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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 22, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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with a look at the weather. today we will get a little relief? >> we will get a break today. some of us still waeug up to showers in the south bay. all of that will be clearing out. we will have sunshine today. a live look at dublin as you get ready to drive. the roads may be wet after early morning rain. we get a look at the radar once again still lingering showers right around downtown san jose and willow glen, santa clara. spotty showers there. and also as you head up 101 from the south county. i'll be watching that for you. mike, you're watching a crash through walnut creek. >> we use our cameras to show south 680. one of two crashes in the area, southbound. that's the commute. look at that traffic jamming up just because of the spectator slowing on the shoulder around geary. we have another crash in the area. just a few dozen yards down to the south. that is a problem for folks off 242 out of pleasant hill and
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concord toward the walnut creek interchange. just that one section of 680. the rest of the contra costa drive looking pretty good. metering lights are on. south 880, auto mall parkway, a motorcycle involved. i'm checking on the status. we did have crews arriving on the scene the last couple of minutes. back to you. thanks, mike. 6:01. developing right now in san francisco, neighbors are shocked after a gruesome discovery. police find a man's dismembered body inside a home. pete suratos in the outer mission. pete, what have you been able to learn? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, marcus. police came to outer mission part of san francisco to do what they called a checkup on an elderly man that went missing. and of course they found human remains inside of that home. now, according to sfpd, they were called out to 100 block of del monty street.
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they determined there was suspicious circumstances. there was a funny smell coming from the home. they began a criminal investigation at which point human remains were recovering. sources say they found the body dismembered and a bloody saw inside. that's what sources are telling us at this point. we know this is an ongoing investigation. the medical examiner is still identifying the remains and the cause of death. if you have any information to help with this case, contact sfpd. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay". pete, thank you. 6:02. on capitol hill this morning, president trump and the nation's top two democrats are trying to set aside their differences. they are meeting to discuss a deal on infrastructure. many expect all the talks approximate the talks of impeachment to begin after. craig boswell has all the details. craig?
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good morning, everyone. democrats are talking infrastructure and impeachment. they have issued two new subpoenas for former white house staffers. crumbling roads and bridges are the topic for president trump and the nation's top two democrats this morning. it's their second meeting on a $2 trillion infrastructure plan to fix up roads, power grids and improve broadband internet. but construction talk quickly gives way to robert mueller's russia report. >> witnesses must show up. our subpoenas are not optional. >> reporter: the president ordered ex white house cancel don mcgahn to snub a i meeting tuesday. they have issued two new subpoenas for hope digs and annie donaldson, former chief of staff. >> more interested in the fight than fact-finding. >> reporter: the no-show is a breaking point for many democrats frustrated on the
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president's stonewalling. >> yes. there was an impeachment inquiry, i would support it. >> reporter: there is pressure on nancy pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings. >> under the constitution one of the purposes would be to see if you want to go down the path of impeachment. there are other purposes as well. >> yeah. look, you know my view. the case is closed. >> reporter: the president weighing in saying democrats are on a fishing expedition. now five more tweets from the president this morning on the russia investigation. house speaker nancy pelosi has just begun a closed door meeting. marcus, this is likely now going to be mostly talk about impeachment. pack to you. it would be nice to know what is going on in that room. it will be interesting to hear. thanks, craig. facial recognition technology is making headlines again nationwide. already this week, law enforcement in the south bay was under pressure to answer questions about how it's used.
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kris sanchez joins us live in san jose with more on the pressure on the company amazon today. kris? >> reporter: right. laura, amazon's investors are going to meet today and vote on whether or not to tell the company to stop selling its recognition -- facial recognition technology to law enforcement and other government agencies. now, those investors will vote today on a few different proposals. first, one from shareholders who already said amazon should stop the sales altogether from government. and one that said they should study the effects and then report back before continue to go sell it. aclu is to disclose who is buying this recognition software and how it's used. amazon is telling investors that the recognition technology is a powerful tool not only for business but also for law enforcement. in fact, just yesterday santa clara county supervisors
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defended the sheriff's use of it, though without a formal policy. >> we have almost 2 million people here in santa clara county. we owe them a right to vie sraes. we need privacy. they deserve due process. we can use them in a careful and narrowly crafted way. >> reporter: in case you are keeping score, already san francisco banned the use of facial recognition technology. oakland seems it is headed down the same road. a house committee will talk about facial recognition technology today in washington, d.c. kris sanchez, "today in the bay". thanks so much for that update. 6:06. the "today" show is taking a deeper dive of the facial recognition ban in san francisco. you can watch that story on "today" at 7:40. happening today, you can weigh in on plans for proposed east bay parking lot extension. tri-valley transit leaders are funding and scheduling a plan to
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extend parking lot service. the valley link rail would use cars similar to the ones on the new 10-mile extension between bay point and antioch. buff it would travel much farther than that. eventually to stockton. there are proposed stops in isabel, greenville and livermore. a public meeting on the plan is set for 6:00 tonight at the livermore community center. >> 6:07. the recent spring storms have dozens of people in stockton looking for a new home this morning. at least 35 units at an apartment complex now deemed unsafe due to damage from rain and hail. one of the units has a gaping hole. you see it there in the roof. several people are being allowed to move into undamaged units at the complex. however, others say they have nowhere to go. . >> like, we thought we were one of the luckiy ones that didn't have to move. out of nowhere, we have to move.
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>> they are trying to bring more resources to help. a shelter is being set up to help the people displaced. kari, storms in our area causing damage as well. we had another round of rain. they had to get out of the buildings because the rain just continu continues. we are starting out with calmer weather conditions this morning. it will be in the low 50s. we will see those temperatures warming up. it's going to be much better. a lot of sunshine. and all the rain is gone for now. it looks pretty good in the forecast. even as we head into the start of our holiday weekend. we'll have more on that in just a few minutes. now we have a traffic alert. . >> that's right. it's not for the two crashes in concord causing more slowing still for 680. it is right down here. the crash told you involving a
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motorcycle. no update on the status of the motorcycle rider. but the activity was in the middle of the freeway, south 880 before you get to auto mall. we will call it stevenson, even though it is just past the stevenson exit. if you enter the freeway on auto mall, heading south into silicon valley, you're okay. if you're north of there, like the dumbarton bridge, you will find the jam. here is where traffic is much lighter. approaching auto mall, definitely out of hayward, a lot of slowing as your two left lanes are blocked for the nimitz. the other crash, we are following on the shoulder. this is the big distraction for the jam toward geary heading south on 680. pack to you. thanks, mike. 6:09 for you right now. cbd oil becoming so popular especially with women, we could see disputes like this one becoming more common. all new at 6:25, the crime that
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spoiled one grandmother's disney trip. and san jose leads the nation in house price declines. we'll take a look at that number coming up when "today in the bay" continues.
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(time check ( right now at 6:12, it is still cloudy in the south bay. even rain nearby. you can barely see the hills as we look toward south san jose.
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santa teresa, we will get a chance to dry out. temperatures in the low 50s. more sunshine by 10:00. we're going to enjoy sun all throughout the afternoon. warmer air in the forecast and the slight chances for rain in the memorial weekend in less than five minutes. nimitz jammed to stevenson, auto mall parkway. walnut creek jammed because of the shoulder. no lanes blocked. a big distraction. we'll track both of these coming up. very happy wednesday to you. we get the fed minutes this morning, the notes from the latest meeting. should give us a hint as to what the fed is thinking. tesla lowering the cost of its models s and x.
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jc penney, home depot, they are all suffering. doing business with america. this time huawei from doing business here. it was exactly a year ago the commerce department banned sales to a company called zte. they said it would cost too many chinese jobs. the friendship has definitely suffered. president xi said they face a long march ahead in the trade war. both historical reference to chairman mao and a hint that the chinese are not expecting the trade war to end any time soon. house prices here at home.
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you have to be a little careful about house prices because there are so many reports. but the latest data from zillow says san jose had the largest decline in home prices in the nation, down 1.4% month to month. median price in san jose, $1.2 million. >> median. >> median. the decline, you're like, hey, they're affordable now. it is $16,000. it's a lot of money. but $16 of,000 off a $.2 million home, buy now. >> they're sitting on the market so much longer. 6:15 for you right now. if you can't see your tv screen right now, take a minute to check this out. this is beautiful.
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this photo trending this morning. it shows a 3-year-old girl literally coming hand to hand with civil rights icon. you can see right there. it is taken in maryland. this is outside the harriet tubman mural. she asked her to give a high-five. >> i love her name, lovey. it's nice. like the past and the future together. >> very southern name there, too. >> i'm excited. we are going to have sunshine. we will put the rain behind us. it was so busy the past couple of days with heavy rain and even hail. pushing to the south of the bay area. you can still see there's some rain across the region across parts of the central valley and
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then snow in the sierra. we are going to start to see more of this, sunshine today. a chance to dry out. roads may still be wet especially some of the spots that recently had rain. as we check out our pollen report, a lot of tree pollen. everything is still blooming. grass and mold. temperatures in the low 50s. grab the allergy medication and a jacket. highs in the 70s. oakland reaching 68. a high of 76 in napa. san francisco reaching 63 degrees. all the wet weather moving away. and mostly sunny skies. still breezy. showers and storms east of the
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bay area. tomorrow, still unsettled weather across the region. going into the weekend, still see rain. we start to see some of that energy making it across parts of the north bay. we'll be watching out for slight rain chances into the weekend. also, if you're traveling, heads-up that it won't be as nice and sunny as we see here. our temperatures warming up. we are looking at mid-70s going into the end of the week. it will be cooler as the disturbance moves by. and it's going to reach into the upper 60s for the memorial day weekend. monday, chances of rain. we'll keep you updated in case you plan on heading to the ceremonies around the bay area. mike, you are still tracking the traffic alert in fremont. >> the nimitz is jamming up south of dumbarton bridge.
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the driver was moving around but then laying back down in the roadway. when the sun comes out after the rain, nicer weather, we tend to see more motorcycles which are harder to find quickly looking over your shoulder. take an extra second folks. south 680 is clear. if that's an option for you. connect back over at auto mall from durham. that is clear south of there in toward silicon valley. pretty easy drive on this map. slowing 880 through fremont. 680 south bound toward walnut creek. traffic is still flowing smoothly. there's the exit. this crash on the shoulder as some of the flashing lights leave, we do have traffic
6:20 am
smoothing out a bit. still a distraction, especially the lanes off to the right side as you pass by. two crashes in the area. traffic most impacted at the bay bridge toll plaza. do you have real i.d. yet? some people received their cards prepractice cherly. >> "today in the bay" kari hall sharing this photo on instagram. a little snail enjoying the spring storms. be sure to follow kari on instagram, facebook and twitter. and on the go updates. you're watching "today in the bay".
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a look at some of the headlines making news around 9 nation and world. protests turned deadly in indonesia. one person died after protesters tried to break into election offices. critics claim fraud.
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the anchorage daily news said it was operated by the same company involved in the crash of two sight-seeing planes last week. the crash killed five cruise passengers and the pilot. the seattle times headline may be misleading. lawmakers in washington state legalized human composting. it is actually a greener alternative and involves a slower organic process. 6:24 for you right now. investigators say that human error is behind a deadly amtrak derailment outside seattle. >> the ntsb just now wrapping up its investigation. three people died, dozens injured as train cars hurled onto interstate 5. it happened in december of 2017 during the train line's debut run. they cite human error saying the train was going more than double the speed limit. and heavier train cars may have prevented three passenger deaths. new details including shocking video of a woman being dragged by a muni train in san francisco. that woman is filing a claim against the city.
6:25 am
the incident, as we see right here, last month at the embarcadero station. the woman's hand gets stuck in the door. the train takes off, dragging her onto the tracks. the woman suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung and spinal fractures. 6:25. a look at the moment a 69-year-old grandmother was arrested in orlando for carrying cbd oil. take a look at this video. this body camera video. . >> i'm going to have to put cuffs on you. you can sit in the back of my car. >> i've never had this done either. >> burk holter's attorney has filed a notice of intent to sue the office and disney. she said an off-duty officer working security at disney arrested her as she entered the magic kingdom. buckholter was carrying cbd oil,
6:26 am
which her daughter prescribed to help with pain from chronic arthrit arthritis. 'tis the season when it comes to graduation photos. one photo not only going viral, it's actually making history 34 black female cadets standing on the stairs at west point academy. they are part of the most diverse graduating class in history. they hope little girls everywhere take away something from their success. >> i hope those girls can see themselves in us. when you're a little girl, you want to be a pretty princess. i want women to be soldiers. i want these little black girls to say, hey, i can do it, too. the full story at 7:50 on the "today" show, after "today in the bay". still on strike. one east bay school district, the new action parents and others in the community will take today to support teachers. beginning of the end?
6:27 am
we could soon get answers on when the troubled transbay transit extra could finally reopen. the important review starting later today. a special delivery. a robot that could take the delivery person right out of the equation. it is 6:27 for you right now. you're watching "today in the bay". the season - "finito."
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the team lost last night! right now at 6:30, a live
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look at the shark tank. team teal lost last night. a little bit of a breaker, gear up for the next season. we will still be behind them all the way. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. over to meteorologist kari hall. she's keeping track of this changing weather we have seen all week. >> it was changing minute by minute. at times rain coming down, now sun. all of that rain is moving away. we're going to start out today with sunshine. but we are also seeing still those lingering clouds over the south bay, going into the rest of the day. we will get some clearing. temperatures warming up. it will be much warmer than yesterday. we'll talk about the weekend forecast in a few minutes. mike, you have more info on the traffic alert. >> sky ranger got overhead. they took a survey over the scene. they are overhead now. i believe they have cleared all lanes as we were watching them. there was one more vehicle, plus the motorcycle involved,
6:31 am
ambulance, chp. they are all clearing south 880, stevenson off-ramp. it should be better news. out to the maps. a motorcycle crash involved there. entry there for chp, one of the codes indicates this was a felony hit and run because there were injuries. there will be more paperwork and more to follow. right now you need to know it is jammed past stevenson. auto mall parkway, you're doing just fine. if you can get down to surface streets, i suggest you do so. again, we have that jam for fremont. the rest of the bay pretty standard. new this morning, a man accused of kidnapping and sexual assaulting a 74-year-old san francisco woman is reportedly set to appear in court tomorrow.
6:32 am
the "chronicle" reports the man held the woman captive inside his home near mcclaren park for five hours may 10th. in that time, a dog at the home also attacked the woman. he then dumped her on the sidewalk where she was found semi conscious. happening today, a man police say was caught on camera waving a fake gun is set to appear in court. this is sunday at the jamba juice. he claimed to be an undercover police officer, showed the fake gun off at two separate times. the other incident occurred the same day at hillsdale. the conviction integrity unit will take a look at the new evidence and reexamine cases where there are, quote, significant issues. the program is the first on of
6:33 am
its kind in contra costa county and will review policies to stop wrongful convictions before they ever happen >> new, one south bay gun supporter is taking a legal stand against a recently approved ordinance. one resident is now teaming up with the california rifle and pistol association to file a lawsuit. according to the morgan hill times, they say it contradicts state law allowing five days to report such thefts. they're asking for a judge to declare morgan hill's new rule invalid. engineers and steel experts are gathering to decide when to reopen the troubled transbay transit center. it has been shut down since september after cracks were found in the support beams. rectangular holes cut into the beams likely led to the cracks. the transit authority organized
6:34 am
the meeting but it is taking place in new york city. the $150 million mark in road repairs. the county has been applying state gas tax and general funds to chip away at a massive maintenance backlog. the past five years, they have repaved or repaired 380 miles. however, sonoma county still faces another $65 million in road repair costs stemming from recent floods and wildfires. an update for you. dmv working to help customers who received their real i.d.s prematurely. earlier this year u.s. homeland security said the dmv issued millions of cards without second proof of residency. the agency says those impacted will just have to check a box on the letter confirming their address and mail it back. the return letter will serve as a second residency document meeting federal guidelines.
6:35 am
when the self-driving car arrives at your house, digit will grab the package, walk up to your door. it can navigate stairs, uneven train and getting bumped without losing its bance. >> that is huge, though. getting bumped without falling down. i can't do that. i also choose not to deliver packages. over here toward fremont, traffic flows much more smoothly. 880 with a standard volume of traffic. traffic is still slow coming down toward auto mall. we show you the map where the crash, i showed you sky ranger overhead moved to the shoulder. we have improvement now. the traffic alert has been canceled. still the build continues to come in out of hayward. the heavier traffic flow will
6:36 am
mean a slower recovery south through fremont. traffic toward milpitas, 237. 680 clear out of sunol. rest of the bay, standard build. backup through fremont. >> you know what's clearing as well? >> what's that? >> our skies. >> will it be clear heading to the weekend. >> it depends on where you're going. there will be storms nearby. we will have to watch to see if any make it into the bay area. saturday is looking good. it will be cool with high temperatures along the coast reaching the upper 50s. inland areas making it into the upper 60s. but we will have to see if some of the rain nearby makes it in on sunday. so i'll be watching that for you with more updates. overall, though, it will be a cool weekend with a few clouds passing by. and we also have the longboard surf contest happening in santa cruz. the waves are really choppy now and probably not the best for this contest.
6:37 am
hopefully it will start to calm down going into saturday on some of those waves. our temperatures will be cool there. some mid-50s to start during the morning. and low 60s throughout the day. we also have carnival happening in san francisco this weekend and the parade. saturday at 10:00, we are looking nice. low 60s and mostly sunny skies. we keep that sunshine going into the rest of the day. if you're going to the sierra, heads-up. it's still snowing right now. there will be chances of rain, maybe even thunderstorms going into the memorial day weekend. if you have a long weekend and will be spending more time there, be mindful of that. napa valley, it will be 72. i think that's the best day of the weekend. we will still have the sun. it will be cooler on saturday. and rain possible on sunday. we'll talk about the rain moving out today and the sunshine in the forecast coming up in about three minutes. >> sounds great. you're talking about upcoming comments. tomorrow come hang out with me,
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grab a free cup of coffee or tea. whatever your morning pick me up, it's on us. sa salvio street at peet's coffee. from 5:00 to 9:00. let's have a good time. >> and you'll be checking in with us. >> yeah. . >> sounds good. no stanley cup for the bay area this year. sharks fans already know the team's championship hopes are over. next, the uncertain future now for some of the team's stars >> have you seen this video yet? it is just wild there. a police chase making national headlines. what happened to the woman who was driving that rv but first one of our top stories for you today. a horrible discovery inside a bay area home. an elderly man killed. but the crime didn't stop there. in washington, a meeting among democrats, among the
6:39 am
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(time check ( good wednesday morning. it is 6:41. let's get out the door with a look at sunshine over walnut creek. starting out with cool temperatures. hey, it's going to be sunny all day long and warmer.
6:42 am
we will talk about a few minor changes coming up in less than five men's more headlights southbound 880 through fremont, passing by tesla. we will see how things are shaping up. parents plan to join teachers in a show of solidarity as the strike in hayward and union city enters its third day. bob redell is live for us now where the strike will enter day three there. bob? >> reporter: correct. yes, the third day of the strike there, marcus. unfortunately, there is no indication that either side has budged in negotiations since their talks this past sunday. a rally and a march to the
6:43 am
district headquarters in union city to give educators more pay. more pay for them teaching their kids. they started striking this past monday. the district relying on substitute teachers and admin to fill the empty positions. most students are staying at home. about four in five kids are staying at home. they originally asked for 20% but have since come down. the district says that offer would cost the district $20 million plus. the district is offering a 3% raise this year. 1% next year. the union argues they could use a $26 million reserve to meet
6:44 am
teacher demands. the district points out they are the highest paid in the county. later today, parents and teachers will rally at william can park at 4:30 in union city. they will march to district headquarters at 5:30. and parent will rally at the school board at 6:30. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay". >> thanks, bob. it is 6:44 right now. a live look in san francisco's outer mission where police continue to investigate the discovery of a dismembered body found inside that home. investigators were doing a welfare check on an elderly man when they found the man's remains and a bloody saw. two teenagers broke into an elderly woman's home and took her jewelry and her car. it happened yesterday on
6:45 am
colorado avenue. investigators say the robbers stole money, the car, and the jewelry that the victim was actually wearing. all right. so have you seen this video? this is a car chase in southern california. chp tried to stop the stolen rv at 720 in santa clarita. parts of the rv ripped off. it involved at least six crashes along the way. at one point, some say this is tough video to watch as a dog appears to jump or fall out of the motor home. the dog is said to be okay. the driver eventually slammed into another car, took off running with another dog following behind. officers soon arrested the woman. at least three people were injured. the suspect has not yet been identified. quarter to 7:00 right now. the president says he does not want war. his administration is ratcheting
6:46 am
down tough talk. he said the threat is on hold. >> patrick shanahan, other officials briefed members of congress tuesday. highly america remains concerned about iran's actions in iraq, yemen and throughout the middle east, we are hearing a lessening of tensions. shanahan made that on hold comment at the pentagon. now, the "washington post" said there has been an all-out argument over whether to attack iran. with one of the architects of the iraq war pushing for the new war. iraq has offered to help us find peace with iran through mediation. that's rather extraordinary when you think about it. we fought a war with iraq, iraq fought a war with iran. speaker nancy pelosi will talk about infrastructure with the president and impeaching the president with her democratic caucus.
6:47 am
president trump tweeting a number of criticisms about investigations, including this one. everything the democrats are asking me for is based onnen illegally started investigation that failed for them, especially when the mueller report came back with a no collusion fining. they say impeach president trump even though he did nothing wrong while they fish. now, the investigation into president trump's campaign did not begin illegally. it began after one of his campaign officials bragged to an australian diplomat the russians offered the trump campaign dirt. the diplomat was so disturbed by the idea of foreign interference in the american elections he contacted american officials. and the fbi launched a counterintelligence investigation. that meeting is happening right now. we'll have a full report on 11:00 a.m. news and on twitter. scott, thanks.
6:48 am
shark fans may be a bit blue today. it was a great run. the blues are headed to the stanley cup. i guess congratulations to them. what now for us? the three you see here, joe thornton, free agent and so is captain joe pavelski and defenseman erik karlsson. >> trending this morning, bears behind the wheel. not tahoe this time in tennessee. one man was in disbelief. there is a bear in his car. it looks like he is going to take off. looking for the picnic basket, i suppose. this happened in gatlinburg. the bear caused a little damage to the outside of the car as well. but the seats inside, they were torn up. he said this will be a story he shares for years to come. >> you know what that looked like, a 16-year-old just getting his license. hey, come on, let's go for a
6:49 am
joyride. >> my dad said he remembers me taking the car. all he saw was a car driving by and all these kids in it. >> beep, beep. all right. no need for the umbrella today. >> leave it at home. that is the great news. look at the rain moving away from the bay area. it is still now to the south and moving to the south. as we wake up and head out the door, this is your view. nice clear skies. i love this shot. this is a look at the golden gate bridge. no fog, no clouds, just sunny. as you put on the sunglasses, take the kids to school in the south bay, there will still be
6:50 am
clouds in the south bay. but we'll start to clear out as well. a cool start with mid-50s. here's a look at high temperatures today. much warmer than yesterday now that we don't have the rain. 70 in san jose. 77 in concord. 74, ukiah with san francisco reaching 63 degrees. it is still cloudy in the south bay right now. we had rain a few hours ago. roads may still be wet. leave the umbrella at home. just wear a jacket. it's been windy the past few days. a disturbance will produce rain in the sierra and central valley. going into thursday, it looks like we dry out. still rain, possibly thunderstorms just off to the east. a chance that a little bit of that energy could make it into a
6:51 am
few spots in the bay area. but overall, the trend is for us to warm up and dry out with mid-70s through the end of the week. sierra snow to the east. heading over to mike now. we're in recovery mode. >> that's right. trying to recover that there may be rain on memorialal weekend. fremont and concord. let's show you overall. this is not bad. commute looks good. south bay starting to build. overall in the 50s past the dumbarton bridge. earlier crash at stevenson. activity on the shoulder. we have had a chance to recover
6:52 am
because of the lighter volume of traffic. that happens when we hit graduation stpb. congratulations to any graduates out there. congratulations to walnut creek as well. smooth recovery at geary. upper east shore, not a problem. a crash near the carquinas hasn't been causing in i problem. for a while a slow lane was blocked. richmond-san rafael bridge, smooth, easy drive going west. goes east, wear the sun glasses. oakland to san francisco, sun in your eyes. backup just starting to build at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays for transit agencies. great ride. over the water, in the tube or the peninsula. >> 6:52. happening now, missouri under a state of emergency. severe weather is moving through the state right now. but there is some good news.
6:53 am
a tornado watch for the shraeus area has been canceled. a fast moving chain of storms toppled trees and drenched st. louis. flooding is now a problem. a quick look at the top stories, including cooling off. some small relief for home buyers in the south bay. the update on prices we're getting this morning. but first, privacy versus protection. that's a debate the entire country is having about facial recognition software and police work. the message investors could send amazon today. it is 6:53. back with more news for you right after the break. in the ba-
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and welcome back. before you head out the door, it is 6:56. here are the top stories on "today in the bay". facial recognition technology is making headlines again. already this month, law enforcement officers across the bay area have been under pressure to answer how it's used. now one of the biggest tech companies in the world, amazon, is under the spotlight. investors will vote today on several proposals including stopping sales to government agencies altogether. santa clara county supervisors yesterday defended its use by deputies who are doing so without a formal policy in place. san francisco recently banned facial recognition technology and oakland appears to be headed in the same direction. happening today, you can weigh in on plans for a proposed
6:57 am
east bay parking lot extension. tri-valley transit leaders are considering funding and scheduling a plan to extend bart service. the valley link rail would use a car similar to the ones on the 10-mile extension between bay point and antioch. it would travel farther to stockton. there are proposed stops in isabel and green more and livermore. a public meeting is set for 6:00 p.m. at the livermore community center >> tesla is cutting the base price for two of its most expensive vehicles. the sticker price of model s is going down $3,000. it will cost $72,000. the model x suv will now start at over $71,000, $2,000 less than before. both do not including federal and state tax credits for electric vehicles. tesla won't say whether it is slowing demand for the cars played a role in the price drop. well, this is an uber-sized deal for fans of uber eats.
6:58 am
the company is preparing to launch a subscription plan. just under $10 a month, you can get an unlimited delivery pass. it is usually 15% the cost of your order. post mates and doordash offer similar deals. zillow says san jose led the nation in how price declines. 1.2% last month. that marks six months of low declines in the south bay. now, before you think houses are suddenly affordable, it works out to about $16,000 off of $1.2 million median home price. new for you this morning, contra costa libraries need to finalize a design for the card in your wallet. they are seeking responses to the nine options you see here. well, we want to show you a little bit. it is five new library cards. pretty cool there. they include an astronaut, a train and an otter reading a
6:59 am
book. you can choose up to five designs. you can vote on the library's website now through june 1st. 6:58. one last check of weather and traffic together. a clear day for us. >> yeah. it will be nice. enjoy the sunshine. and it's going to be warmer. we're talking low 70s today. that warming trend continues through the end of the week. it will be a little bit cooler through the weekend. we'll be watching rain close by. it will be across the region especially over this year. >> memorial day, raining. >> oh, well. the south bay sees a commute building up. >> it is about the typical time. 101 shows a little slowing. notice the roadway, a little damp. we had rain at the beginning of our show. things have changed of course. still damp in spots. just a note there. san mateo bridge shows a little slowing. we thought we might see more traffic because of the crash in fremont because of the crash in nimitz. holding steady with a typical pattern here. >> it is nice. a cool, refreshing start.
7:00 am
>> i like it. >> and nice 75-degree finish. not bad. that's what's happening on "today in the bay". back at 7:25 for a live local news update. >> and midday show at 11:00. more news and weather for you. thaupbgs for starting your morning right here with us. ldinl . good morning. breaking ov breaking overnight, get out. emergency evacuations and dramatic rescues after heavy flooding hits the midwest and the south. >> oh, my god. >> an entire region slammed by powerful tornados for a fifth straight day. >> you can replace your home and your cars, not your family. >> tens of millions in the danger zone once again al's forecast just ahead. feeling the heat house speaker nancy pelosi holding a closed-door meeting this morning with fellow democrats. the pressure building to launch impeachment. will she hold the line or cave to pressure from within her own


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