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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 21, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ideally, in writing. if that doesn't work out, let us know. maybe we can help. or 1-888-996-tips. thanks, chris. the warriors continue their winning ways. >> that will do it. the warriors do it again. here's a question for you this morning. what are you really sleeping on? brand-new for you. the big name retailers accused of overcharging you. and a soggy start in some spots. where the roads might be wet as you head out this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now. welcome to tuesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura jar seay. >> i'm marcus washington. and we want to get you out with
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the commute. mike will have a look in just a bit. we want to talk about the weather. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the storm. >> it will be wet today. grab the umbrella. make sure the window wipers are working. it will be off and on. it's on on the bay bridge. the wet streets drivers are having to deal with. we are going to see the rain in some spots. not a lot of us seeing it. the east bay, as well as the south bay. maybe even a few thunderstorms. mike, what is the traffic alert? >> over in berkeley. you see west 80, just shy of that. down to one lane. folks joining from university
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and frontage road to get past the scene. the first one happened at university. combined, a big delay out of richmond. it keeps the bay bridge a little bit lighter. another crash on 24, guys, coming up. back to you. thanks, mike. new video from overnight of your new western conference champions. this is 1:00 in the morning. loonie hoisting up the western finals trophy. warriors becoming only the second team in nba history to reach the finals five years in a row. . >> they are really remarkable. the team waiting to see who they are going to play in the nba finals. today >> matt: bay pete suratos joins us live at oracle arena. well, can't get tired of this one.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, laura and marcus. as you mentioned, the second team in the 1960s to make five consecutive trims to the nba finals. coach steve kerr talking about the team last night. i can't say enough about the competitive desire we have here. and the culture they have built together. >> there were some folks worried if they make it to the nba finals especially after kevin durant went down with the injury against the houston rockets. his status is still known. of course we'll keep a close eye on that. they relied on the three to get them past the rockets. here's steph, dre, and klay thompson about the fifth trip to the nba finals.
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>> five straight finals and the historic nature of what that is is kind of crazy to think about. got to stay locked in. . >> i don't even know what to say about it. this is what you play for. this is our goal every year. and to get here five straight times. we know we still have more work to do. the goal is never to get to the finals. the goal is to go win the finals. >> not a lot of guys get to go to one final let alone five. i really can't believe it. i can't wait to get started again. >> there will be no home court advantage this time around. the first home game will be june 5th against the milwaukee bucks or toronto raptors. we know that the tickets for the first home game will go on sale
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at 4:00 p.m. live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay". >> thanks, pete. >> on capitol hill, a key figure in the mueller investigation don mcgahn is expected to defy subpoena and refuse to testify today. >> craig boswell live in washington with the details and a response from democrats. craig? >> reporter: marcus and laura, good morning. good morning, everyone. the key witness will not be there. the leading voice, the key voice in the mueller report expected to be a no-show after the president steps in and blocks his congressional testimony. president trump directs ex white house counsel don mcgahn to defy a congressional subpoena and not testify at a scheduled hearing today. >> respecting mr. mcgahn to show pursuant to the subpoena. >> reporter: the president says he has immunity granted by the justice department in a legal opinion made public monday. >> it is very important
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precedent. >> and answering questions about the russia investigation. democrats say he is a key witness on obstruction. . >> let me be clear, if don mcgahn doesn't testify, it is time to open an impeachment inquiry. >> reporter: he sat for 30 interviews. >> if you look at the mueller report, it was clear no collusion and no obstruction. >> at a rally in pennsylvania, the president slammed democrats's reaction to the report. >> they knew there was no collusion. >> transcripts of closed door interviews with former attorney michael cohen. >> we think it is very important the public have a chance to see exactly what michael cohen said in closed session. >> cohen says one of the president's lawyers told him to lie to congress about the trump tower project in moscow. craig boswell, nbc news,
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washington. san francisco-based juul is fighting back against a proposed ban on ecigarettes in the city. the company is shelling out lots of money to fight a proposed budget measure. as we have reported on "today in the bay", the proposed ban comes in the wake of a spike in vaping and e-cigarette use among young people. 6:07. just getting word a police shooting in shrapb know county. it happened overnight in fairfield. the police department just reporting the incident involved an on-duty officers. we know no officers were hurt. but the suspect was hurt. it's not clear what led up to that incident. a news conference will felt under way in about 25 minutes. we will continue to monitor. with no talks scheduled for today, teachers in hayward and union city begin the second day of their strike. teachers rallied yesterday as
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part of the first ever strike for the new haven school district. about a dozen schools are affected. classes are still going on, but they are being taught by spaouts and administrators. the strict says many classes had sparse attendance yesterday. negotiations are still at a stand still. >> new for you this morning, big-name retailers are facing a lawsuit this morning accused of making customers overpay for falsely labeled egyptian cotton linens. the suit claims that those items were actually made by a company in india. bed, bath & beyond, walmart, and target have alleged to have sold the mislabeled products. customers in both california and new york are behind the lawsuit. the retailers have not commented. all three stopped selling the linens in 2016. 6:08. developing right now, a desperate situation in parts of the southern plains this morning. people are picking up pieces after dozens of tornados swept
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through texas as well as oklahoma. making matters worse, the tornado threat remains active in both states this morning. they are dealing with all of this as well. more than 80 have touched down in southern plains since friday. yesterday many homes had winds blowing out of control there. those windows blown out, roofs ripped off, and floors flooded in parts of oklahoma. the storm left thousands without power. after seeing the damage storms left behind, many say they are just happy to be alive. >> you can always replace stuff like that, but a life you can't replace. >> it happened on the sixth anniversary of deadly tornados that killed 24 people in oklahoma. no injuries have been reported. since last friday, more than 80 tornados have touched down across the southern plains. kari, earlier you were saying that was the storm that was here in the bay area. >> yeah. that moved through on sunday. and now we have seen it move off
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for the east. it has picked up more energy. and now producing tornados in those areas. right now we have the tornado watches in effect for parts of central oklahoma. we will be watching that as it moves off to the east. we have a new system moving in. it is a lot weaker and bringing us scattered showers. a slight chance we could see a few thunderstorms here. overall, the main story will be the wet weather that has returned. the clouds over the south bay right now. a live look in san jose as you get ready to step out the door, heading overto evergreen. rain returning by 9:00. off and on rain throughout the day. take the umbrella with you. mike, you are busy. you have two traffic alerts. >> all affecting folks heading to the bay bridge. this is a horrible time with the major commute. south bay and most of the east bay looking fine. the first one still going on at berkeley and university.
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caltrans over there showing you just past wilder and gate way, we have traffic. that's west 24. it is almost completely empty. traffic completely stopped back near wilder and gateway. it is jamming traffic in orrino, lafayette, most of contra costa county, the maze. they will be held up there. all lanes blocked west 24 right around gateway. that is the second of the crashes. one lane open west 80 at university. that is the big problem as you get down toward the east shore freeway jamming past the first at central and the second in front of the university overcrossing. we'll send it pack to you. thanks, mike. next and new this hour, fired for an act of mercy. hear from the lunch lady who decided not to turn away a child who couldn't play. a world class chief who is now stepping up. a new study shows san francisco is paid on average more than anyone in the world.
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>> and later, another deadly crash in alaska. 6:25. the type of plane involved that's all too familiar for folks up north. you're watching "today in the bay".
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we should check on the baby. he's so sweet. maybe too sweet? internet's down. go! your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. right now at 6:14, we've got rain in parts of san francisco right now. and as we take a live look outside, we do have some very
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soggy conditions. rain now moving south of the bay bridge,s approaching oakland. i will track this and also more rain in the forecast. details in less than five minutes. and we're looking at berkeley, where only one lane of the east shore freeway is open. that's at university. that's your first traffic alert toward the bay bridge. the other one is west 24 where all lanes are currently blocked around wilder and gateway. multicar crash there. very happy tuesday. you have probably never heard of the company eskina. it runs women's retail stores like ann taylor or dress barn. dress barn will close all
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stores. may haven car sharing service being taken out of certain cities. the trump administration opened up a 90-day window for high-tech companies to deal with huawei. last week washington said it would forbid for huawei to spy on americans. a new study from deutsche bank says san francisco has the highest salaries in the world. the bank says the average san franciscoan brings in $4,600 a month. san francisco, which the report insists on calling san fran for some reason there at the top. these numbers, by the way, all in american dollars and net taxes. third is new york city, then
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boston, chicago, and sydney, australia. dinner, two drinks, movie tickets and a cab ride. cairo this would cost $42 total. paris, you're going to a french restaurant, $120. $163 in oslo, norway. i don't know what you eat in norway. i'm norwegian on my mother's side. i'm guessing fish in a jar. . >> you don't want that on a date. . >> or ever. >> new details. a cafeteria worker's story went viral. she was let go after she gave a
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hungry student with no money free lunch. she said once the story went viral, the school offered to let her have her job back. but you know what, she declined. new chef jose andres is encouraging her to apply at his company. she said even though she knew she would get fired, she would do the same thing again. >> i would do it. i would do it today if i was still there. . >> good for her. >> the chef is providing free meals to survivors of natural disasters. kimball has not said if she will apply for that position. >> we have been focusing on the weather today. coming and going, coming and going. >> it will be like that. you don't know whether you're coming or going. we are also seeing dry weather
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across the south bay. it was raining earlier this morning. as you step out and see the clouds, you see the rain in the distance. and everything is still kind of soggy. as we go throughout the day, w el have cool temperatures with our highs reaching 65 depress. that is 10 degrees cooler for the middle to end of may. in oakland, a high of 62 degrees. and 64 today for the high in antioch. this is the radar now. the rain very spotty. there will be chances going throughout the day. some of the rain moving through the santa cruz mountains, now getting ready to approach wood side. and moving through the peninsula. we have seen rain moving through alameda, approaching oakland. we will be watching that, producing treacherous conditions for the commute. and novato seeing rain falling right there on highway 101.
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watching out for that as the rain will still be with us going into tonight at 9:00. until early tomorrow morning before dry air comes through. and we will start to see things clearing out for tomorrow. going throughout the forecast, we could see a tenth to a quarter inch of rain. maybe a half an inch in spots like ukiah, and parts of the santa cruz mountains. looking at the sierra now, it is coming downment a lot of snow right now. they are adding up on some of the snowfall totals. another 5 to 9 inches the next couple of days. for us, it looks like the weather is starting to dry out. there will be weather systems nearby as we look at what's happening on thursday. rain to the east and south.
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your memorial day plans on monday. mike, you're still tracking two traffic alerts. >> the first one is in front of our camera right here. the commute direction west 80. east shore freeway at university avenue. iconic spot. they're trying to open a couple of lanes down west 80. san pablo a great option through that area. we will follow that. that's the first traffic alert. the second is 24th, caldecott tunnel. they are trying to open three of the four lanes which currently all four lanes are blocked. the traffic sensors are starting to improve.
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orinda, walnut creek interchange. concord itself looks just fine. central and university where i showed you. those are both causing problems. the net result for the maze means the maze is moving a little bit easier through the bay bridge toll plaza. the rest of the bay, just worried about damp roads but not a major concern. back to you >> busy out there. thanks, mike. >> another new muppet moves into sesame street. it may help one segment of children feel more included and accepted. plus, first our team is always on social media. mike inouye wants to know if you know any photogenic pups. for a link and more information follow mike on facebook, twitter, and instagram.
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6:22. you're watching "today in the bay". roxana: when i got into teaching, it was this idea of really transforming our schools. marisa: one of my biggest responsibilities as a teacher is to serve as an advocate for my kids. newscaster: hundreds of teachers are hitting the picket lines. newscaster: thousands gathered here. rosanne: we need smaller class sizes. angelia: more counselors and more nurses.
6:24 am
roxana: we have to be able to invest in our young people. angelia: every student has a right to quality education. ever: no matter what neighborhood you live in. roxana: our students don't have part-time needs, so they can't have part-time solutions. rodney: because we know quality public schools... roxana: make a better california... marisa: for all of us.
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at 6:25 on your tuesday morning, here's a look at news making headlines around the nation and the world. two people have died in another float plane crash in alaska. the juneau empire reports the site of this crash is only a few miles from where the two float planes crashed last week, killing six people. >> bay area real estate shows a
6:26 am
different story in southern california. orange county register shows builders slashed construction to a three-year low due to a large supply of unsold homes. 6:26 for you right now. and trending this morning, there's a new muppet family living on sesame street. >> karli is part of a new show. they hope the characters offer support to foster children and foster families. in the first episode, karli shared her story with elmo. . >> my mom can't be with me right now even though she loves me very much. . >> oh. >> but then i came here to stay with my foster parents and they gave me a big hug. >> good timing here as well. may is national foster care month. according to the u.s. department
6:27 am
of health and human services children's bureau, there are more than 400,000 children and youth in foster care. that's really nice. it helps kids understand it. >> all right. 6:27 for you right now. here are the stories that we're working on for 6:30. changes may be coming to san jose's airport. the big decision tonight for the future of self restaurants at sjc. first, protests across the pay area and the country today. demonstrators are pushing back on controversial abortion decisions in several states. we have all the info. you're watching "today in the bay". i )m laura garcia.
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welcome about tuesday morning. and to "today in the bay". thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the forecast for us. is the rain clear for right now? >> not quite. it is all depending where you are. the rain pouring in oakland right now. we take a live look outside at oracle arena. of course that's going to affect 880. mike will be tracking that. as we get a look at the rain, very hit or miss. not raining in san jose. it is raining in oakland. we have rain coming down in parts of the east bay. so as you step out the door, grab the umbrella. unsettled weather all throughout the day. and even tonight as we still see this weather system rolling through. i'll track all the rain moving through and also a look ahead to
6:31 am
the weekend. you have great news or bad news depending on your drive. . >> the bay bridge toll plaza. look how empty it is. this is great news if you can get to the toll plaza. two of the main routes are having big problems with the traffic alerts. east shore freeway, only one lane open at university. that's the second of two crashes. the first back at central. lighter traffic flow, yes. you are jammed solid all the way to university avenue. the first crash causing a huge backup. sky ranger heading out there. 24, the good news, instead of full closure, west 24 has only one lane closed now. big jam through berkeley. west 24, here's the jam. traffic starting to flow much better, sending folks towards the bay bridge. you have great news coming through. rainy oakland commute. the rain coming through, that will slow you for the nimitz to the bay bridge. a live picture of highway 24, we will end with this shot.
6:32 am
we do see flashing lights. this is some of the crew left over. all of this traffic held back in lafayette, orinda, walnut creek interchange. it is being let loose to the maze. expect more traffic. the second traffic alert should be lifted. the first still continuing for westbound 80. back to you. thanks, mike. 6:32. we have breaking news. a police shoot anything shrapb know county. it happened near the intersection of clay bank road and horizon drive. police say it all started when an alarm went off at a business. the suspect appeared to have a handgun. the suspect ran away and was later shot by officers during a chase. no officers were hurt. but the suspect was injured. we'll of course continue to follow this breaking news story and bring you updates as they come in. another big story we're watching this morning, today we expect rallies across the region and here in the bay area to counter recent anti-abortion
6:33 am
legislation sweeping through straits out east. kris sanchez joins us with a look at what is happening locally. good morning, kris. >> reporter: well, hi there, laura. the abortion bans and the new laws are certainly making the biggest headlines. but there's a lot of funding that is on the line because of trump administration policies. and that's going to be the discussion here at the santa clara county supervisors building later on this morning. supervisors city of santa claire qaa county said the county could lose federal funding from a family planning grant because of the trump administration's new rule banning clinics that receive that money from performing abortions in the same place. the county will felt an update on the potential local fiscal impact at 9:00 this morning. at noon, all of these stop the bans rallies in the bay area. san jose, folks will gather at city hall and also at the intersection of winchester and
6:34 am
steve else creek boulevards. in oakland, grand lake theater. san francisco city hall. rally at courthouse square tonight 5:00 to 7:00 in santa rosa. live action will host a question and answer session on the stanford campus under the umbrella question of paorgz. is it empowerment or is it exploitation? so a lot of conversations across the bay area today and going forward. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay" >> kris, thank you. 6:34. you could say there is a food fight going on at san jose international airport. two notable restaurants may be ready to take off as a result. bob? >> reporter: marcus, they wouldn't be leaving sjc by choice. later today city council will consider an airport proposal to push out two airports with long
6:35 am
ties -- two restaurants it is with long ties to the airport. san jose joe's and britannia. thief had he been here 10 years. this is in addition to the original locations. co-owner feels he's the victim of big business leaving small business out on the tarmac. >> we are a small business. we along with san jose joe's reflect a sense of place. >> we absolutely recognize that they're disappointed that their proposals to continue with our airport were not accepted. >> the airport insists that the restaurants replacing joe's and britannia will be local restaurants. no final decision has been made yet. again, the city council will take up the april's plan later today. reporting live here outside international, bob redell, "today in the bay".
6:36 am
thank you, bob. 6:35. happening today, a north bay parent charged in the college admissions cheating scheme is expected to plead guilty. napa valley winemaker will appear in federal court in boston. he is accused of paying $300,000 to have his daughter fraudulently recruited to usc as a water polo star. a total of 33 parents nationwide have been charged in the scheme run by william singer, college consultant. it includes actresses lori loughlin and felicity huffman. huffman has pleaded guilty. eat or pay tuition. that is a choice a lot of students have to make. many schools like uc irvine installed food pantries for students who don't have access to nutritious food. for some, it is their only option. >> they are not coming here for any other reason other than they
6:37 am
are working their buttins off. >> 48% undergrad students reported the last year. >> some wind up without homes. a recent study says 4,000 students at san jose state have been homeless in the last year. jacob soberhoff got a closer look at the struggles some are facing. his story comes up for us at 7:40 on the "today" show. all right. folks, take a look. we just got sky ranger on scene. i'm running around because my sources are a little bit scrambled right now. we have traffic flowing up to the scene through emery -- through richmond and el cerrito. chopper, sky ranger over the scene. we have the traffic alert right under the overpassing. over on the right side, you see traffic funneled over to one lane in the overcrossing there. on the left side, you see the box truck, tow truck.
6:38 am
the box truck is really mangled up. they are trying to clear the lanes. yeah, we have one lane open here getting past the scene letting folks travel by very slowly. there is an on-ramp for the university. folks are trying to get through on surface streets. back to the university shot we have from our camera in emeryville. showing the traffic flowing. sky ranger here. the box truck right there across the lanes. that's big. that's a big major damage to the truck and big backup here. second of two down the east shore freeway. and that jams you out of richmond. i'm breathless running around here. all right. okay. 24, better news over here. one lane blocked. three open out of orinda, lafayette. that's recovery. good news out of walnut creek. bad news for the bay bridge. more traffic will be flowing in through the maze and that area. an easy drive out of the nimitz getting to the bay bridge.
6:39 am
kari showed the rain. that is an issue for the nimitz. anywhere south of this map, doing much better. >> there you go. you know what, high-five. he was literally behind the scenes trying to get you the very latest information. >> but i need to do more cardio. >> all right. maybe you need a weekend, too. >> yeah. as we head into the weekend, we're going to see a little bit of some drying weather as we started out this morning with some off and on rain. and we're tracking a couple of systems that will be nearby. but it looks like for us the rain will stay out of the bay area. but if you'll be traveling to around lake tahoe, parts of the sierra, there will be showers there. and also just to our south. we're going to say rain nearby with a mix of sun and clouds for saturday and sunday. mostly sun request skies. temperatures overall staying cool for this time of year, especially in san francisco. and if you're going hiking in muir woods, upper 50s, low 60s with a mix of sun and clouds. if you're going to lake shasta,
6:40 am
heads-up. there will be rain, even some thunderstorms moving through. and of course that may affect your memorial day travel plans. we'll talk more about that. and another look at today's forecast coming up in three minutes. not your typical memorial day. thanks, kari >> another horse has died at a southern california racetrack. a new round of criticism it's launching. >> but first taxing pot. the bay area city is considering major cuts to invigorate business. plus, a new push for impeachment this morning. i'll walk you through it. out to the big board in new york city. trump administration has tkpeufrpb a 9 0-day window for tech to deal with huawei. you're watching "today in the bay". alright boys, time for bed.
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it is 6:43. if you're about to head out the door it is now starting to dry out in walnut creek. the water left on the roof from earlier rain. we can see a mix of sun and clouds. watching showers moving in and approaching parts of the tri-valley. we'll be watching out for the showers off and on today. another look at the forecast in less than five minutes. rain affecting you. 24 is recovering. but the crash on the east shore freeway is jammed up. sky ranger is over the scene as
6:44 am
we take a quick look at the east shore freeway. traffic jammed up in richmond and el cerrito to university avenue, where we have only one lane on the east shore freeway which remains open. still working on that crash. a busy morning out there. thank you, kari and mike. 6:44 right now. a san francisco journalist goes to court to try to get back equipment he says police took from him in a raid. this is video from may 10th at the home of freelance journalist breen carmandy. police officers broke his front gate to serve a search warrant. they confiscated almost all of his equipment. he has a source who leaked information on hidachi. the principal of diablo vista middle school said
6:45 am
graffiti was found inside a girls restroom indicating a shooting on campus today. school administrators said there is no reason to believe the threat is credible but extra officers will be on patrol. campus leaders say they plan to install for surveillance cameras at cal high >> okay land city council set to make a final decision on an ordinance that would lower the rate to 5%. san jose city council is also considering lowering pot tax rates. the promosed measure would expand other products besides traditional pot people buy to smoke. rising rent rates are a growing problem across the bay area. happening today, el cerrito city council considers new tenant protections.
6:46 am
they are set to give final approval to a just cause ordinance. 40% of are renters. other cities have adopted berkeley, east palo alto, emeryville, oakland, san francisco, hayward, union city. and for the second time in four days, a race horse has died at the santa anita racetracks. anita racetrack. this marks the 25th horse death since december. some say the heavy rains may have played a role. one track owner brought in experts to test the soil. but no problems were found. 6:46. the white house has blocked the testimony of one of its attorneys. there is growing push, marcus, to use impeachment as a way of strengthening congress's hand in investigating what's going on at the white house. remember, president trump has
6:47 am
vowed to fight every subpoena, especially subpoenas that have not yet been issued. case in point, the justice department. former white house counsel don mcgahn will not talk to congress. mcgahn was the prime witness in the mueller investigation. he's already shared details from inside the oval office. after the mcgahn decision, nbc has learned a late night meeting among democrats with nancy pelosi pushing for impeachment. the idea being less about pushing the president out, more about strengthening the ability to show up and testify. they are making a subtle point here. impeachment by the house doesn't throw you out of office. the democrats are using the unique argument let's impeach in order to investigate. we don't have to send the case to the senate. speaker pelosi so far resisted the calls to begin the process saying it plays into trump's
6:48 am
hands. meanwhile, a federal judge says trump must turn over his accountant's financial records demanded by the house as part of the investigation. separately, the house has demanded trump's bank account records. that is still tied up in court. the president held a rally monday in pennsylvania criticizing joe biden and fox news. saying the television channel is covering other candidates too much. this after a townhall with candidate pete buttigieg. >> what's going on with fox, by the way? what's going on there? you're putting more democrats on than republicans. something strange is going on a lot fox. something very strange. >> there are more than 20 vying for president. you can find more coverage@scottmcgrew on twitter. tonight is a win or go home
6:49 am
for the san jose sharks. game 6 is back in st. louis. the blues hold the lead 3-2 in their conference final. at the shark tank the blues beat the sharks 5-0. tonight the shark tank will host a viewing party. this morning sharks fans will be lining up again for free tattoos in san jose. today's parlor, state of grace. >> it has to be on your arm or leg. they don't want you to show certain areas if you're advertising their shop. >> true. taking a look outside, wet ground. >> it's been so wet with the rain off and on. at least we have seen breaks in between. i want to show you where it's raining now. before you head out the door, a look at hayward, union city, as well as castro valley. all of this pushing off to the east very slowly. so we'll be approaching the dublin area within the next few
6:50 am
minutes. as we track this, we will see waves of rain that will stick with us throughout the day. and a chance of thunderstorms going into the rest of the afternoon. a live look at radar showing the rain moving into the south bay. in santa clara and approaching san jose, as well as milpitas within the next few minutes. so expect the waves of rain to continue today as we see off and on showers there. and this big disturbance covering the region, even bringing snow to the sierra. that's a look at the radar. we see it is really coming down. we have a live picture of donner summit at the roadways that are of course being impacted by travel. the chain controls will go up. the roads are very slippery. back to our maps. we are also seeing gray skies over the south bay. off and on showers as you're
6:51 am
getting ready to get dressed. grab a rain jacket or umbrella. at some point today you will probably need it. maybe just a hat. don't worry about styling your hair today. we will see scattered showers and even a chance of thunderstorms going into this afternoon to evening. and then we start to see some drier air purring shing in. a chance of showers going into thursday. ality of the rain stays to the east. drying out again on friday. rain totals will stay on the low end. it just depends where some of the heavier rain sets up. maybe barely anything or up to a quarter to half inch of rain. going through the rest of the forecast, some storm systems nearby. overall, our weather stays fairly dry. temperatures warming up until the weekend. slightly cooler for memorial i
6:52 am
d day. the second of our traffic alerts. both should be cleared. choppers showing the backup. all lanes are clear just before this shot. we will show you the other angle from emeryville. thank goodness we have multiple sources. the box truck finally made its way over. watch the slow lane. it may be partially blocked with crews sticking out. it is really jammed up on the maps. slow from el cerrito. if you come down the east shore freeway, it takes you an hour and 35 minutes. making a couple other adjustments to your route. subtle adjustments. nba bay area wazers is your family on the roadways.
6:53 am
back out to the maps. it is slow for 24 as well. but much better. only one lane remaining closed after the earlier traffic alert and a multivehicle crash near caldecott. jammed back here, walnut creek to lafayette. two major routes were jammed up. rest of the bay, the commute builds. of course the damp roadways. kari showed the rain in hayward, san leandro and oakland. so slick roads. cliatholics in sri lanka holding an emotional remembrance. the attack killed more than 250 people. mourners joined victims's relatives. next on "today in the bay". a quick look at the top stories, including breaking news. a police shooting in solano
6:54 am
county. warriors continue their winning ways. what players are saying this morning. we're back in just two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay".
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and welcome back. before you head out the door, it is 6:56.
6:57 am
here are the top stories on "today in the bay". breaking news from solano county. a suspect is in critical condition after a police shooting in fairfield. we have been bringing you these updates since they broke at 6:00 a.m. it happened overnight near clay bank road and horizon drive. an alarm went off at a business there. officers spotted the suspect with a handgun, as he ran off. they later shot him during a foot chase. the suspect is in critical condition. no officers were injured. >> with no talks scheduled for today, teachers in new haven and union city continue their strike today. it is the first ever for new haven school district. about a dozen schools are affected. classes are still ongoing but being taught by substitutes and administrators. negotiations are at a stand still big name retailers are facing a lawsuit. they're accused of making customers overpay for falsely
6:58 am
labeled egyptian cotton linens. they were made by a company in india. be bed, bath & beyond, walmart and target are alleged to have sold the products. customers in california and new york are behind the lawsuit. retailers have not commented. all three stopped selling the linens in 2016. new video overnight of your new western conference championsment the warriors becoming only the second team in nba history to reach the finals five years in a row. the team arrived in oakland airport. five straight finals. and the historic nature of what that is, kind of crazy to think about. we want to enjoy it. we know former wins be fine your season. got to stay locked in. >> and the warriors don't have home court advantage for the finals this year. so game three will be the first home game on june 5th.
6:59 am
tickets go on sale to the general public today at 4:00. oh, those will be hot seats there. i can tell you that. >> more rain to greet us on this tuesday morning. >> it's been scattered. as you step out the door, grab the umbrella. rain moving parts of the south bay and east bay. now it is getting ready to move back into san francisco. also watching the showers south of santa rosa. so today it's going to be quite soggy at times. but there will be breaks in between. so that's the good news. all right. there was a traffic alert earlier. mike you want to update the one in the east bay. >> two in the east bay. sky ranger was over the latest to pick up. notice the box truck on the right. finally made it with the crew out of lanes officially. west 80, as we look at the maps, jammed to the bay bridge. more traffic flow. 24, the crash leaving one lane blocked. everybody is heading through the maze, which is starting to clog up once again.
7:00 am
>> busy tuesday morning out there. that's what's happening "today in the bay". back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> don't forget to join us at 11:00. have a great day. thank you for starting your morning right here with us. good morning new outbreak. >> that is wild. >> damaging tornados tearing through the nation's midsection, including twin twisters near oklahoma city, homes turned to rubble, power knocked out, the threat still not over, and al has the latest on the dangerous storms. dems divided an internal battle brewing over whether to start impeachment hearings against president trump. house speaker nancy pelosi pushed by key members of her own leadership team to do it and it all comes to a head on capitol hill today as the president orders his former white house counsel not to testify.


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