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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 14, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> in case you haven't heard, we have sefrveral days of wet weatr coming our way. we have one, two, three storms. >> yeah, it's really looking good for these storms and it's unusual this time of year to get this much rainfall in a short amount of time. this puts it into perspective for everyone. you can see that our wettest time of the year is typically in january. and then after that we do start, tend to see things beginning to drop off. down into may we should begin to dry out, but of course that is not happening. so why this late-season activity? why are all these storms developing? el nino could definitely be to blame for this. we have a weak el nino in the pacific. this tends to generate more heat in the pacific which can generate more storm systems. weak el nino could be to blame
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for this latest wet weather. the current position of the storm is just offshore. an atmospheric river may join in with that storm. it's a river of moisture in the atmosphere. and will be responsible for helping to boost up our totals. so what's deal with the rain timeline? 11:00 tonight we are still dry. by tomorrow morning we begin to see it move into ma rrin, napa d sonoma counties. while we start to get the rain in the morning, looks like the worst commute will be in the evening hours. we'll sum all this up for you. one at 6:19 and 6:48. and this rains that thrown a curveball for many people. marianne favro has a look at how people are gearing up for these storms. >> reporter: i'm here at west mont high school. in the rain tomorrow 700 athletes are going to compete in
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the track and field and some have already packed their towels. as they gear up to give it their best shot in the shot put, they know this year the west valley athletic league track and field finals will throw them a curve, rain. >> it becomes almost like an ice rink and it gets really fast. so we have to slow them down to make sure they don't get injured. >> reporter: athletes aren't the only ones concerned. crews were happy to get back to work but now they have to hurry to get it done. >> all of a sudden they're calling again this morning saying hey, we need some help today. we've got more rain coming and i've got all hands on deck today getting ready for the impending storm coming tomorrow. >> reporter: the silver lining? the risk of local landslides is low, that's according to the special instruments the u.s. geological survey placed in the
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area. they measure soil moisture. >> the rainfall that's expected is probably not going to cause an increase in the soil moisture. a significant increase where we would expect widespread landsliding. >> reporter: just like throw being a shot put, the key to handling the storm tomorrow will be preparation and patience. in campbell, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. it's not just rain, snow is going to blanket the sierras. the snow totals? you can follow jeff at his hand handle @jeff ranieri. skyranger is overhead over chancellor avenue and 16th street near the kaiser medical center. it started just a couple hours ago right after 4:00 when police say its shot spotter was activated. when officers showed up they found a man shot in front of a
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home. no word yet on any suspect. but down below you can see a lot of police activity. we'll keep an eye on the story in richmond and continue to follow on air and online at we have breaking news right now in contra costa county. investigators say a drunk driver hit a child in the city of brentwood. this is what we know right now. it happened a couple hours ago at brentwood boulevard and first. paramedics had to airlift the boy to a nearby hospital. is he expected to survive his injuries. disturbing video released by the police department. you see that man walking up behind a mother and her young daughter in east san jose? he snatches her purse and in a split second ends up dragging both the mom and daughter right down that flight of stairs. this happened last week. now the video eventually helped officers find and arrest this man. pablo cablarera.
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he is linked to other purse robberies and was already on parole for burglary. san francisco will become the first major city in the country to ban facial recognition technology. late today the board of supervisors okayed the bang. mark matthews joins us from city hall. law enforcement says facial recognition keeps the city safer but supervisors say no. >> reporter: the law enforcement, at least the police department in san francisco hasn't asked for this technology, and by a vote of 8-1, the supervisors found it was profoundly invasive and could allow government to track your every move. there are cameras now on city buses, on police officers, on some traffic lights. supervisor aaron pesken says all that technology needs to have clear and transparent policies. >> whether it's license plate readers that we have on our muni
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buses, whether it's security cameras in the public realm owned by government agencies. >> reporter: his ordnance requires the city's 53 departments, including the police to submit policies on how the data they will collect will be used, who has access, how long it will be held. but facial recognition technology will be banned all together. it's been proven to misidentify people, sometimes with dangerous consequences. >> it's not ready for prime time, but even if it is ready for prime time, i think this is genie we want to put back in the bottle. >> reporter: but a think tank says facial recognition is the future. >> helps people, you know, secure their accounts. it makes it easier to board planes at the airport. and we should be encouraging more of that and government can help pave the way. >> reporter: daniel castro's organization, itif is funded in part by high-tech technology groups, a spokesman for the
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company, for the think tank, rather, said that donors' money does not influence their reports. meanwhile, this ban is set to take effect july 1st. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. well, pay up. that's the order the federal government gave to a south bay company. the government ruled yaana owes nearly $1 million to its workers in back pay, damages and penalties. it is a data collection services company based in milpitas. the government found they missed several pay periods over the past two years and also violated the records keeping requirements of the fair labor standards act. there's a peeper on campus. university police found a video camera in a restroom stall back in march on the fourth floor of the moffett library. investigators are trying to find
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this man. you can see images here on your screen. they think he might have put the camera there. it's unknown if the man is a student or affiliated with the university in any way. red flags were there. gripping testimony before someone who was in the ghost ship warehouse. it was packed with flammable materials, but he never reported it. nbc bay area's melissa colorado was in the courtroom. why didn't the firefighter tell anyone? >> reporter: well, captain george freeland says this was not a formal inspection, which means no one was cited. he called it pre-fire planning. he worked in the east oakland firehouse that was just a block away from the warehouse in 2014. he was curious. he saw interesting wood work. he has a building, so he asked derick almena if he could step inside and take a look.
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and he testified that back in september of 2014 he stepped inside the warehouse which almena described to him as an art collective. freeland said he realized the building had a higher, high fire load because it was packed with furniture, trailers and wooden items that could easily go up in flames. he asked almena if anyone was living there, freeland said almena replied with a no. he said if he had said yes he would have called his battalion chief immediately. he never heard back from a request about occupancy of the building. it was difficult do see almena and max harris on trial. >> he explained it was the first time he'd seen max harris and it was hard to see max harris in this situation. and i think that was an extremely powerful moment that captured how wrong this prosecution is against max
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harris. >> melissa, this is the criminal trial right now, expected to go on for a couple months, but we also know there is going to be a wrongful death lawsuit against the city, pg&e and the owners of the warehouse, what's the latest with that? >> reporter: i did see attorney mary alexander in the courtroom today. and of course she's representing the families of the victims. and when captain freeland was on the stand, i noticed she was taking detailed notes. and obviously the attorney for the attorneys have long argued that fire officials as well as city officials long knew this warehouse was a risk. back to you. >> i'm sure we'll hear more about that. live in oakland, thank you so much. a man accused of a robbery in the east bay had his day in court but escaped. daryl bernard ran from the hall of justice in fremont when his release was denied. the courtroom doors didn't lock in time. and as of now, bernard is still on the run.
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a step to close a loophole in u.s. immigration law after our investigative team exposed a big problem. i'm stephen stock. i'll tell you about today's move to protect tens of thousands of people who live in the u.s. and are living in legal limbo, simply because they were adopted as babies. also, is it malnutrition or a ship strike? the tenth dead whale in just two months along our shores. rain is set to return. check it out. we'll let you know exactly when this hits the bay area. we'll spend a lot of time on that hour by hour forecast coming up in about seven minutes. [phone ringing]
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has prompted action today in congress, to fix a loophole that prevented some adopted children from becoming citizens. senior investigator "stephen stock first brought you the story of one bay area an investigation has prompted action to fix a loophole to prevent some people from becoming citizens. >> congressman adam smith of washington state introduced the new bill today. it provides automatic citizenship for certain edge children w international children adopted by parents who are u.s. citizens. we had no idea we would find some 40,000 adults in the u.s. living in legal limbo. one of those people is this man,
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liam. we only used his first name, since he still faces legal exposure. his adoptive parents brought him to san francisco as an infant 35 years ago but never completed the final paperwork to make him a legal citizen. liam's now married with a little girl and had no idea he's not a citizen until a background check for for a job revealed the truth. we discovered somehothousands i same boat. the bill filed today would change all that, making them u.s. citizens. >> i think it is a good step in the right direction. it's going to focus the problix to a large degree. we have concerns about all of the categories in the bill. we're not exactly sure where we stand on that. >> even though not all addone
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tees will tees of the law will be covered, they are calling for lawmakers to close all the loopholes so those adopted from overseas don't pay for their parents' mistakes. go to other website, a former coach in usc is the latest to plead guilty in the ongoing college admissions scandal. she was an assistant soccer coach and is accused of taking bribes to create misleading profiles for wealthy parents seeking to get their kids into top-tier colleges. one of the students she's accused of helping is the daughter of actress lori laughlin fire wh laughlin for whom she created a crew profile in which she didn't compete in the sport.
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a lot of money and changes needed to fix the dmv. the sacramento bee obtained the report which contains a variety of suggestions, among them, a $10 million marketing campaign, redesigning the website and giving consumers a better way to pass along complaints. the dmv claims some of these changes are already under way. a disturbing trend continues to play out along our shores. dead whales washing up at an alarming rate. today the discovery of another whale, likely a gray whale makes that ten in just two months. sam brock is in pacifica with the difficulties tonight. >> reporter: beneath colorful blooms and prosperous signs of life sits a painful picture of death. just the latest in a string of whale incidents on bay area shores. >> and now we hear of ten.
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this is the tenth just in recent months. so that's really concerning. it makes you wonder why are they doing this? >> reporter: what goes through your mind just looking at that? >> it makes you feel sad. nobody wants to see that. remember dead whales showing up in pincha, oakland and rodeo. the why? >> they're having trouble meeting their caloric needs. >> reporter: typically, gray whales make a beeline up the coast on the way up to the arctic, but instead are entering the san francisco bay bustling with cargo ships. >> they're coming into an area where he there's extremely heavy shipping traffic plus other problems like, you know, we don't know if there's enough food here. >> reporter: shran says there's definitely not enough food up north for the bottom feeders who like small crustaceans.
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>> the arctic icecap has shrunk considerably. and it is the interaction of the sea ice and the plankton that there is enough food for the gray whales. >> reporter: less ice means less food. >> that's sam brock reporting from pacifica. one of the world premiere cycling events blazed through the bay area. some complained the amgen tour of california is treating women unfairly. a french woman won the day. but it will be three days instead of seven. serena brennan says that's not fair. brennan campaigned for equality when it came to the female surfers at mavericks. >> i think that they should provide the same number of racing days for women as they do currently for men. >> well, the amgen tour responded by saying although the
6:20 pm
races are different in length, men and women get paid the same and each will get a new lexus. the men's race now moves to laguna. >> it is beautiful to watch all the cyclists. we have this 12-day tour of california. the next couple days weather will be a part of that. also a lot of little league games this week. >> it's going to be impacted, the amgen tour the next several days. we'll see rain off and on. they'll have to manage around that. who knows, race times may be slower due to the rainfall. we'll take a look outside. and you can see the big change today. you felt when you walked outside. cooler temperatures, and also the cloud cover. san francisco camera gives us a great vantage point of that. right now 61 degrees as you move through tonight. we keep the cloud cover in place. temperatures dropping down to the 50s. i don't see any rainfall for us tonight. so when does that hit? let's go ahead and get you to
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the timeline on this. we'll take you all the way through tomorrow, also into thursday when those two storms will hit, and there it is, 11:00, rainfall is well offshore. by tomorrow morning we start to see things pick up in marin, sonoma, napa counties to san francisco. but it's going to have a hard time moving to the south bay and east bay. by 11:00, it tries to get close but really hasn't filled into san jose yet or the east bay. we'll have to wait until the evening hours. you can see by 4:00 in the afternoon, things begin to pick up as the storm front gets closer. at this point, it's all about the evening commute for the worst of this storm system with those heavy downpours from the north bay down to the south bay. now it will clear out fast, by 11:00 tomorrow night. but then here comes that second round as we hit thursday morning, right into thursday afternoon with the potential here of some thunderstorms. we're going to talk more about how much rainfall we'll get out of this storm system, but real fast, before we leave you, if you have any plans in the sierra next seven days, six to 25
6:22 pm
inches of snow. an update in about 25 minutes. up next, mcafee, the home for the raiders has had many name. now we have a new name for the coliseum.
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it may not be known as the it may not be known as the
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the oakland coliseum is getting a new name. "ring central" -- a communications firm in belmont has bought the okay, here we go again, the oakland coliseum is getting a new name. ring central. that ring a name for you? the naming rights have been bought for the next three years. the deal is worth a total of $3 million. that's a million a year. just for reference, oracle purchased naming rights for $200 million for 20 years, that's $10 million a year. the coliseum authority is expected to vote on approving the deal on friday.
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if you want a cup of joe while walking through golden gate park, a new coffee kiosk is copping. they are set to approve plans for the kiosk at the eastern entrance of the plant. flywheel coffee roasters will run it. out of the building currently used for gardening equipment storage. tables, chairs and umbrellas will be provided by the coffee company and will offer baked goods with of course, now these days vegan and gluten-free options. every year, u.s. news and world reports chooses the best state to live in. spoiler alert, it's not california. how is it not california? washington. >> not even top five? >> new hampshire, minnesota, use out, utah, vermont and we're at 19? >> we moved up. we were 31. we get high marks for education and a robust economy and lose points for infrastructure. >> up next at 6:30, a fight over
6:27 pm
a proposed gun range in contra costa county. the reason the location has some people concerned. and are workers doing risky work they're not trained to do? we investigate new accusations against pg&e. right now at 6-30:c
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6:29 pm
in martinez. a proposal to open an indoor gun range. right now at 6:30. it's a hot topic in martinez, the proposal to open an indoor gun range in that building right there. many people say this proposal is
6:30 pm
misguided and dangerous. >> it would be in the heart of downtown. jodi hernandez is in martinez where they might change zoning laws because of the new business. >> it's just kind of magical. >> reporter: michael and his husband recently moved from los angeles to martinez, drawn by the city's charm and sense of safety. >> we love the fact that this community has an a-minus crime rating, and we are pretty much anti-guns. >> reporter: but now the owner of this historic downtown building wants to bring an indoor shooting range to town. he's asking for a change in the city's zoning ordnance to open a sporting goods store that would sell firearms and feature an indoor shooting gallery in the basement. >> for a cute little family town like ours to be even considering putting in not only a gun store but a gun firing range in our downtown is just
6:31 pm
unconsciousable. >> i don't think it's the type of image we want for downtown martinez. >> reporter: but not everyone's opposed to the ban. >> i'm a lifetime member of the nra, and i know that members of the nra are very responsible gun owners. >> reporter: as city leaders prepare to consider the plan, folks like michael sellby say they'll likely steer clear. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. donald trump jr. is in the spotlight. the senate intelligence committee has struck a deal for him to return for more testimony. trump jr. will sit for a limited, private interview next month, defusing a potential legal standoff. there was speculation he might defy the subpoena.
6:32 pm
his father down-played the escalating trade dispute with china. he slapped tariffs on $60 billion worth of products including batteries, spinach and coffee. it's in retaliation for $200 billion for chinese tariffs. >> we're having a squabble because we've been treated very unfairly. >> american consumers are paying. american farmers are paying. >> president trump is preparing to announce billions of dollars for aid for u.s. farmers. today a chinese ministry spokesman vowed china will fight the trade war to the finish. governor newsom is hitting the campaign trail again. not for governor but planning a road trip to draw support for his health care agenda. he wants to push back against federal dismantling of the affordable care act. he says that means reinstating
6:33 pm
the federal mandate dropped by the trump administration. that means everyone would have to get insurance and participate. >> without the mandate, everybody's premiums go up. without the mandates, your costs of health care go up. every single person in the state will experience an increase in their costs. if we don't have a diversified risk pool. >> governor newsom's tour will hit san francisco, l.a. and san diego ahead of the state budget deadline in mid june. there are new allegations tonight that pg and e gas workers are doing highly dangerous electrical work they're not trained to do. it's part of an ongoing story our investigative unit is tracking about their plagued 811 mark and locate program. here's jaxon van derbeken. >> most people in the community recognize the blue trucks. >> reporter: this pg&e ad
6:34 pm
program touts its 811 program where workers come out and spray paint the location of lines so construction crews don't dig into them. but they felt pressure to respond on time that they falsified thousands of reports. now an insider is making even more serious accusations. a one-time sooupt uperintendente 811 program testified and said it was a nightmare, saying we had pressure that i have never felt in any other place in pg&e at that time. stressed gas workers resorted to shortcuts to get their work done under deadlines, like going on their own into high-voltage vaults to hook up equipment, to find buried lines. she says 811 workers even kept their own inch lated poles known
6:35 pm
as hot sticks. that's the electrician's tool to get work done. >> it's bad. >> reporter: dan is a retired engineer. he says one wrong move by an untrained worker and a transformer could blow up. but he understands why workers trying to find gas lines might do it under deadline pressure. >> if you're kind of coercing the gas guy to get his work done you've got a choice. violated rule a or violate rule b, you know? which one you want them to do? >> reporter: while he couldn't say any other workers were injured, she did say a backhoe operator was injured when he dug into an unmarked electrical line. >> i think a crime was committed. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill wants prosecutors to investigate that inch debs. >> they're putting people at risk and doing it knowingly and management is telling them to do it and they're getting away with it. >> reporter: pg&e says it's
6:36 pm
investigating what happened in san jose. meanwhile it's adding crews and shaking up management of the 811 program in light of conduct it calls unacceptable. jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. well, after months of feel-good stories involving tiger woods' triumphant come back, news today he's being blamed for a death. he and his girlfriend are being sued by the family of a bartender at woods' restaurant in florida. woods said everyone at the restaurant knew he was an alcoholic. days before die beiing days before dieing in a car crash where he was drunk, he was drinking. >> we feel bad for his entire family. >> they accuse restaurant employees of destroying key
6:37 pm
video in this case. actor and comedian tim conway died today at the age of 85. he's best known for "the carol burnett show" like cracking up his co-stars. including harvey coreman. he starred in more than a dozen films. my favorite was "the apple dumpling gang". he died today in los angeles with his family by his side. still to come. officers in the south bay getting recognition for hard work. it wasn't for what they did. did was for what they did after it responding to a call. we'll show you the video.
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chase. make more of what's yours. this was paryt of our breaking news coverage on our monring intense flames. take a look. a huge power fire in stockton. this was part of our breaking
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news coverage throughout our morning newscast. it started around 5:00 a.m. and spread to a nearby tire yard and other houses. stockton called in every firefighter in that city to fight it. thankfully, no one was hurt. a semi truck fire caused a big mess at the maze in emeryville. the truck was carrying cooking oil. the oil spilled all over the highway after one of the tires on the truck blew out. the ramp connecting west 580 to 80 was closed until 9:00 this morning. now another school district is in the east bay is threatening to walk off the job. this time new haven unified. teachers in union city and south hayward are getting ready to go on strike. they're in the middle of a contract dispute and have less than a week to carve out a compromise. the teacher ts want a 20% raise. they say they don't have a lot of wiggle room but there is
6:41 pm
hope. >> we need to have one more bargaining session, that is scheduled for tomorrow. so we're really hoping we'll be able to come up with an agreement to keep our teachers and kids in school. >> that would be tideal. they noticed something wrong and swung into action. public safety officers shared this story on their twitter page. it happened when officers responded to a medical call at a home. they saw his wheelchair ramp needed repairs. the officers left the house, gathered supplies and went back to build a new ramp. according to the twitter post, the homeowners were an elderly couple who couldn't afford to focus t fix the ramp on their own. >> the busiest man in the building is you, jeff. >> i know. it's may. and we're getting three storms. it's really kind of unbelievable when you look at it from that front.
6:42 pm
we know it's on the way. look at the pollen forecast. this is good news. everything going to the low category definitely tomorrow with the rain expected to move in. we'll have the timeline, in a few minutes. the list is out. the fittest cities in america. which bay area city checks in at number four? next day delivery -u
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don )t need a membership to get it. it rolls out today in phoenix and las vegas -- and will start walmart is rolling out free next day delivery, and you don't even need a membership to get it. the service is for online orders of $35 or more and includes everything on the walmart website. the company says free next-day shipping will be available in 75% of the country by the end of this year. nbc bay area responds to a lot of complaints about stolen mail, from porch pirates to mailbox burglaries. >> chris ca muhmura says it's t to see what's coming.
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>> you get the upper hand with informed delivery. a free service from the postal service that sends you an e-mail alert whenever packages are headed your way. you can leave special delivery instructions. you can sign up online. we have a link, look under consumer resources. you can also call us with consumer complaints. 888-996-tips. big praise from a popular children's cartoon coming from lgbt advocates. "arthur" features a same-sex marriage. the character, mr. rathburn tied the knot with his partner patrick. the move is receiving mostly praise on twitter, and it's not
6:46 pm
the first time the show has tackled lgbtq issues. the list is out, the fittest cities in america. one bay area city's on the list. can you find it? >> san francisco. >> san francisco checking in, in fourth place. and america's fittest city in first place, arlington, virginia, followed by seattle. how do they work out in minneapolis? it's so cold. >> they use a snowplow. >> and madison, wisconsin. the annual ranking, published by the american college of sports medicine examines everything from eating habits to aerobic activity to obesity rates. and new this year, categories of air quality and pedestrian de h deaths and bike ability. >> all of the cities were strong in their physical activities. such as it's easy to bicycle, to
6:47 pm
walk, to go to parks. >> the bottom of the list, tulsa, north las vegas and oklahoma city. >> we're going to have to run inside on the treadmill, because it's going to be raining outside. no hiking for us. >> it's back to winter, you guys. now we're kind of stepping way on back. it's not just one storm system, it is a couple. let's go ahead and get you to the micro climate forecast. and i do want to start with the overview of what is expected to move our way. and that first storm system arriving as we hit tomorrow. second one on thursday, with possibly some isolated thunderstorms, and then the third one as we hit this weekend. now the new information we're learning today even shows an adeler added layer of moisture. it's a copious amount of moisture that's going to help boost up those totals. we can show you that on the satellite picture right now as we get this wide, expansive view.
6:48 pm
you can see all the cloud cover stretching all the way back to hawaii, and that's what's helping feed this wet weather as you move into tomorrow. we mentioned it earlier, but it is worth rementioning, there is a weak el nino that could be helping to enhance our storm activity. 8:00 tomorrow morning is when we expect the rainfall to begin. slowly up into marin, napa, sonoma counties, down into san francisco. as we hit 11:00 go the morninin it tries to move to the east bay. i think activity will pick up as we hit tomorrow afternoon. at 4:00 you can see the storm front is just offshore. some of this yellow and orange, this is the heavier downpours moving into the north bay. and the worst of the storm system tomorrow, 7:00, hitting the evening commute from middletown all the way to san jose, morgan hill and gilroy. should move out once we hit 11:00 tomorrow. but here we go again, not much
6:49 pm
of a break as we move into thursday. we'll see that next storm system around 11:30 go the morning. rainfall totals, haven't seen any big changes in this. you'll see back to the north bay, that's where the bull's eye could be. possibly two inches or more. for some of the higher elevations as we head through wednesday and thursday. for the peninsula and east bay, right around three quarters of an inch to one inch. san jose may get a little rain shadow effect for the santa cruz mountains. and then there would be less left over for san jose. but we still have a third to a half inch do you know thewn the good part of the south bay. by saturday we'll see the next storm with a third to three quarters of an inch possible. a break on sunday with a spotty chance and also monday and possibly more rain as we move into next tuesday.
6:50 pm
rain, temperatures here expected to be in the upper 50s and low 60s for san francisco. inland valleys after 70s and 80s this past weekend we are locked with 60s here as we head throughout the next seven days. so yes, it is unusual to get this much rainfall in may, let's get a look, you can see we may be close to the top ten wettest mays ever when we get done with this month. after the rain event we will go through. so certainly noteworthy but not the wettest may we've ever seen which was back in 2005 with 5.55 inches, but definitely unusual. >> what do you need to do? adjust your sprinklers and put in your patio furniture. >> maybe walk outside and get wet. because in a month or two when it's so hot. >> we'll want rain. put an ugly game behind them and looking ahead to game three here from the sharks as they head to st. louis, next. ♪
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you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. about a hour ago... to a lot of drama tonight, and there was actually no game involved here. the nba draft lottery was held about an hour ago to decide who gets the number one pick, everyone wants him.
6:54 pm
zion williamson expected to be the next lebron james or michael jordan. the knicks, the suns and cavaliers have the best odds, but in the end, the new orleans pelicans got lucky. the pelicans will pick first, followed by memphis, new york and the lakers. >> lot of drama. >> there was a lot of drama. >> the warriors are just beginning their playoff series, the sharks are already two games into theirs. >> back and forth, remote controls, sharks and warriors. here's colin resch. >> reporter: thanks, guys. the houston series has dramatic story lines. this series against the blazers has sentimental ones. steph curry against little bro. how about damian lillard coming home. there's a lot of intrigue to be had. and while a lot may disagree with me, i think the series is going to be a long one.
6:55 pm
speaking of which, the sharks and blues in their western conference finals series, st. louis making a series last night that they aren't going home anytime soon. a lead over san jose. came within two minutes of each other, both by logan couture. after the game, the joe is saying it's time to play with passion. >> he's been carrying the team for a long time. i think a lot of us have to hop on board and start doing our share, too. you can see the commitment, the passion. he wants to win. we need a little more of that from everybody i think. >> reporter: the series tied at a game apiece. here in oakland u gagame one of western conference finals. until then, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> tonight at 11:00.
6:56 pm
it was the deadliest wildfire in california history, but could have something slowed it down? we investigate whether the federal government's logging contracts are making the state even more vulnerable to wildfires, like the one that devastated the town of paradise last november. the major change hundreds of scientists are calling for tonight at 11:00. and finally at 6:00, it's worth it to check in with jeff ranieri. >> the good news about the late-season rain, it's delaying the onset of fire season. the heaviest rainfall gets here on the evening commute. we'll see a second storm system. a little bit of a chance on friday. and by saturday, we'll see another storm system move in through the afternoon and evening for anywhere from a third to three quarters of an inch of rain. a break on sunday. maybe more rain as we hit next tuesday. like a february flashback.
6:57 pm
>> good movie weather. >> it is, snuggle inside. >> we'll be back at 11:00. - hey, mike. check out this time-space wormhole i created. - how's it work? - let me see your togo, and i'll show you. - earl! you have my lunch. - pretzelrami is back,
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. "extra," now on "extra." 90210, 2.0. the gang reunited for the reboot without luke perry. the first look is tori's husband, dean, joining the cast and is why shannon dorothy a no show on the red carpet. >> how he and amal keeps a normal life, george clooney. carol


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