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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 13, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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sports fans. the implication of today's decision on the future of the a's stadium. >> plus, the rain is returning. kari is tracking our chances and the timing of the next significant storm system set to arrive in the bay area. does mother nature know it's may? "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike will get us headed out in just a minute. first we want to talk about the weather, the incoming rain. >> we need to be prepared. that comes in on wednesday and thursday. we'll have another round for the weekend. so we're going to see a lot of changes this week. let's get out the door with a live look outside in palo alto as you get ready to drive to work. it looks pretty good on highway 101. our temperatures are in the low 50s. a nice warmup today with mostly sunny skies. we're tracking the storm system that could bring us heavy rain
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and thunderstorms along with sierra snow. mike, you have one issue on the bay bridge. >> i do, kari. it is counter commute. maybe that's why we need to give a big alert. this is lower deck out of san francisco. eastbound getting away from the city. a truck blocking the off-ramp at treasure island. it's a really tight turn. the crews should help out really quickly. counter commute. slowing at the off-ramp site across the freeway. backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. a build for the upper east shore just showing up. a little easier drive-through contra costa county. two crashes have cleared. a little slow through pleasant hill.
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back to you. >> thank you very much. a live look at the cypress pines apartment complex in richmond. one of two locations where gunfire erupted overnight. so far richmond police aren't saying anything about what happened. this is at 74th and -- 47th, rather, and potrero. investigators could be seen at a second location near a play ground east of 23rd. police saying nothing about whether anyone was shot or if they have a motive. pete suratos will join us with a live update at the bottom of the hour. breaking in the past half hour in the trade war, china retaliates announcing tariffs on u.s. products. the change starts in june. now, there has been a lot of talks throughout the morning. the change and the analysis and what that means for you coming up in about 10 minutes. first, to tracie potts in
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washington with the latest on the negotiations. plus, escalating tensions with iran. now, tracie, we want to start out with what's going on in china. >> reporter: sure. $60 billion in goods we sell to china now will cost american businesses more to get into that country as of, within the last hour, we have learned china will up the ante like president trump did last week. even though they are both saying the door is still open for talks. they said they wouldn't come back to the table and resume talks until president trump backed off tariffs. now they are doing the same thing. it is clear both sides are saying the door is still open. it's just not clear how they are going to get back involved. and this is the issue that is expected to hurt farmers and american consumers as they go to buy chinese goods that now cost
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more to get into this country. that is one thing we're covering. we're also watching iran. the u.s. is sending more military assets amid concerns they will be ramping up on military assets there. could this lead to a military conflict? the trump administration says they're sending the warships and carriers and other assets in case we have to fight back. secretary of state now talking with the europeans in brussels about the nuclear teal and the differences between the u.s. and europe on how they want to deal with that. >> all right. tracie, this is something that is just never ending, it seems like. thank you for that update. . it is 6:04 right now. happening today, critical vote for the future of oakland. of course the skyline here. at the port, the a's want to build a new stadium. this is a rendering of what it would look like.
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talk about what's at issue here, bob. >> the coliseum is 50 years old. the a's have been wanting to move out for a while and move into something like this. these are renderings of the new stadium that would be north of here, just outside downtown oakland. later this afternoon, the commissioners with the port of oakland will vote whether or not to approve a term sheet that would give four years to conduct environmental impact reviews, secure land use approvals and enter into real estate agreements for the new ballpark for 34,000 people. as you mentioned, not everyone is on board with this plan. east oakland stadium alliance, port workers will hold a news conference at 11:45 to express their opposition to the proposed plan. their concern is that the new stadium would impact thousands of jobs and oakland's economic
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base. the proposal would allow the a's to lease the land at a much lower rate than other port operators. they meet at 1:30 for the critical vote. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay". >> a lot of a's fans would love to see that happen. they were e talking about it. so we'll see. >> thanks, bob. 6:06 right now. happening today, actress felicity huffman is expected to plead guilty. >> reporter: good morning. the spotlight is back on actress felicity huffman as she prepares for another high-profile day in federal court. she will formally expert a plea later on today. she's among the dozens of prominent parents charged with paying big bucks to get their kids into selective schools.
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actress lori loughlin and her fashion designer husband are not among them and plan to fight their charges in court. after today's plea hearing, huffman will be sentenced at a later date. we'll let you know how much prison time she could be facing coming up on "today". 6:07 for you right now. new, if you live in the north bay and you see drones flying above you, well, this is going to happen the next few weeks. it may be the latest effort to boost fire safety. pg&e is flying the drones. we have a firsthand look at the operation. it follows a legal order tied to liability claims for the family to provide for more prevention. >> it adds to the inspection. it enhances them. it gives us a more robust inspection. allows us to look at the
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structure from different angles. >> drones will commonly fly from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day but not on sunday. pg&e hopes to finish the aerial inspections by the end of the month. a heads-up if your commute takes you through the south bay this week. work is getting under way on highway 17 today between santa cruz and scotts valley. crews are working on fire prevention efforts. all right. kari, i know a lot of talking about the fires. the good news for us anyway is the rain is coming to the area. >> yeah. we do have some rain. i wonder if it could delay preparations for wildfire season. it will be good to get showers for the middle of the week. it could be significant rain. we're talking not only one but two storm systems headed our way. showers starting on wednesday.
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they could get quite heavy wednesday night and the possibility of some thunderstorms by thursday. as that area of low pressure gets closer and moves right over the bay area. the chance of sierra snow in minutes. i hope they're for the better net result at least. the south bay and peninsula, no problem. the south bay eased up. now we are starting to see the pluck of the commute in san jose. hayward slows a bit for south 880 and west 92. a crash at the toll plaza. there may have been a quick traffic break to move the vehicles from the toll plaza which isn't reporting any excessive backup.
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the build now from richmond over towards san rafael on 580 as well. back to you. all right. thanks, mike. 6:09 right now. >> mother's day has come and gone. the backlash lingers from a bizarre tweet from a famous restaurant chain. see the pancake picture that has some people cringing. >> china has now retaliated with new tariffs of its own. dow futures down 500 points. cancer in the san francisco fire department. 6:25, the stories victims are sharing this morning. you're watching "today in the bay".
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it is 6:13. sunshine across the bay area. a live look at san jose. even though we do have beautiful weather ahead, we are going to be tracking rain. more about when the rain arrives and what else we have in our forecast coming up in less than five minutes. and looking at the haze in the air. roads are moving smoothly. i have your commute as things are changing right now. and good morning. happy monday to you. big movement in the trade war with china. it will be another rough day on the markets. let's take a look at local companies first, though.
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the south bay's tivo says it wants to break into two. investors got out of the stock friday down 14%. today will be uber's first full day of trading after its market debut friday. shares started trading three hours into the trading day and promptly fell. you can buy uber stock for less than bankers and insiders bought it for at its ipo. lets than an hour ago, the chinese retaliated on tariffs put on them on friday. they will increase tariffs on mostly farm goods from 10% to 25%, matching our tariff increase. this is effective june 1st. >> the iphone has avoided the trade war. they are putting tariffs on all chinese goods and the iphone is definitely a chinese good. because it gets confused when a
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tariff is placed on a chinese good, we are the ones paying the tariff. when the chinese put a tariff on an american good, say soy beans, they pay their tariff on our product. the company that makes the tariff pays the tariff. now, the president insists what i'm saying isn't true. he off says the chinese pay our tariffs. here's an example of that in a tweet. this is such a constant claim that journalist chris wallace pinned trump's top economic adviser larry kudlow down on fox news sunday, not letting him go into they hammered it. yes, americans pay the tariff on exports. it's the buyer of the more expensive goods who pays the price. so american goods are more expensive for the chinese, say soy beans. chinese products are more expensive for americans. >> right. >> okay. >> thanks, scott.
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>> the p in ihop, what do you think it stands for? >> pancakes. >> not pregnancy or parenthood. maybe the company went a little too deep with a mother's day treat. it shows what appears to be a sonogram with a stack of flapjacks inside. it mentions pancakes in the tumtum. it did not spark as much as it did confusion. >> we know pancakes are delivered by storks. >> they change their name to burger, whatever. >> once again they, got it. >> stick to the pancakes. >> please. >> this morning, sunshine. a nice cool start.
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we'll talk about the changes ahead. a live look outside in oakland. as the sunrises. make sure you grab the sunglasses before you head out. 71 in napa. morgan hill, 76 with livermore seeing a high today of 75. still a lot of tree pollen and grass pollen. mostly tree pollen right now. the top allergens, pine, oak. we have the blues here in town to play the sharks. now, we need this win tonight. it will be 67 degrees. nice weather for the evening. we'll be watching the storm
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system. not only one but two storm systems arriving in the next few days. the first gets here wednesday and starts to bring in scattered showers and get heavier into wednesday night. and then as the center of the low pressure and the storm system gets closer, there could be enough energy to produce thunderstorms on thursday. that moves off to the east friday. then another storm system moves in. two computer models for the amount of rain we could see. both of them agree. showing more than an inch of rain for most of the bay area. for the north bay, over an inch and a half, which is really unheard of this time of year. not only that, but we could see significant sierra snow. some of that may be melting.
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we'll be watching not only the sierra snow but rain. upper 60s to lower 70s. mike, you have been watching the south bay. is it looking good now? >> it is looking really good. we're looking over here north 101 in san jose, 680 and 280 enter change. you can barely see the yellow. just in the 50s at the very worst for that tough commute spot. i don't see any additional slowing. traffic improves a little bit through the area. walnut creek out of concord,
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smooth drive. a little slowing. 580. this is a great way to start monday. this is a little pwup. we take what we can get at the bay bridge toll plaza. you get this, you take it. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. breaking news this morning. doris day has died. we just found out about 15 minutes ago. the actress and singer, you can hear her angelic voice there, she died early this morning at her home in carmel valley. she was nominated for an oscar in her 1969 film.
6:21 am
the foundation says in a statement she was surrounded by close friends at the time of her death. she have in excellent physical health for her age until recently where she contracted a serious case of pneumonia. she was 97 years old. 6:21 right now. still ahead, a big development while you sleep for julian assange's future. the case will reopen against the wikileaks founder. the greatest title in the world is mama. well, it is for me. i posted a picture of my trip. treasure your mother always if you're lucky enough to still have your mom around. call her. thank you so much for people who wished me a happy mother's day.
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you're watching "today in the bay".
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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nation and the world: a police officer shot over the weekend in georgia .. later here's a look at the news making headlines around the nation and the world at 6:24. a police officer shot over the weekend in georgia, later dying from his injuries. savannah "morning news" said the suspect died along with the officer two saudi oil tankers sustained significant damage in an attack believed to be sabotage off the coast of the
6:25 am
uae. one of the tankers was bound for the u.s. two people reported hurt in a 6.1 earthquake in panama near the cota rican border. >> cancer imimpacting california firefighters getting national attention. every time a firefighter rushes into action, they're being exposed to toxic gases seeping into their bodies, causing cancer at an alarming rate. nbc's natalie morales spent time with firefighters in san francisco to talk about how the department is fighting it. >> i've often said there is a cancer sniper in the fire service. sit not if, not when, but who will be the next call to come down with cancer.
6:26 am
>> how many have you personally lost from cancer? >> too many. far too many. out of five of us that contracted it in this firehouse, two of us are still alive. >> it ayers at 7:30 right here on nbc bay area. >> 6:26. happening today, stage two of the amgen tour of california. >> they will travel to south lake tahoe. tomorrow is the only one that touches the bay area, including a trip up and down mount hamilton, eventually ending in morgan hill. >> they have. >> 6:26. here are the stories we're working on for 6:30. brother versus brother for the playoffs. >> but first how secure is your commute. an alarming new report card on the bay area's roads and
6:27 am
bridges. >> breaking news, the shooting scene we're monitoring right now. what police are saying so far about what may have happened overnight. you're watching "today in the bay". alright boys, time for bed.
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>> right now at 6:30, we are waiting for the ringing of the opening bell this morning.
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stocks down 500 points ahead of china retaliating against new tariffs. keeping an eye on the markets this morning. >> a live look at satellite doppler radar. the rain heading for the bay area. kira will have a look at that in sufficient seconds. thank you for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. hope you had a great weekend. >> the beautiful weather into the start of the workweek. temperatures in the low 60s. that's a live look outside at highway 101 in san jose. let's head over to sunnyvale. 53 degrees as you step out the door. upper 60s for early afternoon. overall,s a nice day. here's another look at the satellite radar showing the storm system arriving on wednesday. i'll talk about the timing. and now you have crashes in the tri-valley. >> effort that.
6:31 am
680, sunol boulevard, sorry, folks. it is showing build. this crash reportedly off on the shoulder. a little distraction. now the build towards highway 84. west 580. the concern i have, a couple of lanes may be blocking that. the traffic is bogging down. in will bog you down. back to you. >> thanks, mike. breaking news in contra costa county, violence breaking nut in richmond. million shootings. >> one near a playground, the other at an apartment complex. pete has been out since 4:00. what kind of information have you been able to get from police?
6:32 am
>> i'm jotting down information on my cell phone. we can confirm now there were three overnight shootings in richmond. they appear to be unrelated. they are still working to get more details on suspects and victims. we know it started roughly 10:00 p.m., lasting until 11:30 p.m. this is one of the things that we are showing you some video of the scene we're at right now. you can see in the parking lot, several markings there. that was the third shooting that took place in that window. the victim getting treatments for shots to the upper body. another piece of video. this was actually the first shooting in the series of shootings. this was on the 2400 block of esmond near the wendell playground avenue near 23rd street.
6:33 am
details unknown. there was a shooting in between. that was first street and nevin. it was one of three shootings that took place overnight. this was the third shooting in the overnight that happened last night. those are the details we're getting. they are still looking for suspects. new legal trowel for wikileaks founder julian assange. sweden's top prosecutor will resume. prosecutors dropped the case as authorities became frustrated in trying to extradite assange. they are announcing plans to request extradition even though the u.s. is making a similar
6:34 am
request. they have to decide which request takes precedent. >> 6:33. we reported on california's crumbling infrastructures before. now for you this morning, the state is failing in critical areas. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us live from san jose with where we are seeing some of the trouble spots. kris? >> reporter: hi there, laura and marcus. the state gets an overall passing grade from the american society of civil engineers. but there definitely is a lot of room for improvement. california gets one of its lowest grades on this report card in regard to the roadway. california gets a poor grade in energy. it comes as c pluses. so not spectacular.
6:35 am
california gets a c minus. education and drinking water. the report put out by the american society of civil engineers in the 2017 failing of the oroville dam spillway. they recommend raising more revenue to reduce the backlog of maintenance and to improve energy. they should focus on renewable energy and also should use modern technology to eliminate fire danger. i have posted some of the civil engineer findings on my twitter feed. kris sanchez, "today in the bay". 6:35. testimony scheduled to resume in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire trial. it took a break last friday. some of the witnesses have
6:36 am
provided emotional testimony. prosecutors are trying to establish the warehouse did not meet proper fire codes. the trial resumes at 9:00 a.m. >> crews are expected to remove a tree that fell over a home over the weekend. look at this damage. the section that broke off the truck was six feet around and 60 feet long. they were able to get out of the house through a back window. no one was hurt. the tree likely snapped because of old age and the heavyweight. 6:36. a live look at the shark tank. sun is up. get ready for another fan frenzy. >> the sharks take on st. louis in game two of the western conference finals.
6:37 am
>> past the midway point of period two. scores! a spectacular goal. >> the sharks took care of business business. they won 6-3. the game starts at 6:00 p.m. on nbc sports network. the rally gets going at 4:00 p.m. >> all right. we now know who the dubs will play in the nba finals. the matchup between the curry brothers, seth and steph. and damian lillard came up big yesterday's game seven. this is the first of two games. the other had one of the most spectacular finishes ever.
6:38 am
>> lillard's shot at the buzzer took out the philadelphia 76ers. toronto won 9 2-9 0. they move on to face milwaukee in the eastern conference finals. here you go, mike. >> mr. buzzer beater. four bounces before it goes in. >> i know. >> can't script it any better. >> nope. >> all right. the roadways looking really good. the south bay the last 10 minutes, not bad. peninsula looking clear. i want to show you over here toward the tri-valley, we are slowing westbound 580. only one lane is open as you head through the area. a tough drive as folks head toward the dublin interchange. very slow right now. that is a big problem. we're looking at hopefully another couple minutes until they reopen another lane. we have a community of folks. they did take this picture
6:39 am
showing you have a couple lanes. a lot of vehicles there that crashed the car side ways. waze community volunteering. nbc bay area wazers. >> they are teammates. >> all working as one. you are working with us as well. >> we have changes before the weekend. two storm systems. the first one approaches wednesday into thursday. could bring us heavy rain. a second storm system coming in that could impact your weekend plans for saturday and sunday. we will see scattered showers and potentially thunderstorms.
6:40 am
for san francisco, temperatures in the low to mid-60s with those rain chances. that's a live look at squaw valley. heads-up that we could see rain and even some more snow falling. temperatures in the mid-40s for friday. and saturday and sunday is when the weather gets dicey once again. for the tri-valley, we will see dry weather on friday. then the rain chances and possibly storms on sunday. i'll track that with more updates. we'll talk about that in three minutes >> water spewing into the night sky overnight. next how police say this started. >> but first a big vote with the potential to impact sports, fans, and the entire economy. the implication of today's decision on the future of a's stadium. >> china slapped new tariffs on american goods. the big board you are seeing evidence of that.
6:41 am
the dow falling 424 points. uber is down another 8%. you're watching "today in the bay".
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right now at 6:43, it's a clear and sunny start to the day as you get ready to head out the door in martinez. it will be cool. mid to upper 50s. a nice warmup today. big changes ahead by wednesday. we'll talk more about that coming up in less than five minutes.
6:44 am
>> 3580 west bound, we have good news. the crash cleared the lanes. another crash this time involving a motorcycle. we're tracking that. thanks so much, kari and mike. quarter to 7:00 right now. a live look at oakland. we are tracking a critical vote on a proposed ballpark for the a's. the report will vote on whether to approve a deal that would gave the a's four years to conduct environmental impact reviews, as well as securing land use and approve entering into a real estate agreement. they say the proposed stadium impact has a lot, thousands of jobs and the economic base. the president will hold a news
6:45 am
conference ahead of today's vote. new, a mystery where perhaps a sliver of pwhrapbbellagio to . it is from a sheered off water hydrant 37 it sent water shooting into the air. students will gather tonight to remember the teenager killed in a wrong-way crash. 16-year-old arman da canales died when a woman driving the wrong way on highway 17 slammed into his car. four other teenagers in the car were also hurt. grief counselors will be on campus when students arrive today. the woman was driving under the
6:46 am
influence. final weeks of negotiation are under way in sacramento when it comes to state budget talks. negotiations are under way in california. governor newsom initially handed off his $213 billion plan to lawmakers. more money earmarked for k through 12 education. $1 billion is being designated for homeless services including mental health and transitional housing. they have until june 15th to announce a plan. the governor must sign by june 30th. matching president trump's new tariffs. >> $60 billion worth of american goods will have a higher price tag. >> going from 10% markets to 25%. a match in the increase that we put on chinese goods friday. this is just about an hour ago. further, no new talks scheduled between the two countries. washington signaling iran is
6:47 am
reaching the crisis level. not clear why mike pompeo canceled the meeting. the state department said he will brief there on recent threats. she only found out about pompeo's trip overnight. and said she wasn't sure diplomats would have time to meet with the secretary of state. saying we will see during the day how and if we manage to arrange a meeting. we're seeing a lot of movement in the u.s. military. abraham lincoln diverted to the middle east. the defense department handing out video to b-52 bombers moved from qatar to louisiana. and the uae says four tankers have been harassed by an unnamed country. we presume it's iran. the white house is getting
6:48 am
criticism for meeting with orban. president obama was one when he would meet with any world leader including the leader of north korea. there was never a meeting. senator john mccain said obama's offer to meet with kim showed a lack of judgment. we're watching everything that's happened as things again to accelerate. follow me on twitter@scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. hey, check these little guys out. new prairie dog pups at the san francisco zoo. they have names. meat, sprout, rad itch, walnut, meadow. they received 2700, including game of thrones characters. they were born at the zoo two months ago. have you ever watched them how they warn each other? danger is coming.
6:49 am
>> only texting. >> there is always a lookout. and they make chirping noises. >> really? >> yeah. >> here she comes. >> they are cute. reminds you of a garden. we will see rain in the garden. >> we have rain headed our way. we have been waiting a month and a half. i think we all have. we have the dry weather. that will come to an end. this is a live look at walnut creek. a sunny start to your monday morning. the beautiful weather continues today. we start out in walnut creek at 55 degrees. at 10:00, we're at 62. 70 degrees by 1:00 today with mostly sunny skies. eventually heading into the mid-70s for the inland areas. oakland, 65. san francisco, 62 degrees. all right. let's get to the rain.
6:50 am
we are all going to be talking about this. our first significant storm we have had since early april. so this will be a big deal here. we're going to start to see the clouds reaching in by tomorrow, afternoon. the rain arriving biens with. by wednesday morning, most of the bay area will see showers that will get heavier wednesday night and thursday. by thursday, this area of low pressure is right overhead. that could enhance enough energy in those thunderstorms to produce thunderstorms. and then we will see that quickly pushing off to the east for a try friday. then we'll see a second storm system that could change your weekend plans as the rain moves in on saturday. it continues off and on until sunday. here are the computer models. this is how much had you rain they are showing now through friday. this is the first storm. it could bring over an inch, inch and a half to parts of the north bay. this time of year we get most
6:51 am
rain in january and february. it tapers off by april an inch in san jose. look how much we normally get in may. less than a half inch. now the computer models are showing we could get double, possibly even triple our monthly totals this week. the sierra could see significant snow. the roads have warmed up. not all of that will be sticking. nice to see a foot of snow in the forecast. we are going to see off and on showers on wednesday getting heavier and then become some thunderstorms on thursday. dry on friday. a soggy weekend. now you are tracking a new crash in the tri-valley. >> i am, kari. we have to warn that motorcycles are tougher to see. a new crash does involve a motorcyclist in the backup toward that dublin interchange. traffic here in our shot.
6:52 am
starting to slow down. the second crash in the backup from the first during the recovery. one crash cleared. approaching the dublin interchange. it makes the drive better as far as the speeds go. traffic is held up there. motorcyclist with a leg injury. no major injuries. that's better news. more traffic likely on 84 as a cut through. >> a pretty gentle build for the 652 time on this monday morning. single vehicle around oakland road north 101. it may be a factor. south bay looks pretty standard. pack to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 6:52. happening now. people in virginia cleaning up. strong weekend storms spawned a tornado. the national weather service conforms an ef-1 touched down saturday night.
6:53 am
more than a dozen homes and businesses were damaged. >> next here on "today in the bay", a quick look at the top stories, including a plunging stock market. and the death of a beloved actress. plus, one of the most famous faces in the college emissions scandal returns to court. the plea actress felicity huffman is expected to give. police at multiple shooting scenes overnight including near a playground. the new information coming into the newsroom. it is 6:53. back with more news after the break. kwrao y you're watching "today in the bay".
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it,
6:56 am
this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's. 6:56. welcome back. before you head out the door or here are the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay". breaking news for you. a live look at cypress pines in richmond on 47th and potrero near the east shore neighborhood. this is one of three locations where gunfire erupted last night. police are telling us that four people were shot. more shots fired east of 23rd street near a playground. and shots at the iron triangle. no word on the number of people shot or the extent of their injuries. police believe the shootings are not connected. >> also breaking news, doris day has died. she died early this morning at a home in carmel valley.
6:57 am
she was best known for her role in japan ma jane, calamity jane as well as her own "the doris day show." day won a tkpraply lifetime achievement award. she was 97 years old. we're doing checking online as well. the film festival is under way in palo alto through may 23rd. go enjoy some of the great films felicity huffman is expected to plead guilty in the college emissions scandal. she admitted to paying $15,000 to change her daughter's answer on s.a.t.s to improve her score. she could face between 4 and 10 months in prison. the "today" show is live in boston. we await news of that sentencing. the full report is coming up at 7:30. boy, the markets are taking a tumble right now.
6:58 am
taking a live look at the big board. down 481. this morning down 500 points. it's a story developing. we will keep an eye. join us for the midday forecast at 11:00 a.m. for more if you live in the north bay, you see drones flying overhead the next few weeks, it may be part of the latest effort to boost fire safety. pg&e is flying the drones. we got a firsthand look at the operation. crews are expecting electrical towers, poles, and substations. they will analyze for potential problems. it follows a legal order tied to liability claims requiring the company to provide for more prevention. >> it enhances them. gives more rebust section allows us to look at a structure from a different angle.
6:59 am
>> they will through 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day, but not on sunday. guess what's coming our way? the rain. but not today. >> we're in the clear today and tomorrow. by wednesday is when the rain arrives. our seven-day shows not only do we see rain on wednesday, but potential thunderstorms on thursday. friday is dry. then more showers for the weekend. i'll track all of that with more updates and social media. a motorcycle crash in dublin. look at the commute. we are slow here where the camera is. the first crash cleared. folks cutting through. a pretty pleasant volume of traffic. no major focus on the tri-valley. and the south bay is just building right now. >> that's what's happening
7:00 am
"today in the bay". back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> our midday forecast at 11:00. thanks so much for starting your mornings here with us. good morning. soaked! states of emergency across the south after a weekend of dangerous storms. >> it's states of emergency across the south after a weekend of dangerous storms. >> it's coming straight for us. >> tornados, torrential rain, life-threatening flooding, and now a rare spring nor'easter set to slam the east coast. al has the messy morning commute. breaking overnight, biting back, china announcing it is raising tariffs on u.s. goods. the move put in place by the president. the next front in the trade war just ahead.


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