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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 10, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the truck went off the road and tipped on to its side. it happened on southbound 680 between brunell avenue and at 2:00 a.m., 18 hours ago. now there is an assembly line of workers helping to retrieve the belongings of that truck and get it back upright again. police are suggesting using alternate routes to avoid the area. traffic as you might imagine is backed up even more so on 680 than usual. chp says use highway 84 if you can through livermore or 580 west. good evening. thanks for being with us on this friday. >> our other top story tonight a rotten response to a political commentary. a knob hill home owner said someone repeatedly egged his house and plastered it with pro trump stickers after he posted signs calling for the president to be impeached. now it's gone from a food fight to a photo fight with the home
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owner posting pictures of the suspected egger. robert haneda joins us from the knob hill neighborhood. this is getting ugly. >> that's right. tonight the search is on for the man some residents here say threw eggs multiple times at this home on taylor street where you can see the impeach trump sign. we'll also show you surveillance video that shows the man some say is behind the egg attack and maybe more. tanya went around knob hill today posting flyers with images of a man she says threw eggs and put pro trump stickers on a knob hill home that hung impeach trump signs. home security camera video from two weeks ago shows a man throwing an egg and running off. i'm not cleaning any more eggs on that door and i'm not going to be scared. she works for the home owner who is not available but posted pictures on a local next door website and offered a $500
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reward for information on the unidentified attacker who tonya says hit four times in the past six months. >> we have cameras so we see him. we have a picture every time he does that. he climbed half way and then he threw the eggs at the door. >> do you think he knows he is caught on camera? >> i don't think he cares. >> the next door post also includes pictures of a note reportedly from the egg thrower with an oddly worded message, best you remove that sign or face some consequences. the threat back fired. another neighbor, sarah warner, saw it and put up her own impeach trump sign. >> that note was a little chilling and i felt like he was trying to intimidate us. >> neighbors we talked to say this is all about free speech but they don't expect anyone to back down. >> i don't know how much he'll do. he did it and probably will again. >> i am not someone who stays quiet when they're bullied.
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>> now here's the flyer. we have people here offering more detailed descriptions of the man they think may be the egg thrower but could not make contact with them. we did talk with police bwho sa they are investigating the escalating neighborhood dispute. live in san francisco, robert handa, nbs bay area news. >> it is whacky. thank you. a trifecta of fires in the tri valley. a man lit three cars on fire and then led police on a cheese to livermore. the suspected torcher is in this picture. he let a pile of cardboard at a nearby business in addition and then burned a large hole in the roof. the business owner says he is lucky an employee actually saw the fire and was able to call for help. >> the city of dublin, you know, fire and police and everybody, they were on this really quickly. i cannot thank them enough. this could have been a serious, very expensive damage.
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>> deputies say brown also rammed the chp car, crashed into a gas pump at a 7-eleven and then tried to run away. >> a troubling crime trend in the south bay, criminals showing up in body armor ready for a fight. it happened again just yesterday during a gun fight at a vietnamese cafe. >> the remnants of the shootout are still visible here at the strip mall but the most stunning part may be something police told me. that body armor is becoming more and more common among criminals. our nbc bay area photographer spotted a shell in the strip mall parking lot this morning. police arrived a short time later to collect it as evidence and search for more. the goal? find something that explains how an apparent armed robbery turned into a shootout inside this vietnamese cafe. dan chao says a bullet ripped through his car shattering his windows. >> very scary.
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everyone ran inside. >> witnesses say two or three gunmen stormed into the cafe wearing body armor yesterday. sources tell me the attempted robbery back fired but someone inside had a gun of their own. a neighbor took this picture of a gun he says police retrieved from the storm drain this morning. >> very concerned. >> concerned but not surprised that some of the suspects were wearing body armor. in fact, the president of the police union says his officers take one kevlar vest like this one off the streets every couple weeks. >> we should be concerned for our community because for someone to wear a kevlar vest, they're planning. they know there's going to be violence. they know they potentially will get in a shootout. >> sergeant paul kelly says you need a security license or other law enforcement permit to legally buy a kevlar vest in california. and apparently, the armor didn't help the would be robbers, who
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were among those shot. >> they've already upped the ante three or four times. these are serious crooks. >> no word on any arrests just yet. the cafe remains closed. no word on when or if it will reopen. we're in san jose. nbc bay area news. >> a surfer had to wrestle her way out of danger after a great white shark got ahold of her surf board on tuesday at north salmon creek beach. today there are now shark warning signs posted across the beach front. the life guard says kate wilson was paddling out when the shark bit into her surf board leash. she says she tried to stay away and stay on top of the board. eventually the leash broke and wilson was able to swim to shore. >> at least a sighting once a year on our coast line here and the attacks are way more rare. but we've had a few attacks over the years and i've been around
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for one. >> like so many surfers, wilson was right back in the water surfing the very next day. >> okay. are they a band of teenage thieves? berkeley police have detained four teenagers in connection with the bold midday laptop theft but are they the same crew that's been hitting the other caves is what police want to know. nbc goes live to berkeley. they say they also got other stuff. we go to christie smith. >> reporter: today there was actually a brief struggle in the cafe and the woman who had her laptop taken followed them. berkeley police tell me this after nan they were able to get her laptop back for her and also recovered an ipad they say was taken from someone at uc-berkeley. at peoples cafe in berkeley a woman at a corner table had her laptop taken. a worker says a group came in wearing hoodies this afternoon and asked for water then looked around. even in the busy downtown, neighbors say they weren't surprised at all. >> i think it's kind of like sad, you know.
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we should be able to use our stuff without someone taking it. >> berkeley police say the victim followed them. they made threats. there was pushing involved. others in the cafe followed, too, and gave a good description. >> we arrested four juveniles. all berkeley residents. >> a 15-year-old, two 16-year-olds, and a 17-year-old. a spokesperson for berkeley public schools says a notice went out to families explaining there was a police response nearby. and three berkeley high students and a berkeley technology academy student were detained. berkeley schools never specifically say, though, that it's related to this case. >> we were able to recover her laptop and also found an ipad stolen an hour prior that occurred at a cafe on the uc campus. >> the ipad and laptop were returned to the owners. >> second time in the last couple weeks. >> this man owns the cafe and says this isn't the first time a laptop was taken here. he plans to get better cameras installed and says people need to be aware even out on the
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street. >> carrying a laptop or even a bag, un, wherever you are, you should always be conscious. you know, and not to be afraid of direct eye contact. >> berkeley police say of course there have been other thefts like this in the area and their next step is taking a look at any surveillance video that they can and trying to see if there is any connection. reporting live in berkeley, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. not the ride they expected. uber went public today but didn't get the kind of cash the company expected during its debut. in fact, some called it downright lack luster on the new york stock exchange. the san francisco company closing down 7% from its ipo of $45 a share. you may remember that lyft went public last month as well. >> some people might not like hockey but they love the money. the shark tank is ready for the next round of the playoffs and so are the bars and restaurants
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in downtown san jose. they'll be cashing in tomorrow night. san jose will be buzzing. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us from the s.a.p. certainty. you know this. the sharks make the playoffs almost every year. what sets this year apart in terms of business? >> reporter: well, so far things are going well for local businesses and, raj, yeah, while the tank will be full when the game starts tomorrow, before game time, as we've seen in playoff games past, those fans will likely be spending money here in downtown san jose. lining up another series means lining up another round at henry's highlight. because with the sharks this deep in the stanley cup playoffs, business in downtown san jose is good. >> the game seven, forget it. this place is off the hook. i figure from here on out it's going to be just a zoo. >> bars and restaurants all tell us their take will be up to five times the nightly average during
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the upcoming series. >> oh, the playoffs we always get a really solid rush. it makes a huge difference actually. like we probably from like five, right before the game starts until about 8:00 are pretty slammed every single night. >> it also makes a big difference when you're talking merchandise. this is what a sporting goods store typically stocks when you make the semifinal round of the stanley cup playoff all of a sudden you're talking big business. and as the new gear comes in, just in time for the game, fans say they're ready to buy. >> yeah. i'm kind of in the market for some sharks gear for sure. >> going to try to get tickets for the semifinals? >> yes. we like to be in the stands and scream and yell. >> i spoke to the san jose office of economic development earlier today. they say they probably won't know for about a month and a half just how much money came in. but they say they have been talking to local bars and
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restaurants and hotels and so far they say fans have been spending at a pretty good clip. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. hopefully for the sharks this keeps up for the next few weeks. we are ready for game one of the conference final. sharks and the st. louis blues right here on nbc bay area. our pregame newscast tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. the game starts at 5:00 p.m. i'll be live at the shark tank with all the hype and player interviews. up next, they're in town for a turning and find out the hard way about the car break-in problem. the water polo team from hawaii not getting a very aloha welcome. >> we've become like sisters. >> getting ready to go to france. these six rosie the riveters and the kind strangers who are letting them commemorate the 75th anniversary of d day. >> plenty of blue skies looking
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back toward san francisco. i'll show you what's in store for the weekend with the update in about six minutes. alright, let's talk perks!
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hawaii womens water polo team. they )re in town for a >> well, it hasn't been a pleasant road trip for the university of hawaii women's water polo team. there trouble isn't in the pool but the parking lot. their gear, laptops, and even passports were swiped. we'll go to the stanford campus with the details. what happened? >> reporter: raj, 24 hours after coming into town the women's water polo team from the university of hawaii had to file police reports because their team vans parked in that parking lot over there got broken into. a lot of very valuable stuff was stolen. a parent of one of the water polo players sent us these photos her daughter took after the break-in showing the busted van windows and shattered glass everywhere in the parking lot. it happened in downtown palo alto as the team was grabbing
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dinner nearby. the thieves took backpacks, swimsuits, water polo caps, goggles, laptops, even passports of foreign players. today the team faced off against cal at the stanford tournament. ultimately though losing the match. two of the hawaii players talked to us after the match. neither said the break-in changed their focus but a parent who came to watch her daughter called the incident really disappointing. >> for me it was a big deal because our daughter's car is in hawaii and she had her keys in her backpack. not just her keys, like keys to her car, a 1974 super beetle so it's like a classic. keys to the home she lives in in hawaii. >> use the energy and anger and put it into the game. >> okay. without their gear they still had to play. is there a local sporting goods? how did they get into the pool? >> reporter: yes, so a lot of
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their gear that was stolen, raj, was replaced with a little help from stanford. gear like goggles and caps and things like that. >> okay. they learned first hand something we all deal with, the car break-in problems in the bay area. think about this. cockroaches on campus. parents of students at an east bay elementary school are concerned about the bugs. a parent of a student goes to longwood elementary school in haywood, reached out to nbc bay area and told us about the cockroach problem. the parent says she complained to the school principal but the cockroaches are still there. the school district told the nbc bay area they know about the problem and are trying to exterminate it. >> i've been working with district staff, working with pest control to manage the situation here. there was a deep cleaning done over the spring break. >> the school says it hopes it has solved the problem but it's going to update parents on a weekly basis. okay. pittsburgh is putting big money behind the push to get people out of their cars. the city will spend about $4
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million bucks on four new bike and walking trails that link to the pittsburgh center bart station. it's the largest grant the city has ever been awarded. they are known as a secret weapon that helped america win world war ii collectively flown as rosie the riveter. thousands of women who went to work to build aircraft and ships america needed. strangers from around the world are raising money to help some of the last surviving rosees travel to normandy for the upcoming 75th d-day. >> reporter: in the age of e-mails, texts, and snaps -- >> radio was big back then. >> reporter: and multimillion dollar bay area homes. >> my first house cost $3,700. >> reporter: the last surviving rosie the riveters have a way of taking us back in time. >> this is the last letter i got from him.
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>> reporter: that handwriting belongs to marian's older brother donald parsons who gave up the farming fields of the midwest for the battle fields of europe. >> it's pretty hard to write a very big letter here. i suppose you know by now i am somewhere in france. >> reporter: not long after her brother sent her this letter -- >> the military came out and told us that my brother got killed in normandy. >> reporter: he was only 22. marian wynn soon took a greyhound to california and landed a job as a welder in the richmond ship yards working along side thousands of other women who soon became known as rosie the riveters. later this month six rosees all in their 90s. >> we've become like sisters. >> reporter: will be traveling to the northern coast of france to stand along side the last surviving veterans for the upcoming d-day commemoration. >> that's going to be very moving for all of us. it's going to be hard. >> reporter: hardest of all for marian who has waited 75 years
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to visit her brother's grave. >> i don't know how i'll act after i get there to the grave and it worries me. i don't know if my blood pressure is going to shoot high. >> reporter: she'll have her sisters by her side to tell her she can do it. the rosies are jet ofg to france on may 30th and will spend seven days in normandy. nbc news will be following them on this trip and they'll share the story sometime next month. be sure to stay tuned for that. that is the latest here in richmond. nbc bay area news. >> that is very nice. we'll be sure to show their journey overseas. >> so remarkable. we are so proud of those rosies. >> jeff, we have the weekend upon us. we're looking good, saturday and sunday, whichever day you have plans for we'll serve up good weather. micro climate forecast on this friday night, here's what i want to start off with. a look at the satellite radar. we had been tracking the chance of possibly some showers. we only saw a few sprinkles overnight near morgan hill and gilroy. i wanted to show you this and
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let you know all of the instability is moving off to the south. any kind of rain chances we are done with that right now. let's go ahead and move it right into your saturday forecast and you'll see temperatures very similar to today. let's start up here into the north bay. 77 in nappa. a little bit cooler here in santa rosa. 73. that's where you get the ocean breeze filtering through half moon bay and will keep you from getting too hot. back in the east bay we'll see warm weather in antioch at 80. 78 livermore. 78 concord. nice day to be out in the garden maybe catching up since we had all the late winter storms, early spring storms. haven't had much time to do any kind of thing outside probably for a lot of you. 77 in san jose. closer to the roast line, 59 at half moon bay. better beach day in santa cruz at 69. i got you set on your saturday forecast. what about for all you moms out there? let's take care of you and get you ready on that sunday in case you're doing anything or you want some ideas. maybe head to san francisco, to brunch. you'll need the jacket. upper 50s and mostly sunny skies. maybe a wine glass in hand.
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that's up into napa. maybe you want to stay in walnut creek and do some shopping. 75 and sunny skies by the afternoon. if you want a little cooling weather, head to the beach, santa cruz, 60s and sunshine on mother's day. we'll talk about the extended forecast, coming up in about 25 minutes. is there anything better than ice cream? >> no. >> what about free ice cream? >> better. >> really better.
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to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you,
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on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. with our famous pastrami and a bigger soft pretzel roll. and try the new turkey bistro with warm turkey and smokehouse bacon. or the new hot club chicken dijon with dijon mayo and black forest ham. how far would you go for a togo?
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that )s a good trio. let's go through it. friday, sunshine. free ice cream. that is a good trio. >> did you say free? like no transaction of cash or credit cards? our nbc bay area treat truck is
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what it's called. it's out in fremont at the street festival. the most popular man in fremont at this hour our morning traffic reporter mike inouye giving away free ice cream. what do you got? >> reporter: we got mya. she just got the rainbow pop which matches the nbc bay area peacock. she is much cuter than a popsicle or the logo we have. thank you, mia. bye-bye. mia has paid the full price for her dad and for her getting ice cream because it's free. we are so happy to be here with our free ice cream. after you get free ice cream, guys, then you can go and eat dinner which is what we're telling all the kids. a circle of food trucks out here, all different kinds. we had a couple that brought me food because i was talking about how much i love fries and gravy. we have cam bodian food, japanese food. tacos. salsa on the other side. we got a de-jay bringing out the music. we have games. we have party atmosphere. we have the lights coming on
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when the sun light goes down. we'll be here handing out free treats up until 8:00 or everything is sold out. if you get here, we can sell out earlier and then go home. have a little dancing going on. join us out here. >> the sugar high is going to come in handy from all the ice cream when they start playing the music. >> mike is suggesting we eat dessert first and then dinner. >> always. that is my motto. >> excellent parenting, mike. all right. mike inouye out there in fremont. go say hi and get free ice cream while you're at it at the street festival. >> ice cream sandwich. up next at 6:30 candid and constructive conversations. president trump's mixed messages on china trade talks and billions in new tariffs.
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having that institutional partner on your side is very powerful because of the rest of the real estate all the institutions are on the other side. now you have a partner who is helping and has your best interests in mind and it puts the homeowner back in control of owning the house which is very different than a bunch of debt and more debt where the bank is
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in control. now you're back in control completely. us helping them is a very profound satisfaction. being able to bring people into a home securely that never thought they could own a house is very rewarding. the trade wara escalates ... and that means right now at 6:30, bracing for impact. the trade war with china escalating. that means shopping is about to get more expensive for you. we're talking appliances, electronics, even shampoo. all of that expected to be pricier after the president raised tariffs on chinese imports. >> is this really going to happen or is it a bargaining chip by president trump? really, the real impact, how much extra money might we be spending? >> they estimate a few hundred dollars per american. think of the word tariffs as taxes. president trump is raising them from 10% to 25% and that means he'll be paying more for things
6:31 pm
made in china. trade talks between the u.s. and china finished for now but with no resolution. >> they were constructive discussions between both parties. that's all we're going to say. >> reporter: the u.s. escalating the trade war overnight, sharply raising tariffs from 10% to 25% on $200 billion worth of imported chinese goods. for president trump, a bargaining tool. >> i happen to think the tariffs for our country are very powerful. >> reporter: this morning in a flurry of tweets the president defending his strategy writing the talks are moving in a very congenial manner. there is absolutely no he need to rush, adding tariffs will bring in far more wealth to the u.s. >> despite what the president says we know from history going back to the 1930s and other periods where you see a full scale trade war among countries around the world, it could cause a recession. it could cause the global economy to tip over. it's a dangerous game to play. >> reporter: what could increased tariffs mean for you?
6:32 pm
higher prices on everything from cars to appliances to smart phones and shoes and fears china could further retaliate raising tariffs on american goods. some farmers say that's bad news. >> it's challenging being the point man in this war that, considering we had the low prices and now the prices are even lower because of the tariffs. >> reporter: the uncertainty is enough to send stock markets falling this week. both sides say they will continue talks in the future. at this time no new trade talks scheduled but a bit of good news today. it didn't affect the stock markets as much as some expected. raj? >> okay, janelle. thank you. the house of representatives passed a $19 billion bill and the president is not thrilled about it. he tweeted last night, quote, house republicans should not vote for the bad democrat disaster supplemental bill which hurts our state, farmers, and border security. the bill will give relief to farmers and victims of hurricanes and floods. republicans that are against the bill thought it should have
6:33 pm
included an additional $4 billion for border enforcement. a portion of the midwest and the south under water and more flooding is on the way. houston hit especially hard overnight. flooded streets, dozens of rescues. power outages, and the ground is saturated. now, officials are extending flash flood warnings into the weekend because of it. houston not alone. baton rouge, louisiana, jacksonville, mississippi, also hit hard by severe flooding. and those storms are expected to pound the region with even more rain this weekend. prosecutors on the peninsula finding themselves on the other side of the law. the family of a boy critically hurt while kayaking is suing the san matteo county district attorney's office. the family says the drunken boater accused of causing the crash is getting off too easy. the accident happened last october. 15-year-old was kayaking in marina lagoon when a motor boat ran right into him. you see some of the injuries there. police arrested the driver on suspicion of operating a boat
6:34 pm
while intoxicated. the boat's propeller shredded the victim and he nearly died. the dae charged the driver with two misdemeanors but the family says he should get felony charges. his mother remembers the first time she saw her son in the icu. >> he was hooked up to so many machines and he had a ventilator. he was not responding to my voice. >> the family says the boater should be charged and prosecuted for battery and drunken boating causing great bodily harm. a former oakland police chief now going to work for the city of vallejo but he is not in uniform. howard jordan stepped down as oakland's chief back in 2013. in vallejo he'll work as a senior adviser to the city manager. among his duties helping the city search for a new police chief and improving the department's community relations. vallejo's current chief is retiring in june. work under way to straighten out the odd looking jagged lane stripes on 101.
6:35 pm
we showed them to you last night. you may have seen them in person. they stretch from san francisco to the south bay. ca caltrans says they're kind of like a sticker. the crews switched over to them about a year ago but some were installed a few days after wet weather so they've been peeling off. the crews will restripe the lanes from san francisco to the county line to gilroy and the work is expected to be complete by the end of the month. for more than six months we've been tracking an oakland man in his attempt to make sailing history. randal reeves is trying to become the first person to sail solo around the antarctic and the americas. we caught up with reeves in the middle of the atlantic ocean. >> reporter: you never know just how far someone will go to chase their dreams. bay area sailor randal reeves will apparently chase them as far as it takes. last october reeves sailed out
6:36 pm
of the san francisco bay attempting to become the first person to sail solo around the americas and the antarctic continent in one season passing through all the world's oceans. with a satellite uplink and phone reeves was able to send back images and update his progress from somewhere in the atlantic ocean. >> about 500 miles east of brazil. >> moli is reeves' boat, his companion as he rides the wind through the great unknown. >> this boat and i headed south and have been at sea every day since then. >> reporter: reeves has now spent more than 200 days at sea. >> think of all the things you've done since october of last year and for every one of those days we've been out here. >> reporter: this is actually reeves' second run at history. >> this entire half of the boat is under water. >> reporter: in october, 2017 he set out on the same journey which he called the figure 8 voyage. two months later storms battered his boat to the point he had to
6:37 pm
scrub his trip. >> just everything got wet. everything was out. >> reporter: so far this time he's passed cape horn at the southern tip of south america and is heading toward the arctic. >> 200 days is a long time at sea. i enjoy being at sea. it's a lot of fun. but i miss things like my house and i miss people most of all like my wife. >> reporter: in the middle of nowhere there are comforts reeves doesn't miss. >> don't have radio. don't have television. i don't have access to the internet. things like that. i must say i don't really miss any of that. >> reporter: the life of a lone explorer has its challenges. at night the oakland man has to wake up every hour and check his course and of course the menu is limited. >> i must say after 200 days i am really sick of my cooking. i enjoy being out here in nach aurn having to figure out how to survive on my own. >> reporter: by july reeves expects to be passing canada and alaska hoping to sail back under the golden gate bridge in time
6:38 pm
for thanksgiving. back home, the place where his dreams now reside. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> wow. what he is doing is incredible. the new royal baby is named archie. might become more popular in the years to come but did not crack this year's top five.
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6:40 pm
of teachers hit a wall this morning in contra costa county. for 10 months teachers in the mount diablo unified school district have worked without a contract. negotiations with hundreds of teach evers hit a wall this morning. for ten months the teachers have been working without a contract. they say they are at an impasse on key issues including class size, student resources. the district and teachers union now hope that a mediator can help break the log jam but the union is warning if something doesn't happen the next step could be a strike.
6:41 pm
the legend of big foot lives strong in california. the travel channel ranked the golden state the second to sight sasquatch. nationwide the number tops 23,000. the state with the most sasquatch sightings? washington of course. okay. it's not jessica, not jeff, not raj. how about liam and emma the latest list of america's most popular baby names is out. liam is number one for boys followed by noah, william, james, and oliver. >> i lake oliver. >> for the girls, emma tops the list for the fifth year in a row. do we know any emmas? trying to think. >> we know an olivia. >> i have olivia. >> do you have a number four? >> i have a number four. >> you were doing it before it was fashionable and trendy. >> exactly. one of mine was going to be sophia, too. >> maybe you have another. >> i need an emma. >> did you write this list?
6:42 pm
>> jessica's list. no. that is from the top baby names list. >> i just got to get myself an emma. >> why not? >> we can work on that. never too late. we have a mother's day forecast. >> yes. we have it all covered for you. let's get a live look outside. you can see in san jose right now, beautiful conditions. maybe the preparty is starting today for the big game tomorrow in san jose, the shark tank currently 69 degrees. i'll tell you what to expect for the game.
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consumer investigator nbc bay area responds to consumer complaints both in english and in espanol. >> si. we have an update on the team's accomplishments. >> we are coming up on our third
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anniversary. since then nbc responds and responde have helped consumers like you save or get back more than $2.8 million. let's talk about two of our most recent wins starting with pauline in sunnyvale. she had a problem with a gift card purchase. we see these cases a lot. our team helped pauline get $500 back from the store that sold the gift card. over at telemundo 48. they helped fermin with a refund of a satellite tv bill. maybe we can help you too. in english 888-996-tips or spanish 844-408-4848. have a great weekend. >> thank you. if you have a phone chances are you're getting plenty of the annoying robocalls but now the telephone industry may have an answer. this is a story we've been covering at length. phone companies are working on a plan to dial back those calls.
6:46 pm
the idea is to make it harder for scammers to hide their phone numbers. if a scammer calls using a fake number the call would get stopped. phone companies say this could put a dent in the problem but those calls may never go away completely. grad students spend years on their thesis but can they explain it in just three minutes? the all star final round of the uc grad slam was held today at san francisco at linked in. one grad student from each of the ten campuses had to wow the panel of judges me included with their high level research and make it understandable and viable. you see president janet napolitano played game show host. it ranged from carbon sea eaters, blood tests, and fighting super bugs. the winner is katy murphy from uc-davis and her research was how to make disease free corn and other plants. she called herself the queen of corn. she was. >> wow. >> interesting. >> they have three minutes? >> three minutes to pitch this idea. >> like an elevator pitch. >> they were phenomenal.
6:47 pm
ten students. i understood like five of them. >> to get into uc nowadays. >> grad students. >> they spend so much time on it. to just boil it down. >> it was fantastic. they do it every year. great event. really smart. >> did you take copious notes? >> i'm going to translate them all for you. >> it's the weekend. while you do that i'll get dinner. i'll take you guys out for a burger or something. let's bring you to the forecast tonight and you'll see as we get a look, we'll start off with what's going to be in charge of the weekend. it's all about this area of high pressure starting to build in right now. it took the spotty shower chance we had in the overnight hours and pushed it well off to the south and this will bring us warm weather here as we head into saturday. also into sunday. the result of that at least right now is the sunny skies out here in san francisco looking across downtown. really, really beautiful. still might need a light jacket if you're heading to the city for some sort of fun. 61 degrees right now. as we head through 10:00 and
6:48 pm
11:00 we'll drop down to the 50s. do notice the fog does start to come back as we move into tomorrow morning. so we still have have to deal with the typical low clouds to start but then there will be some sunshine as we move tlhrouh tomorrow. certainly plenty of it. a few clouds for the south bay and 54. better bet would be fog for the peninsula at 55. mostly sunny in the tri valley at 51. expect some low clouds through the east bay, san francisco, and the north bay with more of those 50s. so sunshine as promised as we move through saturday's forecast. not going to be too hot. very enjoyable. head outside. t-shirts, shorts. maybe even some flip-flops. you'll be super comfortable here down in the south bay with 77 in downtown san jose. 79 in morgan hill. maybe in the south bay you'll be heading here for the nhl playoffs. we have great weather. even if you don't have tickets but you just want to be around all that energy you can see how the temperatures will be moving through the day. we'll likely get up to our warmest around 2:00, 3:00, and
6:49 pm
also 4:00. remember the game is going to be here on nbc bay area tomorrow at 57k we have a preshow just before that at 4:30 we want you to tune into. let's move you back into the micro climate forecast for tomorrow. right over to the east bay we have you at 80 in antioch. 78 in concord. 80 danville. warmest widespread weather right over here in contra costa, alameda counties. once you head over the east bay hills we drop down to a cooler 69 in oakland with the bay breeze coming on back. comfortable along the peninsula. sunny skies. redwood city at 73 degrees. san francisco, 63 in the mission. 63 'em bark darrow. the north bay. a warm 77 in napa. my extended forecast for all the moms on mother's day on sunday looks really nice. in san francisco maybe you're heading there for brunch. fog in the morning. sun in the afternoon. we'll be at 60. clouds coming back by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. that's going to switch it up next week.
6:50 pm
we're looking at temperatures right about near average. inland valleys going to 76 here on mother's day for sunday. then eventually we drop it down next week as the clouds start to increase by tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and into next friday you could see it's not going to be too hot. we'll see it eventually drop down to a cooler 69 degrees. so sharks game tomorrow, whatever you have happening on saturday looks good. mother's day great. we kind of sandwiched in the two best days out of the next seven coming this weekend. >> bravo. >> i think i deserve a three-day weekend like maybe monday off or something like that. if our bosses are watching. there you go. >> i say yes. >> all right. thanks. >> you got it. up next we are talking hockey. the puck drops in san jose tomorrow. inal. we catch up with the sharks ahead of tomorrow )s big game against the blues. sports is next. ♪
6:51 pm
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famous trophy in sports... >> how's this picture? notice the thing on the left side of your screen? that is the stanley cup, the most famous trophy in sports. it gets taken everywhere even to batting practice at oracle park. the giants using the cup to hold baseballs at batting practice this evening. >> okay. the question is, how do we keep
6:54 pm
the stanley cup here in the bay area? we don't want it to go away. the sharks still have never won the title. what do we do? >> this is the year. sharks host the st. louis blues in the western conference finals. what can we expect? >> pavelski controls it. they're headed to the western conference finals. >> we have everything in here to win the whole thing. at the same time i think the other three teams are thinking the same thing and we know we don't put in the work, you know, we're not going to get that end goal. >> the end goal of course being lord stanley's cup. they're half way there after two grueling seven-game series. don't be surprised if the conference final plays out to a similar length. st. louis the best team in the league since january 1st. >> and the blues win it in game 7! >> they've been on a huge roll. we know that but at the same
6:55 pm
time we know our strength. we believe in our team. it's going to take the best of us, the best of everybody in here. we're confident we can do it. >> real deep, a good goaltending hockey team. they got a lot of veterans. been in the league a long time. as do we. in a way it's kind of like looking in the mirror. >> reporter: remember the last time the sharks advanced to the conference final in 2016 their opponent then was the st. louis blues. while joe thornton realizes the corps of both teams remains the same the sum of all the parts has changed dramatically. all he cares about is that his team is one of the few remaining. >> i think everybody realizes. we have a big board in there that says there's four teams left, 27 that aren't playing right now and four of us that are. so it's, you know, you're breathing rare air right now and it's exciting for this group. >> the puck drops for game one just after 5:00 saturday night. in san jose, nbc bay area.
6:56 pm
>> did joe thornton trim the beard a little bit? it looks cleaned up. you can watch that game, game one right here on nbc bay area. we mentioned 5:00 p.m. game start. we'll have a special pregame newscast at 4:30. i'll be live at the shark tank along with the stanley cup. so come on over. take a selfie. get ready for some hockey tomorrow. we got a lot going on the next few days. >> okay. raj's arrival, how will the weather be for that? >> the cup weather. >> leave the umbrella in the back seat. you won't need that for you and sharkey out there. let's look at the forecast. and temperatures going up to 76 by 3:00 p.m. that is really going to be kind of the warmest hour. >> nice. >> really beautiful. lots of sunshine coming your way. mother's day on sunday, 76. mostly sunny skies. fantastic this weekend. >> a perfect forecast. >> you good with that? >> i am. thank you. - hey, mike.
6:57 pm
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