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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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out the back! that's a lot of groceries. look at my strong man! don't patronize me... the new buick envision is full of surprises. get up to 16 percent below msrp on most of these 2019 buick models when you finance through gm financial. that's just over 7 thousand on this envision premium. right now at 11:00, the next round of rain is coming for us. >> it may throw a wrench in your weekend plans. >> new numbers on this latest storm so you can plan ahead. >> for has health officials concerned. a bay area hot spot at the center of the measles scare. >> that's the sound of a ghost gun, homemade, untraceable, and no background check required. we investigate the hidden threat growing at an alarming rate. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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>> the 30 storm is on the way and it will soak the bay area. thank you see it churning towards us on the satellite-radar. >> it's not going to ruin your weekend plans, but it may change them. what's the time line for tomorrow? >> we have the cloud cover increasing right now as the storm system is intensifying. still out here and cold front wrapped around and throwing in quite a bit of moisture ahead of it. there is no way the system will fall apart. expe thiai and a few spotty showers. details in about 18 minutes. >> from graduation party to bay to breakers, a lot happening
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this weekend. in san francisco with the latest. jean? >> bay to breakers and big college graduations are events that will happen rain or shine. with rain expected, thousands are expected to make the best of it. >> flags blowing in the wind will be wet tomorrow. crews are putting the final touches on the stadium where nearly 6,000 uc berkeley students will graduate tomorrow morning outside. >> it's inconvenience, but rain is a good omen. >> this is a happy moment. a dream come true. >> raindrops will teardrops. thousands of proud parents will have to brave the weather to see their kids get that college diploma. they lifted an umbrella ban. >> they are letting in umbrellas
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now. >> in san francisco, it won't be picture perfect, but they're adjusting to the wet weather forecast. i hope to find a cute poncho and i hope to give it my all. >> shopping if for a jacket and looking forward to getting soaked. >> it keeps you cool for once. >> i don't feel as tired and an extra burst of energy. >> no one is expecting the rain to wash away the meteorologists and reporters will be tracking the storm throughout the weekend. jeff raininieria >> a brutal take down in the tender loin. do you recognize that man? he used a metal baton to attack three people on jones street.
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>> a lot of tension in a high school in san ha mon. four threats in two weeks. the fbi is on this case at california high school. graffiti scrawled across the boy's bathroom and other parts of the campus. one message said there would be a shooting on may 9th. that didn't happen, but another message targeted the school. officers. >> trolling through the end of the school year and they planned to install more surveillance cameras. a a hidden camera was found in the boy'shrputting a camera inhe trampoline park in fremont. an employee found it and called police. coacha caught himself on camera when he was setting it up.
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>> it's a horrible thing and would hope that they would look at the bathrooms occasionally and make sure things like that are not happening. >> he placed cameras in other spots. >> the measles are striking the east bay. the first confirmed case in alameda county. the person was contagious when they visited a popular marketplace. cheryl hurd joins us live with a health warning for anyone who may have been there on that date. >> reporter: that's right. there is a warning for people whoere between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. that's when people could have been exposed. >> tonight business as usual at the marketplace, but signs inside the store alerting shoppers of the measles scare. >> i just got a text.
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i was planning on coming here anyway. >> dr. lisa hernandez was a health officer for the city of berkeley and no need to panic, but people need to be on alert. >> measles is an airborne disease. it travels in the air and when someone coughs or sneezes, it stays in the air for about an hour. >> the symptoms are like a cold or flu. it turns into a rash. >> there who have chosen not to vaccinate where there are people who are very compromised and makes them very sick. >> so far there have been 45 confirmed measles cases in california. the berkeley case is the first in alameda county. santa clara and san mateo have four. san francisco has one. dr. hernandez came in tonight in case people have questions. for the public, she has a strong message. >> people need to be vaccinated.
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>> if you are not sure if you have been vaccinated, doctors say there is no harm in getting another one. live in berkeley, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. graphic and disturbing motorcyclist is dead and his fren friend under arrest after this crash. a street race was to blame, something they say they are tired of seeing in the neighborhood. live in san jose where that and family have been leaving cards, candles and stuffed animals for jason. many of the friends and family said they are still in shock about the crash. >> the collection of stuffed animals and cards is feet from where jason deerman crashed into a car. you can see how it happened. the blue nissan makes a stop and eases into the intersection.
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you can see him righting on his cycle on the rear wheel. the passenger gets out of the car to see the debris in the streets and neighbors rush to help. >> he was on the ground and i tried to help him. i tried to wake him up and talked to him. >> i stood there and held his hand. i said god be with you. >> david al dana is sharing pictures of the crash and you can see the impact on the car. according to police, deerman was rushed to the hospital where he died. the reverend said he had infect personality and a big heart. you can see another motorcyclist pull up after the crash. that's 30-year-old blake. he was arrest and charged with participating in an illegal speed contest. residents say they think many are racing here. >> i have seen them race up and down the street. >> nbc bay area news.
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>> a fighter jet crashed in riverside county. that right there, military officials detonating the explosives that were on board that f-16 and they reopened the freeway near the base of the 215 freeway closed since left's crash. the pilots he was returning to the base moments before it plummeted into this military warehouse. she was the only one on board and landed safely by parachute. they are all expected to be okay. >> a nail biter for the shrks. the conference final in st. louis, about 800 people cheered on the sharks at a watch party in san jose. the blues won to tie up the series. the fans are looking forward to game five at home sunday.
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>> that's who we are in the series. >> more hits and more aggressiveness and us having the power plays. >> there is a game with the pregame rally on sunday morning rain or is shine. our coverage begins sunday at noon. nbc bay area. >> a lot of star power in cupertino. lady gaga was rocking the house or the spaceship at the new apple campus. she performed under a giant rainbow to celebrate the opening of that right there. the apple park. employees got a private performance. you can imagine? she celebrated steve jobs and his vision. tim cook tweeting we came together in the home you imagined for us and celebrated your spirit. we love you, steve.
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rain as you move into saturday afternoon. we will look at the hour by hour forecast. you can make those plans. that's coming up in seven minutes. >> what's the secret to longevity. it could be the way you walk. the results of a eye-opening study. plus -- >> you are watching what it's like to stare down the barrel of a ghost gun. they are homemade, untraceable and flooding the criminal black market. at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. we built it to help them go beyond. because beyond risk... welcome to the neighborhood, guys. there is reward. ♪ ♪ beyond work and life... who else could he be? there is the moment. beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond.
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county district attorney this week. >> this is police body cam video released by the san diego county district attorney this week. it shows two officers hit by gunfire from a homemade untraceable gun. both officers did survive and the gunman took his own life in the shootout last year. >> law enforcement officials say this incident and many others point to a growing problem that puts you at risk. the rise of what are known as ghost guns. senior investigator said there is more of a threat than ever before. >> they are called self made unserialialized firearms. we teamed with nbc l.a. and san diego as well as a nonprofit organization to trace to
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investigate these ghost guns. >> we're found a 30 of all guns are being recovered here icalif. >> here's an 80% lower. >> a hunk of metal over the internet. >> this is not considered firearms. we are about to change that. >> with a little skill and knowledge turned into a firearm in this garage. >> you start it and slowly -- >> you too can make what's on the street as a ghost gun. no serial number. no way to track or to trace it. these hobbyists asked us to refer they make their own guns they o law requiring them to put a serial number on each gun and to register them. >> it gets the problem solved and i get to take something from
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a bunch of parts and scraps and make a functional machine out television. >> they admit others don't always follow the rules, building or selling the guns to skirt california's tough firearms law. law enforcement said that ghost guns are flooding the markets. >> that makes the rest of us who want to follow the law look bad. shootout in stockton to a shootout with san jose police in 2016, the suspects in each case use self-meat untraceable ghost guns. >> probably one of the moments of my life. everything slowed down. >> jennifer majors chased down a ghost gun with her partners on the beat. >> it was a sort of rifle. out firing as he stuck the gun out the window. >> this is the homemade gun that the suspect was using when the officers is responded to a shots fired call and pulled over
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outside this subway. >> i see this rifle coming out of the window. >> officers tell us they are becoming more and more calm. police chief eddie garcia said that poses a threat to officers and residents. >> obviously 30 years ago, people were not getting on the internet and making homemade weapons. >> we discovered that few agencies track ghost guns. not the feds and the state and only a handful of local law enforcement tck it. >> here has been investigating the proliferation as resident agent in charge of atf sacramento field office. >> what we are finding is that people in the business of selling firearms to criminal organizations, this has become a very profitable endeavor for them.
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>> what's a gun like this go for on the street? >> it's not uncommon to see them go from $1,000 to $2500. >> times more than a regular gun. there may be no official statistics, an investigation organization to trace, they found that law enforcement agencies across the state recovering record numbers of ghost guns. according to several sources, 30% of all guns now recovered in many communities are ghost guns. >> we have seen machine shop where is they are lining them up and completing them in 20 minute r four machines going at once. >> you acknowledge that california laws appear to have no teeth when it comes to those guns. >> absolutely. >> mike gibson of compton proposed a new bill to require critical parts that bob and hugh and others build guns to be sold by licensed registered dealers.
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>> we are talking about technology and our laws are outdated and we have to make sure the laws are advancing in this country. >> once you start this manufacturing process -- >> they worry about what will happen if the't keep up. >> i don't want to be an alarmist. they areper, more effective and more reliable, more lethal firemsn the central bob understands the need for some regulation and said he hopes lawmakers don't go too far. >> that's going to create the bigger headache for us to try to follow the laws. >> several law enforcement officials believe there should be a larger effort by both lawmakers and their own agencies who collect data and track these ghost guns more closely. as one law enforcement official put it, we can't really address this threat until we know
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exactly how bad the problem really is. >> that's a big issue. >> how do you track the ghost guns? >> you literally can't until it's been fired and used in a crime and then you can. before that, it's untraceable. >> if you have a story for steven or investigative unit, call us or visit our website. >> the sky is not falling, but so much stuff happening, we have been talking about the little league and graduation and bay to breakers. you can try to play around or be ready for this rainfall, but we will spe of time on the hour by hour forecast. cloud cover as you move into 9:30. east bay and south bay and showers will begin and then as you move into 11:30, you can see
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how things start to develop closer to the east bay and the south bay. things will pick up with the dot that tomorrow afternoon. by the eveningily with pockets heavy rainfall with us on 8:00 p.m. on saturday. eventually by sunday morning, there will be a little break in the action. 4:00 in the morning, a lot of us have plans. 8:00 including the race for bay to breakers. this line of heavy rain is expected to develop near san francisco. if you are in the bay to prepar race. a little bit of sunshine, but still instability.
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rainfall totals look impressive. a quarter to a half inch across the south bay. saturday and sunday. peninsula in the east bay, 3/4 of an inch on average. we have drying when we hit monday. we will get sun in here and another system on sides. 16/100s to 35/100s of an inch. dry weather on wednesday, thursday, and friday. in inland valleys, jacket weather. 58 for the high tomorrow and hold on. here it comes. by next thursday, 73 degrees and friday is 76. once again, prepare for the heavy rain tomorrow afternoon with the rain chances into sunday. not here. going up to the sierra. prepare for winter conditions. unusual weather heads up here. 12 inches of snow saturday and sunday. possibly another 4-20 inches as
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we move through next week's forecast. we will like like go down as one of the top 10 wettest mays on record. we will be in the top 10 category at this point. >> pretty impressive. thanks, jeff. happyid >> you, too. >> up next, how do you walk fast? if you do walk fast, you might live longer. we tell you abyour walk. >> happening now, yanked from the ground and snapped in half. vandals joined freshly planted cherry trees. the orchard owner is on a hunt to find out who did it. even offering a $5,000 reward ando through to make sure the vandals don't come back. we are back with more in a moment.
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"berkeley side " ,this verizon a twist on the eed dozens of elderly customers in the east bay. he's from authorized verizon store and he texted credit card numbers and personal information of customers to himself and went on a spending spree, racking up thousands in charges. he is now facing 12 felony charges. >> you better pick up the pace. the speed of your walk determines how long you live. researchers studied data from 475,000 british people and found that those who consistently walked fast at a brisk pace live longer. the pattern held true even with those who were overweight or
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sharks. tonight -- plenty of bumps in st. louis the road to the stanley cup is bumpy. lots of bumps. >> remember the giants won their first world series? torture. this is bumpy torture like the sharks right now. game four of the conference finals, that is what happened. 35 seconds into the game and the sharks in the white jersey. just a slope play and turns over the puck. 35 seconds in. things are looking okay. that's as close as they got. carlson on the bench and didn't play much. that's not a good sign. he had a groin injury for much of the season.
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is back in san jose suspected at high noon. we will be at the post-game coverage. baseball, here's the good news. got to see our old friend. theor the diamondback. here's the downside. the most lack luster game of the season. better news for the a's. back in a moment. alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort.fiith xfi.
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but oppositon is building before groundbreaking. the concerns of neighbors ... plus-- it )s an extra fee on many furniture receipts. our responds team investigates the "mystery charge". monday morning from 4:30 to 7. hosting the show? a guy who knows all about big finales. ready? tomorrow night the season finale for snl. the guy who knows about big finales. >> what about me? >> paul rudd is hot off the success of the avengers end game. his fourth time hosting snl. that's tomorrow night on nbc. and then again at 11 you have to be tuning in.
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>> that's a good show. >> have a good night. >> bye-bye. drive safe. get your umbrella. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: welcome to "the tonight show!" and here's your host jimmy fallon ♪ [ cheers and applause


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