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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 22, 2019 5:00pm-5:28pm PDT

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>> reporter: jamba juice employee swung it around and cocked i have and it's pretty cool, not as bnton was in the military reserve and then left the store only to come back 90 minutes later. blanton called police and tried to stall the suspect until officers arrived. >> i was on the phone with police giving details on what he was wearing. >> reporter: police ultimately arrested him at the laurelwood shopping center. the 27-year-old is also accused of waving a replica gun and claiming to be a police officer earlier in the day. some employees were so afraid they hid in storage rooms >> to impersonate a police he outfitted his truck with sirens and tried to pull people over on
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101. he also was accused of a 15-yea girl. that case meant he must register as a sex offender for the rest of his mateo, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. a disturbing cream in san francisco. a morning walk turned into a nightmare for a 74-year-old woman. police say a man kidnapped that woman and dragged her into this home near mclaren park. he beat and raped her for hours and his pit bull dog attacked herb. he then dumped her on a nearby sidewalk. the d.a. is fighting to have him held without bail. >> we don't take such motions lightly, right? we're asking to hold somebody found guilty to the severe nat the offenses alleged in this case we feel it's very appropriate and important to protect public safety.
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>> the 74-year-old woman is recovering, all be it slowly. taking their complaints straight to the top. teachers in union city and hayward are getting ready to march through today's school board hearing. they've been on strike since monday. teachers are rallying right now. melissa? >> reporter: you'll remember this. we saw something very similar happen in oakland not too long ago. we got more than 200 parents, teachers and students. they plan to march from the park to school district headquarters for the board meeting. tomorrow the real work begins when they expect the union dist bargaining table. today richard vaia joined the conversation. today's conversation was very productive, and they expect the true bargaining session to begin tomorrow afternoon. summer vacation is just three weeks away.
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if this strike continues, some students worry it might interfere with their finals. i spoke with james hogan, a freshman, he's been studying for math final because he needs the extra test score to pass his class. >> i'm not doing the best in it. i really need that grade bump because right now i'm failing. >> we want to get rid of the logjams and get back to understanding what can we do and get a resolution to the contract. >> reporter: now back out here live, students, teachers and parents will start marching to the district board meeting in less than half an hour. the the union is asking parents to sign up for public comment, get on that podium and really voice their concerns. melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. now take a look at the strike by the numbers.
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teachers are asking for a 10% pay raise over the next two school years. the district has offered a one-time, 3% raise plus a 1% raise for the next school year. the strike is also impacting attendance at the new haven school district. the district says only 14% of students showed up for class today. we're told at one school, only four students showed up today. a major loss in court today for president trump. a federal judge ruled that two banks can turn over trump organization documents to congress. the president and his three oldest children are expected to appeal. this is just part of what's been a turbulent day for the president. he was upset after house speaker nancy pelosi emerged from a private meeting with democrats stating that she and others engaged in a coverup. later when she and chuck schumer arrived for a white house meeting on infrastructure, president trump stormed out of that meeting. >> watch what happens in the
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white house would make your jaw drop. >> he just took a pass. and it just makes me wonder why, why he did that. in any event, i pray for the president. >> i want to do infrastructure. i want to do it more than you want to do it, but you know what? you can't do it under these circumstances. >> and back and forth it goes. democrats say the president preplanned that walkout from their meeting into the rose garden for a hastily arranged news conference. they say what's most outrageous is that he says he will stall all legislation unless the democrats cancel their many investigations. back here in california, a rare agreement reached overnight between the state and the white house over high-speed rail. california has temporarily set aside its restraining order, filed after president trump said the money allocated for the train, high speed trail would be given to some other project in a different state. early today the governor's office signed an agreement
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presenting california's money while theta recover the high-speed rail money. tougher vaccine rules may be in the future. today california lawmakers advanced a bill that would crackdown on vaccinations. the bill would give public health officials instead of local doctors, the power to decide which children can skip their shots. but opponents of the bill say the new rules would interfere with doctor/patient relationships. the reward is rising from a former 49ers player trying to find out who vandalized his brent wood cherry farm. $15,000 is being offered to track down the vandals who destroyed 2,000 newly-planted cherry trees. the trees were ripped out of the ground, so they can't be replanted. the remote area makes finding witnesses or clues a challenge. a new commute may cost you a pretty penny.
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a round trip ride from the berryessa station to the embarcadero in san francisco station could cost riders more than $15. b.a.r.t. leaders are expected to approve the proposed ticket price tomorrow. it might seem like a lot of money. b.a.r.t. sththat's what it woul cost to drive and park or take the train. no date set yet on when the new stations will open, but it's looking like the end of this ye south bay? that's what the city of morgan hill is hoping to push its growing reputio there. >> reporter: yeah, beautiful area set to grow quite a bit, raj. behind me, the anchor of the plan you refer to. the grenada hotel on first and monterey and it's likely going to boost the downtown fortunes quite a bit. morgan hill wants you to pay a little more attention, and this is step one. the now-under construction
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grenada hotel. >> really will be an anchor for downtown. >> reporter: 60 rooms, a spa and steakhouse. part of a plan to bring more tourists to the south bay town. >> our downtown has really become a destination for people in morgan hill, also coming from the south, gilroy, hollister and even from the north. >> i welcome it. >> reporter: inside gba cafe, a coffee shop and restaurant, the downtown plans are met with optimism. >> i think it's an inevitable growth. it was boundeen discovered. th>>'ll miss the small-town feel. >> traffic is not good, especially if you go north in the morning and south in the afternoon. that's a tough one for us. and it's really changed our world completely. >> reporter: and it could change more in the near future. city leaders tell us there is likely even more building ahead.
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the grenada hotel set to open sometime in early 2021. still to come, a 12 y old, cuffed, held onthe ground while a spit mask was put over his head. but police say this viral video doesn't tell the whole story. needless to say, i've been looking for it for 18 years. >> and she got it back. she lost this cherished family heirloom, but someone she knew very well uncovered where it'd been hiding all these years. a beautiful day today, but we're tracking the possibility of more showers in about ten minutes. a lot of anger tonight
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sacramento because of a viral video that shows the arrest of a young boy. lot of anger tonight in sacramento because of a viral video that show the the arrest of a young boy. >> look at that. look at that. >> the activist group black lives a parking lot with a spi fe. police say the boy was trespassing and asking people to buy things from nearby. some officers saw a security guard in the area chasing the boy and then stopped to help. >> turn around. turn around. turn around, i said. >> sacramento pd released this body cam video. it shows the officers asking the boy if he spit on a police
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officer. the boy replied, yeah, i spit on you, how do you like that? the department says the office evers acted appropriately. he was cited for battery and resisting police. the family plans to file a lawsuit against the city of sacramento. a missing person's report ends with a gruesome discovery. police went to check on benedict cheng. now officers say there was a funny smell coming from inside, so they got a warrant. and when they got inside they found a dismembered body and a bloody saw. neighbors talked to us today about the victim. >> he's really nice guy. yes. i only saw him and he really nice. >> a medical examiner will determine if the body belongs to cheng. at this time no suspects arrested. it's story we first reported. now thanks to attention, new technology and a suspected
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serial burglar is offhe street. police arrested sonya monricez after they say she had been burglarizing homes for months. they knew her name wasson yeah. they took this surveillance video of her breaking into a home and used data filtering to find all the sonyas in the area. for. and after seeing our story, she was found. amazon says it will continue to sell facial recognition technology to governments and police departments. today amazon shareholders rejected all proposals surrounding its recognition program. one proposal called for banning the sales of the technology. the other wanted an independent study on the risks of government using facial recognition. last week, san francisco became the first major city in the u.s. to ban the use of this technology by local law enforcement. you may want to take your
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hand sanitizer out before the next uber ride. the car you're getting in may be dirtier than a toilet seat, 35,000 times dirtier. a study, researchers took swabs of rideshare door handles, window buttons and seat belts. the findings were pretty filthy. they're dirtier than cabs and rental cars. in addition to all those ge many ubers and lyfts haven't fixed safety recall warnings one in six have unrepaired defects. a woman in oakland has been looking for this precious heirlo heirloom ring for nearly 20 years. little did she know it was hiding steps away from her door. >> this is my mom. delores fitzpatrick. >> reporter: to tell this story, we need to go back to the 1940s. >> she married eddie finnell.
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and sadly, he was the one that was killed in world war ii. >> reporter: she used the money she received from the survivor's pension to create a permanent reminder of herirst husband. daughter linda r diamond from who felg. >> she wanted me to have this ring. >> reporter: little did she know, linda would have that ring for just a week. >> i started talking to my neighbor and started throwing thel me alone, and the ring flew off. >> reporter: the search was on. she even rented a metal detector to scan her front yard. >> needless to say, i've been looking for it for 18 rears. >> reporter: until last month, one of the landscapers was blowing leaves when he saw something sparkle. >> he saw that, he found it. >> oh, she was almost cries. she was so happy. she gave me a hug. >> reporter: linda's mother passed away seven years ago.
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>> feel like this, that my mom is with me. >> reporter: but today her memory shines on. >> now that i have it, it's great. >> reporter: in oakland, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> right there all those years. glad she has it back. check out this is in san francisco. high surf advisory is in effect through tomorrow morning for the san mateo coastline as 22 feet some surfing weather for you. >> i'm not even -- >> are you taking more lessons? >> i wouldn't surf in that. what a difference a day makes. jeff, i can't believe the sunshine and the warmup today. >> it almost felt hot out. >> after the 50s and low 60s, it felt like somebody turned on the heater. it was beautiful. we got a lot of sunshine, blue sky. right now we have cirrus clouds passing on by in the silicon valley, beautiful afternoon with us, and we did have some 70s in
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san jose earlier today, but numbers are beginning to drop off. right now, 69 degrees. we'll keep clouds tonight, dropping to the 50s once we hit 10:00. i do see more clouds 54 in the south bay, 55 in the peninsula and 53 in the tri valley. also more 50s and clouds for the east bay, san francisco and the north bay. let's get a better look at tomorrow's forecast. as we begin the morning, it's that early overcast with us at 8:00. by 11:00, we'll start to see that clear out, and that's going to set us up with a lot of sunshine. but you'll want to watch out in the south bay. we do have the possibility of a few showers popping up over the higher elevations. as you look off toward the distance tomorrow you could see higher cloud tops and shower activity. but for the rest of the bay area we are expecting dry weather, and it's going to be beautiful yet again. some very comfortable temperatures down here across the south bay. 73 in morgan hill, 75 east san jose, over to los gatos, 71.
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ch i to 80 go concord. over to the peninsula, redwood city, warming it up in the mission to 68. you're out in the sun. it's going to feel like the low 70s, and across the north bay, 73 m rosa. i know, you want this kind of weather to last for the next several days, but there's no way it's going to happen. we still have more changes to keep an eye on as we move through the upcoming weekend. we have a storm system basically sitting and spinning in the same spot as we head through the next six days, producing some showers over the west. now the new change i'm seeing today, as we look ahead toward the weekend, it looks like this system could actually move a little bit more to the south and potentially spin up some showers on sunday. so here's what that means on that extended forecast. sunday we're putting in showers, trace amount to about .0500.
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you got to be ready for rainfall if you have any graduation plans, and once just some sligh chances here, overall, a nice start to the week, upper 50s and low to mid-60s in san francisco. s he into friday for valleys, t crash the party back down to 60s with that shower chance on sunday, but eventually, by next week we do go back up to 74 on tuesday, 79 on wednesday. saturday definitely better than sunday. >> i started sneezing today and i was happy about it because of the pollen. >> all makes my nose itch. up next, the major delay on getting harriet tubman on the $20 bill. why it's being pushed back several years. growing ... and ie
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silicon valley especially hard. young gamers, who met on-line. this type of cybercrime is growing, and it's hitting the silicon valley especially hard. young gamers who met online now face years in prison for stealing millions of dollars by hacking people's smartphones. stephen stock takes a look. >> detectives tell me these hackers have stolen $35 million from hundreds of victims here in silicon valley just in the last year alone. and youtube videos played during one hacker's trial shows them flaunting the stolen dollars, pouring $1500 champagne over watches. also spending $150,000 on a month-long airbnb in hollywood and bragging about it all on social media. >> the culture is fascinating. a lot of these guys have known
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each other for years, before they ever had any criminal thought in their mind they were just playing games together, some as early as 12 years old. >> these multi-million dollar hacks hav eprevalent, they're now a top priority for the country's cybercrime task force based right nehere in silicon valleysa talk to victim who've lost millions of dollars and how you, too, could have a cell phone, not even if you're a millionaire. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. >> you got our attention. thank you, steven. harriet tubman risked her life to help slaves. the redesigned $20 was to coincide with the anniversary of the bill that gave women the
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afghanistan suffers a seizure in the bay area. tonight at 6:00, a veteran
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of the war in afghanistan suffering a seizure in the bay area. but it's what police did that has officers nowacing as an ordinary day for firefighters, especially when they're rescuing a patient with wings and feathers. photos were posted of this accident victim today, an adult hawk. firefights found it on the side of the road. they feared it had broken bones. but the bird will be fine. it has a swollen toe on one foot and thin and dehydrated. >> a nice save by the firefighters. >> a cool down coming this weekend. >> you went up and down. >> up. we're going up, we're going down, we're going back up again. 78 tomorrow, pretty much picture perfect. 75 on friday, saturday, the better day on the weekend. by sunday, trace amounts
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to .0500 of an inch. and then we have slight chances for memorial day on monday. so your barbecues look okay right now and a slight chance on tuesday as well. so the back down again there is on saturday. 67, and then you can see by next week we're up to 79 by next wednesday. >> the unofficial kickoff of ye! >> thanks for joining us. lester hol lester holt is next. >> hope to see you at 6:00, bye, folks. breaking news tonight. the new blast of severe weather battering several states the major flooding disaster growing houses teetering on the edge of overflowing rivers the seventh straight day of tornadoes, a deadly one touching down today al roker is tracking the threat the dramatic declaration from president trump, vowing he won't work with democrats until they end their
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investigations, after house speaker nancy pelosi accuses the president of a coverup. the pressure growing tonight in her ranks to impeach the dead and new body cam video. the officer opening fire at close range on a fleeing car, killing a man inside


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