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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 16, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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against a san francisco juul, the claim they are making against the ecigarette maker. pothole problems, kari is tracking more rain in the bay area. this morning there is a new push to get you involved in the vision. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. first we want to start with that weather, seeing the next storm heading our way now. >> we will see the rain as we pick up the rest of the morning it's unusual to see this happening in the middle of may. we are keeping you up to date as we see that storm approaching off the coast. we are in the green with lingering showers so it goes through 9:00 to 10:00. also at 11:00, we are seeing
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rain hit or miss. we also have the chance of the south bay, the east bay as well as the north bay getting in on some thunderstorms. so i'll have more on that and how much additional rain we could see, mike, there is a word of caution. >> we are getting it through the chp report. >> that may at berkeley curve. the shops, there is 588. 880 and 80 itself. hydroplaning. that's the word chp reported that. no crashes, still, as we head through the area, that is the word of caution. especially because of the lighter flow of traffic. look how nice, heading towards the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. with higher speed or the potential, we have more of a risk there for hydroplaning and loss of control. we have more rain coming. you stick with kari for the forecast and your focus on the roadway, all the way down to the south bay, no major problems. >> you know this unseasonably
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late rain might be good for our gardens, not so much for your roads. many of which packed with pothole itself. bob, i know you talked about some men doing something about this problem on their even. >> reporter: criminaorrect, mar. potholes are in antioch and further west in oakland where the so-called pothole vigilantes are at it again. this time they need your help. the two men filling potholes on their own time and dime will be hosting a meet up tonight to get you involved as well. they will be handing out free tampers and bags ofs a fault for anyone willing to help make oakland's roads smooth again. the village lantanas have filled about 30 holes on their own over the past few weeks, they've garnered a lot of attention and collected almost $35,000 in donations. >> we're just trying to inspire a movement, to invite the
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community to fix the problems in the community on their own. all the potholes. >> reporter: the pothole village lantanas meet up tonight at 8:00 and in oakland they'll be handing out free asphalt, tampers, shirts and stickers. bob riddell, "today in the bay". >> thanks, bob. on capitol hill, president trump is set to unveil a sweeping new immigration proposal. the administration says it will emphasize skills and education instead of family. "today in the bay" is live in washington with more on what to expect. good morning, craig. >> reporter: laura, good morning. good morning, everyone, it's described as a two-pronged plan and it faces an uphill batlet on
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capitol hill. on border security, president trump's immigration proposal outlines border wall completion in 33 designated areas and scanning improvements at ports of entries. >> not one more american life should be lost because our law makers fwa i would to secure our borders. >> reporter: the main plampbt requires language skills and education levels, shifting to a merit-based system from the current family-based approach where green cards go to throws two family tie sfwls we welcome about a million illegals into our country legally. >> reporter: the plan does not address the millions already in the country illegally, the status of dreamers or touches on deferred child'ed arrival program known as daca, top priorities for democrats. >> i have concern created by the president when he eliminated the daca program and left 800,000
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young people of uncertain future. >> reporter: the president wants to adjust the asylum process at the border where there is a backlog and homeland security plans to hire tsa agents to help with the influx. >> we seen a trend of different hours in the morning. but there is after that. >> as for the president's plan, lawmakers say it's unlikely to get through congress. >> craig boswell, nbc news, walk. happening today, ucsf is advising patients to expect possible hiccups as workers hold another one-day strike. today's strike should be similar to this one right here. last month, workers are angry over outsourcing and today's picketing will center around the mission bay campuses. democratic president contender julian castro plans to join ticketers at noon. he's a former mayor of san antonio. castro is not among the top
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contenders, currently ranks fourth among democratic latino voters. new for you this morning, san francisco's largest ecigarette company is being sued by the other side of the country. >> we are talking about juul as they keep finding opposition. pete. >> good morning to you, lauren, marcus. san francisco based juul is being sued by the state of north korea. how about thnorth carolina is t home to big tobacco. their main concern they feel they are unfairly marketing to teenagers, specifically for north carolina, talking about teenagers in the state. the state attorney general made these claims yesterday during a news conference, claiming juul skyrocketed in recent years saying teens between 15 and 17 are more likely to use these
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products. ag says they innewsed the liquid nicotine with fruity flavors as well as packaging it, something that looks like flash drives that can be easily hit. juul says they target adults and support raising the age for tobacco purchases nationwide to the age of 21. here's the attorney general of north carolina saying at a news conference, talking about another factor that led to this big lawsuit. >> juul entered the market with the highest nicotine potency of any product at a level so high that a number of countries, the product is banned for people of any age. meanwhile, juul under stated the strength of the nicotine in each pod down playing its risks. >> reporter: and right here in san francisco, juul is fighting back after city leaders came up with a plan to ban the seam of ecigarettes following the report on a spike in teen use of ecigarettes and vapes. they just filed a ballot measure
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to block this ban. they did this recently. they will need 9,000 signatures, the deadline to get those signatures is july 8th. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay". >> thank you, pete. happening today, single day tickets go on sale. >> we can expect a big lineup. 21 pilots, headline opening night on friday, august 9th. the next day, paul simon and casey musgraves among those names taking the stage. single day tickets start at $155 and go an sale at 10:00 this morning. so, time is ticking there, kari. >> yeah, really interesting to see that lineup. now, as we take a look at this storm that's moving through, now we have a little bit of a break. i wanted to show you some of the rainfall totals we've measured across parts of the bay area. in guerneville we had over two
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inches of rain, in los gatos hills, almost two inches. danville, almost a half an inch, in oakley, you are getting .4 of rain. we're not done, as we check out the lake totals, about two.21 inches of rain in lake sonoma. fairfield close to an inch of rain. what we normally see throughout the whole month of may and we know there is more on the way. i will talk about the time line coming up and mike's commute, so far, pretty calm. >> it's very calm. we had more rain earlier, more spinouts reported. the sun came up. things were calming down, the visibility is better, folks are using extra caution there. the slick roadways continue around the bay.
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no problems south bay, tri-valley mild slowing, really 580 out of the altamonte, 880 south towards hayward. over here, highway 4 just know seeing slowing. pittsburgh, bay point, typical spas, really light right now. the build for 24 out of walnut creek to lafayette. upper east shore freeway, we're still about a half hour, hitting down towards the bay bridge. back up to the toll plaza. north bay, travel times are looking great. we just saw this popup. slowing out of villejo. typical to the island. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:10 right now. next in news, beyonce and uber. the money the singer is reportedly earning from the ride share company. it's confusing the internet a little this morning. the president says he wants to see far fewer foreign cars. what is a foreign car? we'll take a look at that when "today in the bay" continues. togo's fans, the pretzelrami is back,
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. good thursday morning. your microclimate weather alert continues, even though much of the bay area is taking a break from the rain. roads are still wet as you head out in san jose. heading over to sunnyvale, we will see a break in the rain until about 8:00. rain chances going right back up. in some spots, with may see some thunderstorms today. we'll talk about that, how much more expected rain and sierra snow, that's coming up in less
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than five minutes. >> even as we speak, san mateo bridge westbound on the right, building up the compute direction. looking at slick roadways. we will see more rain, stick with her for the changes and we'll show you the results. and good morning, happy thursday to you, investors are happy with the news that president trump may put off a tariff on foreign cars. we will talk more about that in a moment. of course,ed a lent plunged after the medical testing equipment company showed its quarterly returns to shareholders. microsoft warning about a curious security flaw. if you are running a modern version of windows, you don't have to worry. i barely bring it up. microsoft says it's one of the security risks it's seen in years. it's issuing a patch. if you have an older version, you got to get it. they are barring equipment from foreign sources saying it protects security interests.
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examiners secretary ross there put chinese company hauwei on a restricted list, which will prohibit american companies from selling their technology to this chinese company. it won't be implemented right away. it bring vents hauwei from doing business either direction in america. u.s. officials worry hauwei is too closely linked to the chinese government which may use the telecom equipment to spy on americans. the president pushed off decisions to put tariffs on foreign cars, it would add 25% to cars with the exception of south korea for cars made overseas. he put off that decision tore 180 days and may have them voluntarily limit their exporting to america. there is a limit how many canada and mexico can send into the united states. when i say a foreign car, i mean a car made overseas, manufactured in car parts as well, but foreign car is a kind of a weird word these days,
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generically, i drive a ford, which is made in detroit. it's made in mexico. then bmw, which is german, is made in south carolina, so it's complicated. >> right, things have changed. >> thanks, scott. all right, so 6:16, we all know beyonce is queen b. she is turning out to be a savvy investor as well. there are reports she took stock for a private performance. last week, the ride share company went public making early investors a lot of money. some reports have inaccurately suggested beyonce made more than $300 million when they went public. people are debateing that online, experts say beyonce probably made closer to $10 million. just 10 million. because of uber's market cap and delusion -- diluteian of shares. >> nice if you can get it. >> call me up for a performance.
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>> we can go perform for them and see -- >> both already have ipos. >> we just want the paycheck. we don't need to stop now. >> enough for an umbrella these days. >> it's definitely something we weren't used to. because it dried out for a long time. okay, it moved in, okay, this is happening. this is a storm that produced record rainfall. it still is scattered as you get ready to head out. this is a break before that activity ramps up once again, so we can see the center of the storm that's moving closer, that's just off our coast. once that moves in, it will bring in more gusty winds and will force that air to rise fairly quickly. >> that could cause some thunderstorms, possibly even lightning and hail across parts of the bay area, as we get more energy rolling with this system. it will bring additional rainfall. we take a bit of a break in between.
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that's the weekend storm that we can see approaching and that's continuing to develop out there in the pacific. so the storm door is reopened. here we go with some more rain at 9:30. we are seeing the rain continuing to push through parts of the east bay and it will be raining in the north bay and then into the early afternoon hours, as you are going out for lunch. off and on rain, you will see that trend. that's when we will have the possibility of thunderstorms and gusty winds. really an active weather day here, especially with it being the middle of may. by later tonight, we see this activity tapering off. by early tomorrow morning, still some lingering showers. but the trend will be for things to dry out for a little while as we just mentioned, there will be another storm behind that additional rainfall totals that we'll see from this system could reach throughout the weekend, up to another inch, maybe even up to 3 inches of rain in parts of the north bay. so this has already been a
6:19 am
record setting storm. so our forecast has a lot of talking about the record and the daily records we set yesterday. >> and we did set some daily records in santa rosa, oakland, liver more and san jose. so let me give you a peak at exactly what i'm talking about. yesterday in santa ro sarks we got over two inches of rain. the last record was set back if 011 at just over a quarter of an inch so we more than doubleed that amount n. oakland, the last time we set a record was in 2000 at just over a quarter of an inch. yesterday, we got nearly a half an inch, near livermore, we got a half an inch. the last record was set in 1996, less than half an inch. san jose, again with egot our totals for what we would typically see for the month in san jose. pretty impressive so far. >> we have 111 years to set that new record in san jose, really impressive. also, this is a live look at the lake tahoe golf course.
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it is snowing. no one out there in northstar skiing right now. >> that resort is closed for the season. squall creek also getting some snow. we will see a lot more where that came from. i don't know how long it's been since we had snow this significant, this late in the season. we can see in king veil, 50 inches of snow between now and next thursday. we will not see that rain cutting off either. it will be active. >> that storm door has reopened and it may be a while before it closes, mike, it will be busy, you are also busy, spotting something on the san mateo bridge. >> we have a couple things. over here, eastbound coming towards us, very light. westbound, we showed the build right there. that's the disabled box truck that we spotted on our live camera, obviously with the blue background there, chp is not headed out there, the bridge crew will take a look, so far folks are getting by just fine, a distraction. the slick roadways show up on
6:21 am
that live camera. we don't see any problems, until a mild build out of hayward, westbound if your compute. dunbarton picks up the volume a bit. folks head over to menlo park. northbound 101 and capital expressway. north 80 around turner, typical slower spots. it doesn't appear to be causing a problem. we'll track that. a critical area coming into work. cupertino the volume will be building. over year, costa contra looks great. all looking great at speed there. just more snow and a frad wal build for the upper east shore freeway, heading to the bay bridge. the cash lanes a back up. >> that means more business travel as folks typically can choose which day to go in, not choosing to go in today. you can choose what you want to, back to you. >> all right, thanks, mike. next and new this morning, miracle discovery in kentucky. a missing 1-year-old boy found
6:22 am
alive. and at 6:30, another step for the future of the dixie school district in the north bay. the way you can suggest a brand if you name. first, here's a look at what we are posting on social media. i like to let my kids know i'm thinking about them all day. mom jokes in lunch today. all about bananas. >> you are peeling. >> that's cute. >> we'll see what they say. hey, you can follow us all. we're on social media, follow me laura garcia, nbc on instagram, facebook and twitter. we'll be back with more in just a bit. news making headlines arounde
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nation and the world: lawmakers in austria have approved a ban on wearing . here's a look another the headlines making news around the nation and the world. lawmakers have approved headscarfs ban in schools. they expect the rules to wind up in constitutional court a toddler who went missing sunday night has been found alive in kentucky. the lexington herald leader reports the boy disappeared from his home sunday night. yesterday searchers found him about a mile away. the statue of liberty has a new museum that officially opens today. they suggest they will eliminate a forgotten history and add context to the millions of people that visit each year. 6:25. new details in the south bay. a man is accused of intentionally plowing into a crowd of people in sunnyvale is
6:26 am
due in court for a plea hearing. isaiah peoples faces eight counts in connection with a crash that injured eight people last month. it happened at el camino reale and saratoga road. he is a war veteran with ptsd. new overnight, lawmakers passed a restrictive abortion measure as fallout from a supreme court showdown. >> first the bay area is the most expensive place in the country for energy costs. new perspective on what you are paying compared to everyone else. breaking news, a car crashes into a south bay home. what authorities are telling our kris sanchez live at the scene. our top story is still the weather. rain moving back into the bay area. meteorologist kari hall is updating her forecast right now. find out what it says coming up in just a bit. 6:26. you are watching "today in the bay." ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. right now, as we quickly approach 6:30. a live look at the radar you see that rain moving through. >> nbc bay area has a microclimate alert. a good reason not to turn on the sprinklers for a while.
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>> i was saying. >> did you go knock on the door? >> i was about do. we've measured daily rainfall records across the bay area. we wake up to spotty showers and the next part of the storm system approaching. we see that center of low pressure. >> that will give us a push of rain and energy that could park off some thunderstorms going into the afternoon. so the first batch of the rain has already moved through, we're awaiting the next part. and there is more rain on the way. so i'll have a look at that in the full forecast, mike, you are following up with the san mateo bridge. >> we spotted a box truck. the traffic flows smoothly. i don't see any problems as it makes its way over to the foster city side. the same pattern. a build for the south bay. forth bound, of course, will be the push.
6:31 am
the roadways are maybe slick in some spots. we hear about standing water, getting a little of a break, watch the transition through the maze, that was the latest callout. here's richard, san rafael, a lighter volume easing up, back to you. >> thanks, mike. breaking news out of san jose, a rude awakening in one neighborhood after a car crashes into a home. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez is at the scene in allen rock. what do you know so far? >> reporter: the car is now gone, the work is just going to begin for this homeowner who had that car smashed into the front of his home. at this point it looks like the car only damaged the porch, but, of course, the foundation is under there, so the homeowner will have to look into that. we know one person was transported by balance. we hope that was a precaution. we gone know if it was the driver or somebody inside the
6:32 am
home in the last 20 minutes or so i talked to the gentleman in this home. he said he definitely heard it, but he was okay. now, this driver seems to have come down, barreling down spew art avenue in alum rock. one other seek where the front tire was sheared off the side. we don't know the cause of the crash the neighbors think it was a possible drunk driving crash in san jose, todayth in bay. . new overnight, a missouri senate passes a bill. >> under the bill the ban would
6:33 am
replay typically past the six week mark alabama's governor signed blanket restrictions into law yesterday, apportion will only be allowed if there is a serious health risk. the new law is set to go into effect baring some kind of action from the stream court a group of parents are filing a class action lawsuit. they claim the staff went too far disciplining their children. one parent says their child was picked up and costa county office of education is not yet commenting on the lawsuit. they say the school staff is on the coming edge when it comes to strength training. your suggestion may be the one to change the name for one school district. dixie cool leaders are reviewing
6:34 am
all final suggestions if june. we have been following this story for a while now. they voted to remove the dixie name of its tie to the confederacy. suggestions can be dropped off at middle creek middle school. >> we are learning the bay area has paid the highest energy prices in the country. the bay area's gasoline prices are 38% higher than the national average. the u.s. borough of labor statistics says we are paying 57% higher than natural gas prices, they could continue to climb. pg&e is now being blamed for starting the campfire. >> that means rate payers could be looking at even more increases. 6:34 right now, oracle is
6:35 am
basketball central, that's when the warriors and blazers tip off for game two of the conference finals. the warriors hope to keep the momentum going within they beat portland the other day by 22 points. they are expected to be out without kevin durant. he is out without a calf strain. >> it's exciting. last night we had overtime, the adrenaline, we're watching again for the sharks and the warriors, look at that schedule. we few it was going to be a great week. >> we have slicker conditions. things have calmed down, the freeway choes a build. the bay bridge across the san
6:36 am
mateo bridge, starting to slow a build out of fremont and newark and facebook had to place over if fremont. palo alto, a light volume of traffic and damp roadways. kari has more in store for us. >> of course. so does mother nature. we're making weekend plans, now we are having to plan around the rain coming through. we walk out the door this morning to some showers. it's hit or miss. especially in the north bay, where we see more rain coming through in the peninsula as well. we have there storm aliveing. there is another one behind that, so that's your saturday storm. we can see it right here saturday into sunday, as well as early next week. the 7-day forecast we'll have a break friday afternoon and early saturday morning. but the rain looks like it will still be pouring as we wait for beta breakers, if freedom,
6:37 am
saturday morning, partly cloudy skies, get out there early. you may have a chance of this event going on, the rain starts to move in. the winds will pick up as well. in the tri-valleys, we have mostly dry weather. saturday, once again, the wayne comes back and we have a chance of some thunderstorms and gusty winds on sunday in the tri-valley. that's a live look at the sierra as that new snow continues to fall. we have a mixture of rain as we add up on several ychls of rain and snow in parts of thecyeria as you go up above 5,000 feet. doesn't look like the best beach weekend. off and on rain, reaching 60 degrees. if you have travel plans to head to l.a. that's where we will also see
6:38 am
thunderstorms possible on sunday. but you may be able to stay dry on saturday and sunday is looking good. we'll talk about today's temperature trend. a break for some of us now. it returns for this afternoon a look at time lines coming up in about 3 minutes. next and new this hour, a social media warning from one of the queens of social media, selena gomez about the danger of spending too much time online. first, pothole problems, this morning, there is a push to get you involved in the solution. plus. i'm victy wynn, coming up on today, what do proposed tariffs mean for you and your household? we'll show you the new items added to the list and what it could mean for you. and i'm watching that. president trump says he will make the final acquisition on war with iran. we'll take you out to the big
6:39 am
board in new york city. the dow strils are up 109 points. you are muching today in the bay. alright boys, time for bed.
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when you download the xfi app today. right now, our microclimate weather alert continues, let's take a live look outside in walnut creek. a break from the rain. you can still see those ominous clouds ahead. rain chances going up as we may see some thunderstorms. i'll be tracking that. we'll talk about the weekend
6:42 am
forecast and how much rain we have already measured. that's coming up in less than five minutes. >> good travel times across the bay bridge from the toll plaza towards the san francisco side, flowing from richard, san rafael, mild slowing for the south by a. we will show you how things have spread out coming up. two self proclaimed pothole vigilantes have been filling up problem spots in oakland. tonight, they are hosting a meet up in city center's lowell park. now, they plan to hand out free tools and bags of asphalt for anyone wishing to help them make oakland's roads smooth. >> we are trying to invite the community to just fix the problems in the committee on their own. we would like to see all the potholes in oakland filled and ho
6:43 am
hopefully which don't have to deal -- [ inaudible ] . >> the two men which wish to remain anonymous filled several holes in the past week and cloektd over $5,000 in donations. they meet up in lowell park at 8:00 p.m. a top ranking fire official on the peninsula faces serious legal trouble this morning accused of propositioning a 16-year-old boy. gary carson serves as secretary. he passed a suggestive note to a teenager at peninsula high school last week. officers arrested him. he's now on paid administrative leave. due today, some surprising comments from selena gomez, she's a social media star, now she is criticizing its effect on her generation. 150 million followers. gomez is the third most followed person on instagram, while promoting an upcoming film.
6:44 am
gomez says social media has been bad for her generation and it's dangerous. >> it does scare me when you see how exposed these young girls and boys are. they're not really aware of the news or anything going on. i think it's dangerous for sure. >> they cite bullying as the main reason. she says she is now calling on people to take short breaks from facebook, twitter and instagram. it's 6:44. the president says that he and not his advisers will decide whether to attack iran. this as the conflict is addressed. >> we've heard a plan to send 120,000 troops to the area. the president calls that fake news. we have a carrier task force and air force group that have repositioned into the area. this morning in the washington post, a newspaper headline that says the president's men who
6:45 am
want war with iran frustrating a president who does not. now, the "post" says the president is frustrated, in particular, with john bolton, his national security adviser. bolton was one of the men that convinced president bush to invade iraq and the president says there is no conflict in the white house. there is no infighting whatsoever. i make a decisive and final decision. i'm sure iran will want to talk soon. new york city mayor bill de blasio is somewhere in here in our board of candidates for president. he just announced he becomes the 23rd democrat to throw his hat into a surprising pile of hats. "new york times" points out it's been a century since a mayor has gone on to be a member of congress. if you are thinking of ed koch, he was a member of congress before he was mayor. no new york mayor made it to the white house. president trump pardoned two men. a former politician, patrick
6:46 am
nolan in prison for racketeering and conrad black, who did time for fraud and author of the book "donald j. trump, a president like no other." president trump is expected to propose a few policy on immigration that would prioritize education and skill over family time. you can't change this on his own. he has to go through congress. i'll be tweeting about it. you can find me on twitter i'm @scott pittsburgh grew. >> at 75-years-old, one rockstar is showing he has moves like jagger. he is showing off incredible moves on instagram weeks after undergoing heart surgery. check him out. ♪. >> he's rehearsing for his show
6:47 am
on the road. he is recovering and he learned that show has been rescheduled for august 18th. >> wow, i if es that heart valve really worked. >> a turbo charger. >> no kidding. exactly. >> all right. so one thing we have say is that the rain is here. >> it is here. it's still going to be on and off throughout the day and really on in the afternoon. we see another batch of heavy downpours rolling in. possibly some thunderstorms. you head out the door, it may not be raining where you are right now. some spots are hearing that rain hitting the roof and one busy spot, people are getting ready to head out the door, where the rain has fallen right now. this is slowly pushing off to the east. give it a few minutes and that rain will be moving out. we will see it scattered throughout the morning. at 10:00, most of the rain is moving through the south bay. parts of the tri-valley and still pouring in the north bay. as we see the area of low
6:48 am
pressure associated with this storm in the upper levels of the atmosphere, it will force this air to rise very quickly and could give enough energy for scattered thunderstorms today. also some bouts of heavy rain throughout the north bay into the afternoon. so expect it to be a very unsettled day. you want to make sure you have that nbc bay area app. so you can get alerts as that rain is approaching your location. >> that will help you stay ahead of our quickly changing weather today. as we no into tonight. we start to see this activity starting to wind down just a bit. we'll wake up tomorrow morning with a few shots, the overall trend for tomorrow will be for things to dry out throughout the day. that's a little while before that next storm system comes in. >> that could bring us an additional two inches of rain. check out ukiah, this already has been a historic storm moving
6:49 am
through. our forecast through here will talk about automatic rain we have already measured. >> it's been very impressive. take a look at these 24 storm totals. san anselmo, typically two-and-a-half inches. that's about double the amount. richmond a little under two inches, boulder creek under two inches. vaent, just over a half an inch. san jose, typically this is what they get as well. santa rosa doubles in the month. san jose is what they see for the entire month of may, pretty impressive so far, we are only tracking more rain. so your storm totals should be getting decent tomorrow as well. we will send things over to kari. >> we will see more on top of that snow in the sierra, this is a live look at our lake tahoe golf course camera, 32 degrees, snow levels are coming down to about 5,000 feast. look at what the models are
6:50 am
plotting for how much additional snow we may see through the the next several days, the possibility in the middle of may to get 50 inches of snow in kingsville. we know this storm is something we typically see in february. still happening in may. we have that storm door opened. more storms going into the middle of next week. so i guess for now, we better get used to it. have the umbrellas back out. the windshield wipers, mike, you are getting a break at the bridge. >> shield your eyes, folks, the sun is coming up here. it may be drying out the roadways, you see the sheen. there will be slick conditions around here, word is caltrans is having the snow. they have some advisories, make sure you keep those choins ha-- chains handy. the fast track lanes, mild slowing for the upper east shore freeway. right here the sign, chp got
6:51 am
word about 6:00 there were some folks reporting the possibility of hydroplaning through standing puddles. some of the drains were working as well as you'd like them to. we haven't heard complaints along chp. so far the traffic flow is light through that area as well, though. a live look shows you. 101 northbound, we have slowing up towards alum rock. i have to adjust the shutters. we'll send it back to you. >> we'll let you fix that. thanks, so much. in the meantime, just into our newsroom, former president jimmy carter being released from the hospital this morning. this after he took a fall and he had to have his hip replaced earlier last week. his wife rosalynn also was in the hospital with him complaints of feeling a little faint. but both the former first lady and former president are headed back home this morning in georgia. also happening now, there is a race against time in shanghai,
6:52 am
rescue crews desperately trying to save people trapped under a collapsed building. at least 11 people have been pulled from that rubble. the building was being renovated, tracking -- trapping some 20 people. no word on what may have caused that collapse. a look at the top stories, including a controversial call at the sharks' game, see the moment that every fan will be talking about today. plus -- >> i thought it was cool. it turns out it wasn't. i went to rehab for 40 days in california. >> stopping smoking, east coast suing juul, claims young people are making against the maker. more news, you are watching "today in the bay." [ pleasant orchestral music ]
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[commentator] and now comes the decisive shot. [ pleasant orchestral music ] looks good, looks good. [crowd gasps ] do you believe it? what can you say? [ crowd cheering ] [ pleasant orchestral music ] tom watson has taken the lead of the u.s. open. here are the top stories on today . welcome back. it's 6:55. before you head out the door, where you are headed, here are the top stories we are covering "today in the bay". >> taking a look at our doppler radar. you can see that storm moving through the bay area. wi we are expecting more storms, isolated thunderstorms could be possible. the north bay will see most of that rainfall. this is the second of three storms in the bay area this week. on top of breaking news this
6:56 am
morning, a rude awakening in san jose, a car smashed into this porch, the porch had the worst damage there, to the foundation as well. chp says the driver struck at least one other car before crashing into that home the impact ripped the vehicle's tires off as well, the agency says one person was taken to the hospital. it is not clear if that person was the driver or someone at home at the time of the crash. happening today, students honor one of their own killed over the weekend in a suspected drunk driving crash. fremont's washington hospital had a memorial day related event. they will be remembering armando canales, he and three other drivers in a car were struck on saturday. three of the other teens in the car were seriously injured. happening today, workers
6:57 am
hold another one-day strike. today's strike should be similar to the one last month when healthcare technicians walked off the job. it will be centered around the mission bay campus. democratic presidential contender julien castro plans to join ticketers at noon. he's the former mayor of san antonio. castro is not amongst top contenders, currently ranks fourth. teenage vaping is becoming an epidemic. new this morning, north carolina is suing san francisco based juul. the popular ecigarette makeer is accused of addicting a new generation of people. the states attorney general claims teenagers between 15 an 17 are more likely to use those products. 16-year-olds spoke during a news conference saying they caused serious changes in his life. >> the reason why is i wanted to step fit in. when i quickly started, i
6:58 am
quickly seen how many friends i had and friends became my identity. >> city leaders came up with a plan to ban the sale of the ecigarettes. 6:57 right now. let's talk a little hockey, sharks fans certainly celebrating after a big win that has given them the upper hand. >> the blues fans feeling kind of blue, a controversial call last night in overtime that turned into more than a game changer. the sharks won 5-4 on this goal to take the two games to one lead over st. louis, a replay shows the sharks making an obviously hand pass, which is illegal, but because all four reps missed the play and the play is not reviewable, the goal by erik karlsson today, game four happens tomorrow, also in st. louis. all right, here in the bay area, the storm center hitting us in may. so it's still really a big deal for this time of year.
6:59 am
there is something we typically see in the middle of the winter. here in spring, we are talking thunderstorms, additional rainfall, off and on rain throughout the 7-day forecast. highs reaching low 60s inland. we will be watching the forecast for beta breakers on sunday. not only that, but all the outdoor events we have going on. >> we will have all the umbrella hats. >> and a lot of wet roads. you talked about this time of year. >> we talked about snow, there is a crash that closed east i80 at niac. you have to find alternate routes for the time being. we're looking at 880 westbound in the bay area. >> that would be the bay bridge. that's moving smoothly. we have the backup and slick roadways, as the sun comes up with a little break there. the san mateo bridge. more rain will bring more slick roads. >> it's nice to see a sun break if between all the rain. thank you for joining us. we'll be back for another local
7:00 am
update. every half hour after that. >> don't forget to join us. our mid-day fuse cast coming up. thanks so much for starting your morning, right here with us. good morning it's the law >> whose rights? >> all: our rights >> alabama's governor makes it official signing a near total ban on abortion and in missouri overnight lawmakers move forward on a bill banning the procedur at eight weeks thisorning the legal fight's already launched in the court. >> they're trying to overturn roe versus wade. that's wrong and we will fight back. >> will the supreme court even >> take the case is the question this morning >> crash landing the dramatic moment a helicopter spirals out of control and plunges into the hudson river in


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