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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 16, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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storm following a rare . welcome to thursday mornings, it's already may 16th. and we are tracking the next storm following a rare spring soaker here in the bay area. you can wake up to wet pavement out there this morning. good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. first, let's talk about that rain we have right here. >> some of that rain, most of it has clipped through, then you have to see those showers still bringing us some wet weather as we see this radar this morning. here is a look at those few leftover showers, as you get ready to head out the door. getting a look at north san jose over towards freedom and the
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tri-valley. so some light rain there, the heavier rain pouring in tiburon. we will have rain late morning into afternoon. this is when we could see some thunderstorms so a lot to watch here throughout the day. mike, you had to slow down as you were leaving work. >> i had to slow down. this is that cell that i got caught with on 880. i got hit hard with rain as it came down towards the milpitas area. by the time we got to san jose and our station, the roadway and parking lots mostly dry. we are watching for damp roadways. i do have a crash. light traffic around the bay, slowing here towards the junction out of fairfield, west 80 at the split, there is a crash. a couple vehicles, including a truck involved there. no major injury, right now, we'll track it, wet roads, down the freeway, we will track
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things over here at the richmond san rafael bridge. the traffic very light. back over to you. >> thanks, mike. as mike is mentioning. another day for those wet roads, it caused pa lot of trouble for people during those nighttime commutes. >> "today in the bay" reports on winds are also an issue. >> by nightfall, wind gusts made for an easy drive across the golden gate bridge, haley and her friends didn't plan for so much rain. >> i thought it was going to be sunny, i guess i was wrong. >> reporter: friends melly and laurel just flew in for a week-long visit. you ariot ready for the rain today? >> not at all. came from arizona, 90 degree weather, not ready for it at all. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the slick conditions caught this driver off guard. the truck skidded into a vineyard, this made it slower on
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u.s. 101. according to chp, no fatalities were reported. some parts of the northway got soaked, getting the average amount of rain for one day. those pulling out the umbrellas, you might want to keep them out, more storms are scheduled for later in the week. you can say connected with our free nbc area weather app. you can use the same radar we use as well to see where it's coming down where you are headed. 4:33 for you right now. it is no shock the bay area has the highest prices when it comes to just about anything, that does not make getting that utility bill any easier to bear. >> bay area residents are paying the highest rates in the country. kris sanchez, this isn't just housing costs that seem to keep going higher. everything else associated with it? >> reporter: yeah. it is really difficult to pay the bills right about now or
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stop to pump gas on the way to work. because we are paying higher prices than anywhere in the nation and this is all the way through april of this year, so they are very recent statistics. i want to show you the highlights or low lights. here in the bay area, we are paying 38% higher gasoline prices than anywhere in the nation. 57% higher natural gas. this is according to data from the bureau of labor statistics. the lines for pg&e were blamed yesterday. the utility is if bankruptcy proceedings, so electricity rates and natural gas prices could change even more. >> that report is just out and new for us this morning. so i will let you know what i find about gasoline price and other highlights and low lights. >> thanks, chris.
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details in a crash in the south bay. >> that man is accused of intention ally plowing into a group in sunnyvale is due in court for a plea. he faces eight counts of murder. his grandmother tells nbc bay area that he's a war veteran suffering with ptsd. happening today students in one east bay honor one of their own killed over the weekend in a suspected drunk driving crash. fremont high school had a weather related event later this afternoon. they will be remembering armando canales. they were struck by a wrong way driver. three other teenagers in the car were seriously injured. in contra costa, a group of parents are following a special needs lawsuit. >> that suit climbs that staff at the marcus school went too far disciplining their children.
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one parent says that their child was picked up and thrown against a wall for throwing a bottle of water at a staff member. the contra costa is not commenting. they say they are on the cutting edge when it comes to strength training. it's basketball central tonight. >> the players and the warriors -- the blazers and the warriors tip off. they're expected to once again be without kevin durant. he's out with a calf strain. shark fans, a win is a win. >> they have the upper hand with the blues, in this case you got to hand it to the refs. the theme here, here is the place, sparking a world of controversy. in overtime, the sharks won 5-4 to take a two games to one lead i should say in that conference
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finals celebrating there. the hockey world, though, is crying foul. meyer made an obvious hand pass which is illegal. all four refs missed the play and the play is not reviewable. the goal stood. we are not kidding when we say blues fans will be angry about the one for a while. let's move on, tomorrow's game four also in st. louis. >> let's go sharks. coming up here on today in the bay, what the red cross is now offering to help boost donations. plus the bay area is pretty notorious for traffic. now you can literally have it your way while dealing with congestion. a look at how burger king is feeding hungry drivers.
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good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's headlines, wall street is set to raise higher this morning. the wall street closed off more than 100 points. stocks getting a boost on reports that president trump will put off imposing tariffs on imports of european cars up to six months. >> that would delay the opening of a new front in the widening opening trade war. reports on unemployment and housing and earnings from walmart. the red cross is offering an incentive to donate blood at a time when supplies are very
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tight. from now until june 10th everyone will receive a $5 amazon gift card via e-mail. the type of donations is especially critical. stuck in traffic and starving. well, burger king will deliver a whoop tore your car. they will let drivers place orders in a traffic jam and uses real time traffic data and uses banner waves and digital billboards to alert drivers when service is available. the delivery range is always within a few miles of a burger king location. it tested it out in mexico city. it's on it's way to l.a., shanghai and brazil. >> are they coming on a motorcycle or a moped? how are they going to get to you if you are in a jam? >> i don't really know. they can't back up traffic. >> they say have it your way. >> i guess that i do. >> you stole my line. >> oh, share, frank.
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>> next time. >> thanks, frank. >> thanks, frank. >> there you go. coming up next, 4:31, rain continues today. yeah, we're going to take a little bit of a break today, especially later on this morning. we are also going to see the next round of rain moving in. a little bit of peaks of sunshine by 8:00 to 9:00. then you can see the rain is coming back soon. so we'll talk more about the time line of that rain, how much we've measured and what else is headed our way coming up next. if you want to have your way as well, marcus took my line as well, what's going on getting closer towards the bay bridge. we'll show you that coming up. chshoppers can't assume a label that reads leather is 100% leather. it's sometimes just 25% leather. so, before you spend a whole bunch of money on new furniture, scrutinize what it's really made of. creek
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if you nee and a good thursday morning to you. taking a live look out at walnut creek. you can see the clouds in the sky. kari is telling us about the next storm headed our way. it's 4:45 for you right now. all right, if you need to spice up your life just a little bit. this might just do the trick. you understand why i'm doing this awkward british accent.
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you can rent this from spice world on airbnb. first you have to go to london to rent it. >> that bus features two beds, a tv and one bath. as the van says, this still just might be -- ♪ tell me what you want, what you really really want ♪ i'll tell you what i want what i really really want ♪ >> i want, i apt a bus. >> that was the line. >> that bus will run you about $130 bucks a night. >> i want a bus, i want a bus. >> see. >> kind of don't. >> unless they're on tour. that's another publicity stunt. >> there you go, exactly. look, back here in the bay area, we have been talking about that rain out there. >> yeah, it's been a sight to see for not only the bay area rain but the sierra snow that's coming down, that's a live look as you head out this morning,
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it's clearing up a bit. this is our break, so let's talk about how much rain we've already measured in a few spots as we check out some of those rainfall totals that measured already over two inches of rain in guerneville, almost 2 inches there. el sobrante measured an inch-and-a-half. in redwood city just under a half an inch in oakley. very significant as we talk about some of our airports and some nearby stations reporting daily rainfall records. so we'll talk more about that in the next half hour. we are seeing the bulk of this first round of rain pushing over the sierras. now those temperatures are dropping we are seeing snow dropping as well. we have a few lingering showers as expected. as we walk out the door, we're seeing showers moving through northern sonoma and napa counties. we are seeing isolated cells that have been moving through
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san mateo. right there on the san mateo bridge, some of the showers coming through. we also have rain moving through richmond, where we have already measured pretty high rainfall totals near the beach in that area. as we get a look at what's happening in the tri-valley, some rain moving through livermore, extending over the hills, also moving out of mill hes th -- milpetas. then the next storm system starts to move in. by noon, we are seeing rain increasing as we look anywhere from the south bay to the east bay and also into the north bay. going into the afternoon to evening hours, this is when we could see enough energy for there to be a few thunderstorms developing and we'll have to watch out for some thunder and lightning in a few spots along with some heavy rain by tomorrow morning as you with getting ready to head out. we're still tracking light showers moving through. but the general trend will be for most of this to taper off.
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this is how much additional rain we may feel. just dropped off there. we will back it up again and see if we can get that on there. so we're going to see the potential of getting over an inch-and-a-half of rain. so once that rain moves out tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon is looking pretty nice. then going into saturday, the next storm system arrives and by late morning we start to see the rain in the north bay, the rest of the afternoon is pretty much looking like all bets are off. we will see those showers spreading across the bay area. a couple breaks by sunday morning, very early if you get up before sunrise, the rest of the day is looking soggy with more waves of showers that may continue into our monday morning. as far as sierra snow, it is coming down, we will see initially about a foot of snow, then there will be a lot more snow. i don't know if we've ever had this much snow so late in the season. it looks like next week, those storms keep on coming for the
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sierras. we have to go back and look alt some of those records, looking at our 7-day forecast for the inland areas, some temperatures reaching into the low 60 it's going to stay off and on wet until next week. the storm door, mike, has opened. we will wait and see when it shuts again. >> not closing. you talk a couple more over the next week. a signature alert carrisigalert continues. we are warning about wet roads, we have slick conditions, northbound 880 at 287, reports of a smaller crash there. it should be off to the shoulder, it popped up. minor crashes across the bay. another single car spinout. that's what we typically see when slippery road lose their grip on the roadway. slow down, folks, allow the
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extra correction time if you have to hit the brakes or see debris on the roadway. there may be debris here, some debris, not showing up on the sensors, watch it out of berkeley into richmond. the bay bridge, we have cash lanes starting that mild backup. we have damp roadways here, water left over on the lens. you may have to clean up the windshield as that rain continues off and on. i'll send it back to you. >> thanks, mike. villejo police find themselves under the microscope in the wake of yet another deadly officer-involved shooting earlier this year. >> you have to understand what's causing the shootings. our investigative unit dug deeper and spent the last month following officers. steve stock takes us behind the scenes of shots fired. >> reporter: we crunched the numbers and discovered that villejo police have the highest per capita rate of fatal shootings in northern california, the third highest in
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the entire state. we wanted to know why. so we spent time on patrol with officers as they interacted with residents there. we also talked to stake holders from around the community. a community with a high violent crime rate. we discovered several issues, including underpaid, inexperienced and overwhelmed police officers. as well as a lack of diversity among the ranks, compared with the diverse groups of people who live in villejo. are there things you can do better? more diversity, more training, in order to reduce the number of these shootings? >> certainly, we can strive to do better every single day. we are only focused on a police problem, we're not considering it a community problem. why is our crime rates so high? why are these shootings occuring? >> coming up, we investigate the reality in villejo and show you first hand when the guns are drawn and death is only a hair trigger away. that's later tonight on 11 on
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nbc bay area. we'll see you then. >> thanks, steven. coming up, cal fire confirming pg&e is responsible for the deadliest campfire in u.s. history. what they are saying about the ongoing headaches. just about an hour ago, mayor bill de blasio announcing he is running for president. he released this video about 3:30 our time. there are 23 democratic candidates in the running. de blasio will head out on the campaign trail almost immediately. the two-term mayor has a 44% approval rating in new york city. governor gavin newsom is pg
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for p-g-and-e to move welcome back. new details, governor gavin
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newsom is pushing for pg&e to move faster in that bankruptcy case. >> governor if yousome's attorneys are questioning six more months. they decided transition lines by pg&e started the fire last year. 85 people died and nearly 19,000 homes were destroyed. pg&e filed bankruptcy due to lawsuits connected to the fires. and unplugged in san francisco. this is for a good cause. last night the annual tour benefit was held at the philmore in san francisco. ♪ is there anybody out there >> musician sammy hag ar was among those taking the stage to raise money for the pediatric children's hospital. >> when you bite off an event like this and try to save someone's infant's life, it's a
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long-term deem. you don't just say i'm going to do this one year and it goes away. >> the event raises $100,000 to help with research for brain cancer. haggar says he hopes it will continue for years to come. >> it looks like a fun night, well, at 4:57, coming up here on "today in the bay," rain again. >> microclimate wave alert. the first push of rain off to the east. now the center of this storm is approaching. so we could see the potential of thunderstorms today. we will talk about that and also how much rain we have already measured coming up next. a look at palo alto. you see the sheen on the roadway. wet roads out there. watch your speed. we will show you how things are shaping up around the bay. plus, ucf workers go back on strike today. the national figure that's here to support them. that's coming up. you are watching "today in the bay." right now at five -
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here comes the rain ... again. the second of the three storms due to arrive soon in the bay area tiburon. right now at 5:00, here comes the rain again, a second of three storms due to arrive soon in the bay area, possibly bringing thunder and lightning with dusty winds. a lot of snow in the mountains as well, meteorologist kari hall has your hour-by-hour outlook. plus -- >> not one more life should be lost because our lawmakers failed to secure our borders.
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>> president trump unveils a major new immigration proposal. we are live on capitol hill with who will be most impacted. and -- >> the sharks take game three in st. louis, not without controversy, the game everyone is talking about this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now. a good morning for you on this thursday. thank you for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. everyone is talking about the rain as well, it will continue. >> a lot of us are waking up, walking out the doors to some drying conditions. but there are still a few spotty showers still lingering. let's get a closer look across the bay area. you have rain over the santa cruz mountains, that's pushing east. as we get a look at the san mateo bridge, it is pouring right now on that spot and then it's not raining on the other side of the bay so that's what's headed in, as we


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