base, not from the demilitarized zone. south korea military along with the u.s. military are conducting an analysis. today's launch is the third time the country conducted missile tests since talks collapsed between president trump and kim in february. now to capitol hill. republicans want to talk to president trump's son, donald trump, jr., about connections with russia. >> today tracy potts joins us live with more on the questions he could face.
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tracie. >> reporter: hi, good morning, everyone. questions about connections to russia and what's significant here is the time the subpoena is not coming from democrats, it's coming from the president's own party. rallying in florida overnight, president trump tells supporters democrats just won't let go of the russia investigation. >> the democrats are saying, we want more! >> reporter: but now, it's republicans putting his son in the hot seat. a source tells nbc the senate judiciary committee run by republicans has suspend donald trump, jr. to testify. our source says lawmakers want to ask trump, jr. why he told congress he knew little about the effort to build a trump tower in moscow. imprisoned lawyer michael cohen says he briefed the president's son ten teams. we are told they also want to ask if the president knew about his son's meeting. trump, jr. says no the mueller
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report says yes. >> every single day the president is making a case, he's becoming self impeachable. >> reporter: president trump has claimed executive privilege to keep democrats from seeing blacked-out portions of the report and the evidence behind it. lawmakers voted to hold attorney general william barr if contempt for not providing the full report. >> we did not relish doing this. but we have no choice. >> what is cynical, mean spirited, counterproductive step it is. >> reporter: that contempt charge faces one more final vote. yes, before house vote. we don't know when that will happen. democrats say, lawyer remarks marcus, they think it will happen soon. >> we'll continue to follow tracie potts, live in washington, thank you. a north bay couple is forced to pay a hefty fee for uprooting a protective oak tree that later died. the judge ordered the sonoma
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lands owners to pfoot the nearl $600,000 bill. the company uprooted the tree so it could be dragged to an ad journaling ranch, where they had been built a new home. but the tree died in the process. lawmakers say the couple is now appealing. well, a big night for sports fans, with two big wins. one may come at a cost. >> first, the sharks beat colorado 3-2 in game seven. they will face off before st. louis for a spot in the stanley cup finals. kevin durant left with a calf strain late in the third quarter. an mri is scheduled for today. the team already thinks that he's going to be out for game six. but there is some good news here, the warriors beat the rockets. they're up three games to two in the series. game six is tomorrow night in houston. >> a calf strain that can be a
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doozee. i know. >> kari, you? >> no. >> right next door yesterday evening, too, the as won, that was good to see that as well. now we are taking a like look outside at the sap center in san jose, if you are getting ready to bike to work, don't strain your calf muscles or anything like that. our temperatures will be in the low 50s, or upper 50s as you head out, upper 60s if you are leaving later on this morning. we have great weather for that sunshine and comfortable with concord reaching 74. 74 in napa, palo alto reaching 72, today, 61 in san francisco, we'll talk about the rest of the forecast. mike, now, you are taking us so the south bay. >> that's 101. calf strain, maybe kevin durant
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will call us for tips. over here, a smooth flow of traffic as that sun comes up. moisture, clouds in the air. not a problem for visibility. neither is the volume of traffic. one pops up, chp is still getting to the scene, i'll let you know if there are lanes or activity we have as to worry about. so far, those speeds don't reflect any of that, we are crossing that half hour mark from highway 4 down to the east shore freeway the backup for the metering lights. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:08 right now. >> is your child's lunch bill paid off? one policy for parents that don't pay is making national headlines. next, the help the school refused. plus a call to break up facebook this morning from somebody who helps invent facebook. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. . right now at 6:11, it's another cloudy start across the south bay, all across the bay area. here's a live look outside at san jose. as we head over towards sunnyvale, normally we're reaching 73 degrees we will be right there, going into the afternoon, mostly sunny skies, a few clouds may move in and a few areas to pick up on light rain. i will talk about that coming up in less than five minutes. a live look at fremont, 880
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moves smoothly. no problems for the traffic. we will talk about later on why i can help you out. stand by for that. >> and a very good morning, a happy thursday as well, uber surprise proo iss its shares tonight when you wake up tomorrow morning, these numbers will be real. i'll talk about that in a second. we had the ceo on press here a couple weeks ago from roku, this is really the little company that could, so watch this stock today. one of the founders of facebook calling for the company to be broken up. chris hughes wrote an op said for the "new york times," he says among other things, i feel a sense of anger and responsibility. the government must hold mark zuckerberg accountable. and it is time to break up facebook.
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hughes will be on the show. today is the most important day for uber. uber will price its shares. sell to investors tonight. that's the ipo. not to get pendantic, the market debut is tomorrow. tonight is what price does uber ask for shares? you know executives are thinking of companies that went public recently. it's under the ipo price. you don't want to do that. zoom on the right, rocketed upwards. beyond meat, hume pop, arguably, they price too low. remember a company makes it's money one time. that's it. if your stock rockets on the first day, you could have gotten
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money for it. >> so it's a goldilocks situation tonight for uber. we will also keep our eyes on the trade talks with china. last night at a rally, president trump accused the chinese of breaking the deal, those are his words, if there is not a deal or a strong progress, the u.s. will increase tariffs on more chinese goods from 10 to 25%. >> that would come tomorrow. we do expect a number of tweets a about this today. this morning, a fundraiser page is set up for a rhode island school to help pay off overdue lunch bills. the warwick school district says starting next week students will be fed jelly sandwiches with butter if the lunch account balances are unpaid. they found out and raised over $12,000 to help those students. but the district refused to take the money. >> everything i said got shut down. every idea i had got shut down.
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>> some 2,000 family versus outstanding lunch debts amounting to a $77,000 deficit. >> wow. >> but you know, i have been a lunch lady, they're hungry. >> they're a mom. >> how many schools are dealing with the same issue? you have this big deficit. you don't want to turn them away. >> 100 kids? always like eat, eat. they talk about that lunch. it's also that pressure as well. >> that's a good point. >> there you go. >> so we're getting the kids ready for school this morning. as you get ready to head out, make sure have you on a jacket. it is starting out cool and cloudy. this is a live look outside at walnut creek as you head out the door. we seen patchy low clouds and fog and mist and drizzle. our temperatures right at about
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56 degrees and the 7-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. our skies will be clearing out. we'll be in the upper 60s by 1:00 today. don't forget to take the allergy medication, a moderate amount of tree and grass pollen in the air. we have been watching that. a lot of people are suffering and dealing with allergies. you might want to spend extra time outside today. it will be another great one, highs reaching into the low- to mid-70s. los gatos today reaching 72 degrees, a breezy northwesterly wind. gilroy, expect a high of 74 we'll be up to 73 in livermore with martinez reaching 73 degrees and 69 today in hayward. 59 degrees in half mon bay, redmond city reaching 73 degrees. embark dera reaching 62 degrees, 74 in napa. with this nice weather, we were
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seeing a disturbance across the los vegas area. it looks like it stays to the south of us. some rain could produce light sprinkles tonight and early tomorrow morning, but the models are backing off on us, giving us a chance of rain, that's something we will be watching. inland areas reaching 74 degrees, slightly warmer going into mother's day weekend, next week expect highs in the low 70s, a breezy, sunny afternoon as we go into the next several days, reaching up to 62 on mother's day, as we check out the forecast and also traffic, mike, you are tracking one crash in and so say. >> we are, we are following up. we did get more information, that right there pops up on the grid north 101, right why we saw slowing. we will talk about hayward, there is a crash as well, northbound 101, the on ramp may be blocking your fast lane.
6:18 am
it comes on from the right. the fast lane to the left. the middle ones, the other issues we'll sort out. just a little building. >> gentle. look at that. >> silicone valleys, over towards the san mateo bridge, 880 at 92, a distraction as the volume builds. all these folks are focused on getting their jobs. look at that low clouds, visibility issues. bay bridge, we had a disabled vehicle. metering lights, holding steady, the backups holding steldy as well, a big advantage as you head across oakland to san francisco, remember, bart is an option, avoid that bay bridge, bart, ac transit, the bart station, it peaks tomorrow, 24 hours from now. we'll help you out with your coffee and tea and familiar
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snacks. i'll be back. we'll talk about that more coming up. back to you. >> exactly. it's 6:18, back on his bike. all new at 6:30, how san jose's mayor will celebrate bike-to-work day after a car crash on new year's day. >> we're in the final hours of this year's fund the shelter challenge. they will support life saving programs for pets. take a look. shelters have raised more than $1.3 million so far. look at the screen, you can ab part of that challenge, that isn't until 11:00 this morning. you know what, don't forget to send us pictures of your mom on twitter this morning, tag nbc bay area in your post. you might see your mom on tv during today in the bay tomorrow morning.
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roxana: when i got into teaching, it was this idea of really transforming our schools. marisa: one of my biggest responsibilities as a teacher is to serve as an advocate for my kids. newscaster: hundreds of teachers are hitting the picket lines.
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newscaster: thousands gathered here. rosanne: we need smaller class sizes. angelia: more counselors and more nurses. roxana: we have to be able to invest in our young people. angelia: every student has a right to quality education. ever: no matter what neighborhood you live in. roxana: our students don't have part-time needs, so they can't have part-time solutions. rodney: because we know quality public schools... roxana: make a better california... marisa: for all of us. roxana: make a better california... it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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6:22. a look at stories making headlines in newspapers around the nation and the world this morning. yesterday it appeared denver's imagish mushroom was going down in the sea. the den ter post reported a late reversal. the measure is now set to pass narrowly, making denver the first place in the u.s. to decriminalize the drugs. rights groups are joining silicon valley for blasting singapore for a fake news law.
6:23 am
the baylor star reports they will allow companies to post warnings or remove content being fake. critics call it censorship. starbucks cup saga, the actress tells the l.a. times she did not cause the gap around the world on sunday. the co-star jokingly blamed her for leaving the cup on set. the time's reports hbo removed the cup from the streaming version. we are learning new information about two students comm committing a deadly shooting. they made their first court appearances yesterday. one student died tuesday during that shooting. eight others were injured. the sheriff says the suspects used to car pool to school together. one former student is speaking out saying he and his brother left because of them. >> when i found out what was happening and who it was, we
6:24 am
weren't surprised who it was. because you could kind of see that coming from a mile away. >> investigators are now looking into the possibility of one of the students being shot by the school's private security guard, both suspects are do you back in court tomorrow. it is 6:24. in skreemt, all eyes will be -- in sacramento, all eyes will be on governor gavin newsom. the budget is allowing additional two weeks paid leave for workers to care for new babies or family members, also eliminating state sales tax on diapers and feminine care items like tampons. fire code and safety is at the forefront of the ongoing ghostship warehouse trial. prosecutors continue to layout the case. yesterday one long-time fire code inspector testified, giving
6:25 am
a crash course in oakland's fire code. we talked about how the warehouse did not meet critical requirements. the defense argued those responsibilities actually fell on the warehouse owners, not the defendants. testimony is expected to resume this morning. according to general rule of thumb, home buyers should put down 20% on a home. in the bay area, it may be a problem. santa clara's home buyers can get a 30 year home deferrable when a home is sold, refinanced or reaches maturity. the program was made possible through an affordable housing bond passed by voters in 2016. >> a lot of people have the impression they have to put 20% down themselves. they actually can get in with 3% or 5% and apply for our down payment assistance program so they can have the full 20%. >> the home buyers provides
6:26 am
assistance, up to 17% of the purchase price and is available to home buyers with incomes 120% of median incomes. it's 6:25. with all this talk of the royal family lately. many considered hollywood royalty is coming to "ellen" this afternoon. >> we're talking george clooney, he is talking about the interesting connection he has with the bundle of joy. >> q4 birthday is the same day as the royal baby's birthday. >> i noticed that, that's stealing my game, steaming my thunder. >> it's also great you share your birthday with little archie. >> archie. >> isn't that a great name? do you like it? >> it's better than jughead. >> i love the cartoon. the oscar winner celebrated his 58th birthday yesterday. you can catch his full sit down with "ellen."
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stay tuned no nbc bay news live after that. teachers set to strike in one east bay district. when they are expected to walk out and we'll talk about what they're demanding. plus astory you will only see here on nbc bay area. communities prepare for the fire season. the if you tactic used in high risk areas. first, breaking news in the east bay, flames tearing through a housing development under construction. the damage to existing homes all in a live report next. did you know comcast business goes beyond fast
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taking a live look outside at shark tank. right now at 6:30 on your thursday morning. taking a like look at the shark tank, go sharks! onto the conference finals. that's all i'm saying, i don't want to jynx it. >> i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. good to go, sharks. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that weather throughout the day. >> another cool start. let's go over to palo alto, everything looks good on highway 101, also with the temperatures in the upper 50s. we'll see these clouds for the next couple of hours. then the sun starts to break out. another beautiful day. we'll be at 70 degrees at 1:00, reaching 72 degrees, oakland reaching 67 for the high, antioch reaching 76 degrees and some upper 60s in santa rosa. mike, most of today's compute looks predictable.
6:31 am
>> most. we have to qualify, some folks on edge now. no problems through contra costa county, a gentle build, green lights on, a smooth, predictable pattern for the east bay. my eyes are on a new crash. 87, no major slowing has showed up. this is the qualifier. north 17 out of santa cruz up towards the summit. we have a crash blocking one lane, the slow lane making things slow, both lanes up, we'll track this, back to you. >> all right, thanks, mike. breaking news out of the east bay, several homes under construction go up if flames leaving not much behind. >> "today in the bay" bob riddell got to the scene in hayward. what's the latest, bob? >> reporter: if you can see that gentleman from with the hayward department, i askled him if there is anything suspicious? he says, i don't know. he is inspecting the scene.
6:32 am
four homes are under construction. it's a new neighborhood, not far from the intersection of huntwood and industrial parkway. it went up between 1:30 and 2:00 this morning. somebody in the area posted these picture you get a sense of how big this fire was. four homes were consumed, three destroyed. the other is severely damaged. it looks like they probably have to tear that down. the other issue, other homes around here were completed. to might have be two might have been occupied, because of the radiant heat, they suffered damage as well. four homes on the back side had significant damage. there is a couple homes across the street that had their windows, the trim on the windows melt. fortunately, there are no reports of any injuries and again this happened in the middle of the night. the cause is unknown. as you heard me say, or ask the inspector, is this suspicious? he says, i'm not going to go
6:33 am
there. "today in the bay," rob riddell. >> are you expecting to move in there? the good thing is no one was hurt, thank you, bob. speaking of fires, we're on alert. wildfire season is here. last year, the deadliest in the state's history. 88 people died. two years ago, north bay hit especially hard with thousands of homes destroyed. this morning, "today in the bay" is getting an exclusive look at what fire officials are doing to prepare this season. "today in the bay" joins us live in petaluma with what's going done. good morning. pete. >> reporter: the goal by sonoma county officials is to minimize damage when it comes to wildfires, which includes clearing out brush if some areas. we are standing near brush in sonoma county. i want to show you this ride along we did yesterday. i went along with fire inspectors. a little up north there in sonoma county. there we are in the finsh area.
6:34 am
officials showed us areas where owners need to create that defensible space. they want it created in the event of a potential wildfire. this means clearing out any debris 30 to 100 feet around the home, which can include tall grass, pine needles, clearing out trees in front of your home, owners need more defenseible space will be given a notice via next door, they can pace penalties or liens, i did speak with a resident about the importance of these inspections and a county fire official who gave me a bit more context as to why defensible space is needed. >> i think it's great. it's comforting to know that they're managing it as well as some of the people that are really also on top of it. it's a really competent feeling, for sure. >> so we want to do our best to keep fires on the ground, which will give firefighters a better
6:35 am
opportunity to distinguish a fire. if you have space, you have a better opportunity to protect your home. >> reporter: and clearly in talking to fire officials, you can see the forth bay wildfires of 2017, having an impact when it comes to preparation, those fires ripping through santa rosa and parts of wine country, destroying hundreds of thousands of acres, resulting in 44 deaths. the week is wildfire awareness week in california. there will be an event at the buck institute in novato. this is expected to take place at 2:30 p.m. . >> pete, thank you for that update. 6:35 right now. new this morning, a new strike threat issued by teachers at another east bay school district. union city teachers vowing to hit the picket lines may 20th after negotiations stalled in march. mediation couldn't bring those sides any closer together. teachers are asking for higher pay and fighting increased class
6:36 am
size. the district says it's facing a $5 million budget shortfall. it is bike-to-work day. you may see more bicyclists on the road and communities around the area. san jose is hoping to kick off the event. mary car do, months ago, he was hit by a driver on his bike. >> what is happening today and going forward for all those bike commuters out there, kris? >> reporter: hi there, there is getting set up. this is an energizer station. also snacks to encourage people to bike-to-work and celebrate. folks are biking. between this event and the one last year, you may have noticed in downtown san jose, the city added more like lanes. you see the green cones, those are bike lanes. they are meant to create a bit of distance between the bicyclists and the cars passing right by. that was a part of the better
6:37 am
bikeway san jose program and those patterns and cones will again create that distance for safety reasons. the city will reevaluate how that's working a little later this summer. the city adopted the goal of eliminating pedestrians and bike fatalitys. he will kick off the day. you will remember he was off his bike a while he was hit on his bike on new year's day. he suffered two fractured vertebrae and a fractured strer number as well. but we can tell you that there are folks out here maybe biking to work for the first time and there are professionals. take a look at that mom, she is biking with two kids on one bike. i don't know that i can do that. a little of a balance problem. it is inspiring to see they are committed to this. it's a lifestyle for them. maybe today is the day you get started kicking off your new lifestyle and be right back i biking as well. "today in the bay," kris
6:38 am
sanchez. >> bringing up the new generation of bikers. >> let's go, put the helmets on, head out, mike. >> we can put the puppy with the bike at our house. >> you have a basket or something? >> we do, we do. i'm trying to get him to carry me. this is about a scattered amount of traffic, typical slowing shows up right there on our map. flow off the east shore typical. same thing for the bay bridge. it looks great, contra costa heading over to the area. we zoom out to the south bay, no problems for the peninsula, starts to build as well, a quick look at fremont, the volume of traffic is moving nicely. you think that looks good. look at this, guys, check out this next picture. wait. >> okay. >> well, yes. >> he will pull up this next picture. it was worth it, guys, free coffee is what i'm talking about.
6:39 am
how did my picture get up there? meet me, i will be passing out gift cards, peet's, come out there on mowry and fremont. one price you have to pay there. if you look in my eyes, i do this a lot to people. eye contact. >> i think that's cool, though, people get a chance to meet you. >> you think that's a pleasure, that's great. >> it is. >> family the a little tired of it there so you start out with free coffee. then in the afternoon you give out free ice cream. so that's what we'll have going on all day tomorrow. treat yourself fremont street eats will be going on, mike will be there giving away free ice cream. get there right around 5:00. he'll have that going on, with the free ice cream until 8:00 or when it runs out, get there early. temperatures will be nice in
6:40 am
fremont for that event. also when v whatever you have to plan and will be doing this weekend, saturday will be comfortable with coastal areas reaching into the mid-60s and mid-subseque70s for the inland . sunday, the bay reaching 70, the coast reaching the lower 60s. we also have the wag festival on saturday in sausalito in the park. it will be about 60 degrees to start out in the morning, sunshine throughout the day reaching 66 degrees. if you are going out of town to yosemite, going hiking, make sure you are always aware of the weather situation, if you download the nbc bay area app, you will get live locations. there may be scattered showers and storms developing in the afternoon. in the tri-valley, a lot of the restaurants and vineyards will be giving away free things and having mother's day events. check those out. we have highs reaching the
6:41 am
mid-70s, all throughout the weekend. sunshine in the tri-valley. stay cool in santa cruz, saturday the pick of the weekend, 69 degrees, mostly sunny skies. we'll talk about when the sun breaks out today and that forecast is coming up in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. it's 6:41, your sandwiches may soon cost more. the produce prices set to skyrocket very soon. >> first, sweeping changes, breaking news from the pope overnight. the new requirement for priests and nuns around the world, despite a coverup. a surprise move by a republican senate committee. we'll take a look at that when "today in the bay" continues.
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6:44 am
good thursday morning. it is 6:43. cloudy, cool with upper 50s across the bay area. that's a live look outside in san jose, before you head out the door, a jacket needed. in campbell 60 degrees at 10:00. the sun comes out, our temperatures warm into the low 70s. a nice day ahead. we'll talk about where we could see a slight chance of rain and the weekend forecast coming up again in about five minutes. >> over here, san mateo bridge, on the right, that's your compute direction, on the left side. you can see that hey, low clouds hover around. we'll see if we can find some exceptions. >> thanks, so much, kari and mike. a quarter to 7:00 right now. breaking news out of the vatican, proep frances issuing a ground breaking law for priests and nuns to provide a coverup. they provide whistleblower connections for anyone making a
6:45 am
report. it riefrs all diocese around the world to have a system in place to receive the claims confidentially. it outlines procedures for conducting preliminary objections when it is a cardinalal or bishop or superior. the law goes into effect in june. a sanctuary policy change will be up for debate. the human rights commission will hold a public hearing. this move is being sparked in part by the recent deadly stabbing by a woman in her home. >> that suspect was a repeat offender without i.c.e. ever being notified. the policy change would allow them to contact i.c.e. when an immigrant convicted by a felony is about to be set free. new for you this morning in contra costa county, bad mistakes have a new way to atone without spending time behind bars. it comes, it was called
6:46 am
restorative justice. the district attorney may hold a face-to-face meeting with the youthful suspect, victim and family members. if they all come to an agreement whether it's community service or some type of payment and if they use complete set programs, no charges will be filed. contra costa is the fourth county of the states doing this, joining san francisco, alameda and contra costa counties. >> one ingredient in your omelet may cost you more or be harder to find. experts say you could be shelling out 85% more for tomatoes between now and this winter. it's due to a tariff imposed on mexico. the move follows a determination of a 22-year agreement experts think may lead to shortages. it is hoped the commerce department can negotiate a solution. the president told his son has been called before congress
6:47 am
to talk about russians. >> scott mcgrew's start going news. >> completely unexpected. donald trump, jr. has been suspended by the senate intelligence committee to return to that committee and talk more about what he knew about the plan to build trump tower in moscow as well as what he told his father about that secret meeting with russia. at new york trump tower. the ones where they offered dirt and trump jr. responded by e-mail. i love it. the fastest this is coming from a senate committee is important. the committee that issues the subpoena is run with democrat mark warner, they're continuing their investigation in the russian interference despite a declaration by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell the investigations were at an end. this is one of the very first time we seen a republican-led committee defy mcconnell's
6:48 am
wishes. as you know, our democrat led house committee voted to recommend contempt charges against u.s. attorney bill barr. it go es to the full house, assuming nancy pelosi allows it. chairman nadler calls what's happening as a constitutional crisis. we have been down this, they found obama's ag in contempt for not turning over documents. lindsay graham, a republican, telling the senate pack in the '90s, we threatened to impeach nixon, let's impeach clinton for the same reason. >> it is not your job to tell us what we need. it is your job to comply with things we need to provide oversight over you. the day richard nixon failed to answer that subpoena is the day that he was subject to impeachment because he took the power from congress over the impeachment process away from congress. he became the judge and jury. >> we are also watching the trade negotiations if washington.
6:49 am
laura mentioned tomatoes. the chinese and americans meeting to avoid bigger tariffs tomorrow, follow us on twitter. follow me at scott mcgrew. >> sound good. you can dopy garden. >> you have tomatoes? >> i do, they haven't started to make tomatoes. >> are you sure? you have diamond size strawberries. >> i think they will be coming up first. we'll see how that goes. warm temperatures, a little mist and drizzle in parts of the bay area. >> that may help out the guard an little bit. that's outside if dublin. as we go throughout the day, sunshine in the forecast, once all these clouds clear out, getting out to school in hayward, we say mostly cloudy. it will be in the low 60s, mostly sunny skies, by the time you go back to pick them up, upper 60s there up to 67 in
6:50 am
oakland today and 72 in palo alto, a really pleasant day ahead with our comfortable temperatures continuing, reaching into the mid-70s, for san francisco, expect a high of 61, while san jose reaches 73 degrees. if you are going to the a's game, it will be at 12:30. low 60s reaching the mid-60s with sunshine, make sure you are wearing sunscreen. by tonight. we start to see more clouds, a little bit of rain happening around the los vegas area as a disturbance continues to move through. we could see some showers, possibly a few thunderstorms developing over the sierras. it could move westward into the bay area by late tonight. it looks like a lots of that rain stays to our south. 23 are watching for a slight chance of rain during overnight hours into early tomorrow morning. our models now not showing much more than increasing clouds, a couple spotty light showers that may develop in parts of the
6:51 am
south bay, but once again, not expecting much out of this. mostly sunny skies for the afternoon, for the weekend, we are reaching into the upper 70s, slightly cooler earlyext week. you see our pleasant weather continues, if san francisco, expect low 70s, a chance of rain during the morning, seeing some sunshine, for mother's day, reaching 62 degrees and mostly sunny, mike, the traffic, is it starting to build up if san jose? it's predictable. it starts in san jose. 280 northbound, i want to show the focus of traffic, 17,le 80 interchanges, towards that direction. across the 17. there is an issue for 17 north coming from santa cruz, our viewers don't see that. that side is just fine. we are looking at your northbound build, and then pushing west over here towards 880 across san mateo. >> that is dunbarton bridge, a
6:52 am
little build as well, nothing major, we are looking at fire along enon canyon road. smoke may be in the area. we are tracking that report. we will give you low clouds as well invisible from our dublin camera. it will move smoothly. you cannot see the grade clearly because of the low clouds, drivers, you can see just fine. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 6 :52. happening now, we are getting video from the aircraft group, i quiping bombers to the middle east. iran is threaten to enrich the uranium stockpile, if world powers fail to negotiate world terms for the 2015 nuclear deal from next on "today in the bay", a look at top stories, breaking up facebook. this morning that's a suggest from one of the menlo park original founders. the issues he is outlining in an exclusive new interview.
6:53 am
it's already back to work for prince harry, 24 hours of introducing his new boy in the world. the other baby is focusing in on this morning. first, families and students in san ramone, the info police gave us an hour ago. more news for you right after the break. you are watching "today in the bay." i like chillaxin'.
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the united explorer card makes things easy. traveling lighter. taking a shortcut. woooo! taking a breather. rewarded! learn more at learn more with our famous pastrami and a bigger soft pretzel roll. and try the new turkey bistro with warm turkey and smokehouse bacon. or the new hot club chicken dijon with dijon mayo and black forest ham. how far would you go for a togo? happening now: parents and students on edge in the east bay. . before you head out the door, it is 6:55. >> parents and students on edge in the east bay. over the past two days, police
6:56 am
tell us there are three graffiti messages threatening an attack. school officials sent a letter to parents to let them know. we spoke to san ro money police a moment ago. they said there will be a notice of law enforcement today. breaking news for you in the east bay, four homes under construction are destroyed after going up in flames overnight, firefighters say six completed homes were threatened, some of those were damaged. these photos posted to social media by people in that area at the time near olympic and huntwood avenues. you can see the intensity of those flames, fire investigators aren't calling this suspicious. new overnight, one of the founders is calling for the company to be broken up, chris hughes wrote an op-ed for this morning's "new york times," chris hughes was mark zuckerberg's roommate in college and says the government should
6:57 am
hold them accountable as well as mark zuckerberg. he calls it a monopoly that must be stopped and broken up into multiple companies. take a listen. >> he is extremely powerful. because he has no boss. because there is no regulatory agency from the federal government. >> you can watch more of the op-ed and nbc news' exclusive interview coming up for you at 7:00. decision 2020. california could be a major decider in next year's presidential election. today mayor pete buttigieg and senator kamela harris spoke in our golden state. buttigieg will visit san francisco tomorrow and for horizon will speak at the sun reporters gala in san francisco. all right. right now we want to the go to san jose university campus, where it's bike-to-work day. you can see more bicyclists on the road. >> that i will check off that event at the mlk, jr. library.
6:58 am
since last year, the last event, the city of san jose created a new bike lane under the bakeway sj program. if you have been downtown, you probably noticed the green paint and patterns on cones and posts there to keep bicyclists safe, pair ricardo will ride in the event. he was off for a while. you may remember he was hit by a driver in an suv biking if you year's day. he suffered several broken bones as well. he says he is nearly fully recovered. good to hear. a big night for bay area sports fans, with two big wins. >> first, the sharks, beating colorado, they're facing off against st. louis for a spot in the stanley cup final. meanwhile, kevin durant left the court with a calf strain late in the third quarter. an mri is scheduled for today. the team thinks he will be out
6:59 am
for game six. but there is good news here. the warriors beat the rockets, they're up three games to two in that series. game six is tomorrow night in houston. he's doing great. >> we like to see that. they are doing very well. all right, let's switch gears, look outside for the day. >> bay area weather is doing very well. >> we have clouds to start. but we will get some sunshine today. inland valleys reaching the mid-70s, tomorrow, we may see some spotty light rain, especially in the south bay and the east bay during the early hours, but really not expecting much. then we go back to more sunshine, highs reaching into the upper 70s for mother's da i. >> in the meantime, concerned with a krash in san francisco. >> we see slowing. a viewer looking at the flow of traffic until you get up to 101, he is jammed down, toward the hospital curve area. a crash is in the middle of the roadway, a bad spot, 280 is will
7:00 am
get crowded as a result. >> remember to jump on social media, send us picture of your mom for mother's day. i want to highlight that those for tomorrow. >> that will do it tomorrow. >> that will be our mid-day newscast. see you then. zblrnlgs breaking overnight. testing trump? north korea carr . > . the second test just this week. we're live with the very latest. hitting hard. congress demands donald trump . testify before lawmakers. republicans joining in on the first subpoena issued to a member of the president's only family as democrats in the house take a dramatic step holding the attorney general in contest. >> we did not relish doing this but we have no choice. >> what's the president's next move? we're live at the white house. honoring a hero. a community comes together to


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