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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  May 16, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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sunday, even with the rainfall. so that's good news for all you racers out there. >> waterproof clothes. >> please wear your clothes. >> it's going to get interesting. >> lester holt's next. tonig point all across the country a wave of new restrictions gaining steam. >> it's safe to come out and say i want to be a voice for the unborn. >> prompting protests and thousands of women sharing their own personal stories. >> i'm telling you this because i'm genuinely really scared for women and girls. >> and tonight the culture wars taking shape on the campaign trail. also tonight, president trump asked if the u.s. is going to war with iran, and the president told defense secretary about iran inside the situation room a new twist in the college admission scandal, an expelled student fighting back suing his
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school after his father was caught paying a bribe to get him into georgetown. new developments tonight, a toddler missing for three days found alive at the edge of a 50-foot cliff. we hear from his parents and the firefighter that found him. >> we're taking you beyond the meat craze sweeping grocery stores and restaurants. >> it tastes like real meat. i can't tell the difference. >> what's the secret why so many people can't get enough. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening, everyone we are coming on the air with breaking news tonight coming out of southern california a plane down at a military airbase crashing into a building it happened near or at march air reserve base in riverside cali in los angeles joe fryer starts us off with the latest coming in. the f-16 fighter jet punched the hole in the roof of a large warehouse. so far knbc reports one person
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was injured on the ground.t ami. >> that's a [ bleep ] airplane that's a military airplane in our building. >> reporter: officials say the pilot ejected safely and is being evaluated. a stretch i-250 near the scene has been shut down in both directions. >> all right joe fryer with the latest for us thank you. the sweeping challenge to abortion rights in this country is picking up traction tonight and rallying activists on both sides. alabama's newly minted abortion ban, not the first nor the last as missouri today moved a step closer to it's own crackdown the states that introduced or enacted ri those to protect abortion rights outlining the emotionally charged battle lines our stephanie gosk has the latest. >> reporter: with the ink barely dry on alabama's new abortion law, the strictest in the nation, the movement to push
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anti-abortion legislation in other states is gathering steam. >> this is a very backwards step for women's rights. >> i think life should be protected. >> reporter: in missouri today, the state senate voted 24-10 to ban the procedure after eight weeks. following governor mike parson's call to make missouri the most pro-life state in the country. in louisiana the so-called heartbeat bill has passed the senate and is being rapidly pushed through the house the wave of new laws that began after conservative brett kavanaugh's appointment to the supreme court last fall is reigniting a debate that has riled the country for decades. >> maybe you're sitting there thinking i don't know a woman that would have an abortion, well, you know me. >> reporter: actress busy phillips reveals she had one at 15. >> i'm telling you this because i'm genuinely really scared for women. >> reporter: thousands of women are sharing their own stories with the #you know me like new
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york city school teacher cat. >> i can't imagine someone else being able to have the authority over my body. >> reporter: she was 19 years old and still in college when she had an abortion. >> i will be vocal, and i will fight for this. >> reporter: but in ohio where a heartbeat ban was signed last month, stephanie criter is feeling inspired. >> it our time to speak up. >> reporter: she's been fighting to overturn roe v wade for a decade. >> it safe to come out and say i want to be a voice for the unborn and we're seeing more and more people stepping out and doing that. >> stephanie joining me now. what do we know specifically about the states trying to move and protect abortion rights? >> the state of new york passed a law that protects abortion in the third trimester but there are ten other states that are looking at propels to protect abortions. one is massachusetts where the legislation proposes removing certain obstacles and expanding access. >> stephanie, thank you.
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that alabama law is just one of the many battle lines already being drawn going into the 2020 election, nbc's kristen welker with a look how this contested issue could have a big impact on the race for president. could s >> reporter: tonight, could the culture wars now make a comeback as a top issue in 2020 alabama's new law making every abortion a crime even in cases y aborti of rape and incest sparking an intense debate there >> why are you putting yourself in god's shoe? >> it's not our decision to extinguish that life. >> reporter: for 2020 democrats a rallying cry alarmed by a growing number of state laws restricting abortion. >> it noting short of an attack on women's civil rights. >> women's health care is under attack and we will in the stand for it. >> reporter: alabama lawmakers have acknowledged their goal is to get the supreme court to
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overturn roe versus wade. it's something candidate trump predicted. >> that will happen automatically in my opinion because i'm putting pro-life justices on the court. >> reporter: the president's anti abortion agenda energized supporters but there are critics, one top republican kasie hunt saying it's too restrictive. >> do you think that goes too far? >> it goes further than i believe, yes >> reporter: while the alabama measure a political flash point, it almost certain the law would be struck down by lower courts and the supreme court could choose not to weigh in. we want to turn to iran and signs president trump wants to dial back escalating tensions. the president saying publicly today as well as behind closed doors to members of his administration he doesn't want a war. nbc's andrea mitchell has details. >> reporter: a change of tone at the white house today. president trump asked if we are going to war with iran hope not.
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>> meeting with a swiss diplomat whose country passes u.s. messages to iran in the situation room wednesday, mr. trump also telling his acting defense secretary he does not want war according to three officials familiar with the conversation and believes his national security advisor john bolton is too hawkish saying pointedly thursday - >> i temper john, which is amazing, isn't it? >> reporter: a signal last week. >> they should do, if they do, we're open to talk to them. >> reporter: dialing back. first a global ban on iran's oil exports then bolton and mikeem. >> reporter: dialing pompeo citing multiple intelligence threats sending a carrier group to the region after seeing images of smallssif according to three u.s. officials. yesterday non-essential while keeping congress in the dark for top leaders today. >> clearly, the threat level
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for top leaders today. >> clearly, the threat level must b must be pretty high and i think it's important congress be read in and so far we haven't >> reporter: the rest of congress will be briefed next week as britain raises the threat level for its troops in iraq but only the u.s. is ordering the departure of some diplomats from iraq. >> andrea mitchell, thank you. tonight president trump unveiled the plan to overhaul the nation's immigration laws. but will it fly? democrats are pouncing and we get details from our chief white house correspondent hallie jackson. >> reporter: president trump opening up a new front on a familiar issue. >> our proposal is proamerican, proimmigrant and proworker it's just common sense. t of the house's immigration plan would boost security along the border including adding some wall construction but the biggest changes would affect legal immigration in a shift to a merit based system right now the administration
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says 66% of immigrants get green cards because of family connections. under the new plan, the majority of immigrants would instead be educated and high skilled workers. to get in, people would have to pass a civics test and get points based on their age, ability to speak english, education and any job offers. >> america's immigration system should bring in people who will expand opportunities for striving low income americans, p not to compete with those low income americans. >> reporter: but the plan does not address the 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the u.s. or so-called dreamers younger people brought here as kids. >> we're trying to get out there and trying to make a future and he's just throwing us under the table. >> reporter: even the president's allies acknowledge it mostly meant to rally republicans. it's a nonstarter with democrats. >> merit they are saying family is without merit. >> repr:
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his financial disclosures show fairly stable revenues of $434 million in 2018 but his mar-a-lago resort made 2 million less than before tonight, t a twist in the massive college admissions scandal. a with more on that, here's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: the georgetown junior had just filed a lawsuit against the university trying to prevent the school from kicking him out when ten hours later his attorney says the student's admission was suddenly reskinned. >> howu ink court went today. >> reporter: his father steven pleadeh admitting he georgetown prosecutors say after the men's tennis coach was paid off, adam was admitted to the school even though he didn't play the sport competitively. his attorney says adam was unaware of the bribes and wants
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to at least leave with his credits intact not commenting on current litigation, the university says applicants to georgetown have heard that the information and statement is complete. prosecutors allege in the complaint some students entangled in the college entrance scam were aware they were cheating. >> for each student it will depend on the school's approach to discipline and that student's rights under the applicable honor code >> reporter: with the rich and famous facing prison time and some making deals, tonight their children are paying the price for what prosecutors say they never earned miguel almaguer, nbc news, new york. and for many students, of course, a good s.a.t. score remains the way to get in. the entrance exam is adding an adversity score to level the playing field. as our gabe gutierrez explains,
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it's sparking controversy. >> reporter: 18-year-old was about to graduate from banniker high school and couldn't afford college without scholarships. >> do you believe students have a better socioeconomic. >> they're introducing an adversity score, the number between 1 and 100 including the crime rate and poverty level the relative quality of the high school, family income and environment. the score would not be reported to students and parents, only college officials. >> how difficult is it to put a number on adversity? >> i don't think it can be reasonably done. it risks reducing something that is very human to a number. >> the plan comes as the college cheating scandal focuses on wealth and privilege and as they face challenges to the
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affirmative action policies. race is not factored into the adversity score. >> there is so much more out there than a test score. >> 50 colleges used it last year they offered to expand it to more next year we've got an incredible lost and found story to tell you about tonight. a 22-month-old boy wandered away from his home over the weekend and watts found 67 heart wrenching hours later alive and well ron mott has more on his remarkable study. >> hi, i love you. what are you doing, pretty boy >> a parents' worst nightmare turned into a dream come true. kenneth howard reunited with his family after an adventure he may never remember but one his parents will never forget kenneth vanished sunday night from his kentucky home setting
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off a frantic search >> it was by the grace of god that he cried out when he did because my guys would have walked by. >> they followed that voice to a 50 foot cliff more than a mile at the toddler's home. >> i was balanciling like a baby >> you was expecting not to be alive and he was screaming at you. that's something that hits the heart. >> here all night rescuers say kenneth told them over and over. >> thank you, everybody, that helped and praise jesus. >> kenneth was dehydrated with scratches and insect bites but otherwise okay. >> relief. the long wait over ron mott, nbc news. >> so nice to have a happy ending with that story. just ahead, where's the beef inside the race to build a better burger without the meat
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as more and more restaurants put them on the menu. shattering records wait until you hear how much these two art works fetched at auction.
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next tonight, the food craze conquering supermarkets and next tonight, the food craze conquering supermarkets and restaurants. meatless burgers are soaring in popularity and gadi schwartz goes inside beyond meat to explain what the hype is all about. >> reporter: inside a state of the art re >> reporter: inside a state of the art research lab in l.a., the sound of a sizzling grill. this is beyond meat where ceo either brown wears a t-shirt to go in the kitchen. >> hair net or hat. >> reporter: moment of choice, hat. before we talk science, let's just bite in wow. i mean, the consistency feels like meat. >> getting closer and closer. >> reporter: that is one of the main reasons his no-meat burger had one of the juiciest ipos in two decades doubles the price on the first day. a lot of reverse meat engineering using plants and
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finding a growing appetite among consumers. >> move from whole foods into kroger and the main stream acceptance and at some point a movement. >> reporter: the meatless craze sweeping through grocery stores and restaurants and carls junior. >> i couldn't tell the difference. >> reporter: they are up against a trillion dollars thriving meat industry and decades of memorable marketing around. >> beef, it's what is for dinner. >> reporter: but even a bite-sized percentage means billions beyond meat for competitors like impossible foods and brown says the secret is simple, sticking to plants just like animals do. >> this is a natural process to harvest protein, harvest fats directly from plants and convert them into meat versus running all that material through an animal. >> reporter: a new way of making beef, literally cutting out the gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. we'll take a short break wait until you see how much these masterpieces went for at auction.
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there is late word tonight i.m., pei there is late word tonight i.m., p.e.i. died he was known for the rock 'n' roll hall of fame and jfk library in boston. he was 102 years old. he was 102 years old. >> a pair of price tags that might make your eyes pop out two pieces of art going for record shattering amounts and have a lot of people asking, are they worth it? here's harry smith >> 72 million. >> reporter: the art world is buzzing about record prices paid this season for works by monet, more than 110 million for haystacks and jeff, a stainless steel ra haystacks and jeff kunz, a stainless steel rabbit that sold for $91 million. by the looks of the amount of money changing hands in the art world, you would think price is no object but the truth is, price is the object. the more it's worth, the more it
5:53 pm
worth which for the deep pocketed means something along the lines of look what i have. monet might have been surprised and impression was met by shock in the 1800s and took years for him to become established and buy the house and grounds of his famous water lilies. when his pieces are displayed here in front of rockefeller center, there is loads of admirers but he has critics that insist metallic balloon animals are kitch and while we skratch our head and wonder what we would do with that money, we post our kids' creation on the refrigerator and know that is art that is indeed, priceless. harry smith, nbc news new york. mr. las vegas. wayne newton celebrating a major milestone.
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blood pressure or if you are pregnant, nursing, or plan to be pregnant. common side effects include nausea, infections, low blood cells and platelets, decreased appetite, headache, abdominal pain, tiredness, vomiting, and hair thinning or loss. my relentless reason: it's them. my choice with my doctor: it's verzenio. ask your doctor if everyday verzenio is right for your first treatment. when and where we )ll see the heesnfalfor the weekend plus, all this rain this year...and no drought. so why will some people have to pay more for water? what )s behind this new rate hike in the south bay. in our spotlight tonight,
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the living legend wayne newton celebrating six decades of entertaining audiences in fabulous las vegas here is joe fryer. >> reporter: when you think of wayne newton, there is one song that quickly comes to mind ♪ >> reporter: and one city. >> the fact that you are mr. las vegas, what does that title mean to you >> when people first started to call me that, i thought well, it because i just wouldn't leave, but i realized as time went on that it was the greatest compliment that one could be paid. >> reporter: he started singing in vegas as a teenager so young he needed a special work permit to perform six shows a night, six nights a week. that was 60 years ago. >> does it feel like 60 years?
5:58 pm
>> oh my god, no, i'm as shocked as anybody. still has an intimate >> reporter: newton still has an intimate show at cesars palace that attracts his wayne-iacks. >> that's vegas. >> reporter: but newton's legacy is visible far away from vegas he visits touring with the uso, his way of serving after the military rejected him because of severe asthma. >> i can't fight for our country, but i can sing for our >> reporter: and he'll keep singing because for newton, this 60th anniversary is not a book end. >> as long as i can bring happiness into people's lives, then what i was sent here to do might have been fulfilled. >> reporter: so celebrating your 70th and 80th anniversary in vegas? >> 90, i'm looking for 90. >> reporter: mr. viva las vegas. >> congratulations, wayne. that is "nightly news" for this
5:59 pm
thursday i'm lester holt, for all of us at nbc, thank you and good night.cold case solved. the decades-old murder mystery on the peninsula that )s tied to . right now at 6:00, cold case solved. the decades-long mystery is tied to another killing from the '70s. >> the price is already going up. it's already expensive enough to live here. >> the local water company angering a lot of people in the south bay. >> but first a rainy day in the ba where it's coming in next. the news at 6:00 starts now. ksoini us, i'm jessica aguirre. >> a good time to watch some tv or read a book. it's cold and rainy. we remain in that micro climate weather alert. here's why. you see the green lit up across the region. >> jeff ranieri's tracking it
6:00 pm
for us. where are we at at this point? >> we are seeing the bulk of the storm system moving on out, but talk about impressive totals. i had to show you this. 2.10 inches in santa rosa, a two-day total, more than we should have for the entire month of may we picked up in two days. also over an inch and a half in san rafael. close to an inch and a half in napa. the doppler radar has the hit and miss areas of instability. we'll take you to the top three zones. oakland and berkley getting hit with some of the heavier rainfall moving off to the east and a little to the south here. it's going to pick up in san leandro by 6:34 tonight. over to clayton, the rainfall is coming down right now and will


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